Jun 3

SLL Week 9, Day 1

Hello ladies and welcome to another week of the Stressed-Less Living Bible Study. I’m Jamy and I am so excited to have the opportunity to share with you this week. I would like to encourage each one of you today to begin this week fresh. I do not know what all you have been through over the past several days or weeks, but I am confident that God is with each one of us. Therefore, at the start of this week I want you to lay it all down at God’s feet, pick up your Bible and let’s dig into the Word together today.

The reflection verse for this week is Isaiah 43:1b-3a.

But now, this is what the Lord says—
he who created you, Jacob,
he who formed you, Israel:
Do not fear, for I have redeemed you;
I have summoned you by name; you are mine.
When you pass through the waters,
I will be with you;
and when you pass through the rivers,
they will not sweep over you.
When you walk through the fire,
you will not be burned;
the flames will not set you ablaze.
For I am the Lord your God,
the Holy One of Israel, your Savior;

Open your Bible and look it up.  How does this passage speak to you?

Do not fear” really hits me. I know that within the Bible, God commands us not to fear over 365 times. That is one for everyday of the year and a couple extra for those difficult days. Therefore, it must be really important to God. He wants us to know that we do not have to fear because He promises to be with us.

However, it is not always easy to just turn off that fear. Just the other night, I was up and reading because I couldn’t sleep – too many things on my mind, so I decided to read. About this time, it really started to storm and it got me to thinking.  You and I never know when life’s storms will be coming our way.  However, if we are under the cover of God’s umbrella — His protection and love — we do not have to be concerned about what may come our way.  We can rest knowing that God is there with us through the storm and we are protected.  However, there are those times when we think we have it all under control and we do not need God’s help.  It is like when a parent and small child are out in the rain and the child insists on holding the umbrella.  If you have seen a small child with an umbrella, you know that she cannot hold it up very high or usually very straight.  The parent has to stoop down to get under the umbrella and neither one is completely kept safe and dry.  It is not until the parent picks up the child and carries her and the umbrella that they both feel the true protection of the umbrella.  The same principle is unquestionable of God.  In our reflection passage this week, God promises to never leave us, even when the storms of life come our way.  It is during these times that God promises to hold us in His mighty hand, “For I am the LORD your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you” (Isaiah 41:13).  We simply need to give the control back to Him; it’s His anyway.  God is in control of everything.  Give up the hold you have on trying to control the storms in your life and rest in the protection of God’s unfailing promises.

I invite you to take a moment and watch this video and let the words bring comfort to you today. [Click here to see the video below if you cannot see it.]

Your Turn to Share –

  • I encourage you to personalize the reflection passage today.
  • I challenge you to journal and share what this passage means to you.
  • How does this bring comfort to you as you are dealing with the floods, fires and storms in your own life?

Don’t forget to share in the comment section this week to be entered to win a signed copy of What Happens When Women Say Yes to God, which is the next Online Bible Study.



  1. So enjoyed the Chris Tomlin song. The verse in Isaiah is awesome…What do I need to fear? The Lord will be with me through the storms of life. We tend to forget this when we are in the throes of a trial or even just the everyday annoyances and hardships of life. We have so much to be thankful for. We have Someone we can count on; we can lean on His promises knowing that He will always be there for us. We know these things in our head but they need to get to the depth of our souls so that we can move through our days with confidence. Some of you women are going through some very hard times, I love the way you share your heart and your feelings with us and it is encouraging to see how God is helping and sustaining you as you TRUST in Him! Blessings on each of you. He is coming soon and He always fulfills His promises!

    • Mindy C says:

      So true..during the hard times is sometimes the hardest to remember we are not alone!

  2. Courtney says:

    This is so conforming to me and exactly what I needed to hear this morning. Over the past month, my health has been so up and down. Going to doctor after doctor and the scary diagnoses and treatment. As I prepare to go to my pre-op appointment and prepare for surgery, it just reminds me that God is with me. God gives the hardest battles to the strongest solders. I often wondeed why me? I’m 30, only been married a year, no children, and I’m about to have a hysterectomy. I will never have children…. Why?!?! But, today’s devotion reminds me that everything is done for God’s glory. I may not be able to see it or understand it, but I need to trust and not fear. He is with me every step and will give me the tools for this battle as He’s done before.

    Thank you Jamy for this devotional! :)

    • Lori Stones says:

      Just prayed for you that surgery goes well and that God’s will be accomplished in your life after the hysterectomy. God bless you.

    • Courtney, prayers for you to have a safe surgery and that the Lod’s hands guide the surgeon and as they do their work. May he fill their hearts with love and compassion for you.
      I’ve recently met a wounded Marine who seems to be in the same place as you. He lost both legs in the war 18 months ago. He is now 29. He feels like no woman will want him, he wants to be able to hold the door open for any woman who passes, to run and play with a child. He feels he has lost all that.
      . But there are other gifts awaiting both of you. Our Lord makes us wait, and sometimes it is a long wait. But there is a job, a mission, a duty, something that He has waiting for you. We don’t know what the future holds, but keep strong. Keep faithful and remember that your OBS sisters love you. I am so sorry for the loss you are experiencing. My love and prayers to you.

      • Courtney says:

        Thank you for sharing the story of the marine and your comforting words. I am just trying to remember all things work for the good of those who love The Lord. I will be praying for you and for the young marine. :)

      • marcia mckibben says:

        U know there r women i. This world who would love a marine with an open HONEST loving heart. That love will see beyond how many legs this man has..it will not matter. They r doing soo much with prosthetics these days..one day he hold the door open for his special love. Thede r two legged men out there that can not hold a candle to a loving man who has none.!!!! GOD WILL LIGHT THE WAY FOR HIM!

    • Mindy C says:

      Praying for you!

    • Elaine Ledlow says:

      Courtney, I am praying for you as you walk down this road. Thirty four years ago I too had to have a hysterectomy. I was almost 21 and I too had been married just over a year. I married a man with children, who I am proud to say call me Mom. At the time it truly didn’t seem like a blessing but they have helped me to understand that God’s plans are in his time. It was one of the scariest times in my life. I was almost 2000 miles away from all my other family and truly felt alone. During the diagnosis drama I was told I was nuts and then less than 6 months later my husband took me to another doctor who admitted me immediately and started the process to get me medical assistance to save my life. I was devastated because I always thought that I would have 3 or 4 kids and live a happy family life. I was not strong in my relationship with God, but discovered he was still right there with me. My doctor prayed with me before my surgery and my husband stood with me. They did the surgery and as the doctor removed one of my ovaries it burst. God had put me exactly where I had to be to survive. I went through many storms of anger and frustration because God must be mad at me or he would not let this happen. During this time a beautiful young doctor ministered not only to my health but to my spirit. She talked to me about not knowing what God had planned, but she was certain it would be good. As I look back on that time in my life I found my self growing closer to God. He put the people in my path to help me make it through. As you go through this process know that God has plans for you. Being a mother is not just about the bloodline but about who you are as a person. There are children out there who need someone to care for them and God may be sending 1 or more your way. God loves you and I am praying that the doctors and staff are guided by his hand as you go for your appointments. I have learned to listen and wait which back then were very difficult for me. Who am I kidding I still have to remind myself we are on His time not mine 😉
      After I finally realized that God wanted me to teach and got my degree in teaching (almost 16 years later) I discovered that God had been preparing me for a wonderful ride! Hang in there sister and know that you have many sisters holding on to you in prayer and love. Elaine

  3. Hello,
    I felt very drawn this week to look for a bible study that would speak to me. The first search I made is where Proverbs 31 Ministries caught my eye. It was one of my mother-in-law’s favorite passages from the Bible and one we placed on her memorial. I felt she was directing me to this site. She passed in November 2013 just four months after my mom passed. I have felt unbalanced since, as they were both very strong, influential women and foundations in my life. Then when I read the Isaiah verse posted and the reflection on fear, I knew I needed to be here and to join this study. Fear is my biggest weakness. I know I need to trust in God much more than I do, as my daughter will attest. She is 1200 miles away from me on a summer internship. She tells me that God has her and all will be fine. I know that He does, but it is hard sometimes to feel that way. When I read the Isaiah passage and your post, Jamy, especially about God commands us to not be afraid 365plus times in the Bible, it was reassuring to me and reinforces that I should listen to my wise 21-year old daughter. I still have other worries and stress in my life, so I am going to print out your post and hang it on my refrigerator as a daily reminder for me to trust more in God’s everlasting love and protection. Thank you God for placing Jamy’s and all these reassuring thoughts before me.

    • Luanne, you are Blessed to have such a wise young daughter. You have done a good job.

    • Mindy C says:

      I too am far from home…except reversed. I live in Arizona and my mom is in Ohio..not an impossible distance but still far! But God has had amazing plans for my life and done amazing things in the time I have been far from home. I have had an amazing teaching career, had two beautiful children, found a great church and made wonderful friends. It is hard to see Gods plan in the midst of it all but he does wonderful things for our good!

  4. TABITHA JONES says:

    I like the analogy you used with the umbrellas. I hope you do not mind me using this again. I have really enjoyed personlizing the verses. I had never thought about doing this until I started the OBS. It has really helped me connect the verses to my everyday life. I really like the reflection verse today. God is the one that takes all of our fears away.

  5. Sherri J says:

    Wow!! This verse gives me great peace. I sometimes lose sight of this concept of God’s unwavering protection…we live in such a broken world and bad things do happen and I have had some really traumatic events occur to my small child and the only thing that got me through this was looking above. I couldn’t have made it through these trying times without God’s arms around me keeping me together instead of an emotional mess. I still have times I forget to look above so this study is really inspiring me to again lean on God more.

  6. Thank you for sharing the song. It was the perfect complement to today’s posting.

  7. Teresa T says:

    I so needed today’s scripture and devotion. Am in some storms of life – have been since this study started. Not going to think to much about that. lol Anyhow, a new problem/dilemma presented itself today on top of everything which really made me anxious and scared. I really felt God’s peace as I read the verses – especially Isaiah 41:13 – How awesome to think that the God of the universe is taking hold of my right hand and telling not to be afraid because He is going to help me!

  8. Heather says:

    Really touched by Isiah 41:13. Wow! How great to know God walks us by the hand as His little children. I had a “lap of God” moment today, like the author when she spread the little Scripture cards all around her. I have a hard time forgiving myself for short comings and mistakes and try to be perfect and beat myself up when I’m not. I really felt God calling me to meet with Him so I grabbed my Bible and went to my quiet place. I pulled out the various print outs with lists of God’s promises I’d collected from church groups etc. that I keep in my Bible. I read through them, looked up and highlighted some in my Bible and put a few in the notes section of my cell phone which is always with me! I feel equipped for battle with the Sword of the Spirit. God’s message for me today is that He is with me, loves me unconditionally, and wants me to “forget those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 3:12-14 NKJV)

    • Mindy C says:

      What a great idea to put notes in your cell phone I would never have thought of this! Thanks for the suggestion I am going to do this!

  9. Stephanie Christensen says:

    That song by Chris Tomlin brings me peace! And so does this week’s verse! When I personalize it I feel God all around me, almost as if I am being cradled by Him. I have to remember that He is with me through all the storms and I have nothing to fear.

  10. Tiffany Stephens says:

    This was a great devotional for me this morning! I am not great at letting go of my control. I have always tried to take care of everything and don’t really think about giving the control to God. I was reading last night, not playing “catch up” with this study…but just reading because I wanted to. I so enjoyed the study and spent a couple of hours reading, highlighting verses in my Bible and re-reading the blogs. It made for a very peaceful night. I am so happy to be part of this study and to be a part of Group 33 on facebook.

  11. I know that God is with me, I know that he will stay with me…but knowing that he doesn’t always deliver us from the situation makes it hard to let go of the fear of repeats from the past. I’ve found some Peace for the past, working on Peace for each day & trying to keep it in my sights for the future.

  12. Renee D. says:

    This reflection verse really speaks to me as well when the Lord says “do not fear.” I realize how often He says it in His word, but fear is something I struggle with….daily. Fear of the unknown, etc. Like you said above God does think this is very important to not fear. For me, I think it is the letting go of control over my life. Obviously, I don’t have control, but think I do by hanging on too tight to things. I need to let Go & let God handle everything. I pray for this to come into my life. Be blessed :-)

  13. I love that song. My favorite verse is The God of Angel Armies is always by my side. That speaks so much to me. That no matter what he will be with us.

  14. Tonya McCoy says:

    Wow, do I never need to start fresh this week & lay it all at the feet of Jesus. Satan sure likes to kick us when we r down & that is certainly what he did to me this weekend. I love our reflection verse & I am gonna keep repeating it every time he gets in my face this week. I am sick of him trying to defeat me. I haven’t read this chapter yet but just judging by the title of it I’d say ole satan better look out!

  15. This verse really spoke to me and made me feel like no matter what I’m going through to not fear (which I have trouble with), and to totally depend on and trust God through the storm my family is going through right now. It gave me the comfort to know that know matter what happens, God is with me and that is all I need to dwell on.

  16. Crystal says:

    Yesterday my husband was cooking some meat on the stove and was charring his piece of meat. The smoke quickly filled my lungs and made me run outside so I could stop coughing and get some fresh air. Based on my reaction you would think smoke alarms were going off, but it only seemed to bother me.
    After reflecting on the incident, I felt quite assured it would take all my energy to get me and my loved ones out of harm’s way if there was ever an actual fire. My husband feels saying things like that make a tragedy more likely, and though I don’t have his same fear I found this verse quite comforting.
    No matter what we go through today, we need not fear, and we also don’t need to fear our tomorrows because He will be with us there too!

  17. Just read something I wanted to share. “The beginning of anxiety is the end of faith, and the beginning of true faith is the end of anxiety.” This statement was by George Mueller, a real man of faith.

    • Mindy C says:

      Thanks for this quote..I am going to share this with a friend who is really struggling with anxiety right now. We love to pass back quotes to one another!

  18. Jessica says:

    While the scriptures were underlined from a previous study, it is amazing how each time we can be given new insight to His word! I had to grab a new ink color for my underlinin’!

    Several things came out to me today:
    1. God created, formed, redeemed ME and called ME by name. I am HIS and he knows exactly who I am. He knows my voice, he knows my trials, my insecurities, my fears. He doesn’t want me to be afraid, but I need to trust that because he knows EXACTLY who “Jessica” is and what she is going through, he is staying true to his plan, even when it hurts or I don’t understand.
    2. God does not say “if” but WHEN I pass through floods and fires, he will be with me. I shouldn’t worry that I would be swallowed up by the water or scorched by the flame. My trials and my response to them do not “ruin” me in his eyes. I am loved and beautiful to Christ.
    3. God formed me, the core of my personality and my characteristics on purpose (vs 7)! My life, my trials, and my role are by his design and his foreknowledge. My job is to Fear Not and PASS THROUGH (Read: not dwell, take up residence, or add to the high waters and raging fires that will come, but to WALK ON)!

    • I really appreciated your break down Jessica. I seem to create my own traffic jam sometimes – I lock in on my flawed response to the trial instead of continuing to “Walk On” by faith & “Pass Through” the fire. Thank you for your insight.

    • Christine says:

      Thanks for sharing! I love how we each get something different out of the same passage and can share insight with each other! Thanks for being so open and personal.

    • Kris (OBS Small Group Leader) says:

      Love this and how you broke it down–and so much of what I needed to hear today. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for sharing Jessica! this is a great breakdown!

    • Mindy C says:

      Wow I love how you emphasized the WHEN..I didnt pick up on that. It is so true, and hard to comprehend at times when we are going through the midst of the trial.

  19. Barbara says:

    Really needed to here this song and verse today! I’m going through some storms with my health and also financial. SDI does not pay on a timely matter. I have not gotten any pay from SDI since April 30th. So I am trusting God to take care of me but at times it is really hard. God Bless Proverbs 31 Ministries for providing these bible studies. This is the fourth one and everyone of them has helped me in someway.

  20. This is a great way to start out the week. We are go through storms at times in our lives and the Enemy is there to play on our fears. Today’s verses, song and devotion are such good reminders that God is in control. I also love Isaiah 41:13
    “For I, the Lord your God, hold your right hand; it is I who say to you, “Do not fear, I will help you.” It is so comforting to think of God holding my hand as I weather the storms of life. I need this reminder daily.

  21. Christine says:

    I really got some insight from these verses. 1) I noticed that in v.1 it reads “redeemed in the past tense – God has already saved me, it is done, not something that is still yet to come but is completed! I don’t need to wait on God; in fact I’m sure he is waiting for me- to trust him, to put aside my fears and doubts, to walk in faith with him.
    2) v.2 reads I will be with you- now I read this as God’s reminder to me. He has proven in the past that he redeemed me, but for those times when life’s storms appear, his reassuring words change to the future tense “I will be” with you. And the next several examples – rivers, fire – he promises not that I will be free of pain, because we are never immune to the pains and trials of this life. Rather, he promises that they will not overtake me, that he will help me get through them.
    3) “for I am the Lord, your God.” he declares that he is Lord, proclaiming his sovereignty, his power, his might, but he adds “your God” he personalized it – he is mine! And earlier he says “you are mine” I am his, he is mine! How awesome here in this short passage to see the awesomeness, power, strength of God, yet how personal he is with every single one of us!

    • Kris (OBS Small Group Leader) says:

      Christine, I love your take on this week’s verse!! Thanks for sharing!

    • Janet F says:

      Thanks Christine, this is awesome!! Love your insight!!!!

  22. Tracey Knafel says:

    I read from The Message. Standouts for me are:

    “I’ve called your name. You are mine.” (I belong, I’m accepted)

    “When you’re in over your head, I’ll be there with you.” (Thank you Jesus! He knows I tend to do this… get in over my head. He knows this and still walks right beside me ready and waiting)

    “When you’re between a rock and a hard place, it won’t be a dead end” (With God, there is always hope and He won’t leave me stranded, always there to point me back in the right direction)

    “That’s how much you mean to me! That’s how much I love you! I’d sell off the whole world to get you back, trade the creation just for you.” (He loves me THAT much! This is the one that made me cry…)

  23. CarolAnne says:

    Wow – 365 “thou shall not fear”s – Beautiful!

  24. Janet F says:

    My grandsugars are staying with me this week so I can take them to Vacation Bible School. I have a “Jesus Calling” devotional for kids by Sarah Young and today’s devotional we read before we left for church was so right on with our study for today!!! God is so awesome!! :)
    It was called “When you are afraid”
    1 John 4:18 {ICB} Where God’s love is, there is no fear, because God’s perfect love takes away fear.
    I know….everyone is afraid sometimes. I am not saying that you will never be afraid. What I am saying is that you never have to face your fears alone. I am always with you, and My strength is always there for you. I will never leave you. But fear is a sneaky thing. Just when you think you’ve gotten it out of your life, it will creep up behind and whisper in your ear; You’re all alone. But remember My words: I AM ALWAYS WITH YOU. Thank Me for My presence, and trust Me; this will protect you from fear. Spend time in the Light of My Love, while I bless you with My Peace.
    I just had to share that even though it is geared for little kids. I thought it was awesome!!

  25. I love the “I have summoned you by name, you are mine” We’re not an accident. God knew what he was doing putting me exactly where I am. My life and the situations are not a surprise to God. He knew where I needed to be and He calls be my my name. I am not just a number to God. He knows my name. Amazing!

  26. I so enjoyed the song. The passage really spoke to me.Sometimes I get very afraid when I think of problems I am currently handling in my life a difficult neighbor, going into the correct senior housing.A member of my family having surgery,Making a small driving error. If I try to handle them alone I am not able to. When I realized I had to give each problem to God I knew I wasn’t alone.HE WILL NOT LEAVE ME!!!!I applied for senior housing. I PUT THIS IN GOD’S HANDS.I have a difficult neighbor. I pray God will intercede.I made a small driving error. GOD DOESN’T WANT ME TO BEAT MYSELF UP OVER IT.God will take care of my relative having surgery.GOD has provided a way for me to participate in these studies.MY GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Tiffani McLain says:

    Often I forget how much God cares about me. He created me and chose me as His child. I have nothing to be afraid of because I am His and for that I am truly thankful.

  28. Dawn H. says:

    The verse in Isaiah was wonderful, especially when I made it reflective of myself. “The Lord is MY Savior.” “I am His.” “I do NOT need to live in fear.” Those were the top three thoughts that really spoke to me. It is so refreshing and releasing to know that know matter who I am, what I am and how I am, God still wants me. He wants me to be one of His and to bring others to Him. Wow! That is huge. Thank you Lord for choosing me…for choosing us!

  29. Love these verses and they are so true. With God as MY God whom shall I fear? In allowing fear to set in, what am I accomplishing? I change nothing of my circumstances. When I view the situation, any situation, through the hand of God’s protection, I have peace and can rest knowing He has this, whatever this may be. HE is God All Mighty and nothing NOTHING is impossible for HIM….awesome!
    Awed by His mercy and grace…Arla

  30. Linda Watson says:

    I love this Bible study. My 1st time doing a on line study, I can’t wait until the next starts, looking forward to it….
    God Bless

  31. Mindy C says:

    So to dig into this verse I S.O.A.Ped it…
    S: Scripture, O: Observation, A: Application, P: Prayer
    S:Isaiah 43:1-3
    O:I was amazed to read how many times it is stated in the bible “DO NOT FEAR!” 365 times to be exact. This seems like advice I need to heed. God promises us He will be with us (what comfort this brings to me to know I am not alone). The Lord cliams us as His own.
    A: I need to trust int he Lord and seek His will. I want to make sure I am not trying to do things MY way but Gods way.
    P: Dear Lord, please continually remind me to NOT FEAR! You love me and I need to seek your will in all aspects of my life. Amen.
    Revelations from this verse:
    I need to stay in my marriage and stay committed. Due to circumstances I have had doubts the last few years about my marriage and what should be done. I made vows before God and I need to honor those vows and do what is best for my family, despite how I might feel. I need to lead with waht I know to be true and not what I feel to be true. I want to move back East to be closer to my extended family but I really need to seek Gods will and desire for what is best and not my own.

    • Karen R. says:

      I love this method also! I had used this years ago and had forgotten about it! Thanks Mindy for posting it! Praying for you and your marriage!

    • Janet F says:

      Love that SOAPed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never heard of that before, thanks for sharing!!

  32. Tracie B says:

    “I have redeemed you” ~ past tense
    “I will be with you” ~ future tense
    “I am the Lord your God” ~ present tense

    He has it ALL covered, so why don’t I just relax and not worry? He has given me permission! :)

    LOVE that Chris Tomlin song, by the way!

  33. This is a powerful reminder from the book for me today…“There is a battle going on for your mind and heart. You don’t have to believe in spiritual warfare for the enemy to wage war on your life. In fact, he’d rather you not believe in it, because that makes his job much easier. But when it strikes, even when disguised as stress, you have the power within you and at your fingertips to fight it if you choose the right weapon.”

    Excerpt From: Miles, Tracie. “Stressed-Less Living.” ACU Press, 2012-09-18. iBooks.
    This material may be protected by copyright.

    Check out this book on the iBookstore: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/stressed-less-living/id567237729?mt=11

  34. Christine says:

    It’s always comforting to be reminded by God not to fear. I love how you told us He says it over 365 times and that covers at least once per day for the whole year! I get anxiety from time to time and it seems like it has really hit me hard ever since this study, and another Bible study I’m doing at the same time, has started. I’m thinking it’s the enemy trying to get me to fear and lose my focus. It’s discouraging but I will try and keep my focus on God.

  35. Thank you everyone for scripture and verses that guide us through these fears that are brought on by trials in our lives. I, too love this song, when I feel my strength draining, or my thoughts wandering, I turn on my Christian music. We go back to court next week for my son’s sentencing. I know and feel God’s peace, but still feel some anxiety, so I know I am still not fully trusting Him. My husband is really struggling with this and I allow myself to take on his fears. I pray for the inner peace knowing He will see us through this emotionally and financially. This study is spot on for this time in my life. As I read through my Bible each day, I look at verses I have underlined and highlighted, so many speak of these . We don’t always know why we go through what we do, but putting our trust in Him can take away the fear! It has been a long road.

    • Janet F says:

      Praying for your son Becky and for you and husband. May God wrap His loving arms around you at this time. I know the anxiety you are feeling as I had a wayward son for many years who was in trouble and in and out of jail for years. I knew God was there and had a plan, but it breaks a parent’s heart when their children are in trouble and hurting; know that God loves your son more than you do and will see Him and your family through this time of trial. Many prayers going up for you and {{HUGS}} Becky ♥

  36. Rebecca says:

    I really enjoyed this verse as well since I really need to remember to go to God instead of having all of my fears. I love the Chris Tomlin “Angel Armies” song as well and this all ties it together.

  37. Thanks for your post today and the song. It was so comforting. Have been going through some health problems.

  38. Melissa Warner says:

    May has been a crazy month for me, I have been so busy that I am playing catch up and I am picking up with this week and working back. Looking at this scripture it is so true ” Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name,; you are mine; when you pass through waters, I will be with you;…..”
    What else can be said, we are His, even though we go through the JUNK and we all have the best part is that He is with us and He has called us and redeemed us. When I think of the junk it reminds me of piles of junk, LOL, that wants to topple on you (I am sure you can just picture it now;-) but His word says it won’t. How awesome is He. I just thought that I would share that,
    Love you all. ~Melissa

  39. If I could just remember your words Jamy when the storms starts to roll in! I usually fail and try to do it myself, drown in the waves, THEN call on my Savior. Maybe it will sink in!

  40. That song is my favorite right now. It seems that God has been continually reminding me lately that I was not created to live in fear (2 Timothy 1:7 NLT). That is because for a long time I listened to lies Satan was telling me. I allowed those lies to keep me in the bondage of fear, which kept me from living the abundant life God has for me. That is why I love scripture like this week’s reflection verse because it reminds that through Christ I have eternal security. Therefore, I have no need to be afraid because no matter what God holds me securely in His hands and nothing can completely overtake me.

  41. This passage spoke to me in terms of the everyday problems we all encounter from time to time.
    As you pass through the waters…..having a difficult time meeting a deadline at work. Do not fear, I am with you
    As you pass through the rivers ……having a child who is not motivated to do better when you know they are so much smarter. Do not fear, I am with you
    When you walk through the fire……dealing with financial and health problems beyond your control. Do not fear, I am with you.

    I feel like I have to retrain my brain….do not fear, I am with you!!!!

  42. I enjoyed this weeks scripture as God works in mysterious ways. Releasing my fears and not having total control and abandon to God’s will is something I am striving to accomplish. I know God is always with me as he works in such mysterious ways.

    Being new to the bible study enjoyed reading others kind words and prayers!

  43. Lee Roberts says:

    I just know that I have had some major storms in my before and am going through a few now and God has always been there beside me as I went through them and he has helped guide the way as I navigate the rough waters all I had to do was listen. These passages have really given me renewed hope. Right now I have been working on one of my addictions which is food. I go to a twelve step program to deal with it. I came back to this program after about a twelve year relapse. I got a message from God in the middle of the night that I needed to go back on January 4th and today I have lost 42 pounds with God’s help because on my own I have no will power but with him I have unlimited power to resist the temptation. I am so blessed.

  44. Wow – God is so good. Thank you Jamey fro this message – He has been speaking to me about putting my total trust in Him. Why is it that we give Him our troubles, and then take them back. Our human nature i guess. However…”I know who goes before me, and who stands behind me…The God of angel armies is always by my side!” Thank you for adding this song along with the lyrics…God has always spoken to me through music. I appreciate it. God Bless You!!

  45. Lauren Beach(OBS Group Leader) says:

    Loved this message on Monday ~ I dug deeper on this for two days and over and over I got this out of it ~

    ~Allow God to Guide you and Be with you
    ~He Restores, he Loves and he Protects me!
    ~Grab tight to his hand

  46. uncteal says:

    I Absolutely Love How You Describe The Analogy Of A Child With An Umbrella Versus When The parent And Child Walk Together And The Parent Holds The Umbrella.. If We Walk Along With God And Allow Him To Protect Us With His Love Umbrella Then We Can Experience Less Stress And Anxiety. I Also Love The Way U Said We Have To Give Up Control. God Is In Control anyway. We Have To AcknowledgeThat.

  47. I love, love, love this verse! I pray that God would enable us all to own it now. I know that if we lived by God’s word, we would have a difficult time worrying about anything. Lord, help us!!!! Also, love the song by Chris Tomlin….my absolute favorite artist!