Feb 21

Let.It.Go. Blog Hop Week Three

Woo-hoo! It’s Thursday! You know what that means? YOU get to take over our study by joining in our Blog Hop. We look forward to reading about how God is working in your lives through Let.It.Go.

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This week’s Let.It.Go. topics:

1.  Domestic Diva. Not everyone feels very domestic when it comes to keeping our home in or, but our reflection verse reminds us that we don’t do everything. Instead, we take charge of managing our home. How does this verse change your perspective of joyfully taking care of the home front?
She watches over the activities of her household ~ Proverbs 31:27 HCSB

2.  Tin-Pot Pampers. Chapter Five. Let’s face it mom’s, we either micromanage our kids or do everything for them; we can’t help it, they’re so gosh darn cute! But not everyone here has kids. Moms, what insights can you share with everyone from what you’ve learned from both your experiences and by reading this chapter? Is there a victory you can share about how you’ve nurtured your kids by letting go?

3.  Hampering Home. Chapter Six. Ok, I was going to share a little picture of my home…but it’s beyond messy at the moment {6 week old baby takes precedence over that pile of books I’ve needed to sort and put away for 6 weeks}. Sometimes the dust bunnies just keep multiplying because there’s no one to sweep them away. How did you find Chapter Six helpful for taming your home by sharing the responsibilities?

4. Put your hands up! It was only three short years ago that I got married to my best friend and just seven weeks ago that we welcomed our first child into the world. Sooooo…these two chapters seem to fit a much later time in my life. I know not everyone here has kids or is married. But we can still walk away from these chapters with some wisdom. What is the one thing from these chapters you hope to hold on to for the future??

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Next Week’s Topics…

1. Well, that was easy. Check out this week’s reflection verse from I Thessalonians 5:26-18 NLT: “Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.” We invite you to share how this verse helps motivate you to truly be thankful, no matter what, trust God and Let.It.Go!

2. iScream. Chapter Seven. On pages 139-143 in the Putting the Brakes on Busy section, Karen provides several tools to help us trim the fat off our schedules. Which tools will you use on your schedule? What are you able to let go so that you can regain some “schedule sanity”?

3. Serenity. Chapter Eight. Sometimes no matter what we do to try and control a situation…we simply can’t. How has this chapter helped you to discover the difference between what you can and can’t change? OR Can you look back at a time in your life when things were out of your control but you can see how God worked through it all?

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  1. Monica Bentrude says:

    After 30+ yrs of marriage & 26 yrs of parenting, I can see Gods hand in carrying me as a wife & mother. We as women really do set the pulse & tone in our homes. My prayer is not to “Micromanage” or “Hover”. Trying to let God do that with my 3 adult children. Liking the study!!

    • Pat (OBS small group leader) says:

      Monica, I’m EXACTLY at the same season of life as you: married 30 years with two adult children. As I started this study, my son was debating on staying the Army, my first grandchild was born, and my college-aged daughter started looking at moving to Canada!!! I had no other choice but to LET IT GO and turn these situations over to the LORD. Since then, my son has decided to leave the Army and now has a job that begins in a couple of weeks, and my daughter texted me yesterday that she’s looking at work near her Christian college campus. God’s ways are so much better than mine, and I do NOT want to be a micro-manager mom (or mother-in-law).

  2. I think what single women, or child free women can take away from this chapter is to watch for some of these tendencies in other relationships in their lives.
    If you’re dating someone, and it’s always you who “fixes” things after a disagreement, it might be a sign that the relationship is structured in an unhealthy way, that the “chores” aren’t evenly divided.
    Think about relationships with our own mothers. Often, we want them to “fit” who we are now, and endlessly finagle them to our satisfaction. We’re trying to control how they see us. Comparing our relationship with our mother to other women who seem to have solid healthy relationships with their mother.
    Any of the ideas presented in this book can be applied to other relationships besides husband and children.
    This book is about how each one of us behaves, not specifically who we do so with.

    • I agree! One huge point that stands out in my mind is that my marriage keeps me in constant prayer and closer to Jesus.

  3. Lynn Fincher says:

    The main thing is when God is given control over our lives whether we are just starting with our families or have grown children we see it all come together
    When we do Let Go. Things are not. As stressful and a peace comes over you. The object is to do it consistently. I am still a work in. Progress
    God Bless All Of You As we all go through the journey of Letting Go”.

  4. Tiffany Bell Caudill says:

    Chapter 5 has really spoken to me…..I love the “2+2=4” mentality. This really stuck with me because I am a teacher and I fully understand that kids do sometimes prefer different methods of solving problems. Now, I just have to apply that same thought to my own kids at home and remember that they don’t have to do something the way I do…..as long as it gets done!

  5. Mary G. (OBS Group Leader) says:

    Have been waiting for today! I struggle with micromanaging!! Are there any moms out there who don’t struggle just a little? On my way to class and can’t wait to read some of what eveyone is sharing tonight!! Thanks to all the lovely ladies who was a guest on Melissa’s blog this week. I was blessed!

  6. While I did not get to fully respond to many of the blogs, I am truly inspired by your honesty. God is working in and through us and there are some amazing blogs to show this!

  7. Bevileane Berrios says:

    Ladies, all your blogs are amazing and encouraged by each of you no matter where you are on your walk with our Heavenly Father. I’m exhausted… Our son had the flu now ear infection…. My husband is here on a few hours pass from a military school.

    It humbles my heart what The Lord has been teaching me during this weeks study! I am always inspired by the famous Psalms 31, but Proverbs 15:1 I think is the perfect place He wants me to begin! It’s been a beautiful thing, because I know us momma’s do set the tone in our homes. Though, I have my daily battles, I know I am not alone.

    Father God, I pray you keep on each and everyone of us daughters on our path to let it go- I pray for our leaders guiding us diligently by the Holy Spirit- Father God, I praise you for revealing to heart the areas I need to let it go. In your Name. Amen

    • Mary G. (OBS Group Leader) says:


      What a beautiful name! I hope your son is feeling better soon. So glad to hear you are learning from this study and don’t feel alone!! It does help to be surrounded by others who support you doesn’t it?

      Thanks so much for praying for everyone! Hope your weekend is blessed!


  8. Kerri Fischer says:

    One thing I hope to hold onto: from chapter 6. Learning to walk the fine line between controlling and conscientious is a constant yet sanctifying struggle. It will keep you going to God for direction. Asking for forgiveness for the times you blow it. I think at he beginning of this book I thought I would find the answer but really I knew I just had to recognize where I am controlling and work on it. Go to The Lord when I’ve not done right and go to Him fr guidance and direction all the time.

  9. Chaper 6 was a toe cruncher for me…Friendly not Fiesty-“now go home and be friendly in your homes.” That statement is one that I will remember and continue to work on …God wants me to recognize the joy and be thankful even with the stuff that is not perfect in my life and in my house, because he has truly blessed me with 3 healthy kids that are as close to “normal” and I still mess up but I want to set a different tone!!

  10. Lord, I just want to thank you for providing this study and all these talented woman that are willing to openly share their experiences and struggles with us all through this blog hop. Lord, for those who may want to participate but don’t feel they have the time or don’t know how to get started, I pray that you would lead them to a time and way and/or provide them with the information and courage they may need to start something new. We are all busy woman Lord, and not all of us are going to be able to sit and read each woman’s entry, so I pray that you would lead each individual to the blogs in which you wish to speak to them through and also that you would lead the right woman to those blogs in which they have the right words of encouragement to be given to the authors in need. Lord, we give you all the praise and glory for your good works that are being accomplished through this blog hop, and it’s in Jesus name we pray, Amen.

  11. Friendly not Fiesty….I need to continually say that to myself. We do set the tone for our house. I also tend to say everything that is wrong with the task at hand and how to do it the “right way” so wonder no one wants to do anything…they are afraid of doing it wrong so it is best not to do it at all. I need to change. God please help me!