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Apr 30

SLL Week 4, Day 2~Chapter 4

SLL Chapter 4 Graphic

Hey! It’s Jennifer Newsom, back for another day of this awesome study. Are you ready for change? Just the title of this chapter grabbed my attention. I scribbled so many notes in the book because I could see myself in so many situations that Tracie described–how about you? Right down to her call to quit work and stay home. You see, I got that same call almost four years ago. I fought it for almost a year. I won’t say that it was easy, in fact, for about five months it was almost more stressful than the job (RN in the Emergency Department). However, through this time, I have learned the value in:

Psalm 118:8~ it is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in people. (one of our Stress Busting Scriptures no less!)

God has a plan for our lives. The blessings that came from listening to and obeying Him, were far more than I ever could have hoped for or imagined. He didn’t have to, but He provided and showed up strong on our behalf.

Whatever He is asking you to do or to change during this study-please do it. See 1 Samuel 15:22 . He has your best interest at heart-He knows the future and He loves and cares for you. He isn’t being mean–He just loves you–see Jeremiah 31:3 –yeah, He loves you THAT much.

Maybe it’s not a call for you to stay home or change careers. Maybe He is calling you to find HIM and HIS peace wherever you are. You see, we can’t always ‘run’ from our problems. But whatever it is that He is laying on your heart to do or change, it is my prayer that during this study, He will use His words to speak peace and hope over you. Hope for change; hope for your future; hope for your relationships; and hope for your health. may He reach out to you wherever you are. I love the quote included in this chapter, “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”~Martin Luther King, Jr.

2 Corinthians 4:7  tells us that we walk by faith and not by sight.

Your turn to share:

  • Read Chapter 4, Time for Change.
  • Do the reflection questions in the back of the chapter. (p.88-89). Question 4 is especially good-more Scripture searching and fear tackling verses.
  • Share with us your responses to the questions or tell us which Stress Busting Scripture(s) have impacted you the most. Return to the blog to comment.

Remember, each day you share, you are entered to win the prize of the week and the winner will be announced on Friday! I cannot wait to hear what the Lord has been speaking into your hearts! Praying for a blessed and peaceful week of study and asking Him to protect each one of us from the distractions that seem to hit when we try to spend time with Him.

Apr 29

SLL Week 4, Day 1~Bible Verse

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is-his good, pleasingand perfect will.

(Romans 12:2 NIV)

Hello OBS sisters! It’s Jennifer Newsom, the leader for this week of study. I am so ready to start this week. How amazing is the title of the chapter we will begin reading tomorrow? Chapter 4~Time for Change. Who is ready for change? Then grab your Bible, journal, pen/highlighter and your SLL book! Let’s renew our minds together!!

Starting four years ago, the stress kicked up in my life. It had always been there simmering in the  background, however, it would finally spill over. I started nursing school 11 years ago with two small toddlers. It doesn’t get much more stressful than that, or so I thought. After finishing nursing school, I went on to work and train in different departments, becoming Charge Nurse and House Supervisor, before finally settling in the Emergency Department. That would soon set a pattern of how I handled life–fast paced and constantly replaying worst-case scenarios. We welcomed two more children into our lives during this period-complicated pregnancies and deliveries. Then came 2009-the year that nearly knocked me off my feet (Click here to see the first part of Our Story). The very next year we jumped into homeschooling our four children.

Even though it was tough, all this drew me closer to Jesus. Little by little, I began to learn that this life is full of daily problems–Jesus Himself mentions that in Matthew 6:34 and I needed to hold onto the One who promises to never leave nor forsake us. It was His Word that sustained me during that time, and as the stress rages on, it is His Word and presence that sustains me now. I have a deep passion for Bible study and a deep passion to see others comforted and transformed through His Word. That is my prayer for you as we study this week.

Notice the commands and key words in our reflection verse this week:

  • Do not conform 
  • Be transformed
  • Renew your mind

If you have a Bible dictionary handy-grab it. If not, you can head over to, a free online collection of Bible Study Tools, including Hebrew and Greek word studies (LOVE!!).

  • Look up these three words to learn what they mean.
  • Look at the verses surrounding our reflection verse.

It is so important for us to change old thought patterns and ways of life by renewing our minds. We can do this by going to God in prayer, studying His Word, and applying it in our lives. Now, take a look at the “Stress Busting Scriptures” in the back of Chapter 4, (p. 90 in the paperback), and write them down in your journal. Listen for Him to speak to you through them.

  1. Romans 12:2
  2. Matthew 18:3
  3. Joel 2:12-13
  4. Psalm 118:8
  5. Psalm 25:1-2

Each Friday, we will have a giveaway on the blog. All you need to do to enter is share in the comment section and you are entered each time you share. This week’s giveaway is Bible study tools (Bible tabs and highlighters) and a Real Life Devotional Bible, which contains devotions by our very own Proverbs 31 Ministries Team!

Your turn to share:

In the comment section, share with us how God spoke to you through these verses. Can’t wait to hear what God is speaking into your heart!! If you are receiving this via email, click here to go straight to the blog and leave your comment!

Have a wonderful first day of study!

****Conference Call Gals, I will be a guest on tonight’s Stressed-Less Living conference call along with my OBS team ministry friend, Amanda Gibson. Melissa will also be delivering a message titled 3-D Change.  Hope you will join us!

Apr 28

Stressed-Less Living, Week 4

Welcome to Week 4 of our Stressed-Less Living Online Bible Study!

I have a little message for you today~

If you can’t see the video message from me above, click here to view directly on You Tube.

Here is an overall view of what this week of study will look like~

Reflection Verse 4

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. Romans 12:2 NIV

Suggested Assignments, Week 4

Sunday~ Get ready for Week 4. Look over your week and plan for time with God and Bible study.

Monday~ Bible Study! Grab your Bible, pen, highlighter, notebook, index card for mapping, and go to my blog for your Bible study assignment. Jennifer Newsom has a great lesson planned for you! Discussion and interaction will be happening in the comment section.

Monday Night~ 2nd Conference Call!! Our call this week is with two of our amazing OBS Team members, Amanda Gibson and Jennifer Newsom (who also happens to be leading us in study this week!) Amanda and Jennifer are no strangers to hard times and stress. They know what it’s like to be surrounded by stress yet remain filled with peace. Our message for this call is 3-D Change. Have your pen and paper ready~ this is a note taking message for sure! You will not want to miss this one! Click here to register for the Conference Call Series. Each call is recorded and available for later listening and download.

Tuesday & Wednesday~ Read Chapter 4, Time for Change and answer the discussion questions at the end of Chapter 4. Visit my blog,, each day for discussion.

Thursday~ Blog Hop! Our blog hop is next best thing to mama’s fried chicken! (Okay, maybe you don’t like fried chicken~ it’s my very favorite food in the world & I don’t have it very often~don’t judge me) We have some fabulous bloggers that bring some incredible insight and wisdom to us each week. If you haven’t tried the blog hop yet, I hope you will greatly consider it. Don’t be afraid, just do it! Whatever you do, make sure you read some of these blogs.

This week’s blog hop topics:

1. Transformed.  Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. ~ Romans 12:2 NIV

Haven’t taken the “verse mapping” plunge? Dig into this verse for three days and share with us how your heart responds to His message to you.

2. Power Surge.  We’ve all experienced a power surge, one that brings our appliances into overload, popping circuit breakers, and blowing fuses. Well experiencing God’s presence is a whole other kind of power surge! Share a time when you have felt God’s presence in a profound way, or hear His voice speak directly to your heart.

3. Big Dream, Wee Step. Chapter 4.  Is God calling you to make a change? Has He put a dream in your heart that seems just impossible to achieve? What is one little step you can take toward that dream. If you’re not sure, then start by sharing a prayer, asking God to keep your eyes and heart open to His leading.

4. #Legacy.  Ok, we’re doing our #Blessed post a wee bit differently this week in honor of the Proverbs 31 Ministry’s Legacy Campaign! Is there a woman who has impacted your faith and influenced your life with God’s love? Perhaps a friend, sister, mother, grandmother, mentor or pastor’s wife? Check out the link above and share a post lifting up a woman in your life OR add her to your #Blessed post with an explanation.

Friday~ Bible Study Lesson and your Take Away for the week! Visit my blog,

Saturday~ Prayer Requests & Praises. Visit my blog,, and share your prayer needs and praises with our group. It’s an honor to come together and pray for one another!

Remember to leave a comment each time you visit! Every time you leave a comment, you will be entered to win a prize, which will be given away this Friday! This week we have a great Bible study kit that we are giving away. Details in tomorrow’s post.

Let’s Go Week 4!