May 11

SLL Week 5 ~ Praises and Prayer Requests

Have you ever been out and about and needed to write something down so you don’t forget it?  Okay, so this was before smartphones with that cute little InkPad app that lets you take notes on what looks like a legal pad.  I’m a hand writer.  I grab my ink pen and if it’s important I jot it down on my hand so I don’t forget it.  Then every time I look down I see it there, reminding me.  I can’t forget about it.

This week Tracie Miles and Stephanie Clayton have been reminding us that we aren’t alone in this.  That we have a Father who is always with us, who loves us, and who will never leave us.  We don’t always feel like He is listening.  Hannah prayed for years (1 Samuel 1 in the Bible) and maybe you have too.  Or maybe you just started praying but you wonder if He really means that He is with you.

I’m great at knowing God loves you,  that He will will take delight in you, that His presence will go with you and give you rest.  But me?  Sometimes I wonder.  Or at least I did.  Then I came across a little verse in my studies one day when I was especially down.  Isaiah 49:16 (NLT) begins “See, I have written your name on the palms of my hand…” That’s God talking to His people!  That means you and me!

You see, even when things seem dark, or we feel alone, God has written, inscribed (NASB), engraved (ESV) the name of His people on His hand.  He hasn’t forgotten you (or me), but has placed our name on His body in a place that prevents Him from forgetting us.  Every time He does a work He sees our name.  When He glances down He is reminded of us.  So while we may be in a holding pattern, expectantly waiting for God to work in our lives, let’s remember not to pout because He hasn’t show up or assume he doesn’t care about us.  Remember what Tracie said, “we need to focus on believing that, in one way or another, his answer will come in his time”.  And in the meantime, know that He has written your name on His palm so that He is reminded of constantly.


Ginny B., P31 OBS Teaching Team & Prayer Warrior

We would be honored to pray with you.  Please share any prayer requests that may be on your heart in the comment section.  Every request is read and prayed over by a member of the Online Bible Studies team.  And we are just as happy to rejoice with you so please share praises as well.  




  1. Thanking God for His many blessings and sending up prayers tonight for all of the ladies in need this week. May God minister to You right where You are. God, reach down and touch us all, open our hearts and our eyes so we can see You. Touch all those who are sick and comfort the brokenhearted. You are so good. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

  2. The scripture Zepheniah 3:17 “The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior that saves. He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing.” I had a hard time with that one. God rejoices over me with singing? He delights in me? The other stuff I could believe but those I had to believe simply b/c they are God’s word. I don’t “feel” like he would have a reason to do that. In fact he has many reasons not to do that. But as I was running those words through my head and how can they be true b/c I don’t “deserve” them, I felt the Holy Spirit say, “That’s the whole point, NO ONE deserves them! That’s the goodness of God!” Again, it’s not about what I “feel” it’s about what I KNOW is truth. I praise God that even though I don’t deserve his blessings He delights over me and rejoices over me with singing just because I am one of his children! God is good!!!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Praying for my husband to find a job in education. I pray god leads
    Him in the right direction and fills his life with blessings, so each day he is fulfilled in his work. I also pray for his health, he has horrible pains in his right leg. After 3 surgeries the pain is still there. Thank you for your prayers.

    • Oh, my I will be praying. My husband has had two in the last year and now is going to have a third in a few months. It’s a rare thing with the scar tissue and bone growing where it’s not supposed to – all he wants to do is get back to work. But, we know God is in charge of everything and can reach down and touch him when and if he wants, but right now we’re finding God’s moving in big ways for him to work with changing on 21 years olds perspective on life and 19 year old so we trust in him. I will be praying it is not easy!!!! The pain as I understand from him is constant, I will pray for you too – it’s not easy for you to be strong all the time, we have weak time especially when there is nothing we can do.

  4. Sheilah Watts says:

    Isaiah 49:16 was such a blessing to me. To know that God has written my (our) name in the palm of his hand, and that we are constantly before Him, is mind boggling. The Creator of the Universe has made me that personal and special to Him; I am overwhelmed!!! thank you for sharing that scripture. I will keep it close to my heart. I ask you ladies to be in agreement with me for a friend’s complete healing who is currently fighting a battle with cancer. He was diagnosed about a year ago and has sinced gone through chemotherapy. I pray for his strength and God’s peace and assurance for he and his wife through this very trying time. thank you all so much for being there.

    • I agree, mind bogging. Just me, I haven’t done anything great or outstanding I think but yet he thinks enough of me!!! I agree what a blessing!!!

  5. Stephanie L says:

    Jamy, thanks for praying for me. My health has been better on my new meds this week and I’m thankful for that. Had a wonderful mother’s day yesterday and felt great! Taking each day as they come and praising Him no matter how I feel.

  6. Oh how I know how it felt to feel alone a year ago and sometime now, I had thought I needed to do it all myself instead of God like I always had before and got into more trouble. It’s been a hard slow road but the Lord has shown me real encouragement with other Christians and this web site. Now my son is trying to change his life – he took the wrong path in many ways and is looking back like I did and is trying to fight though. But what the devil wants to use as a stumbling block God is using for Good! I do know how it feels and its hard but don’t look back, it’s in the past, tomorrow may never come but today live in his presents and trying to find peace.
    Mother’s day was low then high and then low, but God is working. Please pray for our family as we’re coming closer to each other and to God together and the convictions in our lives – I see God working but it’s not easy and a lot of bridges need to be mended especially between the boys. One is 21 and the other 19; big brother wants to once again earn his brothers respect and make sure God is in control but the devil is fighting too. Anyone else having these problems? A mentor God gave me in the last few week’s that has been through this said it will not happen overnight, it’s been an 8 year process for them but two steps forward for every step back. God is good and really making changes so there is always hope with God in charge – without – NO!!!!!


  7. Praise God that we can come together and lift each other up in prayer and encouragement -we are not alone here on earth – this is not our home but God has given us each other to get through it all!!!!! Stay in Love with the Lord and Stay in Love with each other!!!!!!
    Praise God!!!!!

  8. Pray for strength. Going through very difficult time of separation from
    husband, Need great discernment and God’s wisdom each day.

  9. Please pray for my son and husband. Monday night my son dislocated his ankle when playing basketball, Praise God we see the doc in the morning but the x-rays they see so far say they do not see a break.

    My husband has an appointment two hours later with the same doctor as they talk about a third knee surgery procedure – two in the last year has not gone well – he has a system that creates scar tissue you fast!! And now new bone is growing where it should not. So we know God in his timing can heal and give wisdom to the doctors – he just wants to get back to work. It’s hard on all but I try to be strong – but know I am weak – so where I am weak I pray God makes me strong!!

    Thank you

  10. I would like prayer for strength in my mind, heart and body. A financial break through, my son is accepted to college but we never got a scholarship. He will be leaving in June 17 and the expense are great and I am just trusting God to make a way. We already have 6 other kids to maintain and I am a stay at home mom. Please pray and agree with me that God will send divine favor and blessings. Thank you