Jun 8

SLL week 9 ~ Praises & Prayer Requests

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This has been a big chapter!  Thanks to Jamy for leading us through it.  I pray that you have examined yourselves and identified any weapons that you may need to hone or sharpen.   

Choose God– “Real strength results from persistent communication and fellowship with him…”

Choose God’s Word – “His Word, and all the truths tucked deep within every page and every verse, is the most powerful weapon that we have to fight this battle of stress.”

Choose Spiritual Vitamins – “…in order to stay close to Christ and be equipped to handle the problems and stress that life would bring, we (need) to be fed spiritually on a daily basis.”

Choose Prayer – “Prayer is a weapon that nobody can ever take away from us, not even our worst enemy.”

Choose Victory – “God rules.  He rules over everything and ALWAYS prevails.” (emphasis mine)

Our Scripture Break verse in the photo above (Romans 16:20) reminds us that in the end, God wins.  And if we are on His team, we do too.  Not only do we win, but He will crush Satan under our feet.  It’s a lot easier to fight the battles when we focus on the war-especially when we know the outcome. The key point there is that we have to be on His team.  Before you go any further, consider that carefully, because EVERYTHING depends upon your answer.  You can get everything else right, but if you haven’t committed yourself to Him it isn’t going to matter.

Ginny Blankenship
P31 OBS Teaching Team

Our winner this week is Elaine Ledlow, email beginning belaine19! Congratulations, you have won a signed copy of our next Online Bible Study book, What Happens When Women Say Yes to God!

Did you discover a weakness in your arsenal that has given the devil a foothold?  Did you commit or recommit yourself to Him?  Please share with us so that we can lift you up in prayer.  And as always, we love to rejoice with you as well.  Every prayer request and praise is read and prayed over by a member of the Online Bible Study team, even if we don’t post a response.  We love each and every one of you, and Jesus does too!




  1. Janet F says:

    Praises for this weeks VBS at our church. It was awesome!!! Our theme was Kingdom Rock. Our church is in a little town 5 miles from where I live. The town’s population is only 159 people. We had 114 kids at VBS last week from surrounding towns and this morning at our program they announced the offering the kids brought. Over $1400.00 for the week. Our church has put in a well in Haiti and also sponsors a feeding clinic as several from our church have taken yearly trips to Haiti and have a passion to help them there. The kids at VBS voted to send a kid to school with the money raised and some leaders from VBS also sponsored a child. It takes only $120.00 to send one child to school for the year. They get a meal, their uniform and books etc. for the school year. Our VBS sent 15 kids to a Christian school this fall where they will also learn about Jesus!!! Praises to God!!!!!

  2. Believing God says:

    Please pray for my family’s protection against the enemy and also for household salvation & deliverance. We are facing a very huge situation that we need the Lord to turn, change or do away with altogether. Our family’s future is at stake and this situation could cost us all/impact the entire family in very negative ways. Please pray the Lord’s hand be quick, as time is of the essence. Thank you.