May 8

SLL Week 5, Day 3, Proverbs 31 Store and Weekly Pin

SLL Chapter 5 Graphic for Verse


Stephanie here again! I am having such an awesome time with ya’ll this week! I have laughed with you, cried for you, rejoiced with you, and prayed for you as I have read through your comments. I wish I could invite you all over for dinner, coffee, and Texas chocolate sheet cake! It’s so amazing how God connects us across the world through Online Study.

Today we are going to chat about shopping! One of my favorite things in the whole wide world! I love to shop- especially in the Proverbs 31 Online Store! It is a one stop shop for all the books, resources, DVD messages, and fun extras you could ever want or need!

Before I became involved with Proverbs 31, I bought the majority of my books from wherever I could find them the cheapest. And let me tell you, as a once in a while contributor and huge fan of the Krazy Coupon Lady, saving a dollar or two means a lot to me. Just ask my husband who has to endure the checkout experience as I overwhelm the checker with my piles and stacks of money saving coupons! However, after I learned a bit more about Proverbs 31, I try to order all my resources and books from them. Why? Because when you buy from Proverbs 31 Ministries you are supporting the amazing ministry that supports women like us around the world. And not only that, they have an amazing selection. There is even a clearance tab! And if you know me, you know I live for clearance sales!

In fact, I found an amazing bargain just today! There are Lysa Terkeurst  Made to Crave magnets you can purchase for the amazing price of 20 cents per magnet! I am thinking I could cover my whole refrigerator with magnets and give one to all my friends for this price! What a great add on to your cart the next time you make a purchase.

Not to mention you can purchase each and every book you will ever need for Online Bible Study through the Proverbs 31 Store. You can even purchase the most important book of all time – The Bible! Here is the link to the new NIV Real-Life Devotional Bible For Women filled with daily devotions written by the P31 Team!

If you can’t already tell, I am passionate about all things Proverbs 31. Just a few years back I was thick in a battle with depression and trying to overcome some deep hurt and pain of my past. I remember reading the P31 Encouragement for Today devotions during this time. The Lord used these devotions to lift me up close enough to Him so that I could stand…even if it just meant standing for a moment. If I can, if we can, support them by purchasing books we are already going to purchase anyway, well that’s just double the blessings.

I would love to hear how books by Proverbs 31 authors (other than and including Stressed-Less Living), the P31 Speaker Team, P31 Encouragement for Today Devotions, and anything God does through P31 has impacted your life. And remember, every time you comment you are entered to win our giveaway for this week – Intimacy with God: Your Daily Guide to Prayer by Tara Furman.

Blessings and Happy Happy Happy Stressed-Less Wednesday! Love, Stephanie

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  1. Kristina says:

    I can’t say enough about Lysa TerKeurst’s book “Unglued.” I cried my way through that book, identifying with the frustration of reacting to each of life’s circumstances instead of responding in a Christ-honoring way. God brought that book to me at the perfect time in my life. I was feeling completely overwhelmed with a 1 and 3 year old, being a new pastor’s wife, and working part-time and was able to gain new perspective as I read the book. I hope to be able to use it in a women’s Bible study in the future. I’m so excited that May 11 I’ll be hearing her speak in Chadds Ford, PA!!

    • Carla Keller says:

      I purchased “Unglued” for my Kindle and hope that someday soon Proverbs 31 will do the study on it again!!

      • Janet F says:

        I with you Carla!!! I wish they would do Made to Crave again and Unglued. I had never heard of this ministry and know that God led me here because I don’t even know how I found out about it, but when I did I saw they had already done the OBS Made to Crave and Unglued :( SO if they do them again I will definitely be signing up!!

  2. I read chapter 5 yesterday, highlighting most of the chapter, I think. LOL I also worked on the questions in the back and then did the exercises with the verses, too, that is at the very end of the chapter. Typing them up, cutting them into strips. I will do anything to try and reduce my stress down because it is scaring me anymore. Then either this afternoon or tomorrow, I will work on verse mapping. I do so enjoy doing that. It seems every time I see a bible verse, I am verse mapping it. I have gotten hooked on verse mapping. So not sure if I should say thank you or not for introducing it to me. LOL Thank you for this book and this study.

  3. Tricia (OBS Leader) says:

    Proverbs 31 Ministries has changed my life! For me it all started with the Encouragement for Today emails. I signed up for those & a few days later I got Melissa Taylor’s Stained & Ruined devotion in my inbox. From there I found the OBS blog page, signed up for my very first study (Wendy Blight’s, Hidden Joy in a dark corner)& have been going strong in the studies since. I wouldn’t be where I am today without God having led me to this amazing ministry! The community, the support, the encouragement & the love that P31 provides to the women they serve is the real deal! It’s life changing & it’s amazing!

  4. Carissa D. Huffman says:

    It all started with Encouragement for Today–I was looking for a devotional that would basically come to me. That lead to trying out the Made to Crave study, and many others. The Unglued and Greater studies really made such an impact for me, and introduced me to my wonderful Facebook group (Group 15–Kendra and my girls ROCK!). I didn’t expect to benefit from Let. It. Go., but I really did! I am seeing a lot more blessings from all this than I would have expected, and I am grateful for this group.

    Carissa in eastern Iowa

  5. Linda G says:

    This is my first OBS and it thus far has been a wonderful experience. I just signed up for the daily devotionals. Thank you Proverbs 31 for bringing all these women together to learn God’s word. I am really looking forward to the next OBS.

    • Carla Keller says:

      This is my second OBS and I am enjoying it just as much as I did the first one! If you get the chance do the study on Let..It..Go!!

  6. Courtney says:

    I absolutely love the daily devotionals from Proverbs 31 Ministries! It seems like the ladies are sitting in my living room and observing my life! Every devotional ties into what I’m going through, feeling, or thinking. But that’s no coincidence, that’s GOD using you all to speak to us. I own several books from the P31 team. A Confident Heart by Renee Swope is awesome! Through her teachings and her book, I am learning to be a courageous woman of God! It has thought me that God doesn’t give us the spirit of fear, but of courage and hope. Another helpful book is Lysa Terkeurst’s Unglued. While reading her book, I felt like she was sitting with me, drinking sweet tea (true Texan!), and telling it like it is! I learned that I am a stuffer who collects retaliation rocks. Lysa’s teachings and book has shown me that that reaction is not helpful, nor pleasing to God. Thank you Lysa from saving me from self-destruction!

    I also own, but have not had the chance to read Suzanne Eller’s The Unburdened Heart; Glynnis Whitwer’s I Used to Be So Organized; and Lysa’s Made to Crave. Once our time is over with this OBS, I am going to pour my sweet tea, get in the chaise lounge and read until my heart is content!

    Thank you ladies for your wisdom, honestly, and experiences in your books! You are a blessing to my life, and I pray and thank God for each of you!

  7. Hello we are doing Unglued for or Wed ladies bible study. Love the vidoes and the charts of keeping us from coming unglued. Love my small group. I am the pastor’s wife and they did not ask me to lead it. Just come and be apart of it. I only have to add comments and not lead it. It is awsome. Thanks Proverbs 31 ministery.

    • Aubrey Carey says:

      With this DVD /video curriculum there are extra materials besides the book? I have the book and devotional and am considering starting a moms /women’s group, doing this as our first study. But I am nervous about being the leader. I still come Unglued a lot myself, and I am a fairly new Christian ( truly having a relationship with and seeking God. I have been to church all my life but didn’t seek Him or study the Bible till recently:)

  8. I had the most amazing day, I went to a woman’s group meeting most of the women are in a battered shelter, they are so broke with every part of there being. The topic they had to day was STRESS.. I got so excited because this I can share to the group on how I’m learning to deal with stress, after I share this Bible study my councilor asked me to lead the group, I didn’t even think about it I took it and ran with it, I explained the verse cards, I had them write down Psalms 33:3-5 they decorated them I explained when they start feeling the “funk” call on Jesus, read your card keep it with you at all times.
    The look of hope in some of there faces, and was amazing I could just feel the Holy spirit working in the room, I truley had a very blessed day.. Thank you Jesus, Thank you P31, and this study, I love all you,

    • Barbara Prince says:

      Denise, I love the way God intervenes in our lives, so that we can bless others. I am so glad that P31 has become such an inspiration for you. I’m on my 4th study. I also love P31 daily devotion. This ministry is reaching women like none other.

      • Denise says:

        I thank you I was just telling my FB leader is amazing feeling giving hope to women who just want to know love and a love that’s unconditional. I would have never able to reach out like that
        before P31 this is my second study they are my strength they give me the righteous tools to serve and God is my guide, and my light <3. <3

        • Aubrey Carey says:

          Denise, God is def using you to help others. I think sometimes we have to go through something, really experience it, to be able to be empathetic and touch others in similar situations. These women will be much more receptive to you, and God can work through you! How amazing and what a wonderful blessing:)

  9. I’ve read several books by Lysa Terkeurst. My Women’s Sunday school class just did the Unglued study, that was amazing. Now we are doing “What Happens When Woman Say Yes to God”. I have been listening for God’s still small voice, and have been stepping out in faith and saying “Yes” to God. We are only on chapter 3, and already I’ve experienced more of God in my life than I’ve ever noticed before. Well, I guess it’s the combination of that study along with this one, that has made a huge difference in my life. This is my 1st online bible study, but it has been a life saver.

    • Barbara Prince says:

      Toni, I’m also glad to have found this ministry. Or, did it find me? God is always reaching out to His children. P31 is an awesome extension of God’s grace.

  10. Oh I forgot I also love getting the daily devotions from P31. Love, love, love, these short devotionals that I can read anywhere at anytime! That’s how I learned about this study!

  11. Sherri J says:

    I participated in the Unglued and Let it Go…great studies to help us as women realize that we need to focus on God to come to real peace….I’m enjoying this one too…I feel like Tracie Miles lived some of the major stress I have and it is comforting the way she turned all the stress over to God …great inspiration.

  12. I have been growing and enjoying in my first verse mapping this week. I chose Exodus 33:14 The LORD replied, “My Presence will go with you and I will give you rest.” God has given me the gift of peace and rest starting after I wrote this verse out. I got a call that my 30yr old daughter and their 7 yr old son needed to come stay with us until her husband got off work. This is truly a surprised request as she is as strong and caring for all as I am. She went to the E.R. that night while I slept and . my husband went to her house while her son was asleep. They ruled out heart attack and no lung issues this time but a major wave of panic attacks. Three days before this she cut her hand while washing dishes and had to sit still for two hours to let the bleeding start to clot. They have also been in the process of selling things so they can downsize moving into a smaller home and two hours south of here. They have been looking forward to the move and I’m happy it’s so close (they lived in MN for 4 1/2yrs). She has always had severe anxiety panic attacks but no relief that was lasting. I told her about my verse mapping this week and the verse Exodus 33:14. While my grandson layed hands on her and prayed this verse took on new meaning and in . boldness I prayed. Also that God would lead doctors if they were needed. As her husband has had to work late I have spent the last two days for 11 hrs and 12 hours enjoying the best restful sleep she has had and restful time we’ve had together as a family in a long time. I know when they move June 1st God’s Presence is already with each of us and we all have peace. God got her in to see a doctor tomorrow to get stronger medication of anxiety and do a Well Woman’s exam. She had just found a doctor here in town and was going to wait after the move and the doctor is huge anxiety. I know God will bless my daughter in healing any fibroids that might have come back in the last 1 1/2yrs since her ladt surgery in MN. Thank you God for blessing not only me but my daughter and her family too.

    • Barbara Prince says:

      Tracy, God hears the cry of your heart for your daughter and her family. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.” (Proverb 3:5-6) “The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?” (Psalm 27:1)
      Blessing on you and all your house my sister!

  13. Kris Danko(OBS Small Group Leader) says:

    I’m another one that’s not sure how I got started with Proverbs 31 Ministries, I just know that I absolutely love it! Somewhere along the line, I signed up for their daily devotionals and loved them. I then picked up a copy of Made to Crave at the recommendation of a friend. As I got talking to another friend, she mentioned the OBS done with Melissa Taylor and I signed up for my first OBS, Unglued. This is my fourth study and I’ve now moved into being a small group leader.

    Since starting with P31, my faith has grown and deepened tremendously. My relationships are different, my whole life is different now. I believe in ways I never imagined and am doing things I’ve never thought possible.

    • Lori B (group 30) says:

      I’m thankful for Kris because she introduced me to Made to Crave and P31 and some how I ended up in the OBS! This is my 6th study. I love that the women of P31 ministries are real women with real problems just like the rest of us. I also relly enjoy the conference calls that go with each series. Thanks P31!!

    • Love you Kris! You are an awesome leader!

    • This is my first study. I love it. Kris is a great caring leader.

      • Kris Danko(OBS Small Group Leader) says:

        Oh, thank you ladies!! I love all of you and you all just made my day today!!! Starting work with a smile on my face from you all!! So blessed!

  14. Kandace (OBS Prayer Team) says:

    Several years ago (4 or 5) a friend emailed me a devotion from P31. I loved it and went to the website and signed up for them myself. A couple years later, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Long story, but God drew me in through that experience and began healing me… physically, emotionally and spiritually… and I fell in love with Him. It wasn’t long after finishing my treatment I saw a blurb about A Confident Heart and it spoke RIGHT to my UNconfident heart! I bought the book, signed up for the study, and then signed up for the study facebook groups….I began leading a facebook group for the next study! I have been blessed beyond belief through this ministry and met some beautiful, wonderful women from all over the WORLD! And through those women, I have made lifelong friendships. I am so grateful for this ministry and all of these beautiful women and this ministry!

  15. This is my 2nd OBS. I did Let. It. Go. earlier this year. Anyone who didn’t do that one, I highly recommend you go to the archives & do it when you get a chance! It was awesome! I learned some things about myself that surprised me. And I’m still working on letting go. I’m so glad God is patient with me. I don’t see how He has time for the rest of you ladies. Lol!

  16. ♥♥♥ Tons of growth, God’s presence even nearer – because I am seeking him.
    Due to some car issues, and unemployment a few years ago, I was rarely able to attend church, and I am an ACTIVE participant – a leader, a filler-inner when there were needs! So to go from that – to unable to be in those four walls, nor able to even get out much at all, I needed my sisterhood – I was desperate, alone, and close to depression. :-( And amazing – God showed up in a widget online with Proverbs 31, and I have been able to rebuild this walk – in an amazing way. Who figured? Who knew? Never would I have imagined online studies would be so amazing. Thank you JESUS! and Thank you girls for doing what you do in Matthews NC! you girls touch lives, beyond what you can imagine! thank you thank you thank you! ♥♥♥

  17. Kim W. says:

    Proverbs 31 has been such a blessing to my life! I’m like many of you and don’t remember exactly how I found it, but I do know that God led me here and has been blessing me by it ever since. This is my 4th OBS and I also arrive early to work to read Encouragement for Today every morning with my first cup of coffee.

    Funny story, too – one day at work, a co-worker and I were sharing a frustration we were having and we joked about how we need to pray for people that are hard to pray for. Later that day, she sent me the Encouragement for Today which, of course, was on that exact topic! (I just love it when God does that!) I didn’t know she was a Proverbs 31 subscriber and she didn’t know I was – now we have that in common!

  18. Tristine says:

    OMG! You hit my hot button, my weakness. :-) I have been blessed beyond belief just by being involved in these studies. This is my second after “Let.It.Go”. I was drawn like a magnet (speaking of magnets, I led a “Made To Crave” study and was blessed and SAW blessings.) I had the magnets and gave them out. Along with the fridge signs, the whole bit. I even bought the Action Pack study I was so pumped up about it and believed it could truly change lives and lead to freedom. That study is on the shelf until God calls me to bring it out. I also have Lysa Terkheurst’s “Unglued” study, on the shelf. Since I have three studies of Lysa’s says a lot to me. I love her to death and am intrigued by the whole ministry. ALL of the women have blessed me.

    I am extremely impressed by Melissa and her OBS. Definitely God-breathed. I am an educator at heart and LOVE learning about God and growing in Him. I originally signed up for the Unglued study and started it but couldn’t keep up at the time. Now, God has freed my time to be involved here and home with my husband who needs care after a stroke. What a blessing!

    Stephanie, Melissa, OBS leaders, everyone involved in all of this, have been nothing but very helpful, pleasant, and welcoming. I am enamored by what you are doing and spreading the word to my church. I hope to help bring more women in to grow and learn alongside me. I have never experienced an online learning environment like this, much less a Bible study. I thank you for the practical applications, prayers, everything. I am growing and learning just as He wants me to right now. I am grateful to be a part of P31.

  19. Rebecca says:

    I LOVE the small group on facebook and the inspirational quotes and pins on facebook and pintrest.

  20. Miranda White says:

    I think God sent me to proverbs 31.I have learened a lot for each of the ladies.There devotionals have really been a great help for me. Reading Chature 5 od SLL. has been really though because it brought a lot to mind I had just hiden away.problems with My marrage , finances , Feeling that God just could not love me. I try my best to priase him and read his word. But I feel like maybe I have shut down my heart and now I am praying for him to open it and help me to get through my tough life of deppression because it is the kind that never gose away I have just got to lear n how to deal with it . It has been hard going throught it with no one to understand the pain that it causes me. I learned in chap 5 that all I have to do is give all my worries to him and pour my heart out to him so that I can find the peace he gave Hannah. I am so going to be pouring out my heart and soul to him from now on. This was a great chapter

    • Sherri says:

      Hi Miranda….praying for you…I’m glad you joined the study…love and prayers

  21. Love Provers 31 and these studies are helping me stretch and grow

  22. saskia says:

    For me it started with the encouragement for today devotions, sent to me by mx father. Through these devotions I started to “meet“ several authors and purchased books like “unglued“ “Becoming more than a good bible study girl“, more books from Lysa Terkeursz, Micca Campbell, Rachel Olsen, Suzanne T Eller, Renee Swope and so on and so on. I got hooked on these books because I learned so much through them! I have the intention to do another study once this one is completed. This study brought me so much already and I experience more closeness with my God… through the study the book is even morespeaking to me. I am really happy that I once was introduced to Proverbs 31 ministeries. It helped me finding my way back to my heavenly father…

  23. Vanessa says:

    Oh my goodness I did not know that it helps Proverbs 31 for us to purchase our books from them directly. I have been like you buying them anywhere and everywhere I can find them. I will buy them and give them away. I think I have read every book they have written two or three times. I have been reading the blogs and news letters for over 20 years. I started when I was a young mother and wife not knowing sometimes what to do. Lysa and the proverbs 31 team have helped me raise my kids, nurture my marriage, and plan my schedule. I promise my husband would thank them to this day if he knew how I stormed off mad as the dickens, then sat down and got that one blog about our man then came back with direction from God through these Godly women. I am so thankful to God for this ministry. I am glad to say that I only live an hour away from the office so after going in every book store to man kind, I could not find my stressed less living books. So I drove to Mathews and picked two of them up. Oh goodness what a beautiful office!! Once again I’m so thankful to God for Proverbs 31!! I loved what Lysa said at the in the loop meeting about books, she said it’s not the whole book you remember it’s usually one line that grabs you!! So true!!


  24. I just recently started viewing the devotionals and tuning into Proverbs 31, in fact it was the Lord who steered me in the direction that led me to Lysa Terkehurst’s book unglued in which from there I was led to Proverbs 31 ministries. After completing her book God led me to purchase another book and do an online bible study with that one, and now to Stressed Less Living with guys! Proverbs devotionals, studies, and prayers from each study has impacted my life so much! I get up each day & spend time in His word thenread devotions from Proverbs 31. I’m so glad and have been blessed to have found u.

  25. This is my first OBS also and I am loving it. I’ve fallen a little behind in the reading, but am a member of a facebook Bible study group that is just awesome. I love how the P31 team encourages us every day. I also get the daily devotionals in my email and i love them. They encourage me so much. Thank you for all you do!!

  26. I have purchased a few books from you guys. Greater, Unglued, I used to be so Organized, Let It Go, A Confident Heart, and Stressed-less Living. Unglued I think really spoke to me the loudest thus so far this year. Ms Lysa I felt was in my heart and head. I really could relate to that book. I still refer bck to it when I feel an unglued moment approaching. I bought the book new but to look at it you could tell. :P.

  27. Marla Sjaardema says:

    Hannah’s story of wanting a child, really felt like my story. My husband and I tried for many years to have a baby. We prayed. I cried and prayed, nothing happen. 9 years we prayed and waited. One day our prayers were answered. We got a call from Bethany Christian Services, they had a little baby boy! I can’t tell you how much I felt! I was going to be a mom! Tears of joy, and a awesome feeling of happiness. My baby boy is 24, but everytime I look at him, I just want to hug him. We also have a daughter, and she is so sweet and loveable. My precious gifts from mothers that wanted to give their child the gift of life. Praise the Lord!

  28. totally stressed says:

    This is my first OBS. My counselor sent me an encouragement for the day and it was what I needed that day and it sparked my interest in the Bible study. I am behind but I’m continuing to try to keep at it. For me to even be able to read any of the scriptures and the book is a great accomplishment.

    • Leigh Ann Sells says:

      Don’t worry about being behind!!! Just do the best you can!!! My first couple OBS I stayed really far behind! Anything I am doing is more than I was doing so I try hard to think of that! You have an amazing counselor if they sent you to P31! Have you seen the movie about “Nemo?” If so, you may remember Dora saying, “Just keep swimming!” Kinda like the Nike ads, “Just do it!”

  29. Melanie says:

    I would like to say that this online study has helped me inso many ways. I am struggling with memorizing the verses. I love all the encouraging verses. Reading all the comments from others helps me realize that I am not the only one suffering with the stress of the life. I am praying for all those involved in this study that they find the peace that God has to offer. I pray that I could live closer to God and my faith will increase each day as I live for Him.
    Thank you for all your hard work at Proverbs 31 and this online study.

  30. As one of the P31 devotional writers, thank you for all of your kind words. We ask Jesus to use us to bring His encouragement to you in your every day lives. What a joy it is to read that He is doing just that!

  31. Leigh Ann Sells says:

    I have been getting the devotions for several years! I have participated in several OBS and loved each of them! Both my husband and I love to read and have been buying strictly ebooks for several years! I don’t need anymore bookcases in my house!

    I would buy every book from P31 (regardless of cost) if everything was offered in ebook! Can you suggest this to the right person?

    Love, Love, Love P31, OBS and FB small groups! I do not like it when our study is over and the grouos go away because I miss everyone so much! I try to follow their personal pages but we can’t always be as honest there!

    I can’t say enough GREAT things about what is happening at P31!

  32. Sherri says:

    I wish that I would have ordered my book thru Proverbs 31…I have never ordered anything online and thought it would be easier for me to get it at the local bookstore …so I went to the two that were in my area and even though their web site said that they had, them neither store did so I special ordered one from one of the stores and It still hasn’t come in. I am hoping it will be in by the weekend. I haven’t been as faithful as I should have about reading the post everyday but I have been blessed when I do…Next time I am going to order my book from the Proverbs 31 store.. The daily devotions have helped me too during a stressful time in my life.

  33. Denise says:

    Does Proverbs 31 offer electronic books? I had to purchase the Stressed-Less Living book in electronic version due to time delays. It would be good to know.

  34. Aubrey Carey says:

    I just want to say P31 ministry and their resources have changed my life. As cheesy as it sounds, its true!;)
    I started receiving the daily email devotions a few years ago, after hearing a short devotion on the local Christian radio station.
    These devotions have kept me going, given me a focus and reason to try to read and understand my Bible, to be the best woman I can be, to serve God the way I should.
    I was a church goer all my life, and thought I was a Christian:)
    I have never been able to fully let go and give God control of my life, and have never had a real relationship with God, just did all the “good” Christian things.
    Until I had a low time in my life last fall. I had a 9 month old baby, and two other small children, and I had experienced postpartum depression with a previous pregnancy, but this time it was much worse.
    I was angry all the time, frustrated at every little thing, and since I was trying to fix it myself, and hide it from everyone, unfortunately my kids were the victim of lots if yelling, slaps, harsh words. I have never been that way, and even as I smacked them, or yelled at them, in my heart I was crying, but felt completely out of control, almost like I was possessed by this evil side of myself. It wasn’t until I punched a hole in the wall at my house, and finally confided in a friend at work, that I broke down and admitted I needed help.
    I did start taking meds, simply because frankly I was scared of what I might do to my children. My doctor is a Christian and as I sat in her office and cried, told her I had tried to pray my way through this but I wasn’t a good enough Christian, she prayed with me, and helped me to see I did need help. I had a true chemical imbalance, which meds may help, but like she told me “this is not from God, this is from the Devil. God has to help you fight him.”
    I broke down, and began to earnestly pray and search for something to help me , to know what to do, how to pray, etc.
    I read about Lysa Terkuersts “Am I Messing Up My Kids”, and got it, and immediately was hooked. This book touched a place in my soul like no other book I have ever read. I cried so many times reading it, but I also began to get up early, every morning, to read, answer the questions and pray. This soon evolved into studying my Bible and wanting to know more. I had never had a quiet time or had a thirst for the Word, but through studying this book, I developed both.
    I finished the book, then started Unglued. I had only been reading it a few days when I read the announcement for the SLL study. Having never done OBS or any group study, I gave it a try. I was blessed to be able to be part of a small group on FB and that has been a huge motivator and encouragement.
    I have grown to love getting up early, have started spending over an hour each morning studying my Bible, learned to verse map, pray Scripture, and journal, all through this study.
    I now feel like the idea I have had for a few years, to start a Moms group of some sort, was from God. Maybe the reason I went through that dark time was to not only bring me to Him, but equip me to help other women, be honest and open, to minister to other mothers. I am praying about this, and trying to work up the courage to start something like this.
    I have very few mom friends, live in a rural area, and attend a tiny church with no women’s ministry, no children’s ministry, and a mostly elderly congregation. So the idea of starting a group like this has always seemed too hard, I am afraid of failing, not knowing who to invite, etc..
    But I am encouraged daily by studies and devotions through this ministry and hope to one day be involved in something like it myself.
    I also hope to one day meet Lysa and hug her, to let her know she has changed my life:)

    • Jessica says:

      Thank you for being so open and sharing, Aubrey. I will be praying for you as you begin a new ministry and that He would help lead you to open doors. All it takes is Yes, Lord. Moses couldn’t even speak! God will equip you and show you the way when we follow his will. Prayers and encouragement to you sistah!!!!

    • TJ Conner says:

      Remember as you move forward, that if you are wanting a group, then there are other women who most likely also want a group. Its like wanting to ask a question in class. People are afraid to ask because it might sound dumb to others. The reality is there is someone else in class thinking of the same question and afraid of the same thing.
      Just an idea- invite all the ladies in the area to a meet and greet to introduce the idea. Then you can see how many are interested and who would be willing to help. Keep steppin’ in faith sister.

  35. Jada Smith says:

    Love all of their materials! :)

  36. This is amazing ministry. I love the blogs, the encouragement etc. The amount of time you all put in, is truly wonderful and life changing. Just when I read a devotion or blog I can relate all the time. And I know I’m not alone.

  37. I discovered Proverbs31 Ministries as I listened to KLove radio. It is the only station I listen to! Each day I would here the Proverbs31 radio speakers and one night I came home and went to the site. That moment changed my life! I have always read Christian literature, enjoying EWTN authors, different versions of the Bible and other devotionals, but the Proverbs31 women were women just like me loving our Lord and going through the daily struggles of life constantly seeking Him through His Word and prayer! I signed up for every email post and anticipated them each day. I came upon the OBS sign ups for SLL and A Confident Heart…purchased the books and here we are! I also purchased Karen Ehman’s Let it Go with the downloads and Lysa’s Unglued book and devotional. I have not quite got to those two yet but know that when I do, they too will enhance my relationship with Jesus! I also know already that my daughter has purchased for me the NIV devotional Bible for Women and I cannot wait for Mother’s Day! But it has been my greatest blessing to honor the most wonderful woman in my life…my Mom…through the Legacy campaign…and to be able to share with her, a woman of great faith, all that I am learning through the Proverbs31 Ministries. God bless you all!

  38. Michele says:

    Read chapter 5 today, loved it. Would love to have some snuggle time with God!

  39. I have to admit that this study is my first impactful connection with P31 & I am truly blessed beyond measure by this ministry! Stephanie I want to thank you for leading us this week & really connected with Halal!! I believe this is the area God has for me next & believe that soon and very soon I WILL let go of those restraints!!
    Forever grateful :-)

  40. I heard Lysa on the radio, Made to Crave. I have to shout from the roof tops, this book was a life changer. Made to Crave devotional. Ungluged. I just heard Lysa with her husband on Focus on the Family for Unglued. Unglued Devotional. Wendy Blight’s book Hidden Joy touched me. Gwen’s study on organization. Suzanne Eller Unburdened Heart. Tracie Miles, Rene Swope, The Confident Heart. I meet every week with my friend and we do Wendy Pope’s Psalm study. If I left any one out, please know Proverbs 31 has changed my life. By the way I have lost 99 pounds, some one tell Lysa since October 2011. Blessings, Diana

  41. For me, the start with Proverbs 31 Ministries was the devotionals..on Facebook! I read through them, and like so many others said, they impacted me deeply. It seemed like whatever I was going through, that day’s devotional touched on it. Still does to this day. Once we relocated to MS, I began hearing ‘spots’ on the radio by Lysa and Renee.
    I was originally seeking a Book Club, and had done one with (in)courage when the Women’s Ministry at my church started decreasing Bible studies. I just randomly found Melissa’s site through a google search of OBS. When I saw my life verse in the top corner on her blog, I got hooked and did An Untroubled Heart as my first study. I am so thankful for all of the support in this online community. May He bless you all!

  42. Everything P31 has produced/published has influenced my life. “Let It Go,” Bible Study, the magazine, She Speaks and She Speaks Intensive–everything has ministered to me and helped me to grow spiritually.

  43. I thank God for P31. Someone mentioned the website and I decided to look it up. Well I got hooked immediately. It started with the daily devotions then I was lead to so many great blogs. (I don’t think I had really read any blogs before this). Then the online bible studies. I’ve also done studies with Wendy Blight as well. Through the past few years God has been holding on to me through some very difficult times by guiding me to P31. God keeps speaking to me in amazing ways. Every thing I read and study and other sermons I listen to are always connected and I know it is God speaking. I don’t really have a good Spirit filled church where I am, so I was happy when I found Elevation online. I have the app on my iPod and love watching or listening to the sermons each week. God always speaks to me through the sermons. It amazes me the path that I started on when I found out about P31. May God continue to bless each person involved with P31.

  44. Stephanie L says:

    I enjoy the little things Lysa posts on her facebook page. I also always remember to “Exchange whispers with God before shouts with the world” each morning. I also really enjoyed Karen Ehman’s devotion the other morning on resting. Perfect for this study!

  45. Like Lynn, as a devotional writer and speaker and author for Proverbs 31 it’s easy to, as you write the devotions, to forget how God can take something so little as your offering of words and use them in such a powerful way. Your words today have made my heart full. Thank you, Suzie Eller, P31

  46. Lynn Fincher says:

    Thank you to all the OBS. Leaders. You are all awesome to help us in theses studies
    And God’s light is shining through you to what you share with us.

  47. Christine Ann says:

    Last year I took on Renee Swope’s ‘ A Confident Heart’ OBS study.This book certainly changed my life and this year I am working alongside a friend who has joined this years OBS. I have even lent her my book and have shared some of the wonderful printable material with her ( as she doesn’t have a printer). In doing this I have been encouraging myself for the second time around reading the Kindle version of ‘A Confident Heart’.. It always amazes me just how much more can be seen in a book ,on a second or third time of reading.. insights and truths become much more visible and relevant. In short my heart is receiving another ‘coating of confidence’. Renee Swope is a truly honest, transparent and inspirational writer.

  48. Rebekah says:

    My pastors wife told me about Its just a helpful website especially for me as I have been working on coming back to Christ this past year. There are so many references to everything your heart desires to now about God. This is where I found proverbs 31 ministries and started by signing up for daily bible readings. Tue fist book I read was Let. It. Go. I missed the start of that bible study but got on the list for this one. It seems like God had a step by step plan to lead me here.

  49. Adrienne says:

    My friend introduced me to proverbs 31 emails about 8 months ago. I read each one daily, wherever I’m at. Some, speak to me louder than others. Those that do, i take to heart, pray and apply to my life.
    It was through one of those emails that i discovered LET.IT.GO devotional bible study. It changed my life and marriage. Currently, this is my second study.