May 12

Stressed-Less Living, Week 6

A Personal Note for the Stressed-Out and Fallen Behind Gals

Before we get to this week’s schedule, read this note from one of our Stressed-Less Living Facebook Small Group Leaders, Kelley Murphy~

OK Ladies, here’s the deal – Many of you have told me you are behind on your reading and STRESSED over it! Let’s stop right there…… Here’s what I want you to do ~ pick up at chapter 5. You can go back and read the previous chapters later – DO NOT STRESS over it. This study is to help us be STRESSED-LESS not STRESSED-OUT.

Also, going forward on Sunday take out your book and break it up into reading that you can do a little at a time – read so many paragraphs or pages so you can get the whole chapter read in the week it’s assigned – but aren’t forced to sit and read it in one sitting. Just mark it – Monday’s reading, Tuesday’s reading, etc. That way hopefully you will not be overwhelmed by feeling like you have to read the entire chapter in one night. I hope this helps make the remainder of the study a little less stressful! You are only going to get out of it what you put into it – so let’s do this!

And don’t forget to visit the OBS blog on Especially on Monday and Friday. These are the days we focus on getting into God’s Word. God’s Word is the best cure for stress that you will ever find!

Dear God, thank you for these ladies, thank you for their hearts and desires to bring glory to you by learning to live stressed-less. Father, free them from unnecessary burdens. We lift them up to you right now – you know their burdens, you know their hearts – and you know what it is going to take to bring peace to their chaotic lives. Thank you Father for being our Rock. It is my prayer today that we reach out to you for all things big or small and surrender them to you. That we will begin day by day to lean on you and only you. Through you we become complete. Through you we have strength. We love you Father. Amen.

Reflection Verse 6

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” ~   Matthew 6:33 (NIV)

Suggested Assignments for Week 6

***Note the word “Suggested”~ that’s because this schedule might not work for everyone. Read over it and decide what works best for you. Like Kelley wrote above, you can read your chapter all in one day or you can split it up over the week. Do what works for you. Just remember to check the blog and participate in discussion. We need you and you are a valued member of this Bible study group!

Sunday~ Here you are!  Read over the weekly schedule and plan your week for success! Comment, comment, comment! Each comment you leave on this blog qualifies you for our weekly give-away. This week we have a Stress Relief Package for you!

Monday~ Bible Study! Show up with your Bible, pen, highlighters, notebook, and whatever you need to have some time in the Word. Jamy Whitaker is leading us this week and she has a great lesson planned for you!

Monday Night~ Didn’t you just love our study leader Stephanie Clayton last week?  Well tonight is your chance to get up close and personal with her. She is our guest speaker and teacher on the conference call. If you’ve been anxious or stressed-out, help is on the way and Stephanie is going to get us there! It’s not too late to sign up for the conference call series.   You also can access previous calls in this series.

Tuesday~ Read Chapter 6, I Can Do It All by Myself…or Can I?  Visit the OBS blog for discussion.

Wednesday~ Did you know that Proverbs 31 has a radio program? Learn about it today on the OBS blog!

Thursday~ Blog Hop!  Here are the topics this week~

1.  Seek First. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. ~Matthew 6:33 NIV. Verse map our reflection verse for three days and share with us how your heart responds to His Word.

2.  I’m A Big Girl! Think of a time when you thought you could do it all by yourself. What happened to make you change your mind?

3. Lay Down My Pride. Chapter 5. How has the issue of pride become a stumbling block in your life? How is the Stressed-Less Living study helping you draw closer to God?

4.  #Blessed. Add to your #Blessed entry or start one today!

Friday~ Bible Study Lesson and your Take Away for the Week! Weekly Winner also announced!

Saturday~ Prayer Requests & Praises on the OBS Blog.

 Let’s have a fabulous week of Stressed-Less Living!



  1. Novella says:

    In Jesus Name we pray Amen!
    Thank you or taking the time out to bring attention to being stressed out over falling behind in our Stressed Less living Bible Study readings,
    I smiled as I read the prayer & had to tell myself breath slow down & take in all that The Lord is speaking to you as you read the weekly readings , map verse/ memorize etc at some times during this study.
    This has been such a blessing.
    I pray a blessing over each and every one of you & wish all the mothers a beautiful Stressed Free Mother’s Day!
    In Jesus name we pray

  2. I’m so glad and thankful that I’m not the only one fallen behind. I haven’t done anything these last 2 weeks for one reason or another and was really starting to stress about it. I feel much better now, so thank you for addressing this situation that many of us apparantly are in.

    • Kristi Seat (OBS Leadership Team) says:

      Praying for you Shannan! I know that God is with you today and will be with you throughout the week. Blessings!

  3. Lynn Graham says:

    Dear God,

    Hear my prayer. Thank You Lord for the peace and patience you been given to me as I continue to read this book. and Lord for all the other ladies that have fallen behind, I lift each and everyone up to you in the name of Jesus, to give you peace and comfort as you continue with the study
    Jesus Name I Pray

  4. Linda G says:

    I thank you Lord for seeing I have the time to read this book, even if I can only read a few pages each sitting. I know You KNOW I need to read this book and You WANT me to place everything in Your hands. I am so glad to have read completely chapter 6 while the tot was napping yesterday. Please help the others find the time, even only for a few minutes, to get the most out of the book just as I am.
    In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

  5. Linda K says:

    I sat down to do my devotional this morning and decided to check my emails first. I also “decided” to read yours first. I started tearing up – I felt God used your wonderful ministry to speak personally to me this morning. I, too, have felt like I’ve been trying to play catch-up ever since we were away on a cruise for a week and I didn’t have Internet access for the lessons. After reading this, I am encouraged to focus on this new chapter and get from it all God has for me. Thank you for this message this morning that I so needed to hear, and thank all of the leaders for an excellent study of God’s word and how we can apply it to our lives.

  6. Awe Linda, that is so sweet!
    Isn’t God amazing in his wonderful mercy towards us!?!

    Sending you (((((hugs)))))!

  7. Julie C says:

    Thanks so much for the encouragement! Sometimes I get so distracted by my circumstances I forget to focus on what is most important – spending time in God’s Word and praying! Reading this book has been such an encouragement and has helped me seek God’s peace!

  8. Thank you so much for this post. With the end of the semester (I’m a Doc student) and the rest of life I too have gotten behind and was about to give up. You post was like reading a verse and getting that knock upside the head that the message is clear! Thanks!

  9. Sometimes just the daily chaos keeps me so out of sorts. I was brought to this OBS and, as many others have, I too have lost track over week 5. I feel like the devil is working to keep me from staying on task! God’s word warns us that stumbling blocks will be placed in front of us, but we must learn to jump over or go around them to continue on for the glory of the Kingdom is our rich reward. From this point forward, I have committed to set my alarm for 30 minutes earlier to wake up and MAKE THE TIME for this bible study! It makes perfectly good sense to me if I put Him first in my day, then I am taking the first step to maintain balance throughout my day! Prayers to all those who are struggling and facing stumbling blocks. Stay focused, God has so much more in store for you!

    • Nichole Wolland (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Way to go, Pamela! What a way to take a stand against the devil and put God first! God will reward your faithfulness. Have a great week!

  10. Nancy Dye says:

    It IS a challenge to find the right amount of time to digest all the wonderful words in Traci’s book. Thanks for the suggestion to not stress out about it. I’ve only verse mapped once and feel that I’m shorting myself on this opportunity. I have written the verses down in a notebook with prayers to God every week and doing so brings them “to life.” The verses are also highlighted in the Bible that my deceased mother gave me in 1995. The highlighting serves will forever serve as a reminder of this wonderful OBS!! Happy Mother’s Day to all!

  11. Thank you for the reminder that we are not too stress about being behind in our Stressed-Less Living book. I do this then I want to small myself with the book for forgetting what this is about! Thank you for being amazing leaders & have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  12. Happy Mother’s Day to all. I met with my prayer pal/accountability partner yesterday to try to catch up on what we had been learning. Seems like we are both suffering physically and we have to wonder if it really is stress overcoming our bodies. Of course, we had a time constraint and did not get through it all. So thank you for the reminder today….what is really important is to keep learning…..not to learn it all in one week!

  13. In the past I have always been a person that needs to check off all the boxes on my to do list. If it didn’t get done, I add it to the next day and so on then I get stressed and give up. Thank you for the permission to STOP….REFOCUS…BEGIN right where I am at in the lesson. Then I have freedom to realize, I need to put God first, I desire to put God first in my life again, and I know He is waiting on me each day and I don’t want to disappoint my FATHER!

  14. Praise the Lord. I was behind but now am caught up! Woo hoo!

  15. Thank you for this wonderful bible study and book – God has brought this to me at just the most perfect time in my life. I say perfect time not meaning life is perfect at the moment far from it probably the most stressful time in my families life but with God at ourside I know it he has it all under control and I know that his way not just the best way it’s the only way. Thank you all again God bless

  16. Michelle says:

    Thank you for making my Mother’s Day a little less stressed. I loved the note from Kelley. As a teacher at the end of the school year getting all the report cards and data filed in their correct spots on time has kept me up late all week and sucked up my Bible study time. I appreciate the encouragement. I am so blessed to be part of this wonderful group of daughters of The One True King.

  17. Christa H. (OBS Leader) says:

    I love that our new format gives us some structure to plan around. I split up my reading over Tues and Wed and then finish up if I have to on Thursday. But I try really hard to finish by Wed so I can read some of the awesome blogs on Thurs! God is blessing and changing lives through this study.

  18. I love my facebook group and this studyIhave alrady read chapter 6, and in teprocess of making my prayer boxes! Loved that idea at the end of chapter 5. Im finally aught up and ready to start this weeks assignments!

  19. Ladies, today is Mother Day. Do your self a favor, get into the closet and read the session at the end of Chapter 5. (Extra activity). It has help me thru this whole week. I read it every night before I go to bed. Do not STRESS. This will take it away as soon as you read these 3 pages.
    God Bless

  20. TJ Conner says:

    Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Spiritual Mothers Day to you all. I hope you have a fantastic and relaxing, unstressed day.

  21. How thoughtful to say it is ok if we get behind !! Have a stressless wonderful Mother’s day today to all the mothers and mothers at heart Thanks for encouragement

  22. Feeling like I am struggling with the idea of being able to fully surrender my heart to Him. It feels like every time I start to get it , I look down like Peter did and start sinking. Dear Lord help my unbelief. I want to know full and total surrender to Him.

  23. Edwina Cowgill says:

    It’s so good to know I’m not the only one behind in this group and really stressed and disappointed about it. And of all things, I’m on vacation this week and forgot to pack the book. But I’ll read the chapter when I get home. I do intend to relax and rest and enjoy myself this week. My husband’s brother is blessing all of us with a cruise. We arrived in Miami about an hour ago and will spend the night here and leave tomorrow for a five day cruise. If I can’t relax here…well, that’s not a good thing, is it?

  24. Sherrie says:

    Isn’t it amazing how God talks to us through others to hear something right at the time we need it. Thank you for posting for those of us who have fallen behind. I joke about this at church saying that I need to be less stressed about being behind with reading. This morning I did a children’s sermon based on Matthew 22:37…Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your mind and all your strength. Then I read the focus verse and thought how they are about the same things…putting God first. Amazing.

  25. Happy Mother’s Day everyone! I had an amazing worship service this morning! Pastor Perry spoke on the fact that nothing we do as mothers is Wasted as long as we are sensitive to God, Make room for God, Pursue God’s promises and Never Give up!!! I felt God’s peace settle over me today during the service and thought of all the ladies in this study! As long as we are open, present and pursuing God our lives and those of our children will not be wasted!

  26. I am feeling like I’m caught up this week, Praise God! Last week started out so stressful with my house falling apart, 2 weeks of laundry piled up, my children all sick and 2 large cake orders due. I read the bible verses when I could and focused on them. Slowly, one item at a time on the long to-do list, was checked off. It actually happened faster than I realized. By Wednesday, a friend who works as our church secretary needed a day off and asked me to fill in. All that was required was answering the phone. I had 4 hours of uninterrupted Bible and book reading (with a few phone calls in between), and time to reflect on what I read. I was renewed and relieved! It goes to show you that the enemy will try anything to get your goat… all you have to do is rely on God and he will “lead you to green pastures and beside still waters!” If your week looks crazy and you don’t think it will all happen, sit down and cry out to your Father. He will give you perspective and the timeline you need to get it all done- without the stress!

  27. Constance says:

    I wish I had more time to spend on this study, to digest and re-read each chapter a few times. However, I have been able to catch up this week and I have been so blessed by all I have learned so far. And I can always read the book again after the study finishes. The Lord surely is working in my life through this study. Has anybody else noticed an increase in stressors since starting this study? I’m sure our enemy doesn’t like us learning to be less stressed!

  28. jackie s says:

    The devil is so crafty – He longs for us to “fall apart” just when we think that we’re getting it together. Stressed-Less Living isn’t about answering every question perfectly or on time It is about pausing, no – STOPPING and letting God take control. I too am a person of to-do lists and want it all done on time. However, i’ve got to STOP, pray to God, and allow him to direct me to the Bible (not facebook), or to prayer (not picking up another pile on the floor). It’s so hard, but I want the Holy Spirit to take over – not the crafty (though a “loser” he is) devil.

  29. CarolAnne says:

    Happy Mom’s Day! This Study is so good for me, I loved that part about “eating out of the carton” ; ) Also, loved the section where we can insert our own names into Scripture. Must take time to type those out this week. Thanks to all the Leaders who are encouraging us. xo

  30. Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful women who are assisting us in our learning as well as each one who is participating. Through all of you, I am become enriched in the Word and learning how to become a person who focuses more on the Lord and less on the stress of my life. I recently purchased our book “Stressed Less Living” for three women at work who can really use its words. This really stretches my “comfort zone” as witnessing to these women is taking a “leap of faith”. Yet, I believe this book to be the catalyst by which I can do this, and I pray the Dear Lord will guide me in the way to enrich their lives as all of you have enriched mine. Thank you and I hope you have enjoyed this day – a little less stressed.

  31. Polly Schneider says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. Children are a blessing to us.

  32. Vicki Dyl says:

    Praising God that Mother’s Day breakfast went soooo smoothly and filled us all with His joy and blessing! The Moms at the emergency shelter, and all of their children, had a wonderful time and we all shed many tears together! It was a first for them to have Christian women honor them on Mothers Day there, and considering their situations with escaping abusive relationships, it caused many tears of joy all the way around. I’m still not sure who was more blessed…the wonderful women working with me or the Moms!!! He is so awesome!

  33. Thankfully I am caught up through this week!!

    I just wanted to share I am doing what I can for the future Stressed-Less women to come. Our three boys ages 23, 22, and 18 all can cook (well), clean, do laundry, iron, and are some what of helpful handy men. Two of the three I could send off into the wilderness and they would have no problem surviving. The other one better stick to the city.

    I am extreamly blessed to have a husband that prefers to do the cooking, and who could argue with that. We agreed that I would do the cleanup if he cooked. Fair trade, I think. He also is my yard man, pool man, does most of the laundry, all of the grocery shopping, plumber, electrician, painter, can lay tile, and many more handy things. Some of this is because he is a strong type A personality that likes things done a certian way, and in his timing. The other, he is a gormet cook, and the first time I cooked him box macaroni and cheese, I was immediately fired from cooking. He thinks I am too restrictive and frugal at the grocery store because I won’t buy junk food and soda’s. That, and I have no clue half the ingredients that he uses preparing meals. Funny, my Dad did all the laundry and grocery shopping when I grew up too.

    Yall have a blessed week and try not to get stressed!

  34. Thank you so much for today’s post. I have said it before and I will again…logging on every day makes me feel so connected because it allows me to see that I am not alone! I was stressing today about being behind and here you are sharing about just that. God is so good. He knows what we need to hear even before we realize it. Thank you to all the ladies that take the time to be His vessel!

  35. I too have been behind for this study. I will do as suggested and go to chapter 6 this week, and I’ll read the others later. Thanks for the suggestions, I was feeling like I keep getting farther behind and didn’t see how I was going to catch up, but this way I can continue to get the benefits of being on the same schedule as others.

  36. Stephanie W. says:

    Thanks for writing this today. I have been pretty good in keeping up with this study, but then I have adjust the schedule a little. Last study I tried to do I feel behind (and got stressed about it), so this encouragement is appreciated. I think one of the huge benefits of this study is that we can make it fit into our lives so easily. Thanks for that! Blessings!!

  37. Stephanie W. says:

    I was just reading the verses for this week in the NLT version and really like Matthew 6:33 (actually starting at the end of 32)
    “Your heavenly Father already knows all yours needs (33) and he will give you all you need from day to day IF you live for hims and make the Kingdom of God your primary concern.” I love that little word ‘if’. Great challenge to start the week off.

  38. Carol Thompson group 26 says:

    So, I should have realized that a study on how to handle stress would trigger a response from satan. We have been super busy at work, which is good for the business, but very stressful in many ways. My husband and I have had some communication issues this last week that have led to arguments. But God is good, and He has restored everything. I am still trying to wrap my head around what it means to delight in The Lord. I keep thinking that I should want to send time with God as much as I want to eat chocolate. How awesome and amazing God is. I do want to be more like Christ, I just find it so had some days when people want all of my attention and I feel like I am being torn apart and have no time to breathe.

  39. Melanie says:

    Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day. I like many of you am behind but for good reason. My oldest daughter graduated from high school this week. So we have been doing all the graduation festivities with her. I do plan on catching up this week and am very thankful for this study. Last week was very emotional and stressful but in a good way. I am praying for all those that are participating in the study and for the leaders. I hope that I can be a blessing to those in my life and live for God everyday and others would see him in me.

  40. Thank you for the encouragement-I needed it! I feel like I fell behind this week, and am just now catching up. It never really occurred to me to not try and read the whole chapter at one time, and that was one of the main things I was struggling to accomplish! Such a blessing to be able to share our struggles and realize we are not the only ones. Such an irony that the one thing we are struggling to overcome is the very thing that draws us away from the peace that we all so desperately need. I need to pray more, for myself and for all of us in this study-that we will persevere and take hold of the precious peace that our Savior offers if we will only slow down and let him in.

  41. Treasure says:

    I did get way behind last week– I didn’t even start chapter5 because I was still finishing chapter4. I will skip ahead to 6 and try to get back to 5 soon. I’m also doing the study -A Confindent Heart with Renee Swope
    Why i thought I could keep up with both?
    Cool thing is somedays I am hearing the same things from both studies.
    I just love it when God does that!

  42. Amen! Very well stated! I, too, am relieved to know that I am not the only one that is stressing about falling behind in my Stresses Less Bible Study, of all things! Very encouraging words to read and just what I needed, as well as many other ladies. Thank you for sharing and God bless!


  43. I am looking forward to another great week of getting into God’s word and learning how to be stressed-less. I really enjoyed Tracie’s personal testimony in Chapter 5. I found it really encouraging. I look forward to relating more with her. May each of you ladies who are participating in the online study be personally touched by God this week. May he whisper his wisdom and love to you in a way that will lighten your burdens, and awaken your heart to Him. Amen.

  44. Love that we have three days to read the chapter and complete the reflection questions. Actually more time if you count Sunday and Monday. Can’t wait to start reading Chapter 6.

  45. I have been keeping up with the reading and questions but lacking in looking up and working with the scriptures and that’s my favorite part! I am doing better at remaining calm and not stressing over the little stuff -so progress is being made!

  46. Melanie says:

    I have enjoyed every chapter so far, but 5 really hit home! Its like a light went off in me that created some understanding about my current situation. I sence of peace came over that me, that even though things are crazy right now, it is ok and it will all work out!

  47. Love the request in the prayer asking The Lord to lift unnecessary burdens…how many burdens or stress inducers are of our own doing? We try to control, or please others, or live up to society standards instead of resting in His peace.

  48. Love the request in the prayer asking The Lord to lift unnecessary burdens…how many burdens or stress inducers are of our own doing? We try to control, or please others, or live up to society standards instead of resting in His peace.


  49. It seems that during this study, my life has become more and more stressful and I am so grateful that I have had these verses and this book to keep me going. God must know how much I need to learn these strategies and need His love right now, because, somehow I have been able to keep up and I am so grateful!!

  50. DebbieK says:

    I think I’ve probably been the least stressed with this Bible Study than any of the others (I’ve done 4). I was thinking about why that was, and I think for me, it is because I made a determined decision to do it faithfully. I invited several of the ladies in my Life Group from church to join me, and committed to lead them in the Facebook Small Group, so I knew that I would be held accountable, not only to myself, but to these wonderful ladies. A determined purpose and accountability is always a good combination to pressing through to the goal.

    • DebbieK says:

      I also left out that doing the study, getting into God’s word and applying it to my life and situations, feeling the Lord’s presence, are all the things that truly have kept my heart at peace, but for those things to happen, I need to be diligent in getting into God’s word, diligent to be faithful to prayer, study, meditation in His word – not just reading the scriptures and marking it off my list, but digging down deep to see what God is actually speaking to me personally through them.