Jun 22

SLL week 11 ~ Praises & Prayer Requests

“What if we began to consider the Bible our only lifeline?  What if we gave it the importance it actually deserved?  Would our lives be different?”  ~Tracie Miles

We have God’s. Holy. Word. available to us 24/7/365 and yet all too often we seek worldly answers to our problems.  We compare ourselves to the world and determine that we aren’t successful enough, a good enough parent, wearing the right clothes, driving the right car, going to the right places or saying the right things.  The problem is that the world isn’t our ruler to measure by and when we allow it to be we let the world be our RULER.

The news carries stories of people who are stressing out because they aren’t living up to the lives they are reading about in the blogs they follow or their attempt at the crafty/culinary thing they found on Pinterest turned out less than spectacular.  We are stressing out over things that don’t really matter.  I can say this with confidence because the thing that does matter -God- tells us that He brings peace….when we allow Him to rule our lives.  And that is what this whole study has been about, hasn’t it?  Recognizing that He is our only lifeline.  He is the one we should be focusing on.  He is the one we should be looking to emulate.

 photo Romans826.gifillustrated by Joe McKeever, used with permission

Problem is, I fail and I bet you do to.  Not all the time, but enough that I allow stress to creep back in again.  And I don’t always recognize that I am failing when I am failing.  That is where Romans 8:26 comes in.  You see, we aren’t alone in this.  God sent a part of Himself to be with us, to advocate for us, to help us even when we don’t know we need help.  This isn’t a free pass to get out of prayer, but it does comfort me to know that when I am broken and stressed and don’t know how to begin, the Spirit will open the lines of communication for me and for you.  What an awesome God we serve!

So what are you waiting for?  Press that reset button and get ready to start living your Stressed-Less Life.  A life in which we are realigned and refocused on our Creator.  A life in which we are spending time with Him both in His word and in our prayer life.

Ginny Blankenship

Are you still struggling to find, much less press, your reset button? Do you need prayer? We would be honored to pray with you. Leave us a comment and a member of the Online Bible Study team will lift you up in prayer. Have you pressed that reset button and been blessed? Won’t you share that with us to so we can rejoice with you?



  1. My husband has abused me and my children all of my 23 year marriage. He is charming in public and, as a good wife, I have covered for him, following the Proverbs 31 model, daily forgiving him, obeying and showing respect to him, despite his maltreatment of us which he won’t change. At my sister’s lead, my extended family rejects us, she actually seems pleased with our pain, perpetuating it by excluding us and acting superior, which she has always done. Everyone says they’re Christian. Please pray Jesus will shine His love and truth in this situation.

    • Beth I am praying for you and your family. With love. Elaine

    • Oh honey, i am praying for you….YES, that His love and Truth will shine through the darkness. May God encourage you this day and in the future…..

    • Beth, I am praying that you will reach out for some help. It hurts me that you are hurting and that you are being mistreated by people who call themselves Christian. Jesus teaches us love, not control. The woman in Proverbs, chapter 31 took care of her family but was not abused.
      Love and Prayers, Sweet Sister,
      Beth A. (OBS Leader)

      • Janet F says:

        Praying for you Beth. Praying also for your husband that God would open his eyes and heart to the pain he is causing you and your children. That God would bring him to his knees in forgiveness and brokenness for change!! I agree with Beth A you need to seek help. I know what you are going through and you really need some support. It IS ALL ABOUT CONTROL when they act like that. Don’t cover up for him anymore either so people can see the true him and will start to pray for him to be changed. I pray for God to send extra angel to protect you and your children and keep you safe. Praying fervently for you!!!

    • Beth, I am praying for our Lord and Savior for you and your family. I understand what you are going through as I spent too many years living like that. First of all you do NOT have to live that way. This is NOT what Jesus had planned for us. Do not let your husband abuse you, seek help! This could be a matter of life and death to you and your family. Others are around to help you, not watch and gloat while you are suffering. Please, this abuse will not get any better! Jesus will provide for you and your family, but you need to let Him! It is scary going out into the world on “your own”, but with Jesus you are never alone. Believe in Him and your help is there!

    • Sondra R says:

      Beth, darling child of GOD, and sister in FAITH, our LORD, loves you and cares about you specifically. Abuse is not of GOD. You have suffered and worked, perhaps now is the time to seek wise counsel. Praying for guidance and a hedge of protection for you and your children.

    • Becky Kneller says:

      I am so sorry. You and your children are in my prayers. My first marriage was filled with abuse. My daughter still has not forgiven me for not leaving sooner. Seek protection for you and your children. Don’t worry about what others say. They do not walk in your shoes. May God provide guidance & protection for you.

      • Michele aka Mickie from St Hgts Michigan says:

        Beth I am praying for you n your children…
        God will n at your side for love & support…my
        prayer request is for my marriage that we both
        learn to quit arguing & wanting to be right… Being
        against each other but for each other…I am also
        following Proverbs the best I can… Beth find a good
        Christian counselor & she will help you … I have a
        great one… I’ve had to live w an alcoholic/verbal
        abuser but I praise God he has been sober now for
        almost 15 mos & things are different but still praying
        & letting go & letting God get me thru…. Blessings
        for you and your children…

    • TABITHA JONES says:

      Beth you and your family are in my prayers. It hurts me to know you are being hurt like you are. I pray you get some help. Feel free to email me if you need a friend to talk too. (tab629@yahoo.com)

    • Dear Beth, as others have mentioned, please seek wise counsel. I pray for your eyes, ears and heart to be opened up and sensitive to the people and opportunities that He has placed before you. God most often answers prayer by sending us people. I believe He has already answered your prayer. I believe the people and the opportunities are around you. Thank you, God, for providing Beth with the courage and confidence, that you have already created her with, so that she can step out and reach out to these people, these opportunities for light, Truth and freedom in You. Heavenly Father, breathe fresh life into our sister that she feels empowered to trust in you and take these action steps into Faith today and from here forward. In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen. Love you Beth.

    • Beth,
      I volunteer with a domestic violence program. Domestic violence is a dreadful problem in our world. It is time for you to realize that God doesn’t create junk. You have value and are HIS child. Your first step is to make a phone call or get on the website.

      Call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−SAFE(7233) or TTY 1−800−787−3224. (There is probably a local number, but this will get you started.


      You need to call the hotline number as quickly as possible and get help for you and the kids.

      If you still don’t feel like you can, try to watch WINGS LIKE A DOVE: Healing for the Abused Christian Woman by the FaithTrust Institute. It is wonderful and will help you see that God loves, he doesn’t abuse.

      My prayers are with you.

      • Stephanie Raquel says:


        Thank you for sharing that hotline and the web sites. What a blessing you are to women facing such challenging circumstances!

        Indeed, God NEVER condones abuse, but I understand it is a complex issue for sooo many in our midst.

        Beth, I would also recommend any books by Leslie Vernick, or this article about her ministry: http://bit.ly/11vcyBi.

        • Stephanie Raquel says:

          Here’s a link to her conversation on FamilyLife Today:


          • Beth, our God is a God of light and love. Please know that you are a child of this same God! I thank him for giving you the courage to cry out and pray that you seek wise councils and that as you do you see that you are a wonderful child of God. I believe he has provided many wonderful resources for you this day and pray that you are safe and continue to reach out! God Bless and love you my obs sister! Elaine

    • Oh Beth, I pray that Godly women will come alongside you in your real life and pray for you and with you. Lord God – take this sweet sister, who is trying so hard to live by what pleases you. Show her each step she is to take so clearly. Repair her relationships with her family, Lord. Open their eyes to her pain and her need. Open the eyes of her husband, Lord. Place people in his life to make him aware of his need for you. I pray that you continue to give Beth the grace she needs, daily. God, thank you for her willingness to seek you in this. In Jesus’ name we pray, AMEN!

    • Courtney says:

      Beth, I”m can’t begin to understand what you are going through. All I know, is God is able. I’m praying for you and your family, my sister.


      • Denise Davis Kamppi says:

        Dearest Beth. I know the life of abuse I have been to shelter twice, I thank God for putting me there everyday, and through God I have found comfort in Him. Though counciling I’m a very special person I am Gods child I’m strong. And that’s what God want for us. Is to first believe in Him and our self’s. I pray for you sweet Beth for peace in your heart and your mind I pray for you to have clarity. I am praying that Our God and yours stomps out the evil sickness in your husband and gives him that same peace. Be safe. Forever in Gods unconditional love. Denise

    • Beth,
      I pray that God will wrap you and your children in His loving arms. Be safe, dear sister. You are so special in God’s eyes.

    • Kelley (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Beth, I am praying for your situation. It touches my heart as I watched my parents in a similar type marriage and my own is challenged as well. I’m finally being able to see some light and I know you will too. God’s got you and He’s got your situation and that with your family and extended family. You keep being the Godly woman and wife/mother you are and let God handle everything else. <3 HUGS

    • Kristi Seat (OBS Leadership Team) says:

      Dear sweet Beth,
      My prayers are with you, your children as well as your husband. I am unmarried but I know too well the pain that you are feeling. I am praying fervently that God guided you here today for a reason and that God will use your transparency and honesty divinely. I pray that He will guide the right individuals into your life to protect you during this time and that He will cover you and your children with His loving arms so that HIs hand will be evident in your situation. You are not alone. I believe that God wants to use you in a great way and I am believing that He will move in your life and in the hearts of your extended family. I was in the same place 8 years ago and that pain is terrible when you feel as if your family has turned their back when you need it most. God can heal all and I am praying for you sweet sweet sister.

    • Beth, I totally agree with all our Sisters here and now. You were made to be courageous, just like the song says. You have taken the first step in reaching out to God for help. We support you and encourage you to continue on your way to the peace God has planned for you. Let God lead you on from today. You have all you need for the victory living in you and we are always here for you and praying for you and your kids and husband. Now is the time to overcome your giant. Just remember you are not alone in this. We are here for you, but most of all God is at the front line with you. And don’t forget you are a child of the King! I am praying you and your family. Much love in Christ. Patty

  2. I feel like a failure. Husband and I have been separated for 1 1/2 yrs. I still am working through forgiveness. I still have anger because of things I see that spiritually he didnt do to protect the marriage. He said he wasnt ready to be married and needed emotional healing from past marriage that his wife passes away. I had lot of room for improvement. Oftentimes feel guilt, shame rejection hurt. Please pray for him that his rlationship with the Lord would be restored.Pray
    for emotional healing for me sometimes I dont know what I need prayer for, Thank you

    • Linda when I don’t know what I need prayer for I just do what you did. I am praying for both of you and in particular asking God to wrap his arms around you and provide you with peace and forgiveness for both of you. I am asking him to show you that he is with you and knows what you need and is willing to help because you ask. Remember we serve a loving God who wants to give you the knowledge and understanding for you. Know that you are loved. In Christ’s wonderful love,

    • God knows your needs and your heart Linda! it’s okay not to know…HE knows. Remember romans 8:26!!

    • Linda, praying for you to feel encouraged and loved! Cling to Jesus!
      Beth A. (OBS Leader)

      • Becky Schaffer says:

        Lifting your family up in prayer. I recently shared this with a friend who was going through a similar situation. God made you unique, you are special, you have gifts that no one else has. Your circumstances do not define you. You cannot control others and how they treat people and react to you, you can only control yourself. God loves you just where you are right now. May you feel his peace. May God lift you and your husband up in this difficult time.

    • Kris Danko (OBS Small Group Leader) says:

      Linda, prayers for love and forgiveness for both you and your husband, and that your relationship is restored. Please don’t feel like a failure, you are not–you are human and going through human issues, but not a failure!

    • Linda,
      I understand your pain. My husband and I have been separated for almost 2 years and I often don’t know what I need prayer for. At those times, I just ask that God will give me strength and patience to be still until He directs me. I pray that you will find peace in your circumstances and that God will direct your steps. I also pray that you find healing and that your husband will look to the Lord for guidance. My heart goes out to you.

  3. Praise report! My youngest sister is now in a walking cast and with physical therapy is no longer wheel chair bound! The enemy is being kicked to the curb and every day! What he sought to destroy God has turned into a strong testimony and message. My nieces are on the mend and my sister is joining us for our next bible study. We serve an amazing God! Please pray for my health as I prepare for surgery to repair damage from a mesh implant in October. Please continue to pray for my husbands health. He has dementia and depression, from Alzheimer’s. He also fears after having 2 strokes that at any time there will be a third. He has finally started thinking about talking to a counselor. His name is Johnny. God Bless each of you as you continue to live less stressed.

    • Debbie W. (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Elaine praying for you as well as praising with you for Johnny, your nieces and also your sis as she joins you in this next study.

    • Praying for you this morning, Elaine. Thankful for your good news. Please keep us posted.
      Beth A. (OBS Leader)

    • Kris Danko (OBS Small Group Leader) says:

      Elaine, what wonderful good news!! Prayers for you and your husband as you face your health issues.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Praise that my dog is well recovered from our scare – was it only two weeks ago? Praise for making it through everything and now enjoying 2 precious months on leave with my babies. Praise that God is working in my life and changing me to depend on Him more and stress less – this one is definitely in process, though! :)

    Prayers requested for my hubby who stresses so much on the job – I’m tempted to hand him my ipad to read this book! :) Prayers also for God’s clear direction as we follow God in obedience to a new church. And prayers for a wonderful summer full of memories that will help my babies remember how very much I love them!

    Much love,

    • Debbie W. (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Jennifer lots of prayers going up for you today. You might just pick up the book Greater by Steven Furtick for your hubby. We did that study earlier this year and all the guys in my family read along with me.

    • Kris Danko (OBS Small Group Leader) says:

      Jennifer, I second the recommendation for Greater! Prayers that he finds relief from his stress and for your family as you follow what God will have for you.

  5. Janet F says:

    Please say some prayers for my 10 year old granddaughter as she goes to church camp this week. For safety, and fun, for meeting of new friends, she is the only one from church going this week. Her parents split a couple months ago, so praying she finds the true love of Jesus as the lover of her soul and constant friend by her side.

    • Oh Janet! She’s probably in for a treat! Two of my kids are working at a Christian summer camp right now and the impact on the campers as well as the staff are huge! Praying she will have a blast and learn how much Jesus loves her!
      Beth A. (OBS Leader)

      • Debbie W. (OBS Group Leader) says:

        Praying with you Janet and that she will find a long-life friend – not only Jesus but a friendship she can develop through this hard time. Hugs.

  6. Melissa Sorenson says:

    My prayer request seems pretty minor compared to some of the others, but I could use some extra prayers, anyway! I’ve been on SSDI (disability) for many years now for severe recurrent major clinical depression (which was later diagnosed as Bipolar D/O) Anyway, it’s been a long, hard battle for me, but I’m finally doing well. Have been stable for awhile and feeling ready to try to get back to work (very) part-time. Not to mention I could use the money! I’m an RN, worked for 17 years in that role, but I’m not feeling confident enough to go back to work as a nurse right away. So I’ve been praying and watching, hoping to find a lower stress job, maybe in a store, or an office, whatever….the thing is, I’ve always been a nurse and never had a hard time finding a job in the past. Now I don’t even know where to start, other than watching the ads in the newspaper. And praying, of course. I just know God has something out there for me, but fear I’m missing it because I don’t know how & where to look! So I need prayers for wisdom and patience. I know He has the job already there, it’s just a matter of me being patient and having the wisdom to see His plans for me.

    • Melissa, praying for you to have confidence and that God leads you to the right position. Psalm 57:7 “My heart is confident in you, O God; my heart is confident. No wonder I can sing your praises!”
      Beth A. (OBS Leader)

  7. Morning All The Proverbs 31 Ladies! Have I hit the Reset Button! Boy I am trying. I have been spending time in prayer, in God’s Word, writing & meditating on His Truth in my life yet I still feel so restless, irritated, and at times I am so stressed and mean when I don’t want to be. Please pray for direction, peace, and God’s All Knowing Wisdom & Calmness to help me in my time of uncertainty , change, & perfect Will for me. I also have been asking him for a Yes, No, Maybe on a particular issue in my life please pray he will give me this beyond a shadow of a doubt. I praise Him For So Much! For allowing my desire to be a teacher to finally come to life, for entrance & provision to work on a Master ‘s for so much It’s so easy to dwell on the minor irritations instead of praising him & continually thanking him for all he is all he’s doing and all he’s done!!! So Praise You Jesus!!! Also please pray for my finances , for His perfect position & district to Teach at. & Help during so much change. Thank U ladies. I pray the same for each of u.

    • Dlana, it sounds like you have a lot to be thankful for in life right now. Awesome! Praying for you to keep clinging to Jesus and to keep focusing on those blessings and give Him the rest.
      Love and Prayers,
      Beth A. (OBS Leader)

  8. Jeanie Kelley says:

    So much to praise God for this week. We have our new bed. We got it on Friday and it sleeps wonderfully. We also went to a food pantry on Friday and go signed up with it. This will help while waiting for the food stamps to kick in.
    Please continue to pray for Warren and his job situation. He has a job interview on Monday with Met Life. Also pray for his discouragement and depression. This is really taking its toll on him. Please pray for me as I am getting back into the habit of having a quiet time. Please also pray for the circumstances we have around here especially with food stamps that we have not been able to get on.
    Thanks so much for praying for us. We really appreciate it.

    • Mary B (OBS FB leader) says:

      Prayers Jeanie that God continue to provide for your family. That he show you when and where to spend your quiet time with Him. Hugs for you and prayers for peace as you go about your days, knowing God is there with you.

  9. Becky Schaffer says:

    Thank you to all who have been praying for my family over the past few weeks. My son was given a diagnosis at Mayo Clinic of Celiacs Disease. It is something that is life changing, but he can learn to live with. For a 19 year old college student, he is struggling. I pray God will wrap him in peace and strength to understand and deal with his diagnosis. My husband was released from the hospital and in the next few weeks will have to see a surgeon to determine if he will need surgery. Please pray for direction and healing. My son who was sentenced to jail, from what we do know he is doing okay, they have been giving him his medication. Please pray they will allow him to come home and live with his family when he is released as we are his source of support. As for me, I am numb, my emotions are high and I just try to pray and take one day at a time. I know God is there watching over each of us and Romans 8:26 is such an appropriate verse for me right now. I pray for the light of God to direct my family and for peace so I may feel joy again, and this numbness will go away. Thanks to all of you for prayer.

    • Mary B (OBS FB leader) says:

      Becky prayers for your family. You are dealing with a lot. Prayers you feel the arms of God wrap around you and that you can rest there. That God will help you feel him lifting these burdens off your shoulders and onto His. Prayers for peace and comfort for you, for happier times. Prayers for your children as they both face life challenges. And prayers for you husband’s health. For skilled medical folks to help him heal. Huge hugs for you!

      • Becky I am praying and God bless you and your family more than we can ask or think! Hugs . Liz

  10. Rebekah says:

    Please pray for my marriage. My husband and I have been separated for over a year and he is still struggling with forgiveness and fear which I don’t feel is completely fair as both of us have not been good at our marriage because we did not let God be our leader. He is not a christian and has not looked to God for spiritual guidance. All I feel I do is pray and feel anxious. Romans 8:26 has been an eye opener this week for me because I feel I don’t know what to pray at times. So, please pray for my marriage to be fully restored, for my husband to have a relationship with God, and for me to have faith to move mountains that God will restore our marriage, our love, and our commitment to each other. Thank you!

    • Sweet Rebekah, I see your heart’s desire…i pray that God will bring healing to each of your hearts and to this marriage. I also pray that you have peace and calm……that your every thought will be turned back to the God of peace..i pray that a godly man will step into your husband’s world. be patient,dear one, God’s timing isn’t ours…… i ache for you….

    • Jennifer says:

      Lifting you up in prayer, Rebekah – Romans 8:26 is so good!

      Much love,

  11. first of all I just read all the requests and I’m praying for my sisters in the Lord right now! Second of all I have a praise report that my mother was told that she may have lung cancer and despite all the reports the test came out negative and she is cancer free. Third of all I have some prayer request : 1.we have 7 people in our household (my husband myself for children and my mother)and our lease is up and we’re praying for a place to move to and where to move to.2.my daughter is awaiting letter of acceptance to a Christian college.3.I have interviewed for some new jobs lately in my same type a field and praying for direction.4.my husband sold his business it should go thru by August and we’re praying for direction.Thank You sisters in the Lord for your prayers and thank you online Bible study leaders this has been a blessing although I have not read all of the book I’ve enjoyed reading the emails websites and bits and pieces of the book its been a huge blessing and thank you so much again for your heartfelt prayers I am praying for proverbs 31 ministries to keep blessing others!

  12. Please pray that God will answer our prayers for a job for my husband. This is the second time he was laid off and it isn’t any easier this time around. I’m so grateful for your prayers.

    • Jennifer says:

      Praying for peace as you wait, and for God to move quickly to provide His perfect job for your husband.

      Much love,

  13. Lori D. says:

    I don’t even know how to explain what it is I feel anymore. Failure, unworthy, sad. I am only on chapter 9 and opened my bible last Friday for the first time in weeks. I am even failing this blessed bible study, which I need so badly. My marriage of 28 years is in need of prayer as we struggle financially and with my husbands drinking, the harsh words that flow from his mouth that rip out my heart, my brothers daily struggle with ALS, teenage girls, exhaustion and depleted. The stress on your body Traci spoke of in chapter 1 has taken a toll. On Friday the 28 th I have to have most of my top teeth removed due to major bone loss from an over active enzyme brought on by stress. I keep trying to change, begging God to take away my panic attacks, I keep trying to give control to God, but I can’t even seem to do that right. I have been blessed in so many ways yet I can’t seem to get out of the dark. I recently heard this saying…you can’t see the rainbow until after the rain. Praying that The Lord will be with me through the rain and lead me to see his light.

    • Lori, praying that you can lean on Jesus to relieve some of your stresses. Praying for you!
      Beth A. (OBS Leader)

      • So sorry Lori you are going through so much. Keep in the Word, listen to praise music, be surrounded in His presence. We are praying for you.

    • Becky Kneller says:

      Praying for you! That God will bring you peace. You can catch up on the book at your own pace. Keep in the Word. I also love listening to Praise & Worship music. I keep my car radio on SpiritFM. It uplifts me to and from work.

  14. I have much to be thankful for as God is doing lots of work in our lives this summer. Please continue to pray as my college aged son who is undergoing some medical procedures this summer. Pray that God renews our hopes and heal our bodies.

  15. Katrina says:

    My friend Paula, who I asked for prayer last week for her stage 3 hodgkins lymphoma, went to the doctor this week to have checked how her cancer was responding to treatment thus far and she’s been told she is in remission already! PTL! Thank you for all your prayers. She still has four more treatments and then a long road of recovering from treaments, so please continue to keep her in your prayers. I also have another prayer request for my friends niece. She was in a serious car accident earlier this week and can’t feel anything below her neck. She already had two surgies to put in a steel plate where her neck shattered. They are hopeful she will regain back at least some feeling, but it’s too soon to tell. Her name is Amber. Lots of prayer please!

  16. Kristen says:

    I would appreciate your prayer. I would like to lift up my husband. As a servant of Christ he has been through a lot of physical attack. In the past nine years of ministry he has multiples of surgeries for different things but in last two years a three level neck fusion and just within the last week two emergency back surgeries. It’s been a discouraging and exhausting time. I’ve really struggled with anger and why we go through so much. He also works a full time job and now will be off work 6 to 8 weeks. Please pray for a quick recovery and our needs met and bills to be paid and a time of renewing and restoration. Thank you. Kristen

  17. I could really use prayer, as this week I have been under Satan’s attack. Several things have been coming at me and with chronic illness it has overwhelmed me. I have a hard time understanding why I am having to go through so much, but know that God’s plans are better than mine. I am having my son’s graduation party tonight and a part of me just wants it to be over, how sad huh? I want to honor him and his accomplishments and just enjoy it but it is so hard when you have no energy and feel bad. Please pray that God sees me through this and that I will stay in the word and have the words to pray this week, as this past week has been so very hard.

    • Courtney says:

      Kim, I’m praying for your strength for your son’s graduation party. I’m also praying for a full recovery with your illness. God bless you, and your son! And I’m praying for him and his bright future!

    • I am praying for you Kim. Say God I need your help. He loves you!

      • Prayers of strength for you at your son’s graduation party. I understand about energy and chronic illness and God will carry you through.

  18. I have hit that reset button, too. It feels amazing to be reminded of the power that is available – of the peace that is available – when I remember that God tells us that we can do nothing apart from Him. So, why try?! I love that. I’m hanging my hat on that from here on out. I pray this is a blessed weekend for you, sisters!

    • Courtney says:

      I just love you, Missy! And I have made the same decision as you! I’m so excited for us in this new journey of totally trusting and relying on God! Have a blessed weekend!

    • Thank you Missy

  19. Courtney says:

    Good morning my OBS sisters! Today, I’m going to be selfless. I really can’t complain, and I’m asking for prayers for all of you! I had the opportunity to read all of your prayer request, and I pray each of you will find comfort in knowing that God sees and knows all. It may not seems likes He’s there, but He’s already worked out every problem and situation. Just keep trusting and hold on! When you feel weak, just remember God is working out a perfect solution and it will work to your benefit. Plus, you have the entire P31 team and all your OBS sisters behind you, praying for you, encouraging you, and loving on you! God bless each of you!

    Hugs, Love, and Prayers!

  20. Will you please pray God will help me to look to Him for my worth, my cravings, comfort and healing. I am trying to allow God to rid me of baggage from my past and create a new spirit within me. I want to experience His joy and peace and embrace this life He has given me. I feel alone, broken and like a failure. I know Jesus died to give me a life of victory and I want God to transform my life.

    • Jennifer says:

      Rachel, I pray you will see how totally crazy your Daddy God is about you, and rest in that. I pray that whenever you think about it, you will seek Him, His love, and His perfect will for your life. I pray you will put constant reminders around you to look to Him. And I pray the same thing for me. Only in constantly looking to Him and resting in His view of us will we find the joy and peace waiting on the other side.

      Much love,

  21. I am so Thankful to have found the online studies. I live in a small southern town where it seems on the exterior everyone is “fine”. I can be me with my online sisters. I can share my failures, worries and struggles, and I am not afraid. Why is the world so full of “self”. It saddens me and makes me feel distant at my church that it is full of cliques with the perfect children and the perfect husbands. It seems so wrong when I look around and watch and wonder if they realize how people are hurting and why don’t they care? I know there are others with wounds like mine, and so far online is the only place I have found where I can receive and give true ministry to my soul. I pray for God to give me a real friendship a godly woman who needs and depends on His love in real life. Please pray for my family. My husband is cruel and emotionally and verbally abusive. He is only home for half the year, but the abuse is worse when he is gone through emails. He has told me time and time again what a burden I am to him. I regret terribly that I depend on him, but through my strengthened dependence on God, I am starting to be strong. I have begged and pleaded with my husband to see what he has in his family, and I pray every day for his salvation. Pray for me because, though I am thankful for my strength, I am questioning that maybe I should give up. Maybe God does not want me to hold our family together. Pray for my family and clear guidance. With Love!

    • Karen Wilson says:

      Trisha – I am praying for you right now – for peace in your home, for divine guidance -God will bless you as you seek Him and you will know what to do – He loves you so much – hang in there
      love to you

      • Prayer for your husband for God to reveal Himself to him. I pray that your husband will see your strength and wonder how he can gain that strength himself. We are all here for you and know you are loved.

  22. Feeling like I’m in a pit of fear and worry over my son right now. Please pray God will reveal Himself to us both. Blessings

    • Lord Jesus please help Marie with her fear and worry over her son . Please give her your courage to let go and reveal yourself in the midst of this mother and son. Thank you Jesus , amen.

  23. Karen Wilson says:

    Reading through all this heart – wrenching requests – mine is so minor – but found out I have an ulcer this week – slight bleed which was cauterized – so am on meds with a 3-month follow-up (probably from use of NSAIDS) pray for complete healing

    • Jennifer says:

      Praying for your healing, and that you are able to slow down and take care of yourself a bit, too!

      Much love,

  24. Paige Ward says:

    Please pray for us. Our refrigerator broke yesterday and we are having to use the money we saved to go to the doctor to pay for the refrigerator. I am alternating between discouragement and trusting God is God despite our circumstances and that He will work this out. For the most part I can honestly say I am handling it much better than I normally would.

  25. Stephanie Raquel says:

    Soooo many heavy hearts today … What a privilege we have to carry everything to God in prayer!!

    And I do not say that lightly. God hears ALL, and He answers ALL prayers — in His perfect timing. And so … today, we pray.

    Dear Heavenly Father,
    We lift up all of these requests to You and ask for Your healing hand in these hurting and health situations. We pray, Lord, for financial provision for those who are facing too much month at the end of the money. We pray for Your wisdom and guidance in difficult relationships and marriages and we pray you will restore hope to the hopeless.

    We thank You for the relationship that You have with Your children, which allows us to enter Your holy presence each and every moment. We thank You in advance for the protection and provision You will grant for each of these requests.

    In Jesus’ precious Name we pray,

    P.S. Be encouraged by this song…

  26. Ladies I am praying for each and everyone of you.I give thanks my sister had successful cancer surgery this week.She has a 97%chance it will not return. Can’t do better than that!!!Praise God!Also my brother-in-law is better and out of the hospital back in the nursing home.June 27th is my birthday. I will be 63 years old.On this day I will be officially retired.This is so wonderful after receiving un employment for over one year.I don’t have to worry about my pension running out.Please pray for me as I enter this part of my life

    • Stephanie Raquel says:

      97% … those are great odds! Praise God for such incredible healing!

      Happy birthday, and happy retirement!! =)

      • A lot of good news PTL! So glad about the 97% for your sister. So glad your brother in law is better. And certainly glad you made it to retirement! This will be a great time for you and God will direct your path. Blessings

  27. Lee Roberts says:

    Well this has been a blessed week for me. I have spent a lot of my time with my husband and my step-daughter and her children all of whom I adore. This week end I am spending two nights with them. I really have enjoyed getting to be around our grandchildren. This is the first time I have been around them since I moved back to Texas. This is my praise for the week, an answered prayer. My prayer right now for myself is that I am a more patient person and I wait on God’s leading too often I try to take the lead on things instead of waiting on God’s leading and what I have found out by waiting on God is that although his way my different from mine His plan is always better and the outcome of His plans are always better. I am praying now that both of my son’s will turn back to God. They have gotten away from the Lord. I am praying that they return to their roots. I am claiming the bible verses that say that they will return to God.

  28. 6 years ago I made a major life change, I worked 19 1/2 years night shift in a hospital as an RN(12 of them part time). For 2 years prior to the change I was BEGGING God to show me what he wanted me to do and where he wanted me to go, knowing I needed a change and more sleep! The second job I applied for, was where I am still am today. I can say, the grass is not greener on the other side, there is no perfect job, BUT the peace and growth I have experienced from the change is phenomenal. It has come with struggles along the way, to the point I wanted to quit but I have never felt God has forgotten me. This study was another growth spurt for me and instead of praying for my husband to change, I am praying, “God change me”, and I just can’t wait to see what He does. Thank you to all the committed people who make these studies possible and the outreach. It is comforting, inspiring, eye opening…

    • Mary B (OBS FB leader) says:

      Hugs Wendy,
      I am so glad you are finding these studies helpful for you. I think your prayer is brave and inspires me to say the same thing. Asking God to take the lead is bold, but will pay off well for you! Have a great weekend!

      • Inspired by your post on asking God to change you. Your husband will see your Godly nature and will come around. Have a great weekend!

  29. Sharing a praise! My small group decided to do Let. It. Go. We entered in Karen Ehman’s giveaway to try & win the DVD. I prayed “God please help us win this!” before I clicked comment. On Tues my email was hacked. Fri I placed our order for the books on Amazon. I got an email this morning saying my order was cancelled bc my card was declined (it was on hold bc my card # was stolen and being used in Las Vegas I found out after calling the bank). I called Amazon & after trying several methods of paying for the $90 order, Amazon issued a promotional offer for $90 to cover our order & said they were sorry this happened to me! The Devils schemes were out smarted! ;). Our God is BIGGER! Just goes to show- I asked God for $25… He said “I can do better… What about $90!”. And also Rom 8:28 … God worked it all out for my good!

    • Stephanie Raquel says:

      WOOT!!! That’s awesome. Glad it all worked out!! =)

      • Yea!!! Now just pray my account is not emptied by these thieves! Sorry we didn’t order from P31 but we are all 6 on a budget. Broke school teachers. I will be making a contribution to P31 though in honor of this super Godcidence & blessing from above! :)

        • Tabitha Jones says:

          God makes all things possible. Love hearing how God took care of the issue for you.

  30. kerine Simms says:

    Yes, I too am guilty of letting people and the world dictate to me what I should be like, and how to act and what to have and not to have. I stress myself out too much. Please pray for me. I struggle a lot in my marriage and with my children too!

  31. Praise God for carrying me through each day. He renews my strength everyday.

    Please pray for wisdom for my doctors to help with my shortness of breath and elevated heart rate. I am wearing a heart monitor for a month and see my cardiologist on July 12 and a new pulmologist on July 11.

    Blessings to all and feeling of God’s presence this weekend and everyday.

  32. I have always been a “wall flower”, always seen never heard kind of girl. I never thought of myself as an important person. I have never wanted to be one of those people in the spot light. One day my assistant pastor asked me to lead a ladies group at our church, I thought ME?!?! why me??? I’m a nobody! I’ve been praying about it for quite a while now and then I finally decided to put on my big girl panties and step up in church that’s when everything went downhill for me. I’ve lost my job, struggling to pay bills, not sure from day to day what is going to happen. I couldnt wait to go to church on Sunday and came home with a horrible sore throat….6 days later I now have walking pneumonia! Woke up this morning feeling better and said yes! I will be able to go to church tomorrow!!!! I look out the window…not 1 but 2 flat tires. SERIOUSLY! When I was out pumping them up (coughing my head off in this wonderful Michigan humidity) talking to God it was then that I realized that I AM important. Satan is after me because I can offer something wonderful to ladies in my church that are new believers or have never attended a small group. Satan does not want me to spread the WORD. All I know is that Jesus has a hold of me. He is my rock. He will provide. I have the faith.

    My daughter’s favorite saying to me is “Mom, I’ve got this!” Today I felt as if Jesus was saying the same thing to me “Julie, I’ve got this!” Don’t worry about it. Let me be God and you be my faithful servant. I’ve got something GREAT in store for you.

    Thank you for everyone who has prayed for my daughter and I, we really do appreciate it! I have grown and learned so much from all of you.


  33. Please pray that God would give my husband and I wisdom to make a decision on a school for my six year old. Since he was 2, he has been asked to leave a christian daycare, Preschool, and now his Christian school he went to kindergarten at. He has ADHD, but we are believing the God is going to heal him. We trust God will help us find the right school. We just need to hear directly from God for this decision. Thank you and God bless.

    • Jennifer says:

      Christa, I pray God will lead you to the best decision for your son. My son has ADD, and, in hindsight while it was a painful decision, medication was the best gift we could have given him. He is now a well adjusted almost 12 year old who is not zombie and while not perfect, has a lot more self confidence from being able to focus and succeed in school.

      Much love,

  34. Asking for prayers for my daughter-in-law’s family. Her father, who is 60, was in a car accident 2 weeks ago. Very serious injuries and at first, we thought he could pull through. When they removed him from all the sedation meds, he never woke up or responded. They have decided to stop the ventilator that is keeping him alive. But before they do that, they tested to see of he could donate any organs. The bloodworkup came back a couple hours ago and he can donate both kidneys. So two people will now have a new kidney and a new lease on life. We are currently waiting for the hospital to find the matches for his organs. My daughter-in-law doesn’t want to be there for his exit to the operating room. Her family thinks she should be there. I told my son to just back her up with whatever decision she makes. Please pray for her to be at peace with this and not be forced to be “present” if she doesn’t feel comfortable.

    • Stephanie Mitchell says:

      Sheila, you are doing the right thing. Having her husband quietly support her and not force her into something they may regret later is the wise decision. I will be praying for them and the outcome.

  35. Stephanie Mitchell says:

    Happened on this in my inbox tonight. I want to hit the ‘reset’ button. But, why? God hasn’t helped me. My family is struggling to put food on our table and get our basic bills paid. My pastor says there are people that my church is helping right now that are more in need than we are. He even denied a request for financial help. The tension in my marriage is so tight. I feel unappreciated, even in the littlest things, by my husband. When I do try to make his life easier I am told,
    why did you do that?’, or ‘I was going to get to it this week”. But things never GET done. There has been a broken shelf on my kitchen floor for three weeks now. There are boxes in the living room that need to go to The Salvation Army. I stood on my stairs today looking at my living room, in my townhouse, and thought ‘this is the house of someone who doesn’t care what they are doing and doesn’t take pride in her home.’ I can’t even call it a home right now. A home is comforting, welcoming, and where love is felt when the door is opened. the place I live in is just a house. Because none of the items necessary to allow me to even call it a ‘home’ exist right now.

    I am afraid I have used all my space for this and haven’t gotten to the behavior, and laziness, I see my son emulating or carrying on from my husband.

    Just pray for me. Is it ok to cry at this point? Hope so, because I am.

    Help me. Pray for me. Let me see I am doing the right things with my life.

    • A good cry is alway ok. I feel as though keeping it in is harmful, sometimes. Get it out and I pray that God will give you a sense to start anew. Clean up what you can and tackle small projects. I think we all struggle at different times and different levels with God’s timing. It can be frustrating, but it is a trial He has decided for you in order to come out stronger on the other side. Praying for help with your finances and with your husband and son, that they see by helping you, they are helping themselves also. Please God, bring your mercy to this family. Get them through this difficult time. In Jesus name, Amen.

  36. This week has been a little challenging. Nothing in particular, but I am feeling stressed at little things. At least I realized when I was feeling stressed and impatient. By acknowledging and asking for help, did relieve a little. But I don’t know why I have these feelings of overwhelmness. I have talked to my husband and he has no insight as this week has been pretty calm in our lives. After much thought and prayer, I think I am worried that this study is coming to an end and afraid of going forward. It has been relatively easy to keep focus on reducing my stress each week, but now what. How do I keep myself accountable without the daily posts that have been encouraging me?

    Now, I am telling myself to stop being so trivial as so many have worse situations and ‘real’ problems. I know that my fears are important. Just in light of all the other happenings in the world, they do seem small. I am thankful that God does not rate our problems (or what we think are our problems).

    Thanks for listening (reading this post). I feel such a sense of encouragement from this study.

    Much blessings!

    • Jennifer says:

      Stephanie, I praise that you are able to recognize those feelings of stress and impatience. I think that has been a big win in my life. My prayer for you, and myself, is that when we feel those feelings, we will take them to God and ask for His comfort and direction, for I know that He will provide everything we need in His perfect time! :)

      Much love,

  37. Stephanie as we move on know that there are devotionals on the. P31 web site daily as well as lysa Tracie , and many of the others web sites. If you need to talk my email is belaine19@gmail.com praying for you sister and more than happy to listen! God Bless

  38. Praise report we here in Northern Ireland were praying that the g8 summit would go off peaceful police were expecting so much trouble but I can report that it was the best ever in the history of the summit – how great is our God x

  39. I’m so thankful for my Jesus who consistently carries me through life’s circumstances. I’m a little slow with keeping up with this wonderful bible study. I’m only on chapter 8. My time with The Lord is very diligent. I get up every morning between 5 & 5:30, however, it’s hard for me to use this time for just the study when much needed prayer is on the agenda. I will open up my book at night and guess what happens?…….sleep creeps up on me. Well I just wanted to share that I am still with you and experiencing God. I did manage to create a blog but I haven’t written in it……I’m scared. God is working with me on fear and trust in this season of my life. A recent circumstance with my college age daughter has had me a little shaky. I have visions of a wonderful service to The Lord but trust and fear and the consistent challenging circumstances of life hold me back. I do ,however, have hope…..I believe Jesus will finish what he started in me. Thank you ladies for your inspiration and the hope that someday I can be right where you are……in the center of Gods will.

  40. Please pray for a few unspoken requests.

  41. Wanting to hit the reset button but struggling to do so. I seem to take 2 steps forward then fall back 10. Feeling undeserving of God but trusting through His grace today will draw me closer to Him.

  42. Renee D. says:

    First & foremost: praise report! I feel a difference in myself since day 1 of this OBS! I feel God working in my life….moving in my heart. I know it is fact that I am in His word daily & have my OBS ladies that are lifting me up in prayer. I just recently got engaged! Praise God that my fiancé and I have been together 5 yrs. I have so much more to be thankful for, but I still would like to ask for prayer. I feel it may be selfish of me, as it isn’t something so bad, but in my life it is still a struggle: with fear/anxiety. My driving has suffered because of it. I limit myself on not driving at night, etc. This has creeped up on me in the past 2 years and I attempt to drive anyway. But I am so stressed and tense while driving, I stiffen up. I keep repeating I will not live a life of fear as God didn’t create us with that. Thank you in advance! I can’t believe we are almost finished….bittersweet! :-)

    • Kristen B (OBS team) says:


      I can totally relate to that prayer request! I suffer from the fear of driving too. Right now, I do not have to drive because I do not have a job or a car of my own. But I do fear that when the time comes I will be so afraid. Prayers for you!

      Congrats on the engagement!

      If you ever need anything, my e-mail is Kristen_lee_68@yahoo.com! Hugs to you!

      Love and Blessings,

  43. GOD IS GOOD, but because of sin mistakes or freaks of nature like me happen. I never had a childhood, daddy didn’t want me, momma wanted alcohol more than me. my noe ex husband only wanted me when I was thin, but his mistress moved in while we were still married. my children got to stay with them for I had no job, no home. I have been raped, beaten and thrown away..I met a man, I opened my heart and let him in..he gave me hope that I was something worth time, effort..but no, not me,,,I am not special, I have had employers accuse me of evil acts, people have trampled me, now I am 50, no life, never loved or cherished. Just a freak of nature..something, not a person, I am not special, all I do is breath..please god let me stop breathing…you say ask and it will be given..please God in the name of Jesus let me die. Amen

  44. Hi, please for my exam results which will be released on Thursday 27 Jun 2013.

    Thank you!

  45. Please pray for me that I can hit the reset button. My life feels like I have not time betweentrying having a chronic illness, taking care of my daughter who just graduated and being a Stephen Minister. I find myself overwhelm. Thanks you for your prayer. I just want to live in the Lord’s presense doing what he would have of me. Please pray for my daughter & I vacation starting July 1. I am stepping out in faith and taking her on a trip. God bless you all for you do!

  46. Stephanie Mitchell says:

    Have gotten so much support from you ladies. I didn’t expect total strangers to care so much. When I posted my prayer request, I had an idea of what I needed to say, but then so much more of my heart spilled out. Thank you for letting me c
    cry on your shoulders”.

  47. Please pray for my children’s father and his wife for their hearts to soften . Please pray for their salvation. Please pray for their eyes to be opened to see that our daughter should be their number one priority and financially , emotionally provide for their needs. Pray that their father realizes his role and can his daughters for forgiveness and be the earthly father they need. Pray that through all this heartache and disappointment I can shoe my girls that their Heavenly Father provides all their needs and fills that special hole in their hearts. God has the wheel and can move mountains….please Heavenly Father change their hearts for you. Please give me peace strength and perseverance.