Jun 24

SLL Week 12, Day 1

Happy Monday! I don’t know about you, but I have learned so much during this Stressed-Less Living Online Bible Study and I’m beginning to put it into practice. I’m really learning to trust God and believe that with Him my very busy life can also contain much peace.

Experiencing God’s peace doesn’t mean that I ignore all I have to do, I mean life is filled with challenges we must face right? I might still be busy and have a lot to do, but I also am letting God fill my heart with a calm that was beginning to get a little crowded out before this study.

Join me today from one of my favorite places in the world that I experience peace…and I don’t have to go very far to get there.  My back yard~

If you can’t see the video message above, click here to view on You Tube.

So, did you get all that?  Read Chapter 12. When you come to a passage of Scripture, look it up in your Bible. Learn from Mary and Martha~ choose wisely.

Please do share your thoughts with us today. Are you more like Mary or Martha?  Is that a good thing? Do you think you can really enjoy stressed-less living? Let’s fill the comment section this week with loads of ideas, encouragement, questions, and real life community!

Have a fabulous day my sweet sisters!!!



  1. I am definitely Martha. Awareness is the first step to changing yourself, so I am headed in the right direction. More outstandingly revealing to me as I read through the Reflection Questions, is how I always have nodded my head and agreed with true statements like, “Jesus is the true….” but, I don’t always make choices that reflect my earnest nodding—I know I won’t always make right choices, but, my nodding has been more of “I know this is something I should agree with, etc.”. I am realizing how superficial I have been with doing the right thing I think others expect instead if immitating Christ’s truth, love, and grace. Growing up in a Christian home doesn’t always mean one comes out with all the right perspectives…thankful for God’s grace in revealing this to me over these past weeks.

  2. Wow = All the Martha’s! I honestly believe I have more Mary tendencies. I love Bible study and I love to learn. Sometimes, though, I get caught up in the study and not spending enough time just be at His feet, just being with Him. The only time I really stray to the Martha side is when it is expected of me. You know, I once saw a little booklet published by a church on how to be hospitable and it was basically how to throw a great dinner party! These are not the things that come naturally to me. I am not a great hostess. My house isn’t messy, but it isn’t perfect. I tend to “go with the flow”. My husband had someone over tonight unexpectedly. My kitchen floor is a mess, oh well. 100 years from now, it won’t matter.

  3. I am great at time management. It is definitely a strength, but like everything, it has a dark side, too. God has revealed to me that I live my life always looking to the next deadline. I keep everyone moving forward, anticipating what must be done to hit that next deadline. With a family of three young girls and a relaxed husband this means constant work for me. That is not so bad, except that I am never really in the moment. I allow myself to get to the moment, but once I get there, I immediately start moving on. I do not naturally allow myself to be in the moment. Consequently, my little girls are growing up and I am missing it. I must make the conscious effort to experience life before it is gone. This is what I was reminded of when I read Martha’s statements.

  4. Stephanie Mitchell says:

    My favorite place to enjoy ‘stressed-less living’ is on the front porch of my house sitting on my bench. It is long enough to curl up on and be comfortable. I often forget how fun it is to sit, watch the cars go by, and rest. I am grateful for the reminder Melissa gave me that my bench is waiting for me any day, any time.

    • Michele aka Mickie from St Hgts Michigan says:

      Peace on your bench made me realize I need
      to go get comfy sitting on my swing on the front
      porch and read and take in all if Gods word thru reading
      and studying my bible and reading my stessed less
      living book and learn how to truly destress
      myself…, blessings to you!!! And all our sisters
      in Christ….

  5. I feel like more of a Mary, but feel stressed that I am not more like Martha. That sounds backwards to me but I would rather sit around and read or listen to music but feel guilty if I don’t get the house looking nice and dinner ready on time! I’m still striving for the middle ground where I can get the housework done and still have my quiet time and relaxation time! Right now my most favorite time is Sunday morning when I get to take the kids to Kidspring (children’s church/sunday school) and I get to serve by checking in the children before service starts and enjoy Church service with no children distracting me! I love that time of worship and praise!!

    • I have some of the same feelings! I am content being a Mary, but I feel lazy and guilty if I’m not more like Martha. I almost push myself and stress myself more… My argument being that I would turn into a total slob if I didn’t. Just another lie from the enemy to make me think I am in control instead of God? My absolute favorite time is mornings in bed where my family is gone, the house is silent, and I can read, pray, and worship!

  6. Definitely a Martha! I put my name in place of Martha as suggested and it spoke to me loud and clear! My way to experience less stress is a 30 minute power walk, or sitting on my screened in patio. Both allow me quiet time and especially after a walk, my worries don’t seem as big as they did before the excercise.

  7. Phyllis Nichols Gutierrez says:

    WOW!! The first few pages of this chapter described me for a couple of days last week! I finally got a handle on myself on Saturday and was able to enjoy the time with family and friends on Sunday, but it was a hard fought battle. I am so a Martha, when I want to be a Mary. My desire to make everyone comfortable and feel welcome gets so misdirected and I loose my way. This study is helping me to realize what I am doing, but it is going to be work and I know that by taking what Traci has shared with us, I will be making advances in the process.

    I am blessed to live in the country, so my special “go to” place is my back deck. There always seems to be a breeze and I have plenty of shade from the Pecan trees that are all over my yard. I can do my Bible Study, pray, just be there without being disturbed in the midst of the beauty of God’s creation. It is a place of total rejuvenation!

    Thank you ladies for this study. I have learned and am continuing to learn so much about myself and what I have allowed stress to do to me. I am praying more and taking more time with God, because HE is in control and will guide me where I need to be. You are all such a blessing. From your sharing and encouragement and teaching to your prayers. Thank you from the bottom of this struggling Martha’s heart! My love and prayers for you all.

    • Thank you for sharing. I too have learned so much from this study. I want to repeat it.

  8. I have definite Martha moments. Even this past week and now while i am recovering from surgery, I have made sure my son had everything he needed ready to go on his mission trip. i made sure all the clothes were clean and have managed to fix meals for my family. I need to be Mary and let go and let God. I could see myself in Tracie’s story at the beginning of the chapter. We have family coming in next week and it would be nice to have everything spic and span. i think I will take time to rest and recuperate and focus on God and know that the family will understand. They are here to spend time with us and not to critique my house.

  9. Michele aka Mickie from St Hgts Michigan says:

    Good morning stress stress stress so far this week…
    I need to spend more time besides my first thing
    in the morning w God & getting more into my bible
    and my less stressed living book…needing to let go
    & let God be there for me thru some pain I have
    been experiencing praying to Him to be w me and to
    help me be less stressful over it ( dr appt today ) and
    my/our marriage is going thru a strain right now and
    too is making me more stressed but listening to
    you Melissa and reading other of our sisters comments
    is truly starting to help me along where I missed the boat
    as they say….house is peaceful n quiet n my
    morning prayer is done now picking up my less
    stessed living book ny bible will help me be less
    stressed tday and to days to come….please keep
    me in prayer as I have you in mine… Praising God today
    everyday for my blessings… Blessings to u all….

  10. Good morning stress stress stress so far this week…
    I need to spend more time
    in the morning with God & getting more into my bible
    I need to let go & let God be there for me thru some pain (emotional and physical ) I have been praying to Him to be with me and to feel his Love for me as I morn and deal with all the medical issues.

    • Katrina Wylie says:

      Lifting you up in prayer this morning Lisa! Dealing with medical issues kept me from pressing into God for almost 4 yrs. They consumed my every day and every thought. That is finally all getting turned around through these studies. I don’t know what you’re going through, but I’m praying for a breakthrough for you too!

  11. Katrina Wylie says:

    I definitely tend to be more like Martha in scenerios like that. In my mind I would like to stop and spend the time with family or Jesus instead, but often times I still continue in the tasks anyway. If I stop, I feel guilty and anxious and have a hard time just relaxing and enjoying the time anyway. I’ve never been good at just relaxing, even when I was a kid. It has gotten better though. When Tracie wrote: “Productivity becomes the indicator of our worth, and accomplishments drive our sense of purpose.” – it really hit the nail on the head for me.

  12. I used to be a “Mary,” but about four years ago I somehow morphed into a “Martha.” I say somehow, but I really know how it happened. I allowed my thoughts, circumstances, and the actions of others to decide how my day was going to go. As a result, I have a good idea how a ping pong ball feels. :-)

    After spending the last 12 weeks learning how to have a stressed-less life; the next time I start to feel like that ping pong ball, I will stop the game and sit at the feet of Jesus.

  13. Love your videos, Melissa! And I loved reading everyone’s comments here. Oh, how I can relate to so many. It seems we are cut from the same piece of fabric, ladies 😉 I, too, know the struggle of being too busy and allowing duties to take precedence over time in His presence. So thankful He never gives up on us and continues to draw us to Himself as we turn and seek Him. Love y’all!! :) Big hugs from Texas!

  14. Kelley Worley says:

    I am a Martha!! I want to spend time with Jesus but get too busy!! I want to learn from Mary!!!

  15. I am way more like Martha. I get so caught up in all the ‘stuff to do’ that I completely forget about my goals of putting God and my family first. My husband tells me all the time to not worry so much about all the housework, etc. Sounds like God is speaking to me through my husband. 😉 I like that Melissa points out to think about things that in addition to God that help us relax and enjoy the blessings God has given us. It’s just a really good reminder, to me anyway, that there are some really great things God has given me and he wants me to enjoy them, despite the stress that inevitably comes my way.

  16. I am more like Mary – I so want to sit at Jesus feet…and am doing that more. Praise the Lord for this study – I truly do feel as though I have become less stressed in my day to day living! Thank you Melissa for bringing us this study -and Tracie for writing the book! You both are blessings from an Awesome God!!

  17. I was definitely a Martha at the beginning of this study. The good news is this study, Melissa and the other leaders, and all of these wonderful people have changed my life!! I am becoming more like Mary – seeing the peace of Christ in my life – early in my day. I was fairly good at going The Lord once I had tried everything I could. Not any more – now it is about going to God FIRST, my way needs to follow His way. I am still learning, I am still growing. I certainly haven’t perfected this yet. But I love where this journey is taking me. It was a bit scary to let go, to lose control. Yet, there is nobody better to lose control to than God!!

  18. I am more like Mary during my week but once my weekend starts….. I tend to be more like Martha. I need to start set my priority FIRST…. I am definitely working on it….:)

  19. I must confess, some days I am more of a Mary while others I am more like Martha. As I stay connected to His word and allow HIM to feed me and love me, I am like Mary. Then, some how I get caught up in the busyness and stray and lose my focus. I become more like Martha as I stress and worry over the insignificant things.
    Lord, continue to draw me back to your side and keep me close. My heart’s desire is to be more like YOU!
    Awed by His mercy and grace,

  20. Charolette Ragsdale says:

    I am more Martha, but my goal is to be more like Mary. .I get caught up in the fast paced world sometimes and lose track of time. Mary is a great role model to live up to and strive for in our life. Great video message today. I am grateful to have been in this study and the opportunity to learn so much from all the gifted leaders. I praise the Lord P31 makes these studies available to us. Thank you! I think I can and must live a less-stressed life for better overall health and in letting God know I trust him more with my life.

  21. I am like Martha. I want to be like Mary. I realize how much of the small moments i miss out on being Martha .

  22. Melissa Chambers says:

    God has really changed my Martha heart over the few years, since I was born again! It was not an immediate change and when I was running an office I let the stress of getting things done and appearance rule most of my work hours but over this past year God has brought me to a place of Mary, sitting at his feet and soaking in the presence of Jesus in my every day moments!

  23. I use to be A LOT like Martha – true to my name! I am a little bit of both the older I get — I have found a great balance!