May 27

SLL Week 8, Day 1

Have you overcome your giants from Week 7?  I’m so convinced now that God is bigger than anything that I have to face and that has brought me so much peace! I hope you are beginning to experience that too!

Hey Y’all, it’s Melissa this week and I hope you are ready for another great week of Bible study. As we’ve learned, we need God’s Word and so that’s exactly where we are beginning in Week 8. Get your Bibles out and read on!

In Chapter 8 of SLL, Tracie writes, “if we are too busy to spend time with God, then we are absolutely too busy!”  Do you agree?

Take a good realistic look at your schedule. Without beating yourself up or heaping any guilt upon your self, answer this question. “Am I too busy to spend time with God?”  If the honest answer is “yes” let’s take a look at our schedules and make a few adjustments.

We made a few adjustments to our schedule at OBS this year to reflect the importance of God’s Word. Have you noticed that in this study, your first assignment of the week is all about God’s Word? The reason we do that is so if you don’t get to any other assignment this week, we want you in God’s Word. I love the book we are studying, but I know that if I only read the book Stressed-Less Living and don’t apply God’s principles to help me, then the book will be over and my stress will still be here.

 God’s Word For You Today~

Instead of just reflecting on God’s Word, let’s make it a goal to memorize it this week.

1. Open your Bible and turn to Psalm 22:4-5. Read aloud.

“In you our fathers put their trust; they trusted and you delivered them. They cried to you and were saved; in you they trusted and were not disappointed.”

Read these verses again. And again.

Goal: By Friday, we will be able to recite Psalm 22:4-5 by memory. You can use your favorite version. This one is from the old NIV.

2. Let’s do this together. Grab a highlighter or pen and highlight these words in the verse like I’ve done below:

“In you our fathers put their trust; they trusted and you delivered them. They cried to you and were saved; in you they trusted and were not disappointed.”

Notice in green is our part. In blue is God’s. In red is the result. The result when we do our part and let God do His. I love doing this with God’s Word! (the colors don’t have any special meaning~I’m not detailed enough for that, you can choose whatever colors you want. In my Bible, I didn’t even use colors. I used a pencil and drew a box around “our part”, underlined “God’s part”, and double underlined “the result.”  Do whatever works.)

3. Now read all of Psalm 22. As you read, identify our part, God’s part, and the result. You can do this by either marking in your Bible or recording notes in a notebook.

4. Both the Christian and Jewish faiths have long believed that many psalms referred as much to the promised Messiah (Jesus) as they did to events at the time. Do you notice some references in Psalm 22 that could be references pertaining to Christ? Record your thoughts about this in your notebook/journal.

Jesus is actually all throughout the Old Testament. Check it out~ (I LOVE this!)

If you can’t see the video above, click here to view directly on YouTube.

Extra Credit~

For you overacheivers, go ahead and look up those Stress Busting Scriptures at the end of Chapter 8. I love these!!! By reflecting on these verses first, when we read the chapter it doesn’t seem as daunting. With God’s Word planted first in our hearts, everything else just seems a little more doable.

Share with our group~

How does God’s Word help you? When you spend time in His Word, can you tell a difference?

A personal note from me~

Don’t rush through this assignment. We love OBS because we can work at our pace! This assignment might take you more than today and that’s ok.



  1. God’s Word brings me peace, hope, correction, encouragement, example, promises, escape, boldness, strength, comfort, perseverence, direction, and so much more. Trouble is that I can so easily take it for granted….

  2. Bree (OBS FB Team Leader) says:

    That video was so AWESOME! Thank you so much for posting it!

  3. Stephanie Christensen says:

    The difference I experience, when spending time in God’s Word vs. not, is incredible! When I am disciplined in being in His Word, especially in the morning before the day begins, I just feel so grounded. He prepares me for the day and what’s to come! Yes, it’s peace, and strength etc. but also SO much more that I can’t even find words for. God infuses me with strength and courage each day, and I am only able to receive that after spending time with Him. His word is SO wise and wonderful!! I never want to be without it… It is truly a light to my path.

    • MarcieSpencer ( group 42 FB OBS leader ) says:

      Great post, great words of encouragement! It’s early but you have helped me get off to a great start! Bless you, OBS sis!

  4. Paige Ward says:

    When I spend time with God each morning, I am much more at peace throughout my day. When I grounded my day in Christ, I then have something to hold onto as the day progresses. Good or bad.

  5. Gods Word is huge. So often I read it but then will walk away and forget. The Bible say be transformed by the renewing of your mind. I have tried to overcome certain giants in my life and begged God to take them away. I am convinced that its Gods Word and I have to let it soak in and tattoo my heart. I want it to not just go in my heart but flow out of my life. And Gods Word is the answer for overcoming. And not just reading but letting it soak in. I have to start working at it to memorize not just read. It doesn’t just come I have to put all I have into it. Ready for things to change and never be the same. Love you all and LOVE the video. So powerful so true!!!!

  6. LInda G says:

    When I dive into God’s word, the feeling is so uplifting. I feel I can overcome anything the day may bring. But, when I don’t because of the “busy” schedule, I do not feel uplifted and feel absolutely stressed and beaten when things go awry! So, why choose busy? I must stop the “busy” cycle and always start my day with God. There is just no other way to start one’s day because God comes first.

  7. LInda G says:

    Oh, and the video, WOW! It was great!

  8. Love this verse! I also love the idea of highlighting my part, God’s part and the result. What a great way to bring out the message in Scripture.

    I have to start my day with some quiet time in his Word, otherwise my day does not go right. I find I get more stressed and frustrated by the little, unimportant things if I have not spent some time with God at the start of the day. Some days requires times throughout the day to stop and just read his Word.

    Thank you for your challege to go throught this Psalm. Looking forward to what God will say to me.

  9. Brenda E says:

    The amazing thing about this OBS is that it gives you perspective that everyone struggles with life. When you spend time in the Bible you get the revelation that throughout history, people struggled with the daily issues of life. God shows us through his word how to deal with life’s issues. When I spend time with him in the morning, it reminds me that he is out there looking out for me as he looked out for all of the people throughout history. If I do my part and trust Him he will do His part and look out for me.

    • Angie Sutphin says:

      Well put! We are all doing the same thing, just sometimes it feels like we are alone and no one else is struggling as we are, but your right this OBS does help us see that everyone struggles with life. We are all here for each other. So I lift you up in pray today and pray Gods wonderful blessings on you today, thanks for sharing with us. Have a great day!!!

  10. Without Gods Word I cannot know God – this year through p31 ministry has channelled me like never before to get to know my God through his Word and oh how it is building me up encouraging me equipped me for every trial and situation and so so much more. I can’t put into words how much closer I have gotten to my saviour through his word. And I truly give thanks for the OBS which has helped me more than you can know to get into it. Praise God for you all xo. God Bless

    • Christa H. (OBS Leader) says:

      Thank you for participating, Cindy. It is everyone sharing their walk, their struggles, their learnings together that make to OBS community so great. We ar glad you as a part of it.

  11. I love the idea of using boxes and circles in the text to mark our part, God’s part, and the result. I do text annotation all of the time in my English/Language Arts classroom, but I would NEVER have thought to transfer that over into my Bible study! THANK YOU for reminding me that the Bible is a book too- the BEST book that I will ever read and that it is ok to actually go beyond just underlining and highlighting. Now I have to go get this done.

  12. Over the past several weeks of doing this OBS I’ve found that if I don’t spend time reading my Bible and praying my day is just not complete. He completes me.

  13. jackie s says:

    We must TRUST and CRY OUT TO GOD and He will DELIVER and NOT DISAPPOINT us. How awesome! Thanks for sharing the video – I tried to post the FB link – to “share”, but content was blocked?
    I have found that it is absolutely essential that I start my day in God’s Word; unfortunately, I still have not gotten to the point that I don’t feel like I’m rushing, because of the rest of my daily schedule. Praying for peace (and slowing down) when I’m doing Bible study.

  14. Heather says:

    That video was awesome. Just a reminder “the Bible is not about you” to quote the video. It is all GOD!! I enjoy marking verses. Kay Arthur, Precept ministries, focuses on studying the Bible inductively, marking and reading through verses. I continue to be amazed as God brings me through this journey, how He is using this study to help me see Him. I really appreciate the emphasis on the Bible. As Melissa mentioned in today’s post “I know that if I only read the book Stressed-Less Living and don’t apply God’s principles to help me, then the book will be over and my stress will still be here.” SO TRUE!! I like the verses at the end of each chapter. That just reinforces the importance of GOD’S WORD.

  15. Using the highlighter really helped me focus on the verbs and my part of trusting God and his part of saving me, rescuing me and the result is not being disappointed.
    I am so glad I’m able to spend time in God’s word this morning as I face my stress and try to find new ways to solve the same problems I’ve been wrestling with for years. My now 22 year old son’s decisions, his lack of a relationship with Jesus Christ, his social inadequacies, his anxiety, his ADD. I am looking for a new way to handle this.

  16. Each morning, before heading out for work, I typically read a small devotion. It has been a staple of my morning routine for years (even when my children were small and we did it together before they would go to school- now they are in college and beyond). A devotion has been a great way for me to startmy day – God’s actual WORD is another. To read those words, to let them sink in, to let them give life and peace to your soul, that’s a whole other way to start the day. I have found so many of the verses you have chosen for us to be ones that have changed my perspective, on my job, my home, my life. It has truly changed me. As I sit here and write this on Memorial Day morning, it speaks volumes over the
    old me of writing lists, being at the grocery store, cooking, etc. Starting with God has put my life in the correct order- God first, trusting him, knowing he will deliver. Honestly, I am still working on giving up “full” control, but I am light years away from the old me. And I am loving it. May you all have a blessed and stressed-less day – you have been a blessing to me!!

  17. Tristine says:

    Thanks Melissa for the great video and lesson. To answer your question before I start I love God’s Word. I do feel me calm and peaceful when I read and study it. I crave The Word and time with God. I am blessed to get time in each day. I am very much looking forward to the exercise here.

    Love you guys.


  18. What a wonderful way to start a Monday, thank you for sharing that wonderful video!

  19. hmmm,well OUCH, God continues to use OBS to grow me…..guilty of reading just the bible study book more than the bible….also guilty of letting the soul be led, thank you for your gentle conviction towards Truth. guilty of being an adrenaline junkie, seeking God’s help to break this cycle.
    enjoy your day, people!!

    • Jessica says:

      Very good point Sally! Same here! I read all kind of Christian literature, but often neglect the most important one!

  20. I am working on my verse memorization of Psalm 22: 4-5, and I actually chose The Message translation. I loved loved the video of “Jesus is the true and better…” everything! I actually wrote down the entire video so that I could share it…a little slower…with my husband over breakfast and email it to my father. I was really inspired by the meaning behind this video and the truth. The Bible isn’t about is about Christ who if you look the video describes…you can see Him in every story, even the ones that took place before He walked the Earth! Isn’t that amazing! What a Savior! An amazing Savior! God bless and a wonderful week! Thank you OBS leaders for a.. The encouragement you have been giving us for this study. It’s intense and requires a good bit of time, so thank you for not only acknowledging it, but understanding and encouraging instead of judging. God bless you all!

  21. God’s Word gives me perspective & truth vs my feelings & what the world says. It is my Hope. God’s Word is everything to me. His Word feeds me, completely satisfies & yet leaves me hungry for more. But like anything in life, I have to choose to read it, meditate on it, & allow it to change me.

  22. Thank you for this video! I always begin my day with devotion time. I started this about three years ago when I took my first year reading the Bible from beginning to end. I then started journaling. I have been facing giants for four years with my son, who faces addiction, mental illness and has been in and out of the court system. We are now facing another legal giant. I don’t know how I could face these giants without God in my life. When I first walked through the Bible I have to say some of the scriptures I read frightened me. I was fearful, I had to walk with my pastor at times, my husband and sisters in Christ to help me understand and remember that Jesus died for us! Sometimes I have to be reminded of this, especially when fear takes hold of me! What an awesome study this has been.

  23. Spending time in God’s Word takes the focus off of me and puts it on Him. Worry lessons and even melts away as I pour His truth into my heart and mind. His Word is powerful and alive – convicting, correcting, comforting, challenging, and encouraging me. There is such a difference in my attitude, my thoughts, my reactions, and everything about me when I clothe myself in the Word of God. Thank you, God, for the gift of Your Word and the freedom to read it, study it, speak it, share it, and live it. And thanks, Melissa, for Day 1! Looking forward to pressing in and seeking God together the rest of the week! :) xo

  24. Debbie W. (OBS Group Leader) says:

    Spending time with Him each day changes my thinking and changes me. I cannot imagine a day outside the Word anymore. I am blessed everyday by something I read in the Word and also by memorizing scripture. Thank you Melissa for this beautiful blog today – for the verse mapped for us, for the video and your precious words. Love you lady!

  25. Phyllis Wiley says:

    In his sermon a few weeks ago, one of our pastors shared how we talk about spending time in Gods word, and then he went on to share how his youngest daughter hid from them, and the total fear and desperation that they felt searching for her. Nothing was more important than find ing her. Shouldn’t we feel that same desperation to seek God’s word, spend time with him and know His will for our life? That nothing is more important? Oh how I would love to be that way-that is my hearts desire! This OBS is helping me to overcome those giants in my life that get in my way, and now Chapter 8 has showing me more! Thank you for helping me to come a little closer to my hearts desire!

  26. Loved the video! Shared it on FB! I’ve found that when I start my day without God that I am short with my family & then I feel guilty for neglecting God & hurting those I love! Lord, please help me to be more disciplined & to do whatever it takes to put You first EVERY day!!!

  27. Nancy Miksad says:

    I really enjoy breaking down the verses ~ this was really good!

  28. First off, I loved that video! Such truth in that!

    When I am diligently spending time in God’s Word, I find verses running through my mind at just the right time. It is so important for me to not only read the Bible, but to write scriptures on my heart. I can’t tell you how many times I have become anxious only to have Philippians 4:13 replay in my heart. Or times when I feel lost and hopeless, there is Jeremiah 29:11. Or when I’m exhausted and just want to give up and Isaiah 40:31 gives me rest and strength.

    Spending time with God has completely changed how I relate to my circumstances, whether they are negative or positive!

    Thank you so much for the break down of Psalm 22:4-5. :)

  29. Diane W. says:

    I find that I am relying on Gods word more and more. My scriptures on my index cards are pulled out several times a day. This morning I woke up feeling stressed. Yep! 11 people for a BBQ today! I’m not good at having lots of company or should I say, I go through a lot of stuff in my mind before I snap out of it and step up to the plate. Fear and doubt crept in. I immediately wrote down today’s scripture. Read it over many times. Circled the words prayed my part of “trust”. Then I pulled out last weeks verse and started asking God to refocus my thoughts on things that are true, honorable, right , pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and worthy of praise.. I love this study!!!! God is with me! He is enough for me today!!!!

  30. Courtney says:

    Spending time with God and reading his word is how I start my day. I read the devotions that are emailed from Proverbs 31 Ministries and a daily devotional from Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. His word gives me strength and courage to face the day. And all throughout the day I return to God’s word through this OBS and on my own.

    For me, God’s Word enriches my life, generate and restores my faith, produces changes in situations that seem impossible, scares the Devil, gives me hope, strengthens me, and clears my mind. It is essential to my day and I can’t live without it!

    Also, great video!

  31. It has been such a great Bible study so far and I have been so thankful for the purposeful emphasis on digging into God’s word each week! Thank you! When I spend quality time in God’s word at the beginning of my day, I am more calm and focused . Also, my day seems more organized and I accomplish more throughout the day. My goal is to be more consistent in having a more purpose filled quiet time EACH day.

  32. Lynn Graham says:

    your question am I too busy to spend time with God? the answer is no. I am single with a lot of time on my hands. so I’m always doing a bible study or studies each day.
    Gods word helps me by giving me peace and comfort, wisdom and knowledge. yes, I can tell a difference when I spend time in his word. I am not stressed out. I feel relaxed. this may sound a little funny, but sometimes I feel like I’m floating on air.

  33. TABITHA JONES says:

    I loved the video and shared it on my facebook this morning. I love starting my day with God. Since I have been doing this OBS I spend much more time with God throughout the day and it just completes my day.
    Please pray for my family today as we lay my cousin to rest.

  34. This is not a response to today’s study but a prayer request for today. Our daughter is flying out today for Ireland and we have to drive her the 3 to 4 hour drive. My husband is most always the one to drive as I am easily stressed by the heavy city traffic and I have only one eye. My husband has herniated disks and on Friday his back went out again. We are going together and the ride will be hard on my husband and I will be driving most all the driving. We are asking for prayers for safety and for my abilities to be in Jesus as I drive and for my husband As he deals with this pain , or better yet, for a total release from his pain. Also pray for our daughter as she is arriving in Ireland needing to find an apartment and a job once there. Thank you and God bless you !

  35. It is amazing to me the struggles, mind stressing, doubt, concern, lack, etc, are softened by His word.
    And that is why the devil hits hard to keep us from fellowship with believers, so we can pray with each other, praying on our own, talking with the Father, and reading the Word. Never be discouraged (and I am preachin to myself, cuz I am in battle with my mind right now, beating myself up for allowing fear and doubt to have controlled to much of my past, which brought on some tough consequences the past few yrs, and overcoming it all). God is always near, when we are discouraged and when we are full of pure elation!

    We need each other, we need to always have ♥mercy, ♥empathy and♥ love for others,( even when we do not understand why they do things that they do), and study the Word, learn from books and such, like we are doing now.
    I know I need that myself, so why would I not help others in the same way, encouraging to lean into the Father?!?! He is GOOD! all the time! and all the TIME God is GOOD!!! ♥♥♥

  36. Sondra Ratliff says:

    Amazing video, also amazing you…Melissa, thank you for locating and sharing the video. I shared on facebook and know my sisters in Christ will be blessed as well.

  37. As I continue reading on in the chapter now, I am on pg 169, as tears well up inside me, I admit, I have let fear, doubt and stress become too intriquate a part of my life; what is crazy, is : I KNOW better!! can we say dahhhh..

    I see how the slithering enemy of my soul, wants me to live ill at ease. He hates the fact that I have come so far in my life, from an unbelieving family, who refuses to serve God, and have broke from that pit, some 43 yrs ago. And as a single mom, hte Lord has been my husband, and a daddy to my kids,

  38. {oops, didn’t mean to hit enter}
    But my heart also is overcome by His mercy, which reveals these ugly things in my life, so I can be healed and live again, with pure joy and freedom, as I have done in the past.
    I take back what the locusts have stolen, and expect , as God promises to give me double fold for what’s been stolen in time, relationships, income, and living LIFE to the F.U.L.L.!~
    His promises to me (and you) are YES and AMEN, which he says SO BE IT! It is mine for the taking. I slay these giants of fear, doubt which led to stress beyond my human imagination.
    I choose to rejoice in His promises, and want him to do this work in me and through me, so I can continue helping, praying and encouraging other women to fulfill their destinies that God has lined up for them, and each of you.

    Will you keep me in prayer ladies, as I move forward in this healing process, as I continue to pray for each of you to overcome whatever you have in your life, Jesus IS the same, yesterday today and forever, what he does for me, he WILL certainly DO for you.. seek him, love him, slay that giant in your life – we ARE MORE THAN ( M.O.R.E. than CONQUERORS as we live in Christ!!!) take it ! Receive it and LIVE in it!

    • Thank you for a post that is open and honest. I am always greatful to hear the wonderful messages and I will pray for you and my obs sisters. God is so awesome even when we slide a bit. Trusting in him is something I talk about but it has takken a long time for me to leave it all with him and continue to learn. Thanks again sweet sister.

  39. Crystal says:

    They say the Bible is the only book where the author sits with you while you read it. I like that. When I read the Bible, I remind myself (intentional) that this is God’s inspired words. Then I read for how this applies to me and my daily life.

    • Crystal, I love that! I never heard it before and will think about that each time I read my Bible! Thx for sharing!

  40. Wow…this video confirms and affirms that Jesus’s imprint is throughout the entire old testament. if we accept and embrace this week’s memory verse, it can transform our hearts and our souls.

    Tip: instead of putting the verse on an index card, I’ve written it in my journal and will verse map throughout the week…I will definitely verse map during the next study too :)

    • Lakecia,
      i too like to verse map in my journal instead of an index card. I do it because I like to write more than an index card can hold :)

      I pray that God teaches both many things through His Word this week


  41. Spending time in God’s word changes me. Like Shelly said, it takes the focus off of me and puts it onto Him. I start my day with a devotional and currently am ending my day reading chapters in the book of Job and a couple of chapters in Psalms. I’m always amazed at how, when I’m feeling low, anxious or stressed, I find peace in reading my Bible, especially if I read it out loud to myself.
    My devotion this morning was about Jesus’ miracle of the loaves and fishes and the verse in Matthew 14:18 where Jesus says “Bring them here to me.” The devotion said the Lord is asking you to bring your vessels before Him in faith and in prayer. Remain still before Him; stop your restless working (sound familiar?). Allow God to work and He surely will.
    This fits so nicely with this OBS. Why stress when I know that God is at work and has me in the palm of His hand? But I have to dig in to the Word for daily re-enforcement.

  42. That video was so awesome that I watched it and then brought my dad in to watch it with me again. I had never thought of Jesus as a better demonstration of all of those Biblical heroes of the faith. That is awesome!! It reaffirms for me that God has always had a plan and will carry it out until it is completed :)

  43. Amanda Lewis says:

    I do notice a difference in my life if I do not get my quiet time in the morning. If I have to wake up 30 minutes before the rest of my house, it doesn’t matter. That is what I need to do or I am not the same. I have noticed that I here lately, I have felt like I didn’t have the time. I have been selfish and thought that I needed my sleep. However, last week, it dawned on me that I CAN FIND REST IN GOD!!! He will provide me with the time I need to get everything else done. He will provide me with the rest I need in order to not feel exhausted by my day to day living. He will provide all things for me, but I NEED my time with Him. That I can not forego, for any reason.

  44. Stephanie M says:

    Yes! God’s word always helps me. It encourages me, reminds me that I’m NEVER alone… I wish I was in God’s word more. I need to make more room for it, because I always feel better after I have read.

  45. Melissa – I absolutely love that you have us starting in God’s Word at the beginning of each week. And now, knowing why you do – so that if nothing else get’s done, God’s word will be fresh in our minds and shaping our perspective – I am even more grateful for the vision and ministry of P31!

    Rooting myself in God’s Word first really does give me a perspective shift and it helps the insignificant fall away. God always shows me, in those quiet moments, that He is there and listening and ready to help me take on the week. If I’ll just ask and rest in His presence first.

  46. I love being in God’s word. It gives me the strength I need to get through the day. If Satan comes in for an attack, I am prepared to attack back with the word of God. I also love how God speaks to me through his word or devotionals. I have found that some of the fear busting scriptures that we have had in our study, have also come up in devotionals or even on Facebook, to remind me of His truths..God works in the smallest of ways to keep our hearts and minds focused on Him, I just have to be watching for Him. I have loved the verse mapping and really digging deeper into the verses, makes them so much more personal and easier to apply to my life.

  47. Kristy Aiken (OBS Group Leader) says:

    Whoa! That video was extremely powerful. I must decrease and He must INCREASE! My part is to trust and I will not be disappointed. This is promised by God! Wow!

  48. I love the video and seeing Jesus everywhere in the Old Testament gives you a true picture of who He is and what He is to us.
    I Leo enjoyed Melissa’s opening to Chapter 8 and We’re feeling great! Reading God’s Word gives me peace and rest I need it and I am looking forward to Chapter 8 because I know at times I do need to slow down and realize it is Ok not to get it all done..
    Love these OBS

  49. God’s word to me means peace, comfort, stability and light. Immersing myself in His word, letting His thoughts become mine allows me for some very brief moments throughout the day to be the person He wants me to be, to live an authentic life purposed by God and not controlled by the giants always thumping in the distance. Speaking of which, this study has made me realize that MyGiants have been a part of me for so long that I’ve decided to make a sort of peace with them. We need each other as my constant worry and fear keeps them alive and yet I can’t move forward without learning the lessons they were sent to give. So MyGiants, I acknowledge your existence and I am in awe of your mind exploiting power, BUT you will not control my thoughts and behavior any more, you will NOT take away the happiness and peace God longs for me to have and you certainly will NOT turn me away from Him. Yes you’re still there and probably will be for quite some time, as there are things you and I need to work through but as of today our relationship is purely business and you are no longer welcome in my emotional psyche!

  50. The statement at the beginning from the chapter about being too busy for God is very convicting. My husband and I traveled over the holiday weekend and we drove home from GA to FL today. As we were headed south on I75 I was noticing all of the wildflowers that were blooming on the side of the highway – phlox, wild petunias, cone flowers, black eyed Susans, and several others that I have no clue what they are called. I just wanted to tell my husband to stop so I could get out and walk in them and take pictures…(it wouldn’t have been the first time that had happened). But we were in a hurry to get home so I just watched them whiz past my window. I wondered how many people were speeding down the highway not seeing them at all.

    I thought how like life. God puts beautiful things in our path for us to enjoy and to draw us to Him, and we are so busy trying to get where we are going that we glance at them as we leave them in our dust or we don’t even see them at all. I know that I need to slow down, be still, and KNOW Him. His Word – particularly the Psalms quiet and restore my soul and my perspective.