Apr 19

SLL Week 2, Day 5 ~ Take Away & Give Away

Hi OBS Ladies! It’s Linda Kuhar again and I’ve had such a great time with you this week! This week of study has been great and we aren’t done yet!

Chapter 2 brought us to such a great place of awareness this week.  Awareness is the key starting point to making changes in our lives.  As we have been discerning what we need to take care of and what is completely out of our control, we are in the process of developing a deeper dependence on God.

Let’s go back to our reflection verse this week.

Psalm 107:19~  Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble, and he saved them from their distress. 

As you read this verse, how has this truth come alive in your life just this week?  Can you reflect over your week and see all the gracious blessings our Lord provided for you?  Today, I want you to grab your journal and write out Psalm 107:19 again.  Then list how He provided for you in your distress.  I’ll share with you just a couple of blessings He showered me with this week.

*My health ~ huge improvement physically this week!

*My daughter ~ He’s provided me with wisdom & guidance to parent.

*My husband ~ constant devoted companion (no matter what!)

*My ministry ~ every day I’m gifted with YOU! My OBS Sisters!

Leave a comment today sharing how God’s word came alive in your life this week.  It’s been an honor to lead you through Chapter 2.  Thank you for your participation through commenting here on the OBS blog, in your small groups, prayers and eagerly seeking a deeper intimacy with God through His word.

Week 2 Winner!

Thank you everyone for leaving comments throughout the week!  Each time you left a comment your name was entered to win the Christian Life Coaching Package with Linda KuharCongratulations to email beginning ssunnyrn….. !  Send an email to linda@lindakuhar.com to receive your coaching package!  Remember each Friday throughout the entire study we will have a NEW give away!

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I hope you will come back tomorrow to join us and share your Prayer Requests & Praises. It’s a special time where we come together, joining hands across the world to lift each other up to our mighty God!

Have a great weekend!



  1. Hi Everyone… This week chapter 2 was very informing for me. It helped me to put alot of things into perspective about the things that stress me. I work 2 jobs. Doing Hair and Home Health care. Doing HHC. I am always traveling all over and going from one house to another to take care of my clients. I prayed that god would give me someone to take care of close to where I live and that I would get the hours in at one location. My prayers were answered. An ederly couple who I have been taking care of Liked me so much that they called my Agency and asked if I could take care of them monday thru friday.Just so happens they live around the corner from me. What a blessing. Just what I asked for. God answers prayers.I am learing to lean on him.

    • amy black says:

      gina , wow… talk about right on the money… so happy for you..maybe they would like a new hairdo too…love

  2. gina ball says:

    God answered my prayer this week for 2 huge financial situations causing much stress. Rather than begging I paused and trusted God for his hand over this matter and he truly blessed me.. God is great!

  3. This week God answered a simple prayer of fixing my tooth. I have shared this on the blog hop, but wanted to share it again. A tooth that the dentist had written off as dead and in need of root canal treatment to the tune of $2500. My private health fund would only give me back a total of $800 and not until next year. I prayed simply that God would heal the infection and make the tooth simply fillable and nothing more. Well God did exactly that. He healed the infection and the tooth will be filled in a couple of weeks. My dentist was gob smacked to say the least. Amazing she said. Praise God, not just that he answered my prayer but after feeling like I was so far from him for a very long time, he has turned my heart towards him again and poured his spirit over me. :)

    • amy black says:

      Kerry , isn’t it fun when God does what even our dr. says they cant … shows His might, and love. I love moments like that… and glad it will not hurt your purse either..lol…. and so glad God swept you up once again…. love

  4. carol costello says:

    This week God answered my cries by assuring me he isn’t surprised by any circumstance like i was surprised when my sister in law informed me her cancer has spread to her brain. God knows my heart. Its ok to pray for a miracle because He performs them. But if He chooses not to, I need to trust Him. God wants us to go to Him, climb up in His lap, and let Him comfort us. Nothing is a surprise to Him. ..I need only to trust. Big love!

    • amy black says:

      oh carol… isn’t our God just it… He is so faithful.. even in the bad,, He will use it for His glory and good,, my sweet mother in law died may will be 2 years ago with brain cancer.. her battle was short and God blessed us that way… she had already had and beat lung cancer, (which almost always turns into brain cancer) 3 months later, we found out about the brain… she lives 3 more months and was only on hospice for 1 week… she never once complained… so my heart goes out to you.. and your sister in law… but, God works miracles all the time… and your sister in law just may be one of them… believe when you pray, and leave it with Him… His will, not ours… much love…

  5. This week I am thankful for my job; my family being there with me(my sister and niece), my understanding boss, being able to participate with everyone here.
    This is my first time doing an online study, I appreciate everyones comments and the interaction. Helps me read and open my bible to read scriptures.
    Thank you again for letting me participate.

    • amy black says:

      hilda, this is my 2nd and I love it.. so glad you are here with us.. the interaction is awesome… God blesses it… whatever gets you more into Gods word,, bring it… love

    • I am so glad you are here, I have been so blessed

  6. Tammy Elsworthy says:

    Yesterday I was stressing big time and taking tablets for it ( an old problem God is still working on ) And I remembered the scripture of the week and place my name in the right places. I had steriods injected into my spinal joints via ct. I didnt know how or how much it was gonna hurt coz od past bad experience with lumbar puncture, overavtive nerve pain disorder etc. I prayed and praise through the pain and it didnt hurt as much as i expected, he gave me peace and has enablabed a Dr i Know and trust to do the next joints next week.
    All praise be to God, my back is feeling better than it has in yrs.
    God also helped use this wks scriptures to help my son whi suffers anxiety.

    • amy black says:

      tammy, I also have suffered anxiety for several years… my prayers are certainly with him and so glad you chose to pray and praise through your difficult circumstances,,, isn’t it so worth it when we chose the right thing… love you my sweet sister and will continue to pray for your son… and you….

  7. kim in ma says:

    Chapter two was very helpful to me. I have to admit, though, these past four days, I haven’t had much time to reflect on it. I”m in MA, so we were constantly tuning in to the news while they worked diligently to find the Boston bombers. Praise the Lord, tonight they just took the second suspect into custody. I am so thankful that it all stayed pretty contained to a few towns. I am thankful for the safety of all of my family & for their good health. My friend lost her boyfriend this week after a very short battle with cancer…But God is good, and I know He will use me in my friend’s life to draw her close to Him.
    Love reading all the comments on here. Wish I were a blogger, but kinda clueless where that is concerned! Have a blessed weekend, all.

    • amy black says:

      so glad you and yours are safe and well.. sorry for the loss… and im SURE God will be using you a lot in the near future… your friend has a good friend.. God bless…

  8. I had a HUGE prayer answered this week that I had tried & tried to NOT stress over. My husband (and definite rock) said to NOT worry about this situation unless it actually happened, and then we would figure it out & go from there. I prayed & prayed that God would answer my prayers for this situation-AND HE DID! Praise the Lord!

  9. amy black says:

    then I cried out to the Lord in my trouble, and He saved me from all my distress. He sent out His word , and He healed me, He rescued me from my grave. I will thank Him for His unfailing love and His wonderful deed to mankind.
    Psalm 107:19

    my my my,.. ALL my distress,,, this is such a powerful scripture,,, I find through this particular one this week that their has been a lot less friction in my home. if there has been any, He has given me a new and fresh perspective .. because it has not affected my week.. how awesome is that.. and when it is a battle zone, I will go back to this one .. over and over again im sure… im lookin up.. head up , chin up… love yall….

    • Amy, you are such a blessing as you are so encouraging. I’ve just read all your replies to other’s comments. May God fill you as you spend time filling others encouraging them in their walks. xx Kerry

  10. Hello everyone!Hope your enjoying this Bible study as much as I am.This has been a stressful week at work and home but everyday as I read the scriptures and hear the encouragement from other women on this website I realize I’m not alone.I too want to learn to sit at the feet of Jesus and not just rushing around and anxious like Martha.I look forward to next week and what Melissa,Linda ,and other leaders have in store for us. This has truly been a God send!

  11. One thing I asked God for this week was friendship. I had an old friend come over last night who has just moved back into town for a one year period. She stayed for 7 hours and we poured out our hearts to each other all night long while the kids played. During that same time, another friend showed up and spent a few hours. My husband had my oldest son away for a camping trip. It is simple but it was so nice to be in a relaxed (at home) with like people and to be TOTALLY honest. I feel like ever since my youngest child was born, everyone sort of wrote me off. I have been sort of “alone” for a long time so this meant a lot to me.

  12. I thank God for reminding me that I am worthy of having peace, joy and happiness and that it has always been his plan for me to have and enjoy these things. Now I have to lay the stresses at his feet and allow him to work in my life to bring them about.

  13. hello, this is my first time to join a bible study and my very first time to comment too..

    i wanted to share to you guys how our reflection verse Psalm107:19 has been revealed to me for this week. at the start, i have not really been able to have a distinct thought about it. i left the answer to that question blank for a few days on my journal.. By the middle of the week, i learned that a good friend from work will be undergoing chemo to find out if the lump found on her is malignant, they cannot operate on her yet to determine the true nature of the lump due to other possible complications. she was on and off the office for a few weeks now and finding out that this was the cause was very much heartbreaking..

    Something in me prompted as i wrote on my journal that night to dedicate my thoughts on Psalm 107:19 for her. i thank everyone here and God for leading me here. as i go along the weeks for the study, this week is especially for my friend Ning. i pray for healing, to trust God’s will for her and to keep her and her loved ones together in this trying times.

    • Graceq
      This is my first OBS and I have been posting comments, but it was difficult to take that first step and do it. Now I feel like a pro. Also found that journaling is fun and therapeutic. I have a sister going through breast cancer treatment right now, but she is 3000 miles away, so we email, text and talk to keep in touch. She got two different opinions on chemo, so now she is really stuck making a decision. I pray for your friend Ning that God will give her clear answers as to how to proceed and her testing comes out favorable for her. Love and prayers to you…

      • Thank you so much Sheila. This is a bit of a late reply, I pray for your sister and your family. I know the distance between you can be tough, and keeping in touch always will shorten that..hoping for the best.. Love and prayers to you too..

  14. My take away this week is that I have to respect my body and treat is as God’s Temple; better food and more exercise. I have read that and heard it in the past, but the book and Bible passages brought it together to and now it is not just another cliched quote to me. As far as my job, it was a great week with less stress. Things are changing in our office and it will benefit me personally. I have loved journaling, and my husband must think I am writing a book; I get started and can’t stop. This is coming from the person who was afraid to write out her feelings because ‘someone else might read them’ . Seems kind of silly now. I started
    writing out quotes on 3×5 cards and have them in my car and purse; I plan to keep a set at my desk, too. I’ve been reading them throughout the day and I think this is one step toward keeping God first and foremost all day, not just in my morning and evening conversations with him. I love the posts that I am reading feel such a connection to you all. Looking forward to week 3. Love and prayers.

  15. This week has been less stressed praise the Lord! I have been on medicine for stress headaches and have had a hard time coming off of it because of the headaches coming back. This week I have not had to go back to my normal dosage. Also, I home school and have been having challenges with it and had a major breakthrough this week…. I have also been reminded of what love God has for me. So to say the least this week has been awesome and I can’t wait to see what else comes from this Bible study!

  16. Nancy Silvers says:

    What this verse reminds me is that EVERY time I have called out to God in my distress. It also gives me even more resolve to be trust and obey. How many times will I be disobedient and call out to God expecting him to rescue me once again. There comes a time when I need to put into practice the things I have learned. I am no longer a baby drinking milk….I am into the meat of the Word and I need to live and act like the child of God that I am. It’s comforting to know that he is there, ready and waiting, to wipe my tears, correct me and guide me along the way.

  17. My main stress seems to always be money. I am disabled and trying to pay rent and basic bills with my monthly check and that is all my check was covering, that stuff and nothing more. No money for groceries, medicine, toilet paper, paper towels, you get the picture. Then my much needed medicare started but that took over $100. out my check leaving me with not even enough to pay bills. I had nothing more i could cut back. So i gave it to the Lord. I now have help to pay my medicare payment, i get medicaid to cover what my medicare won’t, i have monthly help with my groceries and when i finally do get everything caught up i may even have an extra $25 or maybe even $50 left over to save or even go to lunch with my girlfriends!! Praise God he works it all out in His timing. I actually think He sometimes gets a chuckle at our stubbornness and taking us right down to the wire so we don’t have a choice but to go to Him or crash. Praise God He cares! This verse means a great deal to me and gives me peace. Deuteronomy 34:8 The Lord Himself goes before you and will be with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.

  18. I have realized that I’ve been holding in a lot of feelings. I’ve done this because I’m afraid of how my husband might react. But I’ve also realized this is probably why I feel so angry. I hold that in to. Which I know is not good, but I just don’t know what to do. I know it leads my to be stressed in ways I’m not even aware of. But this study has woken me up to the fact that I need to control what I can control, which is me. I don’t have to hold my feelings in if I don’t want to . I can share them. And I can handle whatever reaction my husband has good or bad. God gave me the courage to overcome my fear and share me feelings and stand strong for myself. My husbands reaction was not good, he’s not really talking to me right now. But I know I can’t control that. I’m placing that all in God’s hands. I know he will get us through. Even though there is quite a bit of tension between my husband and I; I am so thankful for God presence. As much as it hurts to know my husband is upset, it’s also a relief to be able to get my feelings out.

  19. I have been praying to God for seven years (Yes, I said seven) about a specific battle I have been experiencing. This battle was extremely stressful for me, but I continued praying, pressing, and believing. Today, I realized that my prayer has been answered. Praise God!!!! A burden has been lifted.

  20. I am an occupational therapist and work in the hospital setting. I have been nervous for awhile about our annual observations at work where we are observed working with one of our patients. I just dislike being put on the spot and even though I know this happens every year, I still get nervous and think something will just go wrong! Well, I was observed this past week and everything went great! My supervising therapist said I did a great job and really showed my compassion and care for my patient. I felt relieved when it was over, not only because I had checked it off the list but it felt good to receive a good compliment about a job well done. God was with me. I could feel his presence there and he was keeping my nerves calm! Thank you God for being with me all the time, wrapping your arms around me with care.

  21. Hello all,
    I have had a busy rough week, and it has been stressful. I got some news earlier this week, and I had to pray and give it over to the Lord. Another situation I was praying for that I was stressing over, and God opened the doors and answered my prayers, Thank you Lord! God is good, and his word is true, he is always in control!

  22. This week, through God’s word in Psalm 107:19, I’m learning to truly cry out to the Lord. To stop holding in my struggles and deal with them in my own strength or to deny them altogether. The simple act of being willing to admit and share my struggles, though difficult and scary initially, has been freeing me from the bondage my struggles have had over me. Now, though those struggles are not gone, I can feel hope and strength from the Lord, to help me to begin the work needed to turn my struggles into growth and victory!

  23. I had a few different things going on this week that I could have got stressed and discouraged about…but as I did the Blessings Blog topic and also this assignment from today asking us to recall God’s provision in our distress this week, I have seen that it’s not about focusing on the stress, but on how God is there in the midst of it. Looking back, I can see that some of the things I was stressed about actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I’m so encouraged to know God’s always working things out for our good, even when it seems otherwise.