Mar 11

Chapter 11, Living the Relinquished Life

Psalm 91.2 Graphic


1. Read Psalm 91:1-6

Look up this passage of Scripture in your Bible.

Psalm 91.1 pic from my Bible

Psalm 91.2-6 pic from my Bible
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“God is a shelter, a refuge when we are afraid. The writer’s faith in the Almighty God as Protector would carry him through all the dangers and fears of life. This should be a picture of our trust—trading all our fears for faith in Him, no matter how intense our fears. To do this, we must “dwell” and “rest” with Him (91:1). By entrusting ourselves to His protection and pledging our daily devotion to Him, we will be kept safe.” ~ Life Application Study Bible


2. Reflection Verse

I will say of the LORD, He is my Refuge and my Fortress, my God; on Him I lean and rely, and in Him I [confidently] trust! Psalm 91:2  (AMP)


3. Watch Session 6 Video

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“We too have a chart and compass. The chart is God’s Word. The compass is the Holy Spirit.” ~ Karen Ehman


4. Read Chapter 11, Living the Relinquished Life.

We will discuss this chapter on Wednesday.


In the comment section of my blog, share your take away from Psalm 91:1-6. Let’s study God’s Word together. After reading this passage, what words did God speak to your heart?



  1. mary armstrong says:

    After reading Ps 46 earlier and then the verses in Ps 91 for our assignment…God is reiterating to me He is my Refuge, my Fortress….a safe place in the midst of life’s trials and storms, but I must, as Karen related in the video, not just know to do it but to actually do it: to run to Him and sit at His feet and rest in my Refuge…so thankful for Jesus!!!…praises to Him!!!

  2. This lesson and scripture has really spoken to my heart. Thank you God for bringing this along at this time.

    I have been diagnosed with CLL. It is so hard to wrap around my mind that I have cancer. Yet, my thoughts cling to God. Satan wants to get in there with doubts and frightening ideas, but I know that God has me in His hand. He is right here with me and this scripture just cements to me God’s character. He is our protector, our fortress, our stronghold.

    Whatever the outcome, God’s plan for our lives is just that – His plan. However, He doesn’t leave us for forsake us ever!

    • Jennifer N (OBS Leadership Team) says:

      Praying all of Psalm 91 for you sweet girl. That the Lord will command His angels to guard you (v11), that He will be with you and deliver you (v15) and that with long life will He satisfy you (v16). Love and hugs to you!

    • Barbara Prince says:

      I’m praying that, as God wraps His arms around you and as He pulls you under His protective wings, you will trust Him and have complete peace. I pray that fear has no place near you. God’s love is forever and I pray you feel His love each day.

      • Thank you so very much. I had a CAT Scan the other day and laying there I could feel myself covered in all my friends prayers. What an experience!!! I too love those verses about being gathered under His wings and know that is the only place I want to be.

        I covet your prayers and thank you so much for them and your encouragement.

        Jennifer, I pray all is good with your babe. It’s hard to be sane when our children are suffering. God knows and He is with you all the way.

        • Gwen,
          We will continue to pray for you! God is with you always and will continue to do what He promises. You are safe and secure in Him.

          Sweet Blessings~

      • Praying that God will be your refuge and strength; a very present help to you during this time. May you feel His loving arms around you and His healing power within you.

        • Thank you Kim…..such sweet, sweet sisters here!

          • Linda Leighton (OBS Group Leader) says:

            Gwen, I love your positive attitude! I am so thankful that God tells us time and time again how He is for us, He protects us and has our names carved on the palm of His hand! I’m praying for you, Gwen, that God would not only heal you, but use your testimony to His glory! Peace to your soul today!

    • Donna Harris (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Heavenly Father,

      I lift up our sweet sister Gwen to you. Wrap Your mighty wings around her. Fill her with YOUR peace. Surround her with Your angels and comfort her spirit. Father, we know that nothing is impossible for You. May Your will be done in her life.

      In Jesus’ name I pray.


  3. Powerful verses and powerful video clip! “He alone is my refuge, my place of safety.” I don’t have to worry or be anxious. I can breathe a sign of relief. He has it all taken care of. Sweet release!
    Beth A. (OBS Group Leader)

  4. Jennifer N (OBS Leadership Team) says:

    Two things were spoken to me in this Psalm several nights ago. God spoke verse 5 into my heart last Wednesday night. The day we returned from an ER run in an ambulance with my 3 year old daughter struggling for air. I was so afraid. Everything that ever happened to us, happened at night. My son’s seizures, my post-partum panic/anxiety attacks four years ago, and baby breathing difficulties. ALL at night. While we are sleeping. He reminded me that night, that, as in verses 1 and 2, I must rest and dwell in Him; it is He whom I trust. Verse 5–I don’t have to fear the terror in the night because (another verse He gave me):
    Psalm 4:8~ I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O LORD make me dwell in safety. (NKJV)

    • This is my command-be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.
      ~ Joshua 1:9, NLT

      • Carol Love says:

        Janet and Jennifer, Have you ever counted the number of times the Lord spoke “be strong and courageous” to Joshua? Starting in Deuteronomy 31 and ending in Joshua 1, if I have marked my Bible correctly, He told Joshua 7 times to either be strong and courageous or be very strong and courageous. Sometimes we don’t get the message the first time and He repeats it for us. Thanks and praise for His patience with us. Any lesson that God tries to teach us and that we do not get the first time is repeated because Satan knows our weak points and takes full advantage of them. Be blessed and lean on the Lord. He will be with you no matter what you think or feel!

  5. I can live in the shelter of the Most High, it is a choice I have to make however. And if I do He will be my refuge and place of safety. I can trust Him to deliver me from the snares of the devil and from deadly diseases. He covers me and protects me. His truth, all the promises in His word are mine and are my armor!! So no matter what happens in my life. He is the only thing I can truly trust in!!
    Loved the video and the comparison of the compass and the charts of a sailor to our spiritual voyage. Lord, help me to not take control and lean only on you for my refuge and not myself!!

  6. Amber Oatman (OBS leader) says:

    “He shall cover you with His feathers,
    And under His wings you shall take refuge;” verse 4a

    This has always been one of my favorite verses. I have always found it very comforting knowing that our God is so caring and nurturing. The picture of a mama hen fiercely guarding her chicks from all the elements, from those that would prey on them, etc., while at the same time teaching them by example how to eat, grow, and be strong is always the mental picture that comes to my mind. I honestly think its why I adore chickens so much <3

    • Debbie Williams says:

      Thank you Amber. I’m leaning on that message tonight. Love, love, love – so beautiful. Hugs. Debbie W. (OBS Leader)

  7. Psalm 91:1-6

    The Message:
    You who sit down in the High God’s presence,
    spend the night in Shaddai’s shadow,
    Say this: “God, you’re my refuge.
    I trust in you and I’m safe!”
    That’s right—he rescues you from hidden traps,
    shields you from deadly hazards.
    His huge outstretched arms protect you—
    under them you’re perfectly safe;
    his arms fend off all harm.
    Fear nothing—not wild wolves in the night,
    not flying arrows in the day,
    Not disease that prowls through the darkness,
    not disaster that erupts at high noon.

    Amplified Bible:
    1 He who [a]dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall remain stable and fixed under the shadow of the Almighty [Whose power no foe can withstand].
    2 I will say of the Lord, He is my Refuge and my Fortress, my God; on Him I lean and rely, and in Him I [confidently] trust!
    3 For [then] He will deliver you from the snare of the fowler and from the deadly pestilence.
    4 [Then] He will cover you with His pinions, and under His wings shall you trust and find refuge; His truth and His faithfulness are a shield and a buckler.
    5 You shall not be afraid of the terror of the night, nor of the arrow (the evil plots and slanders of the wicked) that flies by day,
    6 Nor of the pestilence that stalks in darkness, nor of the destruction and sudden death that surprise and lay waste at noonday.

    Good New Translation:
    Whoever goes to the Lord for safety,
    whoever remains under the protection of the Almighty,
    2 can say to him,
    “You are my defender and protector.
    You are my God; in you I trust.”
    3 He will keep you safe from all hidden dangers
    and from all deadly diseases.
    4 He will cover you with his wings;
    you will be safe in his care;
    his faithfulness will protect and defend you.
    5 You need not fear any dangers at night
    or sudden attacks during the day
    6 or the plagues that strike in the dark
    or the evils that kill in daylight.

    I just love reading the same Scripture in different translations. I truly gives a fuller meaning to the text. I’m holding on to verse 4b…his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart. Lord, remind me of your faithfulness and forgive me for my unbelief. You are faithful and You are worthy of our trust. Keep me dependent on You alone!

    • Thank you Kendall for sharing the Message and the Amplified, and Good News Translation. I love reading different translations too. You are so sweet to post them all for us all to enjoy and benefit from :)

    • Donna Harris (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Thank you so much for sharing. I agree wholeheartedly with you how you glean a little more when you read different translations. I love that. Thanks again!

  8. God is telling me to Come to Him.

  9. Barbara Prince says:

    My take-away from Psalm 91:1-6 is this: He has me covered.
    Now tell me, what more could I want? Why do I try to cover myself? Why sew together fig leafs when He will keep me under His wings? I don’t know; it makes no sense at all. I’m going run and hide myself in Him.

  10. I read tonight that God desires us to admit that we need Him alone. He wants us to turn away from our dependence on ourselves and others for fulfillment in our hearts. He wants us to live according to the plan He has for us. Now, after reading Psalm 91:1-6, I know that He also desires to be with me and to protect me every minute of every day. I pray that I will start every day asking Him to remind me of his presence and protection all through the day and that I will follow His will for my life throughout each day. Not my will, but His. He’s got this and I can let my fears and anxieties go. Praise God!

    • Barbara Prince says:

      Kim, try reading those verses each day until they are planted deep inside your heart. He does have you in the palm of His hand and you are safe. God bless.
      Barbara Prince
      OBS small group leader

      • Thank you, Barbara. I will read these verses again and again so that I have them inside my heart.

    • Donna Harris (OBS Group Leader) says:


      I still struggle with this. And these verses truly spell out the course I should take. I “have had to take care of myself all my life”, is a saying I have used for a LONG time. But I am learning that I have not really taken care of myself. I see God’s wings all throughout my life. Even when I made horrendous decisions He has been there watching over me and waiting for me to turn to Him. I will join with you in prayer for both of us to follow Him and His will more closely. To lean on Him and not ourselves. For we are limited and He is the Almighty.

      Thanks for sharing. I was truly blessed by your post.

  11. Stephanie M says:

    This scripture reminds me that I need to trust God in everything. The funny thing is, when I DO put my trust in Him, He always follows through. The problem is, I don’t always do that. I love that this reminded me.

    • Barbara Prince says:

      Amen to that. You are right, we just need to continue to remember Whose we are.

  12. He makes it clear what is HIS responsibility and what is mine Psalm 91:3-6

    His job:

    HE WILL save you
    HE WILL cover you
    HIS faithfulness WILL be your shield

    My job:

    YOU WILL NOT fear

    Luke 12:26
    “Since you cannot do this very little thing, why do you worry about the rest?”

    Good question! Why?

    • Christa H.(OBS Small Group Leader) says:

      I love that, Pillar. It’s very black and white, isn’t it? Thanks for sharing it that way.

    • Donna Harris (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Love it, thanks for sharing!

  13. Phyllis Nichols Gutierrez says:

    I love this scripture and Karen’s message. How true! I struggle daily, but God has been with me daily since my husband passed away and THAT is the only way I have been able to continue on this journey that He has me on.
    God has provided me with peace and on those days I stubble and mess up things so badly, He is always there for me…to calm, soothe and guide me. I am now really stepping out and I know that come what may, God is with me and He will guide me, protect me and lead me where He wants me to be and doing what He wants me to do.

    • Praise God Phyllis! I can’t wait to get to know you better! I don’t dwell in the past because I didn’t have a relationship with Jesus (was raised Catholic and never learned the bible)- I was always a ‘good’ girl growing up, never swayed – but my young childhood years were dysfunctional, I lost my mother in an accident at 12, and it was life changing – what I can smile about now is that my Lord and Savior had me all that time and he continues to ‘grow’ me and give me a comfort and peace. I am so happy that you have found that ‘place’ since the loss of your husband – what an inspiration you will be to others that have lost their spouse or are feeling alone and scared. God is going to use you in mighty ways and is probably already doing so! His timing is perfect and He knows just what we need when we need it. Feeling the ‘comfort’ in your post this morning made me smile! Yay! Go God!

  14. Tabitha Jones says:

    I have studied on these verses today and read them in different translations and they are precious words. It is so good to know God is my refuge. I have felt his presence among me tonight and all I can do is cry. God is so good. This study has been such a blessing in my life and my walk is so much closer to God since I started this study.

    • Barbara Prince says:

      Tabitha, I’m so happy for you. I’m glad this Online Bible Study is helping you draw closer to the One who loves and cares for you the most.
      I hope you will continue with the studies. Growing in the Lord takes a lifetime.
      God bless you.
      Barbara P.
      OBS small group leader

  15. Sherri Chatman says:

    Whew!….enjoyed the video!!
    Pleading with God to help me rest in His timing.
    Pleading with God for me to remember that He knows how I feel & that He is working ( in control) of circumstances & stressors

    • Barbara Prince says:

      Sherri, I’m agreeing with your prayer to God. He will do all the work, you just do the trust and faith. He loves you more then you know-right now!

  16. amy black says:

    what a wonderful scripture to share and discuss.. this passage has taken me through some difficult times… with anxiety and panic, i have cried these verses, prayed them, and memorized them… it is a very familiar passage for me to say the least .. God divinely placed this here , this very moment for me, knowing what emotions it would rekindle in my heart and my mind… i believe in speaking positive things over my life because words have power.. so i dont like to dwell or really even talk about my bouts with panic and anxiety, but through it, God brought out things in me, that needed to be shared with others and to help them.. it is in 2 corinthians 1 that we learn WHY we are chosen to suffer certain afflictions.. and it took me a long time to wrap my mind around the fact that GOD ACTUALLY ALLOWED HIS CHILD TO GO THROUGH THOSE THINGS.. i was angry, i was depressed, not leaving the house, and i was hurt, it was then that i began to realize, its ok to be angry, God wanted that out of me… emotions i never would have learned to deal with aside from enduring those things.. not counting the people i have been blessed to help who also suffer, i STILL have my days with it. and its all about control… every last bit … it is foolish pride that lets us even believe we could ever know what the next moment holds much less tomorrow, and oh God , what if im having a heart attack(thats the way mine always feel) well… what if… ill just be with You Lord… we go through our afflictions ONLY to grow us into comforted children of God who then become comforters for those who also suffer with us… nothing has come against us that is not common to man… anyway from this passage… God is EVERYTHING , ALL AT ONCE, AND NEVER FAILING …not in the mornin ,the afternoon, or at midnight, or 3 in the mornin when im pacing the floor, crying my eyes out because i cant calm myself down,,, He is my refuge, He is my fortress,my God, in whom i rely and confidently trust… and i will SAY THIS OF MY LORD… love to all .. have a wonderful night…. mua

    • Barbara Prince says:

      Yes, you are loved. You are loved at all times and in all circumstances. And the promises of God never fail. Rest in Him.

    • Donna Harris (OBS Group Leader) says:

      That is so encouraging!!! Thanks for sharing your experience with this verse with us.

  17. I did not get this by email today. I cannot wait to get to it all. I love this verse.

  18. Melissa Chambers says:

    Right before I opened my laptop to read today’s blog post and watch our last video a sweet sister in Christ sent a desperate text needing prayer and I told her I would cover her but I was being drawn to the study and Praise Jesus it was because I didn’t’ have the words to cover her but Psalms 91 did, I interested her name, lifting her up with God’s beautiful powerful truth!

    • Melissa,
      I just prayed for your friend too. God bless and praise Him for Psalm 91 and perfect timing.

    • Donna Harris (OBS Group Leader) says:

      What a blessing! God is so good, all the time!

      • Melissa Chambers says:

        Thanks ladies! God is good and the blessing my involvement in OBS have been over the past year to me and my family in Christ who don’t actually share the experience. Fellowship is one of God’s most precious gifts and I am so happy to have it at my fingertips! Love you all!

  19. I really loved & learned allot from this study. I put my trust in the Lord and I thank him everyday for putting this study in my path & meeting such wonderful woman. I feel the Lord has really spoken to me in every chapter. Pray for everyone tonight that you won’t forget the Lord is always here for us & we are saved by his son Jesus Christ. He will get us through anything. Thank you Lord for life & everything in my life I am so grateful. I know you love us!

  20. Christa H.(OBS Small Group Leader) says:

    I always read verse 1 as an if-then statement. IF I dwell in his shelter, THEN i will rest in his shadow. But if I get out from under his shelter, trying to control things on my own, then I face confusion and chaos and fear. I’d rather dwell and rest…and boy could I use some rest in my life right now!

  21. Jeanie Kelley says:

    I read this twice–once before I went to bed then this morning in my quiet time. This says to me that whatever circumstance I am walking through that God is my fortress. He alone is my refuge. A fortress back then was something used in merry olde England when knights and kings were living in fortreses. It has a moat all around with a draw bridge and a gate at the front door. This would keep enemies out of the castle. It made sense when a castle was planning war on anothe castle. A refuge was something to hide in. So in this verse it is God who we are hiding in and who our fortress is.

  22. Lynn Brooks says:

    God is my refuge and my strength. Ohh yes, He Is! What a comfort when so many little things can creep into my mind and give me stinkin thinkin. My hubby’s back is out and I am concerned with him taking so many pain pills, as my friend’s hubby got addicted to prescription pills. But I can give that over to Him because He is my refuge and strength. I can Let It Go thanks to this study.

    I also have been able to place at His feet so many items this past month while studying with you all. Thank you Jesus for always being there for me and my family and my friends and really for everyone!

    Amen, come Lord Jesus

  23. Jennifer says:

    Like Christa, I also saw the if-then in verse 1 – I have to make the choice to live in Him, and in so doing, I am blessed to spend my “dark times” protected by Him because He is everything I need.

    I just had a light bulb moment. :) Yesterday morning was painful for me as I was in exercise class and the instructor unlovingly tried to correct me from what I was doing five separate times. I finally left early in tears, and while it’s all sorted now, my ah-ha moment is that this is what it feels like when someone is trying to control me, and you know what? It hurts! It hurt to think I was wrong or bad or less because I wanted to go a slightly different path that wasn’t hurting myself or anyone else. I pray God will continue to bring how I felt to mind when ever I think about getting on my high horse and insisting on my way regardless of how it might make someone else feel. There are very few reasons to make any of God’s beloved children hurt the way I did yesterday, and I need to be so careful and ensure that if I am going to move forward, it is with God’s will and that person’s absolute best prioritized in my heart.

    Much love,

  24. Paige Ward says:

    It is my job to choose to dwell in the shelter of the Most High and to trust Him; it is God’s job to cover, protect and be faithful.

  25. Cristy Carnes says:

    After reading Psalm 91:1-6 it helped reiterate for me that I can turn to the Lord and go to Him for anything. Whether it be financial difficulties, my future, my family, or something as simple as should I buy this new furniture, I know I can turn to Him for support and guidance. And unlike my earthly friends and family, I know I can fully trust in His word!

    • Barbara Prince says:

      Isn’t it good to know that you have a Father who will never fail you not now and not ever!

  26. God is our refuge our fortress we can hunker down knowing He is shielding us. We choose to trust Him or trust ourselves, for years I just tried to take care of everything thinking I always knew the best way to handle things. This study and my current circumstances that God has allowed me to be in have redirected me to God, to trust in Him, to know that He knows whats best for me and that He is always here as my shelter. I just have to cry out to Him or whisper His Loving name. He never leaves us and He never lets go of our hand.

    • Barbara Prince says:

      Dorthy, I’ve also had a couple of things that weren’t going the way I thought was best and that upset me. Finally, the moment of light came. It doesn’t matter how some things are done, just that they are done.

  27. CarolAnne says:

    I love thinking of being under God’s wings, next to His heart! Nice and comfy. Also loved the “charts & compass” in Karen’s video. Great pin-it poster material : )

    • Donna Harris (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Oh my, now you have given me something to think about. When I think about God comforting me I think about me at His feet holding on to Him. But I love your expression, right next to His heart. And in this picture He is holding me, no struggle to hold on needed on my part. Wow, what a HUMONGOUS blessing to my heart!!!!!!

    • Becky Kneller says:

      When I was going through a horrible divorce and battling PTSC & depression. I would pray for a hug. I could feel God’s presence and felt hugged. And as you said it was “nice & comfy”. God loves his children!

  28. He covers me with his feathers and under His wings I will find refuge. That makes me feel safe and secure. It is hard to find peace and feel safe when everything around seems to be falling falling falling and you in a state of hopelessness. If we can get to the word and remember He is our perfect peace, rest from the storm our fortress and refuge. He is the one that will fight for us and protect us. Let Him do His work and give Him the honor and glory. He’ got this….don’t worry!

    • Barbara Prince says:

      Sandy, I don’t know what your “falling” place is, but I’ve had them and it seems hard to feel secure when what you are feeling is falling. Every time, He has caught me!

  29. “Will not fear the terror at night or the arrow that flies by day.” YES LORD – there are so many different arrows, different shapes and directions of origin. I am standing under the Wing of the Almighty and trusting in him to be my Help in times of trouble. And I am so thankful that His wing is so large. And able. And ever-present.

    Loved this! Loved the reminder that I do not have to do it on my own. Or do it, at all. I can Let. It. Go. and let God move!

  30. I kept reading in Psalm 91. What spoke to me most was verses 14-16……The Lord says, “I WILL rescue those who love me. I WILL protect those who trust in my name. WHEN they call on me, I WILL answer; I WILL be with them in trouble. I WILL rescue them & honor them. I WILL reward them with long life & give them my salvation.”.

    God WILL do these things WHEN we call on him.

    Have a great day friends!!

    • So thankful for this study! Again I learn less of me more of him! Thank you P31 and Karen for this study it has been life changing! Tina OBS leader

  31. I had a pretty traumatic experience with the birth of my daughter nearly 4yrs ago now. For a long time afterwards, I dealt with nightmares of dying and waking up in a complete panic, along with panic attacks in general throughout my days and post- partum depression. While I’ve come a long way since then with all of it, the Lord revealed to me this morning through Psalm 91: 1-6 that the lack of peace and confidence I’ve felt in decision making, and also in dealing with even the slightest of “emergencies” in general in my life, has stemmed from that birth experience and ultimately that my lack of complete healing from that has stemmed from me not letting go and completely trusting Him. Instead, I have allowed the fear and doubt fed by Satan to fill me up, robbing me of the peace, joy, and confidence the Lord wants to provide. He is telling me that I don’t have to continue living with this buried fear in my life. He is calling me to turn to Him, especially in those critical moments – trust, and take refuge in Him. It is there, under His wing, I will find peace again from this terror that has continued to plague my mind and corrupt the little things of my life. For He truly “is my refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust.” ~Psalm 91:2

  32. I just LOVE how God works. I woke up this morning saying to the Lord, “You are my refuge” (to be honest, I remembered this because of a wallpaper I used to have in my laptop a year ago) and then I asked to the Lord, “Where is that Scripture?” So I made my breakfast and sat down to spend my time with God and then came the time to come here and HERE IT IS! THE VERSE I WAS ASKING FOR! jejeje Right now, I’m just taking this words to heart and applying them… I’m sooo thirsty for Abba and I sooo need him to be my refuge and my strength; HE IS my Lord in whom I trust… Times may be hard, but HE IS WHAT I NEED HIM TO BE WHEN I NEED HIM TO BE now and forevermore…

    Also, the video really spoke to my heart… The story about Mackenzie and from there on…

    I feel as if God is telling me “hold fast to me because I am your strength and refuge; stop worrying because this too shall pass”…

    Blessings my sisters! Have a great day!

  33. I once heard a farm story that never left me…i was reminded of it when i read the verses in in the psalms this morning…yes a day late! the story talked about how in the old days barn fires were fairly common due to the lack of electric lighting, folk using kerosene lanterns….and barns being barns-full of dry hay and built with wood. the combination led to fires somewhat easily….it was told that after a fire it was quite common for a mother hen to be found dead, maybe from smoke inhalation, but either way, sitting upright. it was also told that if you looked, you could find her babies tucked up underneath her wings, sometimes alive, sometimes not. that brings a whole new perspective of us ‘being in the shadows of his wings,’ huh?! bless you ladies!!

  34. Barb Truman says:

    I love the imagery of Psalm 91:4. “He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge.” What a safe, warm, and comfortable place to be. And what a great image to call up to memory when I am going through a difficult time. God is so good to me :)

  35. In reading Psalm 91:1-6, what jumps out to me is that God is our protection and peace in whatever shape or way we need, a strong fortress or the opposite, soft feathers/wings. Reading through others’ comments I see God’s goodness and all knowing power typed again and again. There are times we need a fortress, there are times we need a soft wing to protect us and no matter what our current trouble or praise… God is with us being God!

  36. Jennifer says:

    I have a lot of writing and highlighting in my Bible, but I have no idea why this passage, and chapter, was completely bare. This is like a treasure, tucked in the midst of the psalms. I have heard bits and pieces of these verses before (the whole chapter is so great) but never really focused on it before. As mentioned before the “if, then” really stood out to me in the beginning. The “then” is always there for us, but so often we don’t take it by doing our part. The idea of abiding in the “secret place” as my Bible called it (New KJ version) tells me what a shelter He is from all the storms of life that come our way continually all day. The entire passage gave me such a feeling of peace and relief. A great reminder of what life can be when we think on Him in all different ways throughout the day. This was exactly what I needed right now. Peace is the very opposite of what I feel most days. Thank you!

  37. After reading our assignment, and after the news I found out yesterday, I realize that God is speaking to me, telling me that He is my refuge and my fortress, a safe and loving place that I can go when I face any challenge or disappointment. He is my God and I trust him, although this has been a struggle for me this week. It is hard to trust God when I don’t get the answer that I want to my prayers, and I wonder why things have not worked out for me the way that I think they should. Obviously, God has other plans – it is so much easier to tell someone else to trust God, much harder to follow your own advice. I’m finding that out the hard way!

  38. EMPOWERED TO WALK IN FAITH! Wow thank you so much for Karen’s message…I sure did need this today. And I am a few days behind.

  39. This is a scripture that has been meaningful in my life, when I really was threatened by a “deadly pestilence”, when my life was coming apart at the seams and my house was in chaos. We were plagued by mice! When I finally was able to see hope and help was on the way, this was my page in my daily Bible reading.

    One thought I had today:
    If you are in God’s shadow, then you cannot be too far away from Him. Remain in His shadow always. And just like in evening, when shadows lengthen, we may go through tough times that threaten to pull us away from Him, but His evening shadow will stretch to cover us and His grace will keep us in His shadow through those times, if we just hang on to even the smallest seed of faith.

  40. Danice lee says:

    The biggest verse for me was 2. It was yet another reminder to me that I can trust God. I really struggle with trust and He’s been telling me over and over through this study that I can, in fact, trust Him.

  41. After reading the verse, it suddenly hit me that I am holding onto something that isn’t mine. My 12 year old is having difficult friend issues at school. Why are girls so mean to other girls? Shouldn’t we rally behind one another since we all know what it’s like to be female? Instead my little girl is dealing with being left out and mean notes and snotty attitudes from a former friend. And, ladies, I cannot let it go. I want to march right into that school and grab that other child by her hair and scream my head off! And after reading that last chapter, God whispers to me, I love your little girl more than you do. She is mine above being yours. This situation is not yours to fix. It is mine & I’ve got it covered.

    I feel a peace this morning about it. I know it may not disappear, that lessons may need to be learned here, that He is at work. But I trust He is in control & I don’t have to do anything but hug my child and pray.

  42. “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.”-Psalm 91:1
    “He will cover you with feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.”-Psalm 91:4

    These words to me are fill with strength, confidence, faith, and love. When I read these Bible verses, I instantly feel protected. These words give me confidence to start my day with out fear. These words remind me that my heart belongs to a God who not only loves me unconditionally, but who will always keep me safe. As a child, and still as an adult, I’ve always thought of my earthly father as my protector. He is the most gentle man with the patience of Job and the ability to bestow kindness and understanding to most. I once heard him described as a “titan” on the football field by one of his high school team mates. I never saw him or even heard him hint at being violent ever. It is just not his peaceful nature. He is and forever will be a lover not a fighter. Though he never conveyed a rough and tough character, I never doubted his ability and desire to protect me and our family in anyway he could. Growing up, I never feared anyone breaking into our house and hurting us because my dad, though gentle and kind, would crush anyone attempting to hurt his loved ones. Once again, this wasn’t a quality he ever boasted about. But no one ever tested it. I’ve seen him truly angry at another person (that wasn’t myself or my brother during our frustrating adolescence) only one time, and it was because this person had purposely risked the life of our beloved family shepard. I’d never heard my father yell at another person in that way, and that was over a dog. I wouldn’t want to see his reaction if someone tried the same with his family. I always see my father as a pillar of strength and protection. A man who doesn’t mess with trying to inch my elderly, wheel-chair bound grandmother down the stairs, but just scoops her up in his arms and away he goes. A man who simply saw a small child who’d fallen into the deep end of the swimming pool when parents weren’t paying attention, and bent down and grabbed the struggling child without a question or fear in his mind. I’ve never felt truly scared or unsafe in the presence of my dad. Though it is near impossible for me to understand it, I know that as much protection my earthly father provides me, my Heavenly Father provides me even more by his shadow, under his wings, and through his faithfulness. For the love and protected by my earthly father and my eternal father, I am forever blessed.

  43. Karlene Campbell says:

    As I read Psalm 91 I was imagining the scene in my mind. And when I got to v4 “He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.” What great imagery that is…just feeling God covering me with his arms around me and saying I got you! What a great feeling that is! He IS my refuge AND my fortress and I need to trade all my fears for complete and utter faith in Him.

  44. Nicole DeWeese says:

    As I read Psalm 91, I feel a sense of Peace. I look back at the times where I was crying and calling out to God “Why me” and I realize that God was there the whole time. Instead of dwelling on God’s promises and God’s word and truly trusting God, I was dwelling on the hurt and pain that I could not see God. Reading Psalm 91 gives me the confidence that God will never forsake me and He is there to carry my burdens as long as I seek His will and walk in His path, not mine, but His! Psalm 91 gives me peace knowing that I don’t have to worry or try to control every situation, because God is there and He is incontrol, He knows what is Best for me, He can see things that I cannot, and His purpose will prevail! It brings tears to my eyes, just thinking about how God has so much love for each of us, even through all the wrong choices and sins made. How does He possible find me worthy through it all. And all God asks from us in return is to want Him, Love Him, Trust Him, and Acknowledge Him. God is Good!

  45. Sorry I’m so late posting this. It’s been a really busy week at my house, and I needed this Psalm. My husband left for 9 weeks of training on Tuesday, so I’ve been trying to keep my little man busy… which is hard to do with a 10 year old on spring break!
    Anyway, as we settled into bed late last night, I pulled out the questions that I had copied down from the blog yesterday and we went through them together. Here’s what we came up with, together, me an my 10 year old. I had him google for the other verses, and it was good family time!
    After explaining a definition of relinqueshed, He said, “Don’t make any decisions yourself.” I’m bad for this. Letting go, trusting Him, knowing that He will do what He said He would even if it doesn’t look like what we think it should. Our reflection verse tells us that when we trust in God, all things will turn out because He is our fortress. He is protecting us. Other verses that came up when we googled the words were 2 Sam. 22:2-3 (The Lord is my refuge, fortress, deliverer, rock, salvation, high tower), isaiah 26:3-4 (He will keep in perfect peace those who focus on Him…Trust Him), and Proverbs 3:5- Lean not on your own understanding but look to Him.
    My sentence: In this time of my life, I will lean on God and rely on Him. I will trust that He knows best, that He has me, and my husband and son, under His wings. He is my refuge, my safe place when I feel scared and alone. He is my fortress, my protection. (Ok, it’s more than one sentence.. grin)
    Thank you, Melissa, for this study! Keep on keeping on… Love you and all the OBS girls way big!!!