Jun 3

SLL Week 9, Day 1

Hello ladies and welcome to another week of the Stressed-Less Living Bible Study. I’m Jamy and I am so excited to have the opportunity to share with you this week. I would like to encourage each one of you today to begin this week fresh. I do not know what all you have been through over the past several days or weeks, but I am confident that God is with each one of us. Therefore, at the start of this week I want you to lay it all down at God’s feet, pick up your Bible and let’s dig into the Word together today.

The reflection verse for this week is Isaiah 43:1b-3a.

But now, this is what the Lord says—
he who created you, Jacob,
he who formed you, Israel:
Do not fear, for I have redeemed you;
I have summoned you by name; you are mine.
When you pass through the waters,
I will be with you;
and when you pass through the rivers,
they will not sweep over you.
When you walk through the fire,
you will not be burned;
the flames will not set you ablaze.
For I am the Lord your God,
the Holy One of Israel, your Savior;

Open your Bible and look it up.  How does this passage speak to you?

Do not fear” really hits me. I know that within the Bible, God commands us not to fear over 365 times. That is one for everyday of the year and a couple extra for those difficult days. Therefore, it must be really important to God. He wants us to know that we do not have to fear because He promises to be with us.

However, it is not always easy to just turn off that fear. Just the other night, I was up and reading because I couldn’t sleep – too many things on my mind, so I decided to read. About this time, it really started to storm and it got me to thinking.  You and I never know when life’s storms will be coming our way.  However, if we are under the cover of God’s umbrella — His protection and love — we do not have to be concerned about what may come our way.  We can rest knowing that God is there with us through the storm and we are protected.  However, there are those times when we think we have it all under control and we do not need God’s help.  It is like when a parent and small child are out in the rain and the child insists on holding the umbrella.  If you have seen a small child with an umbrella, you know that she cannot hold it up very high or usually very straight.  The parent has to stoop down to get under the umbrella and neither one is completely kept safe and dry.  It is not until the parent picks up the child and carries her and the umbrella that they both feel the true protection of the umbrella.  The same principle is unquestionable of God.  In our reflection passage this week, God promises to never leave us, even when the storms of life come our way.  It is during these times that God promises to hold us in His mighty hand, “For I am the LORD your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you” (Isaiah 41:13).  We simply need to give the control back to Him; it’s His anyway.  God is in control of everything.  Give up the hold you have on trying to control the storms in your life and rest in the protection of God’s unfailing promises.

I invite you to take a moment and watch this video and let the words bring comfort to you today. [Click here to see the video below if you cannot see it.]

Your Turn to Share –

  • I encourage you to personalize the reflection passage today.
  • I challenge you to journal and share what this passage means to you.
  • How does this bring comfort to you as you are dealing with the floods, fires and storms in your own life?

Don’t forget to share in the comment section this week to be entered to win a signed copy of What Happens When Women Say Yes to God, which is the next Online Bible Study.



  1. Great post!

  2. Hopped over from the daily devotion. This is one of my favorites and asking myself the question “God, are You enough?” helps keep me focused on what really matters! Yes, God IS enough for me!!
    And, this song is my absolute favorite. Remembering “I know who goes before me” really gives me peace in all situations. My sister was called to come back to the doctor’s office after her mammogram. I shared with her that God is already wherever she is heading. Her mammogram may be OK, and it may not be OK, but God is already there and will be there when she arrives. This gave both of us much peace! And, btw, they just needed to re-scan because the first scan was not clear enough :) No cancer!
    Love you, Melissa, in a real big way <3

    • Karen R. says:

      That is so awesome! I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and I knew from when they called me back for the second mammogram that it would be cancer and God just gave me a peace and said I will be with you through it all! God is enough, I agree!!

      • I always love hearing stories about women who face huge battles with their health etc who are so incredibly strong and faithful through it all!!! It is so inspiring!!! God bless :)

      • Sondra R says:

        I stand amazed….such strenght. However, I should’t be so amazed, you precious sisters have the Love of Christ and live it out each day. Thank You.

    • Susan, I am so glad that you hopped over from the daily devotion and that you shared about your dear sister. I just love hearing how God works. God IS more than enough for us no matter what we may be facing.

  3. Love this verse and it was what I needed to hear today. Been stressfull at our house but God has been with us everystep and is already and has been there ahead of us. Husband been in hospital I had to have 2 wisdom teeth taken out and our child is a teenage and we have teenage drama. But no worries for fears God is in control and I am glad. Thanks

    • Praying for strength and hope for you and your family, and healing for your husband. God bless!

      • Jan, praying for you and your family today. May God give you the help and strength that you all need. Continue to rest in the knowledge that He is with you every step of the way – no matter how stressful life may become.

  4. Wow Jamy! This was great! Exactly what I needed. Thank you!! Love, Sue

  5. Bree (OBS FB Team Leader) says:

    This post is so encouraging! Thank you for showing me that fear and doubt are not productive. Therefore, I need to keep my eyes on God and His promises.

  6. Halona Luna says:

    I am so excited about the next study. God is so Great!!

  7. I liken my experience to that of Daniel 3 standing in the furnace like Shadrach, Meschach and Abed-nego as the king order the flame to be turned up higher, these men continue to stand with no fear and would not bow down to worshiping less than God. I have had the wolves attack my health, my finances, and that of my family attempting to create havoc and chaos…. attempting to create an atmosphere of stress, I have been thrown in the flame, but I do not FEAR!!!!! I walk with, I dance with, I am with a powerful flame extinguisher, and that is my Lord.

  8. For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. – 2 Timothy 1:7

  9. Jennifer D. says:

    I didn’t know the Bible tells us not to fear 365 times. What great encouragement to me!! I know it in my head now, just got to tell my heart!!

  10. Praise the Lord he is by our side. I have nothing to fear and nothing to stress over.

  11. It really ministers to put my name in those verses.

    for I have redeemed Edwina;
    I have summoned Edwina by name; she is mine.
    2 When she pasess through the waters,
    I will be with her;
    and when Edwina passes through the rivers,
    they will not sweep over her.
    When she walks through the fire,
    she will not be burned;
    the flames will not set her ablaze.
    3 For I am the Lord Edwina’s God,
    the Holy One of Israel, Edwina’s Savior;

  12. What struck me in this verse is that God loves me so much that he paid a huge price for me. In the message translation it is stated like that and it continues by saying : “I’d sell off the whole world to get you back, trade the creation creation just for you“ therefore, I can rest assured that he will be with me, even if I am in over my head. I can trust him to be by my side always and no matter what. He will not let me down. I personalized this verse and it speaks so much to me because this really feels like a loving parent speaking to his child. I love my children deeply an there is no doubt that without even thinking I would do and give anything for them. It comes natural. Isn’t it wonderful to think that God looks on us with parental loving eyes?

  13. Susan T says:

    I also didn’t know that “Do not fear” is told to us over 365 times. I love the part “one for every day of the year and a few extra for the tough days!” I need to tell myself that every day. God who is a good God is in control! He goes before me! What comfort and love!

  14. Personalizing the reflection verse really made the verse alive for me BUT, Isaiah 41:13 caught my attention. Even though my kids are grown (21,18,17,14, &11) I still reach for their hand when crossing a street with them in an effort to keep them safe. Reading that God reaches for my right hand and says to me “Do not fear ; I will help you ” gives me great comfort. Life has been really crazy for me lately and just knowing that God is right there with me, holding my hand, seeing me through every step of the way, really brings peace of mind. This week I’m going to try to picture God holding my hand ever time I feel life getting out of control.

  15. Jamy it is awesome to have you back! Thank you so much for your words this morning as they are so true. I love Chris Tomlin, and reading his words this morning these really spoke to my heart: “And nothing formed against me shall stand. You hold the whole world in your hands.” #1 so glad I read the lyrics because that is not what I was singing in my car lol But more importantly, I’m thankful for the truth in these words as well as the words in Isaiah 41. These are all reminders to me that nothing can beat God. He’s got the whole world in His hands and it will always be that way. The evening sermon last night, my preacher was really focusing on the disasters that have been occuring, and we held special prayers for those individuals who have been affected and will be affected. But at one point, he was talking about how sometimes when disaster strikes that people sometimes attempt to give God the silent treatment, and then he asked if we think God actually goes anywhere when this happens. One of the older ladies, heart of gold, said “He doesn’t ever let go of us. It is us who let go of Him.” And that is so true! When I was a child, a little boy very close to me passed away and I gave God the silent treatment for awhile. I refused to pray because I was an angry 9 year old little girl who’d had her world turned upside down and I couldn’t understand why God would let such an aweful thing happen. When I healed, however, God was still there. He never left. He’s still never left. And I know His heart breaks when we snub Him for not following our plan, especially because He knows what He’s got planned for us is better than we can imagine. So even though I was angry and kicking and screaming at him, He held me tight and continues to do so. I don’t give God the silent treatment anymore. My faith and relationship with Him has grown quite a bit in 20 years, and I know now my feeble little brain will never understand the vastness and greatness and perfection that is God. It is what it is, and I believe it with all my heart. This study is training me to not believe “if” God will provide but “when.” My life is so much easier and carefree while I’m resting on the shoulders of the great almighty. And what a view! God bless!

    • Good morning! What stood out to me in this verse in Isaiah 43:1: “I have summoned you by name”. How awesome Is that? In the the NKJ version it Says : ” I have called you by your name.” It just jumped off the page at me and took hold of my heart in such a very special way this morning . To be summoned, to be called by my name by the Creator God is just so awesome and such a gift to me!! I am brought to a place of wondering : what is it like for God as we all sit in our different places,at different times, studying and then encouraging one another or praying for one another? We all were summoned by God ! We all our greatly loved by God! We are all fearfully and wonderfully made! We are so very blessed and He is so very good to us! Thank you for your words and the encouragement . God bless you all as only he can do! Amen.

    • Jenny, this was so wonderful. I am so glad that you shared this today. We need to be reminded from time to time that God will never let go of us and we must cling to Him. He will provide in His way and in His time.

  16. Carol Thompson group 26 says:

    Great words of encouragement, Jamy. Those verses in Isaiah did help us through a financial storm a few years ago. The picture of God stretching out His right hand to hold me has never left me and always brings me strength to persevere. We are currently using that Chris Tomlinson song in Body and Soul. The words are great!

    • Not on topic, but my mom taught Body & Soul for 16 yrs…I didn’t know Jeannie was still doing it!

  17. Becky Kneller says:

    Chris Tomlin’s song just moves my soul.

  18. There are two things that stand out to me in this passage. The first and probably the most important to me is: “I have called you by name, you are mine.” I have always struggled to fit in and be a part of a group or have a few really good friends. When God says I am His I feel a real sense of belonging that isn’t based on what I can do for Him as much as for who I am to Him. I love it knowing I am unconditionally loved by my Savior. There is such freedom in that- freedom to love and be loved.
    The second thing that stood out to me is: “When you go through the river of difficulty, you will not drown.” I lost both my parents to cancer in less than a year and there were many rivers of difficulty through the process and then the grief. I never drowned though because God walked through it with me though at times I felt I was drowning in it all. I had to stand on His promise that He would never leave me nor forsake me even when I couldn’t feel His presence. I am leaning more and more on Jesus and I can honestly say now I am coming out of my grief and see a lot of light at the end of this dark tunnel. This Bible study has helped me immensely to see where much of the stress has come from but more importantly to trust God more and more everyday so I can rise above the stress and live a life of peace and freedom. THERE IS VICTORY IN JESUS. PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME!!

    • I love hearing stories of other women who are so strong in their faith through incredibly tough times, and how God has helped them. I also have struggled to fit in, I’ve just always felt that way so I understand – it is so wonderful knowing we are loved, and that as long as we fit in with Jesus then we are good! :) Thank you for your inspirational post!!!

    • Marie (Ree) says:


    • Lori, thank you for sharing with us this morning. It is such a blessing to hear how God is using this online Bible study. Know that God has placed you in this group and you are loved, accepted and a blessing to us.

  19. This very passage was brought into my life a year ago as I was facing a very fearful situation. The words, “…when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you,”–stuck with me and brought me great comfort in facing my fear.

  20. Linda G says:

    I too, have struggled to fit in and have few really good friends. It is a wonderful feeling to belong to God and know he is the One who will never betray me. Yes, for me too, this bible study has been a great help in connecting me with Jesus.

    I find the verses in Isaiah to be so comforting and reassuring. And, I, as well, did not know DO NOT FEAR was in the bible 365 times. WOW! How much reassuring do we need? Thank you Jesus for knowing just what we all need!

  21. I so needed to hear the words “I am The Lord your God” and “Do not fear” and “I will help you”! I received word of a coming promotion; however; my excitement turned to concern over the possible turmoil that maybe experienced by others as a result of it. Which could have a direct affect on my success in taking over. I loved hearing “I will be with you” and that rivers would not sweep over me and that I would not be burned by the fire! Thank you Father! I love you!

  22. Lori K (OBS Group Leader) says:

    “Give up the hold you have on trying to control the storms in your life and rest in the protection of God’s unfailing promises.” Trying really is the operative word. As much as I think I am controlling the storms in my life…yeah, not so much! This is one thing I am going to give up on!

  23. Karen R. says:

    I am not sure who or where I was told this but for those of you old enough to remember hymnals if you just go and get one and read one each morning they are awesome praises to God. Bless the Lord is one of my all time favorite hymns! The contemporary songs are awesome but sometimes you just cannot be a good old fashioned hymn that praises God! Love this devotion today Jamy!

  24. Thanks for the words of encouragement. I struggle with trying to control the outcomes of situations, especially the difficult ones. I really need to let God have complete control of everything and then I will have nothing to fear. I know that God knows best and can handle everything, but part of me still tries to do ‘my part’. I need to realize that ‘my part’ is to be obedient to God and let him carry out his plan for me. I have a hard time waiting for him to move sometimes and I tend to get ahead of him. Trying to slow down and just be in his presence so that I am walking with him.

  25. What a great post to start of a new week. Fear is such a time consuming behavior creating such a hold on your life. Who Better then the God of the universe to hold me in His hands.

  26. I will not be overcome by any of the circumstances that I find myself in. What an amazing promise He gives us. Too often I feel overwhelmed and like I am being tossed about out at sea, but to know He wins and I am His. Victory truly is mine in resting in Him.

    • I just read the NIRV version and what stood out to me is that it translates it as, “You will pass through the rivers and walk through fire. These things will come, it shouldn’t be so surprising to me when they do. I have heard this truth before but it never registered the same way before. Abiding in Him, finding true rest among the chaos. Please Lord be my rescuer.

  27. Constance says:

    Love this post! I can relate to the child wanting to hold the umbrella – been there, done that! lol. It is such a good comparison of how God wants to hold us in His mighty hand! And of staying under His umbrella! Looking forward to another great week.

  28. jackie s says:

    Thanks for the song – I’d heard it before, but never really picked up the “words” – which totally match the sections mentioned in Isaiah. Looking at both verses mentioned:
    Do NOT fear – I have redeemed you
    Do NOT fear – I will be with you
    Do NOT fear – I will help you
    Take MY hand and do NOT fear

  29. The God of angel armies is always by my side…I know that I sometimes forget or find it hard to fathom how big God really is. This pretty much sums it up! He is the biggest!!! He has armies of angels to back Him up, as if He weren’t enough. We can take comfort knowing that He and His Angels are always with us and always for us. Have a great day and a wonderful week!

  30. We don’t have to fear!!! Thank you for that amazing reminder!!!!! Just remembering God is with us every step of the way is enough to keep going and get through it!!!!

  31. Jennifer says:

    Awesome post, Jaime – thanks so much!

    I love what so many of the artists have done with youtube, and I wanted to share with you Chris Tomlin talking about writing “Whom Shall I Fear” – he brought up Elisha (I think?) and his servant, and his eyes being opened to see that those who were with them were more than those who stand against them – awesome picture I need to cling to this week!


    Ladies, I would appreciate your prayers this week – last week of school, extra practices for my daughter’s recital this weekend, and a very full plate trying to finish up at work for my two month’s leave of absence to be with the kiddos – all awesome things, but they make this week very, very full. I pray for peace and that I will continue to listen to God as I know He will direct me in what to do next to get what needs to get done done and to let go of the rest. I really learned to lean on Him this way last year, and I know He’s allowed me to experience more of a need to lean on Him this year to grow my faith even stronger. I also know that it is good to ask my sisters to pray for me as it will make me that much more sensitive to His direction and His peace.

    Praying you have a fabulous week and can rest in Him, no matter what happens!

    Much love,

    • Debbie W. (OBS Leader) says:

      Jennifer lifting you up. Remember to take one day at a time and one task at a time and do what you can but mostly don’t get so tired that you don’t enjoy and savor the moments. All too soon it will be over and you’ll look back and say it went so fast. Praying for peace and a wonderful week as you rest in Him!

  32. I must say the song this morning meant so much to me and I did need the encouraging words of strength over fear. Stress can even make us our own enemies which is an enemy that is the hardest to get away from. I find myself in this position many times and must remind myself that God is always on my side. What an awesome assurance in our lives.

  33. I love this post, and that is one of my favorite songs – it always makes me feel comforted! This is a great verse for comforting also. This really spoke to me this morning: “You and I never know when life’s storms will be coming our way. However, if we are under the cover of God’s umbrella — His protection and love — we do not have to be concerned about what may come our way. We can rest knowing that God is there with us through the storm and we are protected…God is in control of everything. Give up the hold you have on trying to control the storms in your life and rest in the protection of God’s unfailing promises.” It’s “funny” how we can hear the same message over and over and over again, but sometimes it doesn’t “click” until it’s seen or heard a certain way. Sometimes it is so hard to give up control, but this reminded me that I am not the one in control, and I have to trust in Him and that He knows best and will take care of me – and be with me the whole way! :) I can give up the white-knuckled grip I try to have on things and rest in the this truth! God bless!

  34. “Do not fear, for I have redeemed Shannan:
    I have summoned Shannan by name; she is mine.
    When Shannan passes through the waters,
    I will be with her;
    And when Shannan passes through the rivers.
    They will not sweep over her.
    When Shannan walks through the fire
    She will not be burned;
    The flames will not set her ablaze
    For I am the Lord Shannan’s God,
    The Holy One of Israel, Shannan’s Savior.
    Personalizing this verse really makes it come alive for me. Going through severe health scares these verses are definitely keepers. I’m clinging to theses verses as I continue to find out what is going on with my health. I’m going to put this on a card and put it on my armoire with my other favorite verses so I can easily refer back to it when needed. It is good to know we have a God that is always there for us at a moment’s notice.
    I just love the song by Chris Tomlin. Every word is true and is so nice to know this one and only God is always by my side.

  35. I had to giggle just a bit as I wrote out the reflection verse and automatically started personalizing it. See what you’ve done here, P31 OBS Team? It’s becoming automatic! :) And, oh, for line in this verse that says, “Do not fear, for I have redeemed you, I have summoned you by name, Missy, and you are mine.” For so many reasons, verses that speak of redemption pierce my heart and make me teary every time I run across them in God’s Word.

    He speaks to us so lovingly and personally, that at certain times, I literally feel like he is reaching down to scoop me up with my umbrella and hold me tighter. (I love that visual, Jamy!)

    This week is a time for some major application for me. And I look forward to seeing how God uses this verse to strengthen all of us throughout the week!

    • Debbie W. (OBS Leader) says:

      That’s so true Missy. They have taught us to personalize. I had one it years ago with 1 Cor but never thought of doing it all the time. Now, like you I read that verse yesterday and was inserting my name. Love it!

  36. I love your umbrella illustration. My husband & I took a long drive a couple weeks back & had the first deep conversation we’ve had in a long time. Talked about things like where we thought we would be in life at our age, disappointments we have, shattered dreams. He told me what he would want if he could have anything & I said if I could have anything, “I want to stop being afraid”. Life has been hard & I have an even harder time trusting God. After all, look what He has allowed for me so far! 😉 . I have to face the truth that I have become a control freak & am driven fear. And the stress that comes with trying to be in charge of my world, our mom’s world, our kid’s world, our grandchildren’s world is destroying my physical & spiritual health. I am an older woman who looks like I have it all together :-) but I do not! I am not alone as I am studying this book with three other grandmothers…leaders in our church!! Has taken me this whole study to finally wrap my head around it & “get it” & I praise God for showing me. Now I start over & learn to trust God like a little girl who needs her father. Ha! Sixty and still dealing with stuff that like that, how ridiculous! Please don’t tell anyone I know (wink).

    • I too feel my world is ruled by fear instead of the deep trust in God I yearn for. Praying we can break free of this stronghold with God’s help.

  37. This is one of my FAVORITE songs! He is faithful. I know who goes before me. (from the song), He calls me by my name! He is with me through all life’s ups & downs (verse). Such a wonderful promise. Believe it. He IS faithful. You know, sometimes you don’t realize how faithful He really is until you’re up to your elbows in the floodwaters & a blazing fire awaits when you finally doggy paddle outta that mess! Maybe that’s why God allows us to walk through hard times… So Ge can hold our hand, allow us the opportunity to trust in Him, and show us He is faithful just as His word says. Yea! :-)

  38. I’m in the process of adopting a little girl and putting her name in this scripture today has helped me trust that God is looking over her while she is in the orphanage. Because she is His! “But now, this is what the Lord says—
    he who created you, Z, he who formed… you are mine…I will be with you Z….For I am the Lord your God Z, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior”. Even though I can’t be with her it gives me such peace to know that God is with her!

    • Debbie W. (OBS Leader) says:

      Congratulations Liz. So glad you have been blessed with this little girl and it sounds like she is going to be blessed by a Mom like you!

  39. Debbie W. (OBS Leader) says:

    Jamy thank you for an amazing post today. Love it! Appreciate you pouring your heart into this and sharing with each of us.

  40. As I read the verse this morning, a vision of that “Footprints” poem/poster popped into my head. You know it….. the one where God responds, “Those were the times I carried you.” It is those times when I find myself needing him the most and all I need to do is just ask him to be there and then relax in his arms- his strong, loving, forgiving arms.

    Thank you so much for the reminder!

  41. I’m struggling a bit. Does this mean he will take care of our trials? Or does this literally mean if we get caught in a fire or flood he will protect us from them. I have a hard time understanding the Bible sometimes. I need some prayers, for myself, some unspoken requests. Sorry that I am always asking for prayer but I don’t know who else to ask for it. Thanks so much.

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Friend!

      Please never feel that you can’t ask for prayer! We ALL have LOTS of prayer requests (sometimes minute-by-minute!) and sometimes are even shy to ask, but He knows our requests both spoken and unspoken! And we’re praying for each other! Even if we don’t know each others needs! That’s what God has called up to do! Praying for you today and have written your name “Friend” in my journal–I’ll continue to do so and I know our sisters will as well!

      Ok— I personally noticed, for the first time today, that the scripture says “When” we pass through trials they will not overtake us. Not if, but when, and that “I will be with you”. We don’t know why we are allowed to experience certain trials, but that is why God is God and we are the children. He’s got a plan and he gives us just as much strength that we need. I love the story of Moses as told by Dr. Tony Evans in Exodus 17 (available on podcast). He reminds us of how God told X to hold up a staff in the air. When Moses held up the staff, his army was winning, when he lowered it, they began to loose. But Aaron and Hur were there with him, and their only job was to help Moses hold up the staff. That’s what your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ are for! To help you hold up your staff as you face trials and your arms are tired! We are here for you.

      • Jessica,

        This helped so much. Thank you for your prayers! Everyone is so kind here, I have yet to actually participate in these studies but I have been thinking about it lately and I think it would really help me if I did. God Bless you.

  42. colette says:

    He is telling me that He is with me no matter what I am facing!! I have pretty much dropped out of the OBS because of a small tornado that blew through my life during the past few weeks…. But through it ALL, God has been there with me! He has been so faithful to guide my every move in each situation I encountered and also kept my loved one safe as he put himself in harms way in the small tornado he created himself! God has it ALL under control!! I am so thankful and gtateful to Him and am learning to trust Him deeper for when the next major or minor crisis comes along! Thank you for your devotion today! :-)

  43. I love that song!! It’s one of those that makes me smile & I have to sing along to as loud as I can. I love the imagery of God – all powerful, commander of angels, creator of all – is right beside me at all times.

    At church yesterday, the choir sang another of my favorites – Never Once. To me, it’s just so comforting to know that no matter what is going on, no matter how confusing or scary, God is right there beside me. He knows the outcome; He wants to lead me through. I just have to trust him.

    As I shared in last week’s blog, there’s a lot of big stuff going on right now – every bit of it is out of my control. If I let myself dwell on it, worry & stew over any of it, it’s not going to do any good – it’s not going to solve anything or make any of the situations go away. It’s just going to make each situation seem that much bigger, scarier & harder to handle. All I can do is to keep praying & keep trusting in God. I’m sort of at peace about it all — concerned still, yes, but worried about it, no. I know God’s has it all under control.

  44. “Nothing formed against me shall stand, You hold the whole world in Your hands!” That just says it all! No fear, no worry, NOTHING can stand against me because I’m His!! He goes before me to prepare the way, strengthen me, and give me hope. Also, He will bring me safely through. Why do I worry and fear?? This study has been a great help to me, and this song has just reminded me how great He is:) Thank you for posting it Jamy!!

  45. I did not know that God commands us not to fear over 365 times in the Bible…what a great promise God has made to us.
    I also love a verse that was given to us earlier in this study,
    Isaiah 41:10
    “Do not fear: I am with you; do not be anxious: I am your God. I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my victorious right hand.”

  46. Dottie OBS small group leader says:

    Oh Jamy, thank you SO much for this! The umbrella analogy was awesome! Oh the peace we have when our Daddy picks us up and covers us with His umbrella!

  47. Katrina says:

    The Lord created me and formed me. He is speaking to ME: “Do not fear Katrina.” He has redeemed me. He has summoned me. “Katrina, you are mine.” When my life is speeding seemingly out of control, He keeps me from drowning. He holds my head above the waters. I don’t tire just trying to tread water. He provides the strength to keep swimming strongly against the currents of this world – the currents that would otherwise sweep me down stream and pull me under. When I find myself in the heat of the battle, I do not hide or flee. I put my trust in Him, rather than man. Though they throw their flaming arrows, I am not hurt. Though they lure me with their words, in Him my temper and tongue is tamed. I am not consumed by rage. He alone is my Lord. He alone is Holy. He saves me- Katrina – from my troubles. Thank you Lord!

  48. I love love love this verse. As I was thinking about this verse it brought great comfort to see how God started out with relationship & reminding me that I AM his and that He called me for a purpose. As I pondered this passage the thing that kept speaking to me was the fact that I will face changes but I will get THROUGH them and NOT be consumed. Quite honestly I FEEL like certain challenges will consume me but the TRUTH of the matter is that I & YOU, WILL get through and we need not fear because HE WILL BE WITH US!! What a glorious promise..

  49. What a great read and scripture to start the new week….hopefully, a week full of LESS stress at work!!

  50. I love the song by Chris Tomlin and the part that says ” Nothing formed against me shall stand, You hold the whole world in your hands.” Nothing that I come up against will prevail because I am a child of God. What security that gives me, in a world of many unknowns, I know who I belong to an He cares enough about me to hold me in His hands. I can put my unknown future into the hands of my God who already knows what will happen and He promises to never leave or forsake me!! I will not be consumed, although at times my fear will still creep in, I am safe and secure in the hands of God!! What a promise to hold on to.