Jun 24

SLL Week 12, Day 1

Happy Monday! I don’t know about you, but I have learned so much during this Stressed-Less Living Online Bible Study and I’m beginning to put it into practice. I’m really learning to trust God and believe that with Him my very busy life can also contain much peace.

Experiencing God’s peace doesn’t mean that I ignore all I have to do, I mean life is filled with challenges we must face right? I might still be busy and have a lot to do, but I also am letting God fill my heart with a calm that was beginning to get a little crowded out before this study.

Join me today from one of my favorite places in the world that I experience peace…and I don’t have to go very far to get there.  My back yard~

If you can’t see the video message above, click here to view on You Tube.

So, did you get all that?  Read Chapter 12. When you come to a passage of Scripture, look it up in your Bible. Learn from Mary and Martha~ choose wisely.

Please do share your thoughts with us today. Are you more like Mary or Martha?  Is that a good thing? Do you think you can really enjoy stressed-less living? Let’s fill the comment section this week with loads of ideas, encouragement, questions, and real life community!

Have a fabulous day my sweet sisters!!!



  1. At this point in my life I tend to be a bit of both which can cause craziness in my life. I want my cake and eat it to. I start out like Mary and I’m sitting with him then suddenly my ADD starts to kick in ans here comes Martha. I am happy to say that as this study has progressed I find myself more at peace most days when I stay focused on Mary. Martha brings out some of my less desirable traits because I tend to forget what it was I was starting out to do. When I start my day with Jesus I am more apt to be calmer than when I put my time with himm off. I get side tracked and like Martha I get frustrated. So yes I am still a work in progress. Others are noticing a change which excites me, because I was Martha on steroids when we started. My favorite place to relax is in my jetted tub with a good book. I also love the beach when I can get there. My backyard swing on the patio gets a work out later in the day when it cools off. Melissa I loved that you made it a point to remind us all that we all need a place just for us to destress and enjoy our new found peace. Wow as I read back over this post it sounds a bit like maybe I am a bit crazy, but as long as it is for Jesus I am thinking this could definately be imperfect progress in the right direction! Praise God. God Bless each of my obs sisters this week!

    • I love what you said about being a little like Martha on steroids . So funny the way you put that. Thanks you made me smile . God bless you in your new found stressing less. Hugs. Liz

    • TABITHA JONES says:

      Elaine, I feel a little like you sometimes. I feel as I might be a Martha on steroids sometimes so I get what you are saying. I am happy that people are seeing a difference in you, they are me to and it makes me happy. This study has really helped a lot of women. I am praying for you and hope you have a blessed week.

    • Elaine – I had the same thought. I’m working on letting my Mary loose at more appropriate times. It’s so good to know I’m not the only one who experiences a little of both.

      • Diane W. says:

        I am more like Mary in the morning, when I take time to sit at the feet of Jesus. I pray and read scripture and sometimes play a few worship songs. But many times, by evening, Martha comes out! Sad, huh. I had a big Martha moment on Saturday night. We had taken our little grandson for the afternoon so he could nap. My daughter and the girls went to the pool(her husband is on deployment ). I wanted to give her a break. When they came back I had dinner for all of us. My other daughter called and she and her husband felt left out and wanted to come to dinner too. Well…at that point I was in a tizzy! (For a little bit. I’m happy to say I calmed down and all went well). I had to start pulling out other food and giving my husband different things to BBQ. My tizzy lasted for a little while but when they got their, I was all smiles. I kept praying under my breath !

        • Alas, I must confess that I am often more of a Martha than a Mary. I tend to start off my mornings strong- devoting time to Bible study, Bible reading, online devotionals, and prayer. Then I start with my day and I see all of those little things that “Need” doing. I usually begin working and keep going until exhaustion sets in. Sometimes I often use work to keep my mind occupied. Yesterday we dropped my daughter off at a special summer program for high school juniors across the state. She will be gone for 5 weeks and we are only allowed to visit one time, on Family Day. Today I have found myself being busy with laundry and reorganizing my craft room. I am trying so hard to keep my mind from focusing on her being gone. I think that is why I am working so hard.

  2. Hi Melissa! It is nice to be able to relax in the pool. Loved the video and LOVED this chapter. I am a recovering Martha, thanks to this incredible study, and with God’s amazing providence. I have great HOPE! :-) Since I was saved three and a half years ago I have had to LEARN to relax and sit still, and let these unimportant things go. I have longed to just sit at His feet all day long. But we all know that isn’t realistic.

    I have learned so much from this study and have gained some valuable relationships and support through my FB group-Go Kristy! I have really “got it” now that God is always with me, and I have recalled something I learned a while ago. Jesus never rushes. If I want to walk with Him, step by step, moment by moment, I can’t rush either.

    I have learned to prioritize my time and schedule so that I do not worry so much about a perfect home,a perfect me, etc. I know Jesus loves me right where I am and what that is now is more strength, more hope, stronger, and “MORE THAN A CONQUERER” through Him that loves me.

    I can say so much more but I have learned to truly cherish my quiet time with Him and the fact that no matter the circumstances, I can CHOOSE to readjust my focus, go to His mighty thrown of grace in prayer, and know He hears me. I feel much freer and an learning to be a Mary in this world.

    I so appreciate you and thus OBS. Thank you.

  3. Well two times I have been most relaxed this week have been at pools. I told my husband and underground baby pool is my new dream for our back yard. Love it.
    It is always so comforting when I read in this book how God doesn’t want me to live a stressed life, and that I wasn’t meant to be so self reliant. And now, thanks to this book, the supportive scripture I’ve read, and this awesome Bible study, I’m telling myself that. Talk about a life change. I can think of quite a few loved ones that would benefit from this book, so I may buy some copies and pass them on. It definitely worked for me..it opened a door to a new world that says, “Jenny, God loves you and as His child He does not want you bogging yourself down with stress and anxiety. Never did. Never will. He can take care of you and anything in your path.” I know prior to this study I had heard those words, but now they are in my heart and I believe them. God bless and thank you, Melissa!

  4. This bible study has given me such good insight and tools on living a stressed less life. I have loved every chapter. What’s funny about this chapter is my name is Martha and I am so much like her it is almost funny. I loved Melissa when you said it was important to have a favorite spot where you can relax— mine is my front porch, with the birds singing it is so relaxing and a wonderful beginning to my day.
    I feel not only have I learned valuable lessons, but I have become closer to God with each chapter. It does bring true peace to my heart.
    Looking forward to the next bible study—they are amazing–thank you
    Working on not to be so much of a Martha but more like a Mary!
    God Bless

  5. Heather says:

    I have found applying the principles in this book has made a big difference. Really believing God is with me and will see me through. I have had some stressing issues come up lately. I found I had more peace about them than I would have had in the past. I enjoy going to the beach and finding a quiet place to just sit is very relaxing for me.

  6. Virginia says:

    I have enjoyed this book and do believe I can live a stressed less life by applying these principles. It is hard at times to know that we are not meant to take on the stress ourselves. I love to relax and read the word in a quiet place to refresh.

  7. Paige Ward says:

    I tend to be more a Martha, but I would love to be more of a Mary.

    • Paige- I was hoping to find a post that matched my thoughts and if I didn’t I wasn’t going to post today. I am more like Martha and am always looking for ways to be more like Mary but life seems to get in the way! I have just signed up for the new study and am committed to try harder to not let “circumstances” keep me from hearing what God has for me. Praying for you today.

  8. Hi Melissa,

    I have been Martha my entire life and have desperately sought the experience of entering into God’s presence for a while now. An only child of a Mom who was chronically ill and bed ridden, I found myself catapulted into a Martha extreme as I had to bury my Mom (66) Saturday after her death Monday morning.

    Throughout the week, a flood of details required my attention; so much so that my meetings with The Lord fell to the side. I awoke Sunday in a pile of guilt- recognizing all of the blessings I missed giving and receiving because I was functional and not relational due to the requirements to care for Mom.

    Your video hit home this morning as I sat in devotion, not really knowing where to begin with Jesus. On my bathroom mirror I have written Lysa’s words: God I want to see, hear and know you; I want to pursue you hard; before I know what this day will bring- I trust you.

    Finding perfect peace means that my LIFE shift must be to become Mary. To sit at the Lord’s feet, even if I don’t quite know HOW to do that. To simply “be” in Him, to recognize that the details of doing life cannot be the logistical means to an end, rather the relational means to a beginning.

    I need prayer to give the little girl in me a break. To learn to love her so that I can move beyond this moment… No longer a child of earthly parents, as both are now gone… And to grasp on to Jesus with all my might. To know the love of Mary and to transform the heart of Martha.

    • Praying for peace for you Liz! I cannot imagine what you are going through right now, but I am praying for strength and hope for you.

    • Karen R. says:

      Praying for you and your family Liz!!

    • Liz- I am so sorry for your loss :( I have been without my parents for 12 years and am just realizing that I am more than a daughter, mother, sister, aunt, and employee. I am so excited about the new study and am looking forward to experience what happens when women say yes to God! Praying that God sends you the peace that passes all understanding as you “grasp onto Jesus with all your might” and “know the love of Mary and transform the heart of Martha”.

  9. I read chapter 12 last night. The first few pages sounded just like my house!!! At other times it is easy for me to put off things that need to be done but that doesnt mean that I spend that time wisely either. I was stressing and behaving badly with my family yesterday so I drove out to the nearby lake and just sat and prayed until I was better under control. I’d love to have a covered porch where I could spend time alone with Jesus and to relax in. I find the outdoors and perferably near water to be the most relaxing to me (so I often substitute for the bathtub). I think if I spent more time in purposeful prayer with Jesus – the rest of the “thing” that needed attention throughout the day would be so easier!

  10. Becky Schaffer says:

    I have really enjoyed this study. I am both a Martha and a Mary. I work very hard preparing ahead of time so I can spend time with those who visit. It made me think that probably God would love me just where I am, so I don’t need to be crazy in preparation. This book has made me think a lot more about my relationship with God. There has been so much going on in my family, that I have been busy just going through the motions, trying to be strong for everyone. One thing I will not change is my daily devotion time each morning. I cherish this time. I need to allow God to speak to me and when I am stressed to talk with Him and listen for Him and his guidance. This is an area I really need to work on. I have been going in so many directions, that my emotions feel numb. I feel shut off, so I am praying God will walk with me as I let go of this numbness and find peace in my walk with Him. While I am sad this study is coming to an end, I look forward to the next one in July and will enjoy my daily devotions from Proverbs 31 ministry. Thank you for this study.

  11. Jennifer says:

    Have to share – was answering the questions for Chapter 12 and had to laugh. On question 2 – it’s not exhaustion that is my indicator for stress as much as feeling overwhelmed and starting to freak out – which has a tendency to spew ugliness on those around me.

    Monday I had what felt like a very short time to get a pair of water socks for my son (as we were headed to a water park the next day), and to run to the library (as reading is a daily requirement in my house, and he had run out of reading material) before needing to pick his sister up from camp (I thought this was summer – what happened to long lazy days???), and I had planned my route to run to Gander Mountain as that was where I had picked up water socks before. I was so upset when I realized that had missed the turn into Gander Mountain that there was a small freak out moment in the van – poor Aidan! :) I took a deep breath, asked God for help chilling out, and remembered the Academy on the other side of the freeway. We ran in, were graciously directed to the right location, quickly located the right size, tried them on, and ran out after a no line check-out. I didn’t think anything else of it other than to offer heartfelt thanks for making it to the library and getting everything else done in a timely fashion. Until the next day when all three boys were standing before me in the line to the water park – IN THE SAME WATER SHOES FROM ACADEMY – different sizes of course, but the same shoes. I want to remember that picture – it certainly wasn’t a big deal to three 11-year-old boys, but it reminds me that in freak-out and short with the kids mode, it’s a definite sign I need to take a breath and seek my Abba and His will, because He has a potentially different and definitely better plan than I do in my head. I want to remember the gift of seeing those three boys in the same $5 water shoes from Academy, and remember that that wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t missed the turn to Gander Mountain! :)

    Much love,

  12. Jeanie Kelley says:

    This has been a great book for me the last few months especially with my husband and his job situation. I can see how God is trying to use this book to help me be stressed less and I can see it. You mentioned ways that I can relax and be stressed less. So thinking of these I thought of the aquatics class I have begun. Exercise is a great stress reducer. Also I do not know how many out there love classical music, but I surely do. Another one of my stress reducer especially listening to Bach and Beethoven. A side note on the classical was shared that if you listen to it, you will get smarter. Which I love. The last thing I love to do is to sit with my cats especially Lupas. Just the petting of the animal melts all that stress away for me. Well I think that sums up my stress reducers that I have begun doing and hopefully will continue to do. These are outside of quiet time and getting alone with God. I just need to begin that so I can really feel stressed less. Thanks for a wonderful book and will be looking forward to the next one and in between study. Love Proverbs 31.

  13. Jeanie Kelley says:

    Okay you are going to have a post back to back on mine. I heard the question on the video and forgot to answer if I was a Mary or a Martha. I think I can be both. I am a lot like Mary who wants to sit at the feet of Jesus just basking in his glory and sharing everything that he has for me. With that being said, I am also like Martha, who besides getting a child up and ready to go to school, has a lot going on so I do not have the time to do my quiet time or sharing with Jesus and praying to him. I pop corn my prayers up and sometimes it reaches Heaven and sometimes it does not. So what I need to do to be stressed less is to incorporate both Women into my life. Set aside the priorities to have that time with Jesus and be the busy mom that I am.

  14. Meg Derosier says:

    Love how she is is videoing where she loves to relax and be stress free!

    I have to share you ya’ll that I have been doing some breathing exercies in the morning and at night and they have been helping me i know thats not the true answer for peace but it does help me to relax!

  15. Much like you, I love sitting in my back yard enjoying the birds and flowers. I was born to a long line of Marthas and fell into that naturally. Even when I became a Christian I desired to be a Mary but felt obligated to be a Martha. I thought it was good because I had a “servant’s heart”. Over the years I finally realized that one cannot “serve” fully unless they truly know their Master. I’m much Better than I used to be but this study has again reminded me that I must take time to sit at my Saviours feet and learn from Him. Only then can I serve as He would have me to.

  16. I tend to be more of a Martha – worrying about getting things done. Yet I yearn to be Mary and sit at the feet of Jesus – soaking in everything He said/says. It is so easy to get caught up in life. Right now, I would have to say my favorite place to be to relax is with my husband – wherever that may be. It doesn’t really matter whether we are at home or even sitting in his office while our children are participating in Young Marines. As long as I am with him, I tend to be more relaxed and able to focus on God and Jesus.

    • Patti, we are kindred spirits :) I am definitely more like Martha but yearn to be more like Mary and my favorite place to be is with my husband of 29 years! Our children are all grown and our son was in the Young Marines program for 6 years before graduating high school and enlisting in the Marines (that’s when the bulk of my stress began). Praying that we will both continue to seek the attributes of Mary.

  17. I could say that I was a Martha in my younger years. The day my husband & I were married I had been given a prophetic word that I was even like Martha. If we were to have guests coming over I was an uptight freak-a-zoid for hours prior to their arrival making sure everything would be perfect. As I have gotten older and put things into prospective (and just plain ol’ relaxed) I have noticed that I am now shifting into the Mary role. Reflecting about this subject I can look back and think none of that was important. The fellowship with God is the most important thing. :-)

  18. I was always more Martha, but now I am really excited to become more a Mary. I want to be more Mary than Martha but it sometimes is really hard to stick to that. But I am learning 😉 this study brought me so much insight, in myself and my motives that now I am really better to see my traps and can be more careful, with Gods help, to not fall in them. My favorite relaxing things to do are taking a long bath with nice smelling oil and a good book. Also walking in the forest is something I love to do. I try to find time for these things because it really does me good.

  19. Oh, how I can flip from one to another! I can be such a good Mary and then all of a sudden my brain goes onto Martha mode thinking of things I need to do, etc. Distractions everywhere! Most of my adult life I have taken such pride in a daytimer that is over full with every minute filled in leaving little time for His inserts into my day. This is not peace…I am thankful He is growing me past this assumption that busyness equals equals spiritual-ness or is better than others who live a slower lifestyle.

  20. I am over the top 120% Mary! I will take Jesus (and you, if you are visiting) to a restaurant where I can gaze into his eyes, with my undivided attention, and just take it all in. I don’t want ANYTHING to distract me from the pleasure of my company. I am all about the relationship! After all, relationships are the only thing from this life that will be with us in heaven!

    Don’t be freaked out, I will not gaze creepily into YOUR eyes, just normal eye contact!! (but you will get my eyes and not the top of my head as if I were constantly looking at my beloved iPhone) My ‘gaze’ is reserved for Jesus and my

  21. Karen R. says:

    First off ladies thank you for your prayers for my cousin’s husband. Prayers have been answered, he is getting a liver transplant today!! Thank you God!! Now if you will pray for a good match and fully recovery!!

    Second, several years ago our Mom’s group did a study on a book called How to have a Martha heart in a Mary World. It was fantastic!! I agree I have fallen back into the trap of being a Mary but definitely want to be a Martha and am working towards that! I too have a pool where I like to relax when I can find time (or just curled up in my bed at night with my bible and a good book!) Cannot wait to dive into the chapter this week. Here is the first part of the verse in The Msg: You’re fussing far too much and getting yourself worked up over nothing. (Oye, Oye that hit home!!!)

    Thanks ladies!! =)

    • Karen R. says:

      Oops guys I got the names reversed before reading my post, it should be a Mary Heart in a Martha World and of course I want to be like Mary!!! 😉

  22. I’m headed out the door to our first “real” day of no school, and I’m finding it so much more peaceful knowing that “He will keep in perfect peace, all those who trust in Him.” (Isaiah 26:3). While that’s always been my Life Verse, it’s really taken on a new dimension through this study!

    We were at the beach this weekend, and I couldn’t help but be extra grateful (with jimmies on top -as my kids would say!) for the soothing sound of the ocean lapping against the shoreline, for the squeals of my children playing with each other, and for the time to just ponder how I can make bearning fruit more of a reality this week with what we have lined up to “do”. I left feeling calm, cool, and collected (no easy feat on a hot humid day!) – and that was all God!

    I’m so thankful for the opportunity to put some of these ideas from Tracie’s book into practice. And to be able to do it within this community for support is even more of a gift.

  23. Sherri J says:

    I am definitely a “Martha”….and I feel resentment for those “Marys” in the house when I’m doing this and cleaning that, etc. This is something that I definitely can work on. I’m sure this would lessen the stress. I need to take lessons from my teens on this…and think “oh it will be ok if this or that doesn’t get done”. Having my heart in the right place is more important!

    • Oh I am a Martha, atleast right now!! I have been both over the years!! I am trying to be a Mary… or a little of both! But Martha has just taken over!! I have a busy household, my daughter is going through a divorce and she has moved back in with my four grandchildren. So I find myself being mom to 6 children now instead of just one teenager! This study is reminding me of where I need to be and where I have been before. Praying we can all get the balance we need to be “Stress-Less”.

  24. CarolAnne says:

    Yep, I am a Martha but by digging into this OBS, I am on the way to being a re-covering Martha! ; ) My inner Mary is coming thru, thanks to all of you great Leaders! This study has been fantastic for me, even tho there was so much going on in my life at the same time. Isn’t that always the way? I sign up to learn how to Stress-Less and wham! Here comes Life – lol Am sure we can all finish strong!

  25. I am a little bit of both. I do turn into a drill sergeant if we ate having guests, shouting orders and demanding it all has to be done in order for the evening to be perfect. So I can imagine if Jesus was coming over… My husbands to do list would be a mile long. :). But as I’ve gotten older, I carve out my time with God/Jesus and hold it very precious. There are days it doesn’t happen. Some days it’s last. And I feel guilty. But I will say, once I get situated and “in the groove”, I do not like to be interrupted. My husband has learned if I am reading my Bible or a devotional, not to interrupt until I’m done. :). I love to read outside as well!

    Some of the women in my small group struggle daily for their time with Jesus bc of young children (needy & needing attention). I do not have children yet but I am a teach so I can relate- its hard. I read one time somewhere this lady lights a candle while she’s having her quiet time, so from a very early age her children were taught when the candle is lit, mommy is having quiet time… They have choices of other things they can do while mommy reads & prays. Of course, nap time is an option until they stop taking naps.

  26. Dottie OBS small group leader says:

    I must be honest and say this video really hit me hard! I am such a “Martha” although I desire to be a “Mary”. When I am having quiet time, I find myself wanting to straighten the bedside table, or thinking that I need to go get the clothes out of the dryer, the kitchen needs to be swept and mopped, etc. It is hard for me to stop my multi-tasking brain and focus completely on what I am reading whether it be devotional, Bible, book :( I am striving to get this under control though! With God’s help, I WILL become a Mary and be able to just “BE” in His presence!

    • Janet F says:

      AMEN I can relate Dottie!!! I will pray for you and you can pray for me :) With God’s help we will be Mary’s one day ♥

  27. Apreciada Hermana, me gustaría recibir sus preciosos vídeos en español o por lo menos traducidos al español, soy de habla hispana y se que muchos como yo nos gustaría deleitarnos y aprender mas de Jesús a través de sus estudios bíblico, no puedo dar mi opinión al respeto por que no entiendo el ingles. Gracias y que mi Dios la continúe bendiciendo y dándole sabiduría para llevar a muchas personas a los pies de Cristo

  28. TJ Conner says:

    I enjoy the sunshine. The warmth it provides when it hits my skin. To me, that’s as close to God as I can get. So when I need to chill out or take a minute to be still, i seek the sunshine. Due to my situation, I have to take the dogs with which works out great. They force me to get out and seek sunshine (Sonshine). :-) I watch my dogs reactions to everything and can’t help but delight in their love of all things moving and being outside. They are so HAPPY. Because I walk them, I get to enjoy God’s creations more- the flowers, trees, birds, geese, ducks, squirrels, chipmunks, even racoons and snakes. And their babies! The dogs find them ALL. TO think I could’ve missed all of this, God’s glory and majesty if I stayed inside, stayed BUSY. random songs will burst into my head on these walks-‘ Majesty, worship his majesty’ or To God be the glory great things he has done, so loved him the world that he gave us his son;, or even our God is an awesome God, he reigns from heaven above, with wisdom, power and love, our God is an awesome God. :-)
    I had to learn to let go of the stresses. The sun warms me, deep breathes, the muscles relax automatically as they soak up the warmth, and I have to let go- let those stresses roll down my arms and off my fingers. I don’t think of anything but what God created on our walks. The work, whatever it is, will be there when I get back.
    My walks in the sunshine are my Mary time.

  29. Mary has her moments, but Martha is definately much more prominant in my day to day life! However, I do attempt to take advantage of those little quiet moments and on certain days, I find I have more of those moments than I thought.

    I’m not so sure I could ever completely become a Mary, but I do know there is a balance and often that balance is exactly what I need and it keeps it all together!

  30. I am so thankful for the leading of the Holy Spirit to this book and study here. Even as I was starting to read from chapter 12 , I jumped to the verses at the end first only I ended up reading the questions instead. When I was on the question : Have you become so stressed because of your circumstances and overwhelming emotions that you have forgotten the importance of relaxing and enjoying life, trusting that Jesus has everything under control? I wAs answering yes and on pandora radio the song by Joy Williams ” Hungry ( Falling on my knees ) came on to just add another exclamation mark to what this study has been teaching. Am I am Martha or Mary ? I am unsure what to say I am as a woman of God. I feel I have to force myself to get busy and not sit and study the word or the opposite of that, just escape into some thing to keep from being a part of life that would lead to stress. I definitely have seen progress Through this study spiritually and feel the strength of God and the community of other believers . I know God wants more for me than to stay safely tucked away from the outside world and just read and study and keep quiet and try to keep stress less. There have been so many changes in the past 4 and a half years and the uncertainty of when to , or how to jump back in is difficult. Not sure where this places me , Martha or Mary? But God knows and each step closer to him is the right direction. So I will choose to sit in a place of waiting with expectation that God will lead me once again through his Holy Spirit when and how and where to jump in to what he has. Liz

    • Liz…You are so right…Each step closer to Him is a step in the right direction! :) So glad you are here and have found community and strength among the ladies and in the studying of the Word together. Blessings to you today, friend! ~ Shelly

  31. TABITHA JONES says:

    Wow I have had this question arise before to me in the past few weeks. I so want to be a Mary but I am more like a Martha. I sometimes feel like Elaine does. I feel like I am a Martha on a steroid. I want everything be just right and often get aggitated when things go hay wire. I will say I am better but just have times when things seem to be more like Martha.
    I would love to be able to sit at Jesus feet and bask in his presence all the time, but we all know that it not reality in our world.
    I have come a long way through this study and I thank you ladies for your prayers. Since in this study I have just been over joyed at how free I feel. My stress is at the lowest it has ever been in my life.

  32. Yay! So happy to see you today on video, Melissa! Great message! I also love to relax by the pool, read, drink some coffee, and enjoying some quiet time rocking outside on our porch after the kids go to bed. This has been such a great study and perfect for this time in my life. I tend to be vary between Martha and Mary. There are times I get too focused on getting stuff done. I want to be more like Mary, but sometimes I feel guilty when I am not “doing”. I know God just wants me to “be” with Him and not feel like I always need to be “doing” for Him. Love you Melissa!! Excited for the next study! Love, Sue

  33. Diane W. says:

    I love the sunshine too! I love to sit on my deck and have quiet time. I love to listen to the birds sing and they come to my feeder. That brings me joy. I love cardinals and yellow finches. When they come, I pause and thank God for bringing them to the feeders. In the winter, I sit where the sun shines in on me and thank Jesus for shinning His light on me and being there with me.
    Thank you Melissa for doing this study. I have loved every minute of it. :-)

  34. I am such a Martha, but yearn to be a Mary. I have learned so much from this study. And I am ready to put what I have learned into practice. Now if I can get my family to be onboard I think I could just have that Stressed-free living I so badly want. I want to thank you so much for you dedication and time away from your family to do this study with us. It has been a great blessing that words cannot express enough. god is using you in such a wonderful way. Blessings to you and your family.

  35. Courtney says:

    After reading chapter 12, I’ve learned that I’m a little of Mary and Martha. In the morning, I like to read all my devotionals and bible. When I start my day sitting at Jesus’ feet, my day goes sooooo much smoother. However, I have those days where I have to be somewhere at 8am, drag out of bed by 6:45am, and having a meltdown in the Dallas traffic and praying I get to my destination on time! Even when I spend the mornings with Jesus, by the end of the day I’m in full Martha mode! I’m fretting about getting the housework done, and paying the bills online, making sure dinner is on the table when my hubby gets home, making sure my sweet American Bulldog is cared for, picking up the dry cleaning before 6, checking the mail, making doctors’ appointments, and the list goes on and on. I’ve made myself stressed just writing about it! But I must remember I’m one person and half of those things I need not stress about. I had surgery last week and can’t do anything for six weeks. I’m trying not to become a micromanager and call my husband every 10 minutes reminding him of a task, and explaining how I want the clothes folded. As Karen Ehman points out in her book Let it Go, there is more than one way to get to the number four! And I need to chill out and appreciate the help, and focus on my recovery. So hard since my job is taking care of the home.

    This OBS has seriously helped my stress level. I’m learning to enjoy life more and focus on spending time with God, instead of staying busy with life and serving. :)

  36. I also wanted to share this verse which was across the page from 26:3 in my Bible. Isaiah 26:20 : Come, my people,enter your chambers, and shut your doors behind you; Hide yourself, as it were, for a little moment, until the indignation is past. This just seemed so pertinent to me, although taken out of context it fits well for me . Indignation : anger, or annoyance provoked by what is perceived as unfair treatment, discontent,dissatisfaction, displeasure, hurt, pain, upset, unhappiness , distress.

  37. I have always been more like Martha, worrying, hurrying, scurrying and scrambling to get everything done. I truly believe this book has changed my life! I can feel the peace in God’s Word and I want to live that way.

  38. Amber Oatman (OBS leader) says:

    In the past year God has really been working on bringing me from a Martha mentality to being more like Mary. I still tend to get in crazy mode when people are coming over just like Tracie’s description…hiding all the laundry from my family of 7 lol, cleaning my kitchen so it looks like no one ever uses it or gets pb&j on the counters. But, I am getting better 😉 I have learned to ask myself “Will this affect eternity?” I have learned to sit with my kids on the couch and watch a movie when they ask. That my friends come to see me, not my house. Slowly but surely with Gods grace and mercy <3

  39. I am so a Martha….looking at ALL I do, and ALL others aren’t doing!!! Comparing, judging, feeling like I do all the work and everyone else is just sliding along doing the least possible. OH< MY!! If I could only remember that what is important is only what I do….and to do it for God and His glory. I need to rem. that what others are or aren't doing is THEIR business….not mine…I NEED to do God's will, in His way and in His time and FOR HIM. (not for me). Would love to me a MARY…. I WILL work and pray about it.

  40. I’m more of a Martha. When I’m not working, serving and helping others – I usually feel guilty.

  41. I think I have more of a Martha tendency, but I’m learning to be like Mary. It’s definitely something I have to be intentional about.
    My Martha ways do help me to get more done in my day so it can be a good thing.
    To continue with a stressed-less life, I need to regularly choose what is better, so with the Lord’s help I will live stressed less.

  42. I have learned so much from this book and obs. Thank you.
    I have so much in common with Martha, although, I am getting to like being like Mary. I have had some difficult situations arise this week making decisions regarding my mom’s long term care. I have placed it in God’s hands to guide me to handle this situation. It seemed overwhelming but I have turned it over to God. Now, I feel this situation has been lifted off my shoulders even though I am still active with the team of professionals working with my mom. I cannot express enough to everyone, it is “stresslessed” to be like Mary. Yes, we still have tons of things that need done and people pulling us in different directions, but it is NECESSARY to give God the time he deserves and he will help us through anything. Thank you OBS for showing me a new way to live!

  43. Dawn Hyatt says:

    I am learning! It has been hard, though. I am a mixture of both Mary and Martha and I have learned to accept that about myself. I think there are times in our lives when we need to be in the constant motion and serving and getting things ready! Then there are those times when we need to just sit back and relax and take God in! We need to watch Him and let Him handle things for awhile! I like to sit at the beach and watch His creation! It’s amazing! It’s peaceful! I also like to sit in the night in my backyard and just listen! So many beautiful noises! God has it covered always and completely! I know I am still going to get worked up, but I also know I can rest in Him. That’s an awesome feeling!

  44. Renee D. says:

    Good afternoon, Ladies! I am definitely a Martha! But I am working on that and the OBS has made a huge impact on my life towards becoming a Mary :-) I am absorbing all I can from this last week to actually live a stress-lessed life!

  45. lynn fincher vi says:

    I am more like Martha and have a few moments like Mary..Trying to be more like Mary when I do have those relaxing moments I do feel the peace of God during those times..Just have to work at it better and Let God’s plan take over me and let go of that stress..as stated in the book Jesus is the answer to peace and serenity.
    In lamentations 3:22-24 we see that the lord is faithful all the time not some of the time..I need to keep my hope in Him and not what surrounds me.
    God Bless everyone in this OBS.. :)

  46. D'Edra Jefferson says:

    I have not had the opportunity to start this chapter yet but I see myself as more of a Martha. I feel that I get bored if I am being a Mary. I also feel guilty not cleaning or helping others clean. I pray that by the time I get finished I will be leaning more toward becoming a Mary.

  47. I have always been a mix of Martha and Mary but the last few years I’ve been Martha. Why aren’t you working as hard as me? Why are you taking credit for what I’ve done? Why do I have to do everything? After all these upset feelings come out or I worked really hard to finish something, I go directly to find somthing sweet to eat. This weekend I went up to receive prayer for physical healing and nothing happened. They prayed some more and nothing. Then I confested God BREAK DOWN the wall I have erected between me and You! I felt a warm hand on my back and I got weak in my knees and had to sit down. They helped me to sit and the woman said, Tracy open your eyes Jesus has healed you. I opened my eyes to see her name tag which said, TRACY. She had come to the Encounter Conference from Indian and were in Illinois. She said again, Jesus has brought me forward to tell you you are healed and he wants you to tell your story. I cried all the more because it was true! He broke down the wall and cleansed any doubt, worry, and stress was gone. I dont have as much physical pain and that doesn’t matter because I received His healing of spiritually, emotional and mental. I continue each day since Thanking God for my healing and what he is doing daily for my body. I thank Him for my Martha turned Mary heart. I now go about dojng my work but I’m doing it with a Mary heart of love, much joy . and excitement to talk with God every minute of my day. Thank you Father God for my transformation and thank you Ladies for this life changing study. May Gid bless each and every women connected to this study and we will be truly blessed in the following studies we walk together. I Praise you God. In Jesus Name! Amen.

    • Awesome! Thanks for sharing your testimony! With our confession comes a releasing of whatever was/is holding us in bondage. When we first acknowledge our weakness and then cry out to God for help, He is able to come in His strength and power to do what we could not do on our own. So thankful for the miracle you have received and are receiving! :) Blessings ~Shelly

  48. Carla Keller says:

    Dear OBS friends,
    The message I am about to send has nothing to do with today’s assignment. I have posted on here several times about my husband and the hip replacement surgery he had back in September and how that didn’t go very well, he now has a problem called “drop foot”. He has also fallen 3 times and dislocated the hip all 3 times, which has required a trip to the ER to “pop it” back into place. I have tried so hard to be a loving and caring wife, but this has taken quite a toll on our marriage, his depression, his frustration, my frustration, my anger, my resentment and my disappointment at how this all turned out. Lately, I have just been at my wits end. I have prayed about all this and just doesn’t seem like God is hearing me, even though I know that is not true. Then this morning I read the Proverbs 31 daily devotions and could really relate!! And as Whitney said in one of her lines “Girlfriends, I am really struggling”. I need prayers, lots of prayers for both of us. We went to visit his orthopedic surgeon today, the one who did the hip replacement to find out that my husband will have to go through surgery once again to hopefully get a replacement that will not continually “pop out”! I know that these dislocations as well as the drop foot has been a big reason he has not progressed as he should. I know that I am not alone, but it has really felt like it so many times and I have also felt that I would be less of a person for seeking some professional help with this. However, while I was at church yesterday our former minister’s wife who is a Christian counselor came to me after church and we had a wonderful talk. I hope to continue these talks to her in order for me to deal with all this and be better prepared for what lies ahead for us. He goes to visit the new surgeon on July 17th and then we will find out what happens and when it happens, so I am asking for your prayers.

    • Bree (OBS Facebook Leader) says:

      Carla, you and your husband are in my prayers.

    • Carla…So glad you have found a counselor to talk to. This is so important and I hope you will continue. I am saying a prayer for you as well as for you husband this morning. God is bigger than anything we face, although I know it is hard to see that when you are in the middle of the battle. Keep your eyes on Him no matter how tempted you are to focus on your circumstances. Keep pressing into Him and His word…He is our refuge and strength, a very present help in times of trouble (Psalm 46:1). Standing with you, my friend! Blessings and big hugs to you today! ~Shelly

  49. Bree (OBS Facebook Leader) says:

    In regards to family get togethers, I’m more like Mary in that I prefer spending time with those that are visiting instead of overly preparing for their visit. However, this story has also shown me that at times I’m like Martha. I can be preoccupied in my own troubles and focus on them instead of Jesus. Since doing this study, I’m definitely getting better, so I’m a Martha transforming myself into a Mary.

  50. Loved the video Melissa and your back yard!!!!!! Can I come and play with you :)
    Your back yard looks peaceful and inviting. I am asking for a backyard like that by my mansion that God is building for me :) I do like to sit on my deck and be quiet when the weather is right!! It has been raining a lot here!! Or go for walks in the park. I am a Martha but so trying to be a Mary and I think I have come a long way doing this study and I also did a study by Wendy Blight about Martha and Mary that really helped me. I get up early and have my quiet time everyday, makes my day go better!! I love the Lord and only want Him to be my main focus. I pray that He will help me do that daily and not get so caught up in this temporary life, but focus on Him and the eternal. Praising God for this study and all the OBS women in it. Love you all!!! ♥ God Bless!!