Apr 16

SLL Week 2, Day 2 ~ Chapter 2

SSL Chapter 2 pin:graphic

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This week we will be reading Chapter 2, Does It Really Matter? and working through the discussion questions.  For those who are still waiting on their books to arrive, click here to read Chapter 2.

Chapter 2 is broken into four sections.

  • Recognizing Your Personal Stressors
  • Self-Assessment
  • A Matter of Life and Death
  • What Peace Is to You

As you’re reading Chapter 2, make sure to take the Personal Stress Self-Assessment on page 50 (paperback). This was eye opening for me!  As I spent time with God reviewing the assessment, I realized how much I needed to hand over to Him.  I highly encourage you to answer the Reflection Questions at the end of the chapter to get the most out of the study.

After taking the assessment, what did you discover?  What changes do you need to make in your life to take care of yourself, God’s temple?  Please share comments over the next few days on how this Chapter is challenging and motivating you.  Remember, every time you comment your name will be entered for this Friday’s giveaway, a Christian Life Coaching Package!

Your next OBS assignment will not be until Friday, so you have 3 days to complete today’s assignment.  I am praying daily for God’s discernment in each of our lives as we are discovering His truths.  Much Love to all of you~Linda Kuhar

***If you missed the Monday assignment you can access it here.



  1. **I am now wondering if it was possible for me to use the word “control” one more time in my previous post. Gracious sakes alive–talk about being redundant!**

  2. Stephanie W. says:

    Working this this chapter was really hard. I thought that last week admitting that I was the problem was hard, but it was nothing like working through my stressors.
    I think yesterday was the hardest day since I started this study. I have been really good at how I respond to stress, but last night I actually had to face one of my major stressors — finances. In a decision with my hubby, where I felt like the parent or voice of reason saying that we can’t do that right now that we need to pay down the debt loan. Trying to explain to him that being so much in debt stresses me out and the fact that we only seem to pay off some in order to incur some more is not working for me. It resulted in us going to our separate corners for awhile — me to cry & pray and him to ?? (I have no idea). While this can not be solved overnight, I believe we are heading in the right direction.

    I was hard for me during the first conversation not to just yell and display my frustration. Then when I went away and started crying, I felt guilty for my response, but then I cried out to God for strength. And I felt this peace settle over me. While I have not mastered dealing with the stressors in my life, it was encouraging to realize that I am starting to respond in a more healthy way. I ended up spending a couple of hours in prayer and meditation last night just dealing with this one stressors.

    Not sure how I will make it through the rest of the list…but one step at a time.

    • You may want to check into Dave Ramsey’s Money Make Over. I listen to him all the time on I heart radio, he gives good Godly wisdom. Remember take your time, and rest in God.

  3. TJ Conner says:

    Fantastic scripture.
    Food, where?
    Seriously, I crave food all the time. I like food- that doesn’t help. And I’m no longer as young as I used to be and my body is changing. Again, not helping.
    I was thinking when I started this study that I wasn’t really that stressed, just a little worried and concerned. HA!
    I know that I have some prayer and more reflection to do on this chapter.
    I do now realize the ONE thing I stress over and have control over is my eating, weight gain, and health. Now I need to change my habits, create healthier habits, and improve.
    Anyone want to go for a walk?

    • Stephanie M says:

      YES. I just need to free some time in my COMPLETELY OVER-PACKED schedule so I can take one! I know one of the first things I need to do is let go of some commitments, but I’m struggling to figure out what to let go of. The things I love the most I don’t want to give up, but with working full time I have no choice but to give up some of the things I love.

  4. Melissa S. says:

    As an RN, I’ve always known what stress can do to a person, physically. However, I guess I didn’t think that applied to me! Recently I’ve been dealing with some particular stress and trying to trust God, but apparently not too successfully…since two weeks ago I started having chest discomfort which I knew was sign that my GI Reflux was ‘acting up.’ (Not a new thing for me.) So after two weeks of it getting progressively worse, I finally made a doctor’s appt. She tells me it’s acting up because I gained almost 10 lbs in the past 2 months! So instead of giving me more/different meds, she tell me I’m already on all the meds I can be on and refers me to our local Weight Loss Center. I wasn’t too thrilled to be told ‘too bad, we can’t do anything for you until you lose weight,’ but at the same time I thought maybe this will be the help I really need. THEN I read Chapter 2 of the book & wow! Looks like God is working on me from all angles. Not easy, but makes me happy knowing He’s there for me!

  5. In taking the self assessment quiz, I have to say, I had a moment where I actually had to put everything down and talk with God. I came to realize that alot of my ” ticking time bomb” moments have been/are caused by the fact that I don’t always take a step back take a deep breath and release those issues for god to handle. Instead I feel the need to hold on to them. Just in that realization, I feel 50 pounds lighter! ( I have been contemplating for a year now on studying to be a life coach. I have never heard of a christian Life coach, now I have more to think about! ) :) Have a Wonderfully Blessed Day!

    • I have been interested too in training information to become a Christian Life Coach . So many options out there. Need someone to direct us to the best training programs to look at.

  6. Well, I agree that the normalcy of stress is prevalent. If you asked me over lunch, what is stressing you out. I’d have to say nothing. Then doing the self-assessment, I could have added double from the lines.

    Truly, I see that I can’t control most of my stressors except trust God more, know God more, and understand his grace for me more.

    Why do we think it is up to us?

  7. Julie Gardner says:

    Why do we think we are the only ones that can manage it?

  8. Becky Ahlers gr26 says:

    Working through this Chapter, the Self-Assessment was difficult to go back and face some things. With this I realized I still have some fragments (regrets, anger) left that I need to release to God. No, I don’t have control or power over the circumstances or the people involved. My prayer is that I truly surrender all. It’s in Gods presence where there is true healing, oh how I want that. I’m not sure that I truly have and so not sure how to. I wonder if its because I’ve held on to it for so long it’s hard to loosen my grip. I have struggled with my weight, I mean its a problem!! An outward manifestation? I think so. I loved how Tracie wrote about my poor choices, that my body is the temple. I need to respect myself more and get this in my heart. Thank you Tracie for your obedience in writing this book.

  9. I started working on the table set forth in the book and I found that most of my problems are problems that I have no control over. I’m pretty sure that is the point of the activity. I look forward to finding solutions to removing those problems from my list. Thanks!

    • Stephanie W. says:

      Denise, I think this is a valuable lesson to learn and it hit me hard when I went through this exercise. Surprisely there are things in my life that I can’t control! Who knew!! Praying for you as you continue to seek solutions to your list. I’m so thankful that we have this group to share and realize that we are not unique….most if not all women are dealing with stress. God Bless!

  10. Wow, did that chart make me realize that I’m stressing out about things I didn’t even think I was. Two of those I have no control over and the other I realize I am hesitant to change!! Why on earth would I not want to put forth effort to make something better is beyond my reasonable thought process. But then I realize that my stubbornness is the very root for not taking steps to improve a relationship that could be awesome if only I was willing to take the first step. Thank you for an eye opening exercise.

  11. The personal stress self-assessment was a very difficult assignment for me to get through. It forced me to actually stop my thoughts and find words to describe what I would otherwise either try to ignore or push aside. I could easily identify how my long list of perceived problems make me feel, but when it comes time to describe how they are affecting my life it’s like a thick cloud comes over my mind and everything just gets jumbled together again. I know that God led me to this study, no doubt about that. I’m just asking Him for strength and perseverance as I work through the applications so that it doesn’t become just one more bible study. I’m still working on completing the self-assessment assignment even though I’ve finished reading through the end of the chapter. I did quickly realize I have no control over my living situation or my aging parents’ health, but I DO have control over my tiredness by revisiting how much sleep I’m getting and what kinds of food I put in my mouth. May God continue to grant us all divine revelation as we seek changes within us that will bring Him the glory!

  12. I used to think that my stressors were all kind of tied together. If my husband who is self employed worked more that would fix our finance issues and he would have less time to frolic around(meaning he work did not always mean he was working on a job. His interest was on someone else). I also thought that was the reason he didn’t attend church. In the past he spent his time texting etc with her while I took the kids to church. I blame him for my stressors. I work hard and feel like he should too. I have had to realize that I can’t control what he does no matter what I say or do and I must give it to God.
    I have always thought life would get easier as I got older. Children get older. Things would be paid for or close to it. We could have more us time. But it has not at all worked at like this. I feel so lost sometimes that I don’t really know what to pray for. I am not happy like this but don’t know how to change it.
    I am crying out for prayers and need Gods strength to help me.. I need to be better. I long to be close to God and have a happy life.

    • Dear Melanie,
      I prayed for you this evening. Keep bringing your cares to your Heavenly Father-He will give you what you need. God knows what’s in your heart. Even when you don’t know what to pray, just sit quietly with Him. He WILL give you peace.
      God bless.

  13. Jodi Bailey says:

    This chapter was tough, but again I can totally relate to the story of Tracie Miles. Everything from high stress job to health issues – THAT’S ME! In reflection, the last few years have been stressor after stressor; but recently, my attitude towards these stressors have change and I made a major job change – similar to Tracie – to the world of minsitry and the best decision I could have made! The self assessment was tough but I can now say that I am the center of a lot of my stress! Why do I do that to myself?!?!? Now, may goal is to take it one step at a time on the road to stress-less!

  14. This chapter is really challenging my thoughts in what I believe to be true about my health, symptoms, injuries, etc. I’m trying to figure out what is really caused from my actual physical injuries and what is caused by the stress I’ve been oblivious to. The lines really are hard for me to distinguish, but this info is really motivating me to get to the bottom of it all so that progress can be made to turn it all around. So thankful for this book and study!

  15. Today, I finally worked on the Self Assessment table. I have been putting it off because I knew it would be difficut, that I would be afraid and expereince guilt for some of the things I was putting down. Isn’t it interesting when if we just rip the band aid off we can begin to feel better, but yet we cling to the comfort of not facting the sting, while we know we are not yet at our best? I literally worked on this for 3 hours! So many things came out. I notice that I have a feedback cycle in my list. Several “stressors” related to each other. Almost all of them were out of my control but rather HIS control. My fears are really future oriented worries about possible poor physical and mental health, living in a violent world, not being a good parent, lacking motivation, and so much more that consume my daily thoughts and keep me from expereincing His blessings and from being a blessing to others.

    Portions of the prayer really stuck out to me. Specifically, “Help me to seek your ways and desires each morning when I awake, instead of trudging through my days in the same manner that I have always done……Equip me with perserverance in my quest to fully trust in you with all of my problems.

    I also pray that I wouldn’t become complacent the moment I begin to feel relief from anxiety/fear. But that I would continue to armor my heart and mind with His word. I tend to fall away from my daily walk with Him when things are good, and then here we are…back to the starting line. I pray that this would be the change.

  16. The self assessment was such a great tool. Shared it with my husband and he wants to do it too. I saw a few things that I need to put up on the shelf for God to work on and not me. Of course I had several things I needed to work on

  17. jackie s says:

    Getting ready to read some of Chapter 2 tonight. Discovering today how essential it is that i start memorizing more verses (as i used to do all the time when i was wrong), because that is one way to quiet my heart when stress happens. I had a mammogram yesterday and was called today for a follow-up ultrasound, which essentially hit me in the gut when i got the call. The tech had encouraging words and I am hopeful of the results, but I praying and grasping at verses all of the 40 minute drive to the office. God is good and He can quiet our hearts.

  18. Stephanie M says:

    I was very surprised to find that many of the situations I am stressing over I do have control over. So why am I stressed about them? I guess I am not willing to make the needed changes (for ex. weight gain was one of my stressors, but I seem to be unwilling to commit to life changes so that I can lose weight, which only makes me frustrated and stressed).

    There are items on my list that I have no control over, and I need to hand those over to God. I have also found that I even need to hand over the ones I technically have control over, because I’m not getting it done on my own. Until I give over my weight battle to God, I’m afraid it will just keep getting worse instead of better.

    • Stephanie I love your post. I stress over finances, weight issues etc. It is crazy when I only have to make a choice to pay bills on pay day or not eat something I know I shouldn’t or get up and exercise. Then we have had issues in our house with our adult kids that I have no control over. I have to trust the Lord in that situation.

      Phil 4:13. I can do all things through Christ which strengthenth me.

  19. Mona Agosto says:

    Just writing what is causing the stress in my life and knowing that I can let be the new normal or begin to make changes in my life. Just reading about Jesus and thinking he was on that cross knowing my stress makes me sit back in awe of Him and all that he has done for me. I’m always saying “God’s Got this” to my friends when they are stressing but I don’t apply it to my life. I’m excited that I’m still reading doing the questions and taking notes, putting up bible verses on my desk. Even have bible verses taped to my mirror in our restroom. This is going to be life changing for me.

  20. This makes me realize how much stress is self-induced. I also think it reveals that there is a lack of surrender to God’s plan for my life. When I work my plan, I am stressed out. If I truly gave over to His plan and trusted Him for the areas I feel like I need to control or can’t give up, how much stress would I be able to alleviate from my life?? It won’t all go away. Life is hard – but God is good.

  21. Oh my I have discovered why it is so hard for my life to move forward with changes that are necessary to be made. My temple is felthy. I have been struggling after having my baby to eat right, don’t sleep right,I really haven’t been taking care of my physical appearance, dont exercise at all and difinately don’t read my word and spend time like I should with god. Then i have 5 other kids to take care of, cook, clean, pick kids up and drop off at school. shop grocery, I am so lazy, always getting frustrated and sometimes shouting at the kids, then finances are ou of wack. I have been so sad at times. I am being real. Before I started to read this book I have been praying and asking God to please send me some help because I felt like I was drowning. I have learned so much by reading the 2 chapters. (Recognizing my personal stressors) taking this assessment as helped me so much and I didn’t even realize I had so much issues. I did started spending more time with God, Today was my second day taking the baby and my two youngest outside and walk for 45 mins and they enjoy it. Because before all I wanted to do is stay in the house, it feels so good when we are out there walking and my daughter picks stuff like leafs pine cone etc. I am enjoying it. I also started watching what I am putting into my body by eating better slowly. I am preparing myself to start taking care of myself with my appearance. I really love this book, I enjoy all the interactions by committing, doing the blog and assignments. Thank you so much

  22. I was surprised at a couple of the things that came to me when working on the self assessment. It was difficult to actually write down (had to be honest) how some of the Problems make me feel..especially a couple of them that have to do with people and family. The honest realization that I really do not have any control over some of these problems puts hope in my heart! I have tried to fix or control some things and I just need to let these problems go – what a relief! I already have felt some sense of calm come to me as I simply pray for these people and problems and ask God to take over.

  23. When I was thinking about my stresses, I realized they are not effecting me , as they have in the passed. I am currently unemployed , and going through a huge battle with my former employer. Instead of worrying , I have been praying. Not only for myself, but for those that caused the situation.

    God has met every need that has come up. Sometimes at the last minute, sometimes well in advance. I can truly say that this experience has allowed me to examine, walk the walk. I always tell people, I have more then I will ever need. Having no income for the past four months , has allowed me to see up close and personal how and what can and will do. We have not because we ask not. My focus has been on asking. I have asked for and received, strength, patience, faith, comfort, provision and , I know God has a plan for me.

  24. Veronica says:

    Looking at my stressors was an eye opener for me. I found that some of what I thought were the things/people causing me stress really weren’t. Once I dug deeper, to the root of my stress, my list was really not that big. The stress can be summed up for me in a few major categories, just spread out differently. I am afraid of being alone. I am a perfectionist at work. And I stress over money and my health. After cutting through the muck, Those are the major categories. I can’t control any of those. I can only control how I respond to them. I can reach out more to others to help the fear I have of being alone. I can learn to delegate more at work and accept the outcome to help the release the perfectionist in me. And these can be done through Gods help. I will pray he guides me to see what I can change, and the wisdom to know what I can’t.

  25. Praise update: Just have to share an amazing answer to prayer. The week I started Stressed Less Living I also had a dental emergency which a not so promising diagnosis. My gum had developed what seemed like a plumb line with a sack of fluid at the end of it and the tooth above it had cracked. My dentist believed that it was a dead nerve and that the plumb line was the fluid being released from the infection. She believed I would have to have root canal therapy and crowned to the tune of nearly $2500 which my private health fund would only cover $800 of it and not until next year. The best outcome that my dentist said was that after she packed it with antibiotics and put a temporary cover on it I was to go back in a week (today). She believed that she would find that the situation would not have changed as she was convinced that the nerve had died and would continue to infect. The best outcome was that the sack and fluid would disappear meaning the infection had been dealt with and that the tooth would be fillable. I came from that appointment and prayed very specifically that God would heal the tooth and make it fillable with no further root canal treatment needed. Well I went back today with it firmly in my mind that the tooth was fillable and there was no doubt to me that God had healed the tooth because the sack had disappeared and there was no pain in the tooth.

    Well today my dentist was flawed. She didn’t know what to do or say. She probed around my mouth looking for some explanation or evidence of infection or damage, but to no avail. She asked if she had given me extra antibiotics to take orally. I said “no”. “Amazing!” she said with a shocked, confused look. Her doubt still lingers as she wants to wait another 2 weeks before filling it – but I have no doubt that God answered that prayer!! Hallelujah!

  26. As with so many before me. The self assessment was hard to take. The things that are causing me the biggest stress I can fix, for example my weight, my exercise, me not taking the time to do things I need to do, waiting around until the last minute to accomplish things, etc. But there are some things I can’t control and I have to give those to God. I have to know when I am just feeling overwhelmed, stressed and depressed or when I am trying to control things I have no business controlling. The serenity prayer kept popping in my head as I was taking the self assessment.

  27. Lee Roberts says:

    I realize after going over my stressors tht many things were maybe out of my control because I couldn’t change the person or cirrcumstances but what I could change and have changed was how I reacted to the causes of my stressors today. Since I have been in recovery for my overeating I have used the part of the serenity prayer and a lot of prayers to make decisions on the best thing for me to do in each situation. I look at what can I do about it if nothing then how can I deal with it so I don’t get stressed over it.

  28. My assessment showed me I have many areas of stress but in the end I am in control of changing them. Not taking them away type of control but controlling them with God’s grace and power. This week when I feel stress, I stop and pray to Him. Amazing the strength I have… Even if it is only for a few minutes. Then I pray again. Thank you God for my burdens. They are bringing me closer to you.

  29. Lisa Beyer says:

    I discovered yesterday at work when I am forward focused doing what I enjoy best, doing insurance reviews, saving clients money and selling products makes me stress less and not worry about the little things my team isn’t doing right.

  30. Reading through other posts just makes it so real that we are going through something together, and learning similar and different things about God and ourselves ~ so cool! This is my first online Bible study and I wasn’t expecting this perk.
    This week’s exercise reminded me of how many things I need to – truly – leave with God and which things I should stop fretting over and, instead, use that energy do something about. Knowing the difference, and not succumbing to the enemy’s discouragement, is the key.

  31. I seem to have a different stress response than many have listed – I don’t eat much at all! My stomach just clenches up and I have to make a conscious choice to eat something. It’s equally unhealthy, but less noticeable to others. Over the years I have learned to recognize this in myself and have learned ways to address it.

    I guess the most difficult thing about the self-assessment is deciding whether or not I have control over the issue. I am going to have to pray about that column some more before I complete it. Teaching in an inner city school, how much control do I really have over my students’ learning and behaviors? I worry about this a lot. Am I consistent enough, enthusiastic enough, clear enough…? Am I making enough of a difference? I also have an area in my personal life where I feel the same questions…am I doing enough? I know I can’t control another person’s behavior, but am I honoring God in how I treat them? It’s these doubts that seem to bother me most. I just need to remove them from the path between myself and God and allow him to minister to me. I think I’m falling into the trap of feeling that I need to be perfect before approaching God, but that’s the exact opposite of what His word is saying.

    • I think you are doing a good job w praying about these things. I too am a teacher, not in an inner city school but still have a number of problem children that stress me out and have been trying to do the best I can and rely on God to help so I do not get myself so worked out about it.

  32. This chapter really touched me when she was talking about the negative effects of stress since I get headaches a lot when I am stressed out and also thought reflection question number 2 was good. This question discusses the positive things people are doing to help their stress and I have recently started eating healthier/exercizing more since when I’m stressed I tend to eat a lot of junk food/caffinee and that makes me feel worse. So even though I don’t need to lose weight I’ve been trying to make better choices to help myself feel better through positive actions.

    • Rebecca, where do you find the motivation and energy ?

      • I don’t always have the motivation and energy, just try to give myself some down days and do my best otherwise. It’s been a start!

  33. So many said that this chapter was tough. I agree. I am doing all the assignments for the week today. I have been reading the book and thinking over the ideas all week and just got to actually meditating and journaling Thursday. I think the reason this was hard and took me a few days is that I feel like my problems are my fault. As a result I think I should fix them. I mean, why ask God to fix things that I created? He’s busy! I can’t bother him to fix things I created.
    When I looked closer at my “problems” I see that some of them are things I am unwilling or scared to change, but that shouldn’t keep me from inviting God to be apart of healing me. Then I saw that some of my problems involve other people and I assume things are my fault when in reality I can’t control al of this or them.

    So, what I am seeing is that I need to be willing to let God in … and the hardest part of that is knowing when he comes he will change me. Apparently I am more afraid of change than I would admit. So I keep God on the perimeter so I don’t have to change.

  34. My favorite verse after reading this chapter is John 16:33. We will have trouble but we are not alone. I remember the footprints in the sand poem. When I was younger it didn’t mean as much as it does to me now. It is comforting to know that no matter what I am going through God is with me.

    I am so thankful for this study. The week began with a very stressful situation that has completely turned around. I was “crying out to the Lord” I am so thankful that I can cry out to Him in my time of distress. I know He is working in my family.

  35. Although this is no excuse, my childhood and where I come from made me who I am. I have worked for years on making things easier for myself because the overwhelming stress did take it’s toll on my body. It is very hard to say “I am the one who needs to change.” when it is those around you who cause you to do or say things that what are heartfelt and meaningful to you but mean absolutely nothing to them. It is a bitter pill to swallow when you feel defeated knowing you cannot change anyone but yourself. I live in a world where I constantly think ahead so as to avoid any unnecessary stressful situation.

  36. In chapter 2 when reading about the physical issues stress can produce really spoke to me. I have heart palms and panic attacks daily, I have mitra valve prolapse (heart condition) , constant stomach issues, and unrelenting gum infections, which I just found out come from an enzyme in the body that builds up due stress. I just turned 50 and found out I have to have most of my top teeth removed within the next few weeks to combat the infections. It really hit home that I have been ignoring God’s temple, I too thought maybe I was just nuts since so many
    Symptoms have no answers, now I know it is stress. The assessment was hard for me. I truly want to thank you all for sharing your comments. So many stressors in my life are beyond my control, while others are my own fault. Like my brothers terminal illness, ALS, a horrific disease, see he lives across the street with my Mom and we care for him ourselves, very difficult while working with 3 almost grown children and a stressed marriage, I can’t fix him, whichmis so so difficult for me! I am a fixer, or should I say I think I am a fixer. Always trying to fix it all I realized it is not fixing it is controlling. I need to put it in the Lords hands. Same for the issues with my children and husbands drinking. I don’t “own” those, they are not my fault, I have to,learn to,let go. I can control my mouth, my need to have my house organized (which it is not) getting up at 5 am and doing laundry and making beds so that it is done before I leave for work and worrying about every little thing! Besides my brothers illness and children with weight issues my husband was laid off for four years and we almost lost our home, but by the grace of God, he was employed last December and we are working on our finances. Through those four years we still managed to pay our bills, clothe our children and help a friend with three children who was fighting cancer by feeding her family every Thursday night for two years, those all truly came from God. I learned in this chapter and assessment that I need to spend more time with God. I talk to Jesus everday and pray and pray, but I don’t spend quiet time with him or in his word. Those are things I am going to work on. My biggest HOPE for this study is that my panic attacks disappear, as they hinder me from driving too much and that is a huge and shameful stressor in my life! Thank you all for listening.


  37. I need to learn how to embrace God better during stress. I need to remember what is important and what isn’t. I need to give it to Him because He wants me too. I think the more I remain in Him the less stress can take hold.
    I need to remember I am here for a reason and what happens is part of His plan. Nothing is wasted. He is preparing me for eternity!

  38. I need to learn how to embrace God better during stress. I need to remember what is important and what isn’t. I need to give it to Him because He wants me too. I think the more I remain in Him the less stress can take hold.
    I need to remember I am here for a reason and what happens is part of His plan. Nothing is wasted. He is preparing me for eternity!

  39. Oh my goodness, where do I begin… First of all I am so behind becasue it has been a very stressful week! As I was was chapter 2 today, then did the reflection questions at the end, then did the self-assessment I had to take a panic attack pill! Listing all these stressors is really stressing me out, lol. I, along with everyone else here, have a ton of stress. Reading chapter 2 I thought, hey this is me she’s describing. Yes I am a ticking time bomb. I am 39 years old and my doctor said I may have a heart issue so I was just referred to a cardiologist who I spoke with today. My ex is moving, he has our 12 year old daughter, and it is not in an area that I approve of at all. She has sever emotional/mental problems and has had lots of trouble in school but wants to go for jr high. AHHHH, that terrifies me. My 9 year old son who has Autism is not listening at all and throwing fits again. I have major health issues going on. My mom has major back issues right now.
    I know I need to try not to worry and try to remain calm. I need to turn it over to the Lord and keep it with Him. I need to take deep breaths and go for a walk, even if its just around the house. I can close my eyes for a few minutes. I need to figure out how to stay calm and I don’t knwo how to do that. I don’t think this has created a barrier between me and God because I cry out to HIm when I’m in need. When he rescues me I thank HIm. I just need to figure out how to stay calm.

  40. My takeaway from the self-assessment basically comes down to the fact that I need to stop trying to deal with my stressors on my own and start letting God help me out. My reactions to my stresses not only hurt me, but they add stress to my husband and son. I didn’t really think I had that much stress to deal with at the moment, but based on my list and my reactions coming from the things on my list, I definitely need to start my day talking to my Father and asking for his help and perspective. I try to do that, but I need to make it even more of a priority and truly give him everything.

  41. I have been a bit reluctant with the study this week, avoiding the task of self assessment as I find it so hard. It’s 05.15 here and I woke around 03.00 and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I have done some work on it. I have however been thinking about what my personal stressors are this week, and a situation has come up which I am finding difficult.. It’s a long story, but in a nutshell, I have been having problems with my teeth/jaw for months, and on Thursday I finally had my appointment to see the consultant. After xraying, she asked whether I had ever broken my jaw – I said no, and she asked if I had had impact to my jaw or side of my head, and immediately I was back in my old relationship visualising the incident concerned (my ex husband had punched me repeatedly on the side of the head until my ear was black) This ‘flashback’ has rattled me – we have been divorced 4 years and separated 2 before that, and I thought I was beyond these things. I thought I had forgiven him of a LOT, so why am I now remembering certain incidents? My current boyfriend is wonderful and has restored my faith in love, and he continues to show me love and support. Recently the ‘relationship’ with my ex has been civil and almost friendly (he collects my 18 year old son once a week to take him to his house) but now I am afraid to see him or even hear his voice. I have found it hard to even identify WHAT I’m feeling.. The prayer on page 52 is awesome and I am going to write it out. I’ve been reading verses but I still feel kind of distressed. Does anyone have any ideas that might help? Thanks xx

  42. Stephanie says:

    I am amazed by what this chapter has revealed to me about how my stress is really turned out to be my biggest problem. I am actually being stressed over things that I have no control over. Then there’s also the fact that Tracy expressed how it affected her physical health. I am suffering many physical ailments that I am now looking at through different eyes and wondering if they are caused by The stress that’s in my life. I found the verses comforting this week and the information to be very valuable to start taking care of myself and to start again gaining control over my emotional eating.

  43. I am joining this study a bit late but hope to catch up by the end of next week. I can’t tell you how much I love the little image with the theme scripture that you post every week! I load the images to my phone/iPad so I can see it every time I look at my phone (which is a lot!). It just melts my stress away. I know I will use these images forever. Thank you.