Feb 25

Chapter 7, When Your Schedule Screams

Welcome to Monday, I’m so glad we are in this study together!

Haven’t the video teachings by Karen Ehman been such a blessing during this OBS? Wow, I just love listening to her teach! When I read the book, I hear her voice talking to me~ Do you do that too?

In Karen’s video message to us this week, we will learn about Soul Control.  Check out this week’s video:

If you can’t see the video, click here to see it on You Tube.

Soul Control~

  1. When we speak God’s truth to ourselves.
  2. When we realize that life isn’t fair and sometimes the wicked do prosper and the righteous are flailing.
  3. When we pause to remember our place and God’s place.
  4. When we idle our brain before we engage our mouth.
  5. When we stop mid-sentence to realign our thinking with God’s Word.
  6. When we realize only God has sole control.
  7. Gives us a fresh dose of perspective amidst the turmoil of life, can transform a control freak woman into a woman after God’s own heart.
  8. Not only changes us, but can change other people too, if we will learn to back off and to let God work in their life.

This week we will be practicing how we can obtain soul control. Point number one says that soul control is when we speak God’s truth to ourselves. In order to do this, we have to be in God’s Word. Then the other points can happen. But before they can happen, we must begin with #1.

Today, let’s by speak God’s truth to ourselves. And let’s begin with one of this week’s reflection verses:

“But I trust in you, LORD; I say, ‘You are my God.’ My times are in your hands.”  Psalm 31:14-15a  NIV

Get your Bible out. Look this verse up yourself. I just did and guess what? I’ve been here before.

Let It Go Ch 7

I trusted in this verse while I was caring for my mom during her cancer battle 3 years ago. And here I am trusting in it again.

Do you mark up your Bible? I hope so! Take a moment and underline this verse in your Bible today. Use any pen or highlighter. For me, I use what’s handy…I’m not one of those color coordinated Bible markers. If you are, I’m sooooo jealous! Now, I’m going to mark it up again.

Let It Go Ch 7 Verse

I love marking the date and a few notes in my Bible. As I look up this verse today, I’m reminded of God’s faithfulness in the past and it gives me hope now.


Today’s Assignment

After you watch Session 4 from Karen Ehman and look up Psalm 31:14-15a, complete this:

  1. Take Psalm 31:14-15a and write it on 3 different notecards. Post these cards in various places around your home, office, or car.
  2. In your journal, write what this verse means to you.
  3. Read the verses around this verse. You may discover other awesome treasures. I know I did.
  4. Read Chapter 7

Share With Us

What is your take away today? Please share in the comment section.

Monday Evening~ Optional Conference Call #2. Our guest is the lovely farm wife and Proverbs 31 Ministries Speaker Team Member, Sharon GlasgowSharon’s blog is one of my very favorites…ever!  Sharon has a story to share about times when her circumstances have been far from being in her control. She’ll let us know how she and her family relied on God in loss, in uncertainty, and even through all of them living in the shed for a year. (Yes, the shed.) Amazing woman of God! You can order the conference calls here. Orders include our first call (via recording or download) plus our next 3 calls (and their recorded versions as well). All calls are recorded and you DO NOT have to be on the live call.

Have a great day! I look forward to chatting with you in the comment section! Week 4, let’s go!



  1. I’m in such need of Soul control. Mainly because I’m a atta girl kinda girl. I take on way too much and feel I’m the only one who can do it. However the past few weeks in this study I have learned so much about Letting it go. Now I plan to quiet myself in situations and listen to God and realize He has control in all situations and I’m tiring myself for no reason as well as those around me. It’s all about trust and faith and us realizing it’s all in Gods hands, and He has Sole control. The more I read and study with this group the better my realationhip with my family, myself and mainly with God.

    • Christa H.(OBS Small Group Leader) says:

      You are preaching to me this morning, Freda!

      • I feel the same way Freda! It is amazing to me how often I find myself talking about this book in different situations in my life now! I feel like Let.It.Go has become my mantra! Today for example, I am sick, so I finally decided to stay home from work, but emailed my team and told them I’d be checking emails. The response I got back? “set your out of office, get to bed and do not check emails!” It’s so obvious that I need to let it go! Yes, work will survive without me for a day, I am not that important…but I feel guilty “letting things go”! This study is so good for me! Ps. There’s also two baskets of laundry sitting at the foot of my bed…I am NOT going to put them away! I am going to rest and get healthy! (that was hard for me to say and even harder to do!) I’m trying! :-)

      • Amen! I have learned so many things with this study that will be a huge help to family relationships and friendships! I am not the be-all / do-all I’d like to think I am!

  2. I stress out so often because I constantly try to control all things instead of letting go and trusting in the Lord. It is my nature; I freak out; then become a control freak…and then, the same thing happens each time. I make impulsive and wrong decisions. Not only that, my freaking out and controlling nature have ruined what otherwise could have been a nice day. I am so ready to change. I have to give myself some credit here…I have been improving over time….I do conclude that I need to trust in God BEFORE I make the impulsive and wrong decision BUT I have still ruined what could have been a nice day for myself and my husband. So, I suppose I should give myself a small pat on the back for SOME movement…that should help to encourage me greatly to move ahead more rapidly into turning to God BEFORE freaking out at all. That is my prayer. This morning I read this from my chiropractor’s office: “You need to maintain a healthy outlook on life.” Between that and reading this site this morning, I know I need an overhaul now…right now! My attitude sucks and I need and want to change it. Please pray for me. Thanks.

    • Judi, I celebrate that you recognize your need – it’s the first step to walking more in step with our Heavenly Father! I heard several things come out of my mouth over the weekend that made me absolutely wince, but I took them to the Lord, and because of it, made better choices through the rest of the day in how I let go of other situations. It’s such a gift that we have the opportunity to start over every time we begin to stress and open our mouths. Praying for you, sweet lady – God bless!

    • Michele aka Mickie from St Hgts Michigan says:

      Ditto Judi…Ty…u hit me & for sure I’m not
      alone…change is hard as my dear sweet mama
      always said but it is something we have to do if
      It is happening around us & go w the flow!!! Your
      comment is flowing me up the river of no more
      controlling…know I need to change w let go & letting
      God…this study is helping me realize what I have been
      doing & what I need to work on to change!!!!
      Blessings!!! Have a great let go day as I intend to!!!

  3. I’m so grateful for this study! My daughter’s birthday party was this weekend, and we had family in town, and it’s amazing how exhausting and stressful life can be when it seems it should be joyful and a blessing! Because this study had letting go on my mind, I let my daughter Ellie drive the order of the decorations and help me, and it loosed my sister to focus on her little ones and gave Ellie a sense of accomplishment as well as teaching her a little about what goes into it all. And, I had a whole hour I hadn’t counted on because I wasn’t trying to do it all myself! :)

    God and I had a little fun with alliteration in my journal this morning:

    Please save me from the pointless pursuit of my perception of perfection that I may focus on Your perfect plan.

    Much love, ladies!

    • Kara S (OBS leader) says:

      Glad you are learning to Let. it. go. It is so hard to loosen the reins of control sometimes. I’m glad you are making progress. Praying for you.

    • Jennifer,
      Pleased as punch that you’re putting it in the hands of the perfect Saviour. partners in prayer!

      (your alliteration brought meaning and a smile to me this morning – i couldn’t resist sending you a reply)

  4. Thank You so much for your ministry. My children are grown now, but number 8 speaks to me Today. Our son who is thirty and away from The Lord and church. Please pray for Adam and me of course. He was once a strong leader of youth in our church. I have done better lately but this is the hardest thing I have ever done.

  5. Number eight hits hard with me. I need to let go of my thirty year old son who is out of church. I keep telling myself only The Lord can do this but I think he needs help. Please pray for Adam and I. Thank You! I posted earlier but I wasn’t sure I did it right.

  6. Debbie Williams says:

    My take away today was two beautiful verses to underline in my Bible – first yours Melissa and I wrote Mom beside mine too! “But I trust in you, LORD; I say, ‘You are my God.’ My times are in your hands.” Psalm 31:14-15a NIV Second verse from pg. 138 of Let.It.Go and I highlighted it in my book and my Bible. “A good person produces good things from the treasury of a good heart, and an evil person produces evil things from the treasury of an evil heart. What you say flows from what is in your heart.” Luke 6:45 NIV May I reflect on those two verses today as we begin to clean out my Mom’s house. May I produce good things today with my sisters and my aunt so that they may feel Him and know Him because of what will flow from my heart.

    • Debbie, thank you for sharing that verse from Psalm today. I will be praying for you as you begin to go through your mom’s house. I can’t imagine how difficult this will be for you and your family. I pray God’s loving arms wrap around each one of you today and that you would produce good things in this difficult time.

    • Debbie,

      I’m with you sweet friend. I’ll be praying for you as you begin the task of cleaning your mom’s house. When I did this, it was so difficult, but also very therapeutic for me. I was all by myself, which was kind of nice. I could wail and didn’t have to worry about anyone hearing me. It was so strange being there without her.
      I pray your time with your aunt and sisters is sweet.
      Love you and call on me if I can do anything for you.

    • Kristy Aiken (OBS Group Leader) says:

      I am praying for you Debbie. My mom is doing almost the same thing right now at my grandma’s so my grandfather doesn’t have to do any of it.

    • Barbara Prince says:

      Debbie, I remember how hard it was cleaning out my mother-in-law’s house. It was so hard to let it go – to throw away or give away things that were hers. I cried almost constantly. I wouldn’t have wish her to live in the condition she was in, but letting go was still hard to do. So many things in life are less in our control than we think. Just imagine how much more content we’d be just trusting Him with all our day and all our ways. I’m praying for you in this time.
      Love you, Barbara

  7. Soul Control = Realizing and Accepting that God has Sole Control

  8. I cannot wait to dive into this chapter, which I so hope I can do today, but Mondays are the hardest days for me as I rarely get a moment to myself. I have been making small steps forward since beginning this study, but I am far from having soul control. I love having Bible verses to focus on, however. I find that when I take even just a few minutes to start my day with a couple of Bible verses my whole day really does go differently, I feel comforted when things are out of control. Type A, firstborn and only child here, so my need for control is so hard to overcome. Praying that this chapter speaks to my heart. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to be part of a community of women who struggle with the same issues as I do!

    • Jennifer, I am so glad that you are on this journey through the Let.It.Go. study. God is working in a mighty way. I pray for you as you continue making progress in letting go of trying to control. May you continue to fill your heart and mind with God’s truth.

  9. The first thing in Soul Control is so important. Getting into God’s word is key because it’s our only offensive weapon in the Armor of God. Using God’s word to “cut through” negative thinking and controlling impulses is so effective!

    Psalm 31:14-15a is powerful too, because David is trusting God with his time. It’s funny when you think about it, time is the only thing that all of us receive equally. 24 hours a day for everyone, regardless of social status, race, ethnicity, employment, wealth, etc. It’s the one thing we can’t really get “more” of. So it becomes the toughest thing to try to control. But we are to trust the eternal Time Keeper with our times, and His timing really is perfect.

    In our fast-paced world of instant everything, waiting on God and practicing patience is tough. But God calls us to walk by faith and not by sight.

    • Jennifer N (OBS Leadership Team) says:

      I love this reminder Julie! Thank you for sharing and encouraging us. Waiting is so hard. It reminds me of:

      Psalm 46:10
      Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!

      How hard that is for us to just be still!

    • Love the reminder to stay in God’s Word. While reading books, listening to teaching, or watching sermons is great there is no substitute for reading the Word for ourselves! Thanks for your thoughts Julie! :)


  10. Wow! Thank you Lord for leading me to this book and study! What a blessing this has been for me. I am learning so much! This chapter has spoken volumes to me. I am guilty of so many of the examples that Karen gives in the reading; things aren’t going the way I think they should be going according to MY schedule for everyone, I get upset, and evil pours out from my heart. I ruin everyone’s mood, including my own on what was supposed to be a fun filled day. I am glad that God called me out on it this morning. I know in my head and heart that the way I react is wrong, mean and hurtful but it is sometimes like I can’t control myself. I love this verse from Luke 6:45 which states, “A good person produces good things from the treasury of a good heart and an evil person produces evil things from the treasury of an evil heart. What you say flows from what is in your heart”. I want my family to see the goodness in my heart so I will actively be intentional with my words towards my family.

    Scheduling…That is a whole other story! We are a family of five; two daughters and a son, all in different schools, different stages of their lives, and different interests, who live with a mother who happens to have a very strong opinion of parental involvement where school is concerned! I had to learn to say, “No”. I still struggle with this. I loved reading Karen’s tips and tricks! I wrote them in my journal this morning. Someone gave me a great piece of advice about agreeing or not agreeing to take on a task that is going to consume or control your time. She said, “Wait 24 hours, say you need to check your schedule and then give an answer!” This runs along the lines of what Karen tell us too! I have been trying to practice this for a while now and I will say that my schedule is not as jammed packed as it used to be!

    I pray for all of us this week! God bless you all in your endeavors to Let. It. Go. this week :).

  11. This verse really does speak to me this morning. There are many unknowns coming up this year and this verse is perfect! My husband’s company is downsizing in April and he is awaiting news on a life-altering pursuit. I praise God that He always knows what is needed and He always is faithful. I trust in Him.

  12. The last part of that verse really spoke to me, ‘My times are in Your hands.’ This is what I have to keep reminding myself, that God holds my future in His hands, not my own and he will take care of me and lead me in the right direction. I need to trust God and stop worrying that I am going in the right direction because He is there for me.
    I am a huge worrier, so much I use to actually get sick to my stomach about things. But in my walk with The Lord I have been learning to lift my worries up to Him and not take it on myself. Now this does not always happen right away,I have found I will worry about things for a while then stop myself and realize I need to stop and pray. I really think that some of my past person struggles was Gods way of bringing me closer to Him.

    • Barbara Prince says:

      I’m praying that, as you trust God more and worry less, you’ll see yourself moving closer to Him and you’ll find peace deep in your heart. I’m so glad you are taking part with us in this OBS.

  13. Lynn Brooks says:

    I loved this chapter. I like to be ontime which is 15 minutes early in my book and I crave order and peace. I am a stay at home mom to teenage boys so my life is very relaxed and so is theirs, which is essential to my mental health! We do allow one sport per season and that is doable for our household. No one is rushed or stressed and I think we do well in this area. I need to be mindful of not blowing a gasket when the schedule changes though at a moment’s notice. I like order so much that even if we are not busy, if something changes I don’t handle it well. A prayer of mine for sure is FLEXIBILLITY! I love the talk about my heart’s treasure. Again, need to be in the Word more and hide it in my heart – word for word. I have begun to give things up in the schools since they no longer are my passion or my calling. It feels good to be able to say NO and not feel guilty and I have moved on to more personal volunteering that is in line with who God is creating me to be in this season of my life. I am no longer a young mom but an almost 50 year old mom of 2 adult children and 2 teens. AND I love my life and my family and look forward to see how God is going to mold and shape me in the future. Isn’t life exciting as we watch Him do His thing, through us and for us and for His glory!?

  14. Kim Golds OBS group Leader says:

    What a Blessing the videos are to enhance this study. Ready to have some soul control and give God sole control. Be Blessed Today Sweet sisters :)

  15. I am really looking forward to this chapter!!! and digging in and tearing it apart with my group and this awesome group of ladies. SOUL CONTROL! Yes, wow – definitely need some of that – already I have found how much control I try to have in so many areas of my life that I need to Let go Of – now looking forward to learning more about myself so that I can take the necessary steps to grow further in my walk with Jesus, but also with my family and friends! I commit to doing all of the challenges Melissa tasks us with today!!!!

  16. Charletta Rupert says:

    I am so thankful for this study at this time just when I need it, but of course God’s timing is always perfect. I especialy love the verse >>>>my times are in your hands…. My husband and I are facing some chalenging times, but I am learning LE IT GO an let God.

    • I’m so glad to hear Charletta that this is really touching you. My husband and I are facing some challenging family members and I know my Angel Grandma in Heaven is telling me the same thing.

  17. Psalm 31:14-15 is now my new favorite verse because I so often want to think that my time is in MY hands and not God’s. Karen’s ability to help us see beyond our own mess into the clarity and freedom that living on God’s time can bring is really hitting home for me right this minute!

    • Barbara Prince says:

      I understand what it’s like to only be able to see your own mess. I sometime (well, often) struggle with that also, but God is bigger than any mess. He’s in control and I can trust him with the mess, even if it’s a mess of my own making.
      Love and prayers
      Barbara Prince – OBS small group leader.

  18. My take away: when I begin to feel impatience creeping in, when I get interrupted from one task to help with another, when I hear the sweet little voices of my girls calling “Mooooommmm!” for the 100th time, I will not snap back witch-like. I will immediately think of sweet tea.

  19. my BIG takeaway: i can’t fill my soul with God’s truth if I don’t have it in my back pocket……meaning, i MUST have Truth memorized because this busy ‘ol life doesn’t always allow me to go look something up. if i KNOW it, how much easier would it be to whip it out as a weapon?

  20. As I read this verses a couple of time and let the Word really dig deep into my heart; I couldn’t prevent my tears from flowing… The last months have been filled with trials; and though I feel as if I’m turning a new page now I know there are many changes (good) coming up but it’s scary… And this verse just was like if God was telling me “I got your back”… My first language is Spanish so I looked it up in my Bible and it was marked too! jeje In Spanish the v. 15 says “my whole life” is in your hands instead of “times” and then I looked up another version and it said “my future” and all of these words spoke to me; (it’s funny that for some reason I had the urge to look it up in both languages and different versions)… My WHOLE life; there is NOT ONE aspect of my life that is not in God’s hands
    My TIME; my past, present, future, the little details that drive me crazy are in God’s hands
    My FUTURE; my worries, my fears of the unknown are in God’s hands
    Praise Father for the way He shows Himself to us through His Word!
    Saw many hurts and troubles this weekend in prayer posts and my heart ache each time I read something… I hope and pray that everyone was not only uplifted but that we all also receive God encouragement throughout the course of this study. Lifting you, my sisters, in prayers! May we all feel and know God’s love as it’s the greatest thing to lift us up in times of trouble.
    Love you all! God bless!

    • Barbara Prince says:

      Gloria, how inspired I was by your post. I guess you are finding that when God brings us through hard places He really is refining us like fine gold.
      Blessings my sister!
      Barbara Prince OBS small group leader

      • Amen! That is sooo true; it’s a painful beautiful process jejeje Yesterday, I became aware of Isaiah 61 in a whole new level; it’s referring to what Jesus came to do… this is part of v. 3:
        “to bestow on them a crown of beauty
        instead of ashes,
        the oil of joy
        instead of mourning,
        and a garment of praise
        instead of a spirit of despair.”
        I feel like this has become true in my life these past months, I’ve really experience this, thanks be to God.

  21. I loved chapter 7! I really need to quit doing stuff just to have STUFF wrote down on my calendar. I had been struggling with one club my husband and I are members of. I just wasn’t “feeling” attending the meetings anymore. I wasn’t getting anything from and it was basically a waste of my time. This chapter opened my eyes to that! If I’m going to be spending my time doing something I need to be spending my time doing something that is benefiting me and my family! I also loved when Karen talked about the sweet tea spilling and how what is already inside of us is what will spill out. It really made me stop and think about what is inside of me! If I were to get angry or upset right now what would spill out?

    • janet messer says:

      Time is your most valuable resource, you can never get it back once it is gone. Guard it. Ask yourself Why?

  22. Soul Control is something all of us need to work on .. In July or 2012 the hottest week of the year it reached a 100 degrees with 100% humidity and we lost power for about a week. You are talking about soul control.. My boyfriend and I and our two sons gave up our I wants and my this.. and for the most part work through and made it a great memory… It taught me alot about humiltiy and putting your trust in God. God gave us an awesome sense of peace through this time..

  23. I love to look at the words in the Greek and Hebrew to see what more they mean. When I did that with Psalm 31:14-15a I got so much out of it. It is a really powerful verse. I went more into everything in my blog but this is what I got from it:

    I am secure in you, O LORD. I have confidence in you, O LORD. I am bold in you, O LORD. I trust in you, O LORD. I avow, promise and say in my heart, You are my God. My experiences and fortunes, my every occurrence is in your strength and power.

  24. I cannot believe how God is speaking to me through this video and the reading. This chapter couldn’t have come at a more perfect time in my life. I’m struggling with letting God have sole control and am in desperate need of soul control. Psalm 31:14-15a truly touched me and I’m really needing to lean on this Scripture this week. I need to remind myself that He is my protector and when enemies come (and boy they have REALLY raised their ugly heads this week) after me I just need to pray, “God my time and life are in your hands”. WOW, this week is going to be a challenge God. I SO need your help…..

    • Barbara Prince says:

      Heavenly Father, as Valerie is learning to trust that You really are in control of her life that she will be overcome with a sense of peace in the midst of any and all situations. I ask Father that you make her keenly aware of Your love for her in the midst of her storms. In Jesus name, Amen.

  25. This chapter was GREAT!

  26. Stephanie M says:

    I definitely take on too much and then let it stress me out! I really need to focus on giving it to God and trying to trim down my schedule (which will be a challenge I’m sure!).

  27. The circumstances God allows is a reminder to me that it is not my story but His-story. I pray I do my best to be shaped by Him without leaving the Potter’s wheel in fear, in lack of self-control – “soul-control”, or my own agenda. His Hands are the most beautiful place to be, just as a parent and child – safe, protected, and loved.

  28. This verse reminds me that what I spend my time on is where my heart and soul is, and most times, sadly, it doesn’t reflect what I say I want but if I wanted it I would change it. It reminds me that in order to put God first, I have to take steps to do it and I know when I do I become much more positive and recognize how blessed I am instead of resenting what I have and what I have to do. God fills me with good so I can share it with others.

  29. Loved this chapter. Karen ehman is genius. I so wish my husband would do this with me. Simply because he is in my role.. he got hurt in may,and I had to go to go to work for really the first time in my life. It’s been such a blessing for me,and I for sometimes find myself bitter because I miss being just mom. And I miss my time alone with God first thing in the morning, but he is doing thtttt things I have always done.. so part if me is jealous,and part of me is proud of myself. And what the Lord is doing in my life. But this morning I tried to read chapter 7 yo him and he didn’t want yo hear solutions toour war zone home. Do like the video session said and let God be the sole control. I long to.be a woman after God’s own heart… anyways loved today.. and I love all of y’all. Good night sweet sisters.

  30. I liked the chapter’s reminders to check our motives for dong something. Do we sincerely feel called to do ssomething or are we trying to please some one else or look like Superwoman? I also liked the ideas for coordinating family schedules. It’s just my husband and I, no kids, but our schedule us still crazy. My husband and I sit down every weekend to plan our week ahead and I’m going to bring these pointers up at our next “meeting.” I am sure they will help us experience even more freedom and rest in our day to day lives.

  31. While initially reading this chapter, I kept thinking, “Wow, finally an area I’m not struggling with!” I was so excited to have one less thing to work on letting go. The idea of busyness equalling success was a biggie for me in the past when I worked 60-80hrs a wk and rarely to never took days off. After walking away from all of that, God had His work cut out for Him. I didn’t know how to be idle without being a stressed out mess for the longest time! While my schedule is no longer filled to the brim, when I got to the section “Crisis, Delays, and Interuptions,” I quickly realized I still have an issue to let go of when it comes to time. My take away today is, “A cup brimful of sweet water cannot spill even one drop of bitter water, however suddenly jolted.” pg. 139. This statement is hard to swallow…because I know it to be true. My heart needs some work. To respond with ugly bitterness when my plans are interupted, even though my schedule has been void of a large majority of the busy things listed in this chapter, reveals a lot…I really need to focus on how blessed I am to be able to stay home and have so much free time. For me to react the way I do sometimes to the silliest of interuptions is way more silly than the interuptions themselves.

    • Katrina, I can totally relate to your post! You would think that once we didn’t have to work that we would chill out a little more but not the case with me either! God is teaching me to just “BE” and stop trying to “DO” it has definitely been a learning experience for me, I was use to going 24/7 100mph and he literally stopped me in my tracks. This study has been such a blessing and I’m learning to just enjoy all the little blessings in my life that I have overlooked. Sad to say that I never really paid attention to the beautiful songs that the birds make and the way the air feels when I go for a walk, now I look at this world around me and see God in everything and I ask him daily to continue to show me all the blessings around me especially the ones I have overlooked. Blessings to you!

      • Thanks Dorothy! To “be” rather than to do is definately where I need to get back to. While it took some time, He did get me there after quiting my job, but then somewhere along the line I seemed to have forgotten that lesson. I’m so thankful for another opportunity to get this right!

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YXygCLso9U
        This is a link for the song by Kari Jobe called “The More I seek You.” It is also beautifully depicted with a video of a dance. I came across this for the first time right after my Mom died a few months ago and aided in bringing me to a place of peace. While reading chapter 7 last night, it came into my mind again, but I couldn’t remember the name of it. when I read your reply Dorthy, about “being” rather than “doing” this morning, it came into mind again. Then I came across it just now while clicking on another utube video posted on my fb newsreel and knew I had to share it! To me, its such a beautiful depiction of our journeys to learn to stop doing and just be in Him…

    • janet messer says:

      Katrina, I quit my full time job 9 months ago. Did you feel the need to have to fill up your free time with an agenda? I know I did. I started by connecting with ladies at church, scheduling lunch/coffee dates with them. This helped to fill the void and fellowship at the same time.

      • Yes, definately Janet! I had always been the type to fill my time with agendas and then fulfilling them. Busyness was a defense mechanism for me to not have to face and deal with other things in life. when I quit, I had no idea that God was planning on using it to make me face this issue in my life. Letting go was soooo hard. I didn’t know how to just “be” because I didn’t even know who I was or what I wanted to use my free time for. Luckily, just like you pointed out, I had a couple woman in my life that grabbed ahold of me and led me into church activities as well! I loved it…we’ve moved states twice since then and being plugged into a group of church ladies is something that I’ve been void of since. Thank you so much Janet for bringing this up! God is obviously trying to say something here!

        • janet messer says:

          I am glad I could help. It is God using me, give him the glory. Now, make sure you make it a priority to find a church, and fellowship with other women that are a positive influence to you.

  32. page 134

    A hefty chunk of the reason is that being in control of my time, I can influence others’ opinions of me.

    I recognize that craving such an outward appearance is utterly prideful.

    page 135

    “For an audience of One”

    Wow, this really exposed me as I read it. I’ve always considered my drive to be punctual as good manners and not wasting another’s time by them waiting on me….but what God convicted me of as I read today was that in truth I’m not caring about manners as much as I’m worried about keeping appearances up and the facade of looking like I’ve got it all together and others don’t. Ugh. Sin. Pride.

    Lord, although its not fun to admit it, thank you for exposing this in me. Lord You alone are my audience. Forgive my pride and sin. Keep me focused on pleasing You and only You.

  33. janet messer says:

    My perfect ordinary day is quality time with my husband. No alarms, no agenda, and yes no kids with an urgent request that demands my response ASAP.
    I used to thrive on doing it all, the 40 hour work week, taking the kids to their activities, getting a meal on the table. This required me to start my day at 630, and I would not be able to stop and rest for the evening until the kids went to bed at 9pm only to have 1 hour to myself & husband before going to bed to do it all over again tomorrow.
    Well no more. In May of last year I asked, Why? What am I busy doing? So I decided to quit my job and be a full-time mom. I just couldn’t continue on this path any longer, I was not happy.
    Now I have the time for me, while the kids are in school. I still have a crazy schedule with getting our 4 children to their activities but I also have “me” time. It took a big step of faith to do this, but it is worth it.

    • Congrats on your leap of faith! I think so many women want to take this step but don’t believe its possible for them and struggle with doubt that their husbands and more importantly, that God, will provide. I know I did, but boy did God bless my giant leap of faith! I bet the Lord has used yours to grow and stretch you too! He takes us to such awesome places we never thought possible when we believe :-)

  34. When I opened my Bible, I had been to Psalm 31 before as well! I read it and focused on the words “trust” and “destiny”. I trust you, God! What you want me to do is already in your plans. Please show me the way. I trust, you, God!

  35. Pat (OBS small group leader) says:

    This has been my favorite chapter so far!! I am loving these videos, too. Whenever I talk to someone, I am finding that I do stop mid-sentence to realign my thinking with God’s Word…often when I am getting ready to gossip or say something I shouldn’t.

    So very thankful for this study!!!

  36. TABITHA JONES says:

    Well chapter 7 hit home to me. I am so involved with EVERYTHING I can’t seem to have enough hours in my day. During the first week of this study I did give up a big extracurricular job I had as president over all sports at the school, and it was all because the Lord convicted me when I started this study to finally let go of some of the stuff. I am very active with my boys and when I read this chapter yesterday I was like oh no you are talking to me again. We are in baseball season and my youngest son, who will be 16 in a couple weeks feels that Mom and Dad needs to be at every game. I didn’t get home until 9:30 last night and was exhausted. I couldn’t do anything but think about what I had read in this chapter when I finally sit down last night. I got up this morning and was running around trying to get uniforms clean before I went to work and when I got to work I thought to my self, “Hello, you are doing it again” I know I need to slow down but my boys are only going to be young once and I want to enjoy them, but at the same time it can be overwhelming. I pray I can let go of some of the feelings I have to not think I have to be at every game and every function that my boys participate in.

  37. I am in what I would describe as a “holding pattern” in my life. I would not chose this particular arrangement – ever. And yet, I’m here. So, this is a very good time for me to put My Times In God’s Hands. My life is sad and frustrating at times, and often downright lonely, if I let it be. Mostly, I’m trying to “use” the time, to take notice of what God wants me to be learning at this very moment, and not feel as though this time is being wasted. It’s kind of the opposite of too busy I guess, but I also have to be careful not to fill in this time with busyness. I am sure, when I pray, that I am supposed to be calm and thoughtful right now. I’m supposed to be calm and sure, and see what happens next.

  38. Eryn Wutzke says:

    “But I trust in you, O LORD; I say, ‘You are my God.’ My times are in your hand; rescue me from the hand of my enemies and from my persecutors!” Psalm 31:14-15 (ESV)
    Did you know that “trust” can be a noun OR a verb? As a noun, ‘Firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.’ As a verb, ‘Believe in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of.’ In this context I choose both, (I’m female, I can do that!). By saying “You are my God”, you are putting words and an action to your trust in the Lord.
    But, there is more to trust than just saying you trust someone, you have to actually trust them! Hence verse 15, “My times are in your hand;”. To trust God fully, we must place our lives into His hands. We must realize, acknowledge and live out this truth daily.
    How hard this is! I struggle with it daily. I put in my two week notice at work. Then I go to the mailbox to find a very large medical bill that must be paid in full. My husband cannot stand his job and is applying for a different one closer to where we live now. But we have an offer on a house 2.5 hours away from our current location! I must give up stressing how these things will work out. I must TRUST God that HE will take care of them, and without my worrying about it along the way!
    Lord, please help me to remember, for I do know mentally already, that you are here for me. That you have it all covered. That all I have to do is proclaim your word, and give you glory. I pray to you in Jesus’ name, Amen.

  39. The soul control was the highlight of this video. I need to work on it from the heart. I also got a lot from the verse in Psalms and reading around that verse helped me to understand what it really meant. It was totally different from what I took away from the verses. I am thankful for the fact that God has my life planned out for me. I don’t have to worry about it, although I probably will. My family has many trials ahead of us, but through prayer we will make it through. I’m going to keep these verses in view where I can see them often and remember that God is in control.

  40. Karlene Campbell says:

    Soul Control is definitely something I’ve been learning not only through this study but even prior. Karen’s story of her daughter being stranded reminded me of just this past December when my oldest son was driving home from college for Christmas break. I had warned him of an impending snowstorm coming that Thursday and had asked him to leave Wednesday instead. Well he had other commitments, one of them ushering at the church and the other hanging out with his fraternity brothers one last night before they all went home. He told me he’d leave at 7am on Thursday, uh ok! So Thursday morning came, school was cancelled for my youngest and even my work cancelled (I work at a college) even though it was only raining. But they also were anticipating the impending snow that was to begin around 11am. 7am came and went and no word from Zach on if he had left or not. I text him asking if he had left, no reply…hmm maybe he’s on the road. 9am came around still no word and if he was on his way home and had left when he said he would he would be home around 930am. But that too came and went and still no word from Zach. THEN around 1145am, I get a text saying he was just leaving. A wave of emotions came over me, anger being one of them because he did not heed my warning and leave when I told him to. By that time it had already begun snowing where we live and he was going to drive right into it. 330pm came along and Zach called, which I found strange, he told me he was stopped out on the interstate. What do you mean stopped?? All the cars were stopped and he didn’t know why…he was less than 20 miles from our exit and was stopped and not a thing I could do but pray and ask people to pray for his safety. We called the state police dispatch to find out what was going on where he was at and found out there were two jack knifed semis ahead of him. I thought he’ll be out there forever in that and I am powerless. I just kept praying and praying. Around 730pm I saw his car pull into the drive and with tears streaming down my face as he walked in the door, I looked at him and said please don’t EVER do this to me again and then I hugged him. Thankfully he said lesson learned that was scary! Talk about letting go, hardest thing to do when your kid is in something like that and you can’t do anything to help. I was so thankful that I could turn to God to protect him and get him home safe. It is one of the many lessons I have had to learn as my children get older, letting go and trusting God!

  41. Tiffany L. says:

    So I’m a couple of days behind in the study this week. I’ve been keeping up with the reading but am a couple of days behind on the blog. But I think God wanted me to read Monday’s post and assignments today.
    Nine years ago today my Daddy left this earth to be with God in heaven. While every year has been tough, this year has been especially difficult for my mom as well as myself and my siblings. Today in the mail I received a letter from my mom about my dad. Enclosed were a couple of photos of Daddy as well as copies of a couple of things he had written in the months before his diagnosis and death. My mom found these on the computer shortly after he died but she said for some reason felt led to share them with us now. The writings were Daddy’s testimony and it means so much to me to have been able to read them.
    So as I read Psalm 31:14-15a today, this is what it means to me. Our time here is in God’s hands. Only He knows how long we have. I need to learn to let go and trust Him, the LORD my God, with my life and let Him have control in how I spend my time.

  42. Hello I am behind on the blog a few days. Loved the soul control video. Made me stop and think about things. Thanks so much.

  43. My take away from today? To submit to God & trust Him with my days & protection/provision…to look past myself in a situation & seek what He has to teach me in each moment…to stop & seek Him in each moment, especially before I say/do something I shouldn’t…to be a better example of submitting to God to my children & teaching them to seek what God might be teaching them through each one.