Apr 27

SLL Week 3 ~ Prayer Requests and Praises

Happy Saturday! Hasn’t Stephanie been great this week? I loved the “take a break cards” from day 1. Mine is a bit crumpled and worn but I treasure the way God has used it to quiet me and speak His truths to me this week.

Last Saturday I talked to you about hope. This week while reading He kept bringing to mind a verse from an Aaron Shust song:

I will wait on You
You are my refuge
I will wait on You
You are my refuge

My hope is in You, Lord, all the day long
I won’t be shaken by drought or storm
My hope is in You, Lord
All the day long I won’t be shaken by drought or storm

A peace that passes understanding is my song
And I sing my hope is in You, Lord

Remember our verse from Isaiah this week? Only in returning to ME and waiting for me will you be saved.  Without Him, we are lost in the storm.  Without Him we are left thirsty in the drought.  Because we can place our hope in the God who loves us so much he sacrificed His Son so we could be with Him, we won’t be shaken.  Because He is our strength, and in Him we can find peace!

This week as you are sharing your prayer requests remember that God sees the big picture while we can only see what is before us. Sometimes, we have to wait on Him and let His peace fill us. We truly can “feel joyful and full of peace when this devastating situation is still raging through (our) life like an F4 tornado” as Tracie Miles did. If we return to Him and wait for Him. It is my prayer that you too find yourself able to weather the storm in peace because you have surrendered the situation to the Great Physician.

And if God is filling you with His peace or has already seen you through your tornado, please share that with us so we can rejoice with you too! I love reading about a happy ending!

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  1. Debbie W. (OBS Group Leader) says:

    Stephanie has been great this week. Thank you Stephanie for blessing our hearts.

    I hear that song all the time, but after this week I will be listening with a new and different perspective.
    First I want to share a praise – my DIL’s sonogram with a Dr. who specializes in OB showed our grandson to be healthy – legs are short but not to a point where it would be downs, etc. Thanks be to God for answered prayer, and thanks to each of you that have lifted this baby in prayer. Continue to that he will be healthy mentally and physically and now for prayers……………………………………….

    I have two prayer requests and first is for my daughter who like Sarah and Hannah in the Bible is anguishing over infertility! We are praying that God will bring her peace and place a baby in her arms to love and nurture. Second, for me and my family as we continue to deal with our Mother’s death.

    • Rejoicing with you over the baby! I bet that takes a huge weight off of mom and dad’s shoulders. PTL

      Praying for our Father to comfort your family during your time of loss and to touch your daughter and like Sarah and Hannah, grant her prayer request.

    • Michele aka Mickie from St Hgts Michigan says:

      Prayers lifted for u all…blessings!!!

    • Debbie I am singing praises with you. I will continue to pray for your DIL and her sweet baby inside her. My heart is burdened for your daughter. I know God has a special life just for her to care for. I pray He continues to prepare her to receive him or her. I am so sorry for the loss of your mother. I am so sure of the legacies she has left in your heart will live for eternity through you to be told to your precious ones. ((Hugs))

    • Debbie, I am praising God with you for the answered prayer for your grandson! And lifting up your daughter as well as you and your family in my prayer time this morning. God hears our cries in our trouble and delivers us from our distress! Love you!

    • Linda C. says:

      Debbie joining you in praise to our Father for such a wonderful report on your grandson. He is definitely overseeing each and every part of that sweet child, knitting him together in a most marveleous way in your DIL’s womb. His workmanship is always marveleous, no matter what He is creating! One day soon you will get to see how great His creation is and he will call you Grandma…how great is our God!! I am still praying for your daughter, as I also, know how it feels to be childless. God has a plan for her…in the meantime, I pray peace in this storm for her and her husband. We can always have hope because it is never long before a new “morning” always follows a dark night. I am praying for you and your family for peace and the ability to ENJOY the good times you had with your sweet Mother. I just went through this in the past year or so and the enemy tried to even take the joy out of the memories by trying to override them with grief and sadness. He is a thief, and I pray peace and victory as you rest and rely on the Lord for restoration. He will settle you and show you out of this valley, also…just like He did me and is still doing! Love you!

  2. Absolutely loved this song, thanks for posting it. I am praising God for Proverbs 31 Ministries and Melissa Taylor’s OSB’s. Thanks to all the ladies who make this possible for us. May God richly bless all of you. Have a blessed weekend everyone :)

    • Agreed. Love the song. I’m always looking for Christian music, but am sort of new to it. It’s great to listen in the car to and from work. Fill my heart with a peace that surpasses all understanding. I have two sets of cards written and that verse always hits home for me.

  3. Jeanie Kelley says:

    I have so much to be thankful for today. I guess the biggest thing is that Daniel, our son, is smart. Even with all that is going on with Warren and his job situation this is a huge praise. We could have a child that as soon as he hears dad lost his job that he would go into some sort of depression and begin to rebell and fail in school. This has been the oposite with Daniel. He has a 4.0 grade point average and is making good grades in school. As for prayer for me, I have heard from the enemy this week that I am worthless and will not amount to anything. I was feeling down about it. Please pray that the enemy will be bound from my mind and that I can continue to praise God for all that he has done for me and my family. Thanks for praying for me.

    • Paige Ward says:

      Dear Father,
      Thank You for the blessing Daniel is in Jeanie and her husband’s life. Thank You that You know the situation with Warren needing a job and You are in it. Surround Jeanie with Your presence and Your Words. Help her to put on Your armor so that she can fight the battle with You as the enemy is sprouting these lies at her. In Jesus’ name, amen

    • Oh Jeanie, you are fearfully and wonderfully made. May God send someone to show you how very special you are….I love that you put your prayers for your family first but today? I’m praying for YOU first. That you may hear the voice of God and know that you are absolutely precious in HIs sight!

  4. I have very amazing friends of mine lost their beautiful 19 year old girl in a tragic accident. I had chills as I saw the video. Please pray for that peace as they are in absolute agony and devastation. They are lost, they do know God which praise God I don’t know how they would make it. But they said yesterday prayers are the only thing keeping them going. Please pray for God to continue to carry and comfort them and give them the peace that passes all understanding!!!! That God gives them grace as they try to keep going with life. God is good so thankful He is always there for us!!!

  5. Paige Ward says:

    Dear Father,
    As the mother of a 20 year old daughter, I cannot even begin to imagine the deep lose this family is feeling. Please be there comfort during this difficult time; may they feel Your arms wrapped around them to comfort and to hold them up when they cannot hold themselves up anymore. Give them Your peace which passes all understanding to keep their hearts and minds in You. May Christian friends just surround them during this time to be Your hands to them. In Jesus’ name, amen

  6. Our god is so amazing!!!!
    I am starting to feel myself transform lately
    In physical and spiritual sense!!!!!
    I am praying for all of you as you each have needs that need to
    Be met!!!! Hugs

  7. Thanks Stephanie and Melissa for sharing the music that’s on your heart. The Lord has reminded me this week that he is my “strength and my song”.

    Praise report: my week this week has not been much different, responsibilities and family, home, work and community opportunities and obligations abound but I am walking in such peace. This is supernatural, without a doubt. I am so encouraged that my experience of life can be SO vastly different when I simply remember to turn to the Lord with all that troubles me and put my trust in Him.

  8. Please pray for me to find the strength to focus on what is at hand, in that very moment. As I struggle with having a firm understanding of what is God’s priority in my everyday life, I don’t want to lose touch with what is important to the bigger picture. Praying Jesus brings not only peace, guidance and understanding when needed, but also that I am prepared to receive it when He does!

    • Lord, I join with this woman in prayer asking that you reveal YOUR plan for her and guide her to the daily choices You would have her to make. We know that your plans are greater than ours and we pray that You give us the strength and the wisdom to walk with You in those plans.

  9. This is a weekend that will be challenging for me. Prayers are appreciated. My praises are for my children. My son is graduating from college next weekend and that is a huge blessing. My oldest son and his wife led out in Greater: A Night of Worship at their church last night. I was able to watch on LiveStream and get a blessing.
    Praying for all your requests today and appreciating being a part of this community of Jesus Girls!
    Thank you, Stephanie for teaching us this week. And thank you, Ginny, for your much needed devotional thought this morning! Xo
    Beth A. (OBS Group Leader)

    • Praying for you to feel God’s presence beside you all week during the difficulties. And what a blessing to see your children abandon themselves to God and lead a worship service!

  10. As I drive to work each morning I listen to the radio station and hear this song frequently. I feel as though God knows just what song I need to hear each moment and plays that for my drive. I feel that again as I listened to this song to prepare my heart for the day. I am struggling with putting my hope in God completely but the words of songs seem to lift me up.
    I am asking for prayer for my marriage. My husband and I have been separated for nearly a year and sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the stress of this situation. I feel it is God’s will for us to stay married for His glory and am waiting on Him, even though it is so hard. My husband does not have a spiritual connection and has mentioned he is mad at God for allowing us to be in this situation. I feel that God allowed this to happen so we would draw near to Him. I am trying to allow God complete control (I also followed along with Let.It.Go.). My hope is in You, God, because He really knows the big picture. Thank you for this Bible study.

    • Rebeckah I am joining with you in prayer! Marriages are under such an attack lately. May your husband’s heart be softened, may you both draw closer to God and allow Him to heal your marriage. May He give you comfort, peace and wisdom during this time apart.

    • Rebekah, prayers to you and also, that God would touch your husband’s heart in some way, so that he understands that he needs to return to you. May God soften his heart and show him the way back to you. This is your time to lean on The Lord, as you said, and give Him complete control. God Bless your family this week.

    • Debbie W. (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Rebekah I am lifting you and your husband in prayer. He does know the big picture. Hold on to his promises. Hugs to you!

  11. Please keep my husband in prayer as he is in South America meeting with government officials about our fight against human trafficking ministry. He and a few others will be working on our safe houses also. this is a big trip for the kingdom and your prayers a greatly appreciated. Praise that the team did make it safely there. Thank you ladies

    • Debbie W. (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Praying Tina for the ministry and each of you as you continue this beautiful work in God’s kingdom.

  12. Hi ladies, how i praise God for this ministry, for the truths gently spoken, for the ladies from so many different places/stages of life…..
    I also praise God that He pursues me…and extends grace…..
    I love love love the verse we had this week. I love that It has been on my mind and in my heart. I praise God for answering my prayers to help me turn to HIM and HIM alone…
    I have so far to go, but I have hope. I pray that I will be able to rest….be repentant and rest in Him…not my circumstances.
    I have a hard time asking for prayer…(is it pride?) my prayer is that I would quit seeking the approval of man…that i would not have my feelings so easily hurt, that I would love God’s people well…..that I would be faithful in my time with Him and absorb the Word of God in my eyes, mind and heart.

    oh that song?! wow…yes, for some reason it had a new meaning-the visual was grand! but the words were the cry of my heart: I won’t be shaken by drought or storm! and a peace that passes understanding IS my song.

    • Sally, I am coming along side of you in prayer. I mirror some of the same obstacles that you have. But He is faithful and hears our prayers.

  13. Phyllis Wiley says:

    Have a huge praise to share this morning! After almost 2 years of being unemployed, my husband is in day 3 of a job! It’s only part time, but at least it is something! God has provided as we have been able to make ends meet during this time (that is a miracle itself!!)
    My prayer request is actually for Monday night – I lead a Celebrate Recovery group at the Maximum Security Women’s Prison here and the guard who has been with us for the past 4 years is retiring and her replacement does not have a heart for the inmates, the volunteers or even being helpful. So I ask you to pray for a change in her heart as well as a great retirement for our officer who is leaving.
    Thank you ladies!

    • Praise God for your husbands new job! We give him all the honor and glory. He does provide and he does listen. Prayers for a change of heart for the replacement guard and for the officer who is leaving.

    • Michele aka Mickie from St Hgts Michigan says:

      Prayers lifted for her to open her heart to the
      women & for God to come into her heart!!! God
      be with the gal in her retirement that she
      has a happy fulfilled life after working & helping
      others & that God is w her & blessed her!!!

      • Prayers for the retiring guard and praise for years of dedicating service in an environment that cannot be easy. Prayers to the new guard that God touches her heart, sees your work in action and is moved by what God can do. You are a Blessing, too, for doing the great work of helping inmates.

  14. Laura Stabile says:

    Thanks SO MUCH for this OBS! It is such a wonderful reminder to ‘pick up God’s peace, but droppping our self-reliance & escape horses’……..during the drought or storms. Thanks to Jamey from the OBS for praying for my daughter’s credit score to come up 6 points by 5-1-13! There is no room for her in my middle daughter’s home with a new baby expected in May. She is so close to being able to purchase her own place, but we must all wait upon Him by the remaining 3 points to be posted. I live in another state & need to ‘drop my self-reliance’ & focus on studying for my licensure exam on 5-28-13. I am trying very hard to move myself & husband where my 3 daughters live to help them. My youngish husband is being evaluated in an Alzheimer’s Clinic & I’m trying to move with family before it gets more difficult………Aaron Shust’s song was so powerful..Only by returning to the Lord & waiting for Him, will we have peace & answers. I am thankful He longs to be compassionate to us, when we ‘try to fix things or make things happen’. We can return to Him…Thanks so much for your prayers & this study! We have to PICK UP that peace through He who is Faithful!

  15. I listen to this song all the time and now I will listen with a new ear! I have had so many blessings out of my husband being unemployed for over 7 months now. Although this has been one of the hardest seasons in my families life, my husband is now following the Lord, we have had to make huge changes in our spending and it has made us realize everything we take for granted each and everyday. God has provided a part time job for my husband which is a huge blessing. He has given me more clients during this storm and our house in in a forbearance for several months which has given us time to breathe and hopefully save it. He is giving us blessings and we want to show Him that we can be trusted with each and every gift given….and that we give Him all the honor and glory. Thank you dear Heavenly Father!

    • Thank you so much for sharing your blessings with us! I know it has been difficult but what a reward that your husband has surrendered his life to Christ! PTL!

      • Praying for you and your family. Although my husband has not been unemployed he is self employed and I know the stress that comes with not enough work to pay the bills. My husband is not in church and has not been for a while so thank God that your husband follows The Lord and pray that mine will.

        • Melanie,

          I pray for peace and strength for your family! I pray for your husbands heart to be softened and to look upward to the one that provides all our needs. Pray that your husband will become the spiritual leader of your family.

  16. Michele aka Mickie from St Hgts Michigan says:

    I was a lil behind this week but spent this morning
    catching up and finding out that God is w me
    during any stress I have been going thru & know
    that my peace will only come from Him!!! I just
    have to give it all to Him & He will take over!!!
    Prayers for our Dau in laws dad as he passed yesterday
    of the wicked big c…please keep her her subs our son
    & grkids n family all in prayer during their time of grief…
    Bless u all & have a blessed wkend full of Gods love
    & blessings!!! Thanks to Stephanie & Melissa!!!

  17. A prayer of thanksgiving for my Niece Amy and her husband for the safe and joyous arrival of their daughter, Miriam Sandra, early this morning!!

  18. It has been a rough week, my faith is strong but prayers always help….
    My mom has a cancerous mass in her neck that will be removed 5/7. She is in Oregon, I am in Texas. 3-4 weeks later 4-6 weeks of radiation will be needed. When should I go so I am most useful?
    My husbands last day at his job is Tuesday.
    My nephew has been suspended from school for drugs.
    My friends father had a heart attack while driving and is in serious condition.
    My daughter and I will most likely have to cancel our trip to New York for her birthday.BUT she got offered a full time job this week , huge praise.
    So always something good in the bad if you look hard enough.

    Thanks ladies for allowing me to share and for lifting up my family is this time of need.

    • Praying for you, your family, and for blessings for you and your family Janet.

    • Praying for you my sweet sister! and for your mom, your family, your friend’s dad and joining your in praising Him for the job offer!

    • Janet, that is a lot of emotional and mental anguish for you to handle. You absolutely have to hand it all over to God. My own sister is 3000 miles away and going through radiation right now. She didn’t want us to visit her yet. She’s still working and doesn’t want to use up her vacation time in case she has to do chemo. With your daughters new job she will be willing to postpone the trip. Jobs are a big issue, as you well know. Prayers out to you, your husband, your friend and her dad in the hospital, also your nephew, that he will understand the seriousness of his actions(sometimes tough love works in these types of situations). Love reading everyone’s posts and sharing our love with one another. Thank you OBS family.

  19. I give my praise to God as I have had a very blessed week. First I got an email from OBS following up on last week’s prayer request. I was brought to tears just with that caring thought and “followup”. I have a new position at work and it has been a very peaceful two weeks at work since that change, which was all from Gods work in my life. I haven’t taken over full duties with the new position but I can see why He placed me in this department. One of my husband’s friends sent an email about working a one day event with Marines Helping Marines. They are doing a fishing tournament for wounded soldiers in a few weeks and I felt drawn to help them. The soldiers get a day on the river for fun and a little competitive fishing. These guys have had head injuries, lost limb, etc…and it’s a day out of the hospital a d we treat thema d their families to a BBQ. In two days I’ve already gotten several food donations from local corporations. I think they may turn into a long term project for me. I have been so Blessed by God: our family is happy and healthy, we are all working and love one another. Our youngest son still needs a better job to pay lots of student loans, but, thankful for a loving family and OBS friends.

  20. Tristine says:

    Thank you Melissa. This has been a great week. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. I do have a prayer request. I am in need of prayer for myself to lean more on God with this challenge as a new wife and caregiver I felt like I WAS taken up into the F4 tornado. When I was told my 45 year old husband had a massive stroke and wasn’t expected to live I went into shock and the

  21. I have some unspoken requests that I need prayer for. God has been quiet lately and I miss hearing from him. Please pray he will speak to me regarding these requests. Thank you Melissa for this ministry!

    • Lifting you up to our Father this morning and knowing that He hears the cries of your heart! Praying that He will make Himself known to you today, open your eyes to His goodness surrounding you, and fill you with overwhelming joy and peace. Blessings!

  22. Praise god that today I have hope in knowing I will see my son who was killed in Afghanistan 2 years ago. I have complete assurance knowing where he is and I know for me and my 6 other children that is the only thing that gets us through the devastation. We miss him always !

    • Debbie W. (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Fran praising God with you for that hope that only He can give. So very sorry for your loss.

  23. Tristine says:

    oops..anyway. Though my life was thrown into deep turmoil last year, through my many years and gut wrenching heartache, NEW He was with me. Fast forward to today and it is a year later and would like prayer for me for stremgth, courage, and the wisdom to understand what my role is, and how I can give all this burden to God, always. I praise Him for you.

    • Praying that you will have the strength, courage, wisdom, understanding, and everything else you need Tristine!

      • Tristine, the thought that has been strong for me is to lean on God first, not after we have tried and failed at what we thought would work. Lean on God first. Cast your cares on Him. Continue to pray for guidance in what your role should be. He has placed you in this situation because he knows what you are capable of doing, but wants you to seek Him first. He would not set you up for failure, seek His guidance. I lift my prayers up to The Lord for Tristine to find the strength to get through this difficult time. May The Lord show you the way, give you the help you need during this time.

  24. Marie (Ree) says:

    I’ve so enjoyed this OBS and really look forward to searching my inbox for Melissa’s
    Email. Thanks to all this who’ve worked to make it possible.

    I’m beginning to see changes in the way I handle stress at work as well. The Lord recently led me to scripture in the book of Eccleiastes where the King in Jerusalem at the time was searching for meaning in his life; only to conclude that “everything is meaningless under the sun!” Ecclesiastes Chapters 1 & 2 remind me that life without God is meaningless, but a life regulated by God and His word brings joy, and the “Peace” we’ve all been searching for so desperately!

    I love music and the song by Aaron Shust is a favorite of mine as well! A friend introduced me to KLOVE radio several years ago and I’ve never changed the channel! The KLOVE morning crew shared a comment from “Jase” one of the sons on “Duck Dynasty” (Cable TV show about a Christian Family that makes Duck Calls-These guys speak regularly at schools and college campus’s across the United States)…anyway Jase called The Bible ” A WEAPON OF MASS INSTRUCTION”!
    I’m amazed at just how true that statement is; the more I read and study God’s word!

    I’m believing for all of you and standing firmly with you in prayer this week!

  25. Thank you Stephanie and Melissa for a wonderful week!!! I love reading about the positive changes in everyone’s lives! At my office things had been really tense and stressful, but this week things started changing, everyone started getting along, smiling, and really working together. It was absolutely amazing, praise the Lord!!!

  26. Carol Bruntlett says:

    I have a prayer request , I just started a job , and I get paid every 2 weeks and where I live at I rent , and I was unable to pay March and April rent due to beI g unemployed , my landlord called in April and he asked me what was happening I final,y was truthful with Him and let him know I was out of work for 5 months , and he said I want May 1 st rent May 1 st and I said okay , but woith my job and currently getting 20 hrs a week my first 2 weeks pay check was not enough to pay all the rent, so I am asking for prayer for that , that my landlord might possibly wait until the 22 nd of May to get rent because then I will have full amount , plus I have a gas bill heating bill that I need to get paid so that doesn’t get disconnected , I feel sometimes when I look at my circumstances that I am not getti g ahead and I do not know how all this will work out need a roof over my head and need gas bill to keep hot water . If you all could send a prayer up for me I would appreciate it very much .
    Thank you
    It’s been a ruff 5 months I just need to get back on my feet and when that happens I wil,be able to get things back to or al I hope and pray

    • Carol, those are tough situations to be in. My Prayer to God is that he intervenes with the money you need to get caught up and not having the feeling of always being behind. That feeling alone can overwhelm your mind and affect you physically and mentally. Please God find a way for Carol to get her bills paid, to get ahead in her financial situation. I know you have a plan for her, but these are difficult times. Give Carol the knowledge that she can lean on you and you will help her. Her body is Your Temple and these problems are surely going to affect that temple in a negative way. Praise for this sister as she works out this situation during the next week.

      • Carol…I too am praying tha God will bring the money you need to get caught up…and encourage you as you wait for his answers. Love and prayers for the week to come.

  27. Need prayers for my back, it’s not healing from a mole that was removed, it seems infected and it’s in a bad place, hard to take care of. Praying I can have a peaceful day with my family today, that we can draw near to God. Praising God for another beautiful day, the weather has been amazing. Thanks for this Ministry, it’s a blessing

  28. I need prayer.. my husband jut got laid off. not sure for how long. My oldest is still battling her own demons and she also needs 2200 dollars for a trip next summer for school. And most of all I think our family need an overhaul on the selfish and laziness that is going on….. Thanks so much. I do have a praise one of my friends came to know the LORD this week…..

    • Amy, Praising God with you and rejoicing with the angels in heaven for your friend’s salvation! Also, saying a prayer for you and your family and these things that concern you. I encourage you to find scripture for each of these concerns and stand on His promises. I thank God that His word is true, His promises are real, and His love is overwhelming! Blessings!

  29. Please pray for me as I travel to Uganda to distribute Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. I am glad to be in a study that addresses stress because there has been a million details to see to and I have felt peace all along the way.

  30. I had my thryoid removed 9 months ago and was diagnosed with Lyme disease about the same time.. In addition to trying to get the medication levels right because I no longer have the hormone produced by the thyroid, I am having other issues such as hair shedding, insomnia and neuropathy just to name a few. I think I have always been a pretty strong person and have relied on my faith in times of trouble. My doctors think I am suffering from anxiety and want me to take an antidepressant and something to help me sleep. I have prayed and prayed to God to restore my health. I don’t feel depressed or anxious and I have mixed feelings about taking these drugs. I feel weak in my faith because I may need to take these meds. Please pray for me..thank you.

    • As a thyroid cancer survivor, I feel your pain. So much goes into getting those levels right!! It is like a finely tuned instrument, my surgeon says. But so very difficult to go through!! I am praying for you to sense God’s peace. Having been on antidepressants before due to PPD about 10 years ago, I know that feeling of not wanting a stigma attached to me. But I also know that if I were diabetic, odds are I wouldn’t have struggled with that question at all. I would just take the Meds and treat it. Hopefully you have wise doctors who can work with you in figuring out what the root cause is …. If it is physical or chemical. And if it is spiritual due to stress, etc., then I pray the Lord reveals that to you as well. You are in the right study. Hang in there!!! ~Steph

  31. I have two praises I’d like to share. I’m visiting my Aunt this weekend at what used to be my Grandparents house. I spent a lot of time here growing up but I hadn’t been back here since losing both my Grandparents and my Mom. Earlier this week I started feeling very restless about coming, worrying that the fact they’re all gone, and how much has changed in such a short time, was going to hit me like a ton of bricks when I walked through the door. A few days before leaving, I turned to my FB group for prayer and they were all so encouraging, so I really can’t thank you enough group 37! I also found the take a break card we were assigned to be very comforting. God used all of that and replaced my restlessness about coming, with peace and joy and, while I miss the family members that are gone tremendously and wish they were here, I don’t feel overwhelmed. Praise God!
    The second praise I’m really excited about and still can’t believe it. Despite the tremendous amount of fear I was flooded with when I learned about the She Speaks conference, I registered yesturday! My husband and I prayed about it and discussed it and I asked others to pray as well, and as the days went on, I began to be filled with more and more peace and confirmation about it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still fearful, and am so thankful this study continues for 2 more months to help keep me from becoming filled with anxiety about it. If the only thing that comes of it is that I was able to face my fear and take that next step towards obeying the Lord, then it’ll still be worth every penny…can’t wait to meet some of you and learn more of what the Lord has in store!

  32. I’ve had moments this week where I have felt unworthy, useless, exhausted, failure, not good enough….a lot of those feelings came out last night alone. Last night I was shunned and made to feel less by adult women. One in particular really shattered my self esteem, the mother of one of my Girl Scouts. She’s the PTA president, skinny, beautiful, she’s got it all.. and her one comment spoke volumes. These feelings have even affected me with not writing a blog this week…you know that “I’m not good enough” thought. But then I remembered something this week that I stumbled upon when I went to Michael Hyatt’s blog. The Dove Real Beauty Sketches video. The very last screen that says, “You are more beautiful than you think.” God wanted me to know that I am beautiful, I am worthy, I can write, I am a great Mom, and I am also a great troop leader. My girls are happy. I did not get to do everything I wanted to accomplish this year with my girls but we did finish one journey and to see their creativity at the end of last night….well all I can say is that they took my breath away and I am so very proud of all 11 girls! To top off the night, the school janitor told me that our troop is the best and most well behaved troop that meets at that school!

  33. I ask for your prayers for my oldest daughters friends 17month old cousin who was just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Her name is Stella and her family is requesting prayer that The Lord sustain them and the the Great Physician heal their baby. I ask for your continued prayer for my panic attacks. I need so badly for this ten years of sheer terror to be taken from me so that I can drive without the fear that is keeping me from doing the things I need to do and from helping those that the
    Lord has put in my life to help. I feel like I made great strides at the beginning of the week only to take two steps backwards again. I feel convicted that I turned to unhealthy choices the past two days instead of turning to God admits the chaos. It makes me feel unworthy of his help. I want the peace I found at the beginning of the week to fill my soul. I found this passage in the Proverbs 31 devotional this week that jumped,off the page and into my heart Philippians 4:13 I can do all this through him who gives me strength. This is my prayer for all of us!
    May God Bless you all.

  34. Polly Schneider says:

    I love this song. Thanks, Melissa for sharing it. We have had a very hard week here at our house. My husband’s hours at work have been reduced to practically nothing and I am not working due to health problems, so we are under a lot of financial stress. I felt like giving up this week. It was so hard and I felt afraid. But this OBS and our verse for the week gave me hope and kept me going. So praise the LORD for that!
    Also we have great kids that are such a support to us. We are not alone in this struggle, I need to remember that. PRAYER MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE! Thanks ladies. GOD bless!
    Please keep us in your prayers. I will be praying for all of you. Thanks for your support, it makes all the difference just knowing others care and are praying. GOD

  35. I’m so late for work but I had to share! Praise: My husband and I have been having a hard time, went to a Weekend to Remember last week and I came home wi th the man I maried! Also, God is really helping me breakthru a 17 yr struggle with fear. Prayer: I am about to embark in opening my own, small salon. I need resources and clarity I am supposed to. Also, my husband just took a new job, we felt God led him to, that has proven to demand much more of his time. It has become very stressful on all of us. He has been approached two times now by the superintendent on the site he is working on, another company, for a full time, stationary position. It is something he has been preparing for on his own time! BUT he just took this job he is in, and th e company is relying on him HEAVILY. As a man he feels he can’t let them down, but I’m afraid of all the stress and it’s damage to him and our family. God i in control, we just need clear vision:) Glorious uncertainty, and breathless expectation!!!!

  36. There has been some improvement in my marriage. But we still have along way to go. It does seem like marriages every where are under a huge attack.

    I also need prayer for feeling unmotivated. I don’t want to do anything and that includes leaving the couch. I have lots of commitments that I need to fill and not feeling like it.

    Praise report: My husband is actively trying to arrange his schedule to be able to attend church with me and the kids.

  37. My praise is that yesterday I felt well enough to go out with my family. We took pictures and had a nice dinner at Red Lobster, and my mom paid for my meal, just being with my family refreshed my soul. Might not sound like much, but with chronic illness, my days are very unpredictable and I had been couped up all week not feeling good enough to leave the house.

    It is so funny that Melissa listed the song by Aaron Shust, because that song has been on my mind all week, and I have played it a few times this week. I am so thankful that God uses music to speak to our hearts. God has also used other people to speak deep into my soul this week.

    Stephanie Clayton, you are amazing!! I love the way you encourage others with your words. You are my sweet sister in Christ. I always read your blog and your way with words always encourages my weary soul!

    I will be keeping you all in prayer as we start week 4, I can’t wait to see what God has in store for all of us!

  38. Seems like sometimes when you take one step forward you take two steps back. I was getting so much inspiration from chapter 2 and was applying it to my life and now I feel like I’m dealing with a spiritual battle. I have never felt depressed, but I was a little down this week dealing with problems at work, but I am thankful for the memory verse from the first week. I was able to turn to it many times remembering that God is with me, don’t be discouraged and He is my strength and help. I know His is with me. I pray for a shield of protection around my heart and mind right now and continued learning from this study.

    • That’s how the enemy works. He sees us drawing closer to The Lord and will do whatever he can to ruin it. Through work, health, family…any situation he can get you to stumble in and move backward instead of forward. But don’t be discouraged because God is with you and He’s protecting you! Praying for you.

  39. Wendy Franke says:

    I have been incredibly moved by this community. Whether the prayers and encouragement are for me or others, it is so very powerful! I thank the Lord for every one of the women who utilize this site – be it to receive, to give, or to find peace in the shared words.

    Blessings to all of you!

  40. TABITHA JONES says:

    I am PRAISING the Lord today!!! Two year ago today my life was changed forever. We had a tornado come through and destroyed our town. I lost my job, friends, my kids lost there school. I am thanking the Lord for protecting my family and blessing us. I lost my job but God gave me a new one that is so much easier for my physical body and I am able to be with my boys more. God has really taught me a lesson through all of that. I will never take things for granted like I use to. We get so complasent with the way we live life that we never think that we will not have the necessitates of life everyday. When the tornado came through we were without power for a least 7 days and we didnt have a gas station or grocery store for at least that long. God can get your attention. He made me realize that I was to dependent on life in general and that I need to get back on my knees and get back to glory. We still don’t have a grocery store but life goes on.

  41. I am thankful that my daughter’s increase in her Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis meds DIDN’T make her sick last night!! The increase was discouraging, but I know that God is in control & He knows what is best for her!!

    I am also thankful today for the beautiful sun that is shining, a “kidless” date-night with my husband, parents that are healthy, and family time this weekend!

  42. Please remember our oldest son Jacob in prayer. He has had gastro-intestinal problems for most of his life. We have been trying to get answers for about the past 5 or 6. Every test they have done has come back normal. We take him back on Monday to see his Pediatric gastro-intestinal doctor. I am not sure where we go now because they did both upper and lower scans and they showed nothing. He is constantly doubled over in pain and throwing up. Fortunately we homeschool, so he is able to stay caught up for the most part.

    This past week has been a really bad week. He has not been able to really eat or do anything. I thank you in advance for your prayers.

  43. On May 11 2012 our neighbor who’s husband is an EMT knocked on our door to tell us that our oldest son had been in a terrible motorcycle accident, her husband was Jimmy’s first responder PTL! We are a family of motorcycles, so we are aware that many do not survive a crash. I could not get to the hospital fast enough. We didn’t know how bad it was or what exactly happen. I remember feeling a bit panicked but at the same time had peace. Jimmy was driving a friends new bike trying it out, and driving too fast lost control and collided with a cement wall. He had a compound fracture, broken knows and lots of flesh wounds, and a concusion it was awful seeing my baby like this, but through it all I don’t think I have ever felt the peace of God like I did though this. God reminded me that He loved Jimmy more than I ever could and that he was not done with him. I will never understand how people go through these kinds of things without the Lord. Today, almost one year later, Jimmy is finishing up getting his AA and working at our local plywood mill and looking forward to getting the metal plate that had to be put in his leg out. God is so awesome, and when we put Him first, in the most stressful times He comes through! Thank you Jesus!

  44. A prayer request that God would bring into my life a like-minded friend whom has time to spent with me once in a while. Thanks.

  45. Wait on God. You’d think I’d be almost perfect at this by now! :) My husband and I have been waiting over 2 years for a baby, which seems like an eternity. And at first I was not a patient waiter, nor was I as close to The Lord as I am today. I have surrendered my infertility to Him and trust that He has a plan that’s perfect for me. It was not easy at first. When you want something so bad, especially a child and you see everyone else receiving that gift, it’s hard not to be bitter and angry. I’ve shed many, many tears in the last 2 years. The good thing is my tears have turned from bitter, angry tears, to tears of joy when I feel the peace of God come over me about my situation. (Now, that’s not to say that this is easy, and I still do have days where I cry out of sadness and longing and frustration.)

    My prayer request is this:
    My husband and I are going tomorrow morning to have our first fertility treatment. I would ask that you pray for peace for both of us and for God’s will to be done. Of course we want that to be a healthy, beautiful baby, but we know if that’s not part of His plan then we’ll be okay!

    • Becky Knelle says:

      Praying for you. God answered our prayers for a child. He also guided us through the entire process. Put your trust in The Lord and you will receive your hearts desire.

    • I’ll be praying for you Jessica. God bless you!

  46. Dear Father,
    You alone know the challenges and heartaches I am facing this day.,thank you for seeing me through the storm and for your strength and peace and for the wonderful women at Proverbs 31 who are praying for me & with me. You are sovereign and faithful always. I lift up my family, my dreams, my desires to you this day. Please be near to all of us this week In all of these deep and hurtful places. I pray for your mighty hand to reach out to all who are hurting, stressed, and lost. Please take this terrible migraine away that I awoke to this morning. I ask in your great name JESUS. Thanks for all you are doing in each of our lives.

  47. Phyllis Nichols Gutierrez says:

    I have learned some amazing truths this week that have served me well. Dealing with someone who has alcohol is heartbreaking for all and can be very stressful. Through this study and the featured scripture, I have been able to give my woes to God and get in his word in order to avoid the instinctual way I would react…Blowing UP! Praise God for his wonderful blessings and for the work he is doing in my life.
    Asking prayers for my Aunt Ann as she continues cancer treatments. Praying for wisdom for her doctors,increased faith and trust in God and for God’s will to be done. Thank you. You are a wonderful group of ladies and we are all here for a reason to learn, support and pray for each other.

  48. Dear sweet ladies, I have been reading all your requests and praises and feel so blessed to have you all as my OBS sisters and dear, dear friends. I love you one and all. to God be the glory great things He hath done, and will do. I need prayers for several things, Titles on vehicles are still misplaced, daughter still needs financial help, the situation has gotten worse because the DMV took her whole pay check because of a ticket on a car she sold many years ago but failed to do a release of liability so she is in a town and desperately needs to get back home so she can start her new job. Also, her car payment is overdue and if she doesn’t pay it the key thingy will shut down and she won’t be able to drive it and go to work. New job, new town and now new stress. I still haven’t found the lost unspoken request item so please continue for that please. Living situation for the kids and grandkids with grandma and she is not liking it. I believe she is in first stages of dementia and cannot remember she told them they could move in with her. Middle son’s marriage to be repaired, he is estranged from his wife and living with us. He is out of work and trying a at home job which looks like it might pick up. For his invention to get going and to hear from the company regarding that. Many many more. and above all today, please pray for me to receive the prayer cards in the mail which I ordered from Proverbs 31 ministry several months ago. I still have not received them. I am wondering what happened but knowing our awesome God, He will let them arrive in the mail at the exact perfect timeing for me. I pray for you each and believe God for your answers. He will provide. I feel so less stressed most days but do have days when I feel not so worthy and I too cannot hear God. He is silent and doesn’t know I am around anymore. I need to lose about twenty pounds but too many birthdays in April and May, thus birthday cake. I lost over seventy pounds two years ago and have kept it off until recently and i am struggling with taking off the twenty now. And last for today, the grand kids are totally out of control. Oh they obey in public so no embarrassment there but at home they are sometimes holy terrors. Pray for us to be consistent with the discipline as there are four adults giving out orders and not enough consistancy.
    thank you for listening to me. Love our study. I really need those prayer cards I ordered.

  49. Sharon Raffety says:

    Hello thanks for all inspiring OLBS. Love my emails .. I have a prayer request my daughter is a senior in college @ lee university math education major. She needs prayer over passing this praxis 2 test. The results will be a couple weeks away this is last test to pass in order got her to graduate. This is 3rd time taking it. And says she feels no better about than the last two times. I pray God to intervene and aloe that test to be passed and give her peace and hope while she waits on results. Last night I heard her say she was scared to fully rely on God to pass because she does not want to be mad at God if she doesn’t!! She has always been strong in her faith. God has always given her favor. Not sure where this doubt has come from !!! I will keep praying scriptures over her and trusting God as always!!!

  50. Lee Roberts says:

    This weak has been a great week I am getting much closer to God through this study. I really have been working on letting God handle things and also letting God give me the peace He so wants to give me. It is amazing how much better I feel leaving everything at His feet. All the good things and the bad that happen can be left at His feet. This week my Husband lost a favorite aunt and I want to lift him up in prayer. My mother-in-law lost one of her favorite sisters. I will be praying for her to. Their names are Pat Harold and my husband’s name is James Roberts. Keep the Hartsock family in your prayers Zina Hartsock is my husband’s aunt’s name. She will no longer suffer in this world and God has simply taken the pain away and taken her home to be with him. But in reality her death is a blessing for her.