May 5

Stressed-Less Living, Week 5

Week 5? You’ve got to be kidding me! I can’t believe we are that far along! Between the Stressed-Less Living book and our fabulous Bible study on the blog,  we’ve been exposed to some excellent teaching, don’t you agree?  And it continues this week as we are honored again to have Stephanie Clayton lead us in Chapter 5, Take Back Your Life.  Let’s get started!

Reflection Verse 5

The Lord replied, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”   Exodus 33:14

Suggested Assignments

Visit the OBS blog every day for interaction and great take away lessons from your OBS leaders. This is the OBS Blog.

Monday~ Bible Lesson on the OBS Blog

Tuesday~ Read Chapter 5, Take Back Your Life. Check out discussion on the blog.

Wednesday~ Visit the OBS blog for the latest from Proverbs 31 Ministries.

Thursday~ Blog Hop!  Here are your topics~

1.  Never Alone. The Lord replied, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” ~Exodus 33:14 NIV. Verse map our reflection verse for three days and share with us how your heart responds to His Word.

2. Plugged In. What is one way you plug into God? We know you are doing this Online Bible Study, but is there a daily devotion series or other devotional material you enjoy?

3.  Taking it Back. Chapter 5 was packed! If you walk away from this chapter remembering only one thing…what would it be?

4.  #Blessed. Add to your #Blessed entry or start one today!

 Friday~ Bible Lesson to close out the week.

Saturday~ Prayer Requests & Praises


Let’s make it a great week!





  1. I just started reading Chapter 5. It is so amazing how this whole book seems like it is my life to a tee. I know I have to rest and truly rest in our Lord.

  2. Tabitha Jones says:

    I have rested today and now I am digging in and looking forward to what God teaches me through the study this week.

    • Debbie Williams (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Already read Chapter 5 – I loved it – best one so far – Can’t wait to get started.

  3. well i can’t wait to read it! love the verses…love delving deep into each verse with the mapping….
    ready to Grow in the Lord!

  4. Lori K (OBS Group Leader) says:

    Can already tell that this is going to be a powerful week. The memory verse I selected for SSMT on May 1 was Exodus 33:14. Yup, expecting God to show up BIG this week.

  5. Christine says:

    This study has been such a blessing thus far, I can’t wait to start Ch 5!

  6. So excited to walk through Chapter 5 with y’all!!!! Yay!!!!

    • Diane W says:

      Yay Stephanie!!!! Looking forward to walking through this with you, too!

  7. Loving Chapter 5 so far… Will be posting comments!!!

  8. So excited for chapter5 learning so much already.

  9. Ok I’m so ready to “Take Back My Life”!!!

  10. Denise says:

    I thought chapter 4 was amazing, powerful and was a inspection. I’m real excited to see how God is going to shine and bless all of us in chapter 5. :) <3

  11. Jeanie Kelley says:

    Thanks so much Melissa for breaking the book down into one chapter a week. it is so much easier and we can spend more time getting into God’s word. Love this. Praying for a good evening.

  12. Can’t wait for this chapter! I have learned so much and made some BIG changes already, but am ready for this week!!!

  13. Mary Rose says:

    Each chapter gets better. Chapter 5 is awesome! I read it this evening & will do questions. Etc. later in the week. I like to think about each chapter and go over it in my mind! Then, start answering. This book is life-changing for me so far!

  14. This study has been a huge blessing, already! Can’t wait to read Ch 5 this week!

  15. Donna B says:

    This study has been exactly what I needed right now! I’m ready for Chapter 5!!!

  16. I finally gogt my book, the first attempt , I waited 2 weeks only to find out the order was never placed, talk about stress lol! but went with another book store & it was here in 2 days! got 5 chapters to catch up on but I can do it!

    • Kristi Seat (OBS Leadership Team) says:

      So glad that you didn’t give up Helen! Praying God will bless you big!

  17. Denise says:

    Looking forward to another great week! Thanks everyone for such a fun lesson.

  18. Stephanie M says:

    OK…. ready for Chapter 5…. this week is an easier one for me work-wise, so I’m hoping to stay caught up this week!!!!

  19. Finishing chapter 4 snd starting chapter 5 tonight…last week was a very long week filled with drama snd stress….but yesterday, despite some problems, I felt God with me.

  20. Mary T says:

    With another busy week ahead, I have already memorized our verse…simply said…but filled with his promise of rest whenever we need it. Just what I need to help me be less stressed for the week! I may make it my new “Take a break” card which is very worn out from being in my pocket every day! Lol! That was truly a great idea! Looking forward to chapter 5! Praying for His blessings for all the SLL OBS leaders and participants!

  21. Phyllis Wiley says:

    Ready for a great week in Chapter 5 and to see what God reveals to me this week!

  22. ConnieH says:

    Still chewing on a few of the reflection questions from last week. But looking forward to what God is going to reveal in this week’s study also!

  23. I have been sooo busy since Wed as I have been staying at my Moms helping her do her moving sale this week, so I am excited to read ch 5 now that things will be calmer now that the sale is over and I can relax the rest of the time at my Moms and get back into focusing on the study…

  24. Got behind on week three, got caught up so all ready for week five!

  25. Just took a sneak peek into week 5. Is it really possible to be blessed any more than we are already?! Week 4 unfolded some serious accountability for me to embrace as well as let go those feelings and things that no longer or never did serve God! So bittersweet….. After the glorious renewal of week 4, I am so excited for what Week 5 is bringing to the table! Praying the messages of this week are received in order to further heal and prepare those who are eagerly yearning for understanding and renewal. May God be with us all!

  26. Lynn Graham says:

    this study is a blessing to me. you don’t knowhow much it has helped me deal with my stress. looking forward to learn some more.

  27. Rebecca says:

    I just finished chapter 5 and really enjoyed this chapter. It seemed to go along with my life and what I’m struggling with right now(Needing to rely on God more and trust his timing) I tend to try to push for what I want instead of doing this so this chapter was a very good reminder and wake up call! :)

  28. Karen R. says:

    I am so excited to read ch. 5 this week! I definitely am ready!! Getting ready to do some verse mapping! :)

  29. can’t wait to start chapter 5. I needed a verse this morning and there it was, Exodus 33:14. I’m going to claim this verse and remember God’s word is the same then, today and tomorrow.

  30. This chapter started speaking to me in paragraph one! I truly need it, this week, as commitments and obligations ramp up. Praise God for this book and for these Bible verses to cling to this week.

  31. Michele says:

    Can’t wait to get started!

  32. linnea says:

    God will never leave me!!!

  33. Nancy Silvers says:

    Excited to be starting Chapter 5–I’ve been very blessed by this OBS!!

  34. DebbieK says:

    I love our verse for this week: The Lord replied, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” Exodus 33:14 Oh the glorious promise that the Lord will go with us and give us rest! I am so truly thankful that our relationship to God does not rest on our faithfulness to Him, but on His faithfullness to us through Christ. Remember today ladies that you are held by Him, not having to hang on for dear life. Rest in the presence of your God and soak in His refreshment to your soul.

  35. Am so ready to start chapter 5. Chapter 4 really connected with me in more ways than one. But now I am so ready to move forward and dig into the verses. You have me hooked on verse mapping. I am enjoying that very much.

  36. oh it was a tough morning. I prayed and read but still stressed over not getting school done. booo! but tomorrow is a new day and I will be getting up on time and staying organized. Lord willing

  37. Its so funny to me that this is our verse for the week because this was also out lesson in church today about being with the presence of God and just enjoying it. I guess I will have much to right about.

  38. Thank you for your openness about feeling abandoned by the Presence of God. I have been feeling that way, too. I keep remembering a phrase someone told me once, “if you are feeling far from God, guess who moved?”. I know that I have slacked on my quiet time and prayer time. I continue to feel stressed. My job is overwhelming right now and I am feeling the exacerbation of my panic disorder. I know that I can take it back, though, and it begins with renewal of daily conversation with God. I want His Presence to go with me even into my most stressful days, and I want to find His rest there.

  39. OK…that list in the reflection questions of physical problems….? I have ALL OF THEM. And further into the chapter, it also talks about difficulty breathing! Oh my goodness. I just loved Tracy’s honesty over the relationship issues. For a number of years, we too have struggled and the enemy has done so much damage to our hearts. Every day we pray for complete healing and that the Lord will restore everything the locusts have eaten away at! The closer we draw to the Lord together…the angrier the enemy seems to get. He tried so hard to divide and conquer, but praise God, he is already defeated. And God has come so close for me during these past months and comforted and stilled my heart through that still small voice I love to hear! Thank you so much for sharing all you did. I don’t feel so alone anymore because of your determination to bless others through your own difficulties and trials. It meant the world to me.

  40. Lori D. says:

    I plug into The Lord by beginning my day reading Encouragement For Today Devotional…Proverbs 31 Ministries. It is amazing as many days I feel like it was written just for me. I listen to nothing but Christisn Music in the car and at work and pray and talk to Jesus many many times a day and at night. I have not spent time in his word and have begun doing that and some verse mapping because of all of you, and for that I am grateful.

  41. Calling on God´s presence each and everyday.

  42. Alejandra p says:

    Im looking forward to learn more!

  43. Katrina says:

    after how good chapter 4 was, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us in chapter 5!

  44. Wow! I just started chapter 5 today and the first paragraph had my mind reeling with all things answers to the questions Tracie asked. Who I really am? Feeling unable to be the person I wanted to be. Wow! Since I was a child I would lay in my bed or swing on the swing set in my backyard and daydream about the person I wanted to be when I grew up. In some ways I am that woman and some ways I am not. Lost opportunities because of fear or because I chose my way over God’s way. I know this chapter is going to be a great one for me. I can’t wait to blog about it!! Have a blessed afternoon everyone!

  45. Dawn H. says:

    I am behind the 8 ball this week – so am playing catch up….already stressed! Funny that this week’s verse is about rest… God cracks me up! Ok, here we go…

  46. Boy this chapter is really speaking to my heart given the circumstances we have been in for the past year. God definitely does not always give us what we want, but He sure provides what we need when we need it.

  47. Sim Meroff says:

    P31 has changed been an oasis for me. The study with the book Unglued got me hooked to really listen to God’s view of my life. Melissa Taylor has had videos that personalize and reach out; touching women’s hearts in their quiet moments at home. Well it affected me. My unrealistic expectations of me were undone in the study with the concept of imperfect progress! I also have appreciated the vulnerability of women who come here seeking Jesus. In their search, they have encouraged me; blessed me. Thank you for living out loud girls.

  48. Sim Meroff says:

    Now this study is applying great truths. I love the verses and the reality of our noisy life and how to take it to Jesus- to stress less!