Jun 25

SLL Week 12, Day 2~ Are you Afraid?

SLL Ch 12 Verse Graphic

Martha was busy. Mary sat at the feet of Jesus.

Sometimes it’s not busyness at all that keeps me from sitting at the feet of Jesus.

Sometimes I’m afraid. Let me explain…

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  1. Oh, Melissa! This was such a great video message today!1 I am learning and I am growing in God’s Word and His Truth but I still have times – pretty much everyday – when I am afraid and when I feel like I couldn’t possibly live up to what God wants me to be. Thank you for this simple reminder that God loves us! He knows everything about us and He still loves us!

  2. I do have Martha tendancies and sometimes I can’t imagine having the heart of Mary, but through this study and others I hope to continue the path to where God wants me to be. When I hear this story, I always wonder…really? Is there really a Mary out there? Then I realize whether there is or not, it’s speaking to me in a way that it’s something to strive to be. I don’t need to worry who is a Mary or who is a Martha, I just need to worry about how God sees me and what He wants of me. This was my first study, and I’m happy to continue on with the next study as it helps me keep focus on His Word.

    • -April Romero says:

      I too struggle with those Martha tendencies :-(

    • Kristy Aiken (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Hi Amy,
      I lean more toward Martha as well. I am learning to slow down and enjoy God’s Presence in quiet and stillness. Because of Jesus, we are forgiven. Because of Jesus we have peace with God. We all desire intimacy with our Father. We are never alone. I am praying that you draw close to Him and that just being with Him begins to change you from the inside out. I pray that you feel God’s Presence in a new way like never before. Thank you so much for sharing. Ya’ll bless so many when you open up :-)

      • Sandrajune says:

        May I encourage you ladies by telling you that the biblical Martha/Mary example is so much more and so much deeper than being too busy/distracted/distant to sit at his feet. The fullness of its meaning isn’t about that at all but rather about grace vs law. Martha was all about DOING in order to please Jesus. Mary was all about focusing in on HIM. Law or grace. Jesus says “There is only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it, and it will not be taken away from her.”(Luke 10:42) It’s grace. Stopping our busy working for God in order to accept His work.

  3. Yes!! I would have to agree with what you shared in the video. There are times where I’m afraid or maybe I should say more discouraged and so out of discouragement I “get busy” & stay distracted but when I take that time to stop & be still I’m so thankful & then wonder to myself “why’d I wait”

  4. Well these past few weeks I have been a hot mess of business, fear, and worry. I have been wrapped up in so many things that I have not spent as much time on this Bible study but a little here and there. I have read the entire book and loved it. I probably need to go back and reflect on the great lessons within.

    I was told that the more we try to accomplish the will of God in our lives the more the Devil comes to derail us. He has been flying his colors recently in all forms.

    Now I am reeling from a recent annual mammogram that they now want to do more test. I had initially put it off a few weeks not thinking it was a big deal and just did not want to take off work to go to the appointment. Then to get a follow up call a few days later from my Ob to make sure they had called me and a follow up letter stating a concern about a fibrocystic condition. Praying that all is well I decided to call to schedule the appointment asap all to find out the Dr is on vacation for 2 weeks. Now I have to wait til next month as I had originally planned. Thanks to several Google searches I have convinced myself of the worst outcome. Then I worry that if that is the case, I am not ready to go, what if I haven’t done enough. Then I am reminded I will never be able to “Do Enough” Christ paid that debt for me.

    The Devil is having a hay day with me right now. I should have been researching the Bible for guidance and not Google.

    I know we are not to fear anything and to trust God with everything. Someday’s that is so hard to do. I am afraid not only of the potential of cancer, I am “afraid” I am failing God because I am not trusting that he is in control by “Stressing Out” in a full blown panic attack. I just keep praying for him to calm me down, and for a good report, and if not to heal me so I can stay around and one day enjoy grandchildren. I guess I am the one that has the action of putting my full trust that he has the situation no matter what the news is, even if it is the worse, it will all be for his glory. Now to convince myself to stay in that truth 24 x 7 is the hard part.

    I am hoping that this is just an attention getter to get me back on track of focusing on what is important and not the business of what my life has become.

    Praying it is just a case of lumpy boobs…

    Thank you ladies for all your dedication and allowing us to share and participate in these Online Bible Studies!!

    Much Love to All…

    • Renee D. says:

      Shirley– I pray for peace as you go through this situation. I know that the devil is doing exactly what he came to do….get your mind off God and onto worry, fear, etc. I deal with this on a daily basis and like you said, some days are harder to deal with than others. I pray that you find peace with God and strength to keep your mind fixed on Him and positive thoughts. I pray for God to let you know that He is with you at all times, no matter tests or results from tests. Be courageous in that and smile because so many others are praying for you! I love you as a Sister in Christ! :-)

    • Shirley. I have been down this road several times. Each time they do an ultra sound and that is exactly what it is , lumpy boobs. I know how frightening it is. I am praying that the test go well and as a very dear lady once told me, don’t worry because for me it’s a win-win situation. Either its treatable or its not . One way I get well and continue God’s work or he takes me home and I will see the streets of heaven and get to sit at his feet for as long as I want and I know we will all be reunited when the time is right. Now I am starving lets eat. She had am in and out double large fries and onion rings, plus a large chocolate shake and a Sundae for dessert. She was such a joy to be with. She has brain cancer and lived almost 5 years. Before she went she told me only happy tears for me cuz I’m with the angels singing off key in the choir. She never sang off key a day in her life, but even in those final days she was at total peace. I and many others are praying with you! Love and hugs from another sister in Christ. Please keep us posted and if you need a friendly ear mine is always available belaine19@gmail.com


    • Kristy Aiken (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Googling health stuff is not a good idea. I know. I am a recovering google search for every symptom on the planet 😉 My former Pastor told me to do just like you said, quit searching the internet and this “world.” Search and cry to God! Cry out to Him like never before. The outcome might not be what we want but it is will and His will is good and perfect. As soon as you feel the enemy attacking you, stop and start praising God and also praise Him for already defeating the enemy.

      I am praying that you seek God first and that you are able to really understand that He is the rock upon which we stand. The Lord will deliver you from the enemy and I praise Him for that. I pray that you can hand over all your fear and anxiety to Him. He will hear you and deliver you. He is our help in times of trouble.

      Thank you for sharing! Know that you are being prayed for by name:-) God has this under control sweet sister.

    • I just had the same situation and everything turned out fine. Think positive and I am praying that everything in your situation will be fine.

    • Thank you ladies for your thoughts and prayers.

      I wanted to share I just returned from VBS, our very appropriate topic is Fear Not Trust God. I think I got as much out of the lessons as they did. I am in charge of the young 3 year olds. What a precious site to see such sweet children and their love for singing and learning about God. I forgot how smart these little ones are, what a blessing.

  5. Barb Truman, OBS group 19 says:

    Yes Melissa I think that sometimes I am afraid to spend time with God, and if not afraid, at least feeling insignificant and not worthy. There are so many people around me who are more in need of God’s help, or at least on the outside it seems that way. On the other hand, I realize as I type this that God is big enough for all of us and that if I’m honest with myself, I am more in need of Him than I might always admit. Wow, the Spirit of God was really speaking to me as I typed this message…I love it when that happens!

    • Best conversations you can have!

    • Kristy Aiken (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Hi Barb,
      That is such truth. I got all bent out of shape thinking I needed thousands to pray because my husband had a basal cell carcinoma spot on his arm. Then I realized how silly I had been because so many people have terminal cancers and illnesses. But then it hit me that I can give God anything. I can take anything to Him. I must trust Him regardless of the outcome. This life here is just a breath but we will be with our Father forever. God created us to be with Him. Thank you so much for sharing. I love when The Holy Spirit speaks to us :-) It is just another reminder how much He loves us. Thank you for reminding me how big and powerful our God is :-)

  6. Sherri J says:

    I too have Martha tendencies and I’m working on that with God’s help….and this study has been great. I want to be more like Mary with the “true heart” and caring about what really matters. I don’t want my busyness to define me anymore.

    • Sandrajune says:

      May I encourage you by telling you that the biblical Martha/Mary example is so much more and so much deeper than being too busy/distracted/distant to sit at his feet. The fullness of its meaning isn’t about that at all but rather about grace vs law. Martha was all about DOING in order to please Jesus. Mary was all about focusing in on HIM. Law or grace. Jesus says “There is only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it, and it will not be taken away from her.”(Luke 10:42) It’s grace. Stopping our busy working for God in order to accept His work.

  7. Susan Moss says:

    New to your site. Found you on Facebook. Excited about being with you in your new study. I’m a pastor’s wife and I can relate to being afraid even though I hear all the time the good news of how precious I am and how God loves me. Sometimes I know I have let God down and I wonder what He thinks of me as I come to Him with another request for forgiveness. Is He sick of me? Is He frustrated with me? According to His word, No…..but according to me, He has to be.

  8. Oh thank you!!! I have been afraid to spend time with God. I know He knows everything about me yet there are times I think by staying away, He might not notice how yucky I am. I excited that I actually finished this study. I have so many unfinished studies because of fear. Fear I would finish and not be changed – failure……….Fear I would be changed – what would that cost me………but no matter the fear, My God is bigger and HE LOVES ME – Just as I am. Thank you Lord Jesus and thank you Melissa that I am growing in my relationship with the Great I Am because of your faithfulness to lead these studies! Thank you for your honesty!

  9. Agreed with others, great video message. It pretty much put into words what I’ve felt. I have often felt like my soul is tired. I feel like I need a break from God’s word, from bible study. I think that’s because this bible study has really challenged me mentally. I am afraid of what God is going to challenge me with as I dig deeper. I also know that how I’m feeling means God is working in me. Because the devil is tying to convince me I’m tired and that I don’t need to keep up with the ‘God habits’ I’m building.

  10. Bree (OBS Facebook Leader) says:

    Awesome video today! For me, my mind occasionally races. I’ll go to my bedroom and start talking with God, but then I become like Martha, concentrating on what’s next on my to-do list. So lately, I’ve been trying something different: I speak with God while doing my chores. My hands are busy, but my mind and heart are with the Lord.

    • Great tip Bree! That kind of reminds me of Nik- the skyline walker! He was definitely busy & in a stressful situation… And talking to Jesus the entire time!

  11. Karen W. says:

    thanks for sharing your heart! When I have blown it (again) on the same dumb things – it keeps me from sitting at Jesus’ feet because I think, here I am again with the same pathetic story – and of course, that is the evil one

  12. Melissa, I loved what you said “I’m always I’m the presence of Jesus, I just don’t always acknowledge it.” So true. I get the most from my quiet time when I’m alone- outside in my lounger or inside on the couch or in the study. But that doesn’t always happen so if I’m more aware that it doesn’t HAVE to be at 6:30am, it doesn’t HAVE to be alone in my study… What is HAS to be is… happening! I can go to God anytime anywhere. I think sometimes besides busyness and fear, I don’t do quiet time because I’m thinking I’m not doing it “the right way”. I’m not doing it like so and so, my quiet time isn’t good enough, so why bother. Or, I missed it again this morning, I will try again tomorrow. I guess that ties into fear- like I’ve let Him down, what will he think? In the past I’ve let my quiet time go because my prayers weren’t being answered- in my time in my way. But the Bible says His ways are not our ways. His thoughts are not our thoughts. His are better! He knows best (because he knows it all, He knows how all this ends!). The Bible says one day to God could be a million days to us! I’ve come to know & trust that he does hear my prayers and He will answer in HIS way in HIS time. Just recently I read “100% of the prayers I don’t pray, don’t get answered.”. So, I must be with Jesus, pray to God- every. single. day. :-)

    • Janet F says:

      AMEN Emily, love your post. Lots of good insight there!!!

    • Kristen says:

      I struggle with the same thing. I used to love having my good hour with the Lord, including reading a devotional, the bible, then journaling. My quiet times simply can’t look like that right now as a mom with 3 small children. I’m slowly learning, that even an open bible on my counter while I cook can allow me time to focus on one verse that God can use in amazing ways. I also pray when I’m rocking my baby, which is one of the most precious prayer times I’ve ever had, imagining myself resting in God’s arms. Thanks for sharing and i will pray for you!

  13. Melissa, I am usually a mixture of both Mary and Martha. Does that even make sense? I am busy with anything I want to be busy with but not with the things of God. I am sitting at the feet of Jesus but not really listening to Him. I am so frustrated and feel my prayers are not reaching His ears and that He doesn’t care about me but I know in my heart that He does care. More than I can even imagine. I love Him and pray to be more Christ like in my daily life and to walk and talk with Jesus so He can be glorified in my life. too many grown up kids’ issues and not enough prayer time for Him to work in our lives. I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that day. Wow, wish I actually lived that each day.

    • Jeanne I totally get what you are saying. Sometimes I’m Martha on steroids then when I finally realize he isn’t listening is a lie , placed by the enemy to kill, maim, and destroy I try to get back on line and hit reset. Gratefully he is always ready to reach out and continue to be my rock always there and watching and waiting for me to reach out and he usually pushes me to that place. Prayers with you as you continue to battle. Love in Christ’s name.

      • Sandrajune says:

        May I encourage you ladies by telling you that the biblical Martha/Mary example is so much more and so much deeper than being too busy/distracted/distant to sit at his feet. The fullness of its meaning isn’t about that at all but rather about grace vs law. Martha was all about DOING in order to please Jesus. Mary was all about focusing in on HIM. Law or grace. Jesus says “There is only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it, and it will not be taken away from her.”(Luke 10:42) It’s grace. Stopping our busy working for God in order to accept His work.

  14. Crystal says:

    I’ve realized the importance of my quiet time with God, and I defend it against all the distractions that come against me. I have my time with God first thing in the morning and a separate time the last thing before bed and I do studies at breakfast and lunch during the week.
    But I desire to write what God shares with me in those times, and sometimes I don’t sit down to write because I’m afraid I won’t be eloquent or that God can’t use me, and my biggest fear is it will be all me without God, and He just won’t show up.
    I forget who I am in Him and Whose I am, but today I will remind myself who His Word says that I am and how He sees me.

    • You are A Daughter of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!! Isn’t it amazing. God loves it when you journal, I do that too…so many times i have gone back and see how HE has used what I have written to remind me that I AM A CHILD OF THE ONE TRUE KING!
      God Bless YOU Crystal…Keep on Keeping on.

      Your Sister in Christ, Teresa

  15. Thank you Melissa for being so honest about your feelings. My reason for not wanting to sit before God is that, I feel like I am just talking and I don’t hear any response. I continue to talk and I don’t always know what to say to God. I do know however, that God listens and he cares about even the littlest details that I share with him. I continue to see him encouraging me throughout my day. I am so glad that he cares about me. I know that it is special to God when I set time out to spend with him. I am the one who really benefits from my relationship with him. I receive the blessings. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. His he is faithful the best friend I could ever have.

  16. Wow….I’m not sure what else to say. Great video! I have been really struggling with trying to have an intimate relationship with God and trying to figure out why it’s not working. I think I just had an “ah ha” moment. I’m not REALLY trying. I’m talking about trying. I’m giving the impression I’m trying by surrounding myself with scripture and Christian books. I like the IDEA of trying.

    Deep down, I’m afraid. Afraid that I’m not good enough and God will look at me and roll his eyes. He will abandon me. I know a lot of scripture verses that I would say to a friend if they shared this sentiment. Why can’t I take my own advice? God loves me unconditionally. Yet the fear is so close to the surface. Then I go into a bizarre rationalization mode that if I don’t seek Him out He won’t have the opportunity to dismiss me as too far gone or too broken.

    This book has given me so many new avenues to God. I need to lose my fear of failing and abandonment and stop hiding behind the guise of busyness and walk down the path towards Christ. He is waiting for me and wants to be my best friend!

    • Wendy,
      What a great revelation you had today! Praying for you as you take the next step and begin really trying :) You got this and you know God is so happy to spend some quality time with you <3

  17. Melissa, love your video today. Your FB post caught my attention immediately because I have been thinking of myself as Martha so much after Wendy Blight’s study. But you are right – I am so afraid! I was too late for this study, but I can’t wait to start your “Say Yes to God” study next month!!!!

  18. A little scared that we have enterd the last chapter of the book, but when I look back at what I wrote in my journal, I have come a long way. Lots of good things have happened in my life over the past few months. And some sad things too. I placed my burdens at the feet of Jesus and still pray for his intervention (on His timing) but I can see such growth in myself. I had set out this year to commit to writing more notes and cards to people (snail mail) and the OBS has helped me a lot with that. Even with the triumphs I’ve experienced, I struggle to put Him first in everything and every circumstance. I’ll continue to pray that He leads me where he wants me to be. That he makes or molds me into the person He wants me to be and that He can be proud of the work He has accomplished through me.

    • Kristy Aiken (OBS Group Leader) says:

      Hi Shelia,
      Exactly! I am like well I am having a hard time finding God’s peace in this chaotic world but going back through everything and talking to my husband, I have come a very long way! Why is it so hard to see sometimes? We all struggle to put Him first and especially in every circumstance. My children can make the flesh in me come so quick. We don’t want to limit God’s work in us because of our own faithlessness. I am praying Romans 12: 12 for you tonight. I am praying for God to help you be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer. Thanks for sharing, sweet sister. Keep clinging to Jesus.

  19. I signed up for this study,bought the book and everything,but some how I got too busy and I only did the first 2 chapters. :( I would really like to do the next one,but I don’t have the money to buy another book at this time.
    Being afraid almost seems normal for me. I guess I am not sure what it would be like not to be afraid. I would love to not be afraid ,but I have not been able to overcome it yet.Hopefully some day!!

    • Kristy Aiken (OBS Group Leader) says:

      A lot of our anxiety comes from “what if” thoughts. Anxiety comes from fear and fear LIES TO US! I am praying that whenever you are afraid that you trust God and that you are able to release these fears to Him. Sweet sister, if you want to do this study then we can get you a book.

  20. I agree with Jeanne. I am a mixture of Martha and Mary depending on the circumstance and its priority and importance. I am not fearful, there are just moments and things that I dislike. Fear involves not making an attempt at all, Father tells me that I can do all things through Him who strengths me, and He says all things work for the greater good … purpose being the key. It is interesting that through the discussion and journey I have found that stress is a good thing. It helps me directly understand what my true purpose is in Christ and I have focused alot more on what the Word defines and not what the “eye” sees. My heart races due to passion and excitement of the potential to come not looking at the outcome before. There are moments that I take the today and fully engulf in the Word let it circulate in my veins into the valves and finally pumped into my heart. Then I just breathe, exhale and inhale, let go of the contaminents that satan attempts to put in the air and breathing in the Word and Life. All of my life has consisted of challenges and yet I have overcame. Sitting at my Fathers feet and embracing it all. Then there is the moment of being Martha and wanting everything to be right, nothing wrong with that, as my Father is perfect and I want the best for Him, Preparation is key.. Sisters inhale and exhale when things get tough, let the Word pump new live (Living in Victory Everyday) into you heart. Let each moment, second, minute hour day week month be a time where you are at Fathers feet and preparing the best. <3

    • Sandrajune says:

      May I encourage you ladies by telling you that the biblical Martha/Mary example is so much more and so much deeper than being too busy/distracted/distant to sit at his feet. The fullness of its meaning isn’t about that at all but rather about grace vs law. Martha was all about DOING in order to please Jesus. Mary was all about focusing in on HIM. Law or grace. Jesus says “There is only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it, and it will not be taken away from her.”(Luke 10:42) It’s grace. Stopping our busy working for God in order to accept His work.

  21. Patricia says:

    YES YES YES!!! I can *completely* understand where you’re coming from, being afraid… being completely afraid to CHOOSE to COME to God… to LET HIM IN… to enter into HIS presence, although He’s truly *always there* just WAITING for us to LET US IN!! What’s so awesome about our Lord is that He’s already CHOSEN us!! No matter what we’ve said or done each and every moment of every day… his mercy & grace is new every moment! How amazing His love is for us! But yes, even knowing this, I feel so undeserving most days and still am afraid to enter His presence. I’d rather do FOR Him (serve in other ways) than truly open my heart up and enter into His presence, as I know I *need* to and as I know He desires. THANK you for showing me this fear… and for reminding me that Jesus wants ME to CHOOSE HIM !

  22. Ladies, I am a little behind because of a little time off around here, but am working to catch up. Love all your comments. I can’t wait to catch up in my book.

  23. Renee D. says:

    Good afternoon, Ladies! I don’t see that my post went up so here I go again :-) I agree that I am afraid that I am not worthy at times and that maybe God has more people to help than just me and my “little old” problems. But I am realizing that God views us all with the same love and feel that He does care about every little detail in our lives. I need to be more of a Mary and sit at His feet to learn from Him daily. :-)

    • Sandrajune says:

      May I encourage you ladies by telling you that the biblical Martha/Mary example is so much more and so much deeper than being too busy/distracted/distant to sit at his feet. The fullness of its meaning isn’t about that at all but rather about grace vs law. Martha was all about DOING in order to please Jesus. Mary was all about focusing in on HIM. Law or grace. Jesus says “There is only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it, and it will not be taken away from her.”(Luke 10:42) It’s grace. Stopping our busy working for God in order to accept His work.

  24. Dawn Hyatt says:

    I would say that I am not as afraid as I used to be to go to God first. God makes you face it – no matter whether “it” is a good thing or a bad thing. Sometimes, that is a fearful thing to think about. But, as we all have learned to eliminate stress or at least to find ways to handle it better, going to God isn’t such a hard task or a task I think of last. I still get caught up in my schedule and think to myself, “what is off today, I just don’t feel right?” Then I remember I haven’t even said a Good Morning to our creator! I have to back up and start with Him! Even if it is a quick check in, God is first!

  25. Melissa I love you…Thank you for being real with us! I am so thankful for your video’s they bring the point across so much better at times. Sometimes I don’t sit at the feet of Jesus, because i am in a rush, I have overslept or i have not allowed enough time…But I try so hard to do so.
    He is my everything.

  26. TABITHA JONES says:

    I have truly enjoyed sitting here at my desk today reading all the comments. You ladies are wonderful. I have not got to listen to the video because I am at work and I do not have sound on this computer. When I get home I plan on listening to the video and come back and coment so more then.
    I do not have my quiet time like I would like and it is simply because I feel I need to sleep instead of getting up early. While reading everyone post I have been convicted of this and hope I can do bettere from here on out. Two years ago I had to get up at 3 am to go to work and now I don’t have to get up until 630 so it all amounts to being lazy and I have to do better.

  27. I have a fear of letting God have all of me. I am afraid of what He will ask me to do. I am afraid that He won’t ask me to do anything. I am afraid that if I give Him everything I will realize how little there actually is to give. It’s not easy but I am working through these fears with the help of studies like this one and am hoping one day soon to realize God wants me no matter what.

  28. Thank you for being honest and real! It’s so freeing to hear someone else say that being afraid of what God thinks of me is a hindrance in sitting at his feet. I need to remember that all other things pale in comparison to spending time with God and in His Word, even all the “good” things I am doing for Him. I will be ineffective in my serving if I am not being still with my Lord.

  29. Phyllis Nichols Gutierrez says:

    I think my fear of not being good enough for God or anyone else drives my “Martha” tendencies. That voice in my head keeps telling me that if it all looks perfect and I make sure everyone is happy and taken care of, my life will be good and no one will find out how insecure and scared I really am about so many things. I would really rather be more like “Mary” and sit and be still, but I know that I hide behind the busyness and often use it as a way to not deal with issues and also people.
    I know in my head that God loves me and I do not have to do all of this running around trying to be perfect, but those whispers of doubt can be so strong.
    Thank you for this study that has helped and is helping me deal with these tendencies. I am not there and I will always struggle, but I am beginning to see a difference. At least now, I am aware of the “crazy lady” that will rear her ugly head and make myself be quiet and refocus. Asking for continued prayers as I deal with this and other issues. Praying that I can continue to sit and be quiet with my Lord each day and keep this focus.

    • Sandrajune says:

      May I encourage you ladies by telling you that the biblical Martha/Mary example is so much more and so much deeper than being too busy/distracted/distant to sit at his feet. The fullness of its meaning isn’t about that at all but rather about grace vs law. Martha was all about DOING in order to please Jesus. Mary was all about focusing in on HIM. Law or grace. Jesus says “There is only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it, and it will not be taken away from her.”(Luke 10:42) It’s grace. Stopping our busy working for God in order to accept His work.

  30. I know this is not the day for prayer requests, but I really need all the prayers I can get right now. I had to leave my husband over the weekend. I had been praying for God to give me a sign. He gave me one last week that I could not ignore.

    This bible study actually led me to pray that prayer and to know God would answer. For that reason, I am asking all of you to help me pray that I will have the strength to continue to do what God has shown me needs to be done. I am doubting my decision all of the time, even though everyone, including two pastors, has told me what I am doing is the right thing. I just wish the pain would go away. I don’t want to hurt my husband, but what he did really hurt(s) me. It is so hard to take the emotion out of it.

    Does anyone have a good book that I could read? I need something to refer to when my mind and emotions are all mixed up. I have recently come back to the Lord and am not good at just referring to the Bible for scripture. I would prefer a book that a self/help with scriptures and/or a bible study.

  31. Lynda Parker says:

    I got behind. But, I didn’t stress about it! Because I simply kept going enough to “get the point!” I will absolutely consistently “sit at the feet of Jesus!” I know with all my heart there is no book or study that is going to take the place of reading and studying and absorbing His Word! His book is alive! It feeds my soul, heals my hurts, nourishes me, answers every need, guides me, comforts me. I could go on and on. I will continue reading “Stress Less Living” and hopefully finish it by the next study. Thank you to the Proverbs 31 leaders for guiding us to Him! Melissa, I love your excitement about the Lord! It’s absolutely contagious!

  32. Myrtle Cash says:

    I have always been a Martha now that I had to have a stent put in my heart I’m trying to be Mary.Never realized how much a Martha I was till I couldn’t do what I normally was use to doing. God I’m so sorry for not giving you more of my time,Thanks to this study for opening my eyes ! Now I can seat at your feet & ask Forgiveness .Thank you Jesus for loving me anyway. I give you all the Praise & Glory +++

  33. Melissa, I love the honesty you lay right on the table for us to see and hear. I love that you used the word, fib. And I, too, totally sometimes don’t spend time at the feet of Jesus because I’m just too ashamed of the gossip I just partook in (as if He isn’t already aware!), or I’m too worn out to make the time.

    The most ridiculous reason I have for not being more Mary-like is that I can’t always see past my own want for the deeper need I have. That need for God’s instant mercy and grace and love – just lavished on me. Instead, I focus on the “thing”, whatever that is in the moment, that I am trying to accomplish – or attain.

    I’m so ever-loving grateful that God sees me, whether I spend time with Him or not, and that He loves me anyway. THAT, gives me great peace -when I stop long enough to think on it. Knowing THAT about our Prince of Peace allows my heart to feel stressed-less. Thank you, Lord!

  34. Sometimes when I am just so depressed or anxious I am afraid it will make it worse to lay it all at the feet of Jesus. It is easier to distract myself and not go to him than to go to him and say here is what is going on. When I feel my dreams or the things I have worked so hard for are never going to come to fruition I just want to accept it and distract myself instead of talking to my Jesus about it. And that is as honest as I know how to be. Sometimes to survive I just have to keep going. If I stop I am afraid I won’t be able to go again. I hope this makes sense.

  35. Tiffany says:

    Thanks Melissa for the video & being honest. I also struggle with being afraid as well. Not only what he thinks of me, like you mentioned, but also because there are times I know I’ve messed up or I’ve failed him or I’m going through something & instead of taking it to him to deal with it, I hold it in & bottle it up sometimes. Sometimes it’s hard for me to be open & honest with someone who isn’t “physically” there. If that makes sense. I guess it scares me because he knows my heart better than I do.
    I also do have a tendency to be more like Martha & I really want to be more like Mary.

  36. I’m afraid God doesn’t love me. So it doesn’t matter wether I spemd time with himor npt. I just wish I could know that he is there amd that he does love me

  37. Nancy Dye says:

    I think that one thing that this OBS has taught me is that God WANTS to hear from us. I know a few people who don’t want to “bother” God with their problems because they are blessed in so many ways. Tracie’s book and the OBS have taught me that God truly wants us to come to Him with everything. It will be more natural for me to do so now.

  38. I feel like I am definitely leaning toward Martha tendencies lately-evidenced by my lack of commenting on the blog! Busy busy busy! I keep going back to the quote Tracie shared in an earlier chapter about how if the devil can’t make us immoral, he’ll just make us busy. So true! Things can seem good in and of themselves and sometimes they are, but when we have too much going on something has to give, and our priorities shift. What should be at the bottom of the list is suddenly consuming our attention.

    Thanks for sharing your heart with us Melissa-you are a blessing!

  39. What a great video! I get discouraged and frustrated and then can hardly pray without just saying random versus and asking for help. It reminds me of our last week’s verse, Romans 8:26. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans. I feel like I don’t know what to pray because I’m trying to decide if God is trying to tell me something. I keep praying for guidance, peace, strength and perseverance.

  40. Mercy Jonathan says:

    Hi Melissa,
    I’m really blessed to hearing this message. I feel I’m like Martha and always busy, yet i love to spend time with God and am really grateful to you for this message. God bless you always. It’s wonderful to be in touch with such anointed people of God.

  41. Lee Roberts says:

    This bible study has really impacted me. I have learned so much that has helped me change things about me. I have gotten so much closer to God through this study. I realize that business has been a problem in the past and I would usually not get to bible study because I was too busy doing anything else. I could always relate to Martha. But I have started a change in myself lately and If you asked me today which one I would be I would say that I lean more towards Mary today. I pray that everyday I want to be more like Mary and sit at Jesus feet. Lord help me not to let business get in the way of my quiet time with you.

  42. Lately I’ve felt so parched and have been desperately seeking God to refresh me. This past weekend I attended an “Inspire your Ministry” conference and although I would have LOVED a HUGE burst of refreshment I felt less weary. Today I was vacuuming and a Mary vs Martha heart really spoke to me. I am working on my heart not feeling like I’m not getting my work done if I just sit and refresh myself enjoying some of the creation God has given to me. Gardening, music, spending time in His word. I want my life to be more than a big “to do” list – I don’t care WHAT I think others might need… maybe it’s just ME wanting to be needed by them. yikes.. Great study!

  43. I am tyring harder …I do read from the bible daily, but really taking it in is sometimes difficult for me. I need to be able to discern what it all means to me. I really don’t get how much God loves me! I pray daily that he will reveal himeself to me in some way, and I have been amazed at how he has ! I just started your study so I thank you for your time and love for the Word!

  44. I can admit that I am Martha entirely. I don’t take the time for all that I need for me; especially when it comes to my quiet time with Jesus. I have struggled with this for a long while and partly is exactly what you said, Melissa, I AM AFRAID… I am afraid to let myself be that vulnerable for many fears – one is that I may not be able to pull it all together again.. It is a daily struggle to keep up with the busyness in life and I know that He does not expect me to; it is ME that has my expectations set so high that I leave no room for Him.. It is a huge area in my life that I need to desperately work on.. Let. It. Go. and completely trust in the Lord each and every day. Stress-Less through true faith and surrendering.
    I am stumbling on this walk, but I am comforted by the fact that I know He is still by my side (even when I don’t acknowledge His presence) and I am able to move forward by His strength, not my own.

  45. Great thinking point from the video…am I afraid? I hadn’t thought of my fear being the reason for not taking the time to pray or study God’s word. God is opening so many avenues for me to seek Him for perspective and direction. I am a Sanquin personality-carefree and don’t always take the time to analyze why I do or don’t act a certain way. But, God is challenging me to ‘tune-in’ so I can be more purposeful in my relationship with Him.

  46. Fear is such a powerful tool satan uses and so often we are not even aware of how deceptively he is at work undermining our confidence and therefore our effectiveness for Christ. Satan is so sneaky and deceptive. Look at Eve who was living in paradise in the garden. How could she have wanted for anything and satan was able to deceive and damage her relationship with the Most High! If Eve could be distracted when she had it all, how much more easily are we to distract with all of the busyness and failures in our lives.
    Today I vow to be on guard against satan’s attacks and become more armed with HIS word and a dangerous adversary for satan’s sneaky schemes!
    Get thee behind me you dirty rotten scoundrel! I am a child of the KING!
    Hallelujah and Praise His name!!

  47. If you would have asked me this question few months back I would have say I’m more like Martha, putting anything before God. Always wanting MY things done FIRST…..what a shame!!! But by God’s grace I ran into this site. Which it been a true blessing in my life.

    I have set my priority first, which I see its a miracle; waking up early ain’t easy…God gives me the strength I need… there is days I do struggle but I am working on it.I want more of Him in my life not more of meeee…

  48. I haven’t thought that fear has kept me from God, but dealing with physical pain and side efforts of medication I take daily. My fear has been in loosing my husband to his fight of smoldering Multiple Myeloma or recurring of Colon Cancer. In the last 13 years of this fight I have seen God move mightily in drawing Rick closer to Him, but I in my natural eye have not seen Rick accept Jesus. So my fear is after all we have been through I wont see Rick in heaven. With my brother passing away to a rare cancer after a 4 year battle exactly 4 years ago this month, I just realized God if You take Rick what am I going to do?

    I have several physical ailments that God is healing me of but still one that can keep me from working. So when my husband buys multiple items to fill his hole that Jesus should fill, I get mad! He says it’s an investment for our future and retirement. We only have his social security to live on and have gotten down to basics, 1 vechile, pay as you go phones, cable with all this as that is his love, mine is books and God’s Word I love to it. My husband COLLECTS and has for our 30 years together, he does NOT sale, his organized hording collection.

    I fear when he dies I have to deal with ALL his stuff! And it makes me angry, overwhelmed, fearful, resentful, and quilty of having all these thoughts and feelings when I should be enjoying my time with him and God.

    We married with his 3 kids, my daughter and then our daughter and NOW is our time together to enjoy our free time in life. Especially since I cared for 2 grandsons since birth while parents worked until December 2011 then March 2012 our daughters family shot at and moved in from MN with us. They rented a house in town we helped with that grandson and they moved this month south of us 2 1/2 hours and we now have no children living close by. So I should be focusing on US we’ve alawys dreamed of being.

    Ok I just saw this video and God did amazing break through this past weekend. I didn’t realize it was fear of his death was that deeply imbedded in me. So God I lay my husband at Your feet, while I sit at Your feet and listen, apply, love, and enjoy Your presence each day in my life. It is TIME for me to REALLY place YOU first in my life. In Jesus Name. Amen.

    What a freeing question indeed. Thank you!

  49. Charolette Ragsdale says:

    Great video! I also love the pinterest pic this week. I have learned as I get older that my daily struggles are easier to deal with knowing I have laid them at Jesus feet. I admit I am afraid sometimes awaiting God’s answer. God does not always answer our prayers per our request, but we can be rest assured he answers them according to His plan for our life. We are blessed with our life because of him and for him. This is all about him, not us. Praise the Lord!

  50. Linda Luckeroth says:

    I just loved this study. When reading this book I always felt like Tracie wrote this for me. It was like she understood everything I was going through. I have learned a great deal by trying to slow down and spend time with God everyday and going to HIm first instead of family and friends. Thank you Melissa for your videos and encouraging blog and thank you Tracie for writing this book.