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SLL week 8 ~ Praises & Prayer Requests

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I admit that I so wish I could be like the gal in the picture above.  Content, with a serene face while accomplishing everything that needs done.  She looks so happy and productive, doesn’t she?  The problem is, this gal doesn’t exist.  For real!  I wouldn’t lie to you!  Why do you think it’s a cartoon and not a real model?

After reading this chapter I recognized that I am an Accomplisher.  I’m the gal with the “things to do” list written on my dry erase board in the kitchen.  I write the day’s “to do” list all in one pretty  color and erase each item as it is accomplished.  Sounds so simple.  The stress comes in when my dry erase “to do” list becomes rainbow colored.  That means that there are several days items that didn’t get done…. and they scream at me.  I begin to stress out over the things that need done today and the things that needed done yesterday that have to be done RIGHT NOW so that I can do what needs to be done today.  The next thing I know a simple three letter word (MOP) has become the bane of my existence as it mocks me in its pretty pink letters amidst a purple list reminding me of how I have failed.  “If the devil can’t hinder our relationship with God by making us immoral, he’ll simply make us busy.”  Some days I am so busy being busy that I miss point.  God never intended for us to spend our days busy.

God didn’t send Jesus here so that we could spend our lives being busy little adrenaline junkies.  Jesus came to give us peace (see John 14:27 and John 16:33 for starters).  If we aren’t experiencing that peace then it truly is time for us to make some changes in our lives.  Tracie Miles  wrote, “Each day when we get out of bed, we have a choice to make about where our strength will come from to face the day ahead.  Will we rely on ourselves or will we rely on God?”  I don’t know about you, but trying to do this myself, trying to check off enough items so that I feel like I have accomplished something rather than asking God what He wants me to accomplish, just isn’t working.  And I bet it isn’t working for you either, or you wouldn’t be sitting there reading this post.  So I want to challenge you to consciously decide every morning before your feet hit the floor that today you will rely on God.

Don’t worry about tomorrow, or the deadline you have in a week, or the doctor’s appointment next month.  TODAY you will rely on God to accomplish what needs to be done.  Ask Him to guide you in choosing those tasks.  Everything else can wait.  And when we truly begin to rely on Him, and listen to Him, we will learn to live without being busy little adrenaline junkies.  We will find peace.  Won’t that be wonderful!  Are you ready to be a reformed adrenaline junkie?

Blessings from a reforming adrenaline junkie,

Ginny Blankenship

P31 OBS Teaching Team member

Have you decided to start relying on God?  Do you have something heavy on your heart that you would like us to pray with you about?  Please share any and all prayer requests in the comment section.  Has God answered your prayer or blessed you this past week?  We enjoy rejoicing with you and would love it if you shared those with us as well.  Every request and praise is read and prayed for by a member of the Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies team.  



  1. Pray for my children as they battle with life’s challenges. Pray for me to truly learn how to pray for them and my own challenges, and then genuinely trust that God has taken oven. In Jesus name.

    • Lori K (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Pat, your prayer request pretty much sums up my prayer request. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought I wrote it. :-) As I pray for my children, I will be lifting up prayers for you and your children. <3

      • Pat and Lori, your pray today is my pray. As a parent I am in constant prayer for my children. I pray for the daily challenges they face, the choices they make, the people in their lives,and that they know they need to look up for answers. Today I ask for special prayer for my son Matthew, his daughter Naomi Grace and Naomi ‘s mom Clare. That God wrap his arms around them and guide them. Thank you

        • Beth Wright ~ OBS Group Leader says:

          Oh ladies-I am right there with each of you. I have two teenaged boys and it is so frightening thinking about what they are facing daily in their lives. Their world is so different from the one I grew up in and I know they face many tough decisions! I know that prayer is what will get them (and me) through this season of life!!

          • Must be a God theme today as my prayer request is also about my children and their relationships with Mum (me) and Dad. I feel so challenged some days about raising teenagers that I just want to walk out the door (like leaving the office behind) but raising kids doesn’t work that way – it’s constant 24/7 and the emotional drain is overwhelming. My only hope is Jesus and my first stop has to start with Him, rather than me. So I pray for all of us that he would be guiding, directing, and raising our kids up to great heights that only Jesus can achieve. In Jesus name Amen.

  2. Priscilla says:

    Please pray for me that I will hold fast to The Lord and trust in Him as I am dealing with a chronic health issue. I feel worn out by the pain but know my pain is nothing to the pain that many people deal with. I want to have a joyful heart in the midst of this pain.

    • Hi Priscilla. I just wanted to let you know that I prayed for you, and I will continue to. God cares for you pain regardless of how it compares to others’ pain. You are important to Him. Praying for your joyful heart! :)

      • Hi Priscilla. I too have chronic illness and can sympathize with how you feel on a daily basis. I will be holding you up in prayer today. Our days can be very challenging from the time we wake up, the stress of living with a chronic illness can be so hard. Just know that you are not alone dear sister. There are many days when I do not feel joy as well. I am praying that God shows me how to have joy in hard circumstances and will pray the same for you. God bless you!

        • Marie (Ree) says:

          Lord Jesus. I lift up both Kim and Priscilla to you today and ask that you hear their prayers Lord and that you Heal them both. I lift up Every request from this OBS (spoken & unspoken) to you today Lord and trust that you have heard our cries…and where courage is needed, courage is given, where patience is needed patience is given, where discernment is needed, good judgement will prevail, wbere hearts are broken, restoration is found, where anxiety and stress persists that peace and calm overpower it, where pain & suffering exist that healing begins. I ask all these things Lord in the powerful name of JESUS, Amen!!

    • Hi Priscilla,I am praying for you.Pain is very difficult to deal with. I deal with it all the time.My late mother’s name was Priscilla. Such a beautiful name!

      • Priscilla says:

        Thanking all for your prayers!

        • Lord, I lift up Priscilla, Kim, and Linnea to You. Relieve them of their pain, and give them healing. I pray they find hope and strength through You. Please shower them with Your blessings. God bless!!!

  3. I praise the Lord for my son’s summer job.
    When he came home from college 3 weeks ago, he began looking for a summer job that would help him to build back his book and gas fund. He had literally been to almost every business within our small community that might have had a position available. At the end of last week he got word that the local bank had begun a new summer intern type program and that no one had been chosen for it. He talked with the bank president and on Tuesday of this week he began working.

  4. Debbie Williams (OBS Group Leader) says:

    Great post Ginny B. Love it. Prayers today as my sisters and I continue working at Mom’s on an estate sale. Lots of feelings in that! But
    “Each day when we get out of bed, we have a choice to make about where our strength will come from to face the day ahead. Will we rely on ourselves or will we rely on God?” Tracie Miles This day I know who my strength comes from.

  5. Thank you Proverbs 31 online Bible Study leaders–Melissa you have a wonderful team–I have truly been blessed by the heart felt words we receive daily–for the leadership in my Grp 12 Facebook ladies–Kara we love you!! but for me you keep it real–thank you for showing us the good bad and the ugly–how to apply God’s truths in our daily walk
    God is great and God is bigger blessings and thank you!

  6. I am asking for much much prayer for friends of my family. The mother in this family is very close with my mother and my family as well. She has spent her life’s work raising childrenand taking care of others. She is where the term “Mama Bear” came from. And now it is she who has to be cared for. It is strongly suspected that she has ovarian cancer, and she is having major medical complications. She needs great prayer. Her family needs great prayer. They need strength to be able to heal, cope, and be at peace with God’s will, whatever that may be. One of her daughters lives about 3 hours away from her family, and I know this has to be heartbreaking for her to not be able to be with her family and by her mother’s side every step of the way…at least physically. All of her heart and soul is present with her family, but my heart breaks for her because I can’t imagine how that would make me feel if that were my mother, my family, and I wasn’t able to be with them through every second of this time as every second is precious. They are a good Christian family and they know God and his greatness, a true blessing. Pray for them. I truly pray that this isn’t her time. She has so many people to live for and care for, but God knows. He sees what we can’t and He knows what He is doing. Whatever His will is what is best, and I pray for peace for her family and friends to be at peace with The Lord and the decision He will make. Thank you.

    • TABITHA JONES says:

      I said a prayer for this family. May God put his protecting arms around them and give understanding and peace to them.

  7. Good morning! This weeks chapter really hit home for me. God really spoke to my heart through this weeks readings. I praise Him & thank him for this! Yes, my heart has been heavy this week with dealing with the necessary changes that I (he) is leading me to make in order to live a life less stressed. Easy changes no! Necessary Yes! I hadn’t really realized how much my heart has been burdened with so much worry, stress, pain, sorrow, and resentment. I praise him that he is finally showing me that I can let go and let him be the awesome God He Is for he cares for me. So I praise Him & Thank Him for all he’s done, is doing, & is going to do!! I ask for prayer for healing & health in my body I have a terrible urinary infection and I desperately need healing. And for healing spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. Thank U Jesus. Amen.

    • Diana,

      Sooo wonderful to hear God is giving you direction and a plan. That is awesome. Sorry to hear you are dealing with a UTI. NOT FUN!

      Lord God, we pray for healing for Diana in every way that she mentions … spiritual, physical, mental and emotional. Honor her heart’s desire to love you with her heart, mind, soul and strength. Be with her today, Lord, and reveal Your peace in her world. In Jesus’ sweet name I pray, Amen.

  8. Janet F says:

    Thanks for the post Ginny, I too am an Accomplisher. I love the idea of a dry erase board in the kitchen. I do my lists on paper, I might have to get one of those boards for my kitchen :) I shared with my OBS gals that I am doing with Renee Swope “A Confident Heart” If I give God the {tithe of my time}, the first part of my day, no matter what is going on He helps me to get done that day what needs to get done. God is so faithful to know what NEEDS to get done and give us the help we need to get those things done so we don’t stress out. Praying for all of you today. God knows your requests about your emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, & financial needs and I am praying the He will answer them and that all the glory goes to Him. Have a great weekend ladies. God bless you all♥

    • Pat (OBS Facebook Leader) says:

      Janet, I LOVE what you wrote about tithing your time! Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Janet, this is amazing!!! I am also reading Renee’s book in her study. I love the idea of tithing my day. I have noticed if I can start my day with reading from one of these books, blogs and/or groups my day feels smoother, I feel more accomplished and usually feel less stressed! Thank you for showing that I am not the only one and pointing out what I thought is true!

  9. Praise–i am learning to seek God, put HIm first and He is helping me prioritize the IMPORTANT things in life….this study has turned my eyes to the ONLY source of strength, peace and hope.
    prayer request-that God would continue to keep my eyes turned to Him. that I would find/make time to spend with Him.

    • Sally,

      This is a powerful, ‘dangerous’ prayer. LOVE IT!! Praying now for God to remind you how much He went from Heaven to earth to find you … and that He desires an intimate, thriving relationship with you. Glad this study is opening your eyes!! ~Steph

  10. Pat (OBS Facebook Leader) says:

    Just dropped our baby girl off at the airport…she’s setting off for her new life as she prepares to begin her first “grown-up” job in 9 days. My heart is a little heavy, but I am so excited for her. She left us a note thanking us and telling us how she’s ready to “live a life that will make both the LORD and us proud”. I feel so privileged that God gave us the responsibility to raise our 2 children…we haven’t always been the most godly parents, and He has taught us so much the last few years through both of them. Please pray for me as I seek what His will is next for me.

    • Sandi B says:

      What a tremendous blessing to praise God for! I know you are carrying her to the Lord each day, as she sets out on her new adventure–but, remember she already acknowledged the foundation you have given her and her need for the Lord in her life. I’m happy for all of you!

  11. Jeanie Kelley says:

    Please pray for healing in my neck. I must be sleeping on it wrong. One side one day and the other side today. I have to head out today and work. Thanks for praying.

    • Pat (OBS Facebook Leader) says:

      Heavenly Father, I lift my sister Jeanie to You and ask for Your healing touch on her neck. If she is sleeping wrong on it at night, please guide her sleeping position at night. Please help her in her pain so she may be alert at her job, so You will be glorified. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

  12. My name is Dawn and I am an accomplished. This chapter so hit home for me. I am so thankful for this OBS! I am trying really hard to trust God and rely on him. I want to be able to ask daily what he wants for me to accomplish and not work through my very lengthy to do list. As I sit here typing this I see a sink full of dishes, laundry that needs folded, floors that need swept and mopped or vacuued, a stack of bills that need paid, table tops that need dusted and clutter that needs cleaned up and put away. Dear God I’m asking you today…..what do you want this born and bred accomplisher to do today? What work is on your to do list for me today?

  13. I was up late last night sobbing from all my worries. I was crying so hard and pleaded with God to help calm my soul. I finally fell asleep and this morning while I was reading my daily devotions he spoke directly to me. Not only did he talk to me about my worries but he even gave me a poem to soothe my soul. I love it when he speaks like this and you know without a doubt that it’s him. I just wanted to give praise for that, I’m so thankful he answers right away in times like these. Thank you Jesus!

    If you guys could please pray for a few unspoken requests that would be helpful.

    • Sandi B says:

      I have lifted you up in prayer right now–for peace that only God can offer. I know your post is listed as a “guest” post, but I sincerely hope you will consider joining in with the study we are doing and gain the amazing support and encouragement that this group has to offer.

  14. I wrote a few weeks ago requesting prayer for
    my health issues and my family’s needs. I want
    to praise God and thank each of you who prayed.
    My mother, who is a strong woman of faith and
    depends in God for her strength, is doing well after
    the death of my father, her husband of 60 years.
    I received an all clear report on my lungs and am
    continuing to improve, as is my husband’s back. But most
    importantly, I have grown closer to God and am
    spending more time in His word. I never realized when
    I signed up for this study that I would be traveling
    throughh the most difficult and stressful time I have ever experienced.
    But God knew and this study has helped me survive and
    learn to put my trust in God, instead if relying on my own
    strength, which is really weakness. As His word says, “My
    strength is made perfect in weakness.”. Thank you
    God and all you ladies.

  15. My little one will be turning 4 soon and myself almost 40. I am really struggling with her not having a sibling. I spent 3 weeks in the hospital up to when she was born at 31 weeks. She spent 41 long, frightening days in the NICU before we could bring her home. The time between now and then have had a few bumps. She is doing great. Only a preemie mom would understand completely. : ) I don’t know if I have it in me to try for another child. I have prayed and prayed about, but I just don’t know what God wants. I read so many articles and posts about families with multiple kiddos. I just worry that being an only child will be hard for my precious daughter.

    • Oh Amy,
      I completely understand. My heart goes out to you and I will commit to pray for you.
      Take your worries to the LORD>
      Then take your worries to your doctor. Find one that will listen. Really listen. It might be that whatever happened to your little one and your body was because of something that can now be controlled. Four years is a lifetime in prenatal care options.
      Through it all…continue to have pray.
      For “God will give you the desires of your heart” even if you do not now exactly what those desires should be.
      Another baby?
      Adoption? Foster Care?
      Comfort that your body failed you, not the other way around?
      That you daughter will be ok without a sibling?
      To have peace with your soul?
      I learned long ago that what I THOUGHT the desires of my heart were…were not what I thought until God revealed them to me.
      Blessed be to you and your family~

  16. Heather says:

    Praises and Requests:

    1. My father-in-law is doing well in his fight against brain cancer. The fight is not over yet, though. Please pray strength and healing and victory over the disease.

    2. Praise that we have found an attendant for my husband, who is confined to a wheel chair. Teaching kindergarten and taking care of him can be overwhelming so I’m thankful for the help. Pray as we adjust to this new situation and routines.

    And finally
    3. Praise that our 2 year anniversary is Tuesday! God has been our strength in our marriage and helped us deal with some issues so we can love each other better everyday. Pray for many more years together as Ge teaches us to love selflessly and with grace!

    • TABITHA JONES says:

      Heather I am praying for your prayer request. My father had brain cancer for 4 years and it was a hard battle to see him go through. I also pray that the Lord would give you and your family strength as you take care of your father. Have a blessed weekend.

  17. I am choosing to get up and talk to God before letting my feet hit the floor, too. Ginny- thank you for being so honest about your rainbow list, I had to laugh. I do the same thing! God bless you all OBS sisters this weekend. I’m so thankful for this study, and for you.

  18. Ginny, I so appreciate your posts every Saturday! Thank you! And, Ladies, thank you for sharing what is on your hearts. I am taking some time this morning to pray for you. What a beautiful place to be able to come and know that we all love Jesus and are here to lift and encourage each other.

    I have been blessed to be at my church’s campmeeting this week at beautiful Lake Junaluska, NC. I am staying at a home up on the hill and I can see the mountains and the lake from the front porch. There was a nest of baby robins to watch this week, rocking chairs to sit in, wonderful music and sermons, and time to chat with new and old friends. My oldest son stayed with us all week and was leading music for the young adult meetings. My other two are here now for the weekend. I am blessed and basking in Jesus’ love this morning. My prayer request is for my husband’s trip to China. He leaves on Monday for 2 weeks to recruit students. I’m very nervous and anxious so your prayers are appreciated. I’m clinging to God’s promises and I’m actually a lot less anxious than I ordinarily would be!

    Love you ladies! Have a peaceful, stress-less weekend!
    Love and Prayers,
    Beth A. (OBS Group Leader)

    • Beth-
      My husband just returned from China doing pastoral work.
      Have you read “Safely Home” by Randy Alcorn? The account of Christian’s living in China in the last decade.
      Do it.
      You will never look at an orange or Christmas Tree lights the same again. I am absolutely confident you will have a greater understanding of what to pray for while he is there.
      I promise it will speak to your soul.


  19. Kristin says:

    Hi! Please pray for friendships for me, my husband and my son.
    I humbly ask prayers for wisdom and peace this summer to enjoy spending time with my son and for safe travels. Also for direction and guidance in my life. I feel like I am floundering. Thank you!

  20. Rebecca says:

    I so agree with this Ginny since I am an accomplisher as well. My Praise for this week would be getting called to begin my summer job next week-it is a relief since I have been stressing over not getting enough days and the money issue. Prayer request would be for my church as some conflict has began with people not following the mission anymore and worrying more about serving themselves then serving the community and following our vision statement to help with the community needs and bringing in the unchurched.

  21. TJ Conner says:

    I confess I haven’t read the chapter. I did read the verses and share them with friends. So I will be working on the chapter this weekend, probably today. I can feel the difference when I don’t start my day with a devotion. So I am thankful for this study and looking forward to signing up for the next one. This study has helped me take this particular move to Michigan with more grace and less stress than I expected. After a lot of discussion and lots of prayer, we’ve decided that we need to return home, to Texas. I can’t tell you how my heart lept in chest and rejoiced when we made that decision. I knew it was the right one. I believe that God wanted us here for a reason. Now I have to not stress about the timing of the end of our lease here, finding jobs for us both in Texas and make sure they are within commutable distance from each another, and find a new place to live that accepts large dogs, and we’re still selling our house. Breathing. I am so ready to be home, be settled in a job, and find a church home, and find a women’s Bible Study so I can have girl time each week. I can’t wait to be able to see friends I haven’t seen in years. I know God moves in mysterious ways. I know he gave me this heart for people and animals and helping. I know he wants me to work and be happy. I trust His plan will come together in the right time. I just have to wait. Thats probably the one thing I am the WORST at doing cause I am a doer- an accomplish-er. I am your list maker.
    Praising God that we have a plan and for the sunshine which warms my soul.
    Prayer request- I need peace to wait, not to stress about the timing.
    Side note- I’ve realized I have to redo my list daily and separate tasks into priorities so I don’t flog myself for not getting EVERYTHING done. This gives me space to breathe, and helps me relax a little and builds in time for smelling the roses.
    Keep steppin’ in faith ladies.

  22. Pray for my son to get a job and turn his whole situation over to God. He is recently divorced and depressed. He is living at home with us and it is hard to see him like this. Also, pray for out financial situation. We are self-employed and things are not good at this time. My husband and I need wisdom and faith to know that God is in control…

    • Janice,
      He is in control You are right.
      Have your son seek help for his depression. As the mom, you might think you can help him through this alone…but give him the strength and encouragement to find help. That will be his real accomplishment.

    • Janice ,I am praying for you. I pray that God will help you in your financial situation. I am also praying for your son God bless you!

  23. Please pray for my son and his wife. They are seperated and trying to make a decision on their marriage. Please pray for our family as we go through the process of stage 4 cancer with my father in law. Thank you.

  24. Lee Roberts says:

    Good Morning. I want to share a praise report. I had moved back to TX to work on restoring our marriage. I had previously gotten a message from God that he would indeed restore my marriage but that when He did it, it would be better than it was before. Well since I have been back I found out that while God was working on me He really worked on God. By husband has been called into the ministry. He is 55 and plans to go back to school to do it. We will need help with the finances and the school that God wants him to attend. We started working with our pastor on our marriage last Thursday and have been on 2 dates since then. But I would have never expected what God was doing in my husband’s heart. Now we are praying for the jobs or whatever we need in order to get a house together. We are living separately right now. I am retired so our income is limited. Please pray for my sons. One is 24 and wrote on Facebook that he wished he could sleep and never wake up I sent him scripture about peace and he asked me to stop doing that. Both sons have really strayed so far away from God. But I am please about several things they are well and not into drugs or alcohol or anything like that so I praise God for that. I feel like they have both been running from God and God’s teaching since they have gotten away from us and become adults. They were both saved when they were young.

    • Lee, sometimes you just have to wonder what God has going on in His plan for your life. Perhaps your boys will see the changes in you and your husbands lives and reflect on that. I know we have to be grateful for healthy children who stay out of trouble, but sometimes, it’s difficult when we want more for them…like a loving relationship with God, which we know would enhance and improve their lives. I have to live by the words “In God’s Time”. And that is often difficult when that time turns into years. I have learned to place some issues involving my children at Jesus’ feet; I have turned my cares over to Him. I still pray about it, but have placed the timing and outcome at His feet as He desires. This has given me some since of peace within my heart, know that I have done His will.

  25. Suzanne says:

    Please pray for me as I adjust to my divorce. I am disabled and looking at at least three more surgeries this year. My husband divorced me because I cost too much and have been dealing with disabilities for over 8 years with no end in sight. He fell in love with someone else. He left me extremely financially insecure and unstable. He left me alone to heal from my surgeries. Tomorrow I will see him at my granddaughters graduation party. I tear up as I write this. I am depressed and hurt. I am afraid I will emotionally struggle tomorrow and I don’t want to in front of family. Pray for strength and courage to face the unknown. Pray for ongoing emotional healing as well as physical healing. Thank you!

    • Susanne, I will be praying with you and for you! God sees you and your circumstances, I will pray that tomorrow will be a good day and you can just enjoy celebrating with your granddaughter!

    • Suzanne,I am praying for you.God intends for us to do one day at a time. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!!!!!

  26. I have a few prayer requests. My aunt is going through a medical situation and needs prayers. I am wanting to return to work but need to find child care. Love my kids but need the adult interaction and feel like working would make me feel like a better mom. Praying for patience and structure for my kids. Thank you so much for this study and for all the prayers, good thoughts and God steering!!

  27. My praise is that my son is graduating from high school tomorrow. He has done very well academically and I am so proud of him and his accomplishments. I pray the Lord’s blessing upon his life and in his decisions.

    My prayer request is that I will be able to enjoy his special day tomorrow, as I have chronic illness and am running very low on energy. Pray that God gives me strength to get through the day, help with my energy levels, and comfort, as sitting on hard bleachers is very hard on my body.

    I am deciding to depend on God for my daily strength too. Accomplishing things used to be my thing, but now I am in a place of total dependence on God. He has me right where he wants me. As I learn to lean on Him more and more, He is showing me that His grace is sufficient in my weakness. I need to seek him first thing in the morning and rely on Him, not myself. This study and God’s word are really seeping into my heart and mind!

  28. Tristine says:

    Thank you Ginny! I am the same type of junkie and IAM ready for recovery! I DO choose to rely on God and not myself. Thank you fir sharing the adorable picture.

    I do have a prayer request. A very good friend of mine has been diagnosed with cancer in one breast. It is an early detection. She has surgery on the 14th. Her name is Marlene Alexander and her husband is John. I am praying for full recovery and I am so grateful for you all offering to pray with me.

    PRAISE-Good IS allowing me to see his present plans in motion. My husband has kicked it onto high gear for his healthy lifestyle change needed after a stroke He exercises diligently now and has changed his diet. Our marriage is improving, and my Mom us here in the area to offer respite care I need desperately. My doctor informed me that many times the caregiver ends up sticker. Yep. that would be me. I have had to lay a lot of my own interests and pursuits down to be here for him almost every waking moment. I am honored to do that but it its time to get back to me self-care and God has opened up that doorway for me now.

    One huge thing that has sunk in is letting my husband “go” and step out of the way so God can move into his soul. As hard as this is, it is the right and only thing to do-lay him at Jesus’ feet and not take him back. Dealing with worry over my husband’s health and finances for over a year has really taken a toll. I am grateful to God for every moment of refining because He is helping me to let go and focus on Him and myself. Thanks to all of you here at OBS, I am honing in on these tools, using them, and am able to rest more in Him. And, He is delivering on His many wonderful promises, which us cementing my trust in God.

    Thank you ladies for your prayers!

    Love in Christ,


  29. Hello ladies! Earlier this week I asked for prayer as we had to take our daughter to the airport and it is a 3 and a 1/2 to 4 hour drive. My husband has three herniated disks that had flared up and he usually does all the driving in city traffic. God is so good as he answered our prayers and I was able to drive almost all the way and back, my husband drove into and out of the complicated maze of getting in and out of the airport. He was very uncomfortable as you can imagine with such back pain but he got through it with God’s help. Our daughter is in Ireland and needs prayer for a job that pays well enough for her to support herself this summer. She has asked for prayer for wisdom as to whether she should go to a semester of college there this fall. She has a time line to decide in before it will be too late and she will not be able to do any thing but stay and do that semester . I am thankful that I have been able to hold onto the scripture in Jeremiah 29:11 for myself and my kids. This is due to where The Lord brought me in this study with the prayers of you leaders and others in the body here praying for one another. I cannot thank God enough for your encouragement and the gift of your time here in this study and sharing of yourselves . So much encouragement to know I am not alone that others walk this journey and need support as I do. Thank you and I pray God’s richest blessings for all of you. Amen

  30. TABITHA JONES says:

    I am praising the Lord for his grace and goodness today. He has been so good to me and my family and helped us throguh so much,. He is worthy to be PRAISED!!! I am praying for each one of you ladies today. It is so good to be able to meet so many of you through this study. I hope each one has a blessed weekend.

  31. Please pray for my husband and me that, even though we have been married 25 years, we will grow together more and more through God’s faith. Lately it seems like we have been drifting apart – all 3 of us…:( Yes, only two of us are drifting. God is steadfast. Maybe I need a prayer that my husband and I gain a better understanding and run back to Him.

  32. Dear Sisters, I am praying for each and every one of you.I am facing a transition in my life becoming officially retired after unemployment,dealing with a difficult neighbor, and finding housing in a senior community.I pray that God will lead me in the right direction. I CAN NOT DO IT ALONE!!!!!!!!GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Please pray for my continued health issues with a rare lung and muscle disease. I am now having cardiac issues with elevated heart rates and shortness of breath. I am finally getting into a cardiologist this coming Friday. Please pray for answers so I can function better and a treatment plan. Thank you so much.

  34. I have been dealing with marital issues for years. This has resulted in a separation from my husband. Lately, I have been bombarded by the enemy with negative thoughts and despair, urging me to give up. I have clung to the Lord for a long time and am asking Him every day just to get me through the day and show me His path for me. I’m so tired and weary from the hurt and pain that my husband and I have caused one another. Please pray that God will show me His path for my life and that I will draw on Him for the strength to follow that path. I confess that right now I’m struggling in my faith and patience.
    I’m so grateful for this OBS and am praying for all the concerns that you, my sisters in Christ, have expressed. Bless you all!

  35. I need prayers to comfort my heart & bring me peace.
    I sadly resigned from a teaching job after 5 years of teaching in a position I love at a Christian School. God has given me the gift of teaching His Children and I’ve honored that gift for 16 years in many different classrooms. I treasure that faith He has given to me and have been blessed because of it.
    I feel as if I failed and didn’t trust God because I wasn’t strong enough any longer to stand up to the bullying leadership and instead let it happen in the name of “trying to be a good Christian” these past three years. I’m embarrassed that my children witnessed so many incidences that should not have happened.

    ~ I am asking for prayers to comfort my heart that I did what was necessary for my family and myself and to not worry about finances.

    ~That I do not hold onto negative feelings toward the unfaithful and unChristian leadership at the school…..especially as I continue to see the mismanagement of money, inappropriate conduct and unChristlike behavior.

    ~ That I have the right words to use when parents ask me about my sudden leave and are upset that I won’t be their child’s teacher next year.

    ~ That I trust God to see me to the next open doorway and have complete faith to walk through it and praise Him all the while.

    ~ Give thanks for the friends/families who saw what was being done to me, talked to me and forced me to acknowledge the behavior.

    ~ That even though sinful actions in the name of Christ was done to me and others at this school; that I remember that I too am a poor, miserable sinner.

    That through this all I continue to remember, “where does my help come from? My help comes from The LORD who made the heaven and earth.”

    Thank you dear sisters in Christ! I am humbled and do appreciate your prayers.

    It is an honor to lift you all up in prayer.

    • Juls, I will pray for you. For strength, peace, and knowledge that following Jesus is always the right thing to do. I’m sorry you had to experience those things.

    • Praying God’s amazing peace and love abound in and through you during this time! He is faithful and knows it all.. he will take care of every need you mentioned! In Jesus mighty and sweet name!

    • Jules, you know you did the right thing. Don’t beat yourself up. I lift you up in prayer that you have the strength to get through this difficult time. Your moral and ethical character shows a strong woman in you. God has a plan for you, and perhaps this was a test to see if you would just “go with it and stay employed with a program that is not very Christian-like”. He has something else out there for you. I think your leap of faith has found favor with Him.

  36. God answered my prayers for the week… I moved this past weekend, it was smooth and safe! Wednesday I took my registry test to become licensed in Computed Tomography(Cat Scan). He was with me to calm my nerves and help me remember all I studied. With that though I got behind on my OBS, but I’m all caught up now.
    My dad has also been fighting a rare infection that got into his blood stream from a prostate biopsy… We aren’t sure that the antibiotics have worked so the infection may start causing problems again.
    Thank you ladies!

  37. Rebekah says:

    I have a praise! I had my mammogram and ultrasound Thursday and they only found fibroadenomas. I have to go back in 6 months for them to keep an eye on them but I consider this awesome compared to the alternative! I’m loving this study and listening to all of the ladies who are so similar in how we live/deal with life has really blessed me.

    • Kristy Aiken (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Praise Him from whom all blessings flow!!!!!!!! Yay God.

  38. Sandi B says:

    I loved the devotional thought for today–I, too, have an addiction to “LISTS” of all types–To Do lists, Packing lists, Party Planning lists, etc! I have learned that lists are cruel taskmasters, but God is kind and full of Grace.
    I am praising God for a peaceful weekend to rest and recharge for the coming week.
    I am praying for my fellow OBS participants, that you will continue to be blessed and grow to live of life of Less Stress.

  39. Oh wow!! This has really hit me hard! I’m choosing to rely on God but really need prayers to do this. I cannot seem to get it together. I’m keeping my grandsons(which are all boys) and my husband who is disabled. It gets really crazy and then I’ve added the responsibility of trying to be a health coach to make extra money. Seems I keep adding busy to my schedule when I cannot even manage the necessary :( after reading this I’ve decided to choose God- please pray that I would not take this decision lightly. In my heart I have a great love for God, I want that to be seen in my actions, words and deeds. Thank you all so much! You are all in my prayers!

  40. Relying on God to direct my daily path and activities is kind of new to me. While I have been a Christian for most of my life. I have not always given God the lead. I have been doing well, but yesterday and today have not been that great. I actually took yesterday off (my normal day off) and today as well was a family day. But I wanted to accomplish a lot of things outside. And I got so frustrated with my husband and child who did not want to help. They don’t seem to mind that our yards look messy and unkept. Maybe they don’t notice. Whatever the reason, the result was me getting stressed out. I recognized what I was doing and removed myself from their presence and had a nap. I am finding that I spend more time in the Word during the week and don’t have the same Saturday morning routine. Have to start something as don’t want another day like today.

    • I am praying for you Stephanie. I am dealing with a difficult neighbor in my apartment complex..She lives across the hall from me .I try to keep the hall looking attractive and she is a slob.I have been giving the situation to God.It is time for me to seek housing in a senior community, I applied to a community and I give the situation to God.

  41. Please pray for my son as he recuperates at home from a medical procedure on Thursday. Pray God show up in a miraculous healing way. Thank you.

  42. Carol Anne says:

    God bless all the OBS teachers! Thank you so much for your help. Please pray for safe travels for family. Have a great weekend! XO

  43. Asking for prayers for peace and restoration…
    17 years ago I was diagnosed with MS. Things were going well until about 2 years ago when emotional issues crept in and I think sabotaged my health. The past 2 years have been difficult. Symptoms I have NEVER had surfaced and left me dumbfounded. Turning to a new plan for maintenance and kind of nervous about it. I believe in the power of prayer whole and my Jesus whole heartedly. Thank you sisters in Christ!

    • Nicole, prayers for you. It’s not easy, but be sure you are seeing a neurologist who wants to deal with MS. I have a friend who went through many doctors before finding one who really wanted to see MS patients. And she also had to deal with doctors who retired and some who wouldn’t take her insurance. Many prayers and love to you. Be strong. In Jesus name….may he heal you and give you strength to deal with this most difficult disease. May He help you deal with one day at a time and may He place his healing hands of love upon you when you think you can’t take more.

  44. I too am an accomplisher. So much to do – gotta get it done, and then I get sideswiped and God’s made sure I am in this place for a year where I HAVE to slow down. But the stress increased, since my income is very low and so many concerns on how to move forward from this situation . Not been fun. Been a challenge. Feel like I am not doing enough, and to make matters worse, people whom I think of as close people, have become Pharasees, like Job’s bff’s, and thus, been under attack from their judgements, which has led to too much emotional stress. I allowed myself to go there.
    This study, has helped me to bring to the surface, what God wants to do in me and through me.
    I am grateful for the Word, and know, as a seasoned Follower of Christ, to get into the Word, to pray, praise and rest in Him. So, why then, has it been so tough to DO??? (accomplisher!!).. Can I morph into Michael Jordan and JUST DO IT! (dahhh!!! lol). This was my prayer I wrote down this week as I read through chapter 8, “rescue me Lord from the stress, doubt and fear that has taken over. Today is the 1st day of a new beginning as I acknowledge my need of you every moment, in every situation. No more being held captive of emotions, hurt and pain. God you fill in the cracks and crevasses of my life; with a heavy heart, worry, doubt and fear, all have caused so much stress, and I can feel it! You have rescued me in all life has ever thrown at me. This past 6 years have been the toughest. Fear set in doubt took over, stress became my Best friend… Not good!! I cried out many tears, I called to you in my lonely nights and days, and when under extreme attack, I felt kicked down by people, even the more. Jesus, rescue my heart, and refresh my spirit. In your power and name, all fear, doubt, condemnation are removed by your blood.

  45. Myrtle Cash says:

    Please pray for my my hubby Peewee the heat & humidity has really gotten to him this week. He has breathing problems.Also I have 2 Drs appt.next week one for back the other is heart trusting God for both.Also thank God hubby has appt. Monday for his breathing.Thanks & God Bless you all for your prayers.

  46. Aubrey Carey says:

    I’m the gal with the “things to do” list written on my dry erase board in the kitchen. I write the day’s “to do” list all in one pretty color and erase each item as it is accomplished. Sounds so simple. The stress comes in when my dry erase “to do” list becomes rainbow colored. That means that there are several days items that didn’t get done…. and they scream at me. I begin to stress out over the things that need done today and the things that needed done yesterday that have to be done RIGHT NOW so that I can do what needs to be done today. The next thing I know a simple three letter word (MOP) has become the bane of my existence as it mocks me in its pretty pink letters amidst a purple list reminding me of how I have failed.

    Lol!! This just cracks me up, I have a dry erase board on my fridge RIGHT NOW, with the word MOP on it, it has been there 2 days and it haunts me with the cant do anything right mentality everytime i see it!

    I related to much of this chapter, BUT i am so thankful that through much prayer, answering the reflection questions and hiding Gods word in my heart, i am starting to have a new outlook.
    The reason mopping is still on my list is because i stopped cleaning to go see my kids frog exhibit they set up on our back porch;) and spent my whole free time (Aka nap time!:) playing with them. But because i have been praying every morning for a new perspective, to see the “interruptions” of my kids as blessings and fleeting moments, its ok:)
    I can mop anytime but my kids need me now:)

    • Kristy Aiken (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Hi Aubrey,
      Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. I also have a to do dry erase board with lots of colors:-) Your post is exactly what I needed to read. Taking time out of our business to be in His Presence while spending time with our children who are gifts from Him!

  47. Aubrey Carey says:

    Also, i think that since Gods mercies are new each morning so should ours be- to ourselves:)
    lets erase those boards, turn the list to a clean page every night, so our slates are clean each morning!

  48. Phyllis Nichols Gutierrez says:

    Praise that this study is making a difference and I am letting go of excess busyness in my life. Each day there has been something that spoke to just what I was struggling with at that time. It has been wonderful to sit outside with my bible and notebook and study God’s Word. I have not felt so relaxed in such a long time.

    Prayers that I continue relying on God to guide my life and not succumb to Satan’s constant attacks that he keeps throwing my way. That I will be quiet and keep listening to God when he speaks to me and that I will follow his will for my life.

  49. Shaynne Palmer says:

    My prayer request this week is the same as it has been for weeks now. Praying that I get the call SOON about the job I really really really want. Found out this week that they were still doing interviews through Wednesday and then would be making the decision on who to hire. I thought I would hear by yesterday (Friday) before they closed but still nothing. This is the PERFECT job with the PERFECT ministry for me.

    • Shaynne, prayers for you that God places your name on the top of that list. I pray that the interviewer will remember you and want to call you back.. Second and third interviews are a good thing. Perhaps there is something you said that made an impact and I pray that they will call you in.

  50. Stephanie W says:

    God is a God of restoration! Praying for you ladies!