Feb 23

Prayer Requests & Praise, February 23, 2013

Is anyone among you in trouble? Let them pray. Is anyone happy? Let them sing songs of praise.                                                                                   James 5:13 (NIV)

How amazing is it that God hears us each time we talk to Him?  There isn’t a thought that goes through our minds or a word spoken from our lips that escapes Him.

Jesus tells us that in this world we will have trouble. (John 16:33) That the thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy. (John 10:10) Hearing this should serve as a warning to get prepared, not to scare us. If we were all alone, that would be scary, but we aren’t and these verses don’t end here. When you continue reading John 16:33, we learn that we can take heart because Jesus has overcome the world. And in John 10:10 there may be a thief in our lives, but we can be confident that Jesus has come so that we may have a full life (not a fearful one).

Thankfully, we don’t have to worry or fear. We have a faithful God who provides us with a way out. (1 Corinthians 10:13) We can cast our burdens on the Lord, and he will take care of us. (Psalm 55:22, 1 Peter 5:7)

In this Online Bible Studies group, we pray. We pray when there is trouble, we pray when we celebrate blessings. And we consider it an honor.

How can we pray for you today? Do you have troubles?  Are you celebrating blessings?

Let’s join together, virtually hand in hand, and lift up each other to the Mighty One who loves and cares about each and every detail of our lives!

Here’s my request:

Please pray for my son, Dylan. He is 15 years old and struggling right now. I want to tell him that all mom’s friends are praying for him :)  And my praise is that Proverbs 31 Ministries has a new office! We report there next Monday for the first time and we are so excited! We have been renting the same small space for 15 years. Now we are purchasing a fresh beautiful new home for our office and we move in Monday! Our new address is 630 Team Rd. Suite 100, Matthews, NC  28105.  Come visit us if you are in the area!

How can I pray for you?





  1. Natalie Manning says:

    Our God, the one and only true God, Jesus Christ our savior! Thank you for your miracle working power in each of these prayer requests. I pray for the peace that surpasses all understanding. I pray for fear and doubt to be gone, and replaced with confidence in God’s almighty hand. Hear our cries for your help. Humble our hearts and enable a sensitivity to your voice to be still and know that you are God. Because of your great love for us, and the sacrifice you made on behalf of mankind, we praise and adore you Jesus Christ our Lord.

  2. Still Praying for my relationship with Ray. somehow I need to Let Go and Let God but I am having a hard time doing this. Praise that I may be able to get scholarsgip fr my son to go to Catholic school but nervous if this is Gods Plan Praise for this group has kept me grounded. Thank u Jesus

  3. Linda Leighton says:

    Please say a prayer for me today. I am dealing with a situation with a friend and its a very emotional and difficult road. My heart is breaking over it and I’m just struggling today. I know that God can take the broken pieces and put them back together and I’m believing in faith that He will do it. In the meantime, I am just hurting. I don’t want to go into any more detail, but I truly covet your prayers. Thank you.

  4. Kita Mokut says:

    Hello there, I’m glad I found this website where I believe it can help to continue to grow and draw me to the Lord through His word and encouragements here on this site. My prayer requests is to ask that you please remember me in prayers as I finish off this last semester of mine in College. I am hoping to graduate in May 06, 2013 which is a joy but I am still seeking clarity for what is next after college. I desire to further my studies, but I also desire to continue to grow and serve the Lord. I love the Lord and believe my only purpose is to continue to serve Him wherever He leads me. Please pray that I see God’s next step after college. Thank you and God bless.

    • Kristi Seat (OBS Leadership Team) says:

      Will be praying that God will give you clarity and discernment Kita. Thank you for sharing your heart here.

  5. I have just read through the requests and stopped several times to lift individuals up in prayer.
    My heart breaks over the number of requests for God to heal broken families filled with broken people. It is so clear that Satan is actively attacking the very fabric that should be holding us all together–our families. When our families suffer, our communities suffer, and our world suffers. Satan is the Father of all lies and Origin of all suffering.
    I have prayed for this group, collectively, that God will stir the hearts of fathers and mothers toward their children, that He will convict of the need to change and to grow together as families and churches and communities. I have prayed that He will sustain us all until the day He returns and rights every wrong and makes beauty from the ashes of this sad world we are all living in.
    Come quickly, Lord–your people are ready to go home!

  6. Mary G. (OBS Group Leader) says:

    Jamy I thought the same thing reading through these posts. I join with you all in prayer for all the ladies and situations! Drug addictions, depression, finances, marriage…these are all issues the devil will try to throw at us to keep us from being who God made us to be. I’ve had to watch family and friends (or deal with personally) a number of these and it hurts to sit by and watch. Waiting for God to work in someone’s life is the hardest, especially when you want to run in and fix it yourself! Lifting up every request to God in this comment section. Love and hugs to all of you! :)

    I ask for prayer for my daughter and my family! I pray that God will guide her back to Him and put Godly friends back in her life. I pray for our relationship and that I can learn to let go of not only her mistakes but my own in handling certain situations! The schools are filled with “messed” up kids looking for some guidance! I pray for these kids and hope that when my other two hit middle school and high school that things will be different for them!

    Melissa, praying for your son!!!

  7. Lord Jesus, I pray for the protection of our OBS sisters. Please honor their prayers and surround each of them with Your love, comfort and protection. Loving God, sometimes events happen in our lives that bring distress and discouragement. Use Your Word and the work of Your Holy Spirit to lift this from these women and their families. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

    My prayer request – for my marriage. I am separated from my husband, but we are going to counseling and have just started attending church together again after going separately for some time. I ask for prayers that my husband and I can begin to trust each other again and that our hearts will soften and show love again. Also that our grown children’s hearts will be protected from the stresses of this separation.

    My praise – this community of faith and the OBS leaders. What a blessing to have this opportunity to pray for one another. Praise God!

    • Pat (OBS small group leader) says:

      Praying in agreement with you, Kim, and lifting up your marriage. I’m so very, very thankful you are both being obedient and are in counseling now. Praying a hedge of protection around you and your husband, and for healing. May the LORD bless you both as you forgive each other as He has forgiven us.

      • Kim Costello says:

        I am praying for you and your husband, I am recently separated and my husband won’t even talk to me. Try and try and try again. I know how hard and difficult a time this is, but your doing everything right and I believe it will work for the best. God bless you and your family.

  8. My prayer request – 1) Ive struggled with an auto immune disease for nearly four years now. Lots of pain and weakness involved. Still praying for full healing to manifest in my body. 2) We’re losing our home since i can’ t work and we are praying for God’s will for our next home – pretty soon!

    My praise – God is good! My condition could have me in a much worse place, but I am still able to function through daily tasks, care for my two toddlers and homeschool. Thank you Jesus!

    • Kim Costello says:


      I am praying for you right now, Lord please look after this wonderful woman and help take away her pain and restore her to a healthy, more abundate physical state. Don’t forget a home although a cherished place is just a dwelling and home is wherever your family is. God bless all of you.

  9. I’ve stopped by this page several times today and read through the comments, but really feel led to just post a prayer for everyone. I truly think God is using Melissa and her leadership team to do big things for His kingdom, and this is evident in these lovely ladies and their requests.

    Lord, I thank You for the opportunity to join together with these fabulous women to study Your word and draw closer to You. Here we are, so many in number, spanning the country and perhaps the globe, but You know where we are sitting. Just as You placed each star in the sky, You have placed us in the place we are. You have a plan for each of us, and if we love You, you’re working everything to the good. You are the Creator, and You make beauty from ashes. You give us joy in mourning.
    We’re hurting, Lord, for each other. For our families. For our jobs or lack thereof. For our country and our leaders and our soldiers. Whatever these needs are, look down, Lord, and smile upon us. Give us peace and comfort. Help us to love each other, and love others, and feel Your love and presence. Heal our marriages. Save our children. Take away our physical and emotional ailments. Be our Prince of Peace and our Soon Returning Lord and King.
    You are awesome, God. We praise and adore You. In Jesus’s precious name, Amen.
    Love you ladies!

  10. Our Youth Retreat that I was honored to be a leader for was amazing. God moved so much in the hearts of the young people there. It is a big praise.
    Please pray for my daughter’s friend Karson who lost her mom. I don’t think it has fully hit her yet.

  11. Melissa,
    Please tell Dylan that we – my daughters (15 and 16)…and I… just prayed for him right now.

  12. Praying for Dylan. My prayer request is to find my place here in Kentucky. That Gd wold guide my footsteps in relationships and in guiding my children. My husband has been deployed 3 months now and I am struggling alone without him. Thank you so much for this ministry.

    • Pat (OBS small group leader) says:

      Dawn, lifting you up right now and praying you’ll find a community of women there in Kentucky. Have you tried the spouse support or a church there yet?

      My son is a soldier at Fort Knox and I am a USAF veteran, so I have a heart for military families. Please feel free to email me.

    • Lord, help Dawn feel Your presence. Lead her to where You would have her. Help her establish strong relationships. Bless her children. Keep her husband safe and help her know she is not alone, that You will never leave her and You will always be with her. We thank You, Lord, that You’ve brought all of us here together to lift each other up. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

  13. The bible scriptures really helped me today. Last week I was told I have to have a hysterectomy, I have been very scared, and worried, and so my husband. Then this week I see another doctor about some other stomach issues. I have been lost in my thoughts and concerns about everything, and praying for guidance. Today after reading the scriptures, I was reminded Im not alone, and I should not be afraid. Thank you Jesus. How amazing my God gave my osb, to help me and give me what was need at this time. Today is truly a blessing.
    I all so send prayers to the doctors and medical staff, to let God guide them to help me get better. And that God will see my husband through his worries and fears. Amen.

  14. I have two prayer requests. The first is for my marriage. My husband and i are both unemployed. He is by preference self employed and wants to stay that way. Unfortunately, the burden of insurance has been on my shoulders, and right now we don’t have it. We struggle with having a consistent income. Its been God who has kept us afloat and current with our bills so far. Also, our past bad habits are catching up with us and we are seeking counseling for the first time.
    Secondly, the Lord led me to an impromptu job interview Thursday. Very odd and unconventional. Prayers for my interviewer who has health issues. She seemed to be a woman of faith. Her name is Sara. Prayer that i get a job either with her or someone else. Prayer that my actions demonstrate my faith, character, and ethics. I feel led to a career change, and its been hard to convince employers to hire a novice, when they seem to want an expert.

  15. This book is so amazing. It could not have come at a better time. My husband and I are living in a house . That is it. No talking no communication. I have a special needs child that I take care of, run to doctors etc. Husband does not do a thing but drink. I feel so lonely and probably moving to divorce. However, Is is like room mates but even room mates talk. I just cook, clean, and do the “wifie” things. I feel like I m so empty. He is so passive. He has told me more than once that I do not need him. I am trying NOT to criticize or and not be a Tin-Pot dictator. Just asking for prayer. Thank you so much for your book. I am trying very hard to apply it. But it is only a one way street. He will not consider counseling etc because it is all my fault. Well, I am lost for words.

  16. Please pray for my marriage. I’m desperate as it has become very distant and cold. There is hardly any conversation, intellectual or otherwise, my husband has become very uninvolved and has turned to the internet to forums and such for conversation of any type. Nothing from me…. It’s a daily challenge to get him to leave that computer and get involved with me in any type of one on one, unless we drive to the grocery store or dinner. And even then, it’s a silent trip on all occasions. Pray for him that all things can be broken in his heart that breaks our dear Lord Jesus heart. That I may continue to bear this cross and patiently wait for God’s answer. His attention has been taken by someone else, although he has not acted on it, I don’t feel like he would at this time, but I ask for prayers none the less. Lost and confused…. and in fear of her marriage falling apart.

  17. Pat (OBS small group leader) says:

    Heavenly Father, I lift up our hurting sisters here at MTOBS. For those who are experiencing marriage difficulties, I ask that You please put a hedge of protection around these couples. I ask that You please deflect “distractions” of any kind so that these couples may converse and it will lead to restoration. I lift up women who are hurting in their marriages, and that You would please comfort these ladies and show them that they ARE loved. Please provide wise counsel to couples who aren’t speaking, and soften the hearts on either side.

    Father, there are so many hurting in their employment. I ask that You please guide those who are seeking jobs to the right employer. Please guide Your churches to help hurting families, and to be good stewards with the resources that You have provided so they can help more families. I ask for Your protection for the children of these families; please protect them from the stresses that come with unemployment.

    Father I also lift up those who have illnesses or addictions. Please give wisdom to these ladies and their families, and show them how to handle these. Please lead these families to physicians and agencies who can help them. I ask for divine protection for the children of these families that are under the yoke of addiction. I ask these things in Jesus’ name, so that You may be glorified. Amen.

  18. Please pray for our financial situation and for wisdom for my husband and I during this time. I don’t see how we can pay our bills this month for our business or in the next few months. It will take a miracle..but we serve a God of miracles and a God who provides…..

  19. My husband will be having surgery on Monday morning. We would appreciate your prayers!

    • Praying for all that are undergoing any medical problems, may the Lords healing hands reach out and touch all in need heal us mind and body, today and forever.

  20. My dad has been struggling with a mysterious condition the past two 1/2 years which has caused his muscles and breathing to continually weaken. There was hope that a lung transplant would be a possibility and would help his breathing issues, but we found out this past week that the muscles around his lungs are so weak that a new lung would probably not make a difference. It was very discouraging, and his doctors are going to meet to see if they can find a cause which they haven’t been able to so far. Please pray that his faith, which has been so strong, remains that way and that God would provide wisdom for his doctors and healing and relief for my dad. Thank you.

  21. Please Pray For MyGrown Sons The Enemy Is On The AttackIn TheirMarriages. PrayForMy Granddaughters ToHavePeaceAnd Protection

  22. I again am struggling to communicate and get along with my ex-husband. I pray that God will open his eyes to what he is doing and that God will show him the ways to do what’s best for our son Connor. I trully want to be able to “like” him again but it is very hard to get along with someone who I don’t like. Please pray for me and Connor.

  23. Please pray for my husband – in Dec 2009 his job of 17 years ended…in May 2010 he went back to school at the age of 53 to be trained for a new job. In August 2011 he was hired by a company that does what he was trained for, along with a variety of other jobs that he was not necessarily trained for or had any experience in. At the time we both felt that it was God’s will that he take this job. The job is very physically demanding….he comes home hurt (cuts, burns, etc) weekly. He is so discouraged, but knows that jobs are scarce and extremely hard to come by in our area. Besides the grueling, difficult work, work that he’s not familiar with…he works with a group of men who are ungodly – using vulgar language, etc. He is just extremely discouraged, and is trying hard to trust God – but it is difficult when he comes home feeling discouraged and defeated everyday. I know God has a plan for him…I don’t know what it is…and I try so hard to encourage him…maybe he is the “Bible” for these unsaved men he works with…I know that the men he works with see a “difference” in him…and he’s had the opportunity to witness to several of them. Please pray that he will be encouraged, that he will have the phsyical strength and endurance to continue in this job, and that the Lord will reveal His plans for him. It is so hard to see your husband struggling….leaving for work each morning with a sense of dread in his footsteps. And I’m also concerned that he is going to get hurt…seriously hurt…because of some of the stories he’s told me about jobs they have to do and the poorly-maintained equipment/vehicles they use on the job. Thank you for your prayers.

  24. deborah dean says:

    I recently became unemployed and need to start looking. I really do not know where I need to be. Pray I will hear God’s voice and do his will. And peace in our home.

  25. Hi. I would like prayer for our 25 year old son. He has been having stomach/IBS issues for quite some time now. We know that he has been treated for Lymes and I’m not so sure he is over it. These kinds of issues can sometimes be a cover up for Lymes. But at this stage, Mom doesn’t know anything. So I would appreciate you praying that our son will decide to go find more answers to this health issue and that the Lord will direct him to a doctor that can really get to the root of his problem. Also, this son & his wife both have resumes here in our area (South Carolina) and we are praying that the Lord will provide a teaching job for his wife and a good job for our son in our area. Our 2nd son just graduated from college and would appreciate prayer for him as he is seeking out the Lord’s will for his life. I know that God is in control of our lives and being a mom……I just want to fix stuff for them. God only wants to best for us & our families. God can do the impossible! Praying for all the ladies involved in this bible study and praying that God will do exceedingly, abuntantly, above all that we could ever ask or think. Make this real to us today. THANK you for praying.

  26. Please pray for me for spiritual, emotional and phyical healing. I have been living in bondage to various problems for over 15 years now. Some days I feel okay mentally, but most are filled with tears, fear, depression, worry, anxiety, sickness, etc.

    Thank you.

    • Father, I pray for Melissa, You know her heart Lord and all that she’s been going through in these years. We know that You came to give us life to the fullest and Melissa desires to be freed from her bondage so she can have the life that You desire us to have. Break every chain father in the name of Jesus. I pray for all of her Lord; her spirit, her emotions, her body; everything Lord just touch her and let her feel Your love and the hope and peace that only You can bring Father. We praise You for we know that You are able to do it and we have faith that You will do it. We thank You Lord for the work that you are doing. Be with her Lord, be with her in ways she’ll have no doubt it’s You who is by her side. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

      • Wow. Thank you so much Glory. I was feeling really upset today. I just happened to come back to check this and saw that you prayed for me. I really needed that. May God bless you as well. This heartfelt prayer really means a lot to me. Thanks again.

        • Glory be to God! I read your post and felt compelled to pray by the Holy Spirit; I’m glad I obeyed instead of keeping to myself due to my shyness. I know how much prayers are needed and appreciated in times of need; I’ve been there and completely understand. I hope your days get better! I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers! You are so welcome! God bless!

  27. CynthiaTemple says:

    Please pray for me. I have submitted over 50 resumes looking for new employment. I have yet to receive one interview. I have a job now, but it is not it is not a career. I do not do anything I went to school for. I do not feel challenged, or successful. I come in clock in , drudge through 8 hours, and leave.
    Also, my husband I are just coming out of bankruptcy, we lost our home and 2 cars. God gave us a new home, and 2 new cars, but finances are still scary. I ask you to pray for my career, and my financial well being.
    I also want to say that it is very reassurring to know that I am not alone in my problems, and I seenm to share many of the same issue as other sisters in the OBS. I feel God has brought us all here together at the same time for HIs divine purpose.

    • Father, I pray for Sandy, look at her heart and her burdens and hear her cry. Be her Jahveh-Yireh, be her Jahveh-Shalom. Provide a job for her where she’ll be content, provide for all of her necessities and her family’s necessities in all areas of her life. Keep her daughters under Your wings Father; give Sandy the wisdom to teach and guide them on Your ways and may they all know Your love as a strong foundation to live life day by day under You. Bless her Father, show her Your love and peace and be with her. In Jesus name I pray, AMEN!
      Blessing sisters! Hugs!

    • Father, I pray for Cynthia, give her the anchor of hope and security that comes from knowing that You are the God who provides for every need; big and small. Give her a job where she’ll be happy and know that it comes from You. Provide for her needs; financially and spiritually and emotionally. Let her know that You are near by Your great love. May she feel Your presence and be at peace resting in Your word; resting in You. Thank You Father for what You are doing. We praise You. In Jesus name, AMEN.
      Blessing sister! Hugs!

      • Cynthia, I’m sorry for posting a prayer for Sandy in your post… I was using my phone and being small well hit the wrong reply I guess. Noticed when it was already posted and was like oh-oh but I was going to pray for you too so I hope it’s not a big deal. Be blessed sister! Hope everything turns for fhe better soon! :)

  28. Please pray for my family and our financial future. My husband has been unemployed since September and it has been such a struggle. Please pray for my daughters as their father(not my husband) is not supporting them financially and has caused some self esteem issues and their hearts are broken. Please pray for hope, peace and provision.

    • Sandy, I prayed for you. The prayer is under Cynthia’s response which is right above you; I’m sorry for the mix-up, I was writing the prayer through my phone and probbly hit reply there instead of for you and i noticed when posted :/ Go ahead and read the prayer, you are in my thoughts and prayers! God bless!

  29. giving thanks and honor to the lord jesus christ, and asking that you pray that i will receive a huge financial blessing this week of the money i have been waiting for and praying about, so that i will be able to take care of my children and my mother. in jesus holy name i pray, amen