Jun 10

SLL Week 10, Day 1

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. Psalm 147:3

Hey ya’ll! Stephanie Clayton here! Are you ready for a rockin’ good time with Chapter 10?!?! I am!!!! So excited in fact, I knew this had to be a video post! So click on the video below and let’s get to having some Bible Study fun!!!

If you can’t see this video, please click here to view it on the blog.

I hope you all are as excited about this week as I am!!! Here is the picture I was telling you about that I took with my iPhone and Instagram!


As you can see this is a super simple picture, and yet so powerful to me. Why? Because having this bracelet around my wrist and wearing it for the past few days reminds me that even though we make mistakes, we are never too far gone for God to rescue us! Simple picture, but it’s what God “showed” me. And I want you to do the same thing…simple picture…or as elaborate as you want to get…but whatever it is…it is all about what God “shows” you.

Don’t let this challenge intimidate you. I know some of you will say that you are not the artsy or creative type, and that is OKAY! Just pray for God to show you some kind of image this week that will bring Psalm 147:3 to life for you! It can be a snapshot of the verse mapping you do, or even the verse as you have highlighted in your Bible, something beautiful in nature, a painting you have done, a Lego set your kids built…

The sky is the limit with this little project.

Also, if you don’t have a camera that links to your computer and cannot email the photo to me, that is okay! Take the picture for you, or if you don’t have a camera, take a mental snapshot in your mind. The goal of this project is not to see who can take the coolest pic or who is the most creative, the goal is for you to look for and see God speaking to your heart in a visual, tangible manner. To not only read His Word, but to see His living active Word displayed in the world around you.

If you are able to, email your pictures by Thursday at 12:00 pm CST to stephkevinryan@hotmail.com. I can’t wait to see them and create a collage of God’s amazing awesomeness! The collage will be part of the Friday post!


Extra Credit:

Create yourself a “bracelet” similiar to the one I made in the picture that displays Psalm 147:3. I used a Sharpie and a rubber band, but if you are super crafty, you could make a bracelet with letter beads or other jewelry supplies! Or maybe you can just take a Band-aide, write the verse on it, and wear it around for a few days. Wear your verse in whatever way you wish and see how God uses His Word to impact your life and the lives of those around you!

Sharing Time!

How does Psalm 147:3 immediately speak to and minister to your heart? What are your first thoughts when you read this verse? Don’t overthink it, just write what the Lord lays on your heart and share it with us! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and see your pictures!!! Yay Week 10!!!!!



  1. Crystal says:

    When I read this verse, I am reminded of the hope I have in Christ, and even though I may temporarily feel brokenhearted and in despair, I have hope. Hope in Jesus is the balm that soothes my wounds.

  2. Psalm 147:3 Realy is powerful to know that God loves me so much that everything that is broken in my life, even the most my heart and that all past hurts in my life he will bind up all my wounds. It will heal me and make me whole again. Inspite of what I see or feel, He is working everysituation out for me. What a mighty God we serve. Miracle working God. He is awesome and worthy of all our praise. I am excited for what He has already done and going to do.

  3. Tammy H. says:

    This verse is very comforting. We know that Jesus heals but this verse tells us whether or not it is a broken heart or an actual wound, he can take care of it. He is our healer not matter what the problem. Some wounds though are internal and not external, and who hasn’t had a broken heart. Whether it’s a boyfriend or our very own flesh and blood. Thank you God for healing us when we need it!!!

  4. Tammy H. says:

    This verse reminds me that God is our healer. It doesn’t matter if it’s a broken heart or if it’s a wound, he heals. Wounds can be internal or external. It doesn’t matter to God, he will heal. We’ve all experienced a broken heart at one time. Whether it’s a death, a break up or something someone said that was hurtful. We can turn to God for healing so we don’t have to carry this burden around with us. This verse also doesn’t mention any stipulations that go along with being healed. It’s unconditional.

  5. This verse speaks immediately to me. I lost my mother to cancer last April and in February I lost my stepdad of 27 years to cancer. I have been brokenhearted for all my losses especially my Mom. God is healing my broken heart and binding up my wounds more and more everyday as I trust Him more. I am so thankful I got to spend over half my week for 5 weeks last March taking care of my Mom in her last days. It was truly a blessing. She gave me a great gift during that time. We had some long conversations and made things right between us. I learned a lot about courage during that last month and her love for Christ. She always shared Jesus Christ to everyone she came in contact with. He was and still is her everything!!
    Looking back now I see how God has been working in my life to heal me and minister to my wounds. He is teaching me to trust Him more and more and not be afraid. That is what I saw in my Mom those last days( and my stepdad too). I was and have been blessed with these two godly people.
    I have been teary eyed for the last hour. I heard a song coming home on the radio that I think was called “Let Me Be Your Angel”. It really spoke to me. God was showing me that I played a very important part in Mom’s last days. I was her angel and truly wanted to be that. I am so glad God let me fill that role for her.
    I am so glad I serve a God who heals the brokenhearted and heals their wounds!!

    • Lori,
      I know how you feel as I just lost my mom in March of this year and then six weeks later my only child was offered his dream job several states away. I have cried more in the past few months than I have my entire life. When I read this scripture, it spoke immediately to me. For the first time in awhile, my heart didn’t feel broken and I don’t feel so vulnerable. I am praying for you as you continue on this journey. I know your mom was so pleased to have you with her in her last days. My mom died suddenly and unexpectedly so we were not at all prepared. I rejoice in the fact that I know where she is today. In heaven with my Dad and her Lord and Savior. We are blessed to serve such a wonderful God.
      Blessings and hugs to you.

  6. This verse really is beautiful because so much comfort is in it. I experienced this verse myself, God lifted me up when I thought life would never be okay for me again. I went through devastating situations, also due to my own wrong choices. But in spite of that he took care of me. He didn’t gave me the “I told you, now learn to deal with it by yourself“treatment, no he was no doubt grieved Himself but still loved me enough to lift me out of my misery and showing me a way in which I could be healed. Even more, through my painful ecperiences I am now able to help other people. God is so hood and I will be forever thankful for his faithfulness. Thank you God for being the great Healer.

  7. When we take our problems to the heavenly father he will heal our broken hearts and bandage our wounds. First thing that comes to mind are my little children. It is easy for my children to come to me for help and healing when they are hurting. I need to treat God as my children treat me. They have faith that they will feel better when they bring their problems to their mother. I know if I take my problems to God he will help me, I need to trust as my children trust.

  8. Christine Ann says:

    Reading those simple, yet powerful words from Psalm 147 reminds me just how much those words have meant to me during my life. Seasons have come and gone where suffering a broken heart has brought me low, but never so low as to lose sight of the loving power of the Holy Spirit to heal and to open myself in the midst of the pain in my heart to the comfort of having my wounds bound up. God spoke clearly to me many years ago, when our eldest son was leading a destructive lifestyle, which affected our family and shook my faith, my heart was breaking.. when these words of comfort came to me ” you have a wounded mother-heart”. Immediatly I knew that wounds could heal with God’s intervention, and that it was not fatal, I would recover.. I fully recovered, it took time. Now I rejoice that our son is living a mature and responsible life, married, running his own business and has children of his own to care for. I give thanks to the Lord for keeping my son safe, for answering my prayers and healing my wounded heart.

  9. Okay. This is odd, but it really touched me.


  10. When I was began thinking about this verse this morning, I thought about the people that bind up wounds and the mental picture I got was a first responder or front line medic. They are the first people to clean the wounds and start the healing process when a person is hurt. If the person is beyond their help medically, they may provide comfort by just being there. Then I thought that God does all of those things. He is there providing us comfort even when we may not even be able to voice our need for it.

  11. This verse gives me soooo much hope in knowing that God sees me and knows what I am going through. He cares!!! He loves me deeply. He is my healer and the only one who accepts me broken as I am.

  12. Michele aka Mickie from St Hgts Michigan says:

    After reading this verse I realized how broken I feel
    right w many internal n external pains but I know God
    is there for me and he won’t leave me broken the way I
    feel for long… He is my healer…he will make all things
    right!!!! Thank u for loving me and right now I’m feeling
    your arms around me w the hug I so need…what a great
    feeling to start this weeks chapter….

  13. Brokenness, we have all experienced it in one form or another- A broken marriage, a broken promise, a broken heart, or a broken- worn down body. Brokenness is not a fun place to be in, but sometimes God calls us to it. I have chronic illness and feel broken not only physically, but emotionally as well. I think that God uses brokenness to promote true healing in our lives, I know for myself that being broken has brought me much closer to God and isn’t that what He wants is more of a relationship with us? In seasons of life going smooth do we seek God with all of our hearts? I love that God can use our brokenness for good. If I had a choice, would I choose illness for my life, NO!, but God has shown me in all of my brokenness that He is the true healer. He may never choose to heal me physically, but I know that he is healing my heart in the process and maybe that is the healing that He wants most for my life, to use brokenness to promote true healing of a worn and weary heart.

  14. A thought came to me while doing the reading just now. The widow felt like her resources had run dry. How many times have I been in that boat! Just when you think you are at the end of your rope…God will say “here let me help you hold on.” Our oil never runs out. God never forgets. His arm is not too short. The oil will always be there. It might seem dark but joy comes in the morning. God has an appointed time for everything. He is never late, but right on time.

  15. Janet F says:

    I just got an urgent prayer request from my niece. Requesting prayer for my x sister-in-law, her mother. Her name is also Janet, she is in the hospital for liver and kidney failure. My niece left me a message on FB. Her mom has poly-cystic kidneys which is hereditary, She was hospitalized last Monday and they thought it was just the kidneys at first. But the poly-cystic kidneys caused liver cysts that usually don’t do anything but have caused her liver to fail also. She’s mostly stabilized now and they’ll be transferring her to a transplant center to get started on that process and further treat her liver symptoms, Barnes Jewish hospital in St Louis is where they are taking her. She needs both a new kidney and a new liver, as they won’t put a good organ in when the other is failing.My x husband has these kidneys also, he had a kidney transplant last year. His aunts and uncles and father all passed away from this kidney disease. Thanks for your prayers!!!

    • Pat (OBS small group leader) says:

      Praying for your sister-in-law, your niece and the physicians, Janet. Asking God to hold them all close and for wisdom for your sister-in-law’s medical teams.

  16. Jeanne grp 19 says:

    Oh, this verse speaks to me! I understand the feeling of brokenheartedness. I feel such comfort that God will heal this and bind up the wounds!

  17. I had been feeling this was going to be a big week … and then BAMN – smacked in the face with this verse!! I feel BLESSED, knowing that something amazing is about to happen. I have faith that God will lead me to those who’s lives I need to touch.

  18. Virginia says:

    I feel so thankful after reading this verse that God is healing my broken heart and binding up my wounds. I don’t have to stay in such a broken state with a broken heart and praise The Lord for that!!!

  19. This verse just reminds me, that He heals, not me, not time, but He heals the wounds. Just rest and abide in Him and let Him do the mending. I can’t will it, I can’t make it, and I can’t take credit for it. It’s all Him! Praise the Lord, I am so loved by a creator who just won’t leave me where I am, he will pick me up, clean me up, heal me, and seals me, but he won’t leave me where I am. I am also reminded of the story of the good samaritan, how he had compassion on the man that was beaten, he went to him and banadaged his wounds, pouring oil and wine on them, set him on his own animal and brought him to the inn, and took care of him. The Lord does this for us!!! He has compassion, and was compassionate for us, He became the healer, the ointment, the permanent healing between us and God. He is so good :)

  20. marcia mckibben says:

    Simply put: i am a work in progress…and i hooe in my heart that he keeps on working on me.

  21. Halona Luna says:

    Psalm 147:3 speaks so much to me. I suffered a heart attack about three years ago and have had failing health since then. I spent days after the heart attack trying to hear God but was silent. After what seemed like forever, day three in the hospital I started to hear Him again. I heard music and this verse was ever so clear to me. Although, I suffer a lot of health issues at 39, I know He loves me & He will Heal me.

  22. sherry c says:

    I really needed this verse this week and this chapter. I am really hurting and broken and crushed in spirit, just really going through the valley right now! It reminds me that God is right beside me, he cares and I am not alone in this or forgotten as invisible as I may seem here on this earth.

  23. This is a verse for everyone. Who hasn’t suffered heartbreak? To know we have a Savior to heal us and cover our wounds, someone who loves us enough to save every tear and bring restoration, is amazing.

  24. He hears the broken hearted! We all have a broken heart at one time. God rescued me from my broken heart. He heard my prayers, saw my tears, and lifited me into his arms.

  25. This was a chapter that I could really relate to. The woman who may have felt it was easier to just not go on and give up. I felt like that today. God brought me to this study at just the time I was feeling in the depth of despair, completely broken. Psalms 147:3 is written on a card and I carry it with me. I prayed for God to take over, I laid it all at his feet. My struggle is I haven’t felt or heard his direction he wants me take, so I prayed for that too. Isaiah 30:21 is so appropriate for my life right now, “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you saying, “this is the way, walk in it”. I long to clearly hear that voice. This broken soul needs her Savior to take over. Thank you Father for the hope your Word gives me each day!

  26. My marriage,and my attitude,could not have been fixed by myself. No way. Allowing god to take control of my heart and my actions made the difference. He healed us.

  27. Christine says:

    It brings to mind an image of Christ with His arms around me while I am crying out to Him on my knees in prayer.

  28. I had the opportunity to share this blog today with a broken missionary! I prayed with her and reminded her that God heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds. She smiled more today than she had in weeks. I felt God had restored her hope.

  29. When I read this verse. I think of someone who is going through a difficult situation that is affecting them emotionally. I mother who is saddened by the choices of her children and wondering where she has failed her child. A man who feels he has failed his family by not providing for them the way he would wants. Someone who is depressed. Someone who never feels they measure up. A child who doesn’t feel accepted by their parents. Someone who feels they have disappointed someone they love. This verse is meant for them. They are Gods promise that he will heal their hearts no matter what they are going through. He will give them peace. It is a great picture of Gods love.

  30. amy black says:

    He knows when I am “brokenhearted”…. He is like stitches that sew up a cut or wound, Just knowing that He knows i’m broken or brokenhearted is comfort in itself.. and even though wounds are meant to hurt us… He is the ointment that heals them. so what the devil means for bad, He turns it into good… loved this steph.. You are amazing..

  31. Its brings to light that even though my heart is shattered and broken right now from my dad going home to Jesus and my mom that He is hear and knows my despair. That His love and comfort are with me in this time of morning.

  32. No matter what I go through or how hurt I am..or how fallen I feel God will heal me…God does have a plan for me. What comfort it brings me.

  33. I find such comfort in this verse…no matter how I feel…it is just that feelings and they are fleeting. My feelings go up and down like a roller coaster. This verse reminds me that I can take comfort in knowing God is in control and He has a plan for me. He is my healer. He will bind up my wounds and direct me in the way I should go. I need to remember to be thankful in all circumstances knowing that they bring me closer to God and to start off each and every day asking God to take over my mind. Keeping my focus on God helps me to ride that roller coaster each day.

  34. Lucretia s says:

    This verse gives me hope, which in turn gives me strength…things will get better!