May 15

SLL Week 6, Day 3 ~ P31 Radio Ministry

I love listening to the local Christian radio station, WBGL, whether I am in the car or at home on my computer. Besides playing wonderful music that speaks to my heart, they also have radio spots from various ministries. This is how I first heard about Proverbs 31 Ministries. I came to look forward to the 1-minute P31 radio devotions by Lysa TerKeurst and Renee Swope.


If you can’t see Lysa and Renee in the picture above, click here to view directly on the blog.

In their short radio devotions, I received such hope and encouragement. Lysa and Renee offered a godly perspective about real-life struggles and gave real-life solutions to everyday issues in a down-to-earth and relevant way. I realized I wasn’t the only woman thinking or feeling this way. Lysa and Renee are so real. I could relate with these women through the airwaves. My favorite part is how they break down biblical principals into bite-sized pieces for women to carry with them through the day.

I am simply amazed at how God works. By connecting to these ladies through the radio program, I began to learn more about Proverbs 31. This is how I discovered Melissa’s website and started participating in the Online Bible Study, and now I am a member of the teaching team and one of the leaders. This is a wonderful reminder that you never know where God will lead.

One great thing about the P31 radio ministry is that it goes where you are – on the internet or in the car. You can also listen to or read Lysa and Renee’s one-minute devotional messages at your convenience through the P31 website archives and P31 radio podcasts. Be sure to click the link to find out where you can listen to Proverbs 31 Ministries in your area or online via our podcast or at

Your turn – Be sure to leave your answers in the comment section to be entered to win this week’s give away. BONUS PRIZE~ Answer one (or more) of today’s questions and you will be entered to win a Proverbs 31 Ministries’ Radio CD containing 40 radio shows from Lysa and Renee! There will be 3 winners!

  • Where do you listen to the radio most often (i.e. home, computer, ipod, car)?
  • Do you listen the Christian radio – online or on the air?
  • Have you ever heard the Proverbs 31 Radio Ministry on your local radio station?
  • If there were one or two topics you’d like Renee or Lysa to talk about {in one-minute} on the radio, what would they be?

A note from Renee: We’d love to hear your feedback about our show {if you’ve heard it on the air or online.} Also, if your local Christian station doesn’t air the P31 show, let us know if you’d like to help make that a possibility. Just email with “My Local Station” in the subject line. :)

We love connecting with friends and listeners, so thank you Melissa, Jamy & OBS team for sharing about our P31 show!!

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  1. We have a great Christian radio station in Columbia, SC (WMHK 89.7) and they do play the P31 spots. They are also on the internet for LISTEN LIVE. That’s how I first heard of Proverbs 31 Ministries, too, Jamy. It’s funny because now when I hear Lysa or Renee on there, I feel like I’m listening to a friend- not just listening to a stranger’s teaching! Truly a blessing!

  2. Courtney says:

    1. I love Christian radio! It’s so positive and uplifting. I listen to it at home on my computer, iPod, and my car.
    2. I’ve programmed my favorite artists into a pandora station and iPod. In my car I listen to a radio station on XM radio.
    3. I have heard of the Proverbs 31 ministry, just not on any local stations in Dallas. I would love help trying to find one!
    4. I would like for Renee or Lysa to talk about boundaries. Typically, I try to set boundaries later in my relationships because I don’t want to appear mean or unapproachable in the beginning. I need help with standing up for myself and setting healthy boundaries.

  3. Lauren Beach(OBS Group Leader) says:

    I listen at work on my computer and my car! Love K-love and Air One, so I switch them around sometimes! Funny how just last week I recommended Proverbs 31 Radio Ministry to a person ~ love it!

    I would love to hear Lysa or Renee speak about handling the unbearable work environment, were everything seems to be a crisis when it is not… to be able to tune that out and tune in God 😉

    Blessings and have a lovely day everyone!

  4. I listen to the radio the most in my car. I have just recently started to listen to K Love and was so surprised that one of my daughters already knew many of the songs from what they listen to at youth group. I have heard Lysa on the radio!! I would love to hear from Lysa and Renee on the topics of loving and supporting your husband and the topic of parenting teenaged girls. :)

  5. Carissa D. Huffman says:

    I listen to satellite radio–SiriusXM in the car mostly, but at home sometimes, too. We also listen to Christian music on the music channels on Directv. I don’t really listen to local radio. :)

    Carissa in eastern Iowa

  6. I listen to Christian radio mostly in my car. I have heard P31 on a local station.

  7. I listen to Christian radio on line and on the computer. In Central Florida we have Z88.3 and yes I have heard P31 on the radio here when I’m driving. Such a blessing. so thankful for all P31 does for Woman all over the world. Have an amazingly blessed day! :-)

  8. I listen to christen radio in the car and on my iPod. I’m pretty sure they have p31 but I have never heard it. Thank you for all that you do.

  9. Beverly Reeder says:

    I listen to Christian music at home and in the car. It wakes me up every morning. I am very bless to have two radio stations to listen to. They are AFR (American Family Radio) and K-Love radio station . Yes, I love hearing Lisa’s encouraging words during the Proverbs 31 ministry on K-Love radio. Keep up the good work!,

  10. Katrina says:

    I only have access to the radio in my car. We don’t have any sort of radio in the house and our internet connection is too glitchy to try and listen online, so I buy lots of Christian music to listen too at home. I mostly listen to Air One Christian Radio in the car, but have never heard anything about Proverbs 31 radio on that station. It wouldn’t surprise me if they do talk about it, but I just haven’t heard it though, because I’m only in the car a few minutes here and there each week and my daughter is always very vocal in the car. Perhaps we’ll have to look into a booster for our internet so I can begin listening to Proverbs 31 online. It sounds wonderful.

  11. I listen to Lysa and Renee on KSBJ out of Humble, TX. Always LOVE hearing what they have to say! Practical, relatable, and wise! Thanks, ladies! :)

  12. I love Christian radio! I listen to WBGL too; such a wonderful station!! Actually, it’s playing on my computer right now. I love the P31 Radio Ministry. Lysa and Renee do such a fabulous job!

  13. I listen to AFR on the radio when I am in the car or 88.5 when we can get the station.
    I also wanted to comment about my light bulb moments realizing that when
    Having self doubt that is also a form of pride which I did not see it that way before and also when I complain I am going against God assuming I know better than God.
    This chapter is a real eye opener for me just what I needed.Life will be bumpy
    Trying to be god over our lives.Learning to trust in God and waiting can make life calmer for me with less stress.
    Blessings to all.:)

    • Sondra Ratliff says:

      WOW! Thanks so much. Thaat insight is more than a light bulb, a GOD Wink for sure!!!!!

  14. Sondra Ratliff says:

    Our local station here in Bristol, Virginia, is a station in Gray, Tn. 88.3;
    WCQR.Yes, Proverbs 31 minutes, and I listen in car and at home on TV, Optinet. Love talk in…love talkout!

  15. Sondra Ratliff says:

    OOPS! last question: Topics: Recovery issues and Life transitions, ie; work to retirement, college age to work world, high school to world.

  16. Lori A. says:

    I love to catch P31 on the radio. It doesn’t happen very often as about the only time I listen to the radio is in the car.

  17. Vicki Chyllo says:

    I love hearing everything P31 has to offer whenI am driving on my long work commute or just running all over throughout the week in my Chicagoland area. There are 2 Klove stations that I have to flip between becasue I cover so much ground 😀 and my Klove station does a fantastic job of airing a Lysa and Renee’s advice on marriage, parenting , working and being a Christian woman in this world. Thank you all so much!!
    Vicki Chyllo

  18. I listen to Christian music on the radio, how ever that’s all they do. Would love to hear more inspirational speakers. I love reading their blogs everyday, and reading there books, need to find away to listen to them also. Thank-you for sharing this.

  19. I love WBGL and listen in both my home and car!! It is great to have another way to soak in God, through the music they play. I have heard and it always encourages me. I would like to hear them speak more about ” Being single after divorce and advice for life with teenagers.” Thank you P31 for all of the ways you help us grow in the Lord!!

  20. I LOVE WBGL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in the Chicago area, so we have awesome reception via radio; And the station in Terre Haute, (which is were we pick it up from the Chicago area) well, I have great family reunion memories of that sweet little country town; So it holds dear to me!
    We are truly BLESSED to have so many awesome choices of Christian radio.
    twenty years ago we had two stations, Wyll, and Moody. YLL had a tough time staying afloat with the costs, so when they went to AM and did strictly talk radio, it made me kinda sad. But upside, KLOVE was in – and BGL had come on board. Now with internet, and smart phones, it makes it even more awesome to have so many great stations playing Godly music!~ THANK YOU JESUS!~

  21. We keep the radio on Christian music Life 102.5 on in the kitchen 24/7. When I wake in the middle of the night its on and its so comforting. P31 ministries plays on there and I enjoy listening to Lysa and Renee. My husband keeps it on at work so hopefully others are listening to.
    P31 seems to always hit the target on what I need to hear. So keep it up ladies…all the time and effort you put into it is very meaningful during the mundaneness of life. Its a breath of fresh air!
    Thank you!

  22. Barb Truman, OBS group 19 says:

    I listen to music in my car and keep it tuned to a local radio station, 98.9FM, KLOVE. I checked the listings for P31 Ministries and found that I can get that station too, but it seems to be a lot of talk radio…now I just need to find out when P31 airs so I can tune in to your blessings! I love Christian music, it is so uplifting and encouraging. And maybe the best part is that many of my son’s favorite songs are Christian songs of praise–Hallelujah!

    I’d love to hear Lysa and Renee talk about covering our children in prayer.

  23. TABITHA JONES says:

    I listen to Christian music in my car, home and at work. k-LOVE is my favorite but I do listen my local station too and they carry Proverbs 31.

  24. I listen to Christian radio in the car. K LOVE from Salt Lake City and Ogden, Utah.

  25. Cristina says:

    As if I haven’t been thinking about responding since I received your email at 6AM ET – work got in the way of my replying sooner. I was SO excited!

    -I listen to the radio most often in the car on my way home or while I am cooking/cleaning via my iPod at home.
    -I listen to Christian radio online via podcasts.
    -I have NOT heard of the Proverbs 31 Radio Ministry on my local radio station. I was clued in as I received a flyer from my local Christian bookstore with a 50% coupon for Unglued!! I thought the title sounded like me (for sure) so I picked up the book. DEVOURED IT! Logged on to Lysa’s website and bounced around to the Proverbs 31 Ministries website and signed up for every newsletter, 5 day series and subscription I could find  At the top of the devotion for Proverbs 31 Ministries daily email, I noticed a “listen now” link and clicked … YAY ME! A quick on the go thought/scripture/tidbit smoothie for me to infuse throughout my day . Then I found your site, Ms. Melissa, and searched for anything tagged as Unglued so I can work on the OBS by myself. I copied and pasted every post into a word doc that I can access and started that just yesterday. I thought I’d just sign up to receive your daily newsletter just in case an upcoming OBS would be interesting for me and this post is the first I’ve received – so I can be included!!!
    I am also just waiting for the end of the month when I can use a 35% coupon to purchase the NIV Real-Life Devotional Bible for Women by Proverbs 31 Ministries. I entered to win one on Lysa’s site (as my husband has put the breaks on spending for a while) so wish me luck ! :)
    -I would like to hear what Lysa and Renee would have to say about unequally yoked marriages (as I am in one and always looking for perspectives on how to bring him around!).

    Looking forward to more (and sorry this was so long!)

  26. I love to listen to the Christian radio I listen on my phone, the car .

    I would like lisa and renee to talk about work related issues. Getting along with unbearable co workers.

  27. Kimberly Peeples says:

    I listen to the radio the most at work. I can tune in to the Christian station here in Birmingham on iHeart Radio. Listening to it at work has a calming effect on me.

  28. Sherri J says:

    I do listen to some Christian stations…I live near Chattanooga TN and I listen to J103 in the car. I enjoy the upbeat Christian music – I am not sure if the P31 ministries plays on it but I will be researching this.

    Thanks for such a positive influence.

  29. Diane W. says:

    I listen to Christian radio in my car. I have heard Lysa and Renee but I don’t know when they come on. I think it might have been between 10 and 10:30 yesterday and I heard it.

  30. Diane W. says:

    This is either on the Baltimore Station 95.1 or the DC station 91.9.

  31. I prefer listening to the radio verses TV anymore. I listen only to Christian music, mostly KLOVE station, but once in a while I will listen to a local Christian station. KLOVE does have the proverbs ministry on there.

  32. 1. I listen to pandora (contemporary christian or tracy chapman) in my home office and sirius (message) in the car. No radio for me.
    3. I did not know that P31 Ministry was on the radio. Maybe I should investigate this?
    4. One topic suggestion – dealing with forgiveness with divorce.

    Thanks for ALL you do! :)

  33. Hey ladies– Renee wanted me to let you know that she is in the hospital right now with her sweet mom. Please pray for them both and know that as soon as she is able Renee will be here to comment. Her mom is having some complications and will most likely be admitted to the hospital today. Thanks for your prayers and patience! We at Proverbs 31 appreciate you!!!

  34. I listen to Christian radio in the car-Air1 & the FISH. To my knowledge Proverbs 31 does not have a program on either. I changed to completely Christian listening when my kids were starting to learn and sing lyrics and I realized the responsibility I had for what was filling their heads and hearts:)

  35. I love P31 radio ministries. I listen to Klove stations all over Louisiana and Mississippi when I travel for work. The P31 segments have helped me through some tough spots for sure! It’s amazing how God does that, the perfect word at the perfect time. My husbands recent layoff has been trying, to say the least. I’m in that place of “hmmm the money will soon be gone, but I know God will provide” all the while, I’m freaking out inside. I’m ok for a while, then it rears its ugly head again. I’m not sure if that even makes sense?!? But the feelings are real. I’d love to hear a discussion on this matter, how to trust when it looks so bleak. Plus, how to maintain that trust, while being supportive to my husband. He is trying to be strong for ME!! Poor guy, I should be the one holding him up. Sometimes I can, others I just kind of lose it. Oh the mind of a woman:)

  36. Lori Stones says:

    I mostly mostly listen to the radio in the car. This is where I have been enjoying the messages of hope and encouragement from Lysa and Renee. Lately I go online and read the P-31 devotionals everyday.

    • Lori Stones says:

      Just a follow up. I listen to your radio ministry through the Family Life Network out of Bath, NY.

  37. I listen to most christian radio in my home over the air and I think the only station I get is SOS not sure of the number on the dial. I don’t think I hear Provs 31 ministries on that station, but I do hear it from time to time (not enough :0) on KLOVE here in Las Vegas. I always love the short but powerful messages. Would love to hear more about trusting God and how to get past negative thoughts and just plain ole female hormones. Ha! Love you gals! Thanks for blessing us!

  38. Kelly H says:

    I have a Spotify account and listen all day at work thru my computer. What I love is that I can make playlists or just listen to one artist all day long!! Sometimes I get so caught up in the music that I will start singing out loud;) I don’t think my office buddy appreciates that much!!

  39. Renee D. says:

    I listen to the radio mostly at work and in my car. I listen to both Christian radio online on Pandora and my local station in the car. I have never heard the Proverbs 31 ministry on the radio station but I will definitely send an email to try to get in on! I believe everyone would benefit from it :-)

  40. Prayers for you and your mom Renee:)

  41. Tiffani McLain says:

    I always listen to the radio when I am in my car. I also listen to the radio on my ipod. Now that I know about the P31 podcast, I will be listening to that!

  42. I mostly listen to the radio in the car and I listen to pandora radio at work. I haven’t ever heard the P31 radio. I’m not sure if the local radio station here plays it. That would be lifeSongs radio out of Houma/New Orleans, La.

  43. Michelle says:

    I listen to K-Love in my car, in our house, on my iPhone, iPad, and online. We listen to Christian music. It is uplifting and completely appropriate for our kiddos. Who doesn’t love singing, “The Great I Am” as loud as you can with your windows rolled down while at a stop light? It’s INVIGORATING!

    I have heard the Lysa and Renee on K-Love. I love their snippets. I would love to hear them talk about “listening” to God when he speaks. I think a lot of us pray and praise and cry out but less of us “listen” to what he has to tell us.

  44. Jessica says:

    I’ve actually never had listened to the P31 radio program, but am looking forward to getting on board! While I now live many, many miles away…I still love to listen to The Joy FM (out of Tampa and a recently, same station is now in ATL, GA): I really love the Morning Cruise.

    1. Car or ipad
    2. Mostly online
    3. I don’t think so!
    4. In-laws! Dealing with non-believer family members, morning motivation to get going on the right foot!

  45. Proverbs 31 spots on K-love was how I became acquainted with the Ministry… I checked out their website, started to subscribe to some of the blogs, and then got involved in online Bible studies. This has been such a blessing! Got to see Lysa live last year at Women of Joy… Loved her!

    Praying for you and your Mom, Renee!

  46. 1. Car or occasionally computer
    2. Over the air or sometimes online
    3. Yes but it’s been a while…was it on KLOVE? My local is KTIS 98.5. Don’t remember…
    4. God is enough for everything our heart yearns for, whether that’s children who behave, more time/energy to get through life, or whatever we are yearning for. Seek him to fill that need in the way he wants to bless us, not the way we want to be blessed.

  47. Jessica Fitzsimmons says:

    1. Where do I listen to the radio most often? In my car on the radio and at work through the Internet.
    2. Do you listen the Christian radio – online or on the air? Yes, both methods.
    3. Have you ever heard the Proverbs 31 Radio Ministry on your local radio station? I think I hear on my local radio station (KLOVE in Hampton Roads, not sure of call letters), just a quick devotional. I’m never in my car too long during the week. The only radio station I can actually listen to while at work is on the Internet (Joy FM in St. Louis), I haven’t heard it yet.
    4. If there were one or two topics you’d like Renee or Lysa to talk about, what would they be? Ways to seek God or how to be intentional in pursuing a relationship with Him.

  48. Marie (Ree) says:

    A co-worker told me about KLOVE radio about 2 years ago and I have never changed the dial!! I listen on air mostly and have heard both Lysa & Renee on 94.9FM /KLOVE out of (Memphis, TN) numerous times. However, I found out about the OBS thru my Bible Gateway App. The first devotion I read was by Glynnis Whitwer and I was hooked. I’d be interested to read more devotional messages on “Letting Go of the Past”. I have truly been blessed by this study and look forward to the daily emails from Melissa!!

  49. Melanie says:

    I love how uplifting my Christian station is, but I have not heard P31 minutes…wish I could find them! I know I would love them!

  50. Rebecca R. says:

    Listen to the radio mostly in car so on the air. I have never heard the Proverbs 31 radio ministry here.