May 4

SLL Week 4 ~ Praises & Prayer Requests

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It’s been a pretty big reflection week for me.  Question 5 at the end of Chapter 4 threw me for a loop.  Go check it out…..I’ll wait here…….

See what I mean?  I’m blessed to be a stay at home mom.  My family has made a lot of sacrifices in order for us to do that, but my husband and I agree that it is worth it and God has made a way for us to do it.  But I wonder sometimes if there is more I should be doing.  And I think if we are honest with ourselves, we have all hit a point in our lives where we have said, “Is this it God?”   Are we doing enough?  Are we in the right place?  Tracie asks us to consider if we may be too stressed or distracted to realize that maybe we aren’t where God wants us to be.  For some of you, that may be the case.  It is so easy to get started on a path and miss the turn because we are just cruising along and then realize WAAYYYYY down the road that we aren’t where we are supposed to be.

But there is another possibility.  Have you ever been on a long road trip and hit a stretch of road that extends for what feels like forever and nothing changes?  It’s the same view for hours and you begin to wonder if maybe you missed your turn because you had zoned out.  Sometimes I think I get like that with life.  I have been parenting for 18 years now and sometimes it can feel like that great big stretch of nothing on the highway.  I have been a Christian for 13 years now and sometimes I get in a grove and end up feeling like what I am doing isn’t what God had planned for me, and I get stressed out that I am not doing enough.  And I am sure that sometimes that is true.  But sometimes I just lose sight of what God has called me to because too much of the world clouds my view of the importance of what I am doing.

In my OBS Facebook small group we were discussing that and one of my gals made a statement that has stuck with me.  The gal who made it is a nurse and she is being treated for breast cancer.  This is a gal who has plenty of reason to stress out and to have questions.  What she said was that she looks for God wherever she is.  It’s a simple statement but it was so profound to me.  The good news is that He is always there, even if we are on the wrong path.  He never leaves us, even if we are just coasting along.  If we look for God wherever we are then we can refocus and we can let Him lead us to the path we are supposed to be on. Or we can spend some time with Him, in His Word, and take comfort that we haven’t missed the turn and we are on the right path.  Sometimes we feel lost because we have lost sight of our compass.

So today take a minute to refocus on who should be our true North, get in His Word, spend some time in prayer and ask Him to show you what His plan is.  Did you miss your turn off?  Or have you zoned out because the view isn’t as exciting as you would like for it to be?  Melissa and her team can only point you at the tools you can use (and they do an awesome job of it!), but as Igor reminds us in the cartoon above, we have to utilize the tools we have in order to achieve our transformation.


Ginny Blankenship

How can we pray for you this week?  Please share your prayer requests and praises below.



  1. Stephanie W says:

    Please pray for me in the area of finances. A major eye opening experience has recently occurred and I feel so lost and helpless. I know I was headed in the wrong direction, but am so grateful for a new Christian friend who has reminded me that God sees my faithfulness. I know this is only temporary, yet it seems too hard to even deal with. This weeks reminder to get in the word and pray is just what I needed to hear.

    • Praying for you today, Stephanie. God is faithful and He will provide and sustain you.
      Love and Prayers,
      Beth A. (OBS Group Leader)

    • Ginny Blankenship says:

      Praying for you Stephanie. Remember that God will provide what you need and lean on Him, especially during the times that what we need isn’t always what we want. Praising Him for providing you with a Christian friend to encourage, support, and share with you on your path.

  2. Michele aka Mickie from St Hgts Michigan says:

    Gm gals everywhere…today I ask for prayer
    please for my hubby n stepson who r ill
    N need a touch of God in their lives n for
    Patience for me esp for all we been thru this week
    But on the other hand I think of what my
    dear sweet mama always told me ( being handicapped
    from age 42 til her journey home at 87 ) ‘honey there is
    always someone going thru things then me
    n you n how true….
    It has been an xtra stessful week but w my
    Online bible study n God by my side n all u wonderful
    Women n your comments i have begun to
    feel a lil less stressed but still have to let go
    N let God show me the way thru His word…
    Everyday I start w a hi to Him n pray n have my
    Morning time w Him n slowly that peace is coming…
    Ty to Tracie for a wonderful book to read n study
    N reread until it all sinks in.,.. All have a blessed
    Wkend n will catch up to u all
    Monday….Ty for everyone input it really
    does make a difference in your life when
    u hear n realize u aren’t the only one w all these
    stessors!!!! Amen!!!

    • Mickie, praying for your family. This community of ladies has also been such a huge blessing to me. Really helps put things into perspective when we see we are all on the same journey.
      Love and Prayers,
      Beth A. (OBS Group Leader)

  3. Today I pray for each and every need surrounding the precious Jesus Girls here. We serve a mighty and powerful God, He knows our every need and will make every provision for that need ~ remember, His timing and provision may not be ours – but His is perfect. Hugs and Big Love to all! xoxoxoxox

  4. Linda G says:

    Dear Lord, I ask for your guidance to keep showing me where I am suppose to be at this stage in my life. Please guide me as to help me find a job that I can do from the home front as there is a toddler who needs me to be home with her who has special needs which need attention each week with therapy. I have taken your lead in showing me this child needs me in her life but now I ask you to show me how I can help my husband provide while doing this.
    I thank you Dear Lord for the guidance this week and the answer to my prayers I have prayed to you about. Thank you for all the blessings in our life, including our less than modern home as it provides shelter for us. Thank you for showing me I too can be patient. In Jesus name, Amen.

    • Joining you in prayer, Linda. May God bless your obedience!
      Love and Prayers,
      Beth A. (OBS Group Leader)

    • Marie (Ree) says:

      Linda. I can totally relate to your situation
      and I’m praying for you too!

      Worry and anxiety all around
      Pace too fast. gotta slow down.
      Feeling trapped and all alone,
      Wishing I could just stay home!

      So much to offer. so much to give,
      Finally learning how to live!
      Dreams tucked away inside my heart,
      Now brought to life …out of the dark!

      With pen in hand, I’ll use to write
      A different ending to my life.
      No more stressful chaotic scenes,
      But God’s peaceful, calm, tranquility.

      Opening my heart to hear His voice
      Quieter still…the Believer’s Choice,
      And again I will Rejoice
      As God’s will for us is found.

      • Sounds like you wrote this for me. I’ll be praying with you! So thankful to know that strangers will also be praying.
        Very thankful for this study and all involved with “getting it together”.

        Be blessed,

      • Dar Floyd says:

        This is wonderful writing. This can help all of us, if we will just listen and do as it says even though it was written for Linda G. It is good that you can relate to her problem. It’s wonderful for women to have sisters in Christ they can talk to and share. Thanks for writing this. Blessings to you and Linda.

    • Dar Floyd says:

      Dear God lifting Linda up to you today. Thank you for Linda. She is such a faithful servant staying home caring for her disabled child. Father, you know that’s where she needs and wants to be. She is a faithful servant with their finances and wants to be able to help her husband with them. Lord, you know this family’s needs. I just ask that you will provide for them the way you see best. Thank you for her prayers, blessings and patience. Linda, you are doing a wonderful job caring for your little daughter. God will provide in His way and time whether it be a job at home for you, a better paying job for your husband or a raise on his present job……..God will provide.
      I’m so thankful for this study and being able to meet more christian women. Praying for each other and chatting with them is such a blessing. Thank you for these christian women and bless them, Lord. Thanks Tracie for writing this book on stress and thanks to the leaders. I was looking for a great womens Bible study outside of the home but yet I live so far away from these groups and I knew it would have really stressed me getting there. Lord, you know how much I needed to quit stressing about so many things. You sent this study on stress and these wonderful to me in my home just in time for me but in your timing. Thank you, Lord for always being there when I need you…..all the time I need you.

  5. Teresa says:

    I am so thankful for such nourishing bible teachers….I appreciate each of you and your hearts. Thank you for loving our Lord and speaking His word into our hearts!
    This week my 17 yr old daughter is flying to Orlando with her School class – she won 4th place in accounting for States…now headed to Nationals @ Disney….if you could join me in praying for her safety, and for her to rely on God while she is away to watch over her…and to give her mom(me) peace in knowing God’s got her…she will be gone 5 days….so traveling mercies, and opportunities to share her faith. And to grow in love of our Father!!!Thank you all….

    • Praying this morning for your daughter and her safety as she travels to Disney. What a blessing for her to earn this reward for her success! You must be a proud Momma!
      Love and Prayer,
      Beth A.
      (OBS Group Leader)

    • Ginny Blankenship says:

      Praying for safety for your daughter and for God to use her while in Disney. What a wonderful blessing for her!

    • Kim W. says:

      Praying for safe travels for your daughter.

  6. Good morning awesome ladies! My prayer request is that we will receive a good contract on our house soon and that God will clearly lead us to the next home that we can purchase next. WE have always had a plan when we were selling and moving (control), but this time we are trusting GOD for his plan (faith).

    Also, since my hours were cut way back at work last week & my job will end in 90 days, please pray that I can clearly hear what God’s next step for me is in my life. I have been asking myself the very question (#5) that Tracie asks for quite sometime now. I have felt that God has a better plan for me, I just have not been able to see what it is due to the stress of work. God has stepped in and surely changed that!

    So thankful for this study and the wonderful leaders. In light of everything going on in our lives at the moment, I now know that it was God’s perfect timing to bring me to this study. How wonderfully he works in our lives!

    I lift you all up and pray that God will meet all of your needs and answer your requests in His perfect timing.

    Love to you all!

  7. Praising God for answered prayers and an opportunity I’m very excited about. I feel that satan has been throwing “darts” as fast and furiously as he can to stress me out, but God has provided me with so many tools/resources to not cave in! Thank you Ladies, for being an encouraging, Jesus-loving, God-seeking community, that studies and shares together! You uplift me! Thank you, Ginny, for your wisdom and words this morning!
    Beth A. (OBS Group Leader)

  8. My husband and I seek prayer for knowing if our time attending our current church has come to an end. This has been our church home for 9 years or the life of our marriage (thus far), but are no longer sure it is where God wants us at the moment. Pray for direction, discernment and that the feelings of guilt would flee. Change usually feels guilt laden for me.

    • Pat (OBS small group leader) says:

      Praying for you and your husband, Katie. We have been there, and it IS the most difficult thing to do because your church home is your spiritual family. Praying that God reveals where your guilt is coming from: it may just be from satan, from selfish church members (who don’t want you to leave), or that you have unfinished business in your current church home.

    • TABITHA JONES says:

      Katie I am praying for you. We have been there and it is an uneasy feeling but I pray God gives you the peace. It is hard to understand sometimes when you are in the middle of the situation but believe me if you follow God’s calling he will bless you for it. It took me a few months after we had to leave the church we were at to understand but God showed me once I was out from under it how he was going to bless us with a new set of friends.

    • Sandi B says:

      Search His word for the truth about your situation. You can never go wrong asking God for the answers and then diligently searching through His word. God will show you what He wants for you and He WILL lead you there.

  9. Jeanie Kelley says:

    First of all, I love the cartoon. It says it all. I am asking prayr for me today. I went to a clinic on Thursday for an exam and as she was looking at my stomach she said I have a hernia. This has been caused by 1. moving furniture which I love to do and 2 my bathroom habits. I strain when I need to use it. Maybe I am going into TMI too much information on the second. Please pray for healing for me. I also have to go today and get lab work done for fatigue. They are wanting to check everything especially B12 and D as well as low thyroid. Also be praying that I can remain content with how the furniture looks. I love to move it and it will be a huge temptation for me to do. The praise out of all of this is that my husband and son get their wish and no more furniture getting moved. It is a win/ lose situation. Win for them and lose for me.

    • Ginny Blankenship says:

      Praying for wisdom for the doctors that will be treating you and for healing for you. DON’T move the furniture! 😀

  10. Laura Stabile says:

    Please pray for my youngest daughter. Mother’s Day is coming up & she is again planning a baby shower for one of her sister’s, who seem to effortlessly have children. She is trying to buy a home, as there is now no space in her sister’s house & her credit score needs to come up 3 points by Monday a.m.May 6th, to get the needed commitment letter or lose her funds invested & go back to waiting…I appreciated today’s message about ‘looking for God wherever you are.. I Praise the Lord the many & abundant blessings He has provided & try to leave things in His Mighty hands. But then I sometimes pray for my youngest daughter to be given the desires of her heart. Thank you in advance for your prayers! The OBS has been phenomenal!!! Have a blessed day!

  11. Good morning ladies. I am so grateful for this OBS and am learning so much. I pray for each and every one of you ladies and your needs.
    My request is that God will guide me in my marriage. After almost 2 years of separation and counseling I am tired and not sure if I should continue. My husband goes through the motions but that’s about it. I want to be obedient to the Lord and his will for my life and I am unclear at this point what that is. Please pray that I can clearly discern His voice and have the strength to fight off the voice of the enemy.

    • Pat (OBS small group leader) says:

      Heavenly Father, thank You so much for Kim. Thank You for her desire to be obedient to You. I humbly ask for Your hand in Kim’s marriage. Please open her and her hubby’s hearts so they may be a godly couple following Your will for their lives. We know we can’t change our spouses, and only You can, so I ask that You please turn her husband’s heart of stone to a heart of flesh, so that he may be the husband You have called him to be. Please show Kim the kind of wife she needs to be for her husband right now. I ask these things in Jesus’ name so You will be glorified. Amen.

  12. Nicole says:

    I want to pray for a very good mom friend of mine. Her 2 daughters are very good friends with my daughters as well. Her husband was offered a lucrative job transfer to Tokyo. They are considering it, and I am devastated. They are conflicted & while I very much want them to stay, I pray for Gods touch on them to make the right decision. And if they decide to go, to provide my family the strength to watch them go.

    • Kristy Aiken (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Hi Nicole,
      You are a great friend. I live 6 hours from my best friend and it sure is tough. I am praying for God’s guidance, leading, and wisdom for this family. I am praying for peace, strength, and wisdom for your family:-) We can do ALL things through Him who gives us strength:-)

    • Hey, Nicole, I understand how you feel. Praying for the Lord to guide your friend.

      Father, I lift up Nicole’s friend to you. Lord, I pray for you to give them wisdom and direction. I pray that You would instruct them in the way they should go, that you would guide them with your loving eye on them. Father, if it is not your will for them to leave, then I pray for you to make that crystal clear. If it is your plan, I pray for you to strengthen them and those close to them and give them peace during this transition. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

  13. Great post Ginny!

    I wanted to share a praise report from Group 6! One of the ladies in the group, Ange, had had a rough time with her husband being out of work since January. She just had a baby last fall and is a stay at home mom. Her husband did get paid through March, but it was now April and he was still out of work so they had no income coming in. We decided to get together in our group to send her a care package with some gift cards, a journal, and devotional. We sent it a couple of weeks ago and she was so blessed by it! we have been praying for this family and for her husband to get a job. Well, she just found out Thursday that he got a really great job, even better than the one he had before!!! I just praise the Lord!!! I cried when I found out! I am so happy for my friend. Just thought I would share. Our God is so good!

  14. What a great blog this morning! I also sometimes think “Is this all there is? Am I doing it right?” I know God is there and he hears my cries but too often my response is to cry out to Him when it’s rough going and in the calm seas I ride it out alone. I’m sure I often break His heart. I’m trying to be with Him in all times as an every day.

    • Shirley says:

      Imperfect Progress comes to mind. I know I have heard this from someone else lately. Don’t stress if you are doing it right. None of us are capable of doing it right every minute of the day. The fact that you seek him daily is all he asks. To practice being Thankful when times are good, is challenging, but where you will find the most blessings. Then when the rain comes down, peace will be easier to find.

  15. Priscilla says:

    At age 67 and retired I feel like I am not “doing enough” all the time. Please pray that I will go where He leads me.

    • Praying for guidance and peace for you, Priscilla!!! :)

    • Dar Floyd says:

      Priscilla, I’m 68 and not able to volunteer or work outside of the home. I realized this morning I’m a prayer warrior by praying for others. Friends, family, fb friends and OBS women(new friends). I’ll pray for guidance for you, Priscilla.

    • linnea says:

      Hi Priscilla, I am praying for you . I will be 63 in June. I know how you feel.Also,I just had to tell you my mother’s name was Priscilla. It is a beautiful name you don’t hear very often

  16. Ashley Couturier says:

    How can I join a small group also? I’d love to have that connection as well :)

    • Ginny Blankenship says:

      Ashley, right now small groups are full but there is a waiting list. If you leave a post on the Melissa Taylor Online Bible Studies Facebook page we will get you the information to be added to the list. :)

      • Dar Floyd says:

        Even though the small groups are full, I would think you could come on here and praise our Lord, ask for pray and pray for others on here. You can buy the book and study along with us for sure. I would think you could be on-line answering the questions on Melissa’s blog, also. You just wouldn’t be in a small group but we’re a big group on Melissa’s blog!

    • Ashley, I am not in a small group, but doing this and the blog hop myself. I too miss having some sort of group to be in, but I think God has me in this place for a reason. I hope you get a group or at least get hooked up on your own. It has been God breathed and speaking to me daily.

  17. Can someone Please pray for some unspoken requests?

    • Kristy Aiken (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Praying, sweet sister!

    • Ginny Blankenship says:

      Lord, you know the situation and how best to work in it. Please make your presence known and provide guidance and peace.

  18. linnea says:

    Yesterday,I attended a funeral for a fifty nine year old man in my church.He was very involved in the church and a wonderful husband ,father and christian. He fought cancer for twelve years.He Left a wife and seven children.He is also survived by his mother.Please pray for his family

    • Ginny Blankenship says:

      Lord, please comfort this family and the congregation as you welcome him home. Help them to be at peace.

  19. Needing prayers for a variety of reasons, but mostly needing the peace that comes from knowing God is in charge.

  20. I just wanted to share a praise. I have had many opportunities this week to be stressed out. But because I have been focusing on the scriptures Tracie has given us in this study I have been stessed-less. God clearly says in His word that we have nothing to fear and that He is always with us. So if I believe, and I do, God’s word and promises then I can live each day in His love, peace and joy. My attitude is gratitude and what can I do to please my Lord and Savior. My prayers are with you all. Have a blessed day

    • Ginny Blankenship says:

      Praising God with you! Thank you Lord for the work you are doing in Patti’s life!

  21. Shirley says:

    I have both a praise and a prayer request.

    The praise report is how Awesome God has worked in our lives the last year. I will not go into all the details, but as I read prayer request and blog statements of others with financial struggles amoung vast other issues, there is always HOPE IN CHRIST. Both my husband and I have had stressful job situations, layoffs, financial strains, etc, etc. I changed jobs last summer. Though I took a pay cut, it was the most wonderful thing, God put me with a group of Christians. The place I was working before was a filled with folks that were not the best influence, the language, attitudes, disrespect I did not notice until I started my new job. So BLESSED to have this opportunity, to grow in Christ and to surround myself with other encouraging people.

    Recently my husband was offered the job of his dreams. With 3 kids going into college next fall, we have been scratching our heads on how on earth to make this happen. No matter what God will provide and his timing is always just right.

    I pray that all of you struggling will know that God’s timing is always right. He had to take us down a long road until we finally let go of many things before we would appreciate that only God did this. It was not by our doing or our influence.

    Now for the prayer request. I am trying to determine what God’s plan is for me next. I am trying to decide what positive influence I can have on ladies in my community. I have lead a small Beth Moore bible study, just to get my feet wet. I have searched to see how to start a inspirational blog. I don’t want to get mired down in the details but I am getting tripped up in: which template to choose, design structure, color, need a photographer, what should be my life verse all I wanted to use I see on others sites, you see where this is headed… LOL. I know many of you on the site do the Blog Hop, and that has inspired me to join in, except at this rate it will be 3 months before I get one set up. LOL. Sorry to be long winded, but I more than I need devine inspiration for the creation, I want to make sure that I am focused on God’s plan for me. Though still not sure what that will look like, I feel that there is more for me to do. I am attending She Speaks conference and so look forward to meeting and learning from such awesome people.

    My prayer request is for my family to grow in finding a passion for God’s plan for our lives. To seek out others to help and bless as God has so bountifully blessed us.

    Have a Blessed Saturday!

    • Praying for all of you. Please pray for my sister in law, she is going through the most difficult time of her life, pray that God will use this to draw her close to him. Then i just found out, my sweet friend’s daughter just lost her baby. Her name is lindsay. The baby was about 30 weeks but the cord got wrapped around her neck so she had to deliver the baby and she only lived a short time.

    • Ginny Blankenship says:

      Lord, please guide Shirley to the path you want her to take. Help clear any obstructions and give her peace.

  22. TJ Conner says:

    PRAISE- This Bible Study is exactly where God needed me to be.
    I know this because he has put me in the path of friends, new and old, who are in situations that are crying for the scripture we’ve been covering. Its been a pleasure to share the verses with my friends not in the study and share God’s word, encouraging and inspiring them. Each time I share them I spend more time in them which opens my eyes even more. Thank you Prince of Peace.
    I like the comment- find God where you are now.
    I see God in the budding trees, blooming flowers, emerald green grass, in the baby geese, squirrels, and children’s laughter coming from the playground which has been silent all winter. God reigns.

  23. Ginny, this post spoke volumes to me! Volumes. This particular line, “Or have you zoned out because the view isn’t as exciting as you would like for it to be”, is what resonated loud and clear. I think, in the pursuit of what I believe God calling me toward (in terms of a God-breathed dream), I lost sight of the very places He has placed me, NOW, and how He is still there. And I am too. And I am meant to glorify Him here and now – not just later when it all “comes together”.

    Thank you so stinkin’ much for the honesty you gals share with and for the spirit of community that you foster here. It’ s a beautiful thing!

    • I agree, wholeheartedly! That is the statement I was going to comment on also. That’s where I ‘was’ about a year ago. All that changed when I joined OBS for my first study and my life has been renewed! Thank you Ginny for this wonderful post and the funny! Praying for the P31 team/ministry, all of us in the study, and all of these requests. God knows each and every one—spoken or unspoken.

      • Kristy Aiken (OBS Group Leader) says:

        I ALWAYS love the way you write and now I have a new word thanks to you- stinkin’ 😉 I also zoned out because being a stay at home mom isn’t the most prestigious Facebook status or is it?:-)

  24. we are in the process of contemplating a really big move for our family. I have been feeling called to do this and I do not want to tell God, “No” or “Not Now”… I feel like he is slowly opening possibilities for this to become possible!!!!!! I would so appreciate the prayers … as we say YES to God.. and his plans for us! <3 Love each and every one of your comments and blogs! 😀

  25. TABITHA JONES says:

    Ginny your post really spoke volumes to me this morning, especially the questions you pose. “Is this it God?, Are we doing enough?, Are we in the right place? I have been been in this place for a little while. I know I am not doing enough and I want to do my part for the Lord.
    I want to PRAISE THE LORD this morning!!!! He has released me from so much this week. I have been feeling like I am floating on air and it is such a wonderful feeling. I never realized just how bad the stress was hurting me. I gave it ALL to him this week and he let me know I can bring all to him and not let it bottle up inside.
    I do ask that each of you continue to pray for my brother-in-law Randy as he is still fighting his battle with cancer. God is working miracles in his life.

    • Ginny Blankenship says:

      That is awesome Tabitha! So glad that you have been able to let it go and be filled with His peace!

  26. Roshunda says:

    Prayers for direction from God and my obedience to surrender to it . Fear seems to grip me even more than I realized. I am apparently the hold up on God’s best for me.

    • Praying for you as I’m dealing with the exact same feelings!

    • Kristy Aiken (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Hi Roshunda,
      I am praying for you as a fellow sister gripped by fear. Fear lies to us. That is not what God has in store for us. I am praying for complete surrender to God of your fear, worries, and anxiety. Thank you for being so honest and sharing. B
      Blessings and love to you:-)

      • Roshunda Carter says:

        Thanks Kristy!
        Words can’t express how much this means~ I certainly appreciate and value your encouraging words. Love ya!

  27. Jennifer says:

    The deep desire for the restoration of our marriage and family is ALWAYS present, put this morning, the pain from this is heavy….I am trying so hard to trust in God’s timing, and I know it is best, but I am hurting bad today….Please pray for each of our hearts (5 of us) as we continue to live in this brokenness, and God continues to do whatever He is doing to bring us back together….

    • I am there with you Jennifer and I am going to pray for you as I have been praying and hoping in the Lord for mine too. May God bless you, even in your brokenness, today.

    • Kim W. says:

      I understand your pain. My family, too, is suffering from brokenness right now and my heart breaks for each of us. I pray that God will wrap His loving arms around you and your family and will heal and restore your marriage and family. May He also give you hope, strength, patience and peace as you wait on His perfect timing.

  28. Praising God for his greatness and favor on my life. Thankful for my growth in areas of life ! Praying for continuance in grasping the teaching,tools and team of people God is using to mentor and connect with me. I love this OBS and my many angels who minister to me daily! Pray for all my loved ones and all their prayer needs. Last but not least the amazing family I have in my spouse and kids !

  29. I just wanted to mention that I so wish I was a stay at I got sucked into the corporate world, lost my focus and was focused on accomplishments, what is the next idea I can come up with, what promotion to strives for and working too many hours. What do I have to show for it? I am on disability due to partly stress. Hindsight is a great teacher on what is important. I didn’t take the time or was too tired to date, to “plan” about my personal life. There is no husband to take care of me, no children to nurture and see them grow up and see how they find love, God, etc. Just a note to stay at home Moms that I feel you are truly blessed. I am not bitter, I pray God has a plan for me to make a difference, and he will. Thanks stay at home Moms as it is the most important job in the world. -:)

    • Ginny Blankenship says:

      Thanks for your kind words Ann. I pray that God blesses you and that He leads you to the life that fulfills you and glorifies Him.

  30. Katrina says:

    Thank you Ginny for today’s entry. It really spoke to me. Will you all please lift my family, especially my Dad, up in prayer this month. This week last year, we went from thinking and believing my Mom was perfectly healthy, to learning that she had a birth defect in her heart and was in congestive heart failure due to it going undiagnosed. She had open heart surgery, but her heart was just too weak and four months later died from a major heart attack. May, being the start of it all, was a tough month for us all to say the least and my Dad’s silence since May started speaks volumes to me on how the memories are affecting him.

  31. After the ups and downs of the past month, especially the last few days, I started to wonder if God has ordained singleness for me. Because the possibility definitely exists and even in relationships I have been in (with the exception of Lisa), I found myself pondering the consequences and ramifications of singleness on an increasingly regular basis. My relationship with Lisa was the only relationship I’ve ever been in where I didn’t wonder when the other shoe was going to drop and I’d be single again. I believe it’s because, as a couple, we were rooted in Him. Thankfully, that will continue as a friendship. I was afraid that she’d not want to go to church together still because of potential awkwardness (I can hear her now saying “Em….stop projecting…and then laughing). In all honesty, it is really a question that all single servants of Jesus Christ need to ask themselves at some point, young or old. There is always the possibility that God’s calling on one’s life will be enhanced by lifelong singleness. In some instances, the call of God is so radical that lifelong singleness may even be required. Wednesday, I got my answer…..yes. This is the first “yes” I have gotten in a while. Am I content? Somewhat. I would sacrifice earthly happiness for eternal happiness any day of the week but I also know that if I can’t have what I want, I don’t want anyone else, and I might as well have what God wants me to have.

    I am not sure that “singleness” is a calling, in and of itself. I am certain, however, that sometimes God’s calling includes His request that we remain single (the nature of some work or mission requiring singleness if it is to be maximally effective).

    God has also said Lisa will be the last person that I’ll be with because I have too much love and compassion and He wants that shared with His whole kingdom, not just a portion of it. So…here’s to living for Him and not for myself. :)

  32. 1. I have a friend of mine with 2 kids (9&8 yrs) who are really in big dilemma right now after find out that her husband was having an affair with his colleague since last Feb. Now they are staying apart and my friend moving out and staying with her parents with her 2 kids. I really pity her when every day she keep on complaining to me that she cannot stand any more and want to do something stupid for herself. The main problem now is the husband don’t want to divorce her when she ask him to do so since he still continue having an affair. She really stress because she cannot forget him and of course love him so much. But her husband seems doesn’t care about her feelings and purposely put her in that sad situation. He doesn’t want to give a solution for their broken relationship and trying to put the blame on his wife. Pray for my friend’s family may god will be done and give strength and peace for her right now.
    2. Please pray for my sister’s family, her husband are diagnose with Intestine cancer right now and having his 3rd chemotherapy. While my sister just delivered a baby girl last month and its really hard situation for them right now. Pray that they will have peace in their hard situation, strength for both of them, healing for her husband after the operation, so he can continue working as normal. may they will seek God in their hard situation.
    3. Lastly please pray for my family, may god will bless my husband with a good job as he trying to find other job right now. His currently working environment are really stressful. Not forget for my 2 kids (1&2 yrs old) which are really naughty and not controllable. pray that god will help them to be a good child of god and have a good health. thank you for your prayer support. may god bless you all. Amen.

  33. Ginny, your thoughts today helped me to realize that although I know through the grace of God, I am on the right path…and He has spoken to my heart with amazing confirmation over the years. Yet occasionally I wonder if I am doing enough…it is in those times I turn to Him even more to seek His guidance and through the Holy Spirit, His direction. I sing His praises today for my life, my family and friends, and for leading me on my journey to fulfill the plans He has for me! I believe His promises! Jesus, I trust in you! I will continue to sing out each morning ” This is the the Lord has made! Let us rejoice in it and be glad!” May we all be blessed with His peace, joy and love!

  34. Rachel D says:

    My prayer request is for focused. I have been so distracted this week. It is the busy season at work, home never slows down and I haven’t studied this week as I intended. But God has a plan. Even in my distracted state, He is still directing my path. Pray my strength In The Lord.

  35. Tristine says:

    Thank you for this Ginny. I praise God for all He is and all He promises. I liked that question, and to answer YOUR question, I believe I am on the path right now, HOWEVER, this is due to a recent change of outside responsibilities. I was heavily involved in leadership in my church and have recently been “called” home to be with my husband who had a stroke last year.

    I am so grateful to be involved in these studies and now believe God has me hinge to commune and understand His next step for me, His will. I could use some prayer to know this will and to listen and follow. This study gives me great HOPE! Thanks so much.

    In Christ, Tristine

    • Dar Floyd says:

      I’m sorry that your husband had a stroke, Praying for his full recovery. I’m glad your able to stay home and care for him. Yes, your are definetly doing God’s will. Praying for you because I know as a fact it is very stressful, tiring mentally and physically to be a caregiver. It can, also, be a finacial burden when neither one of you can work. In the past years I was a caregiver for my Dad for a year. Again eleven years ago for my 26 yr old daughter and her new baby for a year. He should be getting medicare. Also, You can get paid some for being his caregiver. A friend of mine, Betty did a couple years ago for caring for her mom in Betty’s home. You can get respite care through his medicare to come in and relieve you. You need this time away for your strength physically and mentally. It will help him mentally, if you are refreshed, even if he down’t want you to leave. Don’t feel guilty for getting this help financially and for outside help. Blessings to you and your husband. Dar

  36. My praise this week is that I got to attend Ladie’s Unity Night last night. It was such a blessing to me and an affirmation of what God had been speaking to me this last week. It was a night of worship to our God and then we had a special speaker, Lisa Harper, and her message spoke volumes to my heart. She spoke about God seeing us..really seeing us, no matter what we are going through in life. You see, sometimes I feel alone in my battle with chronic illnesses, but I am never alone. God sees my frustrations, He sees my tears, He sees my pain, He sees my aloneness. His promise to never leave or forsake us, really hit home with me! I know that I will have continue to have struggles, because a life with chronic illness is a struggle, but I also can have peace within the stuggle because God cares so much and Sees me right where I am!

  37. Jennifer says:

    Please pray for me and my family as I transition from active duty military to being a stay-at-home mom. I am looking forward to the change but know that staying at home, raising the family, etc., is hard work! We are blessed to have this opportunity but there is an amount of fear and anxiety of this lifestyle change. Thank you!

    • Hi Jennifer! I just wanted to thank you for your service to our country. One of my closest friends was active duty and then became a stay at home mom shortly before having her second child (I think–I didn’t meet her until after she was out). She says she sometimes misses things about being active duty but she loves being with her kids… she’s a fabulous mama and I’m sure you are as well!! Praying for you as you transition to this new adventure. It will be loaded with blessings!! <3

  38. Please pray for me to hear God leading me. I have felt a long stretch of road – long and dry. I keep asking but I think I am asking for the wrong thing. I pray for my husband to come to know God’s word. He is a Sunday goer but not a doer.
    I am God to forgive my sins of this world.

    • Kim W. says:

      Debra, praying that you will feel God’s loving arms around you and that your path will be made known to you with clarity. Also praying that your husband will feel God’s touch and hear His call.

  39. Please be praying that I can rest in The Lord and trust his promises when I wake up in the middle of the night panicking over my to do list at work. Satan is really working hard on me right now because I’m trying to give control to The Lord instead of holding onto it myself. Thank you!

    • Oh Robyn! I will be praying for you! I know how it feels to wake up at night with work anxiety, and it’s miserable!! Be strong in the Lord, and he will provide for you. Lean in to Him. Praying!!

  40. Janet F says:

    Need prayer for my son and family, his wife moved out 3 weeks ago and now she has been convicted of theft in the 5th degree. She has a spending addiction and needs help but refuses. Please pray for their family that they would all seek the Lord and live for Him daily. They have two girls 10 and 5 who are caught in the middle of all this.

    • Praying for them Janet!

      • Janet F says:

        God bless you Stephanie, thank you!! ♥

        • Kristy Aiken (OBS Group Leader) says:

          What a tough situation. I am praying for you and your family. God is faithful and God is good. I pray that your son and his wife would seek the Kingdom of God above all else and surrender their issues to Him completely. I pray that God would wrap His loving arms around those little girls and let them know they are loved by the ONE True King! Love and prayers:-)

  41. Tracey Knafel says:

    I can so completely relate to this post! It was a great reflection week and I was blessed to be on vacation so lots of time to focus. Praying that I can stay on track as the new “back to the real world” week begins.

  42. “But sometimes I just lose sight of what God has called me to because too much of the world clouds my view of the importance of what I am doing.”

    I just had to respond to this… that whole paragraph is SO me. Well, I haven’t been a mom as long and haven’t been IN relationship with Christ as long, but it really describes me. I was just saying the other day that I let the world’s expectations and definition of success get in the way of God’s purpose for me. I think it’s not good enough to “just” be a mom. But in reading this book (and through studying scripture and praying) I am realizing that this is exactly where God wants me to be RIGHT NOW. That might change tomorrow, but I am learning to trust that He will show me where He wants me in perfect timing. So, it’s not so much that I need to change my situation, but I need to change my attitude and embrace my role as wife, mom, and volunteer, and be thankful that he has blessed me to be in this position!! Sometimes I’m too busy thinking about what I “should” be doing (according to the world) that I am stealing the joy out of the blessings God has given me TODAY.

    So today my PRAISE is for God blessing me in being able to be home and take care of my family.

    My PRAYER is for my mother in law (who is in quite a different life situation) will be able to find God’s purpose for her life and to embrace that. She is really struggling right now.

  43. Unspoken request- that God would speak clearly to me in this particular situation and that he would either open this door or close it.Thank you all so much!

  44. I would appreciate prayers as my husband has a meeting this week about a potential job. I pray that we will know for sure if it is God’s will. We have been patiently waiting for an open door and this just may be it. Thank you in advance!

    • Shirley says:

      Prayers for your family Amanda! We are in the same boat. My husband was offered a job recently and at first he did not think that was what God intended. He declined the position. To most this would seem odd, but he had just changed jobs only months earlier and was very happy. The person seeking him has kept coming back time and time again. We have prayed and prayed for direction, never feeling a peace about which way to go. After the second time he declined, I told him that if God wants you in that job he will not relent until it is so. He has told them no 2 more times. The people that part owners in the business saw us at breakfast this morning and as they were leaving, the lady came to the table and knelt down and said “In the name of Jesus, please take this job”. He is now intently considering it.

      That said, It is so hard to be certain, at least for us. Step out in faith and if God wills it, it will be so.

  45. Jada Smith says:

    Praise that my diagnostic mammogram (took 3 tries so was a bit stressful) came back negative (my mom has lymphoma)! So thankful! :)

  46. My praise is that my husband earned a scholarship for his Master’s program making the first semester free! It’s a huge blessing! This is an answered prayer. Lately he has been really struggling with where God wants him to be career-wise. This scholarship could not have come at a better time. Thank You God!! :)

    If you could please keep my family in your prayers this weekend, tomorrow marks the one year anniversary since my grandpa past. My dad is having a really hard time dealing with his loss, especially with the anniversary coming up. Our whole family could use some of God’s peace this weekend!

    Thank you ladies!
    Praying for you!

  47. Pray for my son and daughter in law right now. They are in the hospital having my first grandbaby! A little girl named Emma Ann. I am treasuring this precious gift to come already! And am so proud of my son for the daddy and husband he has already been. Thanks!

  48. Please pry for my Aunt Deb who is being baptized tonight and undergoing surgery this week.

  49. Dar Floyd says:

    Praise God that my husband was able to fix the turbo charger on his truck this morning with W2-40. Praying this won’t be temporary but will keep running effienctly with W2-40. Good ole W240 has many uses!
    Didn’t know yesterday or this morning what God wanted me to do in my life, even when reading question 5 that Tracie and Melissa ask us to answer. While reading prayer requests on here and praying for three women on this site and posting prayers for them, I realized God wants me to be a prayer warrior. It took until the third request that’s what He wants me to do. Yes, it took three times!LOL Kind of thick headed or dingy or both!LOL This is an excellent thing for a wordy woman and a lot of time on my hands.LOL Seriouslly, I definetly believe God wants me to do this even more than I have in the pass. Pray for me that I will pray to God as He wants me to and I will take the time to pay more for others.

  50. Martha F. says:

    PRAISE REPORT on my dear friend. She received her PET scan results on Wednesday which show no metastasis of her pancreatic cancer. She is a 3-year survivor so far & was able to participate in Relay for Life last night.
    God is good – never give up hope OBS sisters!!

    • Kim W. says:

      Amen! God is indeed good!

      • Kristy Aiken (OBS Group Leader) says:

        Praise God! Regardless of the results He is GOOD and FAITHFUL and His love never fails and never gives up. Thanks for sharing this wonderful blessing. So happy for your friend.