May 21

SLL Week 7, Day 2 ~ Chapter 7


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Read Chapter 7, Overcoming Your Giants, & Answer Reflection Questions at the end of the chapter.

This chapter so far is my favorite and not because it is all warm and fuzzy, but because it calls us out on a major reason why we have so much stress.  Tracie asks, “Could it be that your attitude is one of the biggest giants you face, more so than the situation you are facing?”

Ouch!  That stings just a little.

Ladies, I’m going to be real with you here.  99.9% of the time when I am totally freaking out with stress is because I have a mindset of fear, doubt or insecurity instead and of an attitude that is focused on God.  As you read through this chapter I want you to share with me the truth about your attitude.  What do you typically focus on throughout the day and how does that affect your attitude?  Leave a comment today and remember our bible study group is all about authenticity and bringing women Real Hope for Real Life.  When we are vulnerable with one another, this allows an opportunity for healing and God’s truth to penetrate our lives.  I absolutely love that I can be a part of a study that allows us to be open and transparent with one another.  Thank you Melissa Taylor for making this possible!

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Your next OBS assignment will not be until Friday, so you have 3 days to complete today’s assignment.  Please remember if your behind, just pick up where we are and continue moving forward.  There is no need to STRESS over the study. :)

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  1. Ugh, attitude! I tend to be a perfectionist and I get really frustrated when other people do meet with what MY expectations. I get irritated over those who don’t have the same sense of urgency or attention to detail that I feel a job demands. Then I tend to start dwelling on how much better things would be if they would just step up and do the right thing… I get really snippy at thi stage… Judgemental…critical… Like the person who posted ahead of me I have to be aware and deal with it literally on a moment by moment basis with Gods help.

    • Linda G says:

      I am the same way. I must rely on God’s help too.

    • Tristine Barry says:

      Hi Judie! Oh can I relate! Perfectionism has been a horrible mindset for me and while I have improved, I am not where I want to be and I am sad to say that. I believe my perfectionism rears its ugly head when it comes to my house, and my husband. I used to be horrible with myself and thankfully that has improved, but like you say, criticism, judgment, that comes out of my heart as stinging words to my poor husband. I need to rely God more and more on heart change so I can, like Tracie says, focus with God’s eyes, not on what I see lacking in my house as far as not being clean. Of course this is all horrible perception. Since my husband’s stroke there has been many times, daily, that I have had to pray to God for patience and understanding, and also for myself, to know that perfection doesn’t exist except in Him. These little things (dirty dishes, Dave doing what I think he shouldn’t do, etc..) just don’t matter in God’s Kingdom. My ATTITUDE, as Linda asks about, may be MY GIANT! Is my perfectionism coming from my attitude? If I change my attitude will this perfectionism and negative thinking vanish with God’s amazing power? Something to pray about.

    • I’m there with you Judie! It’s so hard to get out of this mindset. Praying for God to begin pointing it out to me as it happens.

    • Fadwa Morrison says:

      Wow, you are talking about me. I get angry with myself if I mess up because I know better. I’m harder on myself than anyone can ever be because I take the job I do seriously because it’s a part of me and when something goes wrong I take it personally.
      You and me are right there because my mind plays tricks so I pray that God will help us all through this so that we come out of it on the other side knowing that we are God’s children and need not worry or stress like we are.

      • I’m not necessarily a perfectionist, but I expect a certain quality and quantity of work from those whom I supervise. Sometimes 2 people will each work on the same thing for an hour each and I could have completed it in 30 minutes. People will just slow down their work to drag out their day; their work ethic is not the same as mine and it can drive me crazy. I work in a specialized area and training takes a awhile so they know it would tough on me to train someone new. I have to somehow learn to expect less from others and I pick up the slack and am not paid for it (salary job). Using this weeks verse and keeping it on a card at my desk has helped to deal with some of these issues. The list of adjectives is beautiful and if you can continually put them in your mind you can change your attitude.

        • This is me too!! I also see the same issues in being a manager. The work ethic is not the same as mine and when you are the one that has to answer for is very stressful!! I sometimes wonder if I am truly where God wants me.. It is so hard to keep going with what I do. Lifting you up in prayer.

          • Laura, this is a late responses but I believe He has you where he wants you at this time. The trials of our life make us what we are now. Lean on Him!

          • Thank you Sheila.. It is a hard position to be in along with dealing with drama..sometimes I do feel my spirit can’t take it any longer, but you are probably right.. God has me there for a reason right now and I just need to let Him lead. I have prayed that if it is not, then let another door open. I know He is in control of every aspect of our lives. Just praying!!

  2. Rebekah says:

    This week has been pretty good for me so far. I have noticed that on Monday morning I got up and read my Bible and as soon as I made it to work the stress started. I saw it building up and just started focusing on God. The same thing happened today… I guess satan doesn’t like it when you are doing what God commands :). I find my stress relief at work to be the scriptures I have on sticky notes and being able to put my earplugs in and listen to K-love on the radio :). Very thankful for this study and for the timing that only God can orchestrate!

    • Michelle says:

      I hear you sister! It seems like every time we get in his word and are refreshed we get into a smack down with the enemy. In the past I have not always come out on top. I feel like if I activate the tools that God has given us (His word, K-Love, Proverbs 31 Ministries, great friends and family) then we ARE equipped to win the fight. It helps to remember that we already know how the final battle turns out. Jesus wins! Talk about fuel for the fire for Jesus! :-)

      “You will not have to fight this battle. Take up your positions; stand firm and see the deliverance the LORD will give you, Judah and Jerusalem. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Go out to face them tomorrow, and the LORD will be with you.” – 2 Chronicles 20:17

      • Marie (Ree) says:

        I loved your “smack down with the enemy” comment. I can rate to that too! :)

  3. I try to focus on maintaining my Joy & keeping my eye on God…but, some folks def know how to find my stress button. I’m a 911 Dispatch Supervisor so, the job itself brings some stress but I’m usually pretty good about keeping my focus. I try to bring a light into other’s darkness but it surely gets tough at times. Especially when I bring in my own downer attitude – that’s usually because I’m focusing on my past issues or I’m worrying about something I have no control over. I’m thankful for this OBS it’s bringing clarity to my real issue (my attitude) so, I can better deal with my own Giants & not put any stress on those around me.

    • Barbara Prince says:

      I understand what you’re saying. There are stresses we can control and others that we cannot control. If our thoughts are focused on the things the Scripture tells us to think about we will control the ones we can control and we will leave the rest to God. I’m learning this too.
      Love and prayers,
      B. Prince OBS small group leader

  4. Bree (OBS FB Team Leader) says:

    For me, it’s easy to be positive in other people’s lives, but not fully in my own. Many times, I’m doubtful and fearful, which causes me to be stressed, angry, and at times physically sick. It goes back to this week’s reflection verse: I need to fix my thoughts on what’s true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, and admirable.

  5. Michelle says:

    Oh boy! We are in a series at church called “Mind Games”. Last week our pastor preached about attitude and checking it at the door. This makes me think back to when I was 15 years old. My boyfriend’s parents had bought me a Christmas present. I was excited until I opened it. It was a t-shirt that said, “I love my attitude problem”. Those words still ring in my head 18 years later. But they were right. Besides having the all-knowing teenage attitude at the time, I have found myself needing many attitude adjustments throughout my life. More times than I care to admit. I think that Tracie is right. Our attitude can hold us back from so many things. It can hold us back from a promotion at work, a new friendship, a successful day, doing God’s will, from reaching our goals. The good news is that our attitude can also positively affect ALL of these areas! I personally struggle with an attitude problem about my body. When I look in the mirror, more times than not I do not see what God sees. I see fat thighs, varicose veins, stretch marks, and a wore out body from having three children. I often carry the attitude that I will never be able to lose weight and IF I did then I would not be “cute” because of all of the damage to my body. I hate feeling like that. It is definitely an attitude problem.

    • Barbara Prince says:

      It is such a shame that our culture puts so much emphasis on looks which are here today and gone tomorrow. We worship looks and youth, yet all those things will fade. We must set our sights on things above where Jesus is seated at the right hand of the Father. That is our home and when we get there we will have bodies that will never be destroyed.
      Keep headed in that direction, dear sister!
      B. Prince OBS small group leader

  6. When I take a step back away from what is stressing me and get alone with God, in his presence, it seems so easy. When I read the word about the good things we should think about, it seems so easy. yet, why do I make it so hard??? This week I am going to really seek God and ask him to remind me about the things I should think about, especially when I am feeling overwhelmed and stressed!

    • Kristy Aiken (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Hi Robin,
      It is so true. Why do we make it so hard!? We have to be so intentional and be alert because the enemy prowls around ready to devour. One thing that really helps me is to turn the Christian radio station up and sing praises to our Lord. Negative emotions and thoughts are never God’s will for us. Being intentionally in the Word and intentionally praising and worshiping our Lord is a great weapon. This is an area I really struggle with and I am being intentional to let God change my thinking and renew my mind:-) I hope you have super blessed week. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Tristine Barry says:

    Thank you Linda for this fabulous post! You took the words right out of my mouth. Maybe my giant is my ATTITUDE! I struggle with perfectionism, and what I believe to be striving. I am still not sure about that word striving but people have told me to stop in the past. I struggle with worry! I am so like Martha in the Bible. Thanks to my continued growth in Christ I am not the monster I used to be with my mouth just belting out the emotional bullets with my nasty attitude. I have subjected my family to some nasty, downright mean comments, followed by apology and many tears.

    While I am not where I want to be with this, my beautiful husband has forgiven these things of the past and is helping me work through it. Does the critical and judgmental nature come from perfectionism? Is the attitude the representation of these issues? Does it matter? All I know is our God is greater than my Goliaths! I thank you guys for the conference call which helped and taught me a lot! I KNOW I can do all things through Christ. I want to walk like it, talk like it, and act like it. It is a process yes, but thanks to you, especially Melissa (I thank you for your teaching last night) I can learn to be like David and know God is with me and gives me what I need, when I say YES, I trust You Lord.

    Lord, I thank you for this arena for all of us to come together and pour out our hearts with so many beautiful women. I thank you that You are with us and for Your precious Word that teaches us that like David, You are here with us and will give us all we need to face and conquer our giants. Lord, we know we are helpless to do so without You. I pray for your Holy Spirit to fill us and flood us so we may rise about these giants, and like David, knock them square in the head, and kill them off. Lord, we long to be obedient and we love you so very much. I crave You. I thank You, and I love you with all of my heart. I am helpless to do anything without You. I am forever grateful to You. It is in Your precious name I pray, Amen.

    • Barbara Prince says:

      Dear Father I join with Tristine in her prayer. Father, I ask that you grant the desire of her heart to be closer to you each day. I ask that you help me to be more like Jesus. I have such a long way to go yet, but I shall not give up or give in. I will trust in You. Thank you, Father, that you always hear our prayers and Your promises to us are “yes” and “amen”. In Jesus name I pray, amen!

    • Karri (obs leader) says:

      BEAUTIFUL PRAYER!!! Wow, I so needed that and thank you Barbara for adding your beautiful words too!!! I am so blessed to be a part of this wonderful study and amazing bunch of women!!

    • Sondra Ratliff says:

      Thank you, thank you, thank you, dear sister in CHRIST!!

  8. My attitude needs work most of the time…..

  9. This chapter spoke volumes to me. The problems I face are multiplied because of what I bring into it. I see that now. I fly off the handle with my kids, especially the teenager. It only makes the situation at hand even worse. Hurt feelings…tantrums, feelings of degradation. I don’t want that for them. I anticipate the stress of the day before I even get out of bed!!! It’s no way to start the day. I have to thank God every morning for giving me another day with them. i have to remember all my children are blessings from God and I need to make it a priority to learn how to teach them to walk towards God. I have to pray for patience and understanding and I have to remember that I am not perfect and I will falter. I have to stop being so hard on myself.

    • Oh, that is so true. When we have many stressors in our life it is so difficult to juggle them all AND be a P 31 kind of gal. Bless you.

  10. My giants: procrastination, my reaction is flight or stay or defend myself, and myself.

  11. Phyllis Nichols Gutierrez says:

    Fear and doubt creep in and just completely destroy my attitude on some days. I have come to realize that those are the days when I rush around and do not take time with God and to study of his word.
    I am working on this very hard and have been scheduling time, but there are those days that I just fail miserably.

    • Barbara Prince says:

      Phyllis, God knows and He understand your failings and weakness. He sent His Son because He knew we could not do it on our own. As you draw near to Him, He will draw near to you. Just determine to never give up.
      Blessing my sister,
      B Prince OBS small group leader

  12. Heather says:

    Unfortunately, I tend to focus on everything that I DON’T have throughout the day. While I am truly grateful for all God has blessed me with, I don’t express that in thanksgiving to God and I tend to go about my day envious of other’s situations, wishing I had more of this and that, wishing my circumstances were different, etc. It’s like I have a reel rolling in my mind each day of, “Well gee, here are all of the things that I wish were different.” It’s crazy, CRAZY, to me that my attitude completely overshadows the blessings in my life and makes me stressed. I don’t think that I’m an ungrateful person but if people could hear the inner reel running in my head (and unfortunately, God does hear it), I would be so ashamed. And I am ashamed that my heavenly Father hears my complaining and gripes. What an eye opener for Tracie to point out our attitudes as one of the drivers of our stress!

    • Kristy Aiken (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Hi Heather,
      We all have attitude problems. We have to be intentional to change. It won’t magically happen and it won’t even happen overnight. My thinking is a big GIANT for me but our God is so much bigger. I have found that intentionally Praising God is a great weapon to use. Being thankful and saying out loud who God really is helps. He is our Redeemer, Comforter, Healer, Helper, Light, Salvation, Creator, and Hope. God’s attributes alone are worthy of praise. Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing with us. This is how we grow together in Christ. I hope you have a super blessed week Praising our Lord and Savior:-)

  13. All of this chapter was 100% applicable and is drowning in yellow and orange highlighter. One thing that struck me is that when new giants appear in my life, my first reaction is that God rejected me, I messed up too bad, this is a sign that somehow I am not serving God right. But it occurred to me today that I can be serving God just fine and giants STILL may appear in my life. Jesus was perfect and His life was not just blessing upon blessing. He suffered more than me.
    So today I am learning to say Lord, this giant scares me, frustrates me and makes me angry. But I remember that you will not leave nor forsake me. I choose to trust you in this situation. Please stay close to me. Please lead me by the hand, step by step through this scary situation and help me to focus on you and on your eternal plan of salvation.

    • Kristy Aiken (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Amen, girl. Giants will always appear. Trials and tribulations will always appear. Salvation is not cheap as I have heard said before. Despite all our giants our God is greater and our God is bigger. Try praising Him this week. I mean really on your knees crying out how good He is. It is a game changer. I am praying this prayer with you, sister. I need to trust Him and remember that HE WILL NEVER LEAVE ME. Thank you for sharing your heart. Have a blessed week:-)

    • I love your prayer Eva and it is so what I need to hear every day! In fact, I’m going to copy it down to look at when my giants arise.

    • Sondra Ratliff says:

      Thank you, Eva, your comment gave me a deeper perspective, as I face precieved giants.

  14. I am a procrastinator. Although I have read Chapter 7 already… yeah! I have to constantly keep myself focused or I tend to stray away from the things I should be doing. My mind works all day long on things I need to do or things I didn’t do. Reminds me that I am behind on something. Lord help me to stay focused on the things mentioned in our verse for this week and not be distracted!.

    • Kristy Aiken (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Hi Tammy,
      I am in prayer with you, sister. I am praying for God to give you strength, wisdom, and hunger to stay in His Word. I am praying for His Presence to come near as you draw near to Him. I am praying that you always seek Him first and you remember He is a good, loving, merciful, forgiving, and faithful God who never changes. I hope you have a blessed week:-)

  15. I loved this Chapter. It opened my eyes to how much we are bombarded by the outside world sometimes not knowing how much stress we really are under. I am really trying to make a effort to really give the stress and worry to the Lord. I am trying to talk short walks even if it is around my house ( Just like Jericho). Well, We have to keep trying until in becomes a habit to just keep giving it up to the Lord.

  16. Rebecca says:

    I loved this chapter. My giant would have to be fear. I’m always afraid of doing something wrong or what others will think/say. This has been a good eye opener that God is the one in charge and who will help me.

  17. Katrina says:

    I have a tendency to over-focus on all the things I need to accomplish in my day and since my list of things to do is always growing, there’s tends to be more to do than there is time to do it all. I find myself getting easily fustrated when the simplist of things goes wrong and in those scenerios I tend to turn to a bad attitude. Some current examples of these mini bad attitude battles are: when my computer and /or internet isn’t working properly – thus wasting time, or when my daughter or dogs make an unexpected mess that interupts what I’m doing. So horrible and ridiculous; especially since I know they way I’m choosing to react is ungodly and can easily be avoided if I just keep my focus on Him first all throughout my days. On the days I do this, so much more is accomplished and a lot more time is spent on more important things than just tasks – like with my family

    • Martha F. says:

      I feel like this too! It drives me crazy to waste time unless it is doing something I want to, like Pinterest, Facebook, or something trivial. I hate waiting in lines, waiting in traffic, etc…..I get preoccupied with my list of ” important” things to do & get all stressed out and impatient. I don’t like waiting on others to do what they are supposed to do either. Wow, I seriously need God’s help to face this giant of impatience!

  18. Tracy Law says:

    God is bigger then my binge eatting! My binge eatting is my reacting to an event, trying not to eat unhealthy which is a circle to stress and binge eat. My reacting is to waiting for others to do what they need to do so my life won’t be so stressful (husband fix the front of our home) where a car crashed into 3/30/13. How Lord do I break the cycle??? This chapter I’m reading slower as I want to get all God has for me to get. Thank you Tracie!

    • Tracy, I love, love, love that you said God is bigger than my binge eating! Eating is one of the first things I turn to when I’m stressed. The first step to breaking any cycle is awareness. So you really are on the right track!

      • Thank you for your encouraging words. I seem to do well in seeing God bigger than my binge eating for awhile and then I get side tracked. Side tracked by pain of my chronic illnesses, by my husbands negative attitudes, or by my ??????. Then I loose that momentum to continue. I lost weight slowly, gaining back and harder I try I gaining again.

        A thought I need to put in writing “God is bigger then my binge eating!!!” Sweet!

  19. First I want to Praise Fpgod for comforting the broken hearted and saving those with a crushed spirit Psalm 34:18 in Oklahoma.

    The two thoughts that stood out for me in this Chapter are on p. 169:

    1. To use our time wisely in big and small ways in our everyday lives that would glorify God

    2. David acknowledged that life is short and to focus our time on the “busyness” of what really matters.

    This reminds me of realizing what am I spending my precious time on? I need to turn off the mindless TV, etc. and do my Bible Study, listen to praise music or prayer time with God. Life is too short not to focus on what really matters. AMEN!!

    • Using time wisely is a big issue for me also.

    • Karri (obs leader) says:

      You are so right!!!!!! I am two small children and am very busy but I know when they are napping, I should be studying God’s word….Thank you for pointing that out~

  20. Well, here’s what I can tell you about my mindset. In the morning I wake up and pray that I can take care of my son and baby. Then, I will hear something encouraging on the radio or read one of my devos and be better focused. Then, I will get a call or email from the clinic and I wonder..hmm, are they going to finally figure out what’s wrong with me today? Which of course does not happen. Then, I typically spiral down from there. I’m just being totally honest. One other example, last night during the conference call, I was making dinner…I usually don’t do this but I knew my husband was tired and I really wanted to hear the call live, so I was multi-tasking…well, my husband went to sit down at the dinner table and told me how his legs were hurting and he had a headache. I just figured he had a rough workout and it was ok until he started crying…right there in front of our boys. I honestly started panicing like oh my word, is something major going on in his body. I asked if he was ok and if he needed me to take him to the ER and he said no, he would be fine. So, I tried to brush it off and although I prayed for him before our meal…I was honestly freaking out in my mind and heart. I started begging the Lord to not let something major happen to him…not right now while I am such a mess. In my mind, I had taken one event and made it to be something huge while all along my husband was fine. I don’t know why I do this but I noticed it started happening after I had kids.

    • Kristy Aiken (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Hi Yvette,
      This is exactly what I do. We are not alone. God is with us, sister. Cry out to Him. Surrender it all! I am praying for you.

  21. Lee Roberts says:

    Oh how right your are attitude is everything. I have been working on changing my attitude. Finances were always my biggest giant. We have lost about everything we have. Our house got foreclosed on last year, I lost my job and ended up retiring early, my husband got his truck repossessed because he couldn’t make the payments. My insurance is refusing to pay for my recent hospital stay. Before any one of these events would totally freak me out and cause me to be so stressed out and crying over it. But…I have started letting all of that go. Oh my husband and I have been separated for two months. But I just gave it all to God. I realize that he is in control. If there is something that I need to do about a situation then I do only that and let God do the rest. I also ask him about what part he wants me to do and I work on trying not to FIX problems by myself anymore. I have the peace that I never thought I could have. This book has really helped me so… much.

  22. I totally agree with what you said when you mentioned that 99.9% of the time when you are freaking out its more of a mindset. I’m noticing more and more that a HUGE majority of my stress is in my thought life. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t have stressful situations but it means that my thought life can make a stressful situation much more stressful when I’m full of fear, doubt or discouragement vs when my thoughts are those of trust and peace. Thank you for leading is this week.

  23. Tristine says:

    As I read through “Facing Your Giants” I am still not sure that I have just one. But, as she discusses, getting to the root is necessary. I am enlightened by what she says on page145, “Real victory is when we learn to live with more joy and less stress, even when we can still see the giants looming off into the distance.” With this victory, I know God is with me and He will reveal them to me as I stand strong in this promise. Over the months and year this has become more of a reality for me. Praise God!

    I am loving this Chapter and really gaining a lot of insight. Reflecting on this week’s verse i have noticed my attitude becoming better-more pleasant. Thank you fit this great challenge.

    • Tristine, I’m so happy to hear how you are applying this weeks verse to your life and you’re already seeing results! Praise God! I’m in agreement with you on having more than just one giant. I too have several I’m facing however I am learning to choose joy instead of stress thanks to Tracie Miles!

  24. Tonight, I had an opportunity to be very negative and nasty to my ex. It had to do with our 5 yr old son and the difference between how we handle situations with him. Don’t get me wrong, I really wanted to call him every bad name I could think of and say every negative thing that came to my mind, but I didn’t. Instead, as he asked me on the phone to listen to what he had to say before I said anything, I actually did. I don’t really feel like God was talking to me but as he asked me to do that, I thought back to this chapter and the reflection verse. Needless to say, after he was all done talking, I simply said, ok and goodbye. I don’t know if by not saying anything I did what was right, but I am proud that I stayed away from negatives!

    • Karri (obs leader) says:

      Good job controlling your emotions and tongue!!!!
      ***Virtual High Five***

  25. As I continue to dive deeper into this study, I am realizing so much how my stress was truly all brought on by me. Between ensuring that everything was done perfectly and on time, I wasn’t taking any time to envelope myself in the only thing that could truly handle the stress- talking and trusting in my God. My life is just as busy now, but I am constantly thinking and driving towards our Bible verses and questions from the book that make me consider moments in my day differently. My path in life is changing, and I am realizing that what I “thought” I might want to do some day may actually be the path God has really chosen for me. He is good, He does provide, and if we actually put our trust in Him, our stress will be delivered from us. We can do this ladies – we have each other. Thank you to all our OBS leaders for changing our lives!!

    • Kristy Aiken (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Hi Susan,
      Thank you for an encouraging post. It is so wonderful to hear hope and love from another OBS sister. I am praying that you can dig even deeper and that God would speak to you as you read His Word. I am praying that your drive to seek God first would just strengthen and that your faith would strengthen. I praise our Great God for providing for you. He is so good and I am so thankful. I appreciate you sharing. It really helps us all to grow together. Have a blessed week:-)

    • Karri (obs leader) says:

      Your thoughts sound SO much like mine it’s scary! My life path is changing and I know it’s from God to do God’s will….I will be praying for you and hope that you continue to drive towards our bible verses as they are always so powerful!!!

  26. Attitude. Wish I could say this isn’t a problem I have, but it is. Just today I realized that part of the reason I so dislike my current job has little to do with it and everything to do with my attitude toward it. No, it’s not my dream job. No, it doesn’t have room for advancement and because I’m not a PhD it never will. But. I have a job. It helps pay our bills. It got me back to my hometown instead of working an hour away.

    I have so much to be thankful for and this verse just reminds me of that. My prayer is that tomorrow, a new day, I will focus on only the things that are pure, honorable, good and true.

    • Kristy Aiken (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Hi Lynn,
      What truth you have said. Most of the time it is not the situation but our attitude toward the situation. That is not an easy thing to admit or change. There is always good in a situation because God tells us that in Romans 8:28. Thank you for this reminder tonight. I am praying that we all focus on what is pure, honorable, lovely, and admirable. Thank you for sharing:-)

  27. I enjoyed looking up the verses on attitude, because I sometimes think I have a better attitude then I really do. It’s more difficult for me to have the right attitude when it comes to loved ones than to those not as close to me. I need to focus on the verses I looked up and make sure I have the right attitude that God wants us to have with my family.

    • Karri (obs leader) says:

      Amen to this…I am always taking out my bad attitude on my mom……then I feel guilty, I AM working on this! Praying for you!

  28. This is a great chapter. My giants are:
    • My Physical Health
    • Concern for my 2 children with special needs
    • Finances
    • My Mental Health
    My physical health is really bad right now, and it is my primary focus. I’m trying not to let is consume me and take over my entire life. I have severe pain and it’s hard for me to do basic things around the house, let alone anything extra. This is the prayer I prayed this morning and I wrote it out and have it posted in my house:
    “Lord I truly believe that you are sovereign and capable of handling my problems. I surrender my health over to you. Whatever your will is may that be done. Help me to accept whatever is to be the outcome regarding my health. Lord I put my trust in you and I know that you know what is best for me and I praise you and thank you. Amen.”
    I will meditate on this prayer when I see it and trust God that he knows what he is doing and just give my health problems to him. I have to accept that he is in charge and he has a plan.

    • Shannon, what a beautiful prayer. I am praying it with you Sister!!

    • Karri (obs leader) says:

      What a beautiful prayer!!! And such encouragement for others to prayer a like prayer when they are struggling with like’s problems…..Do you mind if I post this in my group?
      Praying this prayer now and praying for you!

      • Shannon,

        Thank you for sharing your prayer. I too struggle with health issues and can get so wrapped up in them, that I can not see anything else. I will pray for you my dear sister. I know how hard a life with illness can be and so does God. He does have a plan for us and at times the unknown can be so scary. This chapter really made me think about my attitude in illness too. Thank you for sharing your heart!

  29. I just finished reading chapter 7, and the stress busting scriptures. The scripture that stood out to me the most was Eph 4:31-32; get rid of all bitterness, rage, anger, harsh words, and slander, as well as all types of evil behaviors. Instead, be kind to each other, tender hearted, forgiving one another, just as God through Christ has forgiven you.
    I have a lot of these issues to deal with. When I get stressed or overwhelmed,I tend to have bitterness, rage, anger, harsh words, and yes at times slander. I don’t stop to think things through enough. I’m usually very quick to speak the first thing that pops into my mind.
    I’m praying that God will help me change my attitude. We are to have the same attitude as Christ. I want to be able to have that kind of attitude on any given day, at any moment during a day.

  30. Worry is what gets me. I can build a whole worse case scenario in my mind in 2.2 seconds! Before I know it, my heart is racing, my head is pounding, and resignation has completely set in. I’ve had my fair share of disappointment, so I “guard my heart” by thinking of the worst that could happen. Then, if it doesn’t happen I can relax. Umm, where did this thinking come from??? I’ve done this for so long, that worry just automatically takes over. Well, truthfully, I let it take over. So, starting today I will be putting Phillipians 4:8 into practice. With Gods help, this will happen!!

    • Congratulations Sheila for making a commitment to start applying God’s truth to your life today. I’m looking forward to hearing how God’s word has transformed your thinking!!

  31. Rebekah says:

    I messed up big time the least six years with my marriage by pushing my husband away when I was upset with him and also by not having God as the number one in my life. I feel like I am paying for this now because my husband and I are separated. We both have issues that we are working on, but he doesn’t live with me right now and that really bothers me. We text and eat dinner together and go to counseling, so that’s a plus, but some days I feel impatient and sad because it’s been almost a year and we are still separated. It’s so hard to wait on God to answer my prayers to bring my husband and I back together as a stronger couple. I have been really trying hard to let God be in control and to wait on God. I don’t feel I have been mad at God through all of this, but instead mad at the devil for interfering with my life and the life of my husband. I feel stressed every night and vulnerable to the devil’s prodding and telling me to be upset and angry at my husband. I find myself thinking bad thoughts of just giving him an ultimatum to end all of this waiting, but then I ask God for help to wait on Him. The only thing that has been getting me through this has been God without Him, I would have walked away a long time ago, but I don’t feel that’s God’s will for my marriage, so I am waiting on Him. It’s not easy and sometimes very frustrating, so reading this book and studying God’s Word is my strength and what gives me a better attitude.

    • Rebekah, I just want to say how inspired I am by your faithfulness to the Lord and determination not to give up. God will honor your obedience!! I’m so thankful that you’ve had the support and community here at OBS to encourage you to study God’s word and truly rely on his strength during this season of your life. Many prayers & blessings for you!

  32. Tonya McCoy says:

    I know all too often my attitude just plain stinks! This is something I have really been working on the past couple months but the past week or so I feel like I took a step backward. Reflection question #6 Tracie says to look up bible verses about attitude so I did just that. One that really spoke to my heart was Philippians 2:14 & 15 which says “Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you may become blameless & pure, children of God without fault in a crooked & depraved generation in which you shine like stars in the universe.” I just want to shine like a star for Jesus!

  33. My frustration lies with the relying on structures and systems. I know where my help comes from, however there a those waiting moments when you are going through challenges such as homelessness, heart and chronic pain and lack, and you reach out to people and programs to assist, well I get frustrated because there are those moments that I feel like I have failed because of the challenge and then there are those moments when persons dont have God in the heart and commence to be cruel and uncaring. I take my shield…. I take my weapons and covers and get to commencing with the battle. I take hold of Philippians 4 knowing that Jesus went through before me and sets the path and tone as to my steps. I close my eyes and know that my help comes from the Lord. I know that all things work for the good. I know no weapon formed against me shall prosper. I walk shout pray shout and call upon the name J E S U S. Release!!!!!!!

  34. TABITHA JONES says:

    I have really been thinking and praying through this chapter. I have 2 giants that overshadow any other right now. 1. My attitude- My famiy tells me all the time that I need to change my attitude. I pray the Lord to help me with this. I get stressed I say things that I really don’t mean and then I feel bad because I said what I said. 2. finances- I really stress over my bills, but thank the Lord above I can tell that you ladies have been praying with me in this area. God has worked it out each week to the point this past week I stood back in awe at how he worked it out. We were coming home from church Wednesday night and my husband said isn’t God good he always shows up right on time and he is so right. Please continue to pray for me that I can walk in the path the Lord is leading me down and follow in his way. God is in control.

    • Karri (obs leader) says:

      You are such an inspiration and your hubby is right, God shows up right on time! remember back in Chapter 5 (or 6) it reminds us that we choose our attitude every morning we wake up……. remember that in the morning and see if that helps….Love you!

  35. Phyllis Wiley says:

    I can relate to so many of the above posts! I struggle with perfectionism, and expect others to live up to incrediblely high standards, and get really crabby when they don’t!i am seeing lots of areas in my life that need work!

  36. I focus on past mistakes, where I am lacking spiritually at the present moment, and often negatives about different circumstances or people in my life. I used to be totally pessimistic. I have made slow and steady progress but I feel challenged to control my sarcasm and be thankful in all things. I feel broken by choices I make everyday that surely disappoint my Savior and I lose sight of His reassurance. I have been countering those thoughts with the truth…I am a masterpiece and God created me for a purpose. It helps to think of others in a different light as well…they have purpose too…even if the hurt I feel is their purpose then it is well served because it is then that I cling to Christ. I am then reminded that I am a new creation despite my failures and flaws…because of failures and flaws, He died for me. That is all that matters. Focus.

    • Karri (obs leader) says:

      Wonderful and positive reminder! We all have a purpose and I for one need to focus on that!! Thank you for sharing!!

  37. At this time I am without a job. So my thoughts focus on that issue the most. I worry that I will not get another job ever again. I fear that I have nothing to offer any company and they know this and will never higher me. I fear ever having an interview because I have a hard time at interviews just as hard as I have on dates. I feel as if I am not good enough and I have no talents or gifts. I worry that I am limiting myself and not trying hard enough. I have barely been without a job for a little over a month but I already feel as if I am not going to reemployed. I know I have already stated that but I this is what I am worried about.

    • Karri (obs leader) says:

      I know it is so much easier than said, but I promise if you let go of your worries by praying and asking God to take them from you and give him your worries, you’ll feel so much better and his will for your life will prevail! Praying for you!!! Good luck on the job searches!! I am going to pray that God places you where you are needed the most! (((HUGS)))

  38. Karri (obs leader) says:

    I love this chapter! My attitude throughout the day is pretty embarrassing to admit…I am always feeling rushed and overwhelmed and stressed….I am doing my best to implement all that I have already learned from the past chapters but it is still hard. I know, every morning, we choose our attitude and I always have great intentions but by lunch…I am a wreck. BUT, I have learned to stop, breathe, then go find a quiet place ( usually the bathroom) and submerge myself in God’s word and SFL and then I will journal, even if it is only a few words……..All these responses are really encouraging and motivating! Thank you all for being so honest!!
    Love you all!

  39. Fear, doubt, and insecurity…but that is changing as I am being transformed!! :)

  40. My attitude usually needs an adjustment when stress rears its ugly activity. I also start to doubt myself and really have to focus on the only one who is always with me. I am just getting into the chapter and sill post more latter

  41. I have a sign that hangs in my classroom. It reads, “Attitude- A little thing that can make a BIG difference.”

    I had always looked at the effect of a positive attitude- it makes things easier, right? I have always been one of those people who said, “I can do it.” I am beginning to understand that, when it comes to some things, I need to take the emphasis off “I” and put it on God. He truly CAN do it!

  42. I would without a doubt say I’m my biggest giant. I have a bad habit if only relying on myself. It’s very hard for me to let go of the reins and give it to God. I feel if I don’t do it it’ll never get done. My whole life I’ve had to fight for myself. I’ve never been able to rely on anyone. So it’s very hard for me to think that anyone including God would care enough about me to worry about my problems. I know the truth that he is a loving God and he wants me to come to him but its still so hard to grasp that concept!

    • This song really spoke to me this morning and I hope it encourages you. I struggle with the same things Kassie. God bless!!

  43. great chapter and thoughts … Especially hit home with me was the thought .. am I the real problem in the problem lol. I also need to admit that I don’t take the time I know to be with God daily. I used to but due to my attitude about a recent huge change in my life. I have been pouting and kinda no I was mad at God for taking me away from my church my Christian friends and I thought hmm I don’t want to talk to God or hear from Him I trusted Him and now this … What an encouragement this Bible study has been as well s this chapter. I am ready to quit fighting with God and start fighting for Him and fight against my attitude. Thanks and God bless

  44. Paula J says:

    Your words bring about peace to so many when they realize that what they are feeling is normal and also that they are not alone and how they feel each day. we all share similar struggles, struggles as we face life in this fallen world trying as we might to walk by faith and not by sight. GOD bless all that you continue to do.

  45. Fadwa Morrison says:

    My attitude can start out wonderful and with such purpose and then things creep up and just mess that up. I focus on things that people did yesterday to make me angry especially in my job right now. I want to move forward but don’t like change because my mind doesn’t move with it so well. I get confused, disoriented, and just not able to perform correctly or to the best of my ability.
    I’m not a perfectionist but I like things done a certain way and if you move too slow especially when it comes to computers, then I’m like “move over” let me do it so I can get done and then go back to what I was doing. I’m the one that people look to for the smile and that nothing’s wrong and then they are surprised when I have a bad day. Why—I’m entitled to have bad days! I’m emotional and take things personally and to heart because that’s how God made me. I know this world gets me more anger than I should be and I want to stop that. Many times the joy is gone from things for me because I’m focused on the things that have gone wrong while trying to enjoy whatever I wanted to do i.e. kids requiring to be run here there and everywhere when I’m trying to rest before concert, kids calling asking questions about things they can resolve themselves but just dont want to put forth the effort, family members with problems and they want to call and talk 5-10 times a day about the same thing over and over and after awhile I’m tired of hearing them because I want to say “get over it and do something about it—dont just wallow in that mess, pick yourself up, now you know what you’re dealing with and do something else”, and many more but those to name a few.
    I used to smile all the time for nothing just because life was simple, easy, and fun. Now life is hard, boring, filled with so many things that just beat me/us down daily and I’m just trying to survive which is the wrong mentality which is why I’m here to learn how to decrease the stress, recognize it, think about it differently so that it doesnt still anymore Joy from me during this lifetime.

  46. My thoughts are consumed with my husband’s fidelity. While he is probably blameless, minor misunderstandings in our marriage have consumed my thoughts so that they are mountains of unfaithfulness and lies instead of misunderstanding. If I were to constantly keep my promises on God, I’d probably have a better perspective of the situation and less stress about it!

  47. Melanie Shannon says:

    Oh how I love reading the comments of the other ladies. So thankful for this study and for this wonderful group. Melissa Taylor, thank you for OBS and thank you for your team that makes it possible. Attitude is so important. I am actually doing several studies at one time which is really not wise for a natural procrastinator. However, I love how God ties the studies together for me – similar scriptures, topics etc. Staying focused on God’s word and keeping a positive attitude is key when facing our giants. Fear & doubts can cause such worry and I begin imagining every worse case senario. It sometimes makes me feel crazy. My prayer is God will show me how to use my wild imagination for something positive to bring Him glory. Thanks Linda for an awesome week!

  48. I am totally on the other end of the spectrum. I am a slob. Oh don’t get me wrong, I am not a complete slob. I do clean house and pick up after the grandkids and the grown kids sometimes too. I do dishes, cook, laundry, etc. I have to confess that I spend many hours in the morning on the computer with my OBS and emails and fb and etc. I even read the news on the computer. However, I tend to get a little uptight when I look around at the messes here and think what is the point. It just gets messed up in a day or two again. I do inside stuff like inside the fridge and inside the cupboards. things that no one can appreciate but myself because I enjoy doing those things. My giants are laziness and yelling. I get upset at the messes people leave behind them then I yell because no one is cleaning them up. I get discouraged because it piles up again. For instance, we have a counter where we put our recyclables and our burn items. It gets piled up so high before anyone will take it out. I throw the sacks on the floor hoping people will get tired of walking over and around them and someone will take them out. Then the kids will do it if someone tells them too, My word why can’t we all look around, see what needs to be done and do it. I am guilty of it too but get weary of doing it myself or telling them over and over it needs to be done. Thank God His mercies are new each morning. I am trying to realize that these things are material and God and His word are what counts and what I need to think on. I do feel the growth in the Lord though. He is helping me overcome

  49. Renee D. says:

    Hello Ladies :-) Truth: My typical day consists of my day filled with thoughts of what-ifs, worry, doubt, fear of my future. This has a HUGE impact on how it affects my attitude. I feel stressed, drained, sad, confused and I realize these feelings are not of God. He wants us to live stress-less lives and abundantly filled with joy. I thank God everyday for the OBS and all that I am learning, but as I have said in past posts, I need to put all this good information into action! Be blessed Ladies :-)

  50. To be honest? I am thinking, why am I here? Why am I so behind? Why is everyone sitting around chit-chatting and I am stir crazy and frazzled because my laundry is piling up at home, my house is a mess, I have no help, I have a chronic illness BECAUSE of stress AND I JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!!

    • Stephie,

      I too suffer from chronic illness. This chapter touches on that and has been a blessing to me. I hope that you will just read this chapter and jump in right where you are. I have chronic fatigue syndrome, fibro, and RA and you are so right, everything is that much harder when you are alone, the illness itself is so hard because of all of the emotions that come with it. Allow yourself grace, God does and He sees you and knows everything that you are dealing with! Blessings to you!