May 21

SLL Week 7, Day 2 ~ Chapter 7


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Read Chapter 7, Overcoming Your Giants, & Answer Reflection Questions at the end of the chapter.

This chapter so far is my favorite and not because it is all warm and fuzzy, but because it calls us out on a major reason why we have so much stress.  Tracie asks, “Could it be that your attitude is one of the biggest giants you face, more so than the situation you are facing?”

Ouch!  That stings just a little.

Ladies, I’m going to be real with you here.  99.9% of the time when I am totally freaking out with stress is because I have a mindset of fear, doubt or insecurity instead and of an attitude that is focused on God.  As you read through this chapter I want you to share with me the truth about your attitude.  What do you typically focus on throughout the day and how does that affect your attitude?  Leave a comment today and remember our bible study group is all about authenticity and bringing women Real Hope for Real Life.  When we are vulnerable with one another, this allows an opportunity for healing and God’s truth to penetrate our lives.  I absolutely love that I can be a part of a study that allows us to be open and transparent with one another.  Thank you Melissa Taylor for making this possible!

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Your next OBS assignment will not be until Friday, so you have 3 days to complete today’s assignment.  Please remember if your behind, just pick up where we are and continue moving forward.  There is no need to STRESS over the study. :)

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  1. Unfortunately my mindset is rarely focused on God first :( I rely on my own strength which is not enough and tackle on my burdensome To Do list . This chapter has helped me :) I’ve done better this week in focusing on letting God guide me on what to do first and then the next thing . I’m blessed to be busy with work but as of Monday I haven’t freaked out with all on my plate :) I’m trusting in God that he’s sending me the people that I can help and will understand that I will get to them just as soon as I can :) God is great , now just need to make this mindset stick! :)

    • Bree (OBS FB Team Leader) says:

      Monica, you’re not alone. I don’t always go to God first either. Here’s my typical pattern: I struggle with an issue myself and later, when I’m totally frustrated, I finally realize I need to give it to God. Now, I just need to learn to pursue God first!

  2. This chapter has helped me to see I can not handle challenges without God.When I would try to handle then alone I had too much stress

  3. I didn’t really think I had that much of an attitude problem until I read this chapter! Wow, light bulb moment. I am living with chronic illness and it is very hard not feeling well daily. It is hard not to throw pity- parties, and wallow in complaining..”I just wish I felt better”, “I just wish I had energy like I used to” , “why does this life have to be so hard”, and on and on it goes. Complaining and always looking at the negative side of things.

    Tracie reminded me on pg. 151 what kind of attitude I needed to have, she said: That my attitude should be of hope and a perspective of love, despite having many reasons to have a negative outlook, I should have an innate ability to look at the good things in life, instead of focusing on the negative aspects, a desire to encourage others to be positive, even when my own circumstances may be negative and to have an attitude that allows me to be happy for the blessings of others, even when I am still waiting.

    A major shift in my attitude is a choice that I alone have to first I will be asking God to help me with this change and second, I will try to catch myself when I fall back to my old ways of thinking. I have to shift my focus from me, me, me, so I can become more grounded in my faith and in God!