Mar 9

Prayer Requests and Praises, March 9, 2013

Record my lament; list my tears on your scroll–are they not in your record? Then my enemies will turn back when I call for help. By this I will know that God is for me. I am under vows to you, O God; I will present my thank offerings to you. For you have delivered me from death and my feet from stumbling, that I may walk before God in the light of life.  Psalm 56:8-13

I accidentally came across this passage today. Well accident for me, not for God I bet. I opened my Bible, heading for the book of John. The Book opened to Psalm 56 along the way.

Do you ever do this? You have a plan where you are going, but God takes you somewhere else?  I LOVE when this happens.

I needed these words from the Lord today and I pray they speak to you too!

Share your requests and praises and let’s go to the Lord together in prayer.

I’ll get us started:

“Father, thank You so much for sending me Psalm 56:8-13 today! You are amazing and I love You so much! You know it’s been a rough week at my house. Thank you for carrying us through. Thank you that Hayden’s surgery was successful and the healing process has begun. Lord I ask that You protect my family, guard our hearts, bring us close to You. Lead us in the ways You want us to go. Also be with each woman here in this OBS. As we complete our last week of Let. It. Go. I pray that all of us would take the Truths from this study and implement them in our lives. Help us to be women who give our control to You and You alone. Thank you for everyone who has taken part in this study. You have blessed us all with a wonderful community. Love You Lord! In Jesus’ Name I Pray, Amen.

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  1. I have two very important prayer requests. One is for one of my best friends; he’s on a very bad place emotionally and taking random decisions out of emotions and impulse… He says he gave his life to the Lord a month ago but that he doesn’t feel at peace and feels like he’s not really a Christian then because he met me when I just had converted (10 yrs ago) and he said that it was completely different; that in me you could palpate God but he says that something is missing on him… I told him that every experience is different; but truly I don’t know and I doubt myself if he truly gave his life to the Lord because of the way he’s acting and thinking… I think his heart is sincere; but maybe the enemy is trying to put him down… And the horrible part is he’s going down… He told me being a Christian is something way harder than he thought and thinks he doesn’t have the caliber to do it… So, I’m worried he will fall apart again… My worries is because he has already tried to commit suicide three times and though that thought is far from his mind right now I know if things go down as they are right now and he keeps making decisions like he is right now and drifting farther from the Lord each day he’ll fall harder because then he’ll say “not even the Lord could help me because I tried Him already” (this thought has already been in his mind these days)… Just plz pray for him, like I said he’s in a bad place and I just want him to draw near to the Lord. I had a dream like 1 month and a half ago of this happening and him ending up badly and looking for my help and I’m afraid this dream will come to pass as the Lord has blessed me with dreams since 5 yrs ago and to this day they all have come to pass…

    Plz pray for me, for my emotions specially so I can keep strong and waiting in the Lord. I don’t want them to control me but me to control them. There are so many things in my heart and this week I’ve broken-down many times so plz pray for the unspoken prayers of my spirit… Plz pray for my relationships with my family; for they have been hurting this week and I love them so much. Plz pray that God continues to be present in my life and palpable as He has been through the valleys these months; it’s been an amazing journey and I can truly say He has brought beauty from ashes and has dressed me with praise garments during mourning. I pray that my relationship with Abba keeps growing stronger because I know that changes in my life are happening and the only way I can react to them as I should is by holding steadfast and strongly in the Lord.

    PRAISE REPORT: I want to thank Father that I could find an apartment which I loved for when I start studying med school again. The experience was so of God that it all happened in one day… I pray that things go well with my housemate and I can be a testimony for her. I really want to thank God for this for my family feels a whole lot at ease about me moving now (I’ve never lived away from home until now) and I hope that the move (it’s just and hour and a half away from home) can help strengthen our relationships and appreciate each other more. I also thank God for giving me the grace and blessing of studying medicine so I can help others.

    • Nancy Silvers says:

      Praying for your friend. Is anyone discipling him? Sounds like he needs someone to walk him through some basic Bibilical truths so he knows how much God loves him. I am praying that God will put someone in his path that will be a Godly influence on him.
      Praying for you also Gloria, for a strong walk with God. Peace in your family and for you to look to God for your comfort and strength. We are not able to do anything on our own but Philiipians 4:13 tells me “I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength.” God has a plan and a purpose for you and there is a reason that your friend is looking to your for answers. If he hasn’t started reading the Word have him start with the book of John….I think he will find many answers there–remind him to pray for God to show him what he needs to know before he starts reading. God is the only answer to all of our pain. God bless you and wants you to know how much he loves you. :)

      • Thank you so much Nancy! Yesterday was awesome in Church and I’m in much better spirits already. It’s funny, all the songs were from when I first gave my life to God ten years ago and then the base chapter for the sermon was of the first verses that I memorized from Scripture and that have marked my life forever since then. It was as if God was reminding me of that time and I had been all week so it felt as if He had heard me during the week singing those songs and longing for the closeness of the first love.
        Concerning my friend, no one is discipling him; he’s not going to a Church… He has one (the one from the pastor that prayed with him so he could give his life to the Lord). To be honest in the month he converted two times he had to work but the other two he didn’t go because he was too tired from working over-shifts in the week and the other was because his live-in girlfriend didn’t want to go… I told him that he had to make time with God a priority and specially now that he’s so new to the faith he should go to Church to really start understanding the basic principles of the faith. Right now, the only reason we’re talking is so I can talk to him about God (I tell him the history of the Bible, why baptism is important, etc.) because I’ve been carrying him through so many downs I had gotten way tired (and had my own troubles) and told him that we should stop talking for a little while (he was doing pills and stuff by this time)… Four days later, his father died (it was anticipated, his father had been sick with renal failure for 6 yrs) and he called me to vent and of course I answered because that’s a horrible situation and I myself lost my grandma recently… After a week of hearing him cry on the phone and just seeing how he was on this self-destructive path I talked to him that the reason he felt so helpless was because he didn’t have peace from God and basically had an intervention… I prayed over the phone with him. The next day he gave his life to Christ and since then at least in that sense he’s been more at peace and hasn’t been taking pills. He then asked me to keep talking to him because he had some questions about the faith for at least one more week. That was three weeks ago… Right now, he wants to enter the National Guard and though some structure would be good for him in my personal opinion I’m afraid that entering the NG would not leave him time to spend with God during training and since he’s literally a newborn in the faith he will fall. Also, due to his mental history (I’m a med student jic, I don’t understand all things yet but I can see his patterns) I don’t know if this is the right path for him because he has addiction to pills, problems with aggressiveness and has attempted suicide a couple of times. I can only pray that there’s a psychological screening test and it’s good enough to see this in him; of course, it’s in God’s hands… this has been my friend’s dream since he was 18 and if he’s not accepted he’ll be crushed. He has a live-in girlfriend from two months ago who is already pregnant (they were never boyfriend and girlfriend before, he dumped his ex-fiance to be with this girl he had known for 5 months as a friend) and when his father died knowing she was pregnant she also did drugs… She also didn’t helped him and she also “converted” the day he converted (Idk if it’s true, I find it too much coincidence) but they’ve been having a lot of troubles since then and there’s a baby on the way (and he already has a lil girl who is 4 yrs old) and I’m fearful for the kids. His girlfriend cheated on him a month after she moved in and now she doesn’t want him to go and is mad at him for him wanting to go the national guard yet he’s still doing it… I think they aren’t right for each other but if they call each other husband and wife then they should really fight for their marriage and now is not the time for him to be wanting to leave because that will cause friction… I just want wtv God’s will is for him in his life; because as you see this friend has many problems most brought on to him by himself and I feel as if he just keeps making it worse with his impulsiveness. He’s tired of his life as it is and going to the National Guard is a way out for him of his $$$ problems at least (said by himself)… To be honest, while by the conversations I know he’s really trying to be a Christian and have a relationship with Christ maybe he still has something to give the Lord because this rash decisions that are very important and his attitude these past days (he got so mad about his life he had to drop the phone for 15 min while we were talking to just breath because he was getting a panic attack) tell me that there’s something missing there for real… Again, I just pray that for God’s will in his life. I also pray that God will give me wisdom as to how long to stay and help him for, I just want to do God’s will and not be there longer that He wants me; if my friend needs to fall when he’s actually ready for a true change I’ll be there but the process of him starting to fall is too painful for me to watch it all over again.
        Soooo sorry for the long msg, I felt a need to explain his situation better. I’m just praying for him but in my spirit I feel something isn’t right; I really wish he would seek counsel both from his pastor and from a professional.
        God bless you Nancy! And like I said, yesterday God was awesome! Reading your msg made me feel better but had a busy day so wanted to respond calmly now. I’m really doing a LOT better and trust that God will continue to comfort and give me strength as He has always done. Blessing again! Have a great day! <3

  2. Mary G. (OBS Group Leader) says:

    Praise reports:

    My daughter has been struggling with school and choosing the right friends. This has been an ongoing struggle for at least 2 years. Instead of going to God first, I tried to fix it all by myself. That didn’t work out so great, so I finally handed it over to God. I am proud to say that she is on her way to completing her GED, has taken an interest and is signing up for CNA classes and has even mentioned the nursing program. This is coming from a girl, who just a few short months ago, did not care about ANYTHING! God is all over that! Now I realize (from experience) that her plans may change, but I am excited to see her care about living life again!!!

    Financially, we have been struggling a little and have been down to one car and no extra money for certain family needs. An opportunity opened up for my husband at his job to earn extra money in order for us to save to purchase a truck without having to add an extra monthly payment, which is such a relief. He has had to travel but it will be worth it in the end. I also had an opportunity open up to me which will allow me to help with the finances while I finish school. God is so good and faithful to those who trust and follow his direction. We are not where we want to be yet, but I believe we are exactly where we need to be.

    Prayer request:

    Like myself…there have been several ladies here and in the groups struggling with family issues, marriage problems, sickness, financial worries and job searches. I pray that God will provide as He sees fit and when it doesn’t work out quite the way we expect it to work out, He will walk with us through every inch of the confusion, pain, and worry. That He will use the trials we have gone through or are going through RIGHT NOW to make us rely more on Him, and show us that no trial is too big or LITTLE for Him to carry us through! It all matters to God. Big or small. My hope is that everyone realizes that. :)

  3. Nicole DeWeese says:

    Prayers needed for my marriage. I am not even sure what to pray for anymore. I don’t know if God wants me to give up trying to save my marriage. My husband wants a divorce and has committed adultery. I feel like God has revealed my mistakes and convicted me of my sins. I have asked God to change my heart and mold me into the wife that He wants me to be. I don’t know why I still have the desire to make my marriage work and not give up. I pray for conviction in my husband’s heart and that he find Christ. I also pray for God’s direction and that he shows me what He wants for my life. Thank you all so much for your prayers.

    I am praying for each of you ladies as well. I don’t know everyone’s situation, but God knows your heart and your needs. I pray that He comforts us and helps each of us to be content with our circumstances while He leads us. I pray that God helps each woman to be obedient to Him while we wait for His will to be done!

    • Karri (OBS group leader) says:

      My heart goes out to you….I too have been in a similar situation with my husband (we’ve been together for almost 16 years, married for almost 13) and what we did was seperate for a year and during that time he became saved and we worked on our marriage. Have you suggested marriage counseling with your preacher? That’s honestly what saved our marriage and the fact that he and I both wanted to save it. You also have to remember the devil hates marriages and wants to see them destroyed. So that doesn’t help when you’re trying your best to save it, just keep praying and pray for the enemy to stay away from you and your husband. God will lead you as long as you let him…..Oh, one thing that really helped me was reading the book of Galations and Matthew during our seperation……(((HUGS))) to you and I will be praying for you and your husband. If you need to talk, I am here for you!!!

      • Nicole DeWeese says:

        Karri, thank you so much! We were going to counseling, but we have to find another one because the counselor we had, moved. My husband is 100% sure he wants a divorce. He only wants to go to counseling so that we can rebuild our relationship for our kids. It will be 10 years since we have been married on the 18th of this month :( I was very sad and that turned to anger. The anger is actually taking over my life and I don’t want that. I am turning into this miserable person! I just feel like I can’t believe this is happening to me. This is not the life I had planned! Just before he told me that he wanted a divorce, I was going to the fertility doctor to help get pregnant. I feel like I am holding sand, and its all slipping inbetween my fingers and there is NOTHING I can do about it or to fix it! I just want to go back in time and tell my hubby a little more how much I loved him and how much he meant to me! Just about 4 years ago, we separated for a year and I found God and changed. We got back together and moved to another state because his job transferred, then his job recently got transferred back to Michigan (where we are from) and then he told me he wanted a divorce. So now I live in a state with my two young sons all alone, no friends, no family! Once my son is finished with school, I am going to move in with my mom (28yrs old and going to live with my mom) and we have to put the house on the market. I am just taking day-by-day! Through this painful season of my life, I’ve learned to trust God! I am learning so much through this Online bible study, learning to let go of what I cannot control (my hubby’s heart).

    • Nancy Silvers says:

      Praying for your marriage–that God will show you with out any doubts which direction you should go. Praying for God’s conviction on your husband heart. This is a huge obstacle to overcome but with Jesus ANYTHING is possible. Know that know matter what direction you choose Jesus will be walking right besides you every step of the way.

      • Nicole,

        You are in my prayers, I can feel your pain and anguish, you see… my marriage is failing right now I have prayed fervently for God to save my marriage. When I met him, he was all about family, his children, working to provide for the family. Soon after hitting menopause, things changed. At this time, my husband has an addiction to the internet, and emails from other women have been found,I feel they are all emotional affairs, yes… affairs are affairs, but God has not lead me to leave. In fact, he is leading me to pray strong for him, from his head to his feet. I wake up at midnight and pray, I pray in the morning at 3 or 5, depending on my days of work shift. I pray through the day, I have turned to the book of Psalms and have obtained some holy water from my church and anointed the candle and as my husband sleeps. I have many friends praying for my marriage, as you see, he once was saved, a good christian man, starting a new church in a gym at a school and then, helped build the church from the ground up. He now turns to astrology, tarot readers, etc… All I can do is what my faith calls me to do, get on bended knee and pray hard for us. I will lift you up each and every time I pray for my own marriage.

        “O Lord, I know the way of man is not in himself; it is not in man who walks to direct his own steps” (Jeremiah 10:23). Therefore, Lord, I pray that You would direct Tim’s steps. Lead him in Your light, teach him Your way, so he will walk in Your truth. I pray that he would have a deeper walk with You and an ever progressing hunger for Your Word. May Your presence be like a delicacy he never ceases to crave. Lead him on Your path and make him quick to confess when he strays from it. Reveal to him any hidden sin that would hinder him from walking rightly before You. May he experience deep repentance when he doesn’t live in obedience to Your laws. Create in him a clean heart and renew a steadfast spirit within him. Don’t cast him away from Your presence, and do not take Your Holy Spirit from him (Psalm 51:10,11)
        Lord, Your Word says that those who are in the flesh cannot please You (Romans 8:8). So I pray that You will enable Tim to walk in the Spirit and not in the flesh and thereby keep himself “from the paths of the destroyer” (Psalm 17:4). As he walks in the Spirit, may he bear the fruit of the Spirit, which is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, and self-control (Galatians 5:22,23). Keep him on the Highway of Holiness so that the way he walks will be integrated into ever part of his life.

        ~From The Power of Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian.

        My sincere love and prayers to everyone posting here.


        • Sylvia, you are in my prayers also. This week has been a really good week for us. Once I got out of God’s way. Monday night, very clearly, God told me to “shut up and get out of My way”. May sound a little harsh coming from God but sometimes, He has to get my attention the hard way. :). I decided to give my husband back to HIS hands and just pray. Lots of people are praying for him. It was immediate, my husband kept asking me if I felt ok, because I stopped yelling and screaming and just continue to let him know that I loved him. Some of the other things that I said where because and I told him this that I was not being the Godly wife and woman that I needed to be so I was going to work on me first. I pray the prayer that is on Renee Swopes blog, Praying for your Husband, Head to Toe. I do this prayer twice a day and other times just pray. What this has done for me has allowed me to have some peace. And God is faithful, he is working in both of our lives. I told my pastor that if my marriage fails, I did not want it to be because I did not do or did do something that was not correct. I will be praying for you and your family. I too am staying when some people think I should leave, however until the ONE who gave me breath tells me, I can’t. And like you, I love my husband and I have told my pastor, God never gives up on us, how can we give up on someone else. Love, prayer and blessings to you, my sister in Christ.

  4. My husband Tim is my prayer request. He has made some really bad choices in our married life. I have forgiven him but he has not forgiven himself. I do not think he is saved. Without going into a lot of detail, He needs God and I need every prayer warrior out there to pray for him. He needs to accept what his actions caused give it God. He told me last week that he did not have a spiritual side. I replied that he did, he just needs to give it back to the One who gave it to him. I love my husband but unless he gets right with God, our marriage cannot survie. I pray every day that God will not remove his hand of protection from Tim. Pray for Tim and prya for me that I would be the Godly woman I need to be to show him what true love can be.

    • Nancy Silvers says:

      Praying for you and Tim. God is in control of this entire situation. On Renee Swopes page (she is part of Proverbs 31 ministry) she has free downloads-one of them is titled “Praying for your husband head to toe” I have printed and pray it every morning, inserting my husbands name where ever it says “husband”. I know my husband loves the Lord but his walk is very much lacking in any evidence that God is #1 in his life. Praying over my husband each morning has helped me to let it go and give my husband to God on a daily basis. It’s the most difficult thing to bite my tongue when I see things he does that are not honoring God but I know that God and God alone can change his life…definitely not my nagging. I pray peace for you and an incredible in dwelling of the Holy Spirit for your husband!

      • Thank you for the download info. This will be great. My husband knows that I pray for him all the time. I am not only going to keep a copy in my office to always remind me, I am going to tape a copy to the mirror in the bathroom, so he can see it too. I told him last week that (I am very outspoken about some things) if he did not get right with God, he was going to die and go to hell and that is not what God wanted for him and it was not what I wanted either. I also have on the mirror in the bathroom a sign that says “You are God’s beloved, this means that you are His favorite” this is as much for me as for anyone else. I need reminding of that sometimes. Thank you and God bless you all and your ministry.

        • Nancy Silvers says:

          Penny, I think if it were me, I would not let him know you are praying for him from head to toe. He may become even more resistant to God if he feels you are pushing him too hard. Pray the prayer in private, bite your tongue when you get the urge to tell him he is going to go to hell if he doesn’t change and LET GO!! God will hear your prayer and work on your husband in HIS own way. This may sound harch but know I am saying it in love and out of personal experience. God does not need your help in this….harsh words said in anger and despiration will do more damage than good. If it were me, I would read the prayer out loud, in private, work on my personal relationship with Christ and do my best to be the wife that Christ wants me to be DESPITE how your husband is acting. Our actions can have much more affect on a situation and our words can cause so much more damage than you could possible image. I know you said you are outspoken, in this though, I think being quiet would be a good choice. God knows your heart, he knows your husband and is doing a work in your marriage despite what you can see right now. Praise God daily and thank him for the work he is doing in you and in your husband eventually what can not be seen now will be revealed in God’s perfect timing.
          I will continue to hold you both up in prayer.
          God Bless you!!

  5. Cherry Grubb says:

    Hello ladies…the story is long, but please pray for my husband Mike that he will persevere with a legal matter (that God will be victorious!) and that the Lord will continue to heal Mike from the inside out helping him escape from his patterns of abuse that continue to haunt our marriage…and prayers that a recent uterine biopsy for me will prove negative for cancer:) Bless you all my sisters in Christ!! Praying for each one of you:) xo