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SLL Week 11, Day 2

Hey there!  Stephanie Raquel here again today … thanks for joining us and commenting with your awesome ideas yesterday on how you shared Romans 8:26!

Speaking of that verse, check out the gorgeous Pin we have with it today!

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Thank you, thank you to Samantha Evilsizer & Amber Oatman!  :)

It is hard to believe we are nearly to the end of Stressed-Less Living by Tracie Miles.  Bittersweet, isn’t it?  Sweet to be drinking in all of the fantastic teaching from this book.  And yet … bitter to know our time together will soon be ending!

However, we’ve got two chapters left, so let’s make the most of it!!  And if you’re still here with us today, I want to commend you for sticking it out.  Give yourself a big high five from me!  You are almost to the finish line … just two laps to go!!  :)

~ ~ ~
Chapter 11 is fantastic.  
Super short and unbelievably practical — as it’s filled with six action items to help us “reboot” our lives.  (Which I love.  Give me perspective and head knowledge, sure, but at the end of the day, I am a “So what?  What’s the bottom-line?” kinda girl!)

If you’re anything like me and crave applicable wisdom, then you’ll love this chapter!  So, today’s assignment is to read Chapter 11 and enjoy!  

To summarize:

  1. Realign your life to God’s word.
  2. Recognize your need for God’s help.
  3. Adjust your focus to God, not your circumstances.
  4. Be filled with the Holy Spirit.  (Remember the one who’s praying on your behalf??) :)
  5. Be faithful in your prayer life.
  6. Believe God is Who He says He is.

I love the way Tracie describes many women of faith on p. 216:

“When life gets hard we tend to start doubting that God is God.  We dabble with the lie that, just maybe, he isn’t really in control.  We wonder whether he is big enough to fix our problems.  Or, at a minimum, we wonder whether he is taking time to see our problems at all.  But God is who he says he is, all the time. …

“Unbelief puts our circumstances between us and God; faith puts God between us and our circumstances.”

Ladies, I don’t know about you, but that hits me right between the eyes.  The enemy of this world, Satan, totally wants us to lack faith, and be filled with inescapable doubts.  The enemy wants us to put aside the truth of who God says and is, and focus on the lie that we don’t really need God anyway.

Let me assure you, God IS big enough to handle everything that comes our way!!   And I say that as someone who’s dealt with cancer, unemployment, divorce & addictions with extended family, and more …  Not only have I gone through a lot personally, I’ve also ministered to others battling major issues.

So to conclude today, let me encourage you with a powerful song from Chris Tomlin, Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies) which reminds us that God is there for us, helping us fight our battles and completely conquer stress so we can live stressed-less lives!  (Incidentally, the background & scriptures for this song are pretty amazing as well!)

I hope it encourages your heart!


We love to hear from you!  Share your thoughts on one or more questions below in the comments section, and be entered in to win an autographed copy of our next OBS, What Happens When Women Say Yes to God by Lysa TerKeurst.

  1. Which of the 6 steps above encourages you the most?  How can you take a step today to reset your life?
  2. How can you realign your life to God’s word?
  3. What would you try to accomplish for God, if you fully believed that the “God of Angel Armies” is by your side?




  1. I also need to work on all six of the steps. What I desire most however is to be really connected with God. To be able to talk with Him. I am able, I know that, but I am not doing this as often and freely as I could. I can really be positively envious when I hear people talking about howbthey spoke with their Father and how He communicated with withthem. I long for that. I am a very taökitive person, I like to share. I feel always better if I can talk things over and through and come to fresh conclusions during vonversation when I hear things being spoken out. I now see that I have and need to be talkative with my Father God, for I feel more and more that he would be happy to hear about mX whereabouts. I long to speakbwith Him and to trust Him like I have never trusted anyone before, because I know deep down inside that He is the only One that will never ever betray my trust. He has been beside me in my darkest days when things happened due to poor choices. Even then he did no let me go. I did not want to have anytjing to do with Him anymore but He was not ready with me. And I am so thankful for that! That is why I also have to read more and more in His wors, yesterday I ordered a bible in The Message translations becaus very often this translation makes things so clear to me. I am very happy to have enrolled in this study, I learned so many things already! I think step nr. 6 summarizes it for me: I need to believe that God is who He is. Then the rest will follow, I will then trust him, I will then soeakbto him, because I trust him, I know that I can trust Him, because I read the Bible which tells me all about Him and who He is, I will be then filled with the Holy Spirit because I trust Him enough to ask for that, my focu will then be on Hom because I recognize my need for Him!!

    • Kristy Aiken (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Hi Saskia,
      We all long for our Father’s Presence. I also was led to step #6. This is difficult when our circumstances and troubles seem so great. I am in a waiting period and it is in this waiting that I am growing. I just realized it. I am developing the deepest desire for God. The most important thing is not only to stay in His Word but completely trust God is who He says no matter what you feel or what is going on around you. I mean completely TRUST the unseen! Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing sweet sister.

  2. Brenda J says:

    Adjust my focus to God, not my circumstances.
    ** I would live out of His complete love for me and not what others say and do to me. Others would see His love through me and not someone who can’t hold her head up.

  3. Which of the 6 steps above encourages you the most? How can you take a step today to reset your life? I cannot pick which of those steps encourages me the most. My first step would be to lay everything at the cross.

    How can you realign your life to God’s word? I need to realign my life to Gods by getting in his word and applying it to my life

    What would you try to accomplish for God, if you fully believed that the “God of Angel Armies” is by your side? The world is the limit. I would try to accomplish whatever I am called to do. Its just that I have never really felt called to anything.

    • I have felt that before, not called to do anything. But I got involved in our childrens ministry at church. I wasn’t “all in” but I’m a teacher so that seemed like a logical place to start. Then one Sunday the message sparked something in me & I suggested a women’s small group. They asked me to start it! And that was Gods plan all along. Start somewhere. Get involved. God will open doors, close doors, & redirect you into your calling! Pray and ask Him to show you. Good luck!

  4. Melody Markham says:

    I have been working on these six steps for about a year now even before I knew about them. I was going through a rough patch with my marriage, finances, job, etc., God spoke to me one Sunday afternoon when I was depressed and hiding under the covers from Him and my family. He told me to get out of my bed, and go find a book in my house; that book was A WOMAN AFTER GOD’S OWN HEART by Elizabeth George. I began reading that book that Sunday afternoon. My heart began to change, but only a little. During Summer Break (I’m a teacher), I dove into that book again spending two hours with Jesus during my quiet time. I began to realign my life to God’s Word, but then the busyness of my life in the fall happened, and I struggled to really spend quality time with God. Sure, I had drive by sessions with Him, but not anything of sustenance. Satan began attacking me again. This time he attacked my son’s health and my health because my husband and I were in a good place with our marriage; he tried a different approach. I was spinning out of control when I found this Bible study. Oh, how it has changed my life!!!! I have realigned my life to God’s Word once again. I have recognized my need for God’s help, and that’s BIG since I’m a control freak!! I know I have begun to adjust my focus to God and not my circumstances because a week and a half ago, we were told we needed to replace our central heat/air conditioner unit and that it would cost us $4,000. I didn’t even bat an eye because I knew God was in control one way or the other. We are also facing other financial hardships, and I am doing the best I can to let God handle it. I trust Him completely. I’ve seen him work in my life too many times even when I was being a brat and didn’t deserve His mercy and grace. I am filled with the Holy Spirit, faithful in my prayer life, and believe God is Who He says He is.

    I am praying for God’s Will in my life daily. Instead of telling him today what I wanted to do, I asked God what He wanted to do with me today. Satan tried to sneak in and wreak havoc, but my God is certainly bigger than the devil. I prayed and I feel a peace that only God can give.

    Last night, one of my students put Romans 8:31 on Twitter. I told her that was my Bible study yesterday. She said that made her happy because she was going through difficult times right now. I encouraged her to read the whole chapter of Romans 8, and I would pray for her. God knows exactly what He is doing, and I’m glad He does. I thank Him daily for leading me to this Bible study.

    • Thank you for sharing your story. I like how you are able to see and sense God even when your circumstances aren’t exactly perfect. Seems like you’ve been full circle and now realigned & isn’t it amazing through it all you are encouraging younger women! Awesome. God is amazing!

    • Kristy Aiken (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Wow! Your post has left me feeling hopeful and encouraged. God is so good and He is obviously working on you sister. We don’t deserve His mercy and grace and He still gives it to us. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story.

  5. Lee Roberts says:

    I loved today’s chapter so much. I had to copy down the Six Steps to Living the Stressed-less Life and the scripters that went with them. They were so good and the scriptures were too. I think what I have been working on since I started this study was rebooting my Life. I need to continue to Let God handle everything everyday. I keep trying to take some of it back and handle it myself. So giving up control to God all the time is what I am working on now. When I do that even in the small stuff. I am so less stressed! It truly works. I also need to go to His Throne more. Not just when things are bad. I guess working on my prayer life would better help me in all the other steps too. Oh God How I NEED YOU! EVERY HOUR I NEED YOU!

    • Kristy Aiken (OBS Group Leader) says:

      I agree! We need Him every hour. I also am learning (slowly but surely) how to relinquish that control and trust Him. Oh what a peaceful feeling that is by giving it to my Father. We must be deliberate and intentional with our faith.It is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

      • Kristy,

        Have you heard the song by Matt Maher ” Lord, I need you.” ? It talks about how every hour we need Him and oh how true that is!! Your comment brought the song to mind so I will share it.

  6. Kristy Aiken (OBS Group Leader) says:

    I did not realize it at first but after re-reading the sections I realized that step # 6 really spoke to me.
    ~”Believe God is Who He Says”
    God is not limited by time like we are. Studying the bible you see that God isn’t in a hurry and HE is NEVER late either. So why do I question His timing? This “time” allows us to trust God and live by faith. This patience and living Biblically not only pleases God but is evidence of our faith. Oh how I take advantage of God’s patience and grace. I need God every second of every day. The temptations of this world and its thinking is too much without Him. God is in control and regardless of my circumstances or feelings God is still God. Thank you Lord Jesus for your patience and love toward me. Thank you for shining light just right where I need it. Thank you for placing people in my life to show me this (Amanda). God, thank you for this waiting period as I see now that I am growing in You. I am completely crazy and hunger for Your Word while I wait!

  7. Adjust your focus to God, not your circumstances , I need to read my Bible daily and to pray daily and consistently.

  8. Vanessa says:

    I went to see my sick friend today Teresa who is in stage four cancer. I walked into her dark room and she was moaning and groaning and not having a good day at all. I said Teresa what do you want me to do for you? She said get me a cold wash cloth for my head and pray for me.

    I put the wash cloth on her head and then knelt beside her bed and prayed with her. I just didn’t know what to pray so I just ask God to help her. I remember the verse I had written on my bandaide last week 147:3 and I prayed that verse in the prayer. She cried and said now maybe I can rest and get some sleep. Sometimes it’s just asking God for His help… It’s hard to see suffering but I know He’s right there with her having compassion on her.. It’s just hard not be stressed out when you see all this..



    • Vanessa: You did the most powerful thing in the world for your friend, you prayed at her bedside. Walking into that room was a courageous step – many people would not have taken that step. You not only did that, you provided her comfort and peace. May The Lord bless you and your dear friend. Both of you are in my prayers.

    • Vanessa, your comment brought joy to my heart, and tears to my eyes. What a blessing you are to your friend! And how encouraging to the OBS team to see the lessons you are learning put into action.

      God’s word tells us in James that faith without works is dead. It is sooo encouraging, Vanessa, to see your faith very much alive! know that I am praying for your friend as well. Much love!!!

      • Vanessa says:

        When I was praying I just saw a visual of that band aide with that verse on it and I prayed that verse. God is amazing to teach us new things. I even thought about making her enough bandaides to have a different verse to wear everyday so when she gets really bad it will be right there for her to read… Thanks for the prayers! This is really tough!

        • Stephanie Raquel says:

          Love it! Band-Aids for Jesus!! =)

          What a treasure she has in a friend like you!!

  9. Every week, I am strengthened and encouraged by the pages of the book we read and the inspirational words of this site. Together, I have truly moved past a stress-filled/controlling life to a life focused on God. Adjust your focus on God, not your circumstances really speaks to me. I have found that as I grow closer to my Lord, filling my day with his words and thoughts focused on him, provides me a sense of peace I haven’t experienced in a long time. Like you, Stephanie, I have been through cancer, divorce, death of a parent, children woes, etc. I am also in the HR business and hear much anguish and distress. Throughout my career, I have lived the fine line of business versus faith. I found it hard to advise/counsel those who came to me without sharing my faith. Now, I gently share with those that come to me as they leave, “I will pray for you'” and I do. If they are offended and I get fired for this, then that was meant to be. That has yet to happen. More often than not, they leave with a sense of peace (or so they tell me). And I am filled with peace as well. Focusing on God first helps to change the rest of our mindset – and I’m ready to be changed!!

    • Love that!! Oh, what I would have done in my work in corporate America if I heard those words early in my career! What a tremendous godly influence you have. God will honor that! Rom. 8:31, yes?!! :)

  10. Janet F says:

    Oh yes I forgot in my first post to thank you soooo much Stephanie for leading us this week, you Proverbs 31 women are the best and are a blessing to all of us!! ♥ God bless you!!

  11. The one that hit me the most (although I love the focus that all these steps bring) is realigning myself to God’s Word. Wow. That section hit me between the eyes! I spend some time reading Scripture each day, but I am far from intentional about using it as a “life manual”.

    As far as how to realign my life to God’s Word, I intend to take more time exploring the Bible, both with my kids as part of our devotional time and on my own. I want to experience more than what others highlight and I think I need to make it during a time when I am more alert. That is sometimes difficult as a coffee fueled mother of three young boys. :)

    I actually believe I can accomplish anything with God, but I don’t have one particular dream that speaks to me, except to be a more patient mother. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t yell at my children all the time or belittle my husband, etc. However, they do bear the brunt of my frustrations frequently. This seems like an insurmountable task, but I know God is capable of all things if I listen to His instruction. So, I will continue the journey towards being more patient.

  12. Wow! I am a little behind in my reading right now but I can not wait to dive into this chapter!!! The song you posted is one of my absolute favorites lately. It really spoke to me a couple of months ago when I heard it on the radio, then sang it in church all in the same couple of weeks! Thank you for continued prayer, support and encouragement. You ladies are all amazing!

  13. For me, I need to focus on #6-Believe God Is Who He Is~ It’s not that I’m having doubts about my walk with God. I know I need to be daily in the Word. I’m having hard time letting go of my ways of doing things, even though it’s gotten me nowhere. I need to TRUST in God to guide me. On page 216, Tracie said, “What we view as God’s absence or lack of Quickness to change our circumstances or fix our problems is really God waiting for the proper time to act on our behalf while simultaneously waiting for us to acknowledge our need for rescue.”
    So many times in the last 2 years, I’ve wanted to be in control but I’ve learned quickly that I’m not. I need to put ALL of my trust in God.

  14. Lucretia s says:

    I need to adjust my focus to God, not my circumstances. I think this will make a significant difference for me.

  15. 4-6 really hit home for me! Increasing the prayer will help me increase my awareness of the Spirit within me.

  16. Dawn Hyatt says:

    Today I had this opportunity to have a great teaching moment with my eight year old! Our family is vacationing at the beach and today we decided to take a “beach break”. I know!! A break from the beach? Really? Apparently, when you have 5 children between the ages of 18 and 8, ya’ll can’t hang at the beach all day! Anyhow, we were driving go-carts and our 8 year old waited all day to drive the track that was appropriate for her. Mind you, she did not say anything to anyone. It was hot. We had been there 3 hours and we had all had enough driving, so we left. Our 8 year old has been out of sorts all day and she is characterized bu choosing joy! When I asked her at shower time what was going on, she shared how her feelings were hurt because she waited all day for everyone else and she never got to do what she wanted. She never told us and I asked her why? She said she didn’t want to hurt her Daddy’s feelings. She doesn’t like to make him sad. I was able to tell her that God has given us all of these emotions and if we don’t feel them and share them, we can never learn from them. You need to go and tell Daddy how you feel. So you BOTH can understand! This is much like praying to God! He can’t intervene for us or walk along side us, if we don’t ask. He doesn’t want us to be self-sufficient. He wants us to be dependent on Him! I need to pray more – most definitely!!!

  17. I haven’t been as faithful in this study as I would have liked…but I decided to just start again today even though you are almost finished. I really liked this chapter. I know I need to work on all six areas that Tracie shared…but I felt especially encouraged to believe that God is who he says he is…I love the song about The God of Angel Armies…when I heard it it made me want to weep…we so often forget who he really is…”He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds”. I am praying that he will help me let him be God in my life. Love and prayers to everyone:)

  18. I am sitting in my bed with my beautiful baby leaping beside me. Bliss. It has been a touch and go stressful day, but I wouldn’t trade it. On to the chapter….
    To say that all of these steps are necessary in my life is an understatement. They are imperative to a successful daily walk filled with God’s peace as opposed to mounting stress and anxiety. I have some family members who are going through some pretty awesome changes in their lives, and the words in these steps can offer them so much guidance and strength if they are open to it. They are believers so that is an excellent start!
    Everyday God lets me rise out of bed is a brand new opportunity to realign my life and do things His way…the right way…and if we are honest, the ONLY way. I’ve definitely made some wrong turns today, as is the case everyday with things I say and do. But tomorrow is a new day and a fresh opportunity…my daily gift from The Lord! My plan is to find the prettiest paper and the prettiest pen and use them to write these awesome steps and the Bible verses supporting them. Then, I am going to post these puppies somewhere popular in my home…bathroom or the kitchen are always good places to start. Of course right in the middle of the tv or computer screen wouldn’t be a bad idea either! I want these steps around as reminders to myself and my family of how we can live our lives to the fullest everyday the way God intended…without stress, without anxiety, with just Him.
    When I’m living a life lead by God, I have no accomplishments. The accomplishments…each and every one…belong to Him. I’m simply the messenger. But the accomplishment I would love for God to complete through me is peace. I live in a very conservative area, where judgment often displaces peace in the hearts of genuinely good people, but people who are still lead by simple worldly limitatios rather than God’s flawless ways. We all do it. But we don’t have to. Being an example of peace and love instead of stress and tension is one of the greatest ways to led people to God. If people are honest with themselves, peace is what they truly want and what some think is an impossible dream. But when they see me living a peaceful life and ask me how I got it, one word is all I need to answer…GOD.

  19. All of the six steps encourage me, but #2 hits me the hardest. Recognizing that I NEED God to do anything in this life big or small! Understanding that God never meant for us to be self-sufficient…. I love that concept, how true it is!

    I am making an honest effort to get up each morning and have quiet time with God before my husband or son wake up, today was the first day and I’m excited about my morning “meetings” with God and seeing how this deeper commitment to Him allows for blessings to flow into my life.

    • Awesome, Dana! Baby steps… They say it takes 30 days to start a new habit … You might want to consider asking a friend to join you in a 30-day challenge with an awesome reward at the end! (Like dinner out for you, or even as simple as 3 free hours of babysitting for you each.). :). Feel free to keep us posted!

  20. Going to go out of order here…need prayers for my daughter in law’s dad. He was in a bad accident 10 days ago. He has a head injury and several broken bones. They were ready to amputate his left leg, but suddenly got blood flow and pulses back, hmmm, prayer I presume saved the leg so far. They took him off his sedation meds a few days ago and he has not responded yet. We are all praying that he wakes up and responds, the pressure in the brain goes down and the circulation to the left leg remains stable. May I ask for your prayers to heal this man in his time of need. He’s only 60 yrs old. His dear mother and family are at his beside as much as they can. Thank you so much. I love my OBS sisters.

    • Wow, we shall pray for an incredible healing!!!

      Praying, too, for your precious daughter-in-law whose daddy is hurting, that God will bring her peace and comfort in all this mess. What a blessing for her to have a praying mom-in-law!!

  21. I was a chapter behind so tonight I took my book everywhere, even took it to the bathroom while I went, weird but here’s where things got funny, I was stranded!! No paper :-0 normally I would scream and yell at the kids, but I decided maybe this is my chance to catch up on my reading. All 6 of the steps speak volumes to me! As a single mother, the need to place my focus on God and not on my cicumstances is number 1 on my list though. Thank you for helping this crazy mommy become less-stressed 😀

  22. Of the Six Steps that encouraged me the most are #6 Believing God Is Who He Says He Is; # 3 Adjusting My Focus; # 2 Recognizing My Need; and # 5 Being Faithful In My Prayer Life.

    How can I realign my life to God’s Word? By seeking him first in all things. My thoughts, plans, dreams, desires, goals, choices, and relationships. This is an area I struggle with Trusting Him in All Things & With All of Me. I guess I have been hurt so much & disappointed That I have a hard time with Trust. Oh but how He shows me His Wonderful Love!!!
    What would I try to accomplish for God if I truly believe The Angel Of Armies is beside me? All He desires for me. To glorify His Holy Name!

  23. As I sit here thinking I realize that I have to totally let go and let God! I am strong in my belief that he will but there are times when the enemy slips in and I start trying to wrestle with it myself. I know I have an army of angels by my side. I just have to get deeper in the word and continue my daily talks with him. Since I have been taalkig often each day I see a change in my stress level. I love the songs and find myself getting a small step closer to him as I continue to pray and listen. Praise is also something I find myself doing more often and it truly makes me less stressed. I need to continue to focus on God and let him handle my circumstances. God Bless you all!

  24. The step that takes present action in my life is “Adjust my focus to God and not my circumstances.” As the Words states that we battle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against spiritual forces of darkness…. Being called at a young age, battles, trials have been a part of my life, from financial crisis, to homelessness, to heart condition, to losing loved ones… It was a time when I did not know when I would come up for air in the midst of storms. Act 1:8 stated clearly to me that I shall receive POWER when the Holy Spirit has come upon me and I shall be witness to Jesus. It became clear that without God I can do nothing. The Word says to cast the cares upon Him and so I threw that basket to him with no strings attached and marched forward. I know that the closer we walk with Thee the more the enemy will present his tricks, but I walk with the assurance and confidence that when I keep my focus on the Lord he directs my paths. Dressed in armor, bathed in Faith, Hope and Love… Focus on the greater!!!! I have been given the power and authority to tread upon serpents and scorpions… Now that is Focus!!!!!!!

  25. You that is a great question…I believe the God of Angel Armies is right by my side, but many days I don’t live like it! I want to desperately. I will continue to get into God’s Word – and He is teaching me right now to BE STILL – sometimes we are so busy we do not stop to listen…When All HE wants us to do is be quiet and hear HIM. ……………………………………………………………………….Striving to Be Still, Teresa

  26. Katrina says:

    All of the steps are so relevant to implement into our everyday lives! I underlined the most in step 6, so I guess you could say I found the most encouragement from that one.

  27. Lindsay says:

    Thats amazing. I have found myself singing this very song almost hourly lately. I remind myself every moment that God is by my side. Thank you for your thoughts today because its great to hear from someone who has gone before me in some of the same trials. I think the thing I resonate with the most is waiting and being faithful in the trust that God is who He says He is. I always second guess myself and what God wants for me. THere are weary times where I just want someone to tell me or God to write it as a clear 12 ft road sign with blinking lights in front of my door so that I can not avoid it until it sinks in. And I cause stress for myself because what I think is the spirit, or God, gets dashed away and more doubt creeps in. but I stand firm. I need to keep looking for ways to focus less on the evil, the stress and the sorrows. I need to keep looking no matter what for the blessing and believing that Gods promises and word does apply to me– not just tomorrow but today. I read something this morning about running around aimlessly without purpose and about running the race we are supposed to run. Its been stressful because when I try to run lately, the path closes left and right. So Im hoping today that a path clears. Thank you

  28. Step 3 has really been speaking to me this week. Both my husband and I got calls from our doctors that we had possible health issues that needed to be addressed. Mine we were used to. This would be my fifth breast biopsy in the last 15 years and all had been benign so we felt good about that. But when his doctor mentioned that his PSA level was high and we needed to discuss options, both of us were floored. He hasn’t felt well for a long time and this possibility makes sense. CANCER. Then I read chapter 11 and step 3. We both knew it was a message from God just for us. Tracie says “Remember that the Lord never grows weary, and he knows how to handle our problems much better than we do.” And, “… it always seems that when one stressful situation reaches the maximum level, another stressful situation falls in right behind it.” WOW!!!
    God so has me pegged. I read this to my husband and we both knew and vowed to each other that no matter what the circumstance our faith is in God.

    • Stephanie Raquel says:

      Easier said than done, isn’t it? To focus on God, and not our circumstances?

      Sorry to hear you and your husband are facing such difficulties with your health … but am amazed at God’s timing that you’d get the calls from your doctors THIS WEEK. That, to me, is pretty awesome in watching God display His goodness.

      Hang in there, sweet friend! Keep us posted! We are praying for you and yours!! ~Steph

      P.S. This song has been ministering to my soul today … Enjoy! “When all you are … is powerful and true. And good in all you do. Whom shall I fear?”


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