Apr 23

SLL Week 3, Day 2 ~ Chapter 3

SLL Week 3 Pin Pic Isaiah 30-15

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We are off to a great start to Week 3 of our Stressed-Less Living Online Bible Study! I’m Stephanie Clayton, and I’m so excited to be your Bible study leader this week! Let’s continue where we left off…

This week we will be reading Chapter 3, The Silent Killer. I loved reading your comments from the Overview and Day 1 post. It seems we all know why stress is a silent killer. We know that stress can harm us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. What we don’t know is how to stop stressing!

I love what Courtney shared in the comment section:

“Stress will take the joy out of your life and make you the most unpopular girl in your circle! When we are stressed, we tend to let the world know what we’re stressed about. We want those who we are confiding in to tell us what to do. We forget our Heavenly Father is waiting for us to cry and be vulnerable to him. Plus, he has an awesome life and stress manual for to follow… Our Bibles! I am the first to admit that I forget all these things when stress comes over me.”

True that girlfriend!!!! We all have stress reduction strategies tucked away in our minds…stress busting scriptures highlighted in our Bibles…God’s truth written on our hearts…but in the moment…it all seems to disappear! I watched the movie The Avengers this weekend and I couldn’t help but identify with the Incredible Hulk! When I get stressed, I bust out of everything I know…stress takes over me like a massive ugly green monster…and I end up hurting people and things I never meant to hurt…including myself!

As we read Chapter 3 there are a few things I want us to keep in mind so that we can learn to battle the stress monster!

  1. What stress busting techniques have worked for you in the past? Examples: Progressive Relaxation, stretching, exercising, doing something you enjoy,   spending time with friends, taking a hot bath, drinking a cup of hot tea…etc…
  2. What scriptures and Biblical truths have you found particularly helpful?
  3. How can you use these things to help you in the moment before you turn into the crazed green stress monster?

For me…I am going to choose to use the relaxation techniques I enjoy (taking a hot bath, exercising, progressive relaxation, or a cup of hot tea) to get me to a place where I can focus on God’s Word and spend time communicating with Him. Stress reduction techniques will never replace the peace that comes only from the Lord…but they can be very helpful in getting us to a place where we are ready to receive God’s Truth and healing.

Take time to answer the questions in the back of the Chapter…they will guide you in understanding what stress management strategies have worked and haven’t worked for you personally.

In the comment section you can choose to answer one of the questions in the back of the book from Chapter 3, or you can choose to answer the questions I posted above. If you are reading this post via email, click here to comment!

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To read She Left a Legacy of Hope, click here.

The Week 3 Overview and Day 1 you can be accessed here.



  1. Stress has taken a huge toll on my life, especially in the past year because of my current circumstances. I feel my body is mentally and physically exhausted. Exercise such as training for races, walking excessively, biking, hiking, swimming, yoga, etc…you name it I tried it. Exercise was my main stress reliever, and I felt good right after I finished to a point of ignoring other important things and people in my life, but I now recognize that exercise was only a temporary fix as I was not including God in my daily life. I’ve been away from God for a long time and am trying to come back. I feel I need to work on balance with physical, mental, emotional, and most important spiritual. Sometimes all I can think to pray is, “Dear Lord, Please help”. I don’t want to be stressed anymore and feel that way for the first time in a long time, God is my tool to help me.

  2. Stephanie M says:

    I just read Chapter 3 today, and it was eye-opening for me. I know that I have not been seeking the Lord when I am stressed, and I want to change that starting NOW. I think taking a walk while listening to praise and worship music has helped me the most to get in a better state. I need to do this more whenever possible. I think that will help me get calm enough where I can then go to Lord in prayer and ask Him to take over whatever is stressing to me at that moment. It seems so easy when you look at it that way, but we just know it’s not that simple. But I am going to strive to do that when I get stressed.

    If I am in a place where I CAN’T go take a walk, I will definitely put on some praise and worship music. That always helps me get in a better state. :-)

  3. This chapter was revealing. And, Stephanie… girl, I am so RIGHT THERE WITH YA on identifying with the Hulk in my less graceful stressed out moments. May the number of those continue to shrink just like the hulk, himself. 😉

    I never want to admit it, because it requires the sacrifice of time to read or write, but when I exercise, my stress levels all but disappear. At least 20 minutes of vigorous walking or biking or swimming or jogging or workout DVD – you name it. If I do it for at least 20 minutes, I find everything just releasing.

    Then, I’m able to get quiet and just listen to God pour into me. I can crack open that Bible and practically feel God’s gentle whisper.

    I’m also a big believer in writing out my prayers when things get tough. I often feel like I’m just complaining to God when I’m in the midst of writing them out. But, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked back and seen God moving right in the middle of my messes. He is Amazing! And that gives me more faith to believe what he promises in 1Peter 5:7 “Cast all your cares upon him, for he cares for you.”

  4. I’ve been looking forward to reading chapter three all week, and yet everytime I’ve had set aside to do so, has been interupted with something important, yet unplanned for, such as an injured dog/emergency vet visit, my daughter waking way earlier than normal, a returned phone call I’ve been waiting for forever, etc. Tomorrow, chapter three and I have yet another rescheduled appointment. I’m going to be on a plane for a couple hrs and am looking forward to the uninterupted time to catch up!

  5. For to read chapter 3 today I’ve always known that stress is like a disease but when you see it on paper and the consequences it sure jumps out a lot clearer I loved the verse Ps 46:1 God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble. I am blessed with two amazing sons. The oldest is 30 and in the Navy. He has a beautiful wife and a 4 month old baby girl. He could be the prodical son. He was our nightmare from 16-20. Drinking, drugs, rebelling until he was arrested at 20 for drinking and driving. He knew all along everything he was doing was wrong and I kept with me at all times a thing I found in my women’s bible about ” I will stand in the gap for my son, I will stand til the victory’s done.” It was an amazing comfort with scripture and my son has do e a complete 360. He and his wife do not do anything without bringing it to The Lord first. The verse about Train up a child and they will not depart from it. Amen, this is true – I have lived it. I now find I am using this same copy ( I have copies of it everywhere) for my freshman in college as I see him straying somewhat from what he has been taught and how he was raised. I know that through prayer and reciting this standing in the gap over and over I know that he too will come back to his roots. I have handed and mailed copies of this to so many struggling moms who say it has helped them too. It certainly has me. Just proof that God is in control- you just have to believe.

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