Jun 12

SLL Week 10, Day 3

Steph here again! And I have ants in my pants today for three reasons, and that’s a lot of ants!

  • First of all, today is officially my first day of summer vacation!!!!
  • Second, I get to share about the best conference of all time EVER! – The Proverbs 31 Ministries She Speaks Conference. 
  • Third, there are instructions at the bottom of the post for you to upload your picture from the Monday assignment for all to see (thank you Heather Bleier, OBS Exec Team Member for setting up the picture link!)

So let’s get right to number one! SUMMER VACAY!!!!! If there is one lady who knows how to do summer right, it is Lysa Terkeurst! How do I know, because I read her Friday Favorites posts and she gives the most awesome ideas…things she likes to call “summer sanity savers”. And let me tell you, with an 8 year old girl and and 11 year old boy, I need someone to re-deliver my sanity on a daily basis! In her last Friday post she mentioned nail polish, lavender, bubble baths, and movies…can you say YES PLEASE!!!! Be sure to visit her blog and check out her Friday posts, and for that matter – all her posts!!!

Now on to number two! The Proverbs 31 She Speaks Conference!  This amazing conference combines fantastic information from industry leaders and professionals, worship experiences with phenomenal musicians, the power of prayer, one on one coaching, dynamic and engaging keynote speakers (Michael Hyatt and Lysa Terkeurst!!!!), and one rockin’ sisterhood experience all wrapped into one amazing Spirit filled – life changing weekend. A weekend you have to experience to believe. A weekend I wouldn’t trade for the world.

This will be my third She Speaks. I attended once as a participant and will be teaching a session for the second time this year titled “Walking beside the Brokenhearted”. If you are at all interested in speaking, writing, or women’s ministry, you will definitely want to consider attending. Not only will you experience God in a powerful way, you will also be empowered, equipped, and encouraged in your calling to serve Him. Click here to learn more about the conference and how you can sign up. The conference hotel is full, but there are still spots for the conference and other hotel options. Plus I want you to come so I can give you a big ole hug, or maybe even lay across your lap like Heather Bleier did last year!!!

she speaks 2

And last but certainly not least…here are the instructions to upload the pictures you have been working so hard on! I can’t wait to see how God has spoken to you in visual images! Many of you have sent them to me, but be sure to upload them here as well!


There are so many ways to share today!!!! You can share about your summer plans or something you LOVE about summer! You can share about She Speaks – if you are going, you want to go, you have been, or you are still trying to decide (please comment and let us know if you are coming because we want to know so we can make plans to meet you!) And finally you can share your picture, words about your picture, or how God’s Word is impacting you and those around you! I have even more ants in my pants as I get excited to see all your comments and pictures! I love you girls waaaaayyyyy BIG!!!!

Love, Steph




  1. I love the summer!! I am a teacher and now since I have had children (ags 1 and 3) I love the quality time I get to spend just being a mom during the summer. Summer is also the time I get to go Home home to Ohio to visit my family and friends. The girls and I go back for about a month so we have real time to visit and relax.

  2. I used to love just having fun with my kids in the summer. Now, being an empty-nester, I’m spending lazy days with my hubby, and phone calls or visits with the kids. Doesn’t get any better:)

  3. Summer is great. The kids that live here take the grandkids that live here and hubby and I stay home alone. Yahoo. For a few days once in a while. Then they go to the river and I get to read, write, relax. I don’t have to get up with the grandkids I get to keep later nights with hubby and sleep in a little longer. I love summer. I love my Bible study friends.God is so good.

  4. Kristen B (OBS team) says:

    Summer in Arizona is almost too hot to do anything outside. Even when the sun goes down, it usually doesn’t go below 90 during the hottest part of the summer. Back when I lived in Indiana, I loved swimming in the summer. It was my favorite thing to do. And I love being able to wear flip flops during the summer.

  5. I can’t find the picture I wanted to share. It is a picture of my youngest sister’s daughter about 7 weeks after being told due to the severity of her injuries she probably would never use her arm again. At one point they talked about amputation and she told us not to worry God was with her and she would not loose her arm or the use of it. In the picture she is moving a bottle across the table with that arm. God has healed not only her broken heart but he has bound and is repairing her physically and spiritually.

  6. Christine says:

    I actually love the Fall best, but like the summer too for trips to the beach and doing lots of yard work outside with my hubby!

  7. My summer will be looking for a job. As far as my photo. I posted a photo of an Olive Oil Lamp. It is made of one piece of glass. It takes a lot of heat to make this glass bend into the shape it has been bent into. I did not make it I bought it but when it is lit it is beautiful and yes all you need is a little olive oil and a little piece of cotton. This photo works in so many ways. Because the heat it takes to cause this glass to bend you know it has been through the tough part. It took someone like God to shape it into the lamp and he shapes us into the person he wants us to be. Jesus is the light of our lives. We are to keep his light burning in our hearts. This will all lead to strength in Christ.