Jun 10

SLL Week 10, Day 1

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. Psalm 147:3

Hey ya’ll! Stephanie Clayton here! Are you ready for a rockin’ good time with Chapter 10?!?! I am!!!! So excited in fact, I knew this had to be a video post! So click on the video below and let’s get to having some Bible Study fun!!!

If you can’t see this video, please click here to view it on the blog.

I hope you all are as excited about this week as I am!!! Here is the picture I was telling you about that I took with my iPhone and Instagram!


As you can see this is a super simple picture, and yet so powerful to me. Why? Because having this bracelet around my wrist and wearing it for the past few days reminds me that even though we make mistakes, we are never too far gone for God to rescue us! Simple picture, but it’s what God “showed” me. And I want you to do the same thing…simple picture…or as elaborate as you want to get…but whatever it is…it is all about what God “shows” you.

Don’t let this challenge intimidate you. I know some of you will say that you are not the artsy or creative type, and that is OKAY! Just pray for God to show you some kind of image this week that will bring Psalm 147:3 to life for you! It can be a snapshot of the verse mapping you do, or even the verse as you have highlighted in your Bible, something beautiful in nature, a painting you have done, a Lego set your kids built…

The sky is the limit with this little project.

Also, if you don’t have a camera that links to your computer and cannot email the photo to me, that is okay! Take the picture for you, or if you don’t have a camera, take a mental snapshot in your mind. The goal of this project is not to see who can take the coolest pic or who is the most creative, the goal is for you to look for and see God speaking to your heart in a visual, tangible manner. To not only read His Word, but to see His living active Word displayed in the world around you.

If you are able to, email your pictures by Thursday at 12:00 pm CST to stephkevinryan@hotmail.com. I can’t wait to see them and create a collage of God’s amazing awesomeness! The collage will be part of the Friday post!


Extra Credit:

Create yourself a “bracelet” similiar to the one I made in the picture that displays Psalm 147:3. I used a Sharpie and a rubber band, but if you are super crafty, you could make a bracelet with letter beads or other jewelry supplies! Or maybe you can just take a Band-aide, write the verse on it, and wear it around for a few days. Wear your verse in whatever way you wish and see how God uses His Word to impact your life and the lives of those around you!

Sharing Time!

How does Psalm 147:3 immediately speak to and minister to your heart? What are your first thoughts when you read this verse? Don’t overthink it, just write what the Lord lays on your heart and share it with us! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and see your pictures!!! Yay Week 10!!!!!



  1. Bree (OBS Facebook Leader) says:

    Psalm 147:3 tells me that God will lift us above any trial or sorrow and heal us. Only He can provide perfect peace.

  2. brittany jacobson says:

    I have a testimony of what this weeks verse looks like to me. I went away on a reatreat last week through my church and anyways I God was really working on my heart and I was really worshipping like deep worshiping . and I was afraid I was going to fall and lose my balance cause I was moving all over the place God had complete control over me. well I asked someone from my church if they wouldn’t mind catching me if I started to fall she gave me an attitude and it really cut me deep. for a while my mind was wrapped around that hurt but then
    God just did infact bind up the wounds no more tears there was just peace

  3. As I think about Psalms 147:3 I think about how often God takes a mess and turns it into a message! When I look at my past there are so many times that he has provided a balm for my pain and then used it to help me to help someone else! I had not thought about it until I started really getting into this obs community. So many I would need several blogs to say them all. Praising Him!

  4. Natalie says:

    Psalm 147:3 shows me that God restores, covers and protects me.

  5. I am praising God for the numerous times He has come to my rescue.

  6. Janet F says:

    There are so many kinds of broken hearts out there today, only God can mend, restore, make healthy and make our hearts whole again because He suffered the ultimate broken heart. We first have to ask Him to heal our broken hearts and bandage our anguish and trauma and pain. Then praise Him for taking our grief away and healing our broken hearts.
    Psalm 147:1 (NIV) Praise the LORD. How good it is to sing praises to our God, how pleasant and fitting to praise Him!
    Thank you Lord that You are Jehovah Rapha – The Lord our Healer who heals all our troubles. He heals all our sicknesses, and He heals our souls!!!

  7. Christa H. (OBS Leader) says:

    This verse reminds me of how desperately I need Jesus in my life. There are so many things that have the power to break my heart. Without Him there to bind them all up, I would be a complete wreck. But I am not, because He has made my heart whole.

    Looking forward to the challenge!

    • Karen R. says:

      Christa I agree! I have had my heart broken several times this past year and thank goodness God has never left my side!

  8. Well it took literally seconds for God to speak to me, speak to my heart, through Psalm 147:3. Just last night, as I was tucking my 3 year old baby girl into bed, and she started whimpering as she held up her elephant pillow pal. And then she started freaking out. “His tail came off, Mommy!” I took the elephant and looked him over, and sure enough, his little stub tail had come right off. Since it was already late, I took the tail and put it on my sewing table and said, “Mommy will make it all better and fix it tomorrow, so give him lots of love and hugs tonight because he needs them.” So just now, as I’m reading this awesome assignment, I started thinking to myself that God does the same thing with us. He heals the broken hearted and bandages their wounds. When we are hurt, sick, sad, anxious, any and all of it, we go to Him and He fixes us in His way and in His time, and though it may be difficult for us to understand His ways, they are the best ways. He always makes it all better, and He always holds us and loves us while we’re getting there. Sometimes, especially in moments of high stress and anxiety, we may think He has let us go or forgotten about us, but He hasn’t. He’s right where He’s always been. He doesn’t take His eyes off of us. He constantly has a loving hold on us, but we are the ones who have a tendency to break that hold and walk away from God when we choose not to rely on Him or to make Him the last resort instead of the first. I am learning in this study how to be a stronger Christian by simply making God the first place I go…whether I’m happy, sad, anxious, mad, any of it. He is always there. He always makes things better with His graceful embrace. And He always will be. God bless.

    • Janet F says:

      AWESOME post Jenny!!!

    • Jenny, That was such a sweet visual picture of Psalm 147:3. Thank you for sharing that with us. It always helps to put the verses into perspective when I can, or others can share stories, that really put the verses into action. Loved that!

    • I hope you take a picture of that! Sweet!!!
      Beth A.

    • Diane W. says:

      Great post Jenny! It spoke to my heart!

    • Barbara Prince says:

      Jenny, what a beautiful picture God provided for you. You have expressed so well the way I feel about this verse. The Bible says “a little child shall lead them” and I often find God will speak great truth through a child.
      B. Prince OBS small group leader

  9. When I think of God healing the broken hearted, I picture myself crawling up in His lap and wrapping my arms around His neck and Him wrapping His arms around me and soothing my tears. It reminds me of Psalm 91:4…

  10. Tristine says:

    Hi Stephanie. Great seeing you again. I couldn’t view the video but will check back. Thus verse gives me immediate thoughts of gratitude to The Most High! What a loving God we have. I love your ideas. I will be praying for my project and look forward to this week.

    Love in Christ,


  11. When I read this verse I immediately got a picture of a fellow teacher in our district. Within a space of 2 months her husband left her and she learned that she had breast cancer. It would have so easy for her to just give up, but she didn’t. With the strength of God behind her, she faced her treatments, loss of hair, and breast removal. She went through divorce and all of that and came out still able to smile, laugh, and be a role model for her children and those of us who know her. God truly healed her broken heart and her body! She is one of the strongest women I know here on earth.

  12. Jennifer says:

    I have been brokenhearted, and he bound up my wounds in a way I would never have imagined, and looking back, I am so much the better for it. I would never have asked for it, but it is clear all of the beauty in my soul that has come from it.

    The picture that came into my mind is of the magic of a Bandaid to a child – that magic strip of plastic makes everything better. And in truth, one day my Jehovah Rapha will make everything all better. And, even better, that day can begin today if I will submit to Him and allow Him to have His perfect way in, through, and with me.

    The song that has been winging through my mind is Colton Dixon’s “Not Alone.” Looking back, I understand that I was never alone in those dark, painful times. I pray I can hold fast to that knowledge next time God chooses to grow and strengthen me. Here’s a youtube video of the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRbWgiSPAcw

    Much love,

  13. Kristy Aiken (OBS Group Leader) says:

    I picture God reaching His Hand to me and it is my choice if I grab it or turn away. I want to hold God’s Hand and this requires complete surrender.

  14. This verse is very special to me as it is one I quoted over and over again – as my marriage was broken. You have given me a great challenge, something that I have needed to do…a milestone, or marker to set – so I can move on past that time in my life! Thanks Stephanie, I am looking forward to ways I can put this verse in a photo! God Bless You…

  15. The Book of Psalms has so many wonderful verses in it. I wrote out Psalms 147:3 to carry it with me. I have had so much anxiety with anticipating what lies a ahead for my son this week with his court sentencing, it was making me sick. I prayed and gave it to God yesterday and experienced his peace. In my morning devotions, He again reminded me about trusting Him and not giving into fear and anxiety. Then I opened up today’s study and …wow, He is really at work in my life reminding me that He will walk with our family through this. I sing praises as 1000 of us went out into our community yesterday and served God to help the broken, assist the less fortunate and show them that God loves them wherever they are! It was such an awesome experience!

    • Janet F says:

      Still praying for you and your son and whole family Becky♥

    • Nancy Silvers says:

      Holding you and your some up in prayer for God’s peace not matter the outcome. God can reach us and use us no matter where we are. What an awesome Sunday you had!!

  16. Beth S. says:

    Over the weekend we saw both of our adult daughters. One is pregnant and due in August. The other is hosting a shower for her in two weeks. My mother, with whom I have a strained relationship, has announced she is coming to the shower from another state. Two things have happened. One is that both daughters, at separate times, have told me and their father that they are afraid I am going to ‘stress out’ with Grandma being here, but they know that their dad will be around, at least they hope so, to keep me under control. I am not sure what that means exactly, but I am sad that they feel like I am going to ‘stress out’ so much that their dad needs to be ready plus I have been studying this book and these scriptures for nine weeks and I think I have been doing well at turning everything over to God. The second one is that my daughter was talking about her delivery and said that if something happened to her husband (such as in he fainted or became ill in the delivery room) that she wanted her sister to come in and coach her along. I said “You wouldn’t want me to come in?” and she said, “No..you would be too stressed out and that wouldn’t help me at all.” Once again….stressed out. I guess I have been too stressed in the past, but I honestly thought I was being much better about controlling everything now. Evidently not. I will keep trying. I will use my ‘tools.’ I am reading God’s word, I am writing in my journal, and I am praying.

    • Yeah, my heart hurts for you, as I read what could be taken as hurtful remarks from your family. Especially, given that you’re working so hard to change those habits and trust more in God. Keep at it, sister!

    • Yeah, my heart hurts for you, as you receive this feedback from your family, especially, given that you’re working so hard to change those habits and trust more in God. Keep at it, sister! He sees! Lifting you up.

      • Vanessa says:

        Beth through your weaknesses may He be seen as strong!!! His glory can shine through you!!! Praying for you!!

    • Barbara Prince says:

      Beth, it may take time for your family to see the change in you as real. As they finally see that God is in control of your life, they’ll want the peace that you now have. They will see you as the strong woman of God you now are. Keep studying and keep trusting in the Father.
      B. Prince OBS small group leader

  17. Jeanie Kelley says:

    That no matter what I am going through God will handle the situation. He heals the broken hearted. I can feel this one on a day to day basis since I have been broken hearted myself in many situations. God has healed the wounds that I have developed over the past years and reminded me that he is always here with me.

  18. I love the CEV version of this verse. He renews our hopes and heals our bodies. I want to latch on to a renewal of hope today.

  19. What a great challenge! All so often the impact of verses of Scriptures are shown in our everyday life and we may or may not notice them. I am going to try to be on alert this week to see Psalm 127:3 in action. I am fully confident that God is going to show us all some wonderful masterpieces that he has restored.

  20. Wow, this verse could not have come at a better time in my life! Yesterday was a very rough day for me. Satan was feeding me so many lies about myself. I wish I could say that I fully have given over those lies to God. But in the midst of my brokenheartedness, I prayed, and God answered! God is so great like that! :)

  21. Stephanie, I am looking forward to the “pictures” that illustrate this verse! What a great idea!!! This is such a great way to keep scripture in my head!
    Love and Prayers,
    Beth A.

  22. Stephanie, your enthusiasm for God’s word and for teaching all of us is downright infectious! Psalm 147:3 reminds me that God is ever present in times of trouble. I think the most important piece of this reflection first for me, this week, is remembering that no matter what I go through God is there to find me up. Or, to find up the hearts of those I love. Always. What a comfort that is! What hope that inspires in this heart of mine! I’m looking forward to this week of study and to finding out how God will help me see this photo challenge through his eyes.

  23. Rebecca says:

    I really needed this this morning. I can feel my anxiety coming back full force and wasn’t able to sleep last night because I was worrying about things I have done in the past and feeling like a failure. I was doing so well with trusting God and feeling better about myself and life situation until recently. Thank you for this study and prayers would be appreciated.

    • Paige Ward says:

      Rebecca you are not a failure no matter your past as long as you are a new creature in Christ. God sees you through grace. Father, help Rebecca to see herself through Your eyes of grace. In Jesus’ name, amen

    • Nancy Silvers says:

      Praying Rebecca–The Word tells us that the enemy will come like a thief in the night. He knows how blessed you have been in this study and will do anything to cause you to stumble. Sweet Rebecca, I have a pretty tainted past too but Jesus took those sins away and replaced them with his grace. You are NOT a failure–you, like me, made some poor choices but the blessing is today is a new day, a day to live as a new creation in Christ!! Lift your head up high and say in a voice that befits a daughter of the King of kings-“Thank you JESUS that you died for me and I am a new creation in you-the old is gone and the new is here!!” In one sense, you can say “thank you Jesus that satan is taunting me” because it shows you are doing something right and have him shaking in his boots. When he tries to get in your thoughts again just begin praising God and I promise he will flee!!

  24. Paige Ward says:

    God will take all the broken pieces of my heart – hopes, dreams, hurts, disappointments, sickness – and He will bring healing. He will bring good out of what the enemy intended for destruction.

  25. Stephanie thank you for your thoughts this morning! While listening to your video message this morning I was picturing soothing my children’s tears and cleaning and bandaging their wounds. When you gave us the challenge of taking a picture to remind us of this verse I thought of writing it on a band-aid. Then as I read the rest of the post I saw you mentioned the same idea! Looking forward to seeing what God shows me this week and hoping I can capture a meaningful picture to send you for our collage! Thank you and have a wonderful week!

  26. Karen R. says:

    I love his PROMISE that he will heal (restore, make whole) the brokenhearted (joyless, down, griefstricken, etc) and bandage their wounds! I have had so many wounds that needed band-aids this past year but praise God he is there! This is something his word says and we can take to the bank!

  27. This verse speaks volumes to me. I was divorced 6 years ago and it completely devastated me. I labeled every man a liar and cheater. I had a huge trust factor broken and I felt like there would never be a recovery from it. However I put my trust in God. I know He is the only one I could trust and He would be the only one that would heal me. I have had no desire to even date, until recently. I can now say that God has healed my heart over these years and showed me that it is ok to move on and start that next chapter in my life. :-)

  28. TJ Conner says:

    This was a verse that followed one we read earlier in the book and it spoke to me then. I love that its come around a second time.
    This verse reminds me of several very dark and difficult times in my past and most importantly, they are in the past and I survived. I immediately see a heart with several scars on it, some larger and obviously deeper than others. I know that I have been hurt, rejected, abandoned by humans, but God has healed all those wounds. He never created any of them.
    Talk about timing – its 9 am and my lights are on because it is so dark. HE is our light during times of darkness. And its raining and has been since 1 am this morning. The heavens opened up at 1:03 am this morning and it poured so hard you couldn’t see the other side of the parking lot. But I know every storm runs out of rain. Every dark time will be pushed back with the rising sun (or Son). When we are brokenhearted and in pain, we have to remember that it won’t last.
    I don’t want to find a picture of a gruesome heart with scars as it needs to be graphic and I’m not sure we want to see that. I do have another idea for a photo so I’ll work on it.
    Keep steppin’ in faith!

  29. Lauren Beach(OBS Group Leader) says:

    I think HE RESTORES me, HE LOVEs me! No matter what he will heal me! This is a powerful verse!

  30. Vanessa says:

    I love this challenge. As I thought about this, I took out a band aid and I wrote Psalm 147:3 on it and then placed it on my wrist where the pulse beats. As I pray for all those people in my life who have hurts in their hearts, I’m gonna look at this verse and pray that God will heal all the broken places in their hearts and make them whole through Jesus! I can’t wait to look for the visuals today as God shows me His character. So many hurts and pains out there in the world; God wants to work in practical ways, through us, to show people His love!! Praise God today for this challenge!! My picture has been emailed and I’m excited to see the collage, even if mine don’t fit, I’m excited to see everyone elses pictures!!

  31. Karri (obs leader) says:

    This weeks verse came at a perfect time…my husband and I have been having problems but God is working it out! So, this verse really hit home at how true it is….God’s word is so powerful! (I’m going to email the picture that popped in my head when I first saw the verse of the week :))

  32. What an awesome idea, Stephanie! I can’t wait to make my bracelet today! I am so thankful that no matter what our journey holds, no matter what is found within the pages of our very own story, God is there to pick us up, bind up our wounds, and heal our broken hearts. He is the reason we have hope. He is our reason for pressing forward. I can’t imagine a life without Him. Overwhelmed this morning by His great love for us…

  33. Nancy Silvers says:

    Love this today and I love the idea of photo journaling restoration!! God is already giving me ideas of what to take pictures of!! Looking forward to this week!!
    God Bless you all!!

    • Nancy Silvers says:

      Also, wanted to add that this verse reminds me to look at what has already been healed in my life and not focus on what “appears” to be still “broken”. It reminds me what my eyes are not able to see or even comprehend what God is doing in the unseen world as we go through healing times. What WE need to do is to trust and obey HIS leading, even if at times it doesn’t makes sense according to the world. God knows best and loves each and every one of us!

  34. TABITHA JONES says:

    This verse carries me back to memories of my Dads passing. He was only 54 with brain cancer when he passed away. This verse brought me lots of comfort during that time. Now I have a friend that is going through this journey and I sent her this verse this morning. God heals our hearts when we are broken hearted and binds our wounds.

  35. This verse is so powerful and brings deep comfort and hope to me that God is always there to get me through whatever muck it is I happen to be stuck in.

  36. This verse reminded me that what I perceived to be my deepest darkest hour and steepest fall from grace wasn’t deep enough or far enough that God wasn’t willing to hear my confession and give me His forgiveness, pick me up, and show me the path to walk. God didn’t erase the memory, regret, guilt, or shame of my wrongdoing, but mended my soul, reminded me that the moment I think I am immune to sin is when I give in to the temptation and commit sin, and showed me how powerful His love and grace truly are.

  37. What I immediately thought of upon reading this verse was my aunt Patty. 3 years ago she tragically lost her husband in a car accident. She was left a very large burden when he died – to take over the family business. Even though my uncle’s will stated that the business would be closed upon his death, by state law, the business had to remain open. She carried that burden for nearly 2 years until the business was able to be sold. I just think of how strong of a person she is and how God really stood by her side throughout these last few years. I believe as each day passes her heart is healing more and more from this tragedy. Praise God for that!

  38. sondra s. says:

    When I read this verse, the song “You are more” by Tenth Avenue North came to mind. My own interpretation is this: it’s not about what you’ve done, or what’s been done to you, it’s what’s been done for you. I realize those aren’t the exact words, but it helps me realize the truth of how God sees me, and how He sees you…

  39. Courtney says:

    Psalm 147:3 reminds me that that no matter what the situation, no matter the depth of the hurt, no matter the disappointment, no matter the lost, no matter the devastation, God is the ultimate healer. If we take everything to Him, He will fix it. Even though we can’t see a solution in sight, God will fix it and heal us. And after healing us, we will have a great testimony to tell; and live our lives to bring other brokenhearted individuals to Him.

  40. I’m a very visual person so when I read the reflection verse for the week, a picture automatcially entered my mind. Then I read today’s assignment, which I love. I’m not sure if I can create the image that came to mind, or at least an image that portrays the same concept, but I will certainly be praying about it and can’t wait to see the created collage later this week! When I began writing my thoughts on the verse, they came in the form of a poem, which I’m saving for thursday.

  41. Hey Stephanie!! That is a great idea! I am one of those not super crafty/creative people, so I am praying for God to show me something. All I know is that I am a living testimony of how He heals the brokenhearted and binds up wounds. He has restored my heart and my life and I am forever thankful. He cares about us so much!! Actually, as I am here, God is showing me something…next to me, I have a few of my daughter’s stuffed animals who need mending. She cares so much for these animals and when they get broken, she doesn’t throw them away, she asks me to mend them. To me, that is a picture of what the Lord does with us. He binds us, heals us and makes us new. Love you girl!! Great video post! -Sue

  42. okay, no thinking? i got it….

    we run a gym. this week (and maybe month?) we are hosting a family whose son was in a devastating accident. he’s stable but will be in surgery for the next THREE days. honestly, it doesn’t sound as if he should be alive, and….the ‘other guy’ isn’t…..this family is a family of faith and we are thrilled to have just the tiniest picture into their lives.
    it’s amazing to see that God has spared his life and I’m anxious to see how God will bind up his wounds.
    I pray God will show us a way to minister, maybe help heal the brokenheartedness of the family, even if it’s just the tiniest way.

  43. When I hear or see this verse, the children’s song “He’s Able” immediately pops in my head. There’s a line in there that says, “He heals the brokenhearted, He sets the captive free” and the whole song just talks about God’s ability to “DO”. It is awesome to think about how much God can do, but i don’t know why that surprises me so much. He’s God and can do anything.

  44. This verse means a lot to me. I was broken hearted to rock bottom at a point in my life not too long ago. And I have deep wounds that he has been binding up! I am so thankful that he is doing that. That he has the healing power and wisdom to work on my heart and restore it!

  45. When I first read this verse, it makes me think of sadness. A broken heart? I’ve been there. 2 years ago my marriage was falling apart due to lies and deep wounds of betrayal. I had no idea what I would do or how I would ever be happy again. Crushed in spirit? Yeap, that was me! Dried bones? Yes. My whole body ached in pain. But luckily I was surrounded by OBS (A Confident Heart at that time), supportive & loving friends, and Gods word– cheerful hearts full of good medicine to strengthen me during such a hard time! The wounds are still there, just like a scar left after a terrible accident. But God bound my wounds with His bandaid, healed the damage and left me feeling loved & secure. Because I clung to my ultimate healer, God, like a sick child in urgent care, He was able to take all our broken pieces and put it back together again. Love this verse & can’t wait to take some photos!

    I was googling the verse, looking for devotions & commentary & read this (excerpt), thought it explained my thinking well: “Our English word psychiatry comes from two Greek words, psuche and iatria. The first word means soul, the latter means healing. God’s intention was to bring not only salvation to the world, but healing for your wounds and health to your soul–something which medical science cannot nor ever will effect. Healing is more than the elimination of a virus, bacteria, or an injury. It involves complete restoration and wholeness–body, soul, and spirit.”. http://bergfamilyafrica.blogspot.com

  46. Renee D. says:

    Hello OBS Ladies & to week 10! Wow, I can’t believe that many weeks have gone by. This verse 147:3 gave me a renewed hope in God, no matter what has happened to me, God WILL heal me! :-) looking forward to another week of healing and encouragement!

  47. When I hear this verse, I think of all the pain and suffering that goes on in our world and how God loves on them, heals them, and binds up there wounds. I also look back at my life and see that each time something happened he was there. To pick me up, heal me and bind up my wounds.

  48. If anyone read my blog last week “The Water and Fire”, you will see that my heart has been broken many times through the loss of a husband, infertility, miscarriage, and the loss of our daughter. The Lord has been so merciful and gracious to me to bind up my wounds and heal my heart. So healed, in fact, that there have been times when I’ve heard of someone’s loss and thought, “How could I endure that?”, and then realize that I have endured so many things with His loving help. God is faithful to care for us in our hard times. His grace truly is sufficient for our every need.

  49. Caroline McGinnis says:

    Jesus is my greatest band aide ever. He heals all (past and present) and brings about joy and peace to my broken heart.

  50. Lynn Graham says:

    what Psalm 147:3 means to me. it tells me that God heals and restores our broken hearts and mends up our wounds.