Jun 11

SLL Week 10, Day 2



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Steph here again! I just want to say how much I am in love with all of the pictures you girls are sending! Seeing His Word and messages of love written on our arms reminded me of this verse from Song of Solomon…

“Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm; for love is as strong as death, its jealousy unyielding as the grave. It burns like blazing fire like a mighty flame.” Song of Solomon 8:6

Love stronger than death. Love that has overcome the grave. Love that heals the brokenhearted. Love that binds up wounds. Love that frees, stills our anxious hearts, and restores. I am simply in tears over the idea of His love placed so sweetly upon our hearts and our arms.

Today our assignment is to read Chapter 10, Broken for Breakthrough. Let me tell you, this chapter is powerful. So powerful, I need to share some of it right here just to make sure you don’t miss it!

If you are in a pit of stress or despair, don’t succumb to defeat. Don’t accept that difficult place as your fate. Even though God has allowed you to be there right now, he never intended for you to live there. Our God is bigger than whatever problem you are facing. The only way to see past the problem is to believe that he has not forgotten or abandoned you and that, at the exact time that he has ordained, he will reach down and pick you up….even if you have not been looking for him, he has been looking for you. (From Stressed Less Living Chapter 10)

Even when I was in a pit of depression. Even when I was angry about being raped as a teenager. Even when I was having panic attacks because I couldn’t achieve perfection…He was there. And when I finally chose to believe that He loved me and began to act “as if” His promises were true…I began to see the way out of the grave and move into true freedom in Christ. And the good news is this freedom is not just for one of us, or for a few of us, Christ’s freedom is available to all of us!

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts about Chapter 10. Read the chapter and be sure you take time to answer the questions at the end of the chapter. They are phenomenal and really help you personalize the material.

In the comment section, please share with us a call or dream you have on your heart that you have ignored. After you share, commit to pray for at least a week for God to show you direction (just the next small step). Also, commit to pray for the person who comments above you and leave them a few words of encouragement as part of your comment.  I can’t wait to see how God moves and gives each of us the strength to step out in faith as we find the breakthrough in our brokenness.


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picture Psalm 147

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  1. Tristine says:

    Hi Ree. Thanks for sharing your dream. I am very excited fire you to be Gibb to the conference. I have no doubt thus dream will chime to fruition even bigger than you can imagine. I will be praying for you.

    I have some dreams. When I think of God-sized I have to look deep, I believe. I love to speak and teach, and encourage women who may have walled in similar shoes as myself, which weren’t very great. I love to provide hope through my story and Jesus. I want to be the woman He wants me to be so I can serve Him wherever and whenever a God-sized dream may happen. I want to know His will for me. I want to be able to pray effectively. I want to learn all I can about God and grow closer and closer to Jesus. I have a very hungry mind that likes to be challenged.

    My God-sized dream is to effectively use the gifts, experiences, training, and education God has led me to and through to help women via the internet. I do believe He is leading me towards this as my next challenge.

    Thanks for leering me share.

  2. Love You All so much…my kids are calling…but i wanted to comment.!!

  3. Rebecca, I am praying that you will be filled with joy. When I am full of His joy, everything else is easier:)
    I’ve had several dreams in the past. Life happened, and I lost sight of them. With His help, I’m getting back on track. I let things and situations cloud my view. It amazes me how long it takes to realize it. I know that I can rest assured that I can realize these dreams even now! Here goes…..

    • Hahaha I just realized that another Sheila replied to Rebecca’s comment! Just so you know, we are two different people:) That’s so funny!!

  4. Rebecca, I think I have felt that same way. Over the course of this OBS I have wanted to be closer to God, but don’t always feel it. I think I’m making baby steps in the right direction. I have written prayer cards for my desk at work and I pick one for the day. Sometimes I don’t even read it again until I get home at night and I feel like I failed. But I also feel that if have lived my day, walking in love and dedicating myself to being kind and loving to everyone I work with, I have at least tried. Stressful situations or people? I go to a quiet place, the restroom or my car and pray for Jesus to help me, give me strength and the words I need to get through this struggle with the enemy (satan, not my co-workers, because, they too, are children of God, some of them just don’t know it).
    My personal dream….to have the words of hope, encouragement and love for those who need it. I always come up with “what I should have said” later , after the person is gone. I want to be able to know the Bible more deeply, to know where to to look for answers. I’m good at writing cards because I have the time to look things up that are appropriate for the person and their situation. But I really want to come up with the encouragement people need when they need it. Sounds strange when I read it here…not sure if it makes since to anyone else.

  5. I love to have people over for dinner so they can sit at my kitchen bar while I make dinner for them. I truly enjoy feeding people and my dream is to do this for my job. I have worked in the tourism industry in Alaska for the last 20 years and God is starting to open a new door. I’m scared because I have been doing my job for so long and it is comfortable. This study has given me courage in seeking out a different job possibility and knowing that Gods timing is always best.
    Praying for all of you my sisters!

  6. Lee Roberts says:

    Rebecca I will be praying that you will be a joyful, faithful, servant of God. I know you can do it! :) I am not sure if I totally ignored this calling or not. I have always dreamed of being a missionary. My husband and I actually looked into it at one point in our lives but they wouldn’t accept us because I had a child of a certain age and they wouldn’t take us at that time. I prayed about it and God said to me but I have you in the mission field now it’s called public school and I need Christian teachers there. I just recently retired from 31 years of teaching young children. My husband has felt a calling to preach so I am thinking maybe now ‘God can use me. So I am praying for whatever mission project he leads me to do. I would just like to be a helpmate to my husband with his calling too. Our pastor says that God doesn’t call a preacher without calling the wife too. Help me to listen to God’s will for me in whatever endeavor he has planned for me.

  7. I lift all my OBF up in prayer, it is amazing to see everyone’s journey. I am writing this a day late. I really struggled today. Spiritual warfare hit me from all directions starting at about 6 in the morning. I did my best to get through it, but failed at mid day, and just slept the ret of the day away. I prayed today for God’s intervention to take it all over, I am on my knees giving it all to him. I am a woman trying to redefine her faith, her path and her strength. I pray God leads me where he wants me to go, and as my passes through this valley that we will see the light of his glory on the other side.

    • Becky I am praying for you as well. That God be a light to your path, showing you the way as you move forward. I have had that visual of the light at the end of the tunnel in my mind a lot lately. Even when things seem to dark and one is so deep in the pit of despair that they can’t see the light – It’s still there. Just like God. We can’t see him but that doesn’t mean he isn’t always there leading towards his light of victory, a better life, etc.

  8. I’m not sure if I would call this a dream or calling, but I always wanted to stay home with my kids when they were young, or at the least work part time. That hasn’t worked out for me so far. I’ve somewhat made peace with the fact that until my husband gets a more stable job, who know when that will happen if ever, that’s out of the cards for me. I still have some hope that I’ll be able to take a semester off in Jan when my second child is born, or have an opportunity to have a less stressful job situation: either my situation changes or my attitude changes. That’s what I will be praying for.

    • Hi Andrea,

      I will certainly be praying for you. That God shows you other opportunities for income; that he blesses your husband with steadier income; and for both of you to find contentment as you are building your family. My son will turn eleven in August and I would love to see him at “three” again:)

      Blessings to you :)

  9. Good Morning,

    My dream is to provide professional development and Christian life coaching services to women in the workplace. I’ve worked on this dream off and on since 2008 but haven’t fully developed it to have the outreach that I believe God would want me to have. I want to see if be a powerful resource and source of encouragement for women in the marketplace.

    I’ve been in a state of stress this whole year this chapter using the Widow of Zarapheth as an example really highlighted for me ways that I’ve been trying to handle and control my life, without much thought of God. Thankfully, I’m having a breakthrough moment

    • Chantale says:

      Hello Lakecia,

      I am encouraged by your dream and will be praying for you over the course of the next week that God provide you with the next step in your ministry and to overcome the stress you have been dealing with. God’s word tells us we can do all things in Him and I pray this believing it for you myself & everyone participating in this bible study. Amen

  10. Hi Andrea,

    I will certainly be praying for you. That God shows you other opportunities for income; that he blesses your husband with steadier income; and for both of you to find contentment as you are building your family. My son will turn eleven in August and I would love to see him at “three” again:)

    Blessings to you :)

  11. My dream is to be write books for children. I am enrolled in an online course through the Institute of Children’s Literature. Actually it is my second course. I graduated from the first writing course years ago. I get too busy with “things” and I let it go on the wayside. I keep putting off my lesson and getting extensions so that it takes me about two years or longer to go through a course. My “calling” is writing. I was offered an opportunity to write a book that could possibly become a film but it took a side road and sits in my computer. I can’t seem to get past the first part. It has been a dream of mine for over ten years and I do believe God wants me to write but I keep procrastinating about it. It is so awesome to feel God nudging but I am missing blessings because I am ignoring it and just putting it off. Fear I think, fear of not being good enough or not being able to write it properly. I know it is for me. I just need to get on board with it. Now that summer is here and school is out, I pray to get going on my course again and my book.
    Andrea, I am praying for you that you will soon be able to stay home with your children and that God will provide an income sufficient for your household needs so you might do that. God bless you,

    • Chantale says:

      Hello Jeanne,

      Thank you for sharing your dream, your calling and your passion. I pray that God fills your heart with a burning desire to pursue this calling of writing books for children and that in the week ahead He will supernaturally bless you with the time required to “get to it”. Also, may you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are the apple of God’s eye and are more than good enough believing that he will equip you and strengthen you. Amen

  12. Charletta Rupert says:

    Everyone is being so creative. I have been otherise occupied so have not given much thought to how I could portray, but am awed at everyone else. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Chantale says:

      Hello Charletta,

      Thank you for sharing. I agree that as daughters of God we certainly are inspiring and encouraging to others. I pray that He unleashes your creativity in the week ahead and continues to bless you abundantly. Amen

  13. Chantale says:

    In 2009, following a Ladies Retreat about Tapping into God’s Wisdom – God revealed to me that I was in a season of preparation and that he was equipping me to become a teacher of His Word. I must admit that although I have been taking steps in that direction, I have not made it my first priority. In Chapter 10 when Tracie shares her experience and “e-mail from God” I had an “ah ha” moment, God is asking me to take the first step and to trust HIM.

    I am so blessed by this ministry and grateful for everyone’s vulnerability. Thank you for sharing! May you be richly blessed.

  14. Nancy Dye says:

    My dream is to find a job out of state. I have lived in Illinois my whole life and I’ve always wanted to “venture out.” Since I’ve developed breast cancer this year, I realize that I will leave many loving friends behind. While it has given me a different perspective, the dream is still there. When I get on my knees, I ask God to move my husband and me when He’s ready for us to go. I know that He knows what’s in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless you all on the spiritual warfare challenges that God knows we encounter.

  15. One dream tat God has given me is to work with the kids in Children’s / Teen ministry. It is so hard to commit because of my work schedule is 12 hours and I am not sure when I am going to be called because I work all 3 shifts on call for the agency.

    • Lisa I can understand time constraints it does make it very difficult. My husband had that issue he worked Sunday-Thursdays and the only day he could attend church with us as a family was Saturday nights, so he felt like he could never serve. God heard his call and gave him a great opportunity that was Monday-Friday and he now serves in the Grade 4-5 childrens ministry…another friend is in the same boat and is not a regular server but does what they can when they can like helping in the community etc. Also maybe you could serve in the summer for VBS or ask if there is preparation work you could help with during the times you are available? I will be praying that God will give you a way to serve where you feel called!

  16. A dream of mine is to sing on the praise team at church..I did it once as a teenager but I have longed to do it again…I keep making excuses though my voice is not good enough, I dont have the time to commit, etc. I love to sing and although my voice is not amazing I feel as though it is an offering I could give the Lord.

    • Carolyn says:

      Mindy, I understand your longing to worship and make an offering in this way. I’ve prayed that God would make His will known to you in this matter in a powerful way and that you would follow whatever He leads you to do.

  17. Carolyn says:

    For some years now I have been blessed to be able to follow what I believe is a calling to homeschool our children but recent dire financial concerns have me wondering if God is releasing me from that, and maybe it is time to consider finding a job. I know that His plan for me will be best, I just want a clear assurance of what it is.

    • Lucretia s says:


      I Pray that you find the guidance and direction you need in regards to your Children’s schooling and/or potential work. I know God will direct you according to His will.

  18. Lucretia s says:

    I have been struggling with the lack of a dream. Life had been a struggle lately. I feel that through this study I am finally breaking through . But I feel lost as to what direction God wants me to take with my life both through work (employment) and in my personal life (hobbies), and with my family (children and husband)… I feel like I’m in a small boat being tossed around by the sea, unsure where to go, which path or direction to go down. I am confident that God will show me His direction, in His time.