May 4

SLL Week 4 ~ Praises & Prayer Requests

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It’s been a pretty big reflection week for me.  Question 5 at the end of Chapter 4 threw me for a loop.  Go check it out…..I’ll wait here…….

See what I mean?  I’m blessed to be a stay at home mom.  My family has made a lot of sacrifices in order for us to do that, but my husband and I agree that it is worth it and God has made a way for us to do it.  But I wonder sometimes if there is more I should be doing.  And I think if we are honest with ourselves, we have all hit a point in our lives where we have said, “Is this it God?”   Are we doing enough?  Are we in the right place?  Tracie asks us to consider if we may be too stressed or distracted to realize that maybe we aren’t where God wants us to be.  For some of you, that may be the case.  It is so easy to get started on a path and miss the turn because we are just cruising along and then realize WAAYYYYY down the road that we aren’t where we are supposed to be.

But there is another possibility.  Have you ever been on a long road trip and hit a stretch of road that extends for what feels like forever and nothing changes?  It’s the same view for hours and you begin to wonder if maybe you missed your turn because you had zoned out.  Sometimes I think I get like that with life.  I have been parenting for 18 years now and sometimes it can feel like that great big stretch of nothing on the highway.  I have been a Christian for 13 years now and sometimes I get in a grove and end up feeling like what I am doing isn’t what God had planned for me, and I get stressed out that I am not doing enough.  And I am sure that sometimes that is true.  But sometimes I just lose sight of what God has called me to because too much of the world clouds my view of the importance of what I am doing.

In my OBS Facebook small group we were discussing that and one of my gals made a statement that has stuck with me.  The gal who made it is a nurse and she is being treated for breast cancer.  This is a gal who has plenty of reason to stress out and to have questions.  What she said was that she looks for God wherever she is.  It’s a simple statement but it was so profound to me.  The good news is that He is always there, even if we are on the wrong path.  He never leaves us, even if we are just coasting along.  If we look for God wherever we are then we can refocus and we can let Him lead us to the path we are supposed to be on. Or we can spend some time with Him, in His Word, and take comfort that we haven’t missed the turn and we are on the right path.  Sometimes we feel lost because we have lost sight of our compass.

So today take a minute to refocus on who should be our true North, get in His Word, spend some time in prayer and ask Him to show you what His plan is.  Did you miss your turn off?  Or have you zoned out because the view isn’t as exciting as you would like for it to be?  Melissa and her team can only point you at the tools you can use (and they do an awesome job of it!), but as Igor reminds us in the cartoon above, we have to utilize the tools we have in order to achieve our transformation.


Ginny Blankenship

How can we pray for you this week?  Please share your prayer requests and praises below.



  1. The last couple of days have been kind of hard. That’s why I haven’t posted much since Thursday. My family especially my father does not support my God-sized dream of becoming a writer. He says it is not a reliable job for a single girl especially one who has a disability. I am thankful that he loves me enough to want me to be happy, safe, and financially secure. I am especially thankful for this because I know adults who have disabilities whose families families do not show much love or concern for them at all. He has been talking about finding a residential placement for me. I am trying to convince him that an accessible apartment with personal care attendants would be a better fit for me. He used to believe that too I don’t know what I did to make him believe I was no longer capable of taking care of myself with a reasonable amount of help. Please pray that God my dad’s will help my dad see what is best is for me in the future because I love him and really want his support on this issue. I’m a daddy’s girl and it breaks my heart when I feel I don’t have his support. I understand that all of this is risky but God has always provided for me and I’m believing he Always will.
    I praise God that even when we don’t agree I never have to question whether my family loves me

    • Kim W. says:

      Prayers going up for you and your family, Sarah.

      • I appreciate that so much Kim. Is there anything specific I can pray about for you?

    • Kristy Aiken (OBS Group Leader) says:

      You are an amazing woman of God. We are honored to have you in group 28. We are lifting you up, sweet sister. Continue to cry out to Jesus and pray for discernment, guidance, and strength. I praise God that you have a family that loves you and a dad who cares so deeply for you. I am praying for you tonight. Lots of love :-)

    • Elaine Ledlow says:

      Sarah, I am praying for you and your family! I too had a very protective father and it was hard for him to accept that I needed to be independent. I believe that God does have a wonderful plan for you and that the biggest thing you need to do is listen. I will pray for Gods Will in your life! You mention a disability and that your father at one time was open to your idea. Have you asked him why he has changed his mind. Pray about this and see what God does! You are one of Gods creation and know that he will always see you through!

    • Praying – for the wisdom of God to show through to and in y our dad. May God open up doors no man can shut that fit your needs and purpose for life!!! (((hugs)))

  2. Sandi B says:

    I’m praising God for OBS–because nothing has ever refreshed my spiritual life the way this experience has. I’m grateful that God prompted my FB small group leader (Beth Anderson) to invite me to participate. This was truly His leading.

  3. I am identifying personal stressors!!!Pray for peace, peace,peace!!Conflict resolution between my 3teenage children and one 7 year old!!Life balance, job and continued healing of my mom who lives with us and us in the hospital!!!Love you guys and tthanks for the prayers!!Love this bible study!!

    • Kristy Aiken (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Praise the Lord that you are able to identify your stressors. I am praying for peace, guidance, discernment, wisdom, and strength for all of your issues. I am praying for conflict resolution and healing for your mom. God is so good and He is faithful. He is our Redeemer, Creator, Healer, Helper, and Comforter! Just. Cry. Out. To. Him :-) Lots of love and prayers to you OBS sister!

  4. Deanne G. says:

    Truly enjoyed your post, Ginny. Think I have been in all those places at one time or another over the years. Currently, I am blessed to be in a place I believe God has been preparing me for for many years. I have given my life into His hands to a greater degree than ever before, and He has blessed that step of obedience and trust. I, too, look for God everywhere I go, and I try to live everyday as fully as possible. Time in God’s Word and in prayer, time in His powerful presence is essential to realizing the peace and joy of God. When God’s love overflows in our life, life is rich and full–full of love, of joy, and of blessings from the Lord.

  5. Elaine Ledlow says:

    Thank you Ginny for a wonderful post! I praise God daily for giving me the opportunity to get to know him and to hear him! I also have a praise report on my niece Frances! Many of you know that she her sister and her mother were severely injured in an auto accident about 2 months ago. They told us that she would probably never be able to use her left arm again, but with therapy and Gods help she continues to regain the use of the entire arm. Her mother and sister are healing and God has been with our entire family, through out this entire struggle. Our extended families are much closer and we are all working toward Gods will for all of them! Praise seems to always provide peace even when the situation is seemingly out of control. God is Good!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Its my first comment ever here, I have been following the study quite irregularly. yesterdays teaching on my direction really touching. The reason have been irregular is because I work from home and been too busy with research work some of which has been very energy draining, working with supportive leader. I sincerely need the direction of God in all what I am doing.
    I also need prayers for my work since I will be traveling out of the country for at lest ten days in each of the three coming months. I am worried about the family and just the sheer amount of work in the remaining part of the year, the more reason I joined this study.
    Pray that God enables me to get some time for him and myself amidst all what i am doing.Pray that God helps me to trust him and look for him wherever I am( sometimes I get too stressed with family and especially the extended family who have to be supported
    Eliza Kenya

    • Debbie Williams (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Eliza praying for safe travels and for your family to be able to cope very well with you gone. Praying as you travel that you will have lots of down time to spend with “God”. Hang in there – you can catch up with these studies. They are designed for all women – working outside and inside the home – so just stay with it – don’t quit.

  7. After an interesting week I feel like there was a breakthrough with my husband in which we communicated some truths to each other that were difficult. I praise God because I feel like there was a shift in our relationship in a good way. After readin chapter 4, I can say the thing that stuck out for me was the time for change. Yes God has placed big dreams on my heArt & although I have taken steps I feel like its time for the next level, writing is a piece of it so I ask prayer for wisdom, open doors…really that I would be sensitive to His leading as my husband & I move forward in marriage ministry.

  8. Hello. I am a 36 yr old house wife. I have a loving husband and 3 boys ages 7,6,&4 and a beautiful new 7wk old baby girl. I need prayer on how to deal with the truck load of stress in my life. My husband’s mom is our pastor (he is the assistant pastor) and she’s always putting stress on me to attend services and conferences even though I’ve explained to her how sleep deprived and fatigued I’ve been with taking care of a newborn and three energetic boys. Before marriag and children 9 yrs ago, I had an awesome relationship with God. I now feel almost lost and disconnected because of my workload and responsibilities and feel overwhelmed 95% of the time over the last several years, but have had no one to talk to about it since A pastor’s wife is supposed to have it all together. Please pray that I learn how to get rid of stress. So much is going on right now. Pray I learn to cope and receive wisdom on how to oorganize and balance my life.

    • Father God, I pray for Erika, let her lean on you for her approval. I pray that you will give her the words to say to her mother in law for clear boundaries. Give her the rest she needs. Let her have a special time with her husband so he can run interference with his mom while she has all these hormones affecting her. I know you want her to serve joyfully and right now she needs rest to be a good wife, and mom. Lord bridge the gap for the love and approval she needs with love and approval she gets. Soften her mother in laws heart to hear that she is overwhelming Erika which is adding to the stress she already feels as a mom. Bless Erika and her family. THANK YOU FOR HER MINISTRY TO HER FAMILY AND WHAT SHE DOES DO FOR THE CHURCH AS THE MINISTER’s Wife. AMEN.

  9. God. I love you. Thank you for ALL you have done and will do. Amen.

  10. Brenda E says:

    I want to thank God for this Bible study. It has been very helpful to me, when dealing with daily life. I am asking for prayer requests for my family today. Specifically my children, I have two beautiful daughters aged 16 and 11. They have had a very hard year, last year in May their sister died, and this year their grandfather died. As a mom I have a hard time processing these things but as children they are struggling in different ways. I pray for wisdom- for the words to speak encouraging them daily. Amen

  11. Lori D. says:

    I ask for your prayers for my brother Tommy who suffers each day with ALS that the Lord continues his mercy on him and gives my Mom and our family his continued strength to care for him, that my husband seeks You instead of alcohol and for my panic attacks to be taken from me. I thank you God for leading me to this bible study and for teaching me through your word how to feel your peace as I continue to try and quiet the chaos in my mind so that I may hear You.

    • Debbie Williams (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Lori we thank God you are here with us so you can be ministered to and loved on. Lifting you and your family in prayer. Hugs to you as you continue through this study and praying it will bring much peace to you during this chaos.

      • Lori D. says:

        Thank you Debbie. Your words and prayers mean so much to me. God Bless you

  12. Paige Ward says:

    I would like to ask for prayer for my husband, David. He needs to gain weight, and we are having a hard time getting him too. Please pray that we will have wisdom and direction.

    • Praying with you, Paige!

      Lord, please be with Paige and David today. Give them your peace and assurance that you are with them wherever their feet may go. I pray that you will give them Godly wisdom and insight. It is YOUR direction and YOUR wisdom that they covet. I pray that you will speak to their hearts clearly to say, “This is the way. Walk in it.” God, I ask for your healing in this family and in David today. Have your way in all things. In Jesus name, Amen.

  13. Pray for me to stay strong, guys and thanks so much for all the support. This is turning out to be a really, REALLY good thing for me. I am so grateful! You are right, Ginny about getting into the word. It really brings wisdom, encouragement and insight.

  14. Good morning! Oh how I have so much to praise God for this day, this week. He Is so faithful even in the hardest places, even amidst my daily chaos and sometimes despair. I praise you Jesus for my residency completion this week, for your continued peace & strength. U know the difficulties I have faced & u have led me through my doubts, fears, and anxiety! I ask for your wisdom for the direction I should go. I lift up my hurts & disappointments to you this morning. I seek u and take delight in you and where you are leading me and these women. Please be with us in every circumstance and all PRAISE to you JESUS. Amen

  15. ShellySCantrell says:

    Just when I thought I had identified my stressors (the first time I read SLL), I have a feeling I’m missing something this go ’round. This 2nd time of reading SLL I’m getting the feeling I’m leaving something out… Like there is a hidden stressor perhaps. Please pray that I will uncover it with Gods help :)

  16. Good morning! I had a wonderful time in the word last week with chapter four. I have a praise. I had two women’s events last month and God really used my team and me to minister to hurting women. So I am praising The Lord for all the hearts and lives that were touched for God’s glory. My prayer request is that I have been sick with flu symptoms since Thursday. Pray for healing. Thanks!


    • Debbie Williams (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Autumn praying you start feeling better soon!

  17. I am learning so much through this Bible study and beginning to hand over to God things not in my contol. Please continue to pray for my college-aged son who is questioning faith and God right now. Thanks for the prayers!

  18. Gena V says:

    Good Morning everyone… Chapter 4 has really been a good chapter. Very insightful. Romans 12:2 is a very powerful scripture telling us not copy the behavior and customs of this world,but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God”s will for you,which is good and pleasing and perfect. By obeying what this says I can rely on God to change my heart and mind for the better. Looking forward to reading chapter 5. God bless everyone and praises to our Lord for his words of wisdom.

  19. My heart is breaking for my sweet sister in law. Please pray for Debbie that she will turn to God in this current crisis. My friend Jen lost her dad. My other friend Sheryl daughter lost her baby at 28 weeks. Things with my mother in law are better for me but she is worried about her daughter, so much for silly arguments when a crisis occurs. Pray that my mother in laws heart will soften towards her granddaughter. She is blaming her for something that didnt even happen. Thank you.

  20. I have found that what I believe is usually wrong, or distorted in some sence or another. Turning to God for silence and answers through , his word, his people, his Guide, That Holy spirit that is always showing me the way to travel, even on those dark, and lonely roads that seem at times to lead to a dead end, or a uturn, Through Christ, he has given me the choices to turn around and start over, daily. Yes , I am sure we all feel like there is more we can do from time to time, but sometimes unwinding the tapes of the same old same old, and stepping out on a faith based ground, is scary and not of the carnal mind, we must see the results, and have our hand in it, to know the out come, In heb 11: 1 it tells us how to walk by faith and not by sight. I am praying not only for my own Walk with Jesus to be filtered and purified through his living word, but for a generation that is rising up around us daily, Surely we can see this fallen world, everywhere and the enemy at work, just as we can see Jesus everywhere we go, we just have to look a little longer, a little harder and we must, absolutly must soak ourselve’s in the word. Wish I new how to lay it all down, and not fret, not stress, not worry, not project my stuff on another, and really just silence the static and chaos, that goes on between the ears. Praising the only name, That shows the light and truth, with in. Thank you…

  21. Can you ladies please pray for my health. I have had a cough on and off since Dec. I went on antibiotics for an ear infection, then another for a sinus infection. I thought it was just due to that, but I can’t get rid of it. I need to go back to the dr. and get it figured out. :(

    • I had similar issues a year ago. It turned out to be laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR disease). An ENT could help with that. I am following a low acid diet now, and following the recommendations in a book called Dropping the Acid( I will be praying for you.

  22. Brenda says:

    I am struggling with something I am not proud of — my son will be 22 years old this month, and he currently works at wal-mart as an over night stocker. While I am so grateful he has a job, I just worry about his future, and want more for him. He tried college and it wasn’t for him. I prayed that he would get a recent available position with county. He had an interview and it looked promising; but he failed the physical agility. I found myself mad at God; which I aalaso feel terrible about! I have been so anxiousover the situation that I am making myself and my whole family unhappy. I am trying to give my worries to God, but I feel like I am not doing something right – please help!!!!

    • Karen Wilson says:

      Dear Brenda – it is hard when we see our children not live up to their potential – (my kids are 28 and 23) and at times I have really wondered – but God loves our kids even more than we do (HURRAY) and His plans are for their future and a hope – hang in there! I’ll be praying for you that the peace that passes understanding will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus!

  23. Jessica says:

    Praying the He would reveal any changes I could make. Chapter 4 was fabulous! But I felt like I could not identify with some of the JOY and MOTIVATION some folks were experiencing just yet. Not sure what changes He would have me to make but I pray He orders my steps!

  24. Karen Wilson says:

    pray for me tomorrow morning at 9:30 west coast time – having shots under x-ray to relieve chronic tailbone pain – pray for success!

  25. Marisa says:

    I am struggling with so much at the moment..I am feeling like a complete failure with Hod. My faith and trust is not where it should be and everytime I feel like I have a breakthrough I ended up two steps back from where I was. I have such a heartfelt desire to be a better mom and wife, to embrace the postion of being home instead of constantly fighting God about it. I ask that my husband will be saved, for his heart to be softened and that he will be blessed at work. I ask that our financial situation would change for the better, we are seriously thinking of moving back to his parents house but have another year on the lease of this house..please Lord show us what you want us to do. On another note I wanted to share my God size dream.
    .I want to be a RN in the NICU…Talk about big, its been something that has been in my heart for years but do not have the confidence in myself. I pray that all of you have a blessed week

  26. Kimberly says:

    I have a praise- we sold our travel trailer(not wanting to) 2 days before my unemployment funds ran out. God is good!!! Now what!!! Not sure what God has planned for me, but not sure if he wants me to go back to work. For the last months I have gone on plenty of interviews with no luck or even offers. What is he saying? Do I stay home full time and quick looking and take that plunge and continue to allow God to care for us? Chapter 4 was amazing, but Im still confused. My prayer is for God’s plan to be revealed and for me to listen. I have an interview on Wed May 8th. It sounds promising but God will let me know. Thank you ladies