Jun 25

SLL Week 12, Day 2~ Are you Afraid?

SLL Ch 12 Verse Graphic

Martha was busy. Mary sat at the feet of Jesus.

Sometimes it’s not busyness at all that keeps me from sitting at the feet of Jesus.

Sometimes I’m afraid. Let me explain…

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One More Thing

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  1. TABITHA JONES says:

    I just got a chance to watch the video and it was an eye opener for me. I went through and read comments yesterday and I couldnt get it out of my mind all night last night. I am afraid of what God really wants from me. I do spend time with God but not as much as I really should. Since starting these OBS i have put most of my extra time into spending with God and it has really changed my life. Yes God ask things from me but I am learning that he never ask anything of me that I could not do. It may be something out of my comfort zone but he lets me know he is right there with me and will get me through it.

  2. Love your video Melissa. It brings it all to a full circle yes. Sometimes I am consumed with busyness but other times it’s true what doesGod think of me and all the mistakes I have made and realizing He loves me no matter what. Is the best I can see that His Love will always be there and He does want me to be at His Feet..

  3. ConnieH says:

    Love your video Melissa. Thanks for being so real and even using the video where your phone kept slipping. It’s so great that you guys at Proverbs31 are so, well, real. You make me feel like it’s ok that I don’t always get it right. But I keep trying, and that is what God likes to see – that we keep trying, we keep coming back around, trying to improve, seeking his wisdom. Thanks for making this a safe place for us to gather.

  4. Carolyn says:

    I would say, “Yes, at times I am afraid to come to God”. Partly because of the reasons you shared, Melissa, but mostly because I am afraid of what God may ask of me. Will He test my faith by asking for one of my children? Will He allow circumstances that would cause us to lose our home? I know that God is loving, beyond my comprehension, and will only do what is truly best for me, but sometimes I am fearful of what that may be. I suspect satan uses our fears to His advantage (and even plants the seed of many fears?) but I’m so thankful for this Bible Study and this ministry, for empowering us to seek and claim our rightful peace as beloved children of the living God.

  5. Hey Melissa. thanks for sharing your fears. I can so relate. In all the weeks prior to this one I was able to keep up with the study, but this week I am behind a little (hoping to catch up tonight). but you said exactly what I was thinking. This study is coming to an end and I’m afraid. Afraid that I have not learned all that I need to keep the stress under control in my life. Afraid that I will once again turn into the super-crazed work focused woman. I am praying more and spending more time at his feet. But I would have to admit too that there are times when I am not busy and still don’t choose to be at the feet of Jesus. Looking back I can see times when I have invented work to do just so I don’t have to spend quiet time with God. How sad is that!! I know that God sees & hears all I do, but to open my heart up to what he is saying when I know that I have been wrong is really hard. I appreciate yours and the other leaders honesty and openness through this study. I has helped me realize that I am not alone in my struggles. God bless!

  6. Sue Cadieux says:

    I summarized this for me to keep in my thought as a reminder!! POWERFUL!!
    “We cannot do this thing called life on our own, and God never intended for us to in the first place….we must never forget to make Jesus the most important part of each each day…He doesn’t expect us to stay in perfect step with Him, but He calls us to do our best to mirror his footsteps and walk in His ways…He does not expect us to walk without stumbling, but he does want us to always look for Him for help when we fall.”

  7. Sue Cadieux says:

    Chapter 12 Reflections:
    “We live in a world where we are expected to be all things to all people, juggling careers and families and daily pressure and crisis, while keeping stress and anxiety at bay and maintaining the facade that we have it all together.”

    How many times have you been asked, “How are you?” and you respond, “fine” when you are not fine at all! We don’t want to let people know we are struggling…we have to be strong! WHY? Why do we do this?? We should be honest to our friends and family…why do we need to maintain that all is well? A sign of weakness? I don’t think so.

  8. Sue Cadieux says:

    Reflections Part 2
    “We have been trained to believe we must keep going and going without ever taking time to slow down, acknowledge our own needs, or worry about our stress level or our health. As a result, we have come to believe that we have no choice but to succumb to a life of chaos, even if it means living a life void of any peace or joy”

    Up until a few months ago, I believed this with my whole heart. I realize now that God wants so much more for us ladies…He never intended for us to live this type of life. We must BE STILL and KNOW that HE is GOD! We all need to somehow find the time to slow down. I am still learning how to do this…and have to keep relying on God to help me figure this out!!

  9. Jada Smith says:

    Still working on this but it’s becoming more important to me the older I get. I keep finding myself busy and have to re-check my schedule. It’s an on-going battle. Great video! :)

  10. Jennifer says:

    Am I afraid to sit with Jesus? Yes. I am coming out of a season of great pain, and don’t know where to start when I sit down. I haven’t attend church regularly in over a year, before about three weeks ago. Without going into great detail, I stopped going. Last year was not a great year, at all. When I should have been in church, I couldn’t bring myself to go. I was dealing with depression, and if you have ever suffered from that, you know what it can do to you.

    I’m not proud of that. But, I know now (by first hand experience), that God didn’t leave me there in my misery. I always believed He would see me through. I didn’t lose my faith, I just lost my will to care. I had heard about God bring people through some dark times, and I believed and had faith in Him. NOW, I was going through very terrible times, and He was with me.

    Now, as I am coming out of those dark times, I have found a great church, and starting to repair my relationship with Jesus. But, I’m still afraid of quiet time with Him. I find it hard to focus on our time together. I don’t know where to start reading in the bible. Sometimes, I will read two or three chapters from the bible, and sometimes it is just one verse. It is not a lot, but for me, in this moment, it is a start.

    I don’t know what God has planned for me after coming out of the suffering and trials, but I do believe He will use those to glorify Him. The thought has crossed my mind, I wonder if He will use that to help someone else. I don’t know, but I sure am looking forward to seeing what His plans are.

  11. Kim Ramsburg says:

    I’m so excited to try this Bible study!! Sounds wonderful. I’m active in our local YoungLives ministry, and hoping this is just what I need to help ‘fuel my fire for The Lord!’

  12. Mindy corradi says:

    I’m afraid so afraid! I want god to speak to me just tell me what I should do! He has planted an amazing opportunity at my feet. Yet there are consequences for seizing this opportunity and truly trusting god. One major factor could be splitting up my family…what if I am wrong and things don’t turn out ok in the end? Do I trust god to be content with my current life or do I seize this opportunity and trust that this is gods wills and things will turn out ok in the end? I literally only have hours to make the choice and it is keeping me from sleeping. I have read my bible and just prayed and prayed…still I feel as though I have no answer….

    • Mindy I pray you make the right decision, I was there 6 years ago, for me the change actually brought my family closer together because my hours were more regular and no more weekends and holidays. Just remember even if your wrong and it doesn’t work out, there will be another door open, I am not saying its easy. What it came down to for me was letting go of MY pride and doing what was right for my family(and me), and I ended up with a nice “reward”-I started going back to school for my degree! May God’s blessings abound in your life and your family as you make your choice.

  13. Thank you for sharing, Melissa. I don’t mind the idea of God knowing everything about me. I like the song 139 by Gateway Worship, especially the part where she sings “I open up my heart, please search me through. Does anything displease you? Lead me in the way of your cross.” God loves us like we love our children. I know all the bad things my children do, and they have selfish, uncaring thoughts. But I love them, and I desire to help them to overcome these things. God is that way towards us. I long to be in His presence.

  14. Debby Yarbrough says:

    I am excited as well for the new bible study, What Happens When Women Say Yes to God by Lysa TerKeurst. This will be my first online bible study! Thanks to all that make this happen. You are truely a blessing!!!!

  15. Melissa Chambers says:

    I am terrified of what God is calling me to do…write my mess of a life before I was born again and He delivered me from all my stuff and the then the times when I made bad choices since being born again – one sin even so “bad” my first home church asked me to leave because I was in a relationship that was unacceptable. God wants all of that mess into a message He has given me to share! I have a dear sister in Christ who keeps me accountable to journal but I have failed the past couple weeks and I have NEVER once read the blog hops, scared that when I see all the blogs I will feel even more like I can’t measure up or compare or do what God wants me to do. Wow, I haven’t admitted that to anyone else, thank you Melissa for sharing your fear, it helped me confess mine!

  16. Donna B says:

    I have sooooo enjoyed and soooooo needed this study. I was letting life get the best of me! This study reminded me that any relationship worth having takes dedication and TIME! I have been reminded that sometimes you have to MAKE time, so that’s what I’m doing now!

  17. I love spending time with God so much that I take ever advantage of Silence and Solitude events at our church — where we go and spend 4 hours in silence and solitude with God — I now do the same thing in my home — I’m working on complete silence and solitude for an hour a day (no distractions, no phones, computer, no talking) complete fasting from noise — I love it!

  18. Since doing this OBS I have really been challenged to spend time with God first thing when I wake up. For years I have spent time with God before going to sleep but I have added in a more faithful morning time. With three little girls – I find that I need to sit up in bed when I awake and read my bible and pray before I leave my room. Once I get moving on my day – I don’t take the time and I don’t have the quietness. Thank you for this video Melissa and the reminder that God is always with us and waiting for us to spend time with Him.