Mar 22

Stressed-Less Online Bible Study

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Anybody with me on this?  Oh my, I had to laugh when I saw this online. Then I realized how true this graphic can be…or how true it is, for many of us today. This is why I am SO EXCITED about the next Proverbs 31 Ministries’ Online Bible Study, Stressed-Less Living. Perfect timing right?

Stressed-Less Living Book Cover

Online Bible Study Checklist

  • Computer or Online Access
  • Bible
  • Stressed-Less Living Book by Tracie Miles (books purchased from Proverbs 31 Ministries will be signed by the author)
  • Spiral Notebook or Journal
  • Pen, pencil, highlighters
  • Open Mind. Open Heart.

Study Information

  • Study runs April 7-June 29
  • Each week contains loads of encouragement plus Bible study, 1 chapter from Stressed-Less Living, Memory Verse Challenge, Bible teaching, Blog Hop, Prayer, and a give away.
  • Fits your busy schedule, you read the daily blog and complete assignment at your convenience
  • It’s fun! Lots of fun~ we are serious about God and His Word, but we also like to have fun around here :)
  • Assignments can be emailed straight to your inbox daily
  • Conference Call Series
  • Optional Facebook Small Groups (limited spaces available)
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Sign up for the Bible study and leave me a comment about a stressful situation in your life. I will personally pray for you and you will be entered to win a copy of Stressed-Less Living! 5 winners announced Monday!  I hope you will join me!




  1. God is good and faithful to his word always.
    This came just at the right time for me and um sure for
    others out there.
    Surely He is meeting each and everyone of us at the
    point of our need.
    Looking forward to the study.

  2. My struggles with stress are no where near as intense as many of these other women. I am a homeschooling mom of 6 and deal with many of the same worries that day to day life brings to us. I am joining this Bible study in hopes of strengthening my faith. My youngest daughter suffers from anxiety already at age 11. I try to counsel her and teach her how to hold on to Jesus and trust Him to take her fears away. Perhaps this study will provide some of the tools I need to encourage her and give her skills to use as she grows up.

    • Hi Lorie,

      I think all of our struggles are intense in our own unique situations. What may be a struggle for one may not be another. I believe that whatever we are dealt with is exactly what we need for the Lord to show himself and that looks different for all. I pray that the Lord will equip you with what you need to help your daughter’s fears.


      • Melissa says:

        Praise God she had a mother like you who first acknowledges that your daughter has anxiety and second, doing something to try and deal with it. Anxiety is the exact reason that I am doing this study. I am almost 47 and have dealt with a panic disorder since 21. There are medications that help with this but I have found that the True Physician for this disorder is God alone. I am so excited about this study! I know that it will provide us even more ways of relying on God in our anxiety.

        • Melissa,
          One of the reasons I am doing this study is because of my brother who is 47 and also has social anxiety disorder. He hasn’t been able to face people for 3 years, is unemployed and lives with my elderly parents. I am so worried about him and my parents among other things in my life. I pray that this study helps you deal with your anxiety and that you find true happiness.

  3. Kathy Clubb says:

    I am so excited about this study. I ready for less stress and closer relationship with God. Thanks so much for these studies. This is my 2nd one and really
    looking forward to it. Thanks again. KC

  4. I am expecting God to do amazing things for me during this study. I have suffered with severe anxiety and panic attacks for the past 10 yrs. I am believing for complete freedom and deliverance from this!

  5. I am stressed because last August of was laid off from my company after 22 years of service. The state of Kansas will pay for me to go back to school to earn a degree in a different field of work. So I am going back to school at the age of 53 to earn a degree in Accounting. Just the fear of going back to school at my age is stressfull but I am in Alegbra which is very stressfull. Please pray as I walk this path with God by my side.

    • Hi Patricia, I went back to school when my daughter had just started high school. I felt the same way as you did, but I soon realize that there so many other mature adults going to community college. I prayed everyday for God’s wisdom and courage with of course my Heavenly Father gave me. I love learning and I met so many nice young adults just like my son and daughter. The students respect me and I too respected them. I pray that you will continue with your studies and that God will give you Peace, courage and favor with the teachers. There is a lot of help also with tutors at the college. God Bless you.

  6. I am stressed because in Jan. I found out my husband was having an affair. He moved out 2 weeks( he wanted too). He came home and we have been trying to restore our marriage and our family. Right now is a busy time with our children…we have 3 teenagers all playing soccer so it is a stressful time in my life. But I know God is in control and He didn’t bring my husband back to me for our marriage not to be restored.

    • Beth I will be praying for you. I had a similar situation last August. With plenty of Christian counseling and some amazing couples that had been through similarly tough situations, we have been able to bring our marriage to an even better place than we were in before. God IS in control! I am proud of you for your willingness to work things out in a world that tells us to walk away. Looking forward to learning alongside you in this study.

  7. I am looking forward to less stress and growing closer to God!!! Thanks for this opportunity!

  8. LIsa Clayton says:

    Hi everyone! I am looking forward to this study that my wonderful friend Sharon invited me to. I am from MO. A little stressed out right now and have also been suffering from anxiety, depression for a few years. Right now I am stressed at work due to an individual, plus starting pre-menopause, my daughter will be graduating and then going to college soon. Sometimes I feel completely overlooked at work and I work so hard, so I deal with some self doubt on that issue some. As you see from stress, my mind is all over the place. Bless all of you and my prayers will be with all thru this study. Happy Easter!!!! He is Risen… He is Risen Indeed.. Haleluiah!!

  9. I am a mom of two teens, wife, and full time high school teacher. Our son is in his freshman year of college. He has Aspergers Syndrome and has struggled his whole life with social skills and academics. While most people with Aspergers are brilliant and excellent at one thing, our son suffers from ADD, dyslexia, anxiety, and depression. He struggles in all area of life and has not found a passion to follow. I am so excited to learn more how to truly rely on God to take care of me, my family, and especially my son. We serve a risen Savior!!!

  10. I am super excited to start this and have started to read stressed less living by Tracy Miles. I have had some minor heart problems since childhood and always live in fear of “the other shoe dropping”. I am hoping to strengthen my trust in God during this bible study.

  11. Lorraine says:

    Last Friday my 20yr old daughter walked away from a car accident that totaled her car. Someone cut her off, and no they did not stop either. She had a sprained thumb and general body aches only. Words cannot describe how I feel at the miracle of her life being spared. On reading Psalm 107 19-20, I know she must have called out to Jesus as he rescued her from the grave that night. Looking at the heap of a car – God had to be mightily involved. Stress? Define stress! After this I have a whole new perspective on life itself, and what is important is life, as for the rest, it is stuff. I am trying not to let stress AKA satan attack as we figure out how to replace her car, (liability only so no insurance payout) and juggle getting her to college and both our jobs with one car. I look forward to being a part of this study. Thanks!

  12. Patti Tollefson says:

    I am a mother in a blended family. My partner has two teenage boys living in the house, and I have a ten year old girl. I run a daycare out of my home, and am in the process of expanding my business to a large before and after school program, teaching outdoor skills, in a back to nature, spiritual setting, with the hopes to gently introduce God to the lives of the children. This was a very stressful prospect at first, as I am dealing with a lot of financial pressures, and no capital to start the new business.. Thing is, I am learning that faith in God, and in Jesus that my needs will be met is helping me get through. Each day something is falling into place to move things in the right direction. I am excited about this course, but am not sure how I can pay for the book needed for this study. It was brought to my attention that there is a possibility that a copy might be donated to those in need.. Is this possible? Without, I will not be able to take this course.

  13. Karen gage says:

    My husband has an illness that no doctor can find and its caused him
    To have really bad anxiety stress and depression
    They want to blame it on psychosis. We are not
    Convinced. On top of this we werw tyring to adopt
    Thats on hold. And we had a house in another stAte
    With non paying renters and need to sell it fast.
    Gods good all the time and people are praying but we need
    Answers fast. Please pray for all this. My life is stress and i do remain
    Calm and cool and that sometimes scared people
    However i do have my crying spells
    Thanks for hearing me and praying. God bless you all!

  14. Diane B. says:

    I am looking forward to this Bible study. I received the book this weekend. It is a great book! Thank you for this opportunity to get to get closer to our Lord and Saviour

  15. Thank you for this opportunity. I’m looking forward to this Bible study and hoping to release some of this stress in my life. How do we get the 50 page download for the study? I purchased book through proverbs 31 and emailed receipt but haven’t heard anything.

    Thank you! :)

  16. Stephine says:

    I am looking forward to the study. I have dealt with the loss of my father who lost a battle with cancer, my grandmother of whom I was the caregiver for a couple of years before she went to her reward, thyroid cancer last year and relationships with those around me. Most of my stress is relational with both my job and family. I feel the enemy’s attack, and like the wonderful women who are joining me on this journey, would ask for prayer. We need God to reign down on us in a desperate way! Thank you!

  17. I am looking forward to the Bible study. If only I can sit still long enough to do the study. I am beyond stressed at this point, if you can be beyond stressed…lol After housework, yard work, cooking and answering a few phone calls I went out on my front porch to relax and read a bit of Stressed-Less Living….Dear Lord, I couldn’t sit still or relax enough to read the first chapter…With 6 adult children and 26 grandchildren and two more on the way, my stress is off the charts. I really want to learn how to say no at times and I want to so live by the Serenity Prayer….I am praying with all my heart that I can relax enough to get into the study and let go and let God….This is my heart’s desire….I am so tired of worrying about things I have no control over. I use to think that all this was ok and normal and that because I have a big heart and want to help everyone and fix everything that this was how it’s suppose to be, but I am realizing and realizing quick that this is not healthy and the fact that I think this is normal, is absolute madness…I feel like if I’m not stressed then I’m not living…I want to learn how to slow down and spend time with God, really spend time with Him without my heart pounding out of my chest and without feeling guilty because I am sitting still. All I know at this point is that I need more of God and less of stress….thanks for listening all….have a blessed day

  18. I am not sure if I am in the right place, but here goes….I am asking for everyone to be in prayer for my son Josh and his son Gabriel. He is trying to get custody of his son Gabriel. His mom abandoned him and he has been living with my son and his wife for over a year now and now she has decided she wants him back. Without going into great detail, let me just say that when we got him, he had been abused physically and emotionally and was very undernourished and knew nothing of God. Since he has been with my son,his life, his behavior, his confidence has changed so much and my son takes him to church and prays with him every night. Please be in prayer for us….Thank You all and God Bless

  19. Kristy Vongchanh says:

    I think the majority of my stress comes from being a busy mom to 7 children ranging from 17 to 20 mos. It’s draining emotionally and physically. I’m a people pleaser by nature and I run myself ragged keeping everyone happy. I’m excited to see how God speaks to me through this study, God Bless,

    Kristy V.

  20. Dar Floyd says:

    I am anxious to start this Bible study. I had seen or talked to my oldest daughter for over 6 years. We weren’t aloud to see our grandaughter either. My daughter has told me in the pass that I did somethings to her that I didn’t do. She is a christian. She called about 3 wks ago and then again a week ago. She came to our house March 23 and stayed 8 hrs. She calls almost every day now. We were with her and our grandaughter Easter Sunday. I praise the Lord for all this happening. I’m just afraid someday it will end because it has in the pass. I pray about this every day. I never bring the pass up to her. Occaisonally I have panic attacks and get very stressed. Please pray for me, my husband, daughter and granduaghter in this situation.

  21. Donise Knabe says:

    I am in the most stressful time in my life. I could go into detail, but I really don’t want to bore you. I am so excited about this study. Right now, I feel overwhelmed and defeated. I know God is there and He loves me, but I just need some encouragement. I sometimes feel like I face all my stresses alone and no one else really cares ( I know He cares ), but sometimes it is just nice to have a little smile from someone on the outside. I am going into this with an open and burdened heart. I know this study is just what I need and I’m so thankfu for Proverbs 31 for letting me be a part of it!

  22. I just came across this online Bible Study. I work 2 jobs and I really don’t have time right now to go to a womans Bible Study. I have read alot of the other womens post. It seems like alot of us are dealing with the same issues. I really think this course will help us all cope better with our stressful lives.I like the idea that it is online so I can do this when I have some time in my day.Looking forward to starting this.

  23. I ordered the Stressed Less book for the study from another source.
    Would it possible to order the 50 page study guide still?

  24. I’m an emotional eater too. I weighed almost 12 lbs at birth. Have been struggling with my weight all my life. My Mother died when I was 12 years old which didn’t help matters. I’ve read Made To Crave and while I try to satisfy my deepest desire with God and not food I just haven’t been able to give it all to God yet and rely on His promises. Thanks for all Proverbs 31 Ministries does for women around the world. I’m so glad I found you several years ago. You have made a difference in my life. May God bless each of you.

  25. Hi,
    I’m very excited about this study, I actually just ordered my book tonight. We are having a lot of stress in my family right now. My husband and I, our 2 children(6&2) just moved in with my mother and a friend of hers into a 3 bedroom house….. It’s crowded but hopefully, we will only be here for a short while until we get back on our feet. We had just decided to try for another child when everything started spiraling down, so that is on hold as well. :-( No matter how it all falls, I am trying to follow Gods plan for me and mine. Also my husband is a non-believer, but is very supportive so it can feel a little lonely that way at times. I have only been a true believer for the past year, before that I only attended church to please my grandmother. I am expecting to learn alot from this study.

  26. I try to order the book unfortunately there is an error before i proceed with the payment, it is because I’m not within Canada/US country ? Any other way that i can purchase the book ? I really want to have one copy but I do not know how. Please advise. GOD BLESS :)

    • I ordered mine via Amazon Japan – if they have it, surely you can get where ever you are? 😉

      • Thanks so much Lene. Appreciate your advise..Will try the Amazon Japan. God bless :)

  27. I join this study in the expectation that it will help me as well as my 6 year old daughter. I just recently recovered from a 2 year long stress disorder and am currently trying to get off the medicine. Stress affects the entire family and it can be gruesome to get through. Now that I am getting better, my daughter is showing signs of being psychosomatic (her reaction to my long term stress causing an inability to satisfy her emotional needs… long story) . Though it’s not bad at this point I really need to learn how to cope with it so she will not take it with her into adolescent and adulthood. The sadness my heart feels causes stress and I will not and cannot fall back into the stress again!

  28. I am so excited about this study! I just wanted to leave a quick prayer.
    Dear God,
    Thank you for the oppurtunity to participate in a study like this. Thank you for each one of the teachers and the way You are using them to help others. I pray that you would fill them with your wisdom and discernment and guide them as they teach and lead us in this study of a stressed less living. I also pray that through this study we would grow closer to you, grow in knowledge and understanding of you and your ways. I pray that each one of us would learn to live a less stressed life, being led by Your Holy Spirit.
    In Jesus name,

  29. STRESS??? Oh yes, I have plenty! I am so excited to get this ‘party’ started! Raising 3 kids was very stressful, and thought it would stop when they left for college, well, that certainly was not the case, in fact, there ought to be a joke about that one! My youngest is now 30 and my stress just seems to grow…. I guess we all have our battles. I am so ready to learn and put into action a new way of life! Thank you so much for this study!

  30. I am looking forward to joining this OBS. I have never done anything like this and hope to learn more about God and His Word. I am taking care of my elderly 89 year old mother and still work as a nurse part time. I needed something to keep me focused on the Lord and His power and love. Thank you for making this OBS possible.

  31. The timing and opportunity to take part in this Bible study is nothing short of miraculous! I started a Great job in advertising sales in the fall and have been recently struggling with severe depression after a failed relationship which I had been lingering in for too long, as well as panic attacks and monster amounts of stress from the new position. I had a full on miracle straight from God about a month ago and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am where the Lord wants me to be in my career as well as being single. However, being the strong, independant, “do it myself” woman that I am – I have been working through this AWEFUL amount of stress and feeling like there is no end in sight. I never stop being amazed at the hand of God in my life and how right when I needed it – BAM – there it was. The invitation to join this Bible study! I am tired of trying to be in control and making things work – when ultimately as HIS child – I am in HIS hands and HE has everything already in HIS perfect timing! I am excited and a little scared at the fact that I am letting go and opening up my life to HIS perfect will for me! Thank you for the blessing that this study will be to my life in advance!

  32. Oh one of the times i get majorly stressed is when i miscalculate my time and then end up rushing so i’m not late. I have no concept of time what-so-ever which is common with ADHD and i do try but no matter i’m still almost always late for wherever i have to be. It totally spases me out!