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SLL week 9 ~ Praises & Prayer Requests

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This has been a big chapter!  Thanks to Jamy for leading us through it.  I pray that you have examined yourselves and identified any weapons that you may need to hone or sharpen.   

Choose God– “Real strength results from persistent communication and fellowship with him…”

Choose God’s Word – “His Word, and all the truths tucked deep within every page and every verse, is the most powerful weapon that we have to fight this battle of stress.”

Choose Spiritual Vitamins – “…in order to stay close to Christ and be equipped to handle the problems and stress that life would bring, we (need) to be fed spiritually on a daily basis.”

Choose Prayer – “Prayer is a weapon that nobody can ever take away from us, not even our worst enemy.”

Choose Victory – “God rules.  He rules over everything and ALWAYS prevails.” (emphasis mine)

Our Scripture Break verse in the photo above (Romans 16:20) reminds us that in the end, God wins.  And if we are on His team, we do too.  Not only do we win, but He will crush Satan under our feet.  It’s a lot easier to fight the battles when we focus on the war-especially when we know the outcome. The key point there is that we have to be on His team.  Before you go any further, consider that carefully, because EVERYTHING depends upon your answer.  You can get everything else right, but if you haven’t committed yourself to Him it isn’t going to matter.

Ginny Blankenship
P31 OBS Teaching Team

Our winner this week is Elaine Ledlow, email beginning belaine19! Congratulations, you have won a signed copy of our next Online Bible Study book, What Happens When Women Say Yes to God!

Did you discover a weakness in your arsenal that has given the devil a foothold?  Did you commit or recommit yourself to Him?  Please share with us so that we can lift you up in prayer.  And as always, we love to rejoice with you as well.  Every prayer request and praise is read and prayed over by a member of the Online Bible Study team, even if we don’t post a response.  We love each and every one of you, and Jesus does too!




  1. First, I would like to praise the Lord for a WONDERFUL week of Bible school. Our church is a very small rural one, with very few school-age children within it; yet, with God’s blessings…. we managed to have a record 91 youngsters attend on Wednesday evening! Each night we had at least 45-50. We were also blessed with many willing teen and adult hands to assist.

    Second, I would like to request prayer for our minister. Early in the week he began experiencing an extreme headache. His wife rushed him to the emergency room where he was diagnosed with a migraine. He received medication and treatment, but he is still experiencing dizziness and some ill effects. I ask prayer for his continued improvement of health, so that he may return to doing God’s work.

    • I will pray for your minister. My 15 year old daughter suffers from migraines as well. As a mom I feel so helpless as i watch her suffer with her pain. Her doctor has given her a prescription medication to take for her migraines. She has to take it right away as soon as she feels one coming on. She gets visual migraines and before the pain comes she cant see well at all – everything looks like she is looking through a raindrop filled windshield. She has that about 15 minutes before the pain and nausea hit. Then even with the med she has at least another hour of pain and nausea. She prefers that i lay in her bed in her dark quiet room holding her hand until it passes and that is really saying something because she is not my “touchy feely” child at all! I pray your minister quickly recovers from his pain, discovers what helps and what doesn’t help and most importantly discovers his “triggers” so that he can avoid them in the future.

      • My 19 year old son suffers from migraines. He has gotten 2 in the last week. He takes daily medication to prevent them and zoomig when he feels it coming on. His are triggered by stress, dehydration, chocolate. Our series at church is about demons and angels this week and our minister warned us that the devil would be attacking our families as we bring scripture to light about combating Satan. Please pray for Nicks headaches to be healed. I will pray for your minister and your daughter. Thank you!

        • I also suffer with really bad migraines so I completely understand how he feels. I’ll pray. Please pray for me also.

      • sondra s. says:

        lots of posts on migraines today. since i have had them most of my life, i really do sympathize with you sufferers. finally, there are a lot of choices in medication, and i have tried most of them. now, i take maxalt and phenergan for the nausea. such a difference. resting in a cool, dark, quiet room with ice pack on my head is a must. also, i go through the relaxation exercise. it really does help (most of the time)

    • Stella – that is something to shout about! Praise God for bringing so many little ones to your VBS. Praying for your pastor!

    • TABITHA JONES says:

      I will be praying for your minister. I had a very bad migraine this past week so I know how painful those can be. I have a small church too so I know you were excited to have that many Wednesday night. God blesses the little churches just like the big ones. You are in my prayers today.

    • Kris Danko (OBS Small Group Leader) says:

      Stella, that is wonderful news about your Bible school!!!

      And for ALL the ladies suffering from migraines or who know someone suffering, prayers that the pain and suffering eases. I get them from time to time and someone recently recommended essential oils to help ease the pain. I was skeptical, but it is helpful, so it might be something worth checking out!!

  2. Jennifer says:

    BIG praise – I truly was blessed and enjoyed this past week with minimal stress-balling (my term for freaking out) even with unplanned activities (the dog getting sick, an invitation to a swim party for my daughter), and I truly believe I was able to celebrate the end of school activities and enjoy the time getting ready for Ellie’s recital and for the kids going on their grand adventure to Grandma’s house next week while I finish preparing for my leave of absence this next week. I’m celebrating Ellie’s recital this afternoon, and I was so impressed with their dress rehearsal last night – I know they’re going to be amazing – my son may inadvertently enjoy himself! :)

    Prayer request – safe travels for my husband and children as he drives them up to my mom’s house tomorrow, and returns the same day to be ready for work Monday, and for a fabulous week with Grandma as Grandma does some things differently than Mom does. Prayer request that I continue to allow God to direct my steps at work as I know that will create the best outcome there. And – I noticed that after the kids got out of school that a blanket of stress dropped off me – I want to learn how to let go of that stress, too! I’m greedy now! :) Prayers that I would continue to absorb all God has for me in this study and would let go and allow His perfect work to continue within me.

    Much love,

    • Jennifer, that term made me laugh – stressballing – because we use that around here once in a while too! Praying that God gives the kids patience as they adjust to Grandma’s ways and that your husband’s trip is safe and smooth.

    • Kris Danko (OBS Small Group Leader) says:

      Jennifer, I also love the term stress-balling!! I am happy you are finding relief from stress with the end of the school year. I never imagined until I had a child how much stress comes to the parents from school activities and homework!!

      Prayers for safe travels for your husband and children and much patience as they adjust to Grandma’s ways. I hope they enjoy their visit!!

  3. I am using my full arsenal in my spiritual warfare! What really hit home for me when I was ready this chapter is choose victory! I actually was filled with so much strength and power to know that god prevails he always wins! He is on my side! He’s got this and he is on my Sid! Wow!

    Prayers for my children’s father and his wife. Please soften their hearts towards my children (his children) please pray for their salvation so they would know that they will know that the care and financial provision for his children is a call from God. Amen

    • Ginny Blankenship says:

      That’s awesome that you are using your arsenal!

      Lord, I pray that you not only soften the heart of this man, but of all father’s. Help them to live the calling that You have given them. Help them to first love You, and then to live as an example of your love.

    • Kris Danko (OBS Small Group Leader) says:

      Sandy, victory was my favorite part of this week’s chapter. So happy you enjoyed it!!! Prayers for your children’s father and his family.

  4. Rebecca says:

    I would say not trusting God enough is my weakness. My praise is getting to work at my summer job this week. Prayer would be that I will be able to get more days since I am on-call and also for a job in the fall since I really would like something full-time. Also for a women in my church who’s grandson was in a bad car accident a few weeks ago and she has not been able to cope well with this. She is ignoring people who reach out to her and not attending church. I guess she always does this when their is a struggle in her life and I would like her to be able to trust God and her Christian family to help her with her needs.

    • Ginny Blankenship says:

      Praying for this woman to feel God’s arms wrapped around her and to be comforted during this time.

    • Kris Danko (OBS Small Group Leader) says:

      Prayers for your friend at church and her grandson, that they both feel God’s healing in their lives, Rebecca!

  5. Please keep my friend Laura and her husband, Rainey, in prayer. Rainey’s lungs have been damaged by his chemo treatments. He has moved into hospice. They have not given up hope for a miracle. Their faith and love for God through this ordeal has been a huge testimony to so many.
    Thank you for your prayers,
    Beth A.

    • Kris Danko (OBS Small Group Leader) says:

      Beth, my mom has recently gone through radiation treatments for lung cancer and it’s been badly affecting her. I so feel for your friend Rainey and will pray for a miracle and peace for him and his family.

  6. My prayers request is for my son who will be facing the judge this Thursday for a felony offense, for my husband and I as we walk through this with him. He is only 21 and I still pray for that miracle, that all will see the progress he is making and not put him in jail, and not sentence him to terms unmanageable. Also, my best friend who is getting a divorce, for strength and wisdom to move forward. For praise for my church as we go out tomorrow and “Do Something” in our community. There are over 1000 of us, I pray for good weather!

    • Kris Danko (OBS Small Group Leader) says:

      Becky, I pray the Lord opens the judge’s heart so he can see the progress your son is making and take that into account during the court hearing. Prayers also for you and your husband, as you face this with him.

  7. Doubt is my problem. I take a good dose of spiritual vitamins (2 obs’, devotions, reading the Word, sharing it with my kids, talking to the Lord all day long, etc.), but somehow I still struggle with doubt. I know, and believe, God is who He says He is, and I am constantly laying myself and my kids at His feet in surrender, but although doubt is getting better it is still there. Prayer: I need to make a decision pronto on a new school for my 4 middle schoolers. I don’t have any clarity on what to do, although I have been praying and asking God what to do. i know His timing is perfect, but I am just about out of time! Everyone is going on summer break. Praise: we finallyget to pick up permits to start our new shop! We have been waiting 2 mos! Another prayer for provision so we don’t have to go into debt please!!!

    • Nancy Dye says:

      Jaime, I can relate to what you wrote about doubt. I, too, feel his presence and can remember ways in which things came into my life in His good timing. However, I still worry and wonder about how things will come out despite putting many situations in His hands. I’m conflicted as to whether He shakes His head or is disappointed in me. In addition to appreciating the thought of being grateful for “unanswered prayers,” I also know He realizes that human beings fall short in being 100% compliant in His ways.

      Kudos to you for starting a new shop! It’s a bold move that will succeed with God’s grace. I’ll pray for the school decision and the shop.

      I ask my sisters in prayer that God gives me an answer about finding a new job in Indiana. My husband and I want to relocate to be closer to my elderly mother-in-law in central Indiana, who is a LOVELY woman. Right now we live 4 1/2 hours from her and the thought of coming to her aid in an emergency is stressful. She is very independent right now and for that we are fortunate. However, I believe she’d be thrilled if we were closer to her and God knows how all this will pan out if He guides us in this direction. I hope so!

      • Kris Danko (OBS Small Group Leader) says:

        Nancy, prayers for you and your husband, as you change your life and move to help out his mother. It’s wonderful that you are going to be able to do that!!

    • Kris Danko (OBS Small Group Leader) says:

      Jaime, prayers that your new shop is successful and you find the answers you need for school for your children. And that you can learn to fully trust the Lord and not feel so much doubt. I struggle with this, too, so I do realize it is easier said than done!!

  8. Jeanie Kelley says:

    My continued prayer for this week will be a job for Warren. As I posted on Face Book, we are running out of the savings we have and there is no job in sight except for the small odd jobs that are out there. We are now trying to figure where the rest of the money would come from.

    Please pray that I can do this challenge of getting myself up early to spend with Jesus. Today it was being concerned about the cats and getting laundry done before I head to get groceries. Please pray that my priorities will get straight on this. I want to spend this time with him, but I feel like there are way too many distractions out there that I am paying more attention to.

    I guess I should have put this first. Praise–Daniel made it home safely from Wisconsin last night. Granted the teenage years are already speaking volumes to me once again. He will have three weeks with us then to Truman University for three weeks in July. Also a praise, he has a 4.0 grade point average. This is huge for him to succeed like this. Please pray that God will get a hold of him and so he can begin to have a quiet time as well. This is what they discussed at camp this week. Thanks for praying.

    • Jeannie, praying for Warren! You are in my thoughts and prayers also. You must be so proud of Daniel’s success in school! Good job, Mom!!!
      Love and Prayers,
      Beth A.

  9. Yes, I am working on more scripture memorization as a weapon. My prayer request is that my 22 year old will have a relationship with Jesus and be saved. He grew up in church, but in college turned his back on church and questions God.. He has demons that surround him as he struggles with ADD, moodiness, depression, anger. This is the biggest prayer request of my life that Jake gets saved and finds peace and happiness.

    • Becky Kneller says:

      Fran, depression causes all those other symptoms. My son who is also 22 has battled it for years. He also was angry, moody, and has ADHD. He also grew up in Church. I am blessed that he sought treatment for the depression. It changed his life and is now engaged. I am praying for your son. That he gets help and reconnects with Christ.

      • Fran and Becky your prayer request and comments were a God send for me today.I also have a 22 year old son who is struggling with anger,rebelling against what we have taught him,college,and other things.My husband and I have thought of getting him tested or treated for ADD. Satan is fighting this young man hard because he is so musically gifted and plays with our worship team. Please pray for him and us as parents that God will direct us as to help him.

        • Becky Kneller says:

          Naomi, I will keep your son in prayer. Just love him through his rebellion. I did with mine. I always look on how we as God’s children behave, and He still loves us and forgives us.

        • Naomi, keep praying! My son is 27 and is a worship leader. Music is what kept him connected during those rough years. Lots of Hillsong, Chris Tomlin,and Elevation Worship songs can really cut right to the heart!
          Love and Prayers,
          Beth A.

  10. Kris Danko (OBS Small Group Leader) says:

    “Did you discover a weakness in your arsenal that has given the devil a foothold? Did you commit or recommit yourself to Him?”

    Yes, I certainly did!! The last few weeks I have been in a serious funk and have felt that dark pit of depression making a comeback in my life. It was something I thought for sure I had under control, so I felt especially bad that I was letting it take over my life again. It wasn’t until I read Tracie’s words about spiritual warfare that I began to think of it as that. Satan would like nothing better than for me to be in that pit, to not want to lead my ladies as effectively as I can, to not want to get into the Word and follow God. Once I started thinking of it like that and really making sure I was digging into my study, the Word, and connecting with my ladies, it was like a cloud lifted from my life!!! THAT is my praise for the week!

    • Kris, as I read your entry here, I was nodding my head in deep agreement! Spiritual warfare is sneaky and ugly and clouds the victory from our vision, doesn’t it? Praise God for lifting the cloud of darkness! I pray we keep our vision clear with all of the spritual tools and vitamins we can muster!

      • Kris Danko (OBS Small Group Leader) says:

        Missy, I think we “talked” on your blog before about depression. It is very sneaky, and even sneakier that I don’t always recognize it for what it is!! Thanks!!

    • Ginny Blankenship says:

      Praise God! Keep fighting girl!

      • Praise The Lord !! Keep running the race kris xo

        • Kris Danko (OBS Small Group Leader) says:

          Thank you, Ginny and Cindy!!

          • Yes Kris never give up and know that each time the enemy co.es at you, you get a little stronger. When you use the weapons God has provided Satan loses more ground. God Bless and you are in my prayers.

    • Kris, I fight that battle too though I try to put on a good face. Turning my focus back to Jesus and scripture is helping. I’ve been alone all week with my husband traveling out of the country, fighting a bad cold, and isolating myself…. Yesterday I read tons, played hymns on the piano, and listened to music. It was a good day.
      You are in my prayers!!!
      Beth A.

  11. Diane W. says:

    I had the most awesome day yesterday. Since it was pouring rain, and I don’t have a job, I spent hours, reflecting on our Chapter 9, our bible verse, and reading blogs. I realized that God’s Spirit was there with me. I felt like I was walking on cloud 9, with no worries or cares. I also prayed scriptures a lot. This morning I have prayed and told God, today I am laying everything down at the foot of the cross. My doubts, my worries, my fears, my mouth and negative comments and thoughts. I have taken my spiritual vitamins this morning!

  12. Like Diane, above, I have had 2 unexpected days to just soak in God’s Word through my Bible, blog/devotionals, and prayer. It has been an incredible gift that has strengthened me. I forget how much power to carry on and keep running the race strong, is available when we seek out God first each day!

    I would say, though, that I noticed that my area of weakness is remembering that the victory is already God’s. I need to keep that perspective. I’m praying to keep exactly that perspective!

    This has been an amazing week of growth. Thank you for your teaching Ginny and Jamy!

  13. felicia says:

    Please pray for me Felicia I woke up with a migraine headache.Stressful week, but leaving everything in Gods hands.

    • Praying for you!!! It’s so hard to leave everything in God’s hands and trust Him, especially when you can’t think because of a migraine…blessings to you!

    • TABITHA JONES says:

      I am praying for you Felicia. I had a migraine at the beginning of the week and they are horrible.

  14. Susan Bradford says:

    My husband’s daughter Megan also suffers from migraines and more recently has had shoulder surgery. The doctors are having difficulty getting her pain under control, so she is really having a difficult recovery. Starting to feel very depressed. Please lift her up that, not only for a quick recovery from her surgery, but also for some answers to those beastly migraines.

  15. DebbieK says:

    I have loved this chapter. At the beginning of this year I chose my One Word to focus on throughout this year – SEEK. I committed to Seek God diligently this year. I put into place “spiritual vitamins” (didn’t know they were called that then) to help me stay focused on my goal and Seek God daily. I won’t say that I’ve done it perfectly every single day, but having things in place to help me stick to my goal has been a wonderful help. I have never stayed this consistent in studying, meditating, and memorizing God’s word before. I want to continue to find new and better ways to keep God’s word and His presence in my life.

  16. My weakness still lies in not putting God first, as in, I need Him first thing in the morning. I know it is satan who keeps me from getting up earlier and giving me the extra time before work to read His word and pray. I do listen to podcasts or Christian music on my way to work, but my persoal demon is getting up earlier. Because I want to read the word and soak it up before leaving my house.

    Special prayer request for my daughter-in-law’s father. He is 61 and was in a horrible accident yesterday while at work. He hit a tree and ended up having brain surgery yesterday, has a broken neck and leg. He is in a coma now. The next 48 hours they are letting the brain have rest and then see where to go from there.The nice thing is that her parents are divorced and both remarried and everyone has gathered together in support of him. No hatred or angry words; just gathering and praying for a miracle. My son and daughter in law will meet us at the hospital today and I have encouraged her to speak to him; she’s very squimish about hospitals. Praying for God to touch his body and heal him and to bring spiritual love to those caring for him.

    • I love what you said: “…but my personal demon is getting up earlier.” So true! He never sleeps or rests, I had never thought about that. Thank you for sharing. Prayers for you, and for your daughter’s father in law…that is awful. Praying for a healing miracle!!!

  17. Beverly Reeder says:

    I have a friend who family has been under a lot of stress lately. They need our prayers . My friend went into the hospital to have a stint put in her her heart. During the procedure several complications arose which the family had to make many stressful decisions. These complications resulted in her death. The funeral is this weekend. Please pray for this family.

    • Ginny Blankenship says:

      Lord, comfort this family. Let them feel peace about the decisions they made and help them to heal.

      • Pat (OBS small group leader) says:

        Praying in agreement with Ginny, LORD. Please surround this family with Christian brothers and sisters who will provide comfort to them not only this weekend, but also in the coming weeks.

  18. Again, I cannot believe how God put exactly what I needed to hear in my life at exactly the time I needed it! This was a stressful week, both in work and family life. Praises to God for helping the work week go smoothly while we were short-staffed! Prayers for my family who is going through some tough times, some of them are having some major spiritual warfare (even though they do not see it that way). Also I will be traveling this week, so prayers for safety would be appreciated – but praise for vacation time! :) Thank you! God bless :)

    • Pat (OBS small group leader) says:

      Father, thank You for Your provisions at Natalie’s work last week. I ask that You please give Natalie safe travels this week and that her vacation time be restful and reviving. Please guide her family members through their trials and show them Your light at the end of the tunnel. I ask these things in Jesus’ name, for Your glory. Amen.

  19. Sondra R says:

    Praise..Thank YOU JESUS for Proverbs 31, OBS. Study has been and is awe inspiring. Comments are Spiritual, “GOD Winks” daily. Prayers…Our son, 43, divorced, single parent of 8 year ld boy and 11 year old girl. Unemployed and pays $600.00 a month child support. He hasnt ever missed a payout in 4 years. Struggles with denial, anger, and fustration. Jesus is the Lord of his life and he continues to serve in church, however, PAIN is written across his head and his heart. Our GOD knows him well, as I and mostly everyone I know is praying or has prayed for him and his situation many times. I appreciate all prayers on his behalf, and his two children as well. Supporting each other in prayer is a blessed Vitamin.
    Thank each of you.

    • Diane W. says:

      Me too, Missy!

      • Diane W. says:

        Sondra, I am praying for your son, that somehow, he would find joy! He has such a heavy burden to carry, but God.. Is in control. I’m sure your heart breaks for him. I don’t understand though, how he can be made to pay child support if he’s unemployed. Praying for the whole family!

  20. Please pray for some unspoken requests.

    • Pat (OBS small group leader) says:

      Heavenly Father, thank You for always being there for us and guiding us. Thank You for Your love and Your grace. Thank You for each lady who comes here and each family represented. Thank You for Proverbs 31 Ministries, this study and the computer technology that brings Your message to so many. I lift up the unspoken requests of this dear sweet sister. You know her trials and You know her heart. Please comfort her and direct her and her family. I ask this in the precious name of Jesus. Amen.

  21. Marie (Ree) says:

    Praise for a good report from my Dr yesterday…taking me off the Beta Blocker. It’s had my blood pressure so low and counteracting my thyroid meds. So I know why I’ve been so tired again. Hoping to gain new strength so I won’t miss my time with The Lord hitting the snooze button each morning! Thanking Him for a beautiful day along the Tennessee River today and safety with my family on the water! We so love the Lake Life and are blessed to be able to take a respit from the daily grind here with friends this weekend. You can actually hear the birds sing. City life drowns out the joyful noise of some of God’s most beautiful creations. I can a tuallt hear the soft buzz of a hummingbird as he drinks from the feeder close by. The ripple of the water along the bank has created a gentle creaking from a boat dock off in the distance. I love the early morning peaceful sounds, before the drone of the ski boat engines hit the water…yet the excited screams of the young kids being slung around on inner tubes often rises above it! Thank you God for the changing of the Seasons! We love the Summer in the South, even with all it’s heat and humidity, because it makes us appreciate the Fall when it arrives with its cooling breeze that much more! Blessings and much Peace to all of you today!

    • Amen!

      • I agree so much with appreciating God’s wonderful creations and moments… Early mornings, autumn, water on a creek, a breeze, – the little things are the big things!

        • What a wonderful picture you painted with your words. Praising with you. God bless

  22. To all my OBS sisters,I am praying for each and every one of you,

  23. Praise for this week is allowing God to help me learn to let go and allow him to work. I suffer from OCD disorder and this is a constant battle & stress for me. I’ve been asking him to intervene in my circumstances & do what only HE can do & I praise Him that He has answered my prayers one by one daily. I’m asking him to fill me with His Word. & allow these spiritual truths to help me at every moment. I also learned instead of allowing myself to be so overwhelmed by all the to-do’s on my list I’m asking him what he wants me to do. & I’m choosing one & doing it well. I need prayer for my health, finances, a position with a district, for guidance. & wisdom. I praise him for answering & hearing my cries. Thanks to the women at Proverbs 31 for your continued prayers. I have many weaknesses in my arsenal one by one & day by day he is helping me.

  24. Reading the comments from all of you is such a gift. I pray and I rejoice and I feel a part of your lives and connected. Praying for the requests and asking for prayer for our daughter as she needs to make a decision in the next day or two about staying in Ireland for a fall semester of college. She needs money to do so and needs a good job now. I know God is using all this to show her Him. He is awesome and powerful and gracious ! Amen

    • Praying for your daughter and for God to show her His will for her at this time.

  25. Praise for a powerful week of this OBS – what a great chapter!
    The weakness in my arsenal is negativity and doubt. This week has given me a lot of insight into using all my “weapons” to keep Satan’s negative thoughts at bay. And those negative thoughts impair my ability to fully trust and let God be in control.
    Prayer request is for me to be able to know God’s path for me and to have the strength to move ahead or to be still if it’s not God’s timing for me to move.

    • Pat (OBS small group leader) says:

      Heavenly Father, thank You for Kim and the lessons You are teaching her through this study. I lift Kim up to You and ask that You will show her Your path for her. Please close doors that need to be closed so she will know Your will in this area. Give her Your supernatural strength to do what is pleasing to You. I ask this so You will be glorified, in the precious name of Jesus. Amen.

  26. Kathleen says:

    Thank you for the Pic. I love it. The illustration goes so well the Bible Verse. His sword so strong. :) God Bless. <3

    • Pat (OBS small group leader) says:

      AMEN!! I love the pic, too!! Have a blessed Sunday, Kathleen!! <3

  27. Courtney says:

    Sensational Saturday my OBS sisters! I pray each of you had a blessed week! I don’t know what each of you specially need, but I am pray for each of you! I’m asking for continued prayer for me. I will have surgery next Wednesday. As the days get closer, I get down. It’s hitting me that I will never be a birth mother. But, God has a plan for me through all this! Please pray for my husband’s strength. He’s trying to be strong for me, but he’s terrified! And, praises to God he got a new job. Downfall, he’s starting right after I have surgery. I’m praying that he’s mind stays clear so he can focus on his new position. Also, please pray for my mother-in-law as she travels from Alabama to Texas to care for me. She hates flying and it’s a 10 hour drive that she will be making. Pray for a safe trip and for patience with me! Sometimes I can be a naughty patient!

    • Lisa Driscoll says:

      Praying for peace for you and your family as Wednesday approaches. Let the hours and minutes pass knowing God surrounds you with his deep love and care.

    • Praying for you, your family and your doctors and nurses as they care for you.

    • Pat (OBS small group leader) says:

      Father God, thank You for our sister Courtney. I ask that You please take her in Your arms and hold her close as Wednesday approaches. Please guide her physicians and medical staff as they care for her. If any of them are not believers, I pray that they will see Jesus in her. I also lift up Courtney’s mother-in-law as she travels to care for Courtney; I ask for safe travels and for a time where they can become close. Please provide Courtney’s husband with Your strength as he begins his new position…please allow him to have restful sleep at night so his mind will be able to focus. Father, I ask these things in Jesus’ name, for Your glory alone. Amen.

  28. Pray for my marriage as it is really ugly and I am barely hanging on.

    • Praying for you that God’s love will surround you.

      • Melanie says:

        I am praying for u. I have been in your shoes and I know how hard it gets. I am not to sure that my marriage is any better but at least the last few hours have been peaceful. I am asking for prayers for my marriage and I am praying hard for you.

      • TABITHA JONES says:

        I am praying for you and your marriage. I pray for love to surround you.

  29. Praise for getting finally to a cardiologist and getting another medication that seems to help lower my heart rate. She was a new cardiologist for me and is younger, but found her to be excellent! Praise praise God! I am on a heart monitor for 3 weeks, so that is okay.

    Prayers for my strength with this new golden retreiver puppy that is 8 weeks! Her name will either be Jasmine (Her Mom) or Molly or Daisy! She does bark when I leave but God is steering me to solutions. Glory be to God!

    Praise for being part of this sisterhood! Blessings to everyone!

  30. Asking for prayers for my daughter who is on a church retreat this weekend. She has been having a very rough time with many things lately and I was surprised that she wanted to go since she has not been wanting to be involved with church lately.

  31. Becky Kneller says:

    I am asking for prayer for my coworker Bill. His older brother took his own life on Wednesday. Their Mom was present when this occurred. She was trying to help her child, but was unsuccessful. The family has cleaned out his apartment and making arrangements for the funeral. Please pray for comfort & support for this family.

  32. Melissa D. says:

    Praising God for a safe delivery of my third baby boy and praying for relief from the pain shooting up my neck (literally) related to having given birth. :)

  33. Praising God and very thankful for a good attitude today. Also spent most of the day having Jesus time and will continue to do so this evening. Haven’t been able to do this for a while. Kids are at their dad’s house while I’m handling some health issues that I have. Thankful that we are all safe.

  34. Lee Roberts says:

    Right now I am without a job but I have some retirement income coming in. My husband and I are going to counseling with our pastor and trying to restore our marriage. Please pray for my husband and I and that God will use us in whatever way he wants. God has already lead my husband to accept the call to the ministry. But I know that the devil will try to mess things up for us so please pray for us. I don’t know how God wants to use me yet but I do feel like he wants me to be involved in some way too. I am a retired teacher. I just want to follow in whatever God leads us to do for him.

  35. Melanie says:

    This week started out less stressful than the end of the week. I have not spent as much time with God this week as I should have and even less towards the end of the week. I am praying that I can make it a daily priority to start my day with God and in his word.
    My marriage is stressed because of things that have happened in the past andirons just find it hard to pray for my husband when it seems that he has no interest in changing. I want my marriage to be all that God intends and to add to this we are experiencing some financial difficulties. These difficulties have been worse and I praise God that they have improved some but I am asking prayer that we can put God back in our marriage and finances. We have a wonderful family with 4 kids. I am thankful For my family, my church and what it means to me and our health and the ability to be able to work. God had blessed me more than I deserve.
    Please pray I can do more for God and have pure motives and a pure heart.
    Thanks for this wonderful study.

  36. Linda K says:

    I am so far behind in this study – while I was able to keep up, it was such a blessing. The last chapter I worked through was chapter 6. Is there any way to access the lessons to do at my own pace? Each Sunday when the next week’s chapter is introduced, I get more and more discouraged.

    • Becky Kneller says:

      They recommended starting with the group, next week chapter 10. Then you can go back later. Don’t be discouraged. Save the emails. Many are behind. Praying that things will ease for you.

      • Linda, my advice is just skip what you have missed for now. The studies are all archived. You can always go back and do those chapters later. No stress, my friend! We’re all in this together!
        Love and Prayers,
        Beth A. (OBS Group Leader)

  37. Praying for my sisters in Christ. When we have burdens, all we need to do is look around and know there are others hurting along with us. Praying God will hear our request for each need and desire and answer according to His Will.

  38. TABITHA JONES says:

    Praise the Lord for this OBS. I have gotten so much closer to the Lord through this study. I love the term “spiritual vitamins” I never heard it put like it was in this chapter but I love it. My family has been doing really well lately and I can’t get a thought out of my head because we are doing God’s work. I constantly have this thought ” you know when you are doing well in the Lord and everything seems on track, the devil will come at you harder” I have let this phrase over take me some days and I know I should just be more aware and be able to flee from him. I guess I am just afraid things are going to cave any minute because it has been so good. Please pray that I will subside from this thought.
    I have really enjoyed this chapter more than any other and I want to thank all the OBS Leaders for the time they put in this study. You are all such a blessing in my life. I hope one day we can all meet each other face to face. I have prayed over each post and enjoyed reading about everyone else’s lives. It is good to know that we can all share and pray for each other.

  39. Prayers during unknown health struggles and for safe travels in the coming week. Traveling with young children always needs prayer. :)

    Praise for little victories for myself and my family in the past week.

  40. CarolAnne says:

    I sometimes just don’t feel “good enough” in different areas of my life, and am using all of the ideas on prayer mentioned in this OBS. Have page 195 circled in yellow highlighter! My praise is for all the Leaders that are doing such a wonderful job with their unique viewpoints and the verses they point out for us. God Bless All of Us:Leaders and Students!

    ~~ Also found that drinking enough water helped my migrane headaches so much they eventually disappeared; the formula is half your body weight = the ounces of water you should try to drink, i.e. 100 pounds weight = 50 ounces water~~ ease into it!

  41. I get a verse of the day email each morning, and this week, one of those verses really spoke to me: “In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.” (James 2:17).

    I felt as if it spoke to me and I needed to start doing the action part. Reading the versus and devotionals are easy, but I needed to participate and really dig much deeper. So today I bought a bible and notebook so that I can start to fully participate in these bible studies. I also created a blog so that I can participate in the blog hop.

    I’m ready to take action!

  42. I really enjoyed chapter 9 it was truly a life changer to me. It really cut deep. I got so much out of this chapter, now I see why it was a struggle for me to get to this chapter, but I made it. I realize that I was flowing off adrenaline. I realize that I was not committed like I should in all the areas God, God’s word, Spiritual Vitamins, Prayer and Victory. I pray a lot but I realize that my prayers were not effective because I was spiritually block. I was block from open communication with my father because I was consume with so much, thinking of ways to fix things. Not truly trusting and allowing God to be the captain in this Jurney. But I have repented with God and I had serious conversation of recommitment. So please pray that as of today my life will never be the same. As I begin to make lots of ajustments in my relationship, reading and meditating in the word, putting my trust completely in Him. Whatever I must do to be stress less in the chaos. Please pray my strength to go fourth.

  43. My sisters in Christ The Lord says in Matthew 18:18-20 that when two or more shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. As we agree I call Abba Abba, Jehovah Jireh, El Shaddai for my best friend Cindy. Lord you say to come to you all who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and your will give us rest, and that we are to take your yoke upon us. Lord Cindy needs your immediate intervention. Lord Satan is attacking her and family with death and destruction. Lord we know the miraculous as you healed Cindy from a stroke and gran mal seizures, diabetes and high blood pressure. We know of your works. Lord we proclaim victory in the elimination of the foreclosure on her home. Lord we command that all funds needed to eliminate the debt be provided and that we ask for favor for the bank to accept the provision. Lord we command emotional healing for Cindy and ask that you make her burden light. Lord meet the needs of my family, in the area of finance and finding a career that can support my health issues. Lord provide my daughter with an internship in social media to fulfill her education. Lord I thank you for bringing forth the many prayer warriors and prayer sister of our bible study. I thank you Lord touching and meeting each and every one of their needs. Lord I thank you that you have provided the tools to help overcome the stresses of life and I thank you for the Blood… I thank you. In Jesus Name Amen

  44. I am feeling Isaiah 43:1-3, I know God is with me.. He is with my with my friends and my foes. I found myself rereading the Chapters of the book breathing it into my every being. In the past stressed had consumed much of my life, despite my being a God fearing woman with a deep relationship. Often there were moments that my mind said NO but but body had its way. I truly begin to understand the warring of the flesh vs the spirit. As I focused and engrossed each chapter of the book, especially during the reflections, I found that there was a release of weight and my body was getting in alignment to with my spirit. As I grounded my self deeper and deeper into the Word, satan was trying at every turn, even trying to disrupt and destroy my close friend by attempting to stress her to death. I know that one element that I must work on is patience for which the older I get ( I celebrate a milestone in 15days:)) the more the nerves and face twinge. But I do know that it is one of the required fruits that can lead to a much more productive path of success. To all my sisters out there who are going thru or who have gone thru, know that you are not alone that what is impossible with man is possible thru God. Love!!!!!

  45. Rebekah says:

    I feel like I have been battling with Satan all week, so Romans 16:20 seems very fitting. Please pray that I win the battle and stop listening to the devil and his ideas and instead focus on God. I will also admit that I have not been reading my Bible as much as I should be to win a battle and ask for prayer that I refocus my attention on God’s Word.

  46. My bipolar daughter is again having issues and is nearing a critical phase of her emotional cycle. Please pray that she finds peace. I went to sleep praying. I woke up praying. Yet, I feel so weak and overwhelmed. Please pray that God helps me find the right words to help her calm down.

  47. Mindy corradi says:

    I have a lot of major decisions to make right now and I am praying and using gods weapons to try to make sure that god is at the center of these choices and I am seeking his will and not my own.

  48. I cannot tell you how many times during this study that I have felt Satan attack!! The cool and awesome thing though is how I have used the verses and words from our study to attack back. I have not been successful every time, but I am getting better at recognizing that the sorrow, despair, and hopelessness are all coming from him and NOT God! Satan wants us to give up our weapons, so we can easily be defeated, but Chapter 9 reminded me that when I am in the word, doing bible study, praise and worship, ect that I am so much more prepared for the attacks!

    I have just read chapter 10 and was in tears! God’s plan for our lives always out weigh what Satan wants to use to destroy our lives. God knows what we need and when we need it and is already working behind the scenes to prepare us for the next step. I just need to keep trusting that He has it all under control!

  49. I thought she was talking about me most of the chapter! Especially about letting feelings and negativity over my circumstances hurt my spirit. I pray I can stay focused on my blessings and give the rest to God!!! Love the “spiritual vitamin” idea too!!

  50. Karen R. says:

    God is good! I know this is true! I ask that you ladies would keep my cousin’s husband in your prayers if/when he comes to your mind. He is in need of a liver transplant and was on the list. He has become too weak so they have taken him off the list until he gets some strength back! To me that seems weird but I know that God is in control! Just please pray for this family (Vickie and Dean). Thank you so very much!!