May 27

SLL Week 8, Day 1

Have you overcome your giants from Week 7?  I’m so convinced now that God is bigger than anything that I have to face and that has brought me so much peace! I hope you are beginning to experience that too!

Hey Y’all, it’s Melissa this week and I hope you are ready for another great week of Bible study. As we’ve learned, we need God’s Word and so that’s exactly where we are beginning in Week 8. Get your Bibles out and read on!

In Chapter 8 of SLL, Tracie writes, “if we are too busy to spend time with God, then we are absolutely too busy!”  Do you agree?

Take a good realistic look at your schedule. Without beating yourself up or heaping any guilt upon your self, answer this question. “Am I too busy to spend time with God?”  If the honest answer is “yes” let’s take a look at our schedules and make a few adjustments.

We made a few adjustments to our schedule at OBS this year to reflect the importance of God’s Word. Have you noticed that in this study, your first assignment of the week is all about God’s Word? The reason we do that is so if you don’t get to any other assignment this week, we want you in God’s Word. I love the book we are studying, but I know that if I only read the book Stressed-Less Living and don’t apply God’s principles to help me, then the book will be over and my stress will still be here.

 God’s Word For You Today~

Instead of just reflecting on God’s Word, let’s make it a goal to memorize it this week.

1. Open your Bible and turn to Psalm 22:4-5. Read aloud.

“In you our fathers put their trust; they trusted and you delivered them. They cried to you and were saved; in you they trusted and were not disappointed.”

Read these verses again. And again.

Goal: By Friday, we will be able to recite Psalm 22:4-5 by memory. You can use your favorite version. This one is from the old NIV.

2. Let’s do this together. Grab a highlighter or pen and highlight these words in the verse like I’ve done below:

“In you our fathers put their trust; they trusted and you delivered them. They cried to you and were saved; in you they trusted and were not disappointed.”

Notice in green is our part. In blue is God’s. In red is the result. The result when we do our part and let God do His. I love doing this with God’s Word! (the colors don’t have any special meaning~I’m not detailed enough for that, you can choose whatever colors you want. In my Bible, I didn’t even use colors. I used a pencil and drew a box around “our part”, underlined “God’s part”, and double underlined “the result.”  Do whatever works.)

3. Now read all of Psalm 22. As you read, identify our part, God’s part, and the result. You can do this by either marking in your Bible or recording notes in a notebook.

4. Both the Christian and Jewish faiths have long believed that many psalms referred as much to the promised Messiah (Jesus) as they did to events at the time. Do you notice some references in Psalm 22 that could be references pertaining to Christ? Record your thoughts about this in your notebook/journal.

Jesus is actually all throughout the Old Testament. Check it out~ (I LOVE this!)

If you can’t see the video above, click here to view directly on YouTube.

Extra Credit~

For you overacheivers, go ahead and look up those Stress Busting Scriptures at the end of Chapter 8. I love these!!! By reflecting on these verses first, when we read the chapter it doesn’t seem as daunting. With God’s Word planted first in our hearts, everything else just seems a little more doable.

Share with our group~

How does God’s Word help you? When you spend time in His Word, can you tell a difference?

A personal note from me~

Don’t rush through this assignment. We love OBS because we can work at our pace! This assignment might take you more than today and that’s ok.



  1. I can definitely tell the difference when I am not in God’s Word. I feel rushed, overwhelmed, full of chaos and lost when I do not take my time with God. Being in the Word does not take away my problems, but it gives me more peace, power and mercy in the midst of them. What a great assignment. I love our key verse.

  2. Treasure says:

    I need Gods word more than food or sleep. I sometimes get busy and forget and then feel empty and tired.

  3. I have let yesterday go and started fresh for today. Thanks for helping me feel okay about doing that. I have been able to refocus. :)

  4. I think this may be a repetitive post from awhile ago but gonna share it anyway because I am so grateful to have 30 minutes or so each morning to start my day with my Triune God! I always read a devotion from “God Calling” (probably the basis for “Jesus Calling”). It is an old devotional by A J Russell that I have been reading and rereading for almost 20 years. I also read the daily Mass readings followed by a meditation/reflection. I am always amazed by the way God speaks to me and how I can apply His Word all day long!
    Throughout my day I take advantage of any opportunity to pray or converse with Jesus, to seek His guidance or just to say thank you!
    Each night I get home and with anticipation, settle in to either this Bible study or reading that brings me closer to Him…God’s Word or other books that enhance my relationship with Him!
    I also sit with Jesus in Eucharistic Adoration every Friday night for a couple of hours and it is in His presence I find rest!

  5. God’s Word gives me focus, keeps me grounded, gives me direction, gives me peace, and builds my faith. I try to spend time in God’s Word every morning, although I have things that throw me off (like children with stomach viruses, forgetting to set my alarm or turning it off, etc.). The longer I practice the discipline of daily reading God’s Word, the more crucial it becomes. God definitely speaks to me through messages and classes at church, through Christian books, Christian speakers, and Christian friends, but the messages He gives straight to my heart through His Word are by far the most powerful and life-changing. They are God’s precious words from Him straight to one of His beloved daughters-me, and I love them.

  6. Renee D says:

    Hello Ladies to the start of a new week! Week 8 & I am feeling great :-) I definitely feel the difference when I am in God’s word. Honestly before I would only read God’s word occasionally either when at church or bible study, etc. With this OBS I am in God’s word daily and I feel the difference throughout my day. I feel like my mind is always being reminded of God’s word, of His promises as well. This helps me keep my mind on things from above and on positive things. That is one thing I noticed more so in reading through chapter 7, I have a bad attitude or negative attitude towards many things. This heightens my stress levels, making small things seem BIG! But I know our God is BIGGER! I am excited to start this week and am praying for the OBS group. Love y’all!

  7. This may sound a little self-centered, or even sacrilegious, but sometimes when I am reading my Bible I will read a verse that is not familiar to me and I start to laugh because I wonder if God just stuck that verse in for me that moment because I needed it. I am amazed how God speaks to me through his word and how relevant the Bible is in the year 2013. Scripture teaches me, comforts me, challenges me, convicts me, and reminds me just how great our God is.

    • Renee D says:

      MB– That is not self-centered at all! I actually admire that you feel that comfortable & that strongly about God’s word. I pray for such clarity as I read and follow His word as well. Our God IS a great God. Be blessed :-)

      • Well said ! How awesome it must be to be so comfortable. God Bless

        • Rebecca says:

          That is not self-centered at all. I do the same thing sometimes because it’s amazing how God shows us what we need to hear sometimes.

  8. Virginia says:

    God’s word makes such a difference. When I am in God’s word it makes the day go by so much more smoothly and gives strength when unexpected events occur.

  9. God’s word helps me stay focused on my purpose. That I am loved and chereshed, that I have been called according to his will.
    His word gives me the encouragement I need to be all that he has created me to be and that without reading his word I find myself focused on other things from this world and i can’t handle stress.

  10. Vanessa says:

    When I get up in the mornings and make my coffee, it is my desire to get out my bible, journal, and highlighter and start my day with the One Who created me to think like Him, act like Him, and be encouraged by Him. It brings peace to my soul, direction to my decisions, and hope for my future. I just can’t imagine life without spending time with God in His word. It is like breathing to me.

    Please pray for my husband, he is a christian but he does not read his bible or study. I don’t say anything to him I just pray that the holy spirit will draw him to study God’s word. Our family is going through some really tough situations and it is a dream of mine to have him sit down with me and do a bible study together to be like minded with God on all our decisions. It feels lonely when you’re the only one looking to God and you really need your husband looking to God. He does pray, Iv seen him so I know he has a personal relationship with Jesus. He just needs to allow the holy spirit to come in and guide his life toward making Godly decisions. I’m quite about this and don’t say anything to him because I know I can’t have soul control but I can pray and trust God!!


    • Rebecca says:

      I really like that you do this in the morning. I read a devo in the morning but am usually more concerned with getting ready and off to work instead of taking time to focus on God and my relationship with him.

      I will also pray for your husband and your family since it is good to be able to worship and connect with others.

  11. Karen R. says:

    When I spend time in God’s work I can tell a big difference so why do I not do this every single day or minute that I have!?! I have done better since doing this study even if it is only concentrating on the one verse!

    Vanessa I have the same problem with my husband and at times it gets so tiring because I feel like I am the spiritual leader and that is not my role so I know I do not do it very well! I so wish my husband would want to be the spiritual leader and not just the bread winner!

    • I can totally relate. I too, notice a difference in my life when I spend time with God. When I make the time for God and make HIm a priority, all the other stuff seems to fall into place, or I end up not caring as much that it didn’t get done. Somehow, I still manage to not learn my lesson and put God on the back burner.

  12. Christine says:

    Great video! Yes, I can definitely tell a difference between spending time with God first thing in the morning and not. It makes a huge difference in my day including my outlook, reactions to situations and my level of peace. I’ll admit that it’s often a struggle to be intentional about it, but it’s a decision I never regret.

  13. Katrina says:

    I’m really enjoying the added emphasis on studying God’s Word in this study. While I’ve been a reader of His Word for many years, I feel like this is truly teaching me how to study what I’m reading for the first time. I can’t believe how much of a difference such a small thing as distinguishing our part and God’s part can have. Thank you for sharing this tip. All of the “tools” you’ve all been equiping us with in this study have been very helpful. Teaching God’s Word is definately a gift given to you my God Melissa. Thank you so much for sharing that gift with all of us and for being willing to be used by Him for His Kingdom in such a big way.

    There is a definite difference in the days I spend in His Word vs. the days I miss. I get more done, spend more time in the important things rather than the demanding worldly things, feel more peace and joy, and am more alert to God speaking throughout my day and also more alert to the enemy’s schemes. Overall, there is definately less stress. God’s Word helps me to discern and stay focused on His ways and will throughout my day. When I’m not in His Word, I stray at some point during my day and end up frustrated and stressed out. It really is like night and day.

    • Aubrey Carey says:

      As a new reader and student of Gods word, I SO appreciate all the study tips in this study!! They have made me study, reflect on and find meaning in, relate to Gods Word, for the first time in my life. Thank you!!

  14. I can definitely feel a difference when I take time to read God’s word. Even when there is terrible stress surrounding me, I feel a sense of calm nearest to me. It is almost like God has put his hands on my shoulders – lightly- just enough to let me know that He is there.

  15. Dawn H. says:

    “The Bible’s not about You”. I love this quote from Tim Keller. How many times do we use the Bible for our own benefit? Do we go to Scripture to find an answer to one of our own problems? Wow! That hit me, for some reason! The Bible is about God, our Lord and Saviour and what He has to teach! He has so much to teach us and all we have to trust! That is ALL HE asks of us! That is it!!! Simply Trust….nothing more, nothing less. He will lead us; He will teach us; He will care for us; He will carry our burden; Just trust! Got it!! I think?

  16. I am getting a late start this week between a family event this weekend and the holiday. I am looking forward to beginning this chapter and this week with you wonderful ladies! Praying blessings in your lives as much as mine. Thank you so much Melissa and all the leaders for guiding us through this study and this time in God’s word!

  17. Heather Harlow says:

    For me, a day that starts in Gods word is a more peaceful, purposeful day. I pray that He will lead me where He needs me to be in his scripture. I finish by asking that I may do his good will, and serve his purpose for the day. As a nurse, I feel very blessed to help and touch others quite often, I know this is thanks to His spirit. As difficult as it is to find the time as a working mom, daily time spent alone with God, in his word, what could be more beneficial in my day?

  18. Lee Roberts says:

    Being in God’s word helps my day go much smoother. I tend to be easier to deal with. I have devotions I read on a daily basis as well as the bible study. I really could relate to this weeks topic. I have been the adrenalin junkie. Now that I am retired I make time to do the things that count the most and being busy isn’t one of them anymore.

  19. Rebecca says:

    God’s word is the truth and really is a helper. I read devo’s daily and helps me remember what I need to be doing. This video was also very good at reminding us about Jesus and ties this scripture verse together well! :)

  20. I was thinking about our need to take action to receive God’s blessings today when I was dropping my children off at daycare. My youngest is 2 years old, and this morning she was not wanting to get out of the van. I finally had to pull her out, and when I set her on the ground, she dropped to her bottom and just sat there exclaiming her protest. I walked towards the door, “leaving” her in her state of upset, and she started to protest that I had left her. I turned around and told her to “come here, I’ll wait for you.”

    I so strongly felt that was sometimes how God feels about us.

    We fall to our bottoms in protest of where He wants us to go, then protest when He lets us be miserable in our moment. And, like a loving parent, He stops, turns around, and says to us “come here, I’ll wait for you.” Thank you, God, that you love me with the care of a loving parent who will let me throw my temper fit, learn my lessons, but who is always there to help pick me back up, dust me off, and set my feet moving in the right direction again. I praise you, God!

  21. Being in God’s word keeps me focused.When I am not in his word I don’t handle my problems well.I know what my giants are that I need to conquer.I try to keep my heart open to His word.GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF ME!!!!!!!!

  22. I love this video! So cool. I really enjoyed this assignment. I like that we separated out what is our part, God’s part and the result. It can be easy to just read it and not remember that I have a part. My part, from Psalm 22 is to trust. I know easier said than done but that’ s my part in this whole process. God will take care of his part, he’s not asking me to rearrange things so they will happen or orchestrate my will, He’s asking me to TRUST HIM and He will do His part. Breaking this out really helped me to see this more clearly.

    The Stress Busting scripture that stood out to me was Psalm 9:10. People trust in God just on the basis of his name. God has never forsaken someone who seeks him. If it’s never happened before, why do I live as though I’ll be the first one to be forsaken by God? Seriously? Why can’t I get it through my head that He’s NEVER forsaken anyone and I will not be the first? It’s so hard but I am praying that this verse takes hold in my life. After Psalm 22:4-5 I think Psalm 9:10 will be my next verse to memorize.

  23. When time were hard God provided me a way to do these OBS studies.GLORY TO HIM!!!!!!!!

  24. Great video, it really made me think. As I was copying the first for this week, my thoughts were on how God fulfills his promises. Even when we are less than faithful and trusting, he’s still there. Imagine, how much more I would be at peace if I was able to fully be able to trust God in all situations and keep the faith?

  25. Aubrey Carey says:

    GOds word DOES help me! I have never read His word regularly, or memorized Scripture, until recently. Now, through verse mapping, a daily time in Gods Word, and prayers for wisdom and to “hide His word in my heart”, verses just seem to come to my mind when i need them;)
    this morning, as I was running, and praying, I found myself praying Scripture I never knew I had memorized;)
    I am making it a habit to SEEK God and turn to His word in times of need, and finding it is true.
    Draw close to God, and he will draw close to you.

  26. God’s word grounds me and reminds me it’s not all about me or my to-do list. I struggle with selfishness and find that more often then not I want my way and now. I have committed my early mornings to Him for a couple weeks now and miss the time when I am not with Him! What a huge praise, I am feeling drawn near for the first time in years. This study is truly connecting so many pieces of the puzzle for me that where missing for a long time.

  27. When I spend time in Gods word I feel calmer, Sometimes I read at night when its hard to sleep and it calms my constant thoughts and helps me be able to get some sleep. I don’t get into his word as much as I should and that is why I feel so stressed all the time.

  28. Love the stress busting verse Eph 5:15 “Be careful how you live. Be wise. Don’t be foolish. Understand what the Lords will is.”. Eph 5:15-17. This is a good reminder. I need this as a bracelet to wear at all times!

  29. Mindy Corradi says:

    Gods word literally breathes life into me…I feel such peace when I really take the time to read Gods word and dig into it. I wish I could say I make it a priority to do this daily but I dont. To read, understand and know that God will “deliver me, save me, rescue and listen to me” what comfort that brings.

  30. uncteal says:

    Yes!! Being In God’s Word Gives Me Such A Peace About Things. It’s Like A Reassuring Hug Or A PaT On The Back. God Is Telling Me, It’s Ok. I Am Here.It’s Awesome To Know His Word Is Always There FoR Me To Go To….A HuG From God Everyday. I Have A Much Better Outlook On Life With Those Words In My Mind.