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Stressed-Less Online Bible Study

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Anybody with me on this?  Oh my, I had to laugh when I saw this online. Then I realized how true this graphic can be…or how true it is, for many of us today. This is why I am SO EXCITED about the next Proverbs 31 Ministries’ Online Bible Study, Stressed-Less Living. Perfect timing right?

Stressed-Less Living Book Cover

Online Bible Study Checklist

  • Computer or Online Access
  • Bible
  • Stressed-Less Living Book by Tracie Miles (books purchased from Proverbs 31 Ministries will be signed by the author)
  • Spiral Notebook or Journal
  • Pen, pencil, highlighters
  • Open Mind. Open Heart.

Study Information

  • Study runs April 7-June 29
  • Each week contains loads of encouragement plus Bible study, 1 chapter from Stressed-Less Living, Memory Verse Challenge, Bible teaching, Blog Hop, Prayer, and a give away.
  • Fits your busy schedule, you read the daily blog and complete assignment at your convenience
  • It’s fun! Lots of fun~ we are serious about God and His Word, but we also like to have fun around here :)
  • Assignments can be emailed straight to your inbox daily
  • Conference Call Series
  • Optional Facebook Small Groups (limited spaces available)
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Sign up for the Bible study and leave me a comment about a stressful situation in your life. I will personally pray for you and you will be entered to win a copy of Stressed-Less Living! 5 winners announced Monday!  I hope you will join me!




  1. I homeschool my two daughters, ages 11 and 14. It is a very stressful situation because they equally promote strife between the two of them on a daily basis. And more recently, they have been displaying disrespect toward me, and a rebellious heart. People tell me it is the age, but it creates so much tension in the home environment and within me. I now struggle with daily chronic pain, and have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I am certain my muscle pain, headaches, and other symptoms are a direct result of the emotional and mental stress I endure daily, but I don’t believe the Lord is leading our family to stop homeschooling. Besides that, with their rebellious behavior, I am not certain putting them in a public school setting would be the best for them. Obviously, our daughters need a heart change through the power of the Holy Spirit. My husband and I are trying to be patient in hopes that one day, it will happen. Today has been especially hard, and that is why I am able to share this. Thank you for praying. We appreciate it.

  2. This study is very important at all times – everybody is sure this will help us a lot to at control being stressed or help those who are so stressed. Looking forward to this study

  3. Isabel Killough says:

    I pray that this study will help all of us, subscribers, to be stronger in our daily walk with the Lord. I truly know how I need encouragement and support during these moments in my life. God has extended me unmerited grace, and I just need reassurance in knowing that He is with me at all times.


  4. I work full time, plus a part time job, plus am Mom to 8 as well as a wife. Just trying to make ends meet on a monthly basis is a challenge and is sometimes overwhelmingly stressful! I’m hoping to gain some peace from this study and from your prayers. Thank you!

    • Erica,

      I will be praying for you as I know how hard it is to make ends meet. I can’t imagine being a parent of 8 and having two jobs. Being a single parent with one full-time is hard enough, I have tried to two jobs thing and it seems like I am never home with my children.

      I hope this study will help you and give you some peace from the stressful situations that you find yourself dealing with.

      In God’s love,


      • I can’t wait to start this study! I have 5 kids, one if which is about to leave me for college, a job, volunteer work, friends I counsel and TOO MUCH STRESS!!! I can’t wait to have something positive to look forward too! Bring it on!!

  5. I am stay at home mom of two toddlers, 2 and 4. I am also a business owner. My business website is I am struggling with balance as well as trying to help my husband deal with the stresses of his job as an assistant manager at Wal-Mart, with the loss of my Dad. Although it has now been two years since his passing, it feels as if it was just yesterday. Been also trying to advise some family members who are going through a difficult time with the loss of the husband’s job. Hoping this Bible study can offer some light on how to deal these situations without pulling away or throwing myself into them too much. Also, told my sister about this study and am hoping she will be able to be a part of it so we do this together even though we are miles apart.

  6. Dora Olson says:

    Im excited about this bible study. I have never done an online one before so Im totally new to all this and dont know what Im doing! lol
    I recieved a e mail from a friend of mine that contained part of your testimony about the speeding heart/ anxiety issues you had faced and I totally connected with that. I tend to let the enemy eat muy lunch at times and anxiety can come in the form of panic attacks. Its pretty scary, but at the same time I still strive to not let it overtake me. I am a full time teacher, wife and mother of a 3 yr old little boy. I am hoping that through this bible study light will be shed on anxiety isses and that God will bring healing in that area iin my own life.
    Thank you for doing this. Cant wait to get started!

  7. I am one of those who feels it necessary to carry others burdens. I have taken on problems of whole family from parents, siblings and my children. I need to learn to let go and let God. A friend sent this bible study information to me because she is worried about me. I am so thankful for her!!! Please pray for me.

    • Dana,
      My story is exactly yours…. May God show us that He is in control and carries the burdens of all and we are NOT in control in any way. The stress for the burdens I choose to carry of all of my loved ones is now seriously effecting my health. Two doctors have pointed out that my symptoms are only from stress without me saying a word. Figuring out how to give all control of all areas of my life has never been easy and I have never figured it out. I pray that this study teaches me how to be changed by God and to leave my broken unhealthy ways behind forever. God planned for my friend to tell me about this study and this book and I am making the concentrated effort his time- unlike all of the times before, to be still, listen even when I hear nothing and to be changed… Forever! XO, In Him

  8. Collette says:

    Stress seems to be my middle name. I just finished my phd while working full-time and raising 3 little ones (now 2, 4, & 6). I thought things would calm down once I was done, but my husbands new schedule leaves me and the kiddos on our own more than we would like. Still working full-time, commuting too much of my time, and unpacking from our recent move to a new house are just a few factors that contribute to me having a hard time letting go and experiencing joy. I blame lots of things, but truth be told, I don’t think I know how to not be stressed. I ask for God’s help with this daily, but am still struggling…prayers appreciated.

  9. Ok, you asked so here it goes. I am a single mother of a adult child, he is very capable and able, and the stress level at times just thinking about our future and what God has in store for him and for myself is overwhelming, I also am in recovery from chemical abuse and I am learning to trust in God no matter what. I have some clean time now, but I have a long way to go, and the longer I still in the will of God there are times, it becomes very stressful. I am looking forward to your study, I have been in the back ground some because a friend is involved with this group as well. I dont always react the way God would want me to, yet I am learning to obey and listen to his guidance daily , I think this study will be very good for me. To engage with those who are like minded and improving are life, and the lives of those around us. Thank you ..

    • Pam,
      Thank you so much for your comment. It doesn’t matter where you are in your life, we are all on the same playing field with God. You are taking baby steps and as long as you are breathing, then you have a new chance and a new day. Thanks for doing OBS with us!!! I hope you will continue to comment. I’m so proud of you for getting in recovery and working to get a better life. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it and you are worth it!
      Big Hugs,

      • Thank you that was very sweet… God bless and for sure I look forward to the Journey.. “HUGS”

  10. Which one {re: leave comment about stressful situation}?!?!? LOL

    How about this one…

    Oh dear! Honestly, I’m so stressed I’m stressing about which stressful situation would be the best to post here… so stressed I can’t think straight…

    HELP! : )

  11. Kristi Stoutjesdyk says:

    I am really excited to start this on-line Bible study! I have to small children and am finishing up graduate school this coming May. My husband and I are trying to decide if we are going to move and if we will even be able to move when we are ready. I will be starting a new job (if I get hired!) that will be completely different from what I have been doing for the past 6 years. We also have to consider day care for our two children, who have never gone to day care before, because my husband and I have been able to be home with them for the first 3-4 years of their lives. I also have to pass a certification exam- oh yeah, and I have to graduate! Needless to say, there are many areas of our lives that are causing stress on us individually, as husband and wife, and as parents. Thank-you for any and all prayers for peace, patience, and guidance!

  12. I really need this Bible study and am so excited for it. I am around 50 years old, have a wonderful, Godly husband and three beautiful, Godly children. I am a very quiet person. I have been ever since I was a little girl. I just don’t know what to say most of the time. I love people very much; I just don’t know what to talk about most of the time. It bothered me so much as a little girl and actually all of my life. I didn’t have many friends in school because I was so quiet; I felt like I was so boring and weird. So I turned to food for my friend. Obviously I put on weight, and that made things much worse. I struggle with my weight always because food became my only true friend. I didn’t like myself at all and just hid in my shell. I am trying to come out of my shell, but it is so hard. Just leaving my property to go somewhere is out of my comfort zone. I try to get involved in several things at our church, but it is so hard for me. When others are so excited to go to something at church, I get very stressed about it. Sometimes, when I get home after going to something “fun” at church, I feel like crying because I was so quiet and it just made me feel so much worse about myself. I feel like I can’t let anyone know the real me or they won’t like me. I have only just recently realized that Satan has been telling me lies to make me hate myself even more. I know that I have to give this all to Jesus because I can’t stop feeling so low about myself. I just keep asking why God made me the way I am. I am totally blown away that he would have actually chosen me to get to spend eternity with him. So many times I do doubt my salvation because it’s so hard to believe that he would want someone like me. I know this is such bad thinking and I have to renew my mind. I just feel so mixed up and confused . I know I can’t straighten myself out, I so need Jesus to help me. God made me for a purpose, and I can’t fulfill that when I am so mixed up like this. I get really scared that I never will get straightened out. I’m scared that the stress of worrying about all this is going to affect my health, too. I’d appreciate any input and also your prayers. Thank you

    • Michelle says:

      I know exactly where you are coming from. My whole life i’ve been a wallflower. I am a fun person, but only people who really take the time to get to know me and break down the wall get to see that. When I am around people in general though, I am usually the quiet one and often can’t keep a conversation going. I feel like when I speak people don’t hear me, or even pay attention that I am there. I will be praying for you to overcome, but know you are not alone!

      • Michelle,
        Thank you. It does help to know that there are others like me. I have to keep my focus on God, not me. I’ve done it before, and it helps a lot. It’s not about me, it’s about Him. I have to accept that God made me just the way He wants me. It just gets hard sometimes. Thank you for your prayers.

  13. Right now my biggest stressor is I am having medical problems so far the doctors have not found anything wrong. I have done everything the doctors have asked, while still having symptoms. As you can probably tell i am frustrated, but I will persevere regardless because I have God on my side no matter what.

    • Lanie norton says:

      May I ask what some of the symptoms are?
      I struggled with that for a long time.. Mine were chronic pain, fatigue, lack of energy..

      • Fibro, is a physical disordert causing nerves to be over active, it is tirggered by many things, stress, foods, lack of excersice , it is a constant pain through out the body , there are trigger points that are tender to touch, and very painful, one must have 18 trigger points to have it according to the medical field. In 1999 I was told that I have fibro, and there are days that I hurt everywhere.Through prayer, music, poetry, some friends who understand. I am doing very well in this area, although I still have my days, It is becoming more and more noticed by doctors, but years ago, there was no explanation. It was a fancy name for not knowing what is wrong with someone. The symptoms, can be treated through eating healthy, working out, prayer, a accountability partner who understands and does not judge you, being able to talk to someone about it is a great help. I hope you find the answers your looking for.

  14. Michelle says:

    I am excited to start this study. I overthink things and often this leads to unneccesary stress. More importantly (and what I really need help/prayer on) is my doubt and unbelief. This area of my life stresses me out so much because I want to be able to put my situations in God’s hands and trust He will take care of them. All too often, especially over the past several years, I have been doubting God’s love for me. I have literally been walking out one storm and into another. I guess it makes it worse when I hold fast to God’s word and feel like it’s coming back void. For example, I have been a faithful tither, yet this month alone I have had to pay out almost $7,000 in repairs to my home not covered by the insurance. I believed he would “rebuke the devour” but it doesn’t feel like it. Three years ago I had a miscarriage and haven’t been able to get pregnant since. I’ve been praying, fasting for this. It’s my life long dream to be a mother. (i’m 32 now) I’ve also been praying and fasting for God to reveal my purpose, for years, and I still don’t know where I fit into His kingdom. I really could go on and on.
    I’m not trying to use this as a space to complain, but it’s stressing me out to the point where I am more frazzled than happy. I’m hoping this will help me see things a different way.

  15. This past Tuesday, I lost my father and it was a year and day that I lost my mother. Both had chronic illnesses. I have two jobs and live by myself except for two cats. I belong to several organizations and run ragged.

  16. Lanie norton says:

    The Lord definitely led me to this Bible study..
    I am 19 years old, a college student studying psychology..
    Let’s just say stress is not a foreign concept to me.
    I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia at the age of 16 and within the past 3 months I have gotten 10 times worse. Fibro is a complicated yet miserable condition that is hard for most people to understand if they do not have it. The one thing that all doctors agree with is that it is caused by a stressful event and gets worse with more stress. I’m not going to give a whole medical explanation for it..but if anyone is interested, Doctor Harold J. Bowersox has the most accurate description I’ve heard.
    Anyways, I flew to see this doctor (Bowersox) in Ohio because I was starting to give up hope of ever having a good quality of life. My mom met a woman who has a daughter my age who saw him last year for chronic fatigue, which he also specializes in. So, me and my mom flew from Atlanta, GA to Cleveland, Ohio. I was so impressed by him and his nurses, they truly cared! I start this treatment tomorrow, and it is supposed to make me feel a little bad for the first month so please keep me in your prayers. I will be on it for hopefully 3-4 months but up to 6. I feel like an 19 year old stuck in a 80 year olds body. My goal is to function like a normal person my age.
    This condition has caused extreme depression and anxiety, as well as lack of motivation. Some days I am unable to get out of bed physically. But I have hope in The Lord. Without Him, I would be so lost.. I feel His presence growing bigger everyday. I know He has a reason for this.. I am so thankful for this study! It is definitely God working in my life!

    • Amber Oatman (OBS leader) says:

      Praying for healing for you Lanie! God brought you to this study just when you needed it most and He will continue to be faithful!

  17. Jane Smith says:

    I have decided to join this study because I am very stressed. I am a pastor’s wife and I work full time, plus about to start a second job because my husband is self-employed and will be having a total knee replacement in a month (self-employed = no income when out of work!). We have 2 adult children, and while my daughter is a joy, my son is in jail right now for obtaining fradulent prescriptions. He’s not sure how long he will be there but hopes to be indicted in the first part of April. My husband and I have our son’s 8-year-old boy with us about half of the time, and we provide 95% of the funds for him insofar as school clothes and shoes, baseball fees and equipment, Easter outfit, school pictures, toys and games, etc. My income took a tremendous hit in 2007, and I still haven’t found a job that pays me nearly as well as the one with the company who went out of business that year. Much of my stress is financial, as you can see, but honestly the constant pressure of doing nearly everything for nearly everybody sometimes gets to me. I love the Lord and want to be closer to him, and I do know there are many, many people much worse off than I am. But I just feel a lot of stress most of the time. I am looking forward to this online Bible study very much.

  18. Hi Melissa,
    I have participated in your past two studies and have been blessed. I am a working mother and this is a perfect way for me to get my Bible study in! Stress….the beginning of the year my husband (of 9 years) and I were on a rocky path (we are doing much better now) and my company is currently going through a merge, it’s actually final TODAY! This year has been FULL of chaos, stress, anxiety…believe me, I’ve really been trying to Let.It. GO! Been really hard though. I have found myself depressed, tired, and defeated these past months. My daily devotions have continually told me to Trust Him, be joyful and thankful in all circumstances. I know I should be thankful I have a job, but I have been more resistant than ever. I literally feel like a three year old stomping my feet saying I don’t like it and I don’t wanna…but my Father is saying, “I got this…I love you, I know what’s best for you, I have it all under controll so, please T.R.U.S.T. Me.” (But yet, it’s still so hard!) I’d love to read this book and find out how to stress less. Because tis the season between LOTS of change at work, upcoming holidays and spring sports…I’m weary. Be blessed.

  19. Alex Paredes says:

    I participated in the last study and it was a huge blessing in my life. I’ve seen a huge change in me. I know the Lord wants to change other areas in my life…I am ready for what God has for me:)

  20. I am a single parent of two wonderful boys. Their father refuses to pay for child support so I am supporting these boys on one income and every month it seems to get harder and harder to make ends meet. And because of this finances are tight and make for a very stressful situation at times.

  21. I deal with stress in many ways – at times I do stress eat, munching on almost anything that’s avaialable. I find that if I can just get it off my chest and vent to someone like my sister or a friend it helps a lot. I also push things out of my mind by playing music while working around the barn or cleaning house and focusing on the song lyrics instead of what I am thinking about that is bothering me.

  22. Like a lot of the others, I try to “stuff” the stress and emotions, without feeling or dealing…. the more stressed i get, the more i tend to take on, trying to prove that i can do it…

  23. I am a mum of 8, had two miscarriages in the last 4 months & lost my partner. Trying to hold on but feel so far removed from life, God & everything. Holding it together for my children whilst slowly dying inside. Need hope for the future, I know God is in the midst, just have so many why questions & desperate to feel well again.

  24. Robin Therrien says:

    Only stress that pops into my life from time to time is dealing with negative people. At work, in my home or in the general public. Occasionally I dwell on their issues in hopes of helping them but find it drags me down for a short time. Spending time in prayer and Goods Word will pull me out of any stressful situation.

  25. looking forward to the study, I am not handling my stress these days its seems to be handling me.

  26. I am 39 and have had 3 panic attacks. My first was last July. I was so scared my husband called an ambulance. I was sure I was having a heart attack. We got to the ER and I was fine. I was very embarrassed though. I had no idea I was having panic attacks yet. Three months later I had another one. This time we drove to an emergency clinic and again I was fine. My regualr physician sent me to a heart speacialist. He told my heart was beautiful. I was happy that the news was good but I felt so foolish. My last attack was this January. It happend at work and I full out fainted. The sent me home. I was humilated. (Im a teacher by the way) We (my hubby and I) went back to my family doctor and he sent me to a neurologist. Once again I was in great health. The neurologist and the cardiologist had both prescribed me some anxiety medicine. Im not big on medicine so of cource I googled (big mistake) . I am sure I had all the side effects of the medicine. LOL I stopped taking it after 4 days. I prayed and prayed to find a counselor and did! He is wonderful. I am trying to handle this journey I’m on with counseling and prayer. I hope I have enough faith to stick it out.

  27. Stress I deal with in different ways depends on if it deals with my job, my adult children, my husband and life in general. Been thru a lot with my children and handle most of it on my own & thru Al-Anon which has help but finance with our ranch account and my husbands business some times gets the best of me and I keep on turning it over to God I have faith but I have grown from my church over the past year and have a empty heart and want to get closer to God again. This is my first on-line bible study and I hope I can make it work for me cause right now I am doing one thru my church and have lost interest in it.

  28. I believe sometimes my heart wouldn’t beat if I didn’t have stress! I believe stress is my enemy and tears me down mentally, spiritually and physically. This has been going on for so many years I can’t count them om my hands and toes! Needless to say I’m so excited that to learn and be blessed for just a second of peace much less a life! Thanks for giving me opportunity to take this study! Bless you! Thank you Lord for your guidance.

  29. Hi everyone! I am so looking forward to this study. I am going through some stressful times right now in regards to my health. I have something in my lungs and they do not know what it is. I am going to the specialist today and probably they will schedule an bronchoscopy so that they can get a sample to find out what’s going on. Unfortunately I work in Pathology and of course I have to pray everyday to get the negative thoughts taken away. I am faithful that this will all get resolved and I can get back to all the activities I like to do. I am not usually a person to just sit around so this also has been a challenge. Thank you for the opportunity to do this study. God Bless!

  30. Looking for strength. I have over whelming stresses and feel hopeless to the point I can’t pray and when I read my devotion I have no idea what it said later. I hope this will help bring me closer to GOD and let go.

  31. I am 70 years old…have been widowed for 29 years….have longed to have a special someone in my life…have been rejected so many times until I don’t think I can handle any more…I have asked God so many times to please fill this void in my life with someone that will love me for just me…not what I can do for them…I just feel like I have been used so much until I can’t take any more…I try to be a good person…and treat others like I would like to be treated…is there un known sin in my life the reason that God doesn’t hear and answer my prayer…I have asked Gods will be done in this and in his timing so I will know the difference in what is good for me or what is best for me…have just had a relationship with a special person…and it seems to have gone sour…am broken hearted again…I”m tired of saying I’m fine when I’m dying little by little on the inside…I see other people have a wonderful relation ship with a second spouse…and how happy they are…there is just something that is missing in my life…why can’t I have this also…I have a lot of love to offer someone…with putting them first…L’ve not had a easy life my entire life…was raised in a divorced home by my mother alone…then was married to a wonderful man for almost 20 years…have been widowed for 29 years…have done somethings I am ashamed of but have asked God’s forgivness…and he forgave me…this is really putting a lot of stress in my life almost more than I can stand…please pray for me that God will take all of this hurt and send me a special someone that I can share my life with and we always put God first in every thing that we do…pray that I will put my confidence in God that he is going to work this out for my best…am I being selfish…I’m just tired..I have wonderful health to be my age..and I thank God for it every day…please answer…I know that you don’t have all the answers but you can pray for me…I know you will pray for me…thanking you and God for what he is going to do in my life…Please pray…Please don’t publish this..I sometimes feel that there is a wall between me and God…has God put me in a waiting room..for awhile…Linda

    • Amber Oatman (OBS leader) says:

      Oh Linda please don’t be so hard on yourself. There is therefore NO condemnation for those in Christ Jesus! God knows how your story begins and how your story ends and He has just the right timing for everything <3 I know its hard to wait and it's hard for us to grasp why things take so long sometimes but be assured that it is all for your good and for the glory of God. I would say busy yourself with what makes you happy, maybe you can do some mission work or volunteer? Make some memories and share some intimate time with just you and God <3 The rest will come when the timing is PERFECT. Praying for you and believing in Gods perfect timing and beautiful plans for your life!

      • I know how you feel Linda , I’ve been alone for 21 years when my husband abandon 3 children and myself 41miles from town and ran off with my best friend. I daily wonder what’s wrong with me!

      • I know how you feel Linda , I’ve been alone for 21 years when my husband abandon 3 children and myself 41miles from town and ran off with my best friend. I daily wonder what’s wrong with me! I’m only 57 now been some mighty lonely years

  32. I’m 23 and a graduate student at The University of Alabama. I have a BA in Criminal Justice and a BSW in Social Work. I am currently getting my MA in Human Development and Family Studies with a focus in Marriage and Family Counseling. I was recently diagnosed with mitral valve stenosis and have epilepsy andmild cerebral palsy so I am trying to balance that with working two jobs and going to school full time. I attend Church of the Highlands in Tuscaloosa which is where I met my awesome better half. I get your blog emailed daily and notice this OBS so I thought I’d give it a shot. I’m excited to see where it takes me.
    God Bless. :)

    • Jenifer Lay says:

      Hey Emily! I am in Birmingham! Nice to have a neighbor here.

      God bless!
      Jenifer Lay

      • I’m about to move to Birmingham in July so it’s definitely nice to know I have some Alabama family in the house. God Bless you and your family! :)

  33. Jenifer Lay says:

    I am so excited about starting this study! I am a stay at home homeschooling mom of 6. My oldest is 19 and at college. Next in line are 13, 6, 2 1/2, 15mos, and 2 weeks. My husband’s company failed almost a year ago and we are still cleaning up from the financial mess it left behind. He is starting a new company but it isn’t producing income yet he works 12 hours a day 6 days per week. He is stressed to the limit trying to find creative ways to provide money for us. I am stressed taking care of the home, schooling, and raising a bunch of sweet kids without him here. We don’t have family close by so we are basically on our own! We have an incredible church family that prays with us and has brought us some meals with the newest addition. But, the day to day chores, laundry, grocery shopping, etc. UGH! I keep reminding myself not to be too hard on me. Even the Proverbs 31 woman had maidservants to help her accomplish what she did.

    • Amber Oatman (OBS leader) says:

      Wow Jenifer you are one busy mama! Praying for you and your family <3 For provision, things to run smoothly, and peace in your home when it is chaotic. I think this study is going to be just what you need to find God's peace in the midst of the chaos!

      Blessings to you and your family <3

  34. I am very excited for this study. We recently moved, so i am still feeling a little stressed. Can’t wait for it to start :)

  35. I’m a mom of a 1 yr baby and a wife and I work until 6 and have a 1 hr commute which sometimes can be frustrating to juggle everything together. Lately, I’ve been feeling some of the symptoms that stress brings due to past hurts and overthinking things, I’m so glad you’re doing this study. I want to trust God more and be able to let go and let God do His work.

  36. Kathy Stout says:

    Hi Melissa! I’ve just finished the OBS Let.It.Go. – it was my first OBS and really enjoyed it! I got so much out of it and when I saw this one announced, I figured it could help me to better deal with ‘things’ as I Let-them-go! I’ve passed the infor on to other women in our church and hope more will try out the OBS’s.

  37. Really looking forward to this study. I purchased the book for my Kindle, so easy! One less cause for stress :-) I KNOW God takes everything for and from me, i just need to learn how to NOT take it back!

  38. I have signed up for the online study a week ago or so. I just got the book in the mail and have downloaded the study guide! I am so ready for this class! I read the article from Proverbs 31 and I couldn’t believe what I was ready it was as if you were describing my life. I am having a super stressful time at my work, with my direct sales hobby, and balancing all that with my family and trying to figure out how I can be doing so much and still have such financial burdens. Your article spoke directly to me so this is the first bible study I have signed up for and I am so excited!

  39. Debbie Walker says:

    I’m a mortgage banker and it’s such a stressful job. You have so many people you have to please, work sometimes 7 days a week, 18 hrs a day. I’m so ready to retire. I’ll be turning 60 this year and just can’t handle the stress. I was doing a bible study through my church, which is now over. I told them I feel Like something is missing from my life. My work doesn’t fulfill me any longer. I love helping people purchase a home, but I feel God is nudging me in another direction. I thought this Bible study was so needed. Maybe God isn’t ready for me to move on just yet. I’m hoping with all of the ladies in this Bible study, I will find my answer. God’s greatest blessings to you all.

  40. I am a mom of two teens, wife, and full time high school teacher. Our son has Aspergers Syndrome. He is a Freshman at college and struggling with academics and with socially fitting in. While he has grown within his freshman year, we do not know if he will make the grades to return as a sophomore. Most kids with Aspergers are brilliant in a certain area. Our son struggles with everything and cannot seem to find a purpose in life or a passion to follow. He suffers from depression, anxiety, ADD to just name a few. I often become very overwhelmed by the situation. I am so eager to open my heart to a new study of God’s Word. I really need to hear from Him.

  41. Mary Ann says:

    We lost our home to foreclosure about 5 months ago and we are 3 adults and two small children under the age of 3 living in a three bedroom apt. My daughter moved back home when she was pregnant with her first and then has lived with us. She is working in a grocery store but hours are only 25 to 32 hours a week. It depends on scheduling. She is trying to support her two children, (2 1/2 and a 1 1/2 year old). I am not currently working…possible stroke last March and had to quit my stressful job which leads the bulk of income from my husband who is a diabetic and not in the best of health. My 29 year old son has moved back home to help out with finances. No child support from the children’s father. We are looking for a home to rent but again finances are tight. We want a small home so the boys can go outside in a backyard and play and not be cooped in an apartment. I know God has provided for our immediate needs and I know HE will provide a home when HE is ready or sees that we are ready.

    I pray this study will help me to handle my stress and give it all to God. My stress levels are extremely high and have to learn to manage them to keep blood pressure down. I pray that all who have signed up will benefit and be blessed by this study.

  42. I am very excited about this online study! I am mom to 3, stepmom to 4, and stay at home. I am a cancer survivor but currently having some health and personal issues because of the health issues (lol)…also having a difficult time “blending” our families even though it has been almost 8 years. I guess I create my own stress but would really like to let it all go and let God lead me!

  43. I think I add to my stress because I schedule so much into my day. I, afraid of quite I guess. Hoping this study will help me to learn to set down time.

  44. I thank you for offering this course. I as well as others, can put this to good use. My husband (of soon to be 15 years) and I are raising 2 of my granddaughters. He just turned 62, I will soon be 58, neither one of us thought we would have another family at our age. As you can guess that alone has brought much stress as well as much joy. Both girls are sweet, loving and very friendly; both have special needs in their own right which makes raising them more difficult. With these factors in place you can imagine the stress involved. With all the difficulties involved in teaching and raising them I still feel blessed to be trusted to bring up these wonderful girls! My oldest granddaughter lost a 6th grade friend this week due to her committing suicide. This has shocked our little community right to the core. In all the sadness of the loss of this 13 year old, people of the community are now playing the blame game, pointing fingers to the school personnel as the culprit. I know the principal for the middle school and trust her judgement in making the right choices for the issue at hand. I feel all the finger pointing is causing much hate and discontent with the people and is causing more problems with other students. This whole dilemma is breaking us up as a community. I ask and pray that we can all work together for the common good, to try to find solutions so this will not happen again. It is important for the students to feel safe in school and not have it like a war zone that it has become this week. I thank you for the prayer.

  45. Mandi Stephenson says:

    My stressful situation seems to be ongoing. I am a single mother of 2. I am an attorney and trying to transition from my current firm to my own new firm. I find it difficult to keep up and am often short tempered with my difficult clients. Then I bring that home and am often short with my children. I can’t seem to find a way to transition from work to home so that my children aren’t affected by my frustrating career. I could go on and on, but that’s the gist of my stress. :-)

  46. Holly Warner says:

    Hi Melissa! I have never done an online Bible study before and I am so excited that Stressed-Less Living will be my first! :) Heavenly Father knows I need help in the departments of stress, anxiety, worry and depression. I have the book and all the supplies I’ll need, now I just have to wait one more week! Thanks for offering to share this Bible study online, it makes it so easy to get into! I struggle with getting involved with study groups in person due to my anxiety and this will be a major blessing! :)

  47. Donna Jasso says:

    I am so excited about started this study! I have so many different irons in the fire from wife, mother, grandmother, ministry leader, and student that I am often STRESSED!!! I can’t wait to find out how to live my chaotic life “Stressed-less”. I pray that God reaches everyone that needs this study and that all are blessed by it.

  48. This oniline Bible study will be new for me. I am a Teacher in a Christian school, so I have the opportunity to promise God’s awesome commitment to His children everyday. Yet, some days I need encouragement. I am looking forward to studying with you. The book looks interesting. I let myself get over scheduled and over tired. Now it is time to just let God take over.

  49. I am a young mom and wife to a husband very involved in ministry. I feel stressed because it is hard for me to find joy in taking care of kids while my husband serves in church. Realizing that God has me where I’m at for a time and reason is very difficult and stressful for me. I am looking forward to this study!

  50. Praying God will reveal to me how to live a life free of stress. that I will trust Him and rely on Hom fully!