Mar 26

How Do You Handle Stress?

How do you handle stress?  The answer to that question will tell you a lot.

Before we answer this question, first we need to celebrate! We have 5 winners of our next Online Bible Studies book, Stress-Less Living signed by author Tracie Miles. These ladies signed up for the online study and let us know a stressful situation in their lives. They were randomly selected. Congratulations to:

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Winners email our lovely OBS Executive Assistant, Angie at with your name and mailing address. We will get your book in the mail to you as soon as you do this! Congrats and thanks so much for sharing and joining us in Online Bible Studies!

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Our upcoming Online Bible Study has some powerful possibilities. It’s all about stress. Living with less of it~ and we all give a big whoppin’ AMEN to that! Unlike past Bible studies done here, this one will be more of a classroom format. We will be studying stress. What the world says about it and what God says about it. To learn more about the Stressed-Less Living OBS (Online Bible Study), click here.

Back to our question of the day~ How do you handle stress?

One thing that I promise you here is that my OBS team and I are all about being real. That’s what P31 OBS is all about, Real hope for real life. So here I go~

I’m not proud of it, but I’ve been an emotional eater my entire life. When I’m stressed, my typical pattern is to engage in mindless eating. I’m not the type to fix a big bowl of ice cream or a heaping helping of macaroni~ I’m more of a nervous picker. I’ll pick at the ice cream (one spoon full out of the carton). Grab a cracker out of the box. Get a handful of nuts. And look out if there is any kind of dip around. Hummus may be good for you, but when you turn to it just to emotionally or out of stress just to eat for no good reason…well that’s not good. That sums up my weight issue. (Yes, I’ve done Made to Crave and I fully believe in it. It’s all about going to God and not food.) I confess, food can be my “go to” when I’m sad, mad, or stressed. And then guilt and disgust sets in. Which just leads to more stress. I am a work in progress. Taking baby steps. And getting a little bit better the more I seek God and surround myself with supportive sisters like you.

What I find, is that I’ll stress mostly when I’m unequipped to handle a situation. On a more positive note, I’m a very proactive person. I don’t stay in pits. I visit occasionally, but my wise mind tells me to not settle for being a pit dweller. I seek what is needed to give me the tools need to get through. That is typically faith that I can’t see and sometime can’t feel~I choose it because I believe in God. God’s Word equips me for it in Hebrews 11:1, “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” (NIV)  With that confidence, I begin, with God, to do what I can to be given to tools, information, and sometimes people to handle the situation.

If you haven’t signed up for the next study, where you can be real~no masks worn~where you are loved, valued, believed in, and accepted , then I want to invite you to join today. It’s not too late at all! The study begins in a little under 2 weeks on April 7th. Invite a friend or 2 to join you if you want. Order your book from Proverbs 31 Ministries and it will be personally signed by the author, Tracie Miles. You will also receive a free 50 page study guide to accompany the book. 

So girls, tell me. How do you handle stress? Not only will your answer tell you a lot about yourself, but it also could win you a free book and conference call series! Two winners will be selected. To qualify make sure you are signed up for the study and share in the comment section how you handle stress.

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I can’t wait to read what you have to say!  Thanks so much for visiting today!

Stressed-Less Blessings~



  1. I cry and cry as I cry out to the Lord, My Jesus.

  2. I have dealt with stress various ways depending on my age and lifestyle. In summary, i lost my job, my husband (separation) and everything except my children. In a month I faced rejection but I am blessed. I went into depression but am a work in progress. The drinking is nearly gone and we are working on the smoking and return to church.

  3. I cry. I hate to admit it but I snap at my kids more. I clench my teeth until I have a headache. Then I cry some more. And sometimes, if I’m smart, I reread some of my P31 daily inspirational emails.
    My husband and I have been separated for 4 months now (with lots of turmoil before that) and I’m hoping and praying to find some better ways to cope with the daily, no hourly, stress of it all.

  4. How do you handle stress?

    I’m not proud of my self, I have a problem to accept myself, and I already try to hurt myself two times, I feel like I’m in black hole and nobody can do nothing for me. I feel so lonely, my husband is with me and he trys to help me even my kids, but sometimes if something happen i feel like nothing. I’m working with kids but is like I’m a robot, I’m not doing with love. I pray daily but sometimes is like I just want to die. Please help me to get out from this depression. I feel so mad, sad angry for everything and same time for nothing, I’m nobody and I cry for everything. Please help me and pray for me.

    • Rosa,

      You are God’s child. He loves you, He loves you. I will pray for you. Please continue praying and asking for help. Prayer is a powerful tool. Our Father hears you and knows your hurts.


    • Rosa
      I am praying for you.
      Do not believe Satan’s lies that things are beyond hope.
      Nothing is impossible for our God.

    • Rosa,

      I have experienced depression and you are not alone. Many many others have experienced what you are going through, and even when it feels like life is hopeless and will never get better, I promise you, it will. God has delivered me from the absolute depths of despair and hopelessness. Keep the faith! On this GOOD Friday, remember HE loved you so much that he dies FOR YOU. He knew you long before you were born and He has great plans for you. Focus on his promises and stay strong. Read these verses over and over again out loud, this has really helped me with my anxiety and depression.
      Isaiah 41:10
      Isaiah 41:13
      Jeremiah 29:11-12
      Psalm 138:3
      Psalm 91:2
      Psalm 56:3

      Father, I ask in the name of your precious Son, our Lord and Savior that Rosa feel your love in the darkest moments and your peace will cover all her fear and desperation. Father you promised you would never leave us or forsake us, I pray that Rosa be reminded daily of this. Thank you Lord for what you are doing and will do in this precious life. WE LOVE YOU AND WE PRAISE YOU! All glory be to God. Amen.

    • Rosa, I have been there! Please don’t give up! You can get out of the hole. Do you have access to therapy? It took God, therapy and medication to get me out of my depression. I will keep you in my prayers. If you feel like a robot and you don’t feel love to or from your kids that is a dangerous place to be. At least it was for me. That was when I needed professional help. Please please take care. YOU are the only MOTHER that your children will EVER have. They need you!!! In the hospital they taught me to find a “crisis card” and put whatever would keep me from hurting myself on it. I put it on 1/2 index card and kept it in my back pocket for a long time. 1. Murder is against God’s law. 2. I am the only MOTHER my children will ever have. I gave birth to them and no one can ever do that again. 3. I really don’t want to do this. Please Father God, rain down your Holy Spirit on Rosa and give her peace even when she can’t feel it. Please show her how she can get the help she needs. In Your Name we pray, Amen.

  5. I handle stress in different ways. I can turn to food, exercise and in the past I would turn to alcohol.

  6. My daughter & I are doing this Bible Study together, so I am sure there will be much sharing and growing for both of us. Psalm 107:19-20 cries out to me. I was in an extremely dark place. My marriage of 13 years, which had few happy moments, was spiraling quickly. Every night was spent with yelling from him and my self worth crumbling. I had just finished treatments for cancer and was beginning to think it would have been better to have had a different “verdict” when my beloved father passed away. I truly spent one night, a very dark night, CRYING OUT IN DESPARATION to the Lord. If He wanted me here, He needed to tell me. And then, I heard the names of my children, Sarah and Krystina. I just heard them. They had always been my driving force thus far, but in my desparation, it was hard to see – and feel – anything. God brought me back. He saved me that day. He has been healing me ever since. I have always been a fairly strong Christian, but THAT day – gave me the healing I needed to continue and grow and learn. His faithfulness will never leave us!!

  7. I handle stress by listening to audio Bible readings, re-reading inspirational and encouraging passages in books I’ve read, and by reading Scripture from a journal into which I’ve copied healing/faith-building promises. I created this journal of Bible verses when I was diagnosed with cancer and undergoing radiation treatment a few years ago. The radiation did not remove all of the cancer, so I live with this reality every day. These healing promises have been what I cling to when I feel desperate and afraid. The passage I read in today’s e-mail from Psalms 107 is one that I know well and say every day. I have an upcoming diagnostic procedure which is producing anxiety and stress. I would appreciate prayer that I will have peace and be able to breathe well during this procedure. Regardless of what I see or feel, God is my fortress and my rock. He is my all in all.

  8. I work in the technology field and have for over 20 years, the commitment to the job is 24 hours a day, along with raising 3 kids and a needy husband. A few years ago I was diagnosed with over active thyroid, and fibromyalgia….as all the stress finally caught up to me. I have started using essential oils to help and also prayer is a huge part of my life, reading the bible and when I feel stressed now I stop what I am doing and talk to God and he pulls me thru the stressor so I can function again.

    • Leslie Ward says:

      Angie, I would like to hear about your use of essential oils. I too have Fibromyalgia as well as other issues going on. I’ve had chronic pain for over 20 years with the last 2 1/2 years being the worst. It’s starting to really get to me. I’ve always kept going, but defeat is setting in & my motivation is dying.

  9. Valerie Mathis says:

    I was very stressed yesterday my daughter is in college and I got a phone call she was having difficulty breathing she was sent to hospital near her college. I was stressed while driving to get to the hospital it takes an hour to get there. All kinds of thoughts went through my mind. I was stressed!!!! I prayed to God while driving and tears running down my face. I think this online Bible study is right on time for my life. Keep my daughter in your prayers. Thanks

  10. I get a bit angry at God for allowing one more crisis to enter into my life. I sometimes yell at him through my tears. I wrestle with where he wants me to go with each stressful situation. I also turn on my favorite Christian music, Chris Tomlin is one of my favorites. Sometimes I put on Pandora or Spotify and listen to the music that God directs my way. I worship him through tears as I listen and sing.

  11. When I am stressed…I pray! It is the only instant response I have!

  12. I “handle” stress with food and/or tears. I have gotten much better, I used to throw things and scream at whoever was nearby which I no longer do thanks to the Lord. Really looking forward to this OBS.

  13. Patti Tollefson says:

    I find the best way to deal with stress is to repaeatedly pray the serenity prayer until I am calm, journal about what is stressing me, and let myself get very quiet so I can open my heart and my mind to God… I then do my best to let go of the object of my stress, and pray to God and Jesus to take my situation, and to help me let go of it so I can hand it over to God. I pray that God will answer my prayers through whatever means, in his time, and then I continue to revisit my prayers so that I can keep my faith in Him strong through my tough times. I pray that the lesson in the situation be made clear, and I pray that I can work through the lesson with Gods help, with Gods will and not mine.
    Somehow things seem to work out, and my mind is at ease in my faith and trust. In God and Jesus.

  14. Fadwa Morrison says:

    I handle stress in a number of ways which can be good at times and bad other times. For the good, I pray about it and remember that God will not put anything on me that I cannot bear. I’ve learned to ask “why not me Lord” instead of “why me Lord”. I’m learning as I get older to realize that stress comes with the territory of raising kids, being married, and working for someone else at their job and change has to be within me in order to decrease the stress. For the bad, I grit my teeth, cry because I’m so frustrated of not getting my point across, and then go somewhere by myself and sulk. I’m not saying that this is right but that’s what I do and realize that it doesn’t show I trust God in dealing with my stress. I’m learning, as I get older, to pray about everything, read my bible more, look at devotionals more, and just believe and have faith that God will work it out. That’s why I’m excited about the upcoming Bible Study starting 4/7/13–cant wait. Thank you.

  15. For the most part I don’t handle stress — it handles me. It sneaks in and I don’t realize what is happening until I physically, emotionally, intellectually start having symptoms. I know the warning signs but I get so busy i dont’ see them until it is too late. It is amazing all the ways stress can effect a person.

  16. I like to eat when i’am stressed! Through prayer and reading the Bible and walking 2 miles aday i find that it helps!! God is in control now!

  17. I don’t handle it at all and now I am dealing with anxiety attacks, so I am praying this study will show me how….

  18. Melanie says:

    I have been divorced for a year. I had custody of my 3 children and couldn’t afford to care for them on my own. I see them according to the custody agreement and any other time I can. I lost my job and live 800+ miles away from my parents. I blamed myself for the divorce even though I know now I did everything to save my marriage after my ex cheated. I pray for guidance, wisdom and strength very frequently. I wonder how much more I will be able to handle. “God only gives us as much as we can handle.” I recently was diagnosed with Alopecia. My hair is coming out in the handfuls and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. I bought a few wigs to hide the baldness. I suffer from anxiety attacks and fight depression every day. My self worth and esteem are low. Like I said before, I pray a lot. I tend to smoke more and now drink less alcohol for stress. I am excited for this Bible Study. I hope and pray it gives me positivity within my life.

  19. I just came across this online course. Life is stressful .. So I thought I would give it a try. I work 2 jobs Hairstlyist 21 yrs and Home health care. I do not have time to go to a womens Bible Study. I thought this would a better alternative for me. Kinda do it when I get some time everyday. At my own pace,ect.I have read alot of the post.It seems like as women we are all dealing with alot of the same issues. I believe this will be of great help to all of us. Looking forward to learning and better managing the stress in my life.

  20. marilyn says:

    I pray for the Leaders of this Biblestudy that they would walk in the blessings and favor of God for doing His will nd being His servents.I pray that God would touch their lips with the coal from His alter so that what is said is anointing fom Him.And that They would be covered in the blood of Jesus from the crowns of their heads to under the soles of their feet consuming them in Him in Jesus name I pray. sincerely Marilyn

  21. I can’t tell you enough how much these studies have meant to me>I will be 63 years old in June and I thank you for letting me take part.The last conference call from Wendy Pope was awesome.I am on a fixed income and have had medical expenses.I ask God to bless the teaching team

  22. I tend to get really quiet and shut down, then I go online and I play games when I am stressed and try to write. I am really wanting to write more, I almost feel like God is calling me to do something with my writing but I am not sure what. I am looking forward to this study.

  23. It often sneaks up on me and I suddenly find myself spewing mean things under my breath and being gvery cranky. Sometimes I just store it all inside since there’s no one to really talk to. Going through a really rough patch in a near 20 year marriage that hasn’t been that great to begin with – at the point where need to decide to continue or just let it go. Stressed? You bet! Looking forward to this study!

  24. Faith Walker says:

    When I am under stress, I have learned to STOP, LISTEN, WALK to the window and look up towards the sky — even on cloudy, rainy days, I say to myself – “the SUN is UP THERE” — then, I say, as Charlie Chaplin once said:


    And usually it ALWAYS is … as most of us know — We get out of “life” what we put into it (maybe not always but MOST OF THE TIME … I do hope ALL OF YOU WILL HAVE A “HAPPY DAY – “UNLESS YOU HAVE OTHER PLANS” …

  25. I don’t like to admit this, but I handle stress by taking anxiety medication. Continued stress causes many physical problems & I had a heart attack when I was 53. So because the stress won’t go away until I am able to retire, I have to take anxiety medication while I am at work. I am so thankful for holidays & vacation days.

  26. Leslie Ward says:

    When I get overwhelmed & stressed I just zone out on the computer. Mostly reading Facebook posts & blogs. It’s as simple as that. :) Why I don’t pick up my Bible – I don’t know!

  27. Suzanne says:

    Currently I have so much stress in my life. I have had surgery due to a broken back, and now have a rod in most of my back. This was my 4th back surgery. I am risk of 4 more neck vertebrae breaking. My husband is divorcing me because of my expensive health care. He is afraid inam putting us in the poor house. I am on disability and haven’t worked for 2 years due to my severe health conditions. In handling this stress I have bible study/spiritual study daily. I say the serenity frequently in the day. I pray unceasingly. Yes, I have fear and sorrow, but I turn them over regularly to God. Lastly, I have Godly friends whom I talk with. I have prayer warriors whom pray for me daily! Truly, in this horrible stress time His love and the love from other Christians strengthen me! Suzanne

    • Dear Suzanne,
      I will add you to my prayers. I truly feel some of your pain. I had a double lumbar fusion and another spinal correction including 2 rods-and 4 screws in Nov. 2012. I am just getting close to 5 months post op-and wow-the doctors just do not tell us how difficult the recovery is from back surgery!! My days are filled with sorrow b/c I don’t feel like ‘being in life’ and my nights are sleepless b/c of the pain. I found a pain mgt. doc and we are trying ESI injections-and having some success, so I feel hope returning! WOW-does the stress pile on when mommy is ‘down and out’ for months at a time. I am encouraged by this study-the opportunity to participate from bed, where I am most comfy at this time…..and the opportunity to meet others-and PRAY FOR ONE ANOTHER!!! I will be praying that your husband will be be struck by God-and remember that his marriage vow, was a Covenant to God., Lord, we ask that you would humble Suzanne’s husband and remind him that he vowed to ‘keep’ Suzanne rich or poor, sickness or health. I am grateful that we can go to The Father with our prayers, that He hears us, that He feels us!! I am glad that this time of stress has given you the opportunity to be loved on from other Believers-and to trust and rest in God!–Lisa

  28. I hate to admit it, but it is there and facts are facts. I do not handle stress well. I get frustrated which leads to outbursts of anger which leads to yelling or snapping at my husband and/or daughter. Then that leads to guilt and feeling stupid and out of control and weak. I know that I should “let go and let God”, but doing so is another thing altogether. I’m also an eater like Melissa discussed. And again this leads to feelings of disappointment and frustration with myself. I should be stronger. I hate it when I cave and can’t control the outbursts or the eating. I am so looking forward to this study.

  29. I tend to wall myself off, pull the covers up-and just stop! Stress overload makes me feel incapable of doing anything WELL, so I decide to do nothing WELL.