Apr 18

SLL Week 2, Day 4 ~ Stressed-Less Living Blog Hop!

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Without further ado…we’re ready to read what YOU have learned so far!

This week’s topics:

1.  God Saves. Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble, and he saved them from their distress.  ~ Psalm 107:19 (NIV)

Once again, meditate on this verse for two-three days…how does your heart respond to His message to you? You could even do some “verse mapping” to really digest this verse.

2.    On Our Knees. At the end of the study questions, Tracie encourages us to talk with God about our stress and how it has affected our relationship with Him. I invite you to share that prayer with us.

3.    Mirror Mirror. Chapter 2. Not many of us like having to take a hard look in the mirror {when did I seriously start getting grey hair?}. However, taking the time to step back and really look at how stress affects our life can motivate us to make that change needed. What do you see in your life that needs the biggest change? Not sure yet? Write a prayer asking God to reveal to you what is needed and keep your eyes open for His answer.

4.    #Blessed. If you chose a different topic last week I encourage you to begin a #Blessed post. If you did start a #Blessed entry, add to it this week and share it again! We will add to it each week as we go through our study!

Stress can cause us to overlook the many blessings God has poured out into our lives. Make a list of five things God has blessed you with. Once you have listed five, try for five more…then five more…then five more. You can add to this list whenever you have something new to add. I.E. I am thankful for the dirty laundry because my family is well clothed. OR I am thankful for the beautiful weather we had today. OR Thank You Lord for my family.

Next week’s topics:

1.  Rest. In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength. ~ Isaiah 30:15b (NIV)

Haven’t taken the “verse mapping” plunge? Dig into this verse for three days and share with us how your heart responds to His message to you?

2.  Hope From Upstream. Being a parent isn’t always easy and as Tracie shared, it’s even more challenging to follow God’s plan for our kids when you feel like you’re going against the flow. If you are a parent, share some godly advice from upstream on how you help your kids follow God’s will. {Ok, I hope we have LOTS of these since I only have a 3 month old cutie pie, so I’m excited to hear from you!!}

3.  Healthy Tomorrow. Chapter 3. What are some healthy choices you need to make for your life as you deal with stress? OR Share with us the healthy choices you already make!

4.  #Blessed. Add to your #Blessed post, or start one today!

Stress can cause us to overlook the many blessings God has poured out into our lives. Make a list of five things God has blessed you with. Once you have listed five, try for five more…then five more…then five more. You can add to this list whenever you have something new to add. I.E. I am thankful for the dirty laundry because my family is well clothed. OR I am thankful for the beautiful weather we had today. OR Thank You Lord for my family.

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Yours in Christ,

Heather Bleier

OBS Executive Team

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  1. Charolette Ragsdale says:

    I look forward to reading a lot of blog posts again this week. I gained a lot of insight from others last week. There are a lot of gifted writers among our sisters in Christ. I appreciate everyone for sharing with us. Have a blessed day everyone!

  2. I had such a peaceful feeling writing my blog on Blessed today! What a great reminder right from the book of Matthew how blessed we are!

    • Karen R. says:

      Can I just say WOW!!! I loved, loved, loved your blog post today!! I am going to have to copy it and keep it handy for when I am having a stressful day! I definitely recommend everyone read this if you read no other (although I do recommend reading others…lol)!!

  3. Karen R. says:

    I too cannot wait to read some blogs when I get done working today! I think everyone is so talented in this area! I really get a blessing from reading the blogs! Remembering my blessings today! Thank you Lord!!

  4. My blessings; being a princess of God, having a wonderful husband, two girls, a house, and plenty of food. The ability to celebrate anniversaires and birthdays. Clothes. And so much more.

  5. Michelle says:

    I did this one yesterday since I have to work today and tomorrow. I am loving this study!! I can see the differences in my life already. My husband commented on how much calmer & happier I have seemed in spite of stressful situations (work). God is Good!

  6. Thank you all for taking me “back to my roots” with this bible study. As I write in my blog, my momma taught me how to verse map and break down a scripture to make it personal to me. I had gotten away from that and this bible study is taking me back to it. What a blessing! Can’t wait to start reading the blogs!

  7. Have been realy behind on my studies with work and some family issues , digging in again today , all of your post and blogs have kept me moving forward, so here i go ladies talk to you soon,

    • I too feel somewhat behind due to work but I am spending extra time with the study today. I will pray that God helps you find time for this study Dana.

      • Dana and Heidi ~ Y’all are doing great…you’re still here! :) Keep pressing in and determine to NOT give up! Continue to seek God and move forward. God is doing great things here and I’m so glad y’all are a part of this community of women! Praying that He will open up some time for you both to sit at His feet today and be refreshed in His Word. Blessings!

  8. My Blessings I am healthy, I have shelter and food for my children, my husband being able to take care of us, my children, my mind, that God has bought me from a mighty long way.

  9. Lynn Graham says:

    my blessings are:

    (1) Sunday 4/14/13 church family gave me some leftover food when I didn’t have any.
    (2) Christmastime: a box of wrapped presents were left by my front door.
    (3) Christmastime: $60.00was in an envelope taped to the inside my screen door.
    (4) Last week: a friend brought me breakfast
    (5) last month: friend told me I didn’t have to owe her back for the vitamins, it’s a gift.
    (6) friend on line: sent me the Stress Less Living book a couple months ago.
    (7) Pastor: put $10.00 in my hand as a gift
    (8) memorize scripture: able to do it word for word

  10. Hey all,
    I’m really enjoying this study. God’s timing is so perfect. However, I’m a little behind on the study & hoping to catch up this weekend. I am planning on sharing a blog post this weekend. I do have a question though. Do you have to write a post on the topics listed or can it be on anything you’ve learned pertaining to the study?

  11. Robin Walker says:

    To be honest I thought I was going to be brave enough this time and join an on line study! Something I have never done. I have never done a blog. I certainly never felt like I could write well enough to express myself properly. So… As usual, I did not order the book in time :-( such disappointment in myself. The Lord prompted me this morning to begin reading some of your blogs! Oh my! I am not the only one! So many different circumstances but all the same endings. I’m older then quite a few of you but I see my daughter In law in so many of hurry here, rush here, take the kids here. I HAVE to do this perfect or I’m not good enough!! LORD,LORD help each and every one of these precious women who just want to know you and know your true will for their life!

    • HI Robin! You’re already brave…you posted a comment! Now be brave and go get your book, girl! :) You can read chapters one and two online and start with chapter three in your book next week…so it’s not too late to get started! We would love to have you join us. We are a community of women of all ages so you will fit in perfectly 😉 Blessings!

  12. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who visited my blog last week and commented. That was so encouraging to me because no one had ever commented on my blog before. Thank you again so much for your words of encouragement.

    Hope you all are having a blessed day


  13. This was my first Blog Hop I have partipated in. It kinda stressed me out LOL! Opening up my heart and head for others to view… not really comfortable. But God has been in my head to do this ..and at s wonderful women’s retreat I went to this weekend, I heard “Get comfortable being uncomfortable!” Soooo… I posted. AND still felt nervous LOL. BUT then I realized: I am not blogging for ME—I am blogging to glorify His name!!!!! 😀 Therefore, thank you Jesus for all you do and thank you for making me step out for you! I am gonna keep on doing it! Every day-every way!
    Lisa :)

    • Good for you, Lisa! And congrats on your first blog hop! We are so glad you are here! Just like our physical bodies stretch and have growing pains when we grow physically, our spiritual selves must also endure some uncomfortable stretching to grow spiritually or to get to the next place God has for us. So grow, Lisa, grow! We are all growing with you! :)

    Answering the question of what do I see in my life that needs the biggest change?
    I think I allow my circumstances to define me, like for instance my brain hemorrhage (no minor thing here)! It really affected my legs and other things, I of course though it was the end of the world, would I ever be normal again??? This is the questions I’ve had up until recently.. This seems like a normal response I know this but I dwelled on it, it consumed me, I shut people otu, I became sad, angry, depressed and overwhelmed at not knowing my future, nor having control of it. Thinking back now I see that after surgery I was on many medications that were sedating me, I was also on high dose steroids to keep my brain swelling down, not to mention the effects of brain surgery-DUH!!! 😉 in and of itself for goodness sakes!!! Also your brain chemistry that changes for some time after having your brain cut open… My reactions to things were mostly anger, aggravation, lasing out, ugliness, later came emotional lability, I cried when I would try something and fail which would happen over and over again, simple things such as recalling objects, names, past times or reading were very difficult and I would often have a blank look and panic inside, it was terrifying and I really didn’t tell anyone what was going on, I was too scared! These things mostly got better over a years time, but you can imagine not knowing if this would ever get better or if you would ever be the same again! Before the Brain Hemorrhage I was a full time ER RN (high stress job 😉 but this is me, I love the “Saving lives” life and have always been that way. It never trully wore me down, but I was also 3 yrs ago when this happened and still am a Mom, Wife and member of a very active Church and with that comes some responsibilities too. I have two very active young boys that keep me going and have been my therapy!!! SO now I can trully look back and see that my problem is trully me, I am the one that needs to change not the people around me! I did not handle this well (do you blame me??) lol! I didn’t froma wordly perspective trully even know how to, I needed counseling, antidepressants, sedating meds (all of which I tried). It trully came down to trust in GOD, faith that He will help me (remember Jer 29:11?) My sister reminded me just before surg! I keep forgetting!!!! Trusting in God’s timing not my own! This all has taken me some time to learn and I am learning with each victory God gives us the strength to trust him more and more for whatever comes next! God is trully alive and I am seeing victory in my life for once since this ordeal started and I feel more strengthened today then I have ever in my walk with him. All I can say is thankyou Lord! Praise GOD for his mercies on us and that His love for us is far more then we could ever imagine and He can only give us the peace we need through our hard times….

    • Jennifer says:

      Heidi – thanks so much for sharing – what an amazing praise report! God is so good!

      Much love,

  15. Michelle Alexander says:

    This week has been such an eye opener for me. The power verse Psalm 107:19 reinforces for me if I recognize God and am obedient to him he’ll always provide, but I MUST do my part as a Christian. This means I need to listen to God when he speaks to me, be obedient to him, recognize who God is and give thanks. I keep thinking of something I heard a speaker say last Thursday, “To know God is to allow the fire of the Holy Spirit to light up your life”. I sometimes need to remind myself to just dive in and give it all to God. Thanks for the study, it is making a difference in my life and better yet my walk with Christ.

  16. Barb Peterson says:

    I so am enjoying this study. Many things have jumped of the pages for me and I know it is He reminding me, of how much I need to Let it all be his. And that I have walked through the many things I have to prepare me for the light that I can be. For all I am Grateful.

  17. It was great reading the blogs last week, but there was no way that I could read them all. I hope to get a chance to read more this week. Maybe during the next study I’ll have a chance to create my own. Thanks!

  18. Ashley Couturier says:

    I am love love loving the blog hop thursdays…I decided to link my whole blog this week instead of just one post. I hope to get a chance to read everyones :) Thank you so much for this study. I also wanted to know how to go about getting into one of the small groups on fb too :)

  19. Penny Price says:

    I am loving Blog Hop Thursdays…

  20. I AM SO loving blog hop days! the posts are so encouraging and I just feel like we all come together even more … with praise and meditation! <3 LOVE cannot wait to read through some more!

  21. Kara S (OBS leader) says:

    I love everyone’s blog posts. Thanks for sharing ladies.

  22. Lori K (OBS Group Leader) says:

    The blog posts I have read so far have been a blessing to me. Thank you for sharing your hearts.

  23. Barbara Wohlford says:

    I am so new at this blog thing, so I write my thoughts, then I go read a few blogs of others and I am amazed that some of them are not authors on thier own. So many wonderful blessings and blogs this week. Thank you all for such heart felt stories, which are your memories, thanks for sharing.

  24. still behind on my assignment. Got to finish, lots of blogs to read.

  25. Hello,
    I am so thankful and excited to be a part of this study. I am so blessed to have 2 healthy daughters, a job, a house, a vehicle and that I was able to wake up this morning. I used to think material things were somewhat important but now I realize what is really important and I thank God for that!
    God Bless

  26. This week I chose to count my blessings and I am so glad I did. As I started typing I realized how blessed I really am! It is amazing what God can do and show us when we start focusing on good and positive things.

  27. I was just sharing with my husband how amazing this opportunity has been. Never experienced a bible study in this way with woman that I don’t see face to face….I’m so truly thankful to be part of this community :-)

  28. Kristy Aiken (OBS Group Leader) says:

    Isn’t it amazing! OBS is such a blessing! We are the body of Christ:-) Thanks for sharing!

  29. I learned how God walks us along with us to help us see the underlying cause of our stress. Those can be fearful to face alone.

  30. I am so blessed to be part of these studies. I have never in my life encountered such wonderful bible study.I will be 63 years old in June.I have just finished chapter two of Stressed Less and it is a very big help to me.I used to have severe heartburn and vomiting which they couldn’t find a medical cause for.I SEND MY LOVE AND PRAYERS TO ALL MY CHRISTIAN SISTERS!!!!!To everyone at Proverbs 31 Ministries> I am so glad that modern technology allows me to be connected to you.I live in Massachusetts.by the way the doctor told me the medical systems I mentioned were caused by stress.By putting myself in God’s hand ,they are now gone.PRAISE GOD

  31. I am so blessed to be part of these studies. I have never in my life encountered such wonderful bible study.I will be 63 years old in June.I have just finished chapter two of Stressed Less and it is a very big help to me.I used to have severe heartburn and vomiting which they couldn’t find a medical cause for.I SEND MY LOVE AND PRAYERS TO ALL MY CHRISTIAN SISTERS!!!!!To everyone at Proverbs 31 Ministries> I am so glad thathand ,they are now gone.PRAISE GOD

  32. I am a little behind on reading all the blogs, but I have already gotten so much out of this online study. My God had truly blessed me with a wonderful husband, and son. He has also blessed me by letting me live where I do so that I can enjoy all His wonderful creations. My stress comes from knee problems that I try to ignore and in return I get stressed and when I am stressed I eat…so it is vicious cycle. However I am learning through this study that all I have to do is turn it over to God and He will show me the way. Thank you all so much.

  33. I have read chapter two and it was a really hard chptor for me. I took the stress test.but did not know what to write.I have a chemicl inbalance that I have had for ever. The doctors say that my depression is caused by not enough of sertonin or how ever it is pronounced is not supplied to my brain just like having diabetes whent he pancreses dose not know how to break down the sugar in your body. My stress I think now comes from my marraige and finaces. I have prayed and tried to get my husband to read christain books on marriage but he won’t I tell him that this not me trying to blame him but for us to find the problem. He just want do. it so I am wondering what am I doing wrong dose he really love me. I pray about it and know that God is with me and that when the time comes he will make it right.Knowing he is with me makes my stress much easier to know how to handle it. Please forgive my spelling I am not a good speller and did not use the dictionary.I will nex time I promise. God is my peace and stress relief. When I fill stressed I get by myself and pray.

    • Oh Miranda, it is my prayer that you will begin to take in just how loved and treasured you are by God. He, the Lord, who makes all things new. Hurting marriages, broken hearts, anxious thoughts…I know your heart is hurting but lean hard into the One who heals your bondage. Love your husband well with the love of Christ and He will come around. Acts of service are sometimes the best motivators for change. Praying for you dearly…your comment touched my heart.

  34. Treasure says:

    Psalm 92:4
    You thrill me, Lord, with all you have done for me…

  35. Treasure says:

    Right before I started this OBS I read a book called ” One Thousand Gifts”
    It’s amazing! God has definatly got me counting my blessings.

  36. Made my first attempt at verse mapping – was pretty awesome how much I got out of just one verse…a whole blog’s worth!

  37. While I do not have a blog, I did finally get to the reflection questions and verses at the end of the chapter today. One thing that really stuck out to my from John chapter 16 was the emphasis of the Holy Spirit as the “Comforter”. I had thought about feeling God’s presence through the Holy Spirit but today something was new to me—-and that is that the Holy Spirit, though part of the trinity, is personified individually…meaning I can have a personal relationsip with him–the Holy Spirit–in a similar way that I experience/seek to have an experience with God. I pray and pray for peace, but have never truly focused on the Holy Spirit—not really.

    In answering the reflection questions today I realized that I am holding back. I am the one prohibiting my full relationship with my King. Why? Question 2 and 7 of our reflections have really challenged me to consider how I might begin to experience change. Why be resistant to a full relationship with God and how to I begin to change this? I think one important way is to begin to further my relationship with the Holy Spirit. While my personal struggle is sometimes a negative impact on my well-being, I am trying to grasp that God is working in me, and for that I am thankful.

    P.S. I am super excited about a praise report to post on our end-of-week reflections. Today I thank God that He showed me and my family that He IS at work and does provide answers, perhaps not always the one we want right now, yet His perfect answers to prayer.

  38. IDing the stress…good and bad. Harder thn I thought.

  39. This has been an awesome 2nd wk. Finished my blog and feels like a weight lifted. Thank you to everyone and thank you Father!!

  40. Lots of great blogs this week. Thank you for sharing. I love being part of this community.

  41. I am so blessed to be among such a wonderful group of people who are like minded. We all struggle. We all have our share of problems. And, it is amazing to be able to share this time together, across the globe! I have been so blessed and continue to be. Thank you God for your mercy and grace! This has been such an eye opener for me. I am learning God’s word, understanding more for the first time in my 52 years and having been raised in a church family. I loved learning about “verse mapping” and carrying around a simple index card with me reminding me of God’s promises. Thank you for this awesome opportunity to come here and learn, to pray together, and always looking forward to tomorrow.

  42. Jennifer says:

    It has been an amazing week – so grateful to God for my amazing hubby, my wonderful, healthy children, finding a counselor and getting in touch with his insurance verifier after a bit of phone tag, and everything else that got done this week. AND, I’m so grateful for this study that gives me a connection to my girlfriends! :)

    Much love to you all,

  43. Last night, I was planning on writing a blog post tonight (Friday) and just something came over me. Before I headed to the bathroom to get my shower, I had jumped onto my group’s page and asked for their prayers. Yesterday, I was frazzled. I was having trouble even connecting/praying with God! When I came out after my shower, etc., I sat down on my couch and just had this feeling of or sense of…”Jen, you need to write this now!” God is so great and so faithful! Now this morning, I am feeling less frazzled and not worrying.

  44. I missed the blog hop this week, I am going to try to do it this weekend. If not then I will just catch up next week. I haven’t even written on my blog for a week i dont’ think.

  45. Ok, I’m behind with the bible study, because last week was very STRESSFUL. My grades were due, and I was preparing for a trip with the women of my church to a Women’s conference, which was amazing!!!! I am now catching up, and I would have to say that I love the verse mapping idea. I am going to share it with our Women’s ministry, family, and friends.

  46. A couple of days ago, I was praying to God about my many stresses. In the middle of my prayer, I stopped telling God about my stresses, and, instead, started praising Him for my many blessings, because I realize that things could be far worse. Afterwards, I checked out the SLL OBS to see what I’m suppose to do for the day, and I saw where we were encouraged to start a Blessed blog. I love the way God works!!!! What a blessing!!! I started my list, and it is growing everyday. Thank you for the encouragement.

  47. Another great week of blog hop! I have gotten to read many of them and I was inspired and emboldened by your words and openness. I cannot wait for another week of study!

  48. Erika Edwards says:

    ~~~~~~~I can’t express how much I love waking up and spending time in God’s word each morning! Whether it be Proverbs 31 devotionals, bible studies or just reading! I want my husband to be able to experience the same! Do you ladies have any good recommendations for blogs, or men’s email devotionals??????