May 25

SLL week 7 ~ Praises & Prayer Requests

I have made it my goal to read the Bible cover to cover in chronological order.  That’s not to say I haven’t been reading my Bible, I have, but it has been a book here, a word study there, a character study, a topic study etc.  I have never sat down with the goal of following God’s story chronologically from beginning to end.  So I started reading, and just finished the life of Joseph in Genesis.  Talk about a man with some giants in his life!

I am sure many of you know all about him, the guy with the colorful coat.  If not you can read about his life in Genesis chapters 39, and 40-48.  The gist of it is that he was favored by his father, which peeved his brothers, who decided to kill him.  They changed their minds and sold him as a slave instead.  He went to work for a guy only to have the guy’s wife try to seduce him.  Joseph refused the advances and was imprisoned when she falsely accused him of attempted rape, where he remained for several years.   Later he was released by the pharaoh after interpreting some dreams and became the second most powerful man in Egypt, which allowed him to rescue his family from starvation.  From slavery to second in command took approximately 13 years of facing giants!  And yet Joseph never loses faith!

Although our verse this week was written a LONG time after Joseph, I am pretty sure that were he to read it he would say it helped him pull through during some of his dark days.  I can just picture him sitting in prison after being falsely accused of such a horrible crime reminding himself to focus on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable rather than the mess he was in.  He managed to never take his eyes off of God.  He trusted God to handle his problems.  I can almost hear him telling his fellow prisoners, “don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Each day has enough trouble of its own” (Matthew 6:34).  He let God work-in His time-and in the end, it worked out pretty good for all involved.

You know something?  It will for you too, if you are patient and you listen for God to lead and you remember that our God is bigger than any giant we might face.  In the end, God wins and that means that as long as we are following Him, we win too.  Isn’t that awesome!


Ginny Blankenship, P31 OBS Teaching Team

Game On

Are you facing any giants this week?  Share them with us so that we can suit up and join the battle with you through prayer.  Defeat a giant or two?  We would love to celebrate with you.  Please share both with us in the comments section.  Members of the Online Bible Study team pray over every comment.



  1. Great devotional Ginny! Praising God for the opportunity two of my kids get this summer. They are working at a Christian summer camp in SC as girls’ director and boys’ director. Prayers for them as they oversee counselors and campers and guide them toward Jesus.
    Beth A. (OBS Group Leader)

    • Ginny Blankenship says:

      Lord, be with these two young people. Give them hearts like yours for those they will be serving. Guide their words and their actions so that they may teach through action, impart wisdom, and bring you glory and honor. Watch over this camp and be with all who are attending. Let them feel your presence.

  2. Kyndra (OBS Leader) says:

    Wonderful devotional today Ginny! Thank you so much! I read the Bible in chronological order several years ago, and REALLY learned a ton! I plan to reread it chronologically!

    Praise report! My attitude towards some giants in my life has really improved over the past couple of days. I’m really trying to just let go and let God–but ironicallly, I can only do that with God’s help! :)

  3. Kris (OBS Leader) says:

    I loved today’s post, Ginny! And I really loved this chapter about giants. I have been taking a hard look at what’s going on in my life and some of the giants that I didn’t realize were quite as big as they are. Knowing that now, though, just makes it easier to battle them :-)

  4. Reading the Bible all the way through is something that I am ashamed I have not managed to do yet. I have thought about getting the Bible on CD, but a friend told me she has a Bible App and started listening to it to and from work everyday. Since I spend about 2 hours a day in my car traveling to and from work, what better way to spend that time. I just need to make the commitment and do it.

    Facing Giants, I feel like I have recently battled Goliath. I had been so busy in the past 10 days that I hardly knew what my name was. Unfortunately that took me away from this bible study. I managed to get caught up today.

    I was consumed in shepherding a large project into production for the company where I work. Very long hours, little sleep working round the clock on at least one day, and high stress. It was the fruition of a 7 month effort. At least it is not my normal work load, and I will get to take some time off now that we are running smoothly. The main thing that bothered me looking back, my focus was far away from God. To be too busy to talk to God, the way I normally do, which is not something I am proud of, nor something I want to do without.

    I pray I do not have to work those types of hours in the near future. :-)

    I also pray that when I do, I remember the most important thing, to keep up my daily conversations with God.

    In this weeks reading there was a statement to the fact the Devil will work to keep you so busy you don’t have time for God. Well I guess the Devil had me doing just that.

    By the end of the week I was completely exhausted I went to bed at 7PM last night.

    Today I have enjoyed peaceful rest, slept in until 8AM, then a nice 7 mile run along the lake enjoying Gods beautiful landscape, worked in the yard with my husband, nice lunch at our favorite local spot, reading and catching up on the Bible study, and relaxed for a couple of hours sitting by the pool.

    Now that is a day to enjoy.

    • Ginny Blankenship says:

      One of the things I love about God is that he forgives, and once He does it is gone. Glad that this study helped you to recognize when your focus shifted from God. Praying you get some rest and that the project continues to run smoothly.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Asking for prayer as my sister-in-law I see rarely is coming in tomrrow, and our relationship can be hit or miss. Praying for the right words and thoughts to be Phil 4:8’ing the entire time we are together.

    Also for peace in the midst of a very hectic next two weeks – we won’t be slowing down until the weekend after school’s out, and that’s two weeks from now! :)

    Many, many thanks for your prayers – God is so good!

    • Ginny Blankenship says:

      Lord, guide Jennifer during her sister’s visit. Fill her with your spirit, circle around her and help her to take her thoughts captive, to focus on what is pure, right, lovely and true. Help the words that come from her mouth be pleasing to you. Fill her with peace when all around her feels like a storm and help her to keep her eyes focused on You.

  6. Amber Oatman (OBS leader) says:

    I love the story of Joseph <3 It's one of my favorites! I love how you applied it all to modern day Ginny. I had some giants trying to take me down this week but God walked me through it all. Being in this study and being surrounded by my OBS sisters was exactly what I needed. God always knows exactly what we need and where we need to be. He is good!!

    • Ginny Blankenship says:

      He IS good, all the time! I love the way He brings the right people into our lives at the right time.

  7. Praise for some family prayers answered, but more prayers for my 2 youngest sisters so they may continue to feel God’s presence as they face some big albeit different giants in their lives.

  8. Lori Blackwell says:

    Thank you Ginny for a great week. Lot of giants faced this week, but God was right there taking me through every step. Last night I prayed with my mom and asked God to comfort her and protect her in the hospital. She told me this morning that she woke up about 3 am, she felt someone holding her hands and had the warmest feeling and when she opened her eyes no one was there and she knew her Father was there taking care of her. I praise God for the her and protecting her one more day for me to have with her.

  9. Praise for God carrying me day by day..such a blessing.

    Continued prayer for my health and answers. Also on making decisions as I put a deposit down on two different puppies and I can only handle one!

    May everyone have a blessed weekend with family and friends!

  10. Virginia says:

    Prayers for my family and a relationship that needs restoration, salvation for family and a friend.

  11. Just want to share with you ladies how amazing our God is -a few weeks ago I asked for prayer for my work place for strength to cope and some other things – well God has answered my prayer not in the way I asked but his way which trust me is even better- thank you so much for your prayers – Praise His holy name- He is worthy of all my praise. x

  12. As a church we read through the Chronological Bible. This is my second year participating. What an awesome way to see God work and make connections from the Old to the New Testament. I was raised Jewish and when I came to Faith and started to study the Bible I had so many questions. We serve an awesome God and the only way to know Him and recognize His hand in our lives is through reading His word. The only way to see Him work in our lives is to see how He worked throughout Biblical times and to know He loves us just as much as Joseph, Ruth, Esther and everyone else. God is real, Giants seem huge but are really narrow compared to our God. We can’t focus on the narrow, we have to reteach ourselves to narrow our Focus on God.

    • Ginny Blankenship says:

      So true Randi. He tells us that He has given us the stories of the past so that we can learn from them. Since He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, studying how He loved, cared for, and worked in the lives of the OT peoples better helps us to understand and apply who He is in our own lives. And actually reading the progression of His story and plan is amazing. What an awesome God we serve!

  13. Please pray that God leads me in the right direction in regards to my employment. I am a single mom and am trying to find a job with better hours so I can get my son to school this fall when he starts kindergarten. I interviewed for a job with my current employer but it’s a newly created position so that worries me a little. I’m nervous about leaving a job that is stable but does not work well for me and my son, to take a job that has better benefits for us but has an unknown future.

    • Ginny Blankenship says:

      Lord, I pray for Heidi and her situation with work. We know that you provide for all of our needs and now I pray that you give her peace about this situation, this giant she is facing. Fill her up. I pray that you guide her steps in this process, close the door to any opportunity that is not right for her and make it known what your will is. Her momma’s heart wants to be there for her son, I pray that you make a way for that to happen.

  14. Please pray for my health and the two more weeks before I can see my doctor. My fibromylagia has been off the charts and triggering my chronic spine problems. Father heal me or sustain me until June 7.

  15. Kathy Z says:

    Please pray for my son Jay. I’ve been a single parent for all his 22 years, raised him in church however last year he moved out with his grandparents and he’s changed so much (for the worst). He’s distanced himself so much from family and has very little, if any contact with me. He says he goes to a different church however I see his walk with The Lord almost non existent. As a mother who has sacrificed everything for him, it breaks my heart immensely and makes me feel like I don’t even have a son. Since my divorce when Jay was 4, I’ve remained alone and have tried my hardest to be a good example for him and raise him right. He did make a profession of salvation when he was about 7 or 8. Please pray God would work in his heart and help Jay realize he needs The Lord on his life.

    • Ginny Blankenship says:

      My heart breaks for you. Lord, I pray that you be with Kathy now. Wrap your arms around her and give her comfort. Remind her that your heart is breaking too and that you love Jay even more than she does. I know you have a plan, and that your plan is perfect. I also know that you have given us our own will in that plan. I pray that you surround Jay with people who truly love You and who will remind Jay of who you are and of your love for him. I pray that you soften Jay’s heart and that he turns to You to be the center of his life. Guide the circumstances that surround him so that he sees You in them. Bring this family back together Lord, and make it what you intended for it to be.

  16. Katrina says:

    I’ve been sharing through comments and through my blog about my giant that entered my life when in labor for my daughter four years ago. To recap, it didn’t go well and I’ve had a lot of struggles that’ve stemmed from it since then but this week discovered fear as the underlying giant. This morning I woke from a dream in tears – happy tears. In the dream I was suddenly having a baby. It came quickly and pain free. There were two woman in the room, and though I didn’t know them, at the same time I felt like I knew them very well. They were the two Mary’s that went to the cross when Jesus was crucified. They filled the room with a calming peace and helped me deliver the baby. This experience was everything mine was not. They handed the baby to me right away. It was a girl. I looked down into her face and knew her name – Rebecca Grace. Then I awoke.
    I wish I could quickly and easily explain the signifigance I’ve come to realize this morning in this dream – show how all the details are intertwined into my story and struggles, but it’s probably enough here to just say it feels like a gift from God – a praise I wanted to share and ask for prayer in. Hope all you ladies have a blessed holiday weekend!

  17. Praising God for the wonderful blessings He brought us this week. During my husband’s fight with cancer, we have faced many giants. Still facing them. But knowing we have so many friends and family members walking this out with us is sustaining us and giving us joy! A group of homeschool families cleaned our house this week. A sweet sister in Christ brought us a totally cancer-friendly meal. Our travels down to Seattle for a doctor’s appointment were safe and even though a major bridge collapsed the day before, our own route was only slowed, not stopped as many routes were. The sun shone several days this week. The Lord has provided in so many ways. Focusing on what is true, noble, lovely, praiseworthy, etc. this week definitely pulled us through. Thank you Lord for your Word! Thank you!

  18. Good morning all! It’s so nice to know that We all have Goliaths we each face in our lives. Giants that feel to big to conquer, to break free from; that keep us feeling hopeless! Praise God that He Is Bigger than any giant we face. I need prayer for health-physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually! I feel like my life is surrounded by giants to big to overcome! But my God is Faithful and all things are possible with Him. Please pray specifically for healing for me, for my future, for God’s direction to be clear. & I want to Praise Him for the Goliath he has already conquered in my life. College Graduation. Praise be to You Jesus!!!!

  19. Praise Jesus! On Friday something happened that seemed to be insurmountable…so I immediately turned to Him in prayer! I knew this was a GIANT GIANT…and could affect this person forever and that as Union President it was up to me to sort it all out…up to me only with His strength and guidance! I have prayed since Friday and had given it to Him. I felt peaceful and not very anxious or worried at all. I trusted the Lord and was patient! He answered me today and has given me the way to complete His good works! The way, the truth and the life! The light of life! I am so grateful to God for this and for all of you for this Bible study which has refined my faith and given me the tools to totally trust in Him and let go of that which causes useless stress and anxiety! My prayers for all today! Thank you my Lord and my God!

  20. TABITHA JONES says:

    Wow the devil is really trying to keep me from posting my request. I tried to get to this site several times yesterday and it would not let me . Then I have tried posting a couple times today and right in the middle of typing my posts it just disappears the devil is not going to win.
    I had a tragedy strike my family early yesterday morning and I need you ladies to pray. My 23 year old cousin of whom was my sons (Josh) best friend was killed. He was bucked off of his horse and the horse stepped on him or kicked him in the chest. He had a foot print from the horse on his chest. It was a freak accident that we can’t understand, but I know God is in control and everything happens for a reason. Please pray for Josh especially because he really has a hard time with death since his PawPaw (his best buddy) died when he was really young. They have asked Josh to take part in the funeral so he needs prayer because he is freaking out. It is hard for me to sit and see him so devastated and not be able to do anything about it.
    I know I can depend on you ladies so please keep us in your prayers. He was a cowboy so my son is on his way to go with other cowboys to follow the hearse to the church. This is not going to be an easy task.

    • Becky Kneller says:

      Tabitha, So sorry for your loss. My 16 year old brother was killed in an accident. Josh has to grieve. Be there for him. Praying that God’s loving arms will surround you all during this very painful time.

  21. Lee Roberts says:

    I am working on the same goal of reading the bible all the way through. I just finished Proverbs. I really liked your input on Joseph. It really puts things in perspective. I have recently moved back to Texas. My husband and I are separated and he lives in TX with his daughter. I left him and went to TN for a couple of months. The reason I moved back to TX was to work on restoring my marriage. However I am living with a lady from my Sunday School class right now. But I have no family here in TX just my husband and his daughter and her children and husband. But I am not even allowed to see them. It doesn’t seem like my husband is even interested in working on our marriage. Right now the only time I see him is at church. I sit with him as my pastor asked me too. But it is so difficult. However, on the positive side of things both of us have really been working on our relationship to the Lord. He now feels the Lord is calling him to preach. He has been preaching at a nursing home and leading a bible study there.
    I have started visiting with the people there that don’t get many visitors. I go twice a week. Pray for my family and for God’s guidance and leading in our relationship.
    Thanks so much.

  22. Patricia says:

    I was so blessed when I read the paragrah about How if we are patient and listen for God to lead and remember that our God is bigger than any giant we might face. In the end, God wins and that means that as long as we are following Him, we win too.

    My daughter had called just before I read that and was having a delema about something she wasn’t really sure about and felt some pressure to give in to what she wasn’t feeling was right. I told her to pray about it and get into God’s word and let him lead you. THEN, i read this and thought THANK YOU GOD FOR THIS, I then quick read her this and knew it was from GOD, to tell her to be patient and let Him lead… AMEN. I love this study and all that GOD is allowing me to learn..