May 26

Stressed-Less Living, Week 8

Welcome to Chapter 8!!! Watch this video and GET EXCITED about what we are doing this week!~

Repeat after me:  It’s Week 8 & We’re Feelin’ Great! Seriously, I mean it. Really say it. You may feel silly, but I bet it makes you smile. (If you cannot see the video above, click here to view directly on You Tube.)

Memory Verse

Notice anything different? This week I want to challenge you. Don’t just reflect on this verse, but let’s work to memorize it. We’ll begin this process tomorrow, but if you want to get a head start, go right ahead!

“In you our fathers put their trust; they trusted and you delivered them. They cried to you and were saved; in you they trusted and were not disappointed.”                       
Psalm 22:4-5  NIV84


(Notice they aren’t suggested this time, I really want you to do them! Accept the challenge, ok?)

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Sunday~ Get ready for a great week!

Monday~ Happy Memorial Day USA! It may be a holiday here in the states, but that doesn’t mean we skip Bible Study USA! Great Bible lesson planned for you today from Psalm 22. Get your Bible out and let’s get into God’s Word to start off our week.

Tuesday~ Read Chapter 8, Addicted to Adrenaline and respond to the Reflection Questions at the end of the chapter. You have 3 days to do this, so do a little each day. Next assignment is Friday!

Wednesday~ Meet Proverbs 31 President and the author of our next Online Bible Studies’ Book, Lysa TerKeurst!

Thursday~ Blog Hop!

1.  Trust. “In you our fathers put their trust; they trusted and you delivered them. They cried to you and were saved; in you they trusted and were not disappointed.” Psalm 22:4-5  Map our reflection verse for three days and share with us how your heart responds to His Word.

2. Addicted. Chapter 8. Share the part of this chapter that hit home the most for you. What is your next step?

3. Progress Report. How are you doing so far in your study of Stressed-Less Living? Is there a lesson you have learned so far that has had a big impact on your life?

4.  #Blessed. Add to your #Blessed entry or start one today!

Friday~ Ugly Verses.  Ever run across a Bible verse that seems so complicated or it just doesn’t really make you feel so good? We are going to look at some of those today and find out that God’s Word isn’t meant to make us run from God, but run to God…right into His arms for a rescue!

Saturday~ Prayer Requests & Praises! The Bible study who prays together stays together!

Don’t forget to leave a comment EVERY day this week. We have another great prize give away on Friday. It’s the Real Life Proverbs 31 Bible and a copy of our next OBS book, What Happens When Women Say Yes to God, personally signed by author, Lysa TerKeurst.All you have to do is participate with us and comment and VOILA! you are entered!

So, you ready for a great week?  I hope so, because it’s Week 8 & we are feelin’ great!  Happy Week 8 Y’all!



  1. Paige Ward says:

    Thanks for the encouragement!! :)

  2. Lynn Graham says:

    We are going to have a great!!! week I know it.

  3. Vanessa says:

    All this week all I have been able to pray is one word, Mercy. God give me mercy!! Then this turned into only one thing I had to give this week, LOVE! My prayer turned into something like this, Lord all I have to give is LOVE!

    You see I have three wonderful sons and about 22 months ago my oldest son had a little girl. I was the excited maw maw who finally has a little girl to cuddle with take shopping and buy cute little girls things.

    Well to my surprise that I never saw coming, due to her mother, I am not going to get to do anything with my little granddaughter. This is a huge giant for me, it has been killing me to see all my friends having a life with their little grand kids while I sit and watch and dream of the day that I get to do things with my little granddaughter.

    As I think about Joseph and what he went through and I see how God has His hand on his life, I just have to keep my focus on God and just trust that He has a plan. It’s the hardest thing to go through and I keep thinking one day it’s gonna happen and after 22 months not yet. I do get to see her only when they drop by or when I go to their house. So that’s a good thing and that’s what I cling to, those precious moments with her that I can get.

    Please pray that soon this maw maw and paw paw will get to hang out with our little granddaughter and do the fun things we dream of doing!! We are patiently waiting but it’s getting harder and harder…


    • Kris (OBS Leader) says:

      Veronica, I’m so sorry to hear about what has happened with your granddaughter. My parents had the same thing happen with my brother’s daughter, they haven’t seen her in nearly 10 years. They are holding on to hope that she questions about her father’s side of the family as she gets older. Prayers that the situation gets resolved!!

      • My heart goes out to you ! Vanessa,and for your parents as well, Kris. I too don’t get to see my two grandchildren. My grandson just turned 3 and I have never met him. I have cried a lot of tears and know that God can do any thing. I am now getting to send birthday gifts some thing that had not happened in the three years since my grandson was born. My granddaughter is 6 and I haven’t seen her in three maybe 4 years now. So hard to wait on God some times. Lord please hear the cries of our hearts and help us to see your love in spite of the situations we face. Bless our grandchildren and cause their hearts to be drawn to you and us. Thank you Jesus.

    • Janet F says:

      Praying for you Vanessa and that your granddaughters mother’s heart will change!!!

      • Father God, come bring your loving peace to Vanessa as she continues to wait to see her granddaughter. I ask you to prick her daughter-in-laws heart to be open to letting mawmaw and pawpaw see her and spend time. Father I pray you bring a Christian woman along to daughter-in-laws side to speak your loving truths to her. Thank you Father for bringing Vanessa to this study ans as she grows You Lord are defeating her giants. In Jesus Name. Amen

        • Father,
          I pray for all these grandparents above who are not able to be with their grandbabies. Comfort them with Your peace that passes all understanding. I pray for the ones who are responsible for keeping these babies away from the grandparents. Open their hearts & heal whatever is the cause of these situations. Father, as a Nana myself, my heart aches for these ladies. Please hear their cries & give them the desires of their hearts.

    • Vanessa, I too went without seeing my granddaughter for over a year, but in patience and prayer the Lord has answered me and my daughter needed me so open again is the relationship and back in my life are both my daughter and my granddaughter. Praise God! I pray that you will cherish the moments you see your granddaughter and that your prayers for more will be answered! God bless!

  4. It’s Week 8, and We’re Feelin’ Great! Maybe if I repeat this enough times, I will actually feel great!

    It’s been a rough week, but today’s a new day/week, and I’m ready to start anew. Thank you so much for your encouragement!

    “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is thy faithfulness.” Lamentations 3:22

  5. I have been so blessed by my first OBS!! I am already eager to know what OBS is next. Since addiction is the topic this week I do believe I am now an OBS addict!

  6. Natalie says:

    So good to be starting a new week. In God, every week is new. Every day is new. Every minute is new.

    So, thanks be to God, our God who never fails.

    Blessings to you all, and thanks Melissa for your enthusiasm, being real and encouraging us all, especially in the things of God.

    • Janet F says:

      I too thank you Melissa for your enthusiasm. I woke up tired at 5am this morning and watched the video and got all pumped up for this weeks study, YOU ROCK MELISSA!!!! :)

  7. Rebecca says:

    I began reading through chapter 8 and am enjoying it so far. I’m also excited that the next OBS will be by Lysa TerKeurst again!

  8. I have not picked up the book to even glance at Chapter 8 yet, but just from your intro I can see that there is going to be a lot of info for ME. I am one of those people who can’t seem to relax very easily. My hubby and kids leave home and what do I do? Clean and do laundry. Even crocheting, which SHOULD be relaxing, becomes work since I usually make things that are contracted by people. I am anxious to get started and see what lessons God has for me!

  9. Nancy Silvers says:

    Looking forward to this week…my sweetie is working today so I am looking forward to some “me time, reading time”. Thank you for all you do and all your encouragement!!

  10. Thank you so much for the encouragement Melissa! I really needed it! Thank you for saying that if we’ve gotten behind not to worry about trying to catch up but to just start at chapter 8, because I have. I have let myself drop the ball the last 3 weeks. Would you all pray with me that I will start back up and finish strong?
    Thank you

  11. Janet F says:

    Read the chapter last night and did not realize that I am probably an adrenaline addict, or I just can’t LET. IT. GO.!! Working on that!!! I am one to not ask for help and do it all on my own, thinking I don’t want to bother anyone else, but I think the whole problem is PRIDE or lack of TRUST, that I don’t think they can do it as well as me :( I saw myself in the chapter, I am not one that sits still real well for a long period of time, I always have to be doing something and I feel so overwhelmed at times that I want to get this changed. I am in 4 OBS’s right now because I loved the topics or books and did not want to miss out, but it is a lot of work to keep up with 4 of them all at the same time! I saw myself on page 163 as the accomplisher! Thanks for this study as it is helping me to see what I need to change. And the story in the section “The Rescuer”, WOW what an awesome God we serve!!!!! Praise you Father!!!

  12. Jennifer says:

    We’re out of town this Memorial Day weekend visiting family, so on this quiet morning I couldn’t wait to dig into our verse! From the NASB:

    [In You our]fathers – ancestors – It’s a long history, some of which is recorded in the Bible, that teaches me I can trust my Abba, for He is always faithful, no matter what I see or feel.
    trusted – set one’s hope and confidence in
    hope – a feeling or desire for something
    confidence – full trust and belief in the reliability of the One who will
    [They] trusted {same word as above} [and You] delivered [them] – bring into security
    security – freedom from danger; freedom from care, anxiety, or doubt – He saves me from my negative feelings
    [To You they] cried out – to cry out in need; imploring aid – It’s not whining (that’s my pride talking) – it’s reaching out and opening myself to the interdependent relationship He created me for
    [and were] delivered – a different “delivered” – to escape – the Hebrew context is connected with room to move, and the result is dependence because of the military perspective of submitting to someone bigger and stronger for protection
    [In You they] trusted {same word again!} [and were not] disappointed – to fail in hope and expectation – will not happen to those who place their confidence in God

    My takeaway: There is NO shame in crying out – I will NOT be put to shame when I put my desires and full trust and belief in the One who has always proven Himself faithful – which is one of the reasons He gave His Word to me.

    Much love!

  13. Tristine Barry says:

    Yes Melissa! It IS week 8 and I AM feeling great. Thanks so much for the video. When I saw the title of this I was thinking, nah, that isn’t me. That is for people that drive fast, bunji jump, etc. BUT, as I got to reading about what she is talking about I got it.

    You asked in your video if we are the type that always has to be doing something, always busy, etc. Well, I USED to be that girl over three years ago then I took a class on mindfulness that TAUGHT me to sit still in the moment and clear my mind. I have been living under chronic stress for most of my life. I can relate to almost every situation Tracie discusses. My body has pretty much been “frozen” in the fight or flight status for years due to not fighting and my typical reaction is to flee. But where? So, these chemicals keep coursing through my body causing the psychosomatic problems of headaches, stomach aches, depression, anxiety-you name it. I also always had to be busy, well I was busy from my teens when I started work, then through college, then work in the real world in stressful jobs, sometimes two to support my self. No real rest. I didn’t know how. Somewhere I learned that if you “rest” you are being lazy and unproductive so my identity came from that. This was my past. Now I am new.

    This mindfulness class taught me to sit still with God after I was saved because my salvation came right after this. Now, I still struggle greatly to rest since I am a caregiver now. My husband gave me a good example of my adrenaline rising yesterday. I had a small catastrophe with the washing machine and water was gushing everywhere. I panicked! Then something else happened and again my adrenaline rose. I was able to rest after he so lovingly fixed the machine and told me to go rest.

    Melissa, I am excited to be learning from you this week and YES, I accept the challenge to memorize this verse. Love you Sweet Sister! You are doing such marvelous things.

    • Leigh Ann Sells says:

      I agree! Originally, I thought…I can coast this week…I am not addicted….I don’t skydive, drive cars, bungee jump, etc. WRONG!!! I may be the biggest junkie alive!

      I have really enjoyed the whole book but defintely came face to face with the truth in this chapter!

      I have to allow God to show me how to relax, trust him and live for him!

  14. Angie Sutphin says:

    It’s week 8 and I am FEELING GREAT! Praise God for all his wonderful Blessings in my life. Praise God for this OBS it has made a really big impact on my life. My Facebook Group 28 is hopping with great support from our leader Kristy Aiken. My Giant is not so big today because I know that my God is bigger. Glory, Glory, Glory to God. Just wanted to praise my Father a little this morning, I hope everyone has a wonderful day in Christ Jesus. Amen!!!!!

  15. makes you want to chime right in…..It’s Week 8 and we ARE feeling Great!!
    Thanks Melissa – I do really appreciate your enthusiasm – Bible Study is exactly what I need right now…Blessings…

  16. Courtney says:

    Melissa, I’ve been bouncing around the house chanting, “Chapter 8! Feeling Great!” Although it’s cloudy outside, tragedy in the world, and personal health issues, I’m feeling great! I’m more positive than ever! I’ve decided to control what I can, and leave the rest to the Almighty! :)

    I ask prayers for my father, whose getting tested for prostate cancer this week. And my brother who is drinking he’s life away, instead of going to God. 12 years ago, he had a terrible car accident that he shouldn’t have made it out of. You couldn’t even tell that what he was driving was a car. Nothing was left but the motor, mangled metal, the beer bottles. I thought that would have grabbed his attention, but its gotten worst.
    My husband’s job is threading to fold again. Poor management of money and the company may sink. I’m praying he finds another one soon. And, I’m praying I’ll find work soon. I’ve been off for about 9 months trying to regroup after the suicide attempt and my endometriosis problem. Tuesday, I’m going to a specialist in hopes of getting relief. Right now, I’m in pain day in and day out. My husband doesn’t want me to go back to work and get my health back on track; but it pains me to see him stress over bills and taking care of everything. I know he’s the head of the household, but I want to do my part and be a good help mate.
    Lastly, I am asking for prayers for all my OBS sisters. I don’t know what each of the ladies need, but I want them to hang in there and don’t give up!

  17. Beth S. says:

    These are going to be random thoughts…but here goes!

    Today’s sermon text was based on the scriptures about Joseph and his siblings. (yesterday’s post from Melissa)

    Today our minister talked about Rachel (from a previous chapter).

    I took the idea of a Blessing Box to send a gift to my sister for her birthday. I found a ceramic ladybug with a hinged lid (like one of those mason jars will a glass lid on it) and a verse etched in the top “Be still and know that I am God.” I typed the verses from the chapter in our book, inserted my sister’s name, filled the ladybug, packed it in a box, and sent it off. When she received it, she immediately sent me a text with ladybugs icons and “MY VERSE” and more ladybugs. She called later and said she couldn’t believe that I had found something with HER VERSE on it, had filled it with verses just for her, and she was going to sit on her bed and spread all of the verses around her, reading them one by one. She has been going through many stressful times recently. Her job (doing the jobs of two for the pay of one), her husband (quit his most recent job after the training finished), her mother-in-law (99 years old with Alzheimers) and being on-call for our mother (she lives an hour from her where I live six hours away). It was a perfect gift, and I really had no idea that the verse on the ladybug was HER VERSE. I just have to smile when God’s blessings pour upon us, when He speaks to us in so many ways.

    Just had to share! Onward to a new chapter!

  18. Mary Rose says:

    Love these studies! Challenging me to do what I need to be doing and not just thinking about them! Thank you!

  19. Melissa you are too cute girl!! Love your ‘cheer’! :) I just finished chapter 8 and it’s really spoken to my heart. Gosh I wish this was a year long study on this topic!
    Have a great week everyone! :)

  20. I’m doing the study “what Happens When Women Say Yes to God” by Lysa Terkeurst with my Sunday School class along with this online bible study. I guess God knew I needed a double portion of excellent bible studies! I will have to admit, God has changed my life in more than one way through both of these studies. I’m excited to hear that “What Happens When Women Say Yes To God” is going to be the next online bible study. Even though I’m doing this study with my Sunday school class now, I’ll do it again when it’s the online study. This is my first online study, and I’m absolutely sold on them, Will Definately be a part of the next one.
    Instead of being focused on all my stress, I started getting busy serving God. He has shown me that I’m here to serve Him, not my stressors.
    He allowed me the courage to start a new ministry in my church through both of these studies I’m involved in. I’m very excited to see what He has for me to do next.
    I would love the opportunity to share with Lysa what God is doing in my life through her study, as well as Tracie Miles, and P31. If anyone knows how to email either of these women, or P31, please let me know.
    Thank you for allowing me to share.

    • Toni..I enjoyed what you had to say about serving the Lord. So often life is about us rather than what we can do for Him. I have been thinking about servanthood a lot lately. In Philippians we find that the Lord took upon Himself the form of a servant. In Mark it says He came not to be ministered unto but to minister to. Since Christ is our example, we need to be available for Him to use us in whatever way He has. I am glad to hear that you are wanting to be available and be used. He wants us to have willing hearts and be led as He directs. I have been visiting the young women in our church. I take muffins and we visit and then I let them spend some time with their children while I scrub their kitchen floor or vacuum. Sharing Christ together is a big encouragement to each of us. It takes the focus off of ourselves and puts it on to others. The verse says By love serve one another. Keep pressing on!!

  21. TABITHA JONES says:

    I have had a rough weekend but I am looking forward to getting into Chapter 8. I may not get to read it until Tuesday but just by your video message I know this chapter is for me . I am one of those that has to be doing something at all times. Please continue to remember my family during this time that we can lean on the Lord to take our sorrows away. I love you ladies and know I can feel the prayers.

  22. Constance says:

    So looking forward to this week!!! Loving my first OBS and all the things God has taught me so far.

  23. Leigh Ann Sells says:

    I am the person for whom the Addicted to Adrenaline was written about! When I first saw the title, I thought…not me! I don’t skydive, bungee jump, race cars, etc!

    But I can’t relax, fidget all the time and struggle all the time!

  24. Just wanted to say Thank You, and , WHAT A MIGHTY GOD WE SERVE!

  25. I use to be an adrenaline junky until my health came tumbling down because of stress. I love to serve God’s people. I have had to slow my life down to two evenings. I know God has something new for me but I’ve been in a WAIT time for several months. I have been praying God where do you want me to serve you? Lord you know my daily physical and mental challenges. Thank you Father for bringing me to this study and what a blessing. I’ve done online studies before but it was me and the teacher. I see now I’m going to continue to be blessed in the next study which will be the answer to all my prayers. In Jedus Name. Amen.

    • I n Jesus name. amen. I strongly dislike auto correct and it is NOT always correct!

  26. Stephanie M says:

    I am praying this is the week I get back into the swing of things. I have let life take over the past 2 weeks and fallen behind terribly. I’m going to take Melissa’s advice and leave it behind for now, and read Chapter 8. Looking forward to it.

  27. I AM doing great! This really is working! I just wish I had done this sooner!!! At a time when my stress would normally be “maxed out” — I am at peace :-) My son is graduating from high school Friday, my mom has a broken pelvis, family is coming into town starting on Wednesday, work is crazy. But I am at peace. :-) As I have mentioned before God speaks to me through songs. This week the song that I can’t get out of my head is “Middle of Your Heart” by for King and Country. “This is where it begins, this is where all the worry ends. This is where I say I don’t need to have control, this is where I admit I don’t know how to handle it, life in all of it’s chaos, you’re my only hope …
    I can’t wait to learn more… I like this!!!!!!!!

  28. Stephanie W. says:

    Thanks Melissa for your energy!! It’s the end of the day and I am exhausted, but feeling great. I am nervous to start chapter 8 as it sounds like it is going to hit very close to home!!! Looking forward to your teaching this week and am loving this study — no matter how hard it is to face my fears and giants. I am going to be living a stressed less life very soon. Blessings!

  29. I have a feeling this chapter may speak to me in some way. I remember turning the page as I finished the last chapter and the title seemed to jump off the page to me. I pray I can get into God’s word each day and also memorize the verse.

  30. I must admit that I am lagging behind in this study due to preparations for our daughters upcoming high school graduation. I am looking forward to being able to get caught up during my time off tomorrow.

    • I can certainly relate D’edra, my son is graduating tomorrow and family is coming into town. I don’t know when I can dive into the study like I have been doing on the other chapters. Hopefully I can catch up on Sunday. I have just been brushing the service this week. Congratulations on your daughter’s graduation! It is so interesting because I go through periods of tearfulness when thinking about my son graduating and then periods when I can talk about it just fine. My coworkers who have “been there” before assure me that this is normal. I pray for your strength and mine to get through the upcoming days as we prepare for this tremendous change in our lives.

  31. So excited yet again for another life changing week. Pray we will never be the same and God continues to work in our loves and hearts !!!! Thank you everyone for all the time and work you have all put into this. Does anyone have any good ideas about when we study how to let it really sink in??? I have my time with God it’s amazing , later in that day can’t think of the verse I meditated on or tried to remember. It’s a huge challenge anyone have any thoughts or ideas???

    • Karen, I know sometimes it makes my reading and prayer take longer but I always write everything down…then I can always look back! I love to go to my favorite Dollar Store and buy a bunch of composition books. I like the sturdy hard covers and I try to choose colors or designs to match my feelings or what I am reading or praying…my SLL OBS one is multicolored zigzag pattern…kind of like a TV screen when they’re running an emergency broadcast test…well I guess I have said more than enough! Lol! A blessed week to you!

  32. Virginia says:

    Thank you Lord that this is a new week and your mercy is new every morning. It’s chapter 8 and we are feeling great :)

  33. Tonya McCoy says:

    So excited to hear what next study is going to be about. I’ve been wanting to read that book!

  34. Melissa – I am SO ready for this week. I do a media fast every Sunday, so I often feel like I’m behind the 8-ball, on Monday. But, once I get caught up and commented up, ha, I feel so energized and ready to go! This study has been a huge blessing because of the fact that we dig in to God’s Word FIRST each week and because I am finding myself truly watered and refreshed by the time spent making that the focus of my activity. And, I’m lovin’ it!!!

  35. Phyllis Wiley says:

    This chapter was written for me! I am looking forward to overcoming this addiction!

  36. brittany jacobson says:

    Love the memory verse. When I spend time with God I’m aware of a good change in May attitude and in my stress level .my mom spends time with God every day she has a deep love for him she is the Calmist person because of it

  37. I am looking forward to another great Bible study this week along with reading chapter 8. I am also excited to hear Lysa will be a part of the next study.

  38. I am so looking forward to another week of this great study. It has been a rough week and I am praying for God to take over the stress and the worry about my oldest daughter. She is reallly putting herself in a bad place and the issues with her are getting to be much more than I can handle. I am praying for God to steer her away from her sinful behavior and guide her back to a better path.

  39. Dawn H. says:

    Always need the encouragement! Thank you!!!

  40. Melissa Taylor, I love your enthusiasm!! It’s Chapter 8 and I’m feeling great!! I love doing bible study with all the women here at OBS….They are all AWESOME!

  41. Melissa, you basically described me in the first minute of you video message. I am addicted to being busy. I’m trying to let go of it. I’m guessing this chapter is going to help me with that. I have so many things on my to do list, I feel like I have to go, go, go. I feel like if I let up for just a moment, things will spiral out of control. When I do have a moment of free time, totally don’t know how to relax. In fact there have been times in which I don’t have anything to do and I end up feeling nervous and anxious. How messed up is that?? I least I can recognize the issue and this study is leading me to the best solution: God.

  42. The motto is stuck in my head like a catchy jingle. Thanks for the positive reminder!

  43. The keyword here… Trust. I need to do an entire study just on trust! Looking forward to a great week. :)

  44. Becky Babin says:

    Although my body no longer can do the things I used to do, my mind still tries to tell it that I could be doing this, or I could get up and do that, but the body says no these days. I guess you could say I’m a b-iproduct of those days long ago when I was an adrenaline junky. When I read about how much we can do about those things in our lives now I wish we would have known about it 20-30 years ago. So girls take from one that has been there done that, take advantage of all we have learned throughout this bible study and put it to practice. It will be well worth it, I promise you that.
    I noticed in our bible verse that for every word of trust there is a positive result. I can see that trust is a tremendous problem for me. This is one verse that I definitely need to know by memory and never forget.

  45. Mindy Corradi says:

    Thank you for your continual encouragement and positive attitude! I have to admit I have struggled keeping up with this study but what a positive influence it has had on my life.