Jun 5

SLL – Week 9, Day 3

You’ve Got Mail. Whether we care to admit it or not, checking email either through our computer or smart phone, is one of the things most of us do at the start of our day. I know that after my first cup of coffee and quiet time, I sit down to see what emails need my attention. If you are like me there are several you have to wade through – store sale promotions, travel discounts, messages from friends and family, ministry and writing obligations, just to name a few. However, there is always one that I gravitate to first – the Proverbs 31 Daily Devotion.

These devotions are such a wonderful way to begin my day. They provide the fuel I need. I have found on more than one occasion that the devotion, which arrives in my email, is exactly what I needed for the day. Don’t you just love how God works? God knows what tools, help and encouragement we each need for the day and thanks to the Proverbs 31 Ministries Daily Devotions, it is delivered right to my inbox.

Take a moment and read Melissa Taylor’s devotion from last Friday, God, Are You Enough? This is a prime example of a devotion speaking right to my heart. It came to me right when my family was struggling through some difficult circumstances. What a wonderful reminder that our God is more than enough.

Okay, so are you now ready to sign up? Simply click here and you will be taken to the Proverbs 31 Ministry website. From there, you just click on devotions and then scroll down until you see “Get Our Daily Devotion via Email.” Fill out the requested information and you will be greeted with these fabulous devotions in your inbox every morning. The Proverbs 31 Daily Devotions provide Strength for today and fresh hope for tomorrow.


Your Turn (share in the comment section):

  • If you signed up to receive the Daily Devotions, we would love to know
  • If you have already been receiving the Daily Devotions, please share how it has blessed you


  1. Good morning! As I am reading this chapter on choosing weapons she gives the scripture verses from Psalm 86: 1-7 and it brings to mind the song sung by Maranatha singers ” Spirit Song ” and I am blessed. I had to go to YouTube and hear it . O let the Son of God enfold you with His Spirit and His Love let Him fill your heart and satisfy your soul. O let Him have those things that hold you and His Spirit like a dove will descend upon your life and make you whole. Jesus, O Jesus , come and fill your lambs. Jesus , O Jesus , come and fill your lambs. O come and sing this song with gladness as your hearts are filled with joy, lift your hands in sweet surrender to His name. O give Him all your tears and sadness give Him all your years of pain, and you’ll enter into life in Jesus name. Jesus , O Jesus , come and fill your lambs, Jesus, O Jesus , come and fill your lambs. A powerful song. I pray God fills our hearts and minds with his own special peace that fills us to over flowing.

    • Thank you for sharing that beautiful song…I haven’t heard it for a long time. Blessings to you and your family:)

  2. Lynn Graham says:

    I’ve been receiving the daily devotions for about a year now and they have blessed me by starting my day off right. whether it gives me strength, courage or just comfort. I look forward to reading and enjoying them. I have so many saved in a binder with sheet protectors so I can read them over and over again.

    • What a great idea to save them in a binder! I’m going to start doing that too.

  3. Carla Keller says:

    I have been receiving the daily devotions for some time now! A co-worker shared one of her Proverbs 31 devotions one day through email and that is when I signed up. I have a special file in my email called “Proverbs 31” and that is where I keep all that I have received so far! I have even printed out some of them and keep them in an expandable folder at home!! I was recently asked to do a devotional at a women’s event we had at our church and because I had kept these devotionals in my email, I had a great deal of things to choose from. I chose to use “Measuring Up” by Renee Swope and that ended up working out so well with the speaker and what she chose to give her talk on that particular day – God was all over that one!!!!! I just looked in my email folder and found that I have 330 daily devotionals!!!!!

  4. I have been receiving Proverbs 31 Ministries devotions for a few years now. I always found it amazing how the devotions are able to speak to me on particular days. I got in the habit of reading them in the mornings because a lot of the times they would prepare me for what the day was going to toss at me. Thank you for such a wonderful tool to help me stay close to God. :)

  5. I’ve been getting the daily devotions for a while. I love them!! I signed up to help me each day. The woman are so encouraging with real life hurts and struggles and how God helps them through it all! They are very convenient also coming to my email each day.
    I love them and I encourage anyone to sign up for them!

  6. Amber Oatman (OBS leader) says:

    The daily devotions are amazing! Every devotion touches home in some aspect. They were the door that led me to OBS and the FB small groups <3 So grateful for this part of P31's ministry!

  7. kim in ma says:

    I also had signed up for online devotions when I joined the Bible Study. I do LOVE getting them in my email. They are always wonderful, and I do always check my email, so it gives me that extra incentive to dig deeper!
    Thanks so much for all you do, Proverbs 31 women!

  8. Mindy corradi says:

    I have been receiving these devotions for years now and have had the same experience where it spoke directly to my heart. Some days these words of encouragement were just what I needed to get myself out of bed, on others it was what helped me continue to put one foot in front of the other on horrible work days. Thanks to all who take their time and dedication putting together these devotions.

  9. I just started getting the daily devotions about a week ago, and I am so glad I do! In the short time that I have been reading them I have made some changes for the better, including reading more scripture, and setting up a blog so I can participate in the blog hop during the next bible study. I read the devotions as soon as I get to work. I find it’s a great way to start my day!

  10. I don’t recall how I originally found the devotional, or when I signed up. I do know that I have been a subscriber for some time. It is now a regular part of my morning meeting with God.

    In my Yahoo Mail, I have a section called “folders” where I can keep important emails. I have one folder entitled “God”. When I get an email that I think was sent to me from God, I put it there for future reference. I have a lot of emails from God! (I”m a work in progress!) The earliest one from Provers 31 stashed in this file was dated June 14, 2010 from Karen Ehman, entitled WITH MY BIBLE PRESSED TO MY HEART.

    Each day, I look forward to hearing from “the girls”. I know that there will be words to enrich and comments to strengthen. (And sometimes, I get a wonderful laugh!) It is clear to me that God is using you all to help women throughout the world. I’m in awe that you are able to connect us all together–regardless of our age, our condition, or our location. I thank you.

    May God continue to bless your ministry.

  11. I haven’t been receiving the daily emails however, my mom, who doesn’t go to church receives them & she forwards them on to me. I would have to say that in itself is a huge blessing. I thank you that you have so many resources to propel women forward.

  12. Karen Wilson says:

    I have been getting the PS 31 devotion for a couple of years and love it – so encouraging at work and often I share them with others. Thank you!

  13. Becky Babin says:

    I have been getting the Proverbs 31 devotions for a while now and I have a folder my mail just for them so if I need to go back to reread one it is there for me. I love them, they lift me up and make a grand way to begin my day!

  14. i just read today’s Proverbs 31 Devotional by Renee Swope and realized that it is the same verse we are working on in chapter 9 Isaiah 43:1 — really an interesting comparison to everyday life with fear and trusting god.

  15. I’ve been receiving the P31 devotionals for about a year now and I love them! Every day I would make it a ritual before I started my work day, to take about 10 minutes to get my day started the right way. I would start by praying, reading the devotional, praying some more, and followed it up by listening to some worship music. It really helped to improve my mood and my days went much better!

    I have gotten out of that habit and have not been doing that for a very long time…oh probably 6 months maybe even longer.

    So, today, right before typing this I stopped what I was doing and read today’s devotional. Fear. Trust. Silly me….I really could have resolved a lot of today’s problems and anxieties if I would have just taken that extra time to stop and share it with God. Because of the fears I have been having lately, I have been causing myself to have some major doubts and extra anxiety. Now, that I have asked God to help me with these fears and to just trust Him…some serious peace is coming over me. Thank You Jesus! and Thank You Proverbs 31 and Melissa Taylor OBS for the reminder!

  16. Courtney says:

    I have been receiving Proverbs 31 Devotionals for several years now. I must admit, I am one of those people that checks email first thing in the morning (bless my heart I always have my iPhone, iPad, or laptop near…. is that a sin?!? Seriously?!) The first email I read is from the ministry. It is a great way to start my day. And the devotional matches what is going on in my life, or helps me with a situation that happens later in the day. I also read each lady’s individual blog in the morning and throughout the day. You all are so special to me and a blessing to my life! May God continue to bless each of you and the Ministry! :)

  17. Renee D. says:

    I just signed up to receive the daily devotions! Excited to see them come through my email :-)

  18. I have been blessed by the Daily Devotions for about a year. One day at work, a colleague and I were discussing how to deal with some difficult co-workers and we jokingly said that we would just have to pray for them. About an hour later, my colleague sent me a link to the Daily Devotion and, of course, that was the subject – praying for difficult people in our lives! I responded “You get Proverbs 31 devotions, too?” That has bonded us and we lift each other up as we journey through difficult situations at work. Thanks for the work you do to share His message and bless our lives!

  19. Lee Roberts says:

    Today’s bible study reflection question that got me to thinking the most was the last question about our monster that is lurking in the deep. I feel that for me that monster has been my need to control people, situations, and places. I used to think that I was God’s little helper here on earth assigned that responsibility. Well through working on myself and with the help of this bible study I saw that my stressor were worse because of my need to control. I have been giving more and more things to God everyday. But I know that God will continually have to work on my sinful nature to run the show. But God is so great when I start giving even the little things to him he shows me how much better his plan for everything is. I just have to trust, obey, and let go. My monster has been shrinking in size lately and I hope one day to eradicate it and put it into extinction.

  20. Rebecca says:

    I am going to sign up for these daily devotions. I read another devotions book in the morning but I feel like the messages in these would be very good to hear too.

  21. Michelle says:

    I have been receiving the daily devotions from P31 for going on 4 years. I look forward to receiving them they have blessed me in my daily life and been a Word in due season. It seems no matter what I’m going through at the moment the devotions come at the right time and have helped me to rely more on God than myself or others.

  22. I love getting your devotions. They always speak to me what I need to hear. They are encouraging, and very uplifting. Thank you!

  23. Suzanne says:

    I can so relate to Melissa’s post today regarding the P31 Ministries daily devotions!! The one I received this past Thursday entitled “Comparisons Stink” by Lysa TerKeurst contained the following prayer that spoke straight to my heart that day: Dear Lord, forgive me for all of the times I’ve compared myself to others. I know that You have hand-picked all of my qualities. Help me to see these things as beautiful reminders of Your great love in creating me as Your daughter. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

    What a great way to start my day :-)

  24. I already receive the P31 daily devotions. I love them. I can count on the devotion being exactly what I need to hear that day. I did read Melissa Taylor’s devotion on “is God Enough”. I was having a rough day that day, and I remember asking myself, do I truly believe God is enough to get me through any situation. The answer is always yes!

  25. Marla Sjaardema says:

    My sister-in-law had this devotion on her facebook one morning. And I thought wow that is what I really needed to read today, so I signed up January 23, 2013 Learning to Live Stressed-Less by Tracie Miles.

    This week the scripture that is speaking to me is Proverbs 4:23 Chapter 9 page 183 Guard your heart above all else for it determines the course of your life. (Be careful how you think, your life is shaped by your thoughts) Also Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart do not depend on your own understanding. (Run to God! Run from evil. 1 Peter 2:2 Like newborn babies you must crave pure spiritual milk, ingesting the will and Word of God is an ongoing process, we need to spend time with God daily to be nourished in his word.

  26. Polly Schneider says:

    I receive the P31 daily devotions too. They are a great encouragement to me. I read them along with other devotions in the morning. They have enriched my quiet time. In reading through chapter 9 “Choose Your Weapons.” I would like to share that I think all of these weapons are needed to have victory. God, His Word, Spiritual vitamins, and prayer. I love all the scriptures dispersed throughout the chapter. It is a very encouraging one. I had never heard the connection between Rahab and the sea monster. Very interesting!

  27. I receive the P31 daily devotionals as well. I love knowing that there is some positive email waiting for me. :-) I find that I am excited to just know the devotional is waiting for me. I find at times if I am going through something that I feel like talking about and cant find the words for, I can go to the daily devotional and my answers are there. It is pretty awesome. Thank you all for everything you do! You truly are a blessing.

  28. I’ve been receiving the P31 daily devotions for about 2 years now. I can’t get enough of them and look forward to reading them each and every day. It’s amazing how He knows exactly what spiritual fulfillment and message I need daily :) I’ve often found myself reading them several times throughout the day when I need a refresher or moment of peace. I also share them with the women in my life and sometimes even my husband when I find them too important to keep to myself. They’re a tremendous blessing and I’m so thankful for them and the entire P31 Ministries team!

  29. Kristy Aiken (OBS Group Leader) says:

    The daily devotions are amazing. One written by Stephanie Clayton really touched my best friend in a major way. The way it worked out for her to read and for me to post it was an awesome God moment for me. I have always been drawn to P31. The amount of love and support in this ministry continues to blow me away. It seems God keeps bringing me to P31 in forms of blog posts, studies, devotions, and speakers. We are all so blessed for Proverbs 31 and Melissa Taylor’s Online Bible Studies. Love you all!

  30. Yes I do receive the Proverbs 31 Encouragement for Today emails each day — The so bless me, and when one of my friends is going through a particularly hard time – I can go back and find a devotion that applies to his or her needs!
    I love it when the Lord sends me one that I know I need to send to all my friends, and that will inspire them. So thank you so much for this wonderful venue in which to share Christ!!!
    God Bless You All!

  31. Katrina says:

    I signed up to start receiving the devotions just last week and they’ve already been such a blessing to me. So many of them have been just what I needed to hear – God’s perfect timing, and I have found them all to be relevent and helpful to my life and Christian walk.

  32. I absolutely love the devotions. I print them off and put them in a binder. It is amazing how often they are applicable. They are great to share as well!

  33. Barb Truman, OBS group 19 says:

    I L.O.V.E. reading the Daily Devotions each day. Between that and the Encouraging Word I receive each day from KLove radio, I get a boost in the right direction each day. It’s amazing how many times the message is just what I needed at the time. God is Good!!! The daily messages don’t replace my time with God’s Word though LOL!

  34. These online devotionals have been speaking to me and one of my best friends for so long now, that we now have a friendly little race going on to see who can get to it first! It’s all in The Spirit of fun and I cannot tell you how many times I’ve thought – “Oh, I’ll get to that later on today.” And then… after a day filled with chaos and busyness, read it to find that it was speaking directly TO MY SITUATION and would have centered me had I read it first thing in the morning!

    This ministry blesses me with it’s peace and perspective. It truly does.

  35. I was introduced to P31 on Facebook just before the unglued obs started. I signed up for the bible study and the daily devotional. So many mornings since that day I have gotten exactly the words I needed to hear. God works in such wonderful ways. The bible studies as well have always had a message I needed. Mind you not always what I wanted to hear but what I needed. P31 has a wonderful ministry in reaching women. When I need prayer I first text my church team and immediately send the request to P31. Jamy you have been an awesome prayer partner as well as the entire staff. While I am at it I want to encourage those who can to help support this ministry. I have had occasions to call and I am always uplifted. Thank you all and I pray that God’s love and mercy always cover you all.

  36. Three sentences spoke to me in Chapter 9:

    1. P. 178 -“Real strength results from PERSISTANT communication and fellowship with Him and allowing his Word to guide us through each day”. Key word: Persistent. I need to talk to Him throughout my day, not just while reading His word or praying.

    2. P. 183 -“I was unaware of the toll my feelings had taken on my spirit.” Key word: Spirit. I have been depressed due to my health circumstances, but need to remember “The joy of The Lord is my strength” Nehemiah 8:10

    3. P. 184 -“I had temporarily and inadvertently allowed the frustration to become my focus.” Key words: Frustration and Focus. I need to train my mindset to focus on His Word versus the frustration.

    I need to put into practice the above and write it on cards. Blessings to everyone everyday -:)

  37. Christine says:

    I’m already subscribed and have been receiving them for quite some time now! I love it and it’s true, they always seem to speak right into a circumstance in my life right when I need to hear it. Thank you!

  38. I started getting the daily devotions right around the same time that this Bible study started. I love reading them, as usually they relate to something I am going through. It makes it easier to get through things knowing that someone else has already been there, or is going through that same storm now.

  39. These devotions have been a part of my morning for over 2 years now. I start my day with coffee and Proverbs 31. It amazes me how God uses them to speak to me. These ladies have a true heart for God and I am blessed by their ministry in so many ways!

  40. Phyllis Nichols Gutierrez says:

    I have been receiving P31 Devotions for about 3 years now and they make such a difference in my days. I found out about you from a radio message and could not wait to get home and look up the website. What a difference in my life during these 3 years. You have been a guide and healer for a broken woman. I had lost my way and was just getting back into church and a relationship with Christ when I found you. Like so many who are broken and who are lost, I felt that I would never be able to “measure up” or be the woman God wanted me to be because I was such damaged goods. Reading your daily devotions and your books, plus the OBS have shown me that God really does like us broken people and that he was with me all the time…whispering to me that my discontent could only be healed by giving my life back to him, not a new pair of shoes.:) I finally listened and am so richly blessed. I continue to share the blessings I receive from your devotions with anyone who will listen. Thank you for your ministry and for your wonderful and caring leaders and employees. You touch many lives in so many ways and bless each of us every single day.

  41. I love the Encouragement for the Day devotions that come on my emails Mondays to Fridays. It is how I start my day and when I miss it or can’t access my emails, I feel lost. It is what has helped me in getting into the routine of starting each and everyday with God first. That hour that I have with him is something that I have come to depend on and need in order to have a good day. Thank you to all the talented writers that share from their hearts. And a lot of times, these devotions speak directly to what is happening in my life. God bless you all!

  42. I just signed up to receive the Daily Devotions – it will be nice to have some good words in my e-mail each day!!

  43. ConnieH says:

    I have been getting the Proverbs 31 Daily Devotionals for a few years now. I really enjoy hearing from different ladies. So many times the random message from a devotional will be exactly what our sermon was about the previous Sunday, or tie in closely with the current Bible Study I am doing. So many times I have forwarded the devotionals on to others, friends or fellow Bible Study participants, because the message was just so perfect I felt I had to share. I love receiving them in my email every morning. It’s something to look forward to and a wonderful way to start my day.

  44. I have been receiving the Daily Devotionals. I try to make it one of the first things I do at work. Many times it sets the mindset for my day. Just the right size, so much power in a short read. Thank You Ladies for providing such wonderful tools to help us in our walk with God!

  45. Myrtle Cash says:

    I tried to sign up didn’t work must
    of done something wrong will get my daughter to help when she returns :(

  46. I want to sign up to get the daily devotions.

  47. Susan Bradford says:

    Just signed up for the devotions. Great way to start the day!!

  48. Rebecca says:

    I enjoyed today’s devotional from Lysa. We really do need to think about why we are doing something and ask ourselves those 3 questions.

  49. Melanie says:

    I love the daily devotions! They all usually speak to me, but when they really hit home it makes me all warm and fuzzy! I know that is a hug from God and reassurance that he is in control of everything all the time! :-)

  50. I already get the daily devotions and I LOVE them. I’ve been getting them 3 yrs now I guess. You are so right… So many times they are just what I need! Thanks so much for being the vessels to bring Gods word and share your stories with all of us. :-)