Apr 28

Stressed-Less Living, Week 4

Welcome to Week 4 of our Stressed-Less Living Online Bible Study!

I have a little message for you today~

If you can’t see the video message from me above, click here to view directly on You Tube.

Here is an overall view of what this week of study will look like~

Reflection Verse 4

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. Romans 12:2 NIV

Suggested Assignments, Week 4

Sunday~ Get ready for Week 4. Look over your week and plan for time with God and Bible study.

Monday~ Bible Study! Grab your Bible, pen, highlighter, notebook, index card for mapping, and go to my blog www.MelissaTaylor.org for your Bible study assignment. Jennifer Newsom has a great lesson planned for you! Discussion and interaction will be happening in the comment section.

Monday Night~ 2nd Conference Call!! Our call this week is with two of our amazing OBS Team members, Amanda Gibson and Jennifer Newsom (who also happens to be leading us in study this week!) Amanda and Jennifer are no strangers to hard times and stress. They know what it’s like to be surrounded by stress yet remain filled with peace. Our message for this call is 3-D Change. Have your pen and paper ready~ this is a note taking message for sure! You will not want to miss this one! Click here to register for the Conference Call Series. Each call is recorded and available for later listening and download.

Tuesday & Wednesday~ Read Chapter 4, Time for Change and answer the discussion questions at the end of Chapter 4. Visit my blog, www.MelissaTaylor.org, each day for discussion.

Thursday~ Blog Hop! Our blog hop is next best thing to mama’s fried chicken! (Okay, maybe you don’t like fried chicken~ it’s my very favorite food in the world & I don’t have it very often~don’t judge me) We have some fabulous bloggers that bring some incredible insight and wisdom to us each week. If you haven’t tried the blog hop yet, I hope you will greatly consider it. Don’t be afraid, just do it! Whatever you do, make sure you read some of these blogs.

This week’s blog hop topics:

1. Transformed.  Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. ~ Romans 12:2 NIV

Haven’t taken the “verse mapping” plunge? Dig into this verse for three days and share with us how your heart responds to His message to you.

2. Power Surge.  We’ve all experienced a power surge, one that brings our appliances into overload, popping circuit breakers, and blowing fuses. Well experiencing God’s presence is a whole other kind of power surge! Share a time when you have felt God’s presence in a profound way, or hear His voice speak directly to your heart.

3. Big Dream, Wee Step. Chapter 4.  Is God calling you to make a change? Has He put a dream in your heart that seems just impossible to achieve? What is one little step you can take toward that dream. If you’re not sure, then start by sharing a prayer, asking God to keep your eyes and heart open to His leading.

4. #Legacy.  Ok, we’re doing our #Blessed post a wee bit differently this week in honor of the Proverbs 31 Ministry’s Legacy Campaign! Is there a woman who has impacted your faith and influenced your life with God’s love? Perhaps a friend, sister, mother, grandmother, mentor or pastor’s wife? Check out the link above and share a post lifting up a woman in your life OR add her to your #Blessed post with an explanation.

Friday~ Bible Study Lesson and your Take Away for the week! Visit my blog, www.MelissaTaylor.org.

Saturday~ Prayer Requests & Praises. Visit my blog, www.MelissaTaylor.org, and share your prayer needs and praises with our group. It’s an honor to come together and pray for one another!

Remember to leave a comment each time you visit! Every time you leave a comment, you will be entered to win a prize, which will be given away this Friday! This week we have a great Bible study kit that we are giving away. Details in tomorrow’s post.

Let’s Go Week 4!



  1. Marie (Ree) says:

    I’m so excited about this week’s study!!
    Thank you Melissa for your sweet prayer and words
    Of encouragement! I’m lifting you and your family
    and all the staff at Proverbs 31 Ministries up in prayer!
    This study has been a revelation and I’m already seeing changes
    in how I respond to stressful situations at work!
    I am becoming more aware and am in
    better control of not only my actions, but my reactions
    as well!
    The verse mapping has been a new study tool for me.
    I have paraphrased our verse from the results of my
    Verse Mapping below:
    Do not behave according to the socially acceptable
    model this world proposes you to imitate, but
    make marked, notable changes to your character by
    rebuilding spiritually and replacing your thoughts
    with righteous ones. Then you will be able to critically
    examine and accept what God’s desire for you is –
    be it yes or no, you will come to know His
    good & pleasing and perfect will for your life.

    Looking forward to the Conference Call!
    I hope you all have a great week!!

  2. This bible study has been a breath of fresh air for me! Thank you Tracie Miles for writing the book and Melissa Taylor for making a bible study out of it!!! When I found your page I was at my wits end! With each new day I was faced with challenges that were seemingly unbearable. For weeks before this bible study started, I prayed at home, in the car, at church, just about everywhere I went for God to help me see what it is that is holding me down, find confidence in myself again, and take back my prior life of peace and tranquility! The past three weeks have been filled with blessings of knowledge and understanding. Best by far is that I am walking closer with Jesus than I possibly ever have before and feel His presence with me at every turn. I am finally getting to the root of the problems and as I address them in the way The Lord has weighed on me, I see positive outcomes! My relationships with my family members are growing stronger! This bible study has made such an impact on not only me, but it is reaching those I love! May God find favor with this bible study and its outreach. Dear Holy One: I pray for an abundant shower of your favor and blessings for all those in the study and may You use us in a way that impacts families, communities, and the world! Amen

  3. Had a stress test failure today…I thought I was on the ball…haha…such a minute thing too, but when we are weak He is strong! I am thankful for His Word and friends who encourage.

  4. This is one of my favorite verses. For me, transforming my mind is where it all begins. I have to change this most of all and am always working on it. Yesterday was a bit of a challenge but I was not discouraged. I did not feel stressed about it although I did have a hard time going to sleep. I did what I typically do when my mind doesn’t want to shut off, I prayed for rest and told Jesus how thankful I was and next thing I knew it was morning :)

    Thank you for this week!

  5. Thanks for the video message. It helped reinforce the idea that finding peace is not about what life throws at us, our circumstances, or situations we face. It’s about our mind. When I look back at my life, I can see that just when things are going well, or at the very least settling down, something challenging gets thrown in the mix. I have fallen in the trap of thinking that if only this or that happened my life would *poof* magically be different. When I really think about it, that’s simply not the case. I pray that as I renew my mind and empty it of all the ‘clutter’ of stress, worry, anxiety, fear, etc. that God will fill up those spaces.

  6. Michelle says:

    Thank you for the video message. This weeks verse is one that I need to think on more often. My pastors message on Sunday was about offense. As he was teaching I could see how offense is worsened by stress. To get away from offense and stress is only by the renewing of our minds on the things of God and not of the world.

  7. Hey Melissa,
    Thanks so much for your video message! It’s great to get to know you better! I know you won’t know us quite as well, but I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate seeing your video! God has had one central theme over the chapters I’ve read so far: Take the time to be with Him in order to experience His peace. This week’s bible verse is in keeping with this lesson he is teaching me – God says ‘renewing’ and I’m beginning to realize that he means this is a constant verb, not a one time action. Every single day new stressful things will come up and as a result, I need to renew my mind as often as possible in order to deal with life.
    Thanks again!
    Have a super week!

  8. Looking forward to this week! After Tuesday of last week, I feel off track with keeping up a bit. Ready to start fresh this week! Also, haven’t tried verse mapping yet but perhaps this will be a good week to do so!

  9. I am sOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo excited for this week’s bible study and what new thoughts and feelings it will bring;) I already feel that a ginormous weight has been lifted off of my shoulders, just in the first 3 weeks.

    BrInG iT oN LiFe!!

  10. Barbara Greer says:

    I got behind in the Study. I let life overwhelm me again. But started Friday night reading and digging in here and all. I think this was God’s perfect timing because the things I have read are amazing and helping me. I thank you for doing the Bible Study online and am so glad I joined in. I am now caught up. There are a few things that I will go back and do, like examine what stresses me the most again. But now I am looking forward to this weeks study.

  11. Thanks for the video message. Looking forward to participating in the blog hop on Friday…

  12. Ready to undergo a CHANGE!!!

  13. jackie s says:

    i was thinking so much today that i needed to be renewed – my health, my thoughts,…it’s been a busy couple of weeks. How excellent that our verse of the week speaks directly to that. And you know – the verse doesn’t say – “if you feel like it” – it says TO BE renewed. God expects and God does.

  14. I have not been keeping up with this bible study and today I’m working on getting caught up. The video spoke to me about my job. I have been so stressed the past couple of weeks at work and was beginning to think I needed to change jobs, but Melissa said something about not letting your job stress you out but to lean on God. All of a sudden I felt a peace that I haven’t felt in several weeks. I’ve been contemplating changing jobs but now I feel like I can stay where I am and allow God to give me the peace that I need. He has always been faithful in providing me with what I need in my rough times, and I know that this bible study is just what I need now.

  15. Melissa, thank you so much for your video message! Last week was so busy as my Special Olympics team participated in the area games preparing for the state games one month away! Fell behind a little and just finished The Silent Killer…this whole chapter spoke to my heart…reassured me of the ways I relieve my areas…by relaxing and focusing on the Lord! It also gave me pause to reflect on my own parenting skills which weren’t very good when it came to Swimming Against the Current…I will pray for my children and adult children everywhere to open their hearts souls and minds to the Holy Spirit that he may open their eyes to Jesus! In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  16. Feeling a wee bit stressed this week and delayed…so starting by reading and watching video of this blog, then will proceed with Monday’s lesson and will be digging into the bible while I am working. Then tonight I will be reading and answering questions. Wednesday my goal is to get last week’s blog post completed and then will also be writing this week’s blog post! I can do this!!!

  17. Melissa Chambers says:

    Thanks for your prayer, it was exactly what I needed to hear! I had to take notes as you asked God to help us not only discover His peace but to participate with the God of peace! It is so easy to read a book and others comments but we most use what God has provided us and led us to, to make real, lasting change and continual growth in our relationship with Jesus! Love you!

  18. Katrina says:

    Thank you Jennifer for your extra commitment in leading us this week! I’m a little behind, having gone on a mini vacation, but I’m so excited to be jumping back in, and digging into this weeks reflection verse and ch. 4. I’ve always loved Romans 12:2 and had actually chose it to be the theme or primary focus of my overall blog page, which I had started just months before discovering OBS.

  19. I am looking forward to another great study!

  20. Kathy Stout says:

    Great study – so far have had sveral take-aways.. I was not sure at first, as I thought I was dealing fairly well with stress…if only I really knew!

  21. Stephanie W. says:

    Melissa, thank you for this message. Somehow I missed this earlier in the week. A sign of how busy this week has been. I love the quote you mentioned on Page 82. I looked back to my book and I have it not only underlined but 3 stars by it!! This study is great and the women involved in it are amazing. Thanks for your part in making it happen. I appreciate your prayer at the end of the video. While we are miles apart, it felt like we were in the same room. God Bless!