Mar 26

How Do You Handle Stress?

How do you handle stress?  The answer to that question will tell you a lot.

Before we answer this question, first we need to celebrate! We have 5 winners of our next Online Bible Studies book, Stress-Less Living signed by author Tracie Miles. These ladies signed up for the online study and let us know a stressful situation in their lives. They were randomly selected. Congratulations to:

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Our upcoming Online Bible Study has some powerful possibilities. It’s all about stress. Living with less of it~ and we all give a big whoppin’ AMEN to that! Unlike past Bible studies done here, this one will be more of a classroom format. We will be studying stress. What the world says about it and what God says about it. To learn more about the Stressed-Less Living OBS (Online Bible Study), click here.

Back to our question of the day~ How do you handle stress?

One thing that I promise you here is that my OBS team and I are all about being real. That’s what P31 OBS is all about, Real hope for real life. So here I go~

I’m not proud of it, but I’ve been an emotional eater my entire life. When I’m stressed, my typical pattern is to engage in mindless eating. I’m not the type to fix a big bowl of ice cream or a heaping helping of macaroni~ I’m more of a nervous picker. I’ll pick at the ice cream (one spoon full out of the carton). Grab a cracker out of the box. Get a handful of nuts. And look out if there is any kind of dip around. Hummus may be good for you, but when you turn to it just to emotionally or out of stress just to eat for no good reason…well that’s not good. That sums up my weight issue. (Yes, I’ve done Made to Crave and I fully believe in it. It’s all about going to God and not food.) I confess, food can be my “go to” when I’m sad, mad, or stressed. And then guilt and disgust sets in. Which just leads to more stress. I am a work in progress. Taking baby steps. And getting a little bit better the more I seek God and surround myself with supportive sisters like you.

What I find, is that I’ll stress mostly when I’m unequipped to handle a situation. On a more positive note, I’m a very proactive person. I don’t stay in pits. I visit occasionally, but my wise mind tells me to not settle for being a pit dweller. I seek what is needed to give me the tools need to get through. That is typically faith that I can’t see and sometime can’t feel~I choose it because I believe in God. God’s Word equips me for it in Hebrews 11:1, “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” (NIV)  With that confidence, I begin, with God, to do what I can to be given to tools, information, and sometimes people to handle the situation.

If you haven’t signed up for the next study, where you can be real~no masks worn~where you are loved, valued, believed in, and accepted , then I want to invite you to join today. It’s not too late at all! The study begins in a little under 2 weeks on April 7th. Invite a friend or 2 to join you if you want. Order your book from Proverbs 31 Ministries and it will be personally signed by the author, Tracie Miles. You will also receive a free 50 page study guide to accompany the book. 

So girls, tell me. How do you handle stress? Not only will your answer tell you a lot about yourself, but it also could win you a free book and conference call series! Two winners will be selected. To qualify make sure you are signed up for the study and share in the comment section how you handle stress.

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I can’t wait to read what you have to say!  Thanks so much for visiting today!

Stressed-Less Blessings~



  1. When I am extremely stressed, I basically internalize it and try not to think about it and then I stamp cards, knit, or read books. That is kind of my chilling out thing.

  2. How do I handle stress? Lately I go to the gym and I have even started an adult ballet class which is so much fun and tremendous stress relief. But I must admit, Kevin can tell when I’m stressed because I get a quick temper with him and the kids. Which means I need to go to the gym and sweat it out while praying and talking to God on the elliptical. Also, writing helps me deal with stress and process through the emotions of what is lying underneath the stress. But I will tell you I had panic attacks years prior. Spent 2 years in counseling with a Christian counselor to get to the root of this and still take an anti-anxiety med daily and will continue to take it. Why? Because there is a family history of anxiety in my family and I do believe some of it is biochemical based therefore the med helps regulate the neurotransmitters to a regular level reducing the tendency for anxiety.

    • Oh my word. Nothing, absolutely nothing happens in God’s world by mistake. Will you email with me, please?

    • Stephanie,
      THANK YOU for sharing!! I too suffer from anxiety disorder. I am on medication-and have been for 15years-on a few occasions we’ve had to make a few dosing changes, but for the most part-as long as I take my meds–I can function! From an abusive (physical and mental) marriage, I became agoraphobic and lived almost 3 years imprisoned in my home. My housekeeper would bring meals/snacks/drinks to me in my room on really bad days. My GP was giving me all kinds of meds-and finally-he told me he could no longer treat me. I was DEVASTATED. He saw what I had not yet realized–my now ex-husband was adding to my illness. Fast forward a few years-a divorce-(he had lots of women playmates)–and I ran into my dr., he was so proud of how I looked-and felt! He took me back into his practice-stating that loosing that ‘230 pound man’ did a lot for my condition. I did still suffer from panic attacks-and finally found a psychiatrist that I adore. I understand, like you, there is a biochemical issue for some of us–just like in a diabetic whose pancreas doesn’t work right-we too need a little help. THANK YOU-for shedding light on a ‘hush-hush’ topic—and making it ‘OK’!!! God Bless!!!

  3. Cleaning or eating becomes my focus when hopeless stress overcomes me. Then, I fight in the “battle ground of my mind”.
    As a older single mother with myself and 2 of the 3 @ home dealing with major health problems (recovering from Lyme, Rocky Mtn Spotted tick fever and severe back injury), your devotional of “Trying to Be Strong” was so timely. HE is My Rock- I will fall upon Him as I face this day.
    ‘Looking forward to the bible study.

  4. When I am stressed I turn to wine. I’d really like to stop doing that and that is one reason that I signed up for Stress-Less Living. I believe that is how God helps us be better people – baby steps.

  5. Usually I just try to keep moving and do something constructive–laundry, empty dishwasher, etc. If I can stay on my feet and accomplish something, I feel like I’m winning the stress battle…at least for the moment. Then my husband will point out my behavior and tone of voice (guilty!)–it causes me to stop, ask forgiveness of him and our daughters, and remember to pray first. Instead of staying on my feet, I need to drop to my knees.

    It’s usually at this point that I take my husband’s suggestion to do something for myself–get a manicure, go have coffee with a friend, etc. My stress usually comes from doing so much for others.

  6. I turn to food when I’m stressed. Usually something sweet or chocolate. Which has lead to me being over weight and generally disgusted with my appearance. I am looking forward to this study to try to learn how to lean on God vs. food. Thank you!

  7. Mitzi Scarlett says:

    How do I handle stress: When I get home in the afternoon, I do some type of exercise and it helps alot. I wish I could say that frees me but it does not I am a worrier and I have so wanted to be free of that awful sin. But that is where I am, I always have been even as a child I worried. This was really frustrating for my Mom. So each day I know that all I can do is pray and know that God is in control and what happens HE is always with me. I try hard not to worry but unfortunately most days I slide back but I try really hard to keep my focus on HIM.

  8. Melissa, When I read your answer it was like you were talking about me! No one likes to asmit their weight problem comes from searching for something satisfying and you go from one thing to another bites of this and bites of that! I try so hard to outwardly say I don’t understand why I have gained so much weight because I eat like a bird but no one knows that the bird is eating 30 times a day! As a little girl I was a victim of incest and rape and have been in Celebrate Recovery, prayed, held my head up tried a million things to not be that little girl any more but I can be so happy and comfortable one minute and the smallest things bring back memories and my self esteem goes right under my shoes again so I eat because I feel no one cares anyway so what difference does it make. Then the guilt is overwhelming followed by nearly hating myself for being so stupid and not being strong enough to move past those moments of despair! It’s like no matter how hard I try my life is a yo-yo of happiness and sadness. I am looking forward to learning from you hopefully ways to cope better and deal with stress! Thank you for what you are doing!!!

    • Daddies Anjol says:


      I too am a victim of rape and it has taken years (18 to be exact) for me to finally face it. I have spent countless years in counseling, in and out of psych wards and hospitals. BUT real healing took place when I just rested in the arms of the Father. Honey you are by no means stupid! Healing takes time and countless ways of keeping you together when you want to fold. IT IS A JOURNEY! Take it one day at a time and let God lead the way. I am praying for you and with you. You will be free! Satan is a liar and YOU ARE MORE THAN A CONQUEROR. You are more than your rape or incest, YOU ARE A KINGS KID, whos worth is far above rubies…write that on the tablet of your heart and keep looking up.

      In Christ, DA

  9. Stress what stress ?everyday we struggle to finish this that run around catch the bus & or train & then meets life’s demands so to be sane I just hold on to Jesus I have only HIM AS MY BEST FRIEND what more is needed. Don’t misunderstand me I have all the probs in life but JESUS is carrying it for me .there r times I just cry out loud as ever on my bed but only for 1-2 minutes then slowly look up call him what more do I need ? No Iam not making myself a goody goody person I am no saint but I have only JESUS

  10. I mainly handle stress by going to the library & writing in my journal while listening to praise/worship music. I’ve learned when I feel pressed on all sides to steal away from the noise. Whether at work or at home, I stop and ask God to commune with me for a few moments. I leave all my labels at the door mother, sister, friend, employee, manager, etc… on the outside and sit at His feet. In the past I would use meaningless relationships, shopping, tantrums or whatever else to help “fasely relieve” stress. Now I seek to take my burdens to the Lord who I know with full confidence can handle them. So I write as a way of healing. My journal is my alabastor box. I pour my heart into it through poems & prayers. There’s so much treasure in those words. There’s so much value in my praise because of the place He freed me from.

  11. Well, my typical reaction to stress is to stew. Or eat. Or get cranky, really cranky, like hide-and-watch cranky. It’s not good. I’m trying to focus on praying about it. That’s the one thing that really works, so why isn’t that my first-out-of-the-gate response? I’m like you, I’m a work in progress!

  12. Maddie Hudson says:

    When i get so super stressed out, i tend to break down and cry. I just let my frustration fall out with my tears. After my little cry session, i start with the smallest/easiest task at hand and then move forward. The stress doesn’t lessen, but sometimes (for me) crying just makes it bearable.

  13. I handle stress by overeating. Sometimes I handle stress by being angry and yelling and taking out my issues on others. Then there are even times when I just sit and dwell on the stress instead of actually getting anything resolved.

    How do I want to handle stress in the future? I want to learn how to find God’s peace. I want to lean on God more, I want to take my troubles to God more often.

    Yesterday, I had a particularly stressful situation…family stuff around a holiday! I have dwelled on it to the point that right now I can’t concentrate on my work at my full time job. So, I stopped and I went to an email my friend and mentor sent to me yesterday. I wish I would have made the time last night to read what she sent to me. If I would have just made time for some “God Time”, I would be getting this billing done that’s just sitting here piling up!

    I am off to get some work done, leaving this stress for God…dropping it into my worry jar on my desk that is dusty and forgotten!

  14. Melissa I already have the book but I need the 50 page study guide. How do I go about getting that? Thank you so much. This is going to be fun!!

  15. When I’m stressed, I often have to talk it out with someone, usually being upset about it, anger, tears. I look forward to a more peaceful and healthy way to handle stress!

  16. Vickie Nowlin says:

    Stress. What a strange looking word and what strange things happen to us when it enters our lives. I have been reading some of the comments about how stress has effected others and it is interesting how it varies with different personalities. No two people are alike it seems. For instance, my husband and I have been married for 42 years and we have dealt with stress in widely different ways. He seems to thrive on it and turns off things when he gets home at night after work. (which is where he experiences most of his stress) I can’t turn off my mind or escape from mine. I have tried to evaluate all the stresses in my lifetime to zero in on why and how it has effected me over the years and I have to admit it has had a cumulative effect on my health most of all. God has helped me when I needed help most and that happened and happens in various ways (like this Bible study for example). Sometimes He sends me people to talk to or situations to distract me. I realize my stress is anxiety born and it is genetic and therefore a family curse. So prayer for generational curses to be broken has been important. All roads in my journey have lead back to God being my grounding board, my Supreme physician, parent, counselor, healer. But the roads I choose getting to Him can be faulty and full of challenge. I am one to take on projects and family situations thinking I can juggle my health issues AND the stress. In the middle of that, I sometimes fall apart from anxiety. Then I pull off the “road” so to speak and try to take a deep breath and regroup. I have learned from wiser women in my youth a couple of things: “This, too, shall pass.” and “Who CARES?” These words resonate in my mind when I am overwhelmed. So here I am AGAIN on the road and wanting more wisdom and more of GOD’s special healing and guiding, guarding and directing. Looking forward to the interaction and the study. Vickie

  17. More than 6 years ago, we got away from stress! Moved out of the big cities and began a rural small town life. Seriously, my life has been far more stressed these last 6 years. My husband deals with chronic pain, lots of medication, and is on disability. I work 2 jobs and drive 400 miles a week just to get to work. Our home, if you could call it that, is small and ultra-cluttered, to put it nicely. Our sons are grown and very far away. Our marriage has strained near to breaking and our finances have been more than difficult.

    Humanly speaking, if I look the wrong direction, it can seem like I have lost everything, but if I look towards my Savior, by faith, I know He is working all the circumstances of my life to good, conforming me to his image, that his patience and lovingkindness toward me are everlasting.

    So….how to I deal with it….I am still struggling and learning to STAY IN GOD’s WORD. He alone is my shield, my fortress, my strength. He chose me, made me holy, and loves me. There really isn’t anything that truly relieves stress apart from God’s Word. So why is it a struggle for me? Why do other things push ahead of time in His Word? When stress is acute at home, I leave the room, or even going to work can be stress-relieving. I am so thankful I am healthy, fully employed and able to work. By God’s grace, I can and do eat for comfort at times. When I’m driving, I love worship music and classical music. I talk with friends, not enough with my husband. I exercise not at all and I pray, not enough. And I can completely fall apart, at least for a time, when my husband loses it over what seems like nothing at all to me.

    I want to be stressed-less, and to reflect His glory more as I am at home with my husband, or at work in the world. I am looking forward to fellowshiping with other Christ-seeking women.

  18. Stress is such an ugly thing!! Most of my stress stems from my job. I work in the medical field and I have a HUGE amount of responsibility taking care of people. This overwhelms me on a daily basis. I have constant feelings of inadequacy, fear and doubt. I am the main breadwinner in my home and also have a huge amount of financial responsibility! To top it off, my husband and I just found out we are expecting our first child! TALK ABOUT STRESS.

    I keep reminding myself that God is always with me, and the Holy Spirit will guide me through this difficult path. I try and focus on God’s promises and have hope that He has an AMAZING plan for my life and it is certainly not His Will for me to feel this way. Remember ladies, we are daughters of the one true King! I am so looking forward to this bible study. I pray that each and every participant’s faith will be strengthened and deepened and we will seek refuge in the One who loves us more than we can even fathom.
    Please keep me in your prayers and I will be praying for each and every one of you, MY SISTERS IN CHRIST JESUS.

  19. Stress….hmmm….is there really life without stress? I handle stress by ignoring it, until I reach that point where I can’t anymore and I explode! Not the best solution, which is why I signed up for this study!

  20. allee perez says:

    I have learned when I am feeling stressed to go back to scripture “Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble, And He saved them out of their distresses. He sent His word and healed them, And delivered them from their destructions.” I can’t say this over and over again that scripture memorized is the ONLY way to go. Especially, if you have anxiety, stress, and panic attacks. By doing this you get your mind of your problem and onto God’s Word on what He says about this. You will then find how more amazing God is and His power over off that you suffer from. God is a “Beautiful Savior” waiting to save those who call out to Him!!! I love the Lord and want what He wants for me! Here are some more scriptures I quote when I am afraid: Is. 41:10, Ps. 30:5, Ps. 37:4, John 15:4, Mark 10:27

    Everything that is in the will of God will be accomplished in His way and timing. If God brought you to it, He will bring you through it!!! GUARANTEED…I know and am continuing to learn as I keep walking with Him. God is my Home!!! Love you sisters in Christ.

    • Samara (in England) says:

      Thank you. That’s really helpful, with what I’m going through right now. Bless you. x

      • allee perez says:

        Hi Samara,

        God loves you and He knows what your going through and how the outcome will be. Praise Him for it and give Him full control of your life. “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” Matthew 6:33. Before I would run and its funny now but then it was terrifying to me. This scripture helped me a lot. It makes tons sense to focus on Him even though our mind and body is stressed. My next scripture is this: “The Heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Ps. 19:1. When I say this scripture I place myself in His peace and look around for something He gives me as a gift whether that’s a bird, a picture of my children or grand kids just something He gives that reminds me of His love. When we are stressed going through anxiety remember quickly to quote scripture immediately. Keep praying in your head and if you need to get alone somewhere quietly do so just don’t run…Love In Christ, Allee

  21. I struggle with handling stress! Right now when I am stressed my blood pressure hikes up to dangerous levels and I just feel ill. It takes me awhile to get calmed down. In the past I have had Anxiety Attacks for really no reason. I was told from one nurse that they were going to put me on Anxiety medication. I said, NO WAY…cancelled my appointment and went to a new doctor. He found out through many tests that I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Since medication, I am not as bad but I find myself still anxious about things and I worry about things that are really out of my control. I can get upset about simple things. I have been struggling with one of my children and all he has put us through. It isn’t easy and I went through the whole situation numerous times where I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t stop crying, I couldn’t stop blaming my husband and I for what he has and continues to put us through. After many weeks of anger/frustration/depression/anxiety, the whole nine yards I came a crossed a series with Pastor Mark Gungor on Faith! OHHH my goodness did this help me tons, it helped me stretch and grow more then I could have ever imagined. I have learned that life is full of choices and I have to look at my circumstances and say it is okay! I am not going to freak out, yell, cry or eat!! I am going to stop beating myself up and start trusting God. I can’t be afraid, I will stop running in fear and learn to start standing in faith. I do that by saying: God can deliver me, God will deliver me, then look at him right in the face and say and if even if you don’t Lord, I do not care! I will not bend,I will not bow, I will not be afraid. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not always on top of the world! I still struggle but I do believe that God wants all of us to get out of our comfort zone and through that he molds us and shapes us into the people he put us on earth to be. So when I saw this, I thought this is another stepping stone to help me in my walk of faith. I have done one other Bible Study with you all and I know how much that one helped me:) I am so ready for this one because in this life it seems stress is in overtime for most of us!! Thanks Melissa for being honest and open that you struggle like us all, and most of all I thank God for you and for all of you that we can grow and lean on our Sister’s in Christ in all aspects of our lives.

  22. STRESS! What is that? Who ever stresses? Just kidding. I am sort of on the other side of the stresshold (thresshold) for this situation. I am the family sounding board for my daughter. She is 34, has three rebellious daughters living at home and is a single parent. One daughter is 14 and has no respect, drinks, goes out with guys way older than her, ends up at the hospital with enough alcohol in her system to kill a horse, cops calling mom to come get her after she is detoxed, I could go on and on. Mom works and is in fear of losing her job because off this. Daughter is way out of control, mom is in tears a lot and sooo, I get the phone call, “Mom, what am I gonna do? Why is God allowing this to happen to me?” So you see ladies, I am on the receiving line of stress and let me tell you it is not only this issue with her but boyfriend, job, financial issues and the list goes on and on, can’t pay bills, someone in family stole $800 out of her wallet which was for bills I am beyond stressed with this situation. I love her so much but mostly wish she would not call me with her problems other than to ask me to pray about such and such, What do I do when I get stressed? Mostly, I pray. I whine, I ask God why, I fall apart. My shoulders just aren’t wide enough to carry the burdens I get placed on me. On the other side of the coin, my husband and I are raising two small grandchildren, we are and 63 and 66 and the kids are 11 and 12. They are my son’s kids. I have had them since they were teeny, tiny things. Seems the mom wants them, then she doesn’t, she wants them, she doesn’t. She takes me to court for custody, she gets temp custody, takes them, gives them back. She leaves for three years, comes back, takes me to court, gets temp custody, gives them back . This went on for years, and now she dropped out of sight after seeing them for a year again. I cannot even begin to share with you the emotional effect this has had on the children. Wow, what a situation and boy do I find many, sudden glory moments from this. God is faithful and always comes through but would you please pray that the emotional damage is reversible and that she just stays away. My son was in prison for seven years and kept phone and letter contact with the kids, but when he got released, the mother came back out of jealousy. I think I could write a book about this! Stress is always around but it keeps me leaning on the Father and His Son.

  23. I ususally handle stress by turning to food. I have been doing a boot camp and found exercise is a good stress relief so learning to turn to it and not food.

    Another bad habit I have is keeping stress bottled up (esp work stress) and then taking it home to my family. My family shouldn’t have to deal with my short temper, etc but of stress at work. Learning to not do this but hoping this study helps as well.

  24. I dont handle stress very well I cry a whole lot.

  25. I can be calm and enjoying my day (i’m never totally relaxed even when i sleep) and all it will take is for someone to interrupt my “space” and i go into a stressed out tailspin. Also with ADHD i am 98% of the time late which not only drives me crazy but everyone else too. Did you know that ADHD people often have no concept of time? That would be me, I can’t stand to be ready early so i try to plan right down to the minute i have to leave my apartment only to find out that i’ve miscalulated my time again and then i am rushing, forgetting, freaking out and STRESSED! I’m not a worrier, never have been, i’m not a pity-party person, i’m known for seeing the glass half full when everyone else is going “oh no, it’s almost empty!” but i do get stressed. I don’t handle chaos well at all and to my ADHD self (also fighting severe chronic pain 24/7) 3 or more things going on at the same time to me are chaos and i just freak out, crash and burn. I’ve tried so many times to get a handle on it, but i’ve just given up and figured this is just the way i am. This will definitely be a good study for me!

  26. I have a little plaque my mom bought for me at a local craft fair, it reads:
    “If it weren’t for stress I’d have no energy at all” sad, but true.
    I like to do a mild yoga to help relieve tension while listening to nature sounds like a thunder storm or birds singing. I remember who I am in Christ–that I am a daughter of the King and He’s got my back! I’ve been under a lot of stress lately and am looking forward to the online class! Thank you for your ministry!

  27. I handle stress by eating, maybe taking a hot bath or shower or if i’m really bad off I will curl up in my bed and maybe have a glass of wine. You said be real right? I too am a work in progress.

  28. I handle stress all wrong, withdrawing, sleeping, overeating…ect. I would love to learn how to handle it better as I am not teaching my children to trust in God.

  29. I tend to keep everything bottled up inside until I feel like I am drowning. Then something as silly as stubbing my toe is a world wide issue and heaven help the one who crosses my path.

  30. Daddies Anjol says:

    Stress! UGH! I usually become very angry and irritable. So not a happy camper or anyone thought you’d want to be around. If I am not “the monster” then I am “debbie downer” very emotional and overly sensitive which usually leads to me becoming “the monster.” I pray that I allow God to continually chip away at these things that have become me and creates in me a clean heart and a new me.


  31. When stressed food is a crutch. I also tend to worry and doubt my abilities to handle the situation. My new catch phrase is “Greater He who is within me than he that is in the world.” Worry still wins from time to time

  32. Charlene says:

    Anxiety attack & then work on centering myself on God & His promise – I’ve gotten better over time, but recently I was his with a biggie- I’m losing my career- 14 years Military service- gone. I read scripture, exercise & pray to deal with it. I focus on that truth that God is leading me down another path. Meanwhile my body doesn’t seem to have gotten the message that everything will be ok- my muscles are tight, headaches, eyes water… and other symptoms I know come from stress. I need this study to help get me on track.

    • Charlene-

      Hang in there sister! God has a great plan for you even though it’s hard to see that. Praying for you!

      Proverbs 3:5-6


  33. My problem is not knowing how to handle stress. My problem is applying that knowledge. I am a chronic worry wart and ” awfulizer”. My type A personality needs and on/off switch so I can use those strengths when needed but turn them off when they are pushed to the limit and it becomes my weakness. Planners and detail people like me can be major stress folks as we try to control the entire world. I am currently coming to grips with my 5 weeks on Wellbutrin to knock the edge off my lifelong anxiety and its resulting depression. Finally at age 53 I am doing the hard work of working on myself. No time prior to deal with my stuff and now it is time!

  34. How do I handle stress? LOL
    I don’t handle stress at all. It has become so normal to feel stressed that I have learned to ignore it. I keep telling myself no one else is stressed out andgoing crazy so I’m just weak and I need to get over it.
    This attitude is what has lead to 3 panic attacks and counseling.

    My hope in this study is not that I will be stress free but that I will find some peace.

  35. When I’m stressed I go into a “zone” that doesn’t include others. I don’t think or consider relationships, in my heart I think of people as an inconvenience. I work until I get things under control again. It’s a lonely place and hard on my husband and kids. I don’t like it or hurting others.

    • I handle stress very similiar. If I’m overwhelmed, I retreat…for nothing more than silence. I am not a natural extrovert and when I have been “too socialable”, the first place I run to is a quiet place for several hours.
      When it comes to a full plate, like balancing job, kids, hubby, etc. I am like you. I go into this “git er done” mode, and want to power through the day, so that at the end, I can relax. As a conseqence, I can be short-tempered, and impersonal. It frustrates my hubby, who thinks that I am angry or frustrated. I’m not. I’m just trying to cross off things off of my to-do list that can’t be postponed or deleted.
      Lately, I’ve been facing stressful situations I can’t power through: job loss (mine & the hubby), being forced to move, not making enough in unemployment to pay the bills, therefore we are going through our savings faster than I would like, plus I am going to school. The husband was self-employed…so when he’s out of work, there is no income. Also, we believe he has advanced stage Crohn’s disease. He hasn’t been diagnosed yet partly because we haven’t had insurance and partly because he won’t go to the doctor.
      So, in short, I feel helpless. And consequently, I get depressed. I’m trying not to whine, or dwell on the situations. But as you know ladies, it’s hard. Even though God never promised us sunshine without rain, there are times, when I wish for more sun.
      PS: praise report–my husband was hired today on a trial basis. If he passes, he will be a working man :)

  36. I really do not know how to handle stress. I am on anti depressants after having panic attacks a little over a year ago. I do turn to food for comfort, I try to stay in the will of God, but I just am not sure I know how. In the last year I have had a ton of stressful events. I feel like I am at my wits end. I pray and put my faith in God but sometimes I just get so depressed. I finally deactivated my facebook page because of the negative comments and post. I joined this class praying for God to open my heart and teach me how to deal with stress. With stress comes anger, and mixed emotions. Looking forward to starting this study.

  37. Nicolette says:

    When I find myself stressing or stressed out I go for a run. While I’m running I talk to God about the things I’m concerned about. I find myself repeating Phil. 4:4-8. I remind God of His promise to fill my heart with His peace when I choose to not be anxious and present my requests to Him. Sometimes I just go to the beach and spend all day their enjoying God”s presence. This helps me to focus on Him and not the things that are stressing me out.

  38. I don’t know how to handle stress, so I try to relax by eating sweets or hiding in my mind and I feel like I don’t have anybody and feel lonely.

  39. Darsy Thomson says:

    When we don’t know what’s happening or what’s going to happen in our lives that may cause stress and anxiety, the Lord wants us to truly pray and believe in him. He will leads to a place of quiet and tranquility even when everything else around us is not ok. 23 years of living with a bipolar spouse has teach me to let things go and to learn to relay on the Lord and to be just human and let him do his work, it’s a daily basis exercise, because you never know when things may get out of control again. We need to be refined as diamonds!! I’m so glad I did find this website, the Lord will bless you all.

  40. I must not handle my stress too well because people around me will give whatever I am dishing out, right back to me. That is really a sad situation to have a house full of mad people. Sometimes my husband will try to stop me (or himself)by saying “woosa baby woosa”. I just ignore him and then feel bad afterwards. I also nibble on food constantly. This past year I have really been out of control because I am in school and it is difficult balancing everything. Prior to going back to school, I worked, came home and managed the house. Now I work, go to school, joined some organizations, and became more active in church. Uugghh! I am not as tired as I was before l of this

  41. Stephanie says:

    Wow…I answered this question days ago and I have been reading everyone’s responses. I cannot believe how I identify with so many of these women and being in my 40s I find that I have gone through so many stages of the same tactics and symptoms to deal with stress. To be honest, I am stressed about getting ready to start this study. My life is so full of things that each, on their own, would cause stress and there is nothing I can do to change most of it. I just want to be able to be a woman that handles things in such a way that people see Christ because I am truly reflecting him, not just trying to. You know?!

    • Priscilla says:

      I also can identify with so many of the comments here. I am in my 60’s and still get stressed over crazy things. I feel so embarrassed and ashamed. I have mild OCD which is under control by medication but even getting ready for this study as someone else has said has me stressed. Several people asked about the 50 page Bible study since they already had the book. I too have the book in kindle form that I bought from Amazon so even tho I was sent the link to download the 50 page study I am stressed that maybe I don’t deserve to get it as I didn’t buy the book from Proverbs 31. I get very stressed about somehow taking advantage of people. (Would love to know where that came from?). Anyway I so want to live a life that represents Christ and I know that I am not when I have so much anxiety. I am hoping to find help in coping with stresses like this from the study.

      • Stephanie says:

        I have OCD too! And am medically semi-controlling it. I have been taking medicine for a over a decade. I don’t want that to be my excuse for not being able to find relief from this control/stress thing though. I bet you feel the same way. God didn’t say there was hope for everyone else, but not us! I am praying that you and I, and all these other women, find the peace God has for us and the release from the need for control… especially when we get stressed.

        • Priscilla says:

          Stephanie, I really appreciate your comments. If something stands out as helpful during this study I hope you will share.

  42. Before all of this so that is good. I have also incorporated exercise and now I can feel when the stress is building up and thus the need to get active. This study will help me to lean on God more! I know that he is our all and he wants us to use him but I don’t lean on him as much as I should. Oh And I try to incorporate “whatever” or WoW-with or without you whispered myself to get this done

  43. I too turn to food to deal with stress. I need to find God to help with my stress.

  44. Roseanne says:

    The Contemporary English Version ministered most to me: Psalm 107:19-20
    19 You were in serious trouble,
    but you prayed to the Lord,
    and he rescued you.
    20 By the power of his own word,
    he healed you
    and saved you
    from destruction.

    “……BUT….you prayed to th!e Lord!!!….and He rescued you!!” Wow…what a comfort; what peace and instand relief that brings to my anxieties!! “….and He saved ‘me’ from destruction!” Thank you Lord. I am facing a court hearing on April 11th and it scares the daylights out of me!! I fear the people who filed the judment against me (previous tenants I had to evict due to non-pay for 2-1/2 mos) and I fear the harsh judge (I had to appear b/4 him in the past to evict her). Having a tendancy to ‘ruminate’ I have to keep giving it back over and over again to the Lord.

  45. Lynn Bennett says:

    I was again blessed by these verses and especially the verses prior to and following in the Message. I know several young women who are suffering with eating disorders. These verses speak so clearly to all of us as we make choices that affect us physically. Praise God that He hears our heart cries and heals through His word…we can sing a new song thanking Him for His steadfast love. As circumstances unfold daily in my life that create stress I have a choice to cry out to God and He hears and speaks to me through His word or through a song – quieting me with His love and singing over me!!

  46. This is such a blessing! I am in the midst of a stressful situation that I must confront soon. Generally, I stew about stressful situations. I “say” that I pray about it but then, I don’t REALLY trust God to take care of it! Years of not dealing with stress in a positive way has left me with fibromyalgia. I hurt most of the time, so when i am hurting worse, I tend to lash out at those close to me. Where’s my Bible? I am headed to Psalm. Thank you for this opportunity. i look forward to the Bible study :)

  47. Hi Melissa, I am a day behind because I was stressed yesterday
    :) I am doing spring cleaning ugh! I mean like cleaning kitchen pantry (old out dated jello) closets, the freezer the beat goes on & on!!! My husband causes it turning every stone:( Yes I have an obsession with my rake! I can get stressed about life & I go rake the north 40 & I don’t even live on a farm:) I believe the reason I do the work mode thing is I have control & it has to mind me! Weird huh? My accomplishments don’t argue or fight with me so cleaning gets done! I am praying the whole time & repenting , listening to my Christain radio station & lifting these issues up for family & friends up ton Jesus! I love the sign on the girls desk “If it wasn’t for stress we wouldn’t have energy to get things done!!! Sometimes I cook & put pot pies in the freezer I usually make 2 I say dear Lrd one is for us & one is for someone in need Show me the need when it rises! The 2nd one is always used for his Kingdom!!! When the kids were little & driving me bananas I would catch myself standing @ my kitchen sink & eating their front loops out of the box! I would be in a trance!!! lately when I am stressed I get my Bible & journal go find a sunny spot to sit in my yard & start thanking him for everything my eyes, my feet, ect…….. Dr. Oz said before you get out of bed lay flat on your back hands on top of your stomach on top of each other & take 10-20 deep breaths slowly It really gets you ready for the day I also know satan is @ the corner of my bed trying to get me to think about my bitterness over something Even our new Pope taled about ths so I start praising Jesus & he rus like a scalded rabbit:) I crochet & it is my therapy My husband can tell when I’m stressed because I shut down, sit down & crochet I’m fixing o be a Great Grandma making adorable cocoon sacks for our soon to be little girl :) Thy even have an ice crem one google them adorable! Did a OU football one they live in Oklahoma Boy I am on a roll with this email Wake up people wake up!!! Hope I didn’t put you to sleep but I know your stress stopped by reading this:) God bless all us women We will certainly be sitting by Jesus in heaven! Just4Him, Donna

  48. I was just introduced to Deep Muscle Relaxation. It’s SOOOOO Relaxing. You sit in a chair or I like to lay in my bed. This one is my favorite. Ohhhhh, it’s amazing and there are so many others to choose from online. I works too in the middle of the night when you wake up and can’t get back to sleep. Puts me to sleep everytime.

  49. Mary Kay Radnich says:

    Eating, cleaning and dwelling on the stressor are my coping mechanisms, none of them good. (Well, housecleaning isn’t terrible..) My most recent stressor was that my former personal trainer took me into her office and proceeded to chew me out, because I had progressed not progressed to her satisfaction. And yes, I was paying her! (I am a 58 year old woman with no athletic background and she is maybe 40). It was crushing and DEVASTATING. The good Lord “saved me from destruction” and spoke to me in a dream, which gave me the insight to forgive her and move on, three months after the event happened. My new motto is: Be Kind, For We Are All Fighting A Hard Battle.

  50. Julia Gaskill says:

    The stress in my life is probably no different than anyone, my health, care-giver for my mother, son on drugs, financial difficulties.
    Thankfully, not all at the same time. When I am stressed, I talk to Jesus as if He is in the room. Bible verses are brought to my mind and I hang on to the promises.
    Last year was a very difficult and stressful year. My husband and I owned a small printing company. The year before, we lost our largest account. My husband made decisions to offset the loss, but that was not to be. We had to file bankruptcy……I was devasted. The inward struggle was tremendous. My faith was in the fire. I knew the Lord could send business our way, I argued with Him and ask “WHY” He would not move on our behalf. He choose not to. All my financial debt was forgiven, I no longer owed the bank or credit cards. I could not pay the enormous amount of money. So the relief came by the way of this legal procedure and all was forgiven. Not right away, but shortly after we filed and went to bankruptcy court, I saw this experience as a small picture of my eternal salvation. I had a debt to God I could not pay. God does not require money or works, His requirement for salvation and eternal life is blood. Christ shed His precious blood and died for me. My sin debt is forgiven as my financial debt is forgiven. The most wonderful part of this…..JESUS LIVES, He got up out of that tomb and sits on the right hand of the Father making intercession for me. HOSANNA!!!!!