May 18

SLL Week 6 ~ Praises & Prayer Requests

I was out driving this week and passed one of those churches that always has one of those cute saying on its billboard.  Usually they make me smile, or the nudge my conscience about my relationship with God.  This week the sign said:

Church Sign Never Look Back
Now at first I thought, “huh. (picture my forefinger tapping my chin as if in deep contemplation) That’s a good thought.”  But something in my spirit was unsettled by it, and not in a good way either.  As my day went on I thought on it and one verse in particular kept coming to mind, Romans 15:4 NIV, which says, “For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through the endurance taught in the Scriptures and the encouragement they provide we might have hope.”

Our past is something we can learn from, it is God’s intent that we learn from it.  It is one of the ways we can prep for battle.  We can read in Scripture the history of battles that have been fought before us.  We can remember Elisha who reminds us that we don’t fight alone but have angels on our side (2 Kings 6:17).  We are reminded that God can use the most unlikely people in a big way if we let Him (have you read about Rahab? Check out Joshua 2 and Joshua 6:22-24).  We learn how to overcome temptation by reading how Jesus responded to it in Matthew 4:1-11.  We can look to our own past and see the battles we have fought, and by God’s grace won, in the past and use those experiences to arm ourselves for the battles we face today, and those we will face tomorrow.  “Never look back”?  I have to disagree with that.

At the same time, it is so easy to become consumed by the past, and God doesn’t want that for us either.  (Read Philippians 3:13-14, Isaiah 43:18-19, and especially 2 Corinthians 5:17)  God has a plan for us, one that is good, and perfect, and beyond anything we can imagine.  If we are living in our past, consumed by our past life so much so that we aren’t living the life we have now, we are missing the gifts He wants to bestow on us.  Hmmmm.  (contemplative forefinger tapping again)  

Perhaps there is a middle ground here, one that can help us to have less stress in our lives.  Maybe we should:

Church Sign Never Look Back 2

So suit up and use all the tools that our Lord has given us to fight this battle! If you are currently in a battle we would love to pray with you and join in the spiritual fight. And if you have recently won a battle share it with us so that we can rejoice with you as well. Every comment is read and prayed over by a member of the Online Bible Study team.

Ginny Blankenship, P31 OBS Teaching Team & Prayer Warrior



  1. Lynn Graham says:

    my mom is going for back surgery today to remove a cysts from her spine. pray that this is the cause of her not being able to walk. and also pray for a speedy recovery.

    • Dear Heavenly Father, Watch over Lynn’s mom during her surgery. Be with the doctors and the nurses – give them wisdom, knowledge, and strength to carry out their task. We ask for you to heal her completely. Help her to walk again, if it is Your will. We believe you can provide a miracle! Help her recover quickly. Above all give her peace in her time of trial. Guide her to lean on You for Your strength during her troubles. Also, Father, please be Lynn and her family; grant them comfort, peace, and strength. We love you, Lord!
      In Jesus’ Name we pray!

      I’ll be praying for you and your mom throughout the day! Hang in there!

  2. My lower back pain came back full force on Thursday and has left me in severe pain, barely able to move at times. It’s causing my neuropathy to act up and I can’t take medication for both of these problems at the same time. So I am taking back pain pills, which aren’t really helping and my nerves are completely out of control causing me to have a vibrating sensation all over along with the pain. Please pray for healing. Thank you and God bless.

  3. Debbie W. (OBS Leader) says:

    Ginny your posts are amazing! Thank you and Jamy this week. Please pray for me to be an encouragement to all I am around this week!

    • I agree with Debbie! Ginny, your posts are a big blessing that I look forward to. Jamy, you’re a gifted teacher! I have so enjoyed ALL of the teachers! And Debbie, you are such an encourager! Thank you for your encouragement!
      This post, Ginny, gave me an affirmation this morning to keep moving forward! The past has made me who I am so that I CAN move forward. Praise God for his blessings and His plan. “satan, your fiery darts can’t stop me!” Praying for a spirit of patience, humility, gentleness, and openness this weekend.
      Beth A. (OBS Group Leader)

  4. felicia says:

    Please keep me and my family in prayer for the loss of my grandfather on Thursday may 16. I hope for peace and love and forgiveness and family togetherness on Monday at the funeral too. Thanks and God Bless

    • Felicia, I am so sorry for your loss. I’m praying for a spirit of unity and love for you and your family as you grieve.
      Beth A. (OBS Group Leader)

  5. Laura Stabile says:

    I am trying to move to NY to help my daughter with another baby expected in late May/early June. I am prayinig for God’s wisdom in how to study for a huge licensure test I will be taking on 5-28-13 & His knowledge on the day I take the 4 hr test. I can’t get a job there without passing this test. Would you join me in prayer that I pass? I have been trying to get this license since last August & my 3 daughters now live in the same city where I would be moving to? Would you also pray that my daughter’s credit score comes up shortly as she has been trying to purchase a house, as with the new baby coming there is no room for her at my daughter’s. I love the OBS & this study. It has been so helpful! Blessings to all….

    • Lord, I lift Laura up to You in prayer. You have plans for her, plans for a future. Give her wisdom and knowledge as she prepares for this exam. Help her recall necessary information and apply what is needed. Allow her to feel Your presence. Also, be with her family and any needs they may have, including the need for that house. You love us, and we are grateful. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

  6. Excellent thought. I totally agree. We need to us our expieriances to learn from and rest and trust God to lead and guide us through the future.

    I am praying diligently for my three teen boys for their purity, testimony and their future to serve the Lord. Now we add to this the ffotball team we have stared this year. So many broken homes, so much impurity, so much worldly influences. We are praying especially for one boy and his family. They are believers but the boy is very overtaken by a permiscuous relationship. It is tearing his mamma apart. My heart is broken for them.

    Please, all who read this pray for Yaser andd his family.
    Pray for the Gijon raptors. A mission work in a northern city in Spain.

    Thank you.
    God bless

    • Lord, I pray for all of the youth that are facing hard decisions, that live in a world that tells them to turn from You and follow evil. Help them to stand strong and make choices that bring You honor and glory.

  7. Janet F says:

    Would request prayer for my son and family who’s wife left him 4 weeks ago. Praying that their hearts would change and God would use this time to bring them closer to Him. I would like prayer for strength as I help in caring for their children and all the schedules and ball games etc. as I also care for my 90 year old mother and work full time. Been a little stressed this week, BUT GOD!!! Praising Him in the storm!! Love that song by Casting Crowns!! Been listening to it all week!! Enjoy :)

    Praying for all the requests on the post, God you know the needs of all who are posting and praying for answers. Thank you Lord in advance!

    • jackie s says:

      Praying for you and your situation. Exodus 33:14: “My presence will go with you and I will give you REST”

    • Becky Kneller says:

      Thank you for sharing the song. It touches me. Praying for your family. I hope having your grandchildren close will bring joy. Your son is blessed to have you there for him. It is difficult to enter into being a single parent.

  8. jackie s says:

    Praise: My final surgical biopsy showed NO cancer. Praise for the doctor who called me himself before the weekend to share the result. Praise for praying friends (and those in OBS) and for a loving God who gave peace during the day of the operation.

    Prayer Request: Daughter, Ashton, is due to have her first baby at any time; praying for safe delivery for both mom and baby. Boy or Girl? It will be a surprise for all!
    Also pray for my son, Phillip, as he will be coming home from college next Wed and will begin looking for FT employment – has a degree in sports management and is looking to work in recreation (e.g. Boys Club).

    • Praise the Lord! So glad God has gifted you with this news. Praying for a safe delivery for your daughter and safe travels for your son.

    • Janet F says:

      Praise God for your good report!!Praying for your daughter and baby and that all will well. And also for your son to find work ASAP!!!

  9. For a couple of weeks I’ve been stressing and worrying about something over which I have no control, but had potential to affect me and my family in a big way. Two weeks ago I posted a prayer request on Melissa’s blog. Since then, I have been praying, reading the scriptures, reading Christian blogs and Stressed-Less Living, and praying some more-mostly for peace that comes from knowing God is in charge (I was struggling with the “knowing” part). On my worst day, I received an email from a member of the P31 Ministry Team. She indicated she had been praying for me since I posted my prayer request on the blog. She wanted to know if there was anything else she could pray for. That email came at just the right time, and it helped me with the “knowing” God is in charge of all things. Since then, the situation has resolved and the effect on my family is minimal. Today, I’m praising God for 1) being in charge; 2) for teaching me that He is in charge through the scriptures and prayers of others in my darkest moments; 3) that the situation has resolved with minimal effect on my family; and 4) the P31 ministry team.

  10. Becky Kneller says:

    Please pray for my family.
    My daughter continues to make bad choices. She is getting ready to go to court for two DUI arrests that occurred in a few days of one another. She also recently went bankrupt. Works three jobs to pay the attorney and has no money for food. My heart aches. But, I can not enable her choices with help. All I have is prayer.
    Another request is for my niece. She has been battling depression & alcohol for a long time. Recently, my sister found her daughter unconscious & covered in vomit. She is currently in the hospital, but refuses therapy.
    Both these young ladies know Christ, but have lost their way. Please pray that they reconnect with Jesus and God directs their paths.

    • I pray or these two young women to know find their way back to The Lord.

    • Sondra Ratliff says:

      LORD JESUS, thank You Jesus for the ones You will send to these two beautiful souls, to encourage them and show them the path to YOU! I ask in JESUS’ Precious Name, Amen.

    • Karri (obs leader) says:

      Praying very hard for your family right now!!! If I can help in anyway, please let me know!

    • Marie (Ree) says:

      Becky: If you have time and haven’t viewed it yet, visit to hear Lysa Terkuerst’s Mother’s Day message. I read about it on one of the posts in this OBS. She talks about the ” fragile choices of our kids” … It was a good message! I am lifting up these girls today as well!

      • Marie (Ree) says:

        Sorry visit …

      • Becky Kneller says:

        Thank you Marie(Ree)! Lysa’s message was incredible. Both my niece and my daughter grew up in a household with an emotionally unavailable alcoholic father. My daughter was a victim of abuse. Lysa’s message spoke to my heart in more than one way. What a blessing.

    • Barbara Prince says:

      Becky, I’m praying with you for this family situations. Satan is out to steal, kill, and destroy, but Jesus has come to bring love in abundance. I pray that these two young ladies wake up from their slumber and run out of satan’s clutches. I pray that you continue to have the strength to resist the temptation to help when that help would really cause more harm. God Bless you my sister.

  11. What a great post! I pray for each of you who commented today.

    I simply want to praise God for helping me keep my emotions in check in the midst of caring for my injured son. Please pray for my three year old to become more comfortable in his walking boot as his foot continues to heal.

    I also want to thank those who have been praying for my family. Wehave seen some resolution, but they could certainly use more of God’s guidance and love!

    • Barbara Prince says:

      Dear Father, I join in prayer for complete healing of Rebecca’s son. I ask Father that you fill her with strength, and love, and peace. Let her know You are with her every moment. In Jesus Name, Amen.

  12. Brenda E says:

    I want to thank God today for this OBS. Somehow it helps me put life into the proper perspective. The thoughts from today give me hope and encouragement to keep going, putting one foot in front of another with a good attitude. I would ask for prayer requests for contentment to live where I live in the moment. Learning from the past and looking forward to a bright future.

    • Barbara Prince says:

      Father, thank you for love and guidance for Brenda. Grant her strength and peace in the journey you have for her. Amen

  13. Can you lift up a prayer for me today… I’m a photographer & doing a wedding – which is always the most stressful. It has sensitive issues with it… PLUS, there’s thunderstorms in the forecast for today… so pray for patience, a good attitude, good pictures & RAIN TO STAY AWAY! :)
    Blessings to you all!

  14. Thank you for your post! Moving Forward in our storms and learning from them is what God wants for us. The storms are definitely not pain free. I would have never been able to get through anything without Him by my side. Please pray for a clear resolution for my husbands unemployment. Please pray for the bank to approve a loan modification so that we can keep our home. Please pray for our four daughters salvation.

  15. Jeanie Kelley says:

    My praise this week is that I have received the blood work back that I took a couple of weeks ago and they said everything was normal except my Vit D3 and my Vit. B12. I am low in both of those. So I have begun taking a supplement for them. Also for another praise no lifting heavy furniture at all. I do believe that that need has been taken away. I guess since finding out about this hernia, I do not want to jeopardize myself and end up in the hospital.
    Please pray for Warren. He has an interview Tuesday with Wells Fargo. It would only be a temp job,but maybe it would land something full time. Also be praying for me. I am continually being bombarded by the enemy especially with Warren being home. I am beginning to feel like we are both nit-picking at one another and it seems every little thing he says rubs me the wrong way. I have felt like I am walking on egg shells and keeping mum all the time. Not to say anything that would make him nit pick about me. I do not even know where this is coming from and am feeling like running and hiding from him. We have had marriage issues for a long time with communication issues and have gotten that under control, but now this is happening.

    • Lord, place your hand on this marriage, work on the hearts of both of them and help them to be the spouse that the other needs them to be. Thank you for the work you have done in this marriage in the past and I ask for your continued protection.

    • Barbara Prince says:

      Father, please guide this couple unto You. May that each be so full of Your love that it will overflow to one another. Father, I ask that you send someone or something to strengthen this couple in their union with You and each other. In Jesus Name, Amen.

    • Becky Kneller says:

      Praying for your marriage and that your husband get the job. Wells Fargo is an awesome company to work for. They treat their employees very well. Trust in God that it will move to full time.

  16. Ginny Loved your words this morning – Thank you! I think the sign did what is should – made you think – And because you are in His Word – He directed your path!! Isn’t God amazing… I use Sarah Young’s devotion Jesus Calling for my devotions each morning, and in today’s lay these words of wisdom.”…Do no blindly follow your habitual route, or you will miss what I have prepared for you.” I am so blessed to be in the presence of God throughout my day…thank you for following our Lord! We continually spur one another along….God Bless- Enjoy your Day!!!

  17. Please pray for my husband…for healing spiritually, physically, mentally & emotionally. Too much to type but GOD KNOWS exactly what my guy needs. Pray I would be a helper vs a hindrance & that God would be glorified in this.
    Thank you

    • Lord, be with this man and work on his heart. May you work in his life in such a way that he knows you are there. Help Gina to hear your voice and follow your path. Amen

  18. Lori D. says:

    Bible journal

    Dear God

    I am scared and broken. I think I am losing my mind. I can’t deal with this anymore.
    Please help me I need you so badly I am aching for you to hear me. I am screaming inside. I can’t do this on my own. I don’t know what direction to go. I need your help Lord. Please please let me feel you. Help me to do the right things and to hear your wisdom and direction. Make me the person I am supposed to be. Show me how. Teach me oh God.
    Dear God help me with this pain and uncertainty I feel so deep in my soul. I want to be a blessing to you and to my family not this out of control overwhelmed lunatic that I have become. Forgive me.

    I love you

    • Sondra Ratliff says:

      Run LORD Run, to Your hurting child! Praying in and through The Name of JESUS. Amen

    • Oh Lori. Sweet sister in Christ. All that’s in me wishes I could snatch that pain from you and give you a little more room to breath. I have been in a place similar to where you are and it’s tough. Really tough. I want to encourage you to lean in heavy with all your heart into The Lord. You may not “feel” Him, but He is there. Sometimes it takes us getting to this place for us to finally realize that even in these moments, He is enough for you today…tomorrow…every day. Please give Him the chance to come in and change your heart and mind. Consent to Him pulling you from the grave even if that means hard forcing of your mind to a positive shift and spin, engage yourself in joyful activities, things you once enjoyed even though the pain wants to hold you down. Get up. Get out. Do some things that make you happy. Actively seek His blessings today by serving and exuding control over the things you can control and trusting Him blindly for what you can’t. Praying for you deeply sweet sister. Write His name on your arm that you might not forget He is with you.

      • Amen. Thank you Stephanie. God has blessed us with you. I read a post yesterday that said that our most difficult times will lead to our greatest ministry. I see that in you as our kindred sister who has used those dark times to discover the pure light in Christ & now share that truth with us. Thank you!

    • Barbara Prince says:

      Dear Lord, hear the cry of Lori’s heart. I ask that You would wrap your loving arms around her heart. Speak Your tender, loving Word to her. I ask that You would give her eyes that see, ears that hear, and a heart that understands and know You are I AM to her. In the precious name of Jesus, Amen

      • Lori, I, too, am praying for you. You are never alone! Cling to Jesus! You can do all things through Christ who gives you strength!
        Love and Prayers,
        Beth A.

        • Jessica says:

          As I read your post today my eyes welled up with tears. I know this feeling. It is a scary place and some days are worse than others, but He is there. He counts our tears, he feels our pain. It can feel so confusing when it seems that there is a way out, but you just can’t seem to get it. There is another side! He is here!! He IS faithful! God tells us that these feelings do NOT come from him. He has not given us this spirit of fear. I’ve once had a friend tell me ” We cannot feel one emotion forever”. You are not forever stuck here! There is hope and I pray that God is filling you with it. Hold on to any feeling of hope, sister…even if it is tiny and fleeting. We love you, we are praying for you and He WILL deliver you in his time. Also, know your own limits. Seek whatever help you need and do not be ashamed. I pray that He would pour his peace upon you and get you through this time. I pray for your family and friends, that they would give you the support you need. I pray that if there are any resources to help that He would reveal those to you. We’re praying with you, Lori.

  19. CarolAnne says:

    Thanks to all of you Leaders and all of you Prayer Warriors! Also thanks to God for leading me to P31 website. Have had so many grace-filled moments since then. Now, if you could include my niece Cindy in your prayers, I would be so appreciative. She had to have a third hip replacement (yep,had to have a replacement of a replacement) and is needing some lovingkindness. Thanks in advance, and you are all in my prayers, too. xo

  20. Rebekah says:

    I would like prayer for my health. I had my yearly checkup Tuesday and my gyn found some lumps in my left breast that she wants checked out. My mammogram and ultrasound is scheduled for may 30th. This has consumed my thoughts and is making it hard to focus on the things I should. Thanks! Loving this OBS!

    • Becky Kneller says:

      When I found myself obsessing, I would quote Proverbs 3, 5-6. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Lean not on your own understanding. In all of your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your path straight”. Find your scripture and use it as a mantra. God will quiet your soul. Trust in him. Praying that your results come back negative. This OBS comes at a good time for many of us.

      • Jessica says:

        I am praying for you! I had the SAME thing happen to me this week. I was blessed to get in early to get an answer but the enemy has tried to fill me with doubts. Praying sister that your results are negative and that He would give you patience and peace over the next week. Praying also for the doctors that He would give them wisdom.

  21. If we don’t look back and “remember” we are most hopeless! If you look the word remember up in your Bible you will see it used multiple times. God remembered Moses, He remembered His covenant with his people….and He has told His people o remember His acts and love to them….that’s how we get through the stuff of life. Remember it is He, not doctors, who is great physician, It is He who owns all there is in this world and universe, He is sovereign and in charge of everything and all that goes on is within His control and For His Purposes. He keeps His promises …we see that by looking back…and Because he keeps his promises we can face tomorrow and know that his love will continue and that He’s coming again.

  22. Karri (obs leader) says:

    You have no idea how much this made me think…thank you for sharing and letting my mind “know” it’s ok to remember the past and learn from it…..I’m in huge need for a miracle right now and would appreciate all or any prayers….the devil is fighting me hard lately and thank goodness for scripture that i can recite to retaliate against the evil one….love you all!!!!!

  23. Loved this post, Ginny! Awesome job.. again!

  24. Angie Sutphin says:

    A prayer request,,, my husband currently works out of town and comes back home on his days off. It’s a good job and he likes it, he just misses being home. A job opening here at home has opened up and he has applied. Please be in prayer that Gods will be done,, Both jobs are good just one is home with me. Thank you ladies God is good and I know that what ever happens its for our best. Have a wonderful day.

  25. thank you Ginny great teaching :-) Keep me in prayer as we prepare for our summer mission trips. Pray for good deals on flights having a hard time with that one. Prices are way up. Pray for God to use our teams to bring many into the His kingdom! Thank you

  26. Jackie Epstein says:

    Hello thank you first of all for OBS! Love these studies as i grow so much! My prayer request is for an upcoming hearing May 23. Please pray for favor from judge anf fees to be paid. Ex husband is a lawyer and unbeliever and files cases yearly since he left us in 2009. The judge put an end to that last December but this is the final hearing on finances. I’m only asking the judge for help with fees as the case was dismissed as they always are, but I’m forced to spend money to defend myself. Thank you for your prayers

  27. Thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray for my college-aged son as he questions God and faith. And so much praise for the work He has started in me, my anxiety has diminished greatly since the start of this study. I continue to find peace, as I day by day (sometimes moment by moment) look for and focus on finding His blessings and mercies.

    • Angie Sutphin says:

      This college age is very hard. I have 3 kids in there 20 s right now and it’s hard form them to make good decisions. I understand how you are feeling. Praying for you. May God bless you and your son. 😉

  28. Teresa C. says:

    I agree that this post made me think. Since I am working through writing my 1,000 gifts, as in Ann Voskamp’s book, my first thought was the sign meant to be grateful for what we have in front of us.

    It is all in perspective and can be interpreted different ways. Yes, we should learn from our past. However, we don’t want to focus so much on the past that we miss the beauty and gifts and moments right in front of us because they are so fleeting. As I see my own children becoming closer and closer to graduation and I see my friends’ children graduating, this thought is haunting me of appreciating each moment. (Makes me cry, literally.) If you are interested, check out Ann’s post on her blog “A Holy Experience” about this.

    Thank you for sharing as I appreciate something that really makes me go “hmmmm” and tap my chin, too.

  29. Please pray for my son who has just gone through a divorce that he didn’t want. He just graduated from college last year and has been living at home with us. He needs a job desperately, and help to get out of his depression. My husband and I are going through some hard financial times with out business so we cannot continue to support him financially right now. My husband has been going through depression also. Thank you for your prayers..

  30. Polly Schneider says:

    We witnessed a fire in our neighborhood last Sunday night in which everyone inside lost their lives. It was a horrible scene. Please pray for the mother all 4 children were lost also her husband and sister. The only reason she survived was because she was down the street with a neighbor at the time. Please pray for us also, we are having a hard time dealing with this, as you can imagine it has been a very hard week for us and the whole neighborhood. Thanks for your prayers.

    • Angie Sutphin says:

      What a very sad situation for that family and the community. Paying Gods blessing for everyone. My heart breaks for the mother.

      • Polly, what a horrific tragedy. It’s so difficult to have peace of mind when things like that are happening around us. Praying for you and your neighbors, that God brings you comfort and can build unity, love, and encouragement out of this tragic situation.
        Love and Prayers,
        Beth A.

    • Kristy Aiken (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Oh my. What a horrible tragedy. Praying for peace and comfort in this difficult situation. My heart is with her.

  31. I believe that looking back and be helpful and insightful, but God dosen’t want us living there. We need to take the mistakes we have made and learn from them, we need to look back to remember all of the times that our God has been faithful to us. Looking back can provide encouragement for today. When we are going through something and don’t know how it will all work out, think of all the times that God has provided in the past. I know when I do this, it helps me to realize that God is the same today as He was back then, even when I did not understand His plan or timing. Seeing His hand in times of grief, pain, and unknown circumstances, also reminds me of His ability to see me through these times in the present and future. He never changes!! He is the same today and tomorrow, and holds our future in His hands. Great is thy faithfulness!!

  32. Please add my son Robert to your prayers. He moved across the country.
    Also for mysel in all areas. I moved to this country many years ago and my only family here is across the country. I feel so lost and lonely at times.
    I thank God for this OBS and you Ladies.

  33. I’d like to request prayer for my depression. I’ve been in therapy working on my “past” & I keep finding myself going up & down emotionally. Fine one day & miserable the next. I try to keep busy with Church, Friends & kids because the quiet times are hard. I want to be content & OK when there is nothing keeping me distracted. I want to feel God’s Peace & not this panic. Also praying for lost friends who think that there is a higher power but Jesus was just a good man & good teacher & they can earn their way into this unnamed God’s graces by being a good person. Lift them up in your prayers that they can see the truth of Jesus.

  34. Please pray for continual healing from my knee replacement surgery and that I will be patient during this steady but long process

    • Becky Kneller says:

      Dawn, I am preparing for knee replacement surgery soon. I hope to use that time to get back into the Word. With the business of life, I don’t get the quiet time with God. Praying that your recovery period will go quickly (and fruitfully).

  35. Courtney says:

    Ginny, thanks for the reminder to learn from our past but do not dwell in it.
    Also, today I ask that you pray for me. On Monday I will possibly be scheduling surgery for a hysterectomy. I’m only 30, but for the past 10 years I’ve been dealing with poly cystic ovaries, pre-cancerous cells, and endometriosis. The pain is getting to be too much. I am also getting tested for the breast cancer gene. If it comes back positive, I will be faced with a double mastectomy. My mother died from breast cancer and grandmother died from endometrial cancer. I am very high risk for cancer and I’m trying to take care of myself.
    Please pray for my husband to stay strong through all this. We’ve only been married a year and being dealing with this.

    • Jessica says:

      Praying for you and your husband, Courtney!! Praying for the doctors that God would be their guide. Praying for healing and good news!

  36. TABITHA JONES says:

    I have a praise item. I have been asking for everyone to pray for my boys and God is working in there lives. I have been specifically praying for Josh and that God would put a Godly person in his life to influence him and God has did it. He will be a senior this next year and he never has had a desire to go to college. He joined the local volunteer fire department and God is using those guys in his life. He came in this past Tuesday and shocked me and his Dad. He said I am going to college because the guys are going to help me. I said Thank you Lord. It has been amazing sitting back and watching God work this past week. Please continue to pray that God would continue to work in his life and pray for my baby boy who is 16 that he will continue to work for the Lord.
    I pray for each and every OBS lady and I thank God that he has put me here. I have learned so much from this study and the wonderful teachers.

  37. Lord Jesus I lift up all the prayers that were posted and the ones that others could not bring themselves to post . I thank you that you see and know each and every one of us intimately. Lord Jesus these sisters and their families,and friends have needs of which you are not surprised by, or unable to take care of. Thank you Jesus that your hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; nor your ear heavy,that it cannot hear. Isaiah 59:1 . Please show your mercy and grace in each life and bless them all above what we could ask or think. Thank you Jesus. Amen.

  38. Barb Truman, OBS group 19 says:

    I’m asking for prayers for a close family member as she goes through a very emotional ordeal, especially during the next two weeks. Three years ago on her birthday, she lost her best friend in a tragic car accident. The car in which they were traveling rammed a semi that had made an illegal Uturn on the interstate in dense fog. Her friend was killed and she was pinned under the semi for hours and has had much pain and rehab, both physical and emotional these past three years. She has three depositions before the case finally comes to trial. The first deposition is this Wednesday, her birthday and anniversary of the tragedy. I pray that God gives her and her family the strength to pass through this trial and that they obtain resolution to their pain, Amen.

  39. I was hoping you could please pray that I truly feel God’s peace and reassurance. I have been trying to give my worries to God, and I know He hears me, but there are times where I feel completely alone. I know in my heart that it is not true,but how do I truly “feel His presence and hear His direction”?

    My main worry is for my son, Eric. While he believes in God, it has been years since he has gone to church. He is 22 years old and works the nightshift at Wal Mart. He basically just works and sleeps. I am thankful he has a job, but I worry about his future when I am no longer here.

    At work I hear other mothers who are so proud of their kids who are working at these wonderful jobs, and I find myself feeling jealous, and I hate that I feel that way!! Eric is a wonderful son, but I just want better for him.

    Sorry for going on and on, but my husband just doesn’t understand why I amso upset, and it is nice to know that others will pray for me…Thank you so much!!

  40. I agree with you. For me it is times when I forget what I learned from the past that I trip over the future…

  41. Tristine Barry says:

    Thank you Ginny for this great post. I humbly come to ask for prayer as I do believe I am under attack. I have been a saved Christian for three years and have never been so downcast. The enemy has tried to fulfill his mission for a while but I never personalized it until we did this chapter. Since last year when my husband had his stroke there has been great and true heartache for the man he will never be again. However, God is miraculous and allowed David to live despite the massive stroke that has left him partially disabled, primarily with higher executive functioning in the brain, and his emotions. Please don’t get me wrong. I am grateful for God sparing his life and making it not as bad as it could be. I am trying to walk by faith and sight, knowing this is God’s plan for me. I am not trying to be selfish in saying that this turn of events has made my heart sad, angry, bitter sometimes, and frustrated by having to be flexible with my schedule and my life. I know God calls us to lose ourself and not focus on our problems, but to focus on Him. I am trying so do this but I feel like I take a step forward and then three steps back. I feel like the devil is just hammering me down harder and harder to become so weak I can’t even do this study or take care of myself.

    My life has been like a roller coaster as I have had to bend and blow in the breeze like a young sapling trying its best to grow in Christ, and be flexible depending on Dave’s needs. He cannot drive so I have to get him to many doctor appointments and basically take the back burner. I am ok with that because he needs me but it brings on some challenges in me because I have now lost my routine with time with the Lord, time doing things on my own due to this neediness. My soul feels downcast and I can’t pinpoint this as to why. I love the Lord and am very aware of Spiritual Warfare but with recent events that have happened (circumstances) I feel like I don’t have the strength to fight. I am very thankful for this week and this study for giving me Scripture tools and other ways to grow in Christ. What was very revealing was that pride of low self-worth is an issue with me. I am trying my hardest to focus on God and NOT my circumstances. It has been hard since my life has been changed drastically, and I must be able to go with the flow and find the time with God in a different way then before. We both are home a lot now and my husband becomes very needy and this takes me from alone time and study.

    I can feel the difference I think. I don’t feel as peaceful and joyful and close to Him. I thank you for sharing with me and teaching me that even though I may not feel it, he is with me. I love my husband and want to find a balance to help me stay strong. I keep praying for strength, every day to be able to know what God’s will is for me since I have this new life that has changed so much. I don’t really know specifically what to pray for other than the strength to continue, the strength to get into this game as a strong warrior of Christ, and not squelch the Holy Spirit or my work for The Kingdom.

    Thank you for offering to pray for me. I have grown, I know, since I have joined OBS (this is my second study), and I am thankful for all of you and all you do.

    Love in Christ,


  42. PRAISE REPORT: Returned safely from a wonderful vacation with my husband, his brother and his wife and his sister and her daughter. Went on a very relaxing cruise.

    PARYER Request: Pray for 17-year-old grandson who is going through a rebellious “I don’t believe in going to church or in God” stage.

  43. Carolyn says:

    I was calling out to God for help with stress and anxieties in my life: significant financial concerns, tension in our marriage, feelings of hopelessness and discouragement. And then He led me to this Bible study – what a blessing! Within the first two weeks I started to sense a lifting of my spirit and a light at the end of the tunnel, I could sense that I was being restored. Then my husband injured himself at a job, my elderly father fell and I go to sleep at his house and care for him 4 days a week and our daughter started to experience some hurtful treatment at school that was very upsetting for her (and concerning to me). The anxieties have returned, sometimes to the point that I have uncontrolled tremors. I try (sometimes unsuccessfully) to find time to continue with this Bible study because I know it is good and God desires good for me, but I greatly covet your prayers. I need more of God; His strength, His peace, His guidance as we walk through this time and are called to make wise decisions. Thank you for all you do, I praise God for you.

  44. Elizabeth says:

    This was the greatest thing that i heard today
    Exodus 33:14: “My presence will go with you and I will give you REST”. This is what I need in my life in my current situation. the awareness that God will go with me and Give me rest. I thank God for all the comments by the great ladies here. Even though we are separated by hundreds of miles, we are connected by God and can connect with each other. This bible study reminds me of a small group of international women we used to meet for bible study in Mongolia. Most of them were older than me but we shared our issues together and felt one in the lord
    There are those moments in or lives when I feel like identifying with Naomi in the bible and saying don’t call me Eliza but call me marah. But the realization that God will give me rest even in those Marah moments is just awesome
    Eliza Kenya

  45. Please pray for a few unspoken requests.

  46. Lee Roberts says:

    I have moved back to TX to work on my marriage with my husband. I have been praying that God would restore my marriage. Well today I want to share what God said to me and what God has been doing in both our lives. Last Saturday evening I woke up and was praying again for my marriage and God said he would restore my marriage but I had to wait on him and when he did I would know that it came from him and nobody else. My husband asked me to go on a drive Monday morning and I said yes without really knowing where I was going. During the drive he told me he had been preaching at a nursing home and that in a a revival at church he surrendered to the call to preach I knew God had been working hard with me but I had no idea how hard he had been working with him. Both of us have started putting God first in our lives even though we were apart. Now we are putting God first. All the rest will fall into place. It is His will that we want done not ours. Please also pray for My friend Shelley Arant who is in her twenties and has breast cancer and in her lymph nodes. She also has a spot on her lungs that she doesn’t want to know if it is cancer or not. Because that would mean that she has stage 4 cancer.

  47. Praise God for the unexpected $100 check in the mail this week. Praise God for carrying me everyday and renewing my strength each day.

    Please keep me in prayer regarding my rare lung and muscle disease – that it would go into remission. Please pray that my heart rate would also come down upon walking, exertion.

    I pray for God’s wisdom on getting a golden retriever puppy to be my buddy. I lost my other golden in January.

    Thank you so much and all to God’s glory!

  48. Phyllis Nichols Gutierrez says:

    First of all, I would like to thank all of you ladies and Proverbs 31 Ministries for all that you do and for the many lives that you touch and bless through your ministry.
    I would like to ask prayer for my son to find direction and motivation in his life and for him to listen when God speaks to him. I would also like to ask prayer for my mother-in-law that she receive healing from the alcoholism that is destroying her life. Finally, I ask prayer for direction on what I am meant to be doing with my life. I am trusting God in this and ask your prayers that I will listen and obey God’s calling without question or hesitation. God is so good and has blessed my family and I so much that I know he will lead me just where I need to be. Thank you!

    • Barbara Prince says:

      Dear Father, I ask that you would give my dear OBS sister the wisdom and direction she so needs. Help her to see the first step and give her the courage to talk that step. I pray for her son and her mother-in-law that they might Know You and serve You. In Jesus name, amen.

  49. We all have to go through tests to give the testimony. I have been in my share in the past week with what some would define as losses. I sought to even turn to folks that I thought would have my back, but I soon discovered there is only ONE I can rely on. So I relinquished control and let God direct my paths. I can see that I am victorious in the spirit realm and I am waiting for the manifestation in the natural. The virtue of patience, something I do lack when pushed. The greatest lesson I have learned and want to share with my sisters in the Bible study. Stay strong and resilent and prepare to meet any challenges. No fear, no stress. Claim your blessings and share the Love.

  50. I got awoken this morning by a message from my daughter. She is in a new job, a new town, believing arrangements. Her daughter got upset with her last night and decided to move out taking her daughter away. My daughter’s whole life evolves around her grand daughter. She is crying and has lots of other issues, finances, family relationships, etc. Please pray that God will reveal himself to her in a mighty way. I spent two hours you going through the scriptures and bible study quotes for her. Pray they have a Godly impact on her. And that she applies them to her life.