Jun 27

SLL Week 12, Day 4 ~ Stressed-Less Living Blog Hop!

This is our LAST Blog Hop for the Stressed-Less Living Online Bible Study! We have LOVED getting to read how God has impacted your life through this book. We hope you’ll join us for our next round of Blog Hops when we begin our next study. You can sign up to the right.

1.  One Thing. “Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things, but few things are needed—or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.” Luke 10:41-42 Even if you do not have a Blog, we invite you to map this verse and see what God shares with you!

2.  Priority Shift. Life a bit “too busy” for quiet time with Jesus? We’ve all been there. How do you keep Christ a priority in your daily life? What encouragement can you share with others who are struggling?

3.  #StressedLess. What is the biggest, most life-changing lesson you have learned from Tracie’s book and this online study? Why would you recommend this book to your friends and family?

4.  #Blessed. Alright ladies, this is your last chance to share your #Blessed list with us. We hope that even though this study is over, you will continue searching for His blessings each day.

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Yours in Christ,

Heather Bleier

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  1. I marvel at the timing of this bible study and wonder how I would have reacted to the circumstances I went through during this twelve weeks without the lessons I learned. Let’s see, my husband losing his job, my son losing his job ( employed now, praise god), I received a promotion that caused some hurt feelings in the office, had an irregular EKG during my annual physical, which was disappointing because I felt so good after dropping some weight and adapting healthy eating habits. I’m sure something is always coming up for all of us, but I was just glad to have stress busting scriptures and my fingertips to calm me. I’ve also discovered I need to grow in my faith. This was my first bible study with Proverbs 31, and I’m looking forward to many more! Thanks to all the facilitators and Proverbs 31 for the wonderful work you do!

    • Katrina Wylie says:

      Sounds like He did put you in the right place just at the right time. His timing is always so perfect. Good for you for discovering your need to grow your faith and for turning to God’s Word in your times of struggle. That’s half the battle. Praying you will continue to do so as you continue to grow in your faith through future P31 studies.

  2. Sometimes when I find quiet time is just not happening for me, I “take God along” with me. In other words when I am driving, walking, sitting, doing dishes, etc. I talk to Him and I know He is listening. It’s comforting and gives me peace that I know and He knows I have not forgotten how important He is in my life. It also helps me realign my thoughts and become “still” and know that he is God. It’s easy to get hung up when there is so much going on around us, but tune it out for 30 to 60 seconds and talk to God and see what happens. Even if its a “thank you Jesus” or “I love you lord” or “change ME God”…

    • Sandy Reeb says:

      Thank you for sharing that Wendy :)) I read a book many years ago that helped me put into practice what you are talking about (the book is “Practicing the Presence of God.”) I also like to sing hymns, praise songs to myself (in my head if I’m in public and out loud if I’m alone 😉 It’s amazing how a little 1 minute “chat” with God or song of worship can totally change your perspective!

    • Katrina Wylie says:

      “take God along.” I love that; thanks for sharing!

  3. Diane W. says:

    Love Blog Hop Thursdays!!!!

  4. God is so good and full of mercies. I am thankful for this Bible study and the scriptures I have learned along the way to keep me focused on Truth. As I was praying this morning, I realized I can get so wrapped up in selfishness and not even realize it! God is showing me how much stress selfishness alone can cause. We have our AC unit replaced and two cars break down just this week- I found myself feeling sorry for our circumstances financially & while praying God revealed to me my selfish attitude at being inconvenienced for a few days. At that point I made an effort to just praise Him for how he has provided. How many people in our world don’t have roof over their heads, 3 meals a day, or transportation? I am complaining about “1st world problems”! How completely selfish. After thinking God for His many blessing I was failing to recognize at first, I felt a rush of peace flowing threw my mind and heart.

    • Katrina Wylie says:

      Sheri, you make a very good point about selfishness creating stress. So true! He is working on this in me as well. Thanks for sharing how he turned your circumstances to praise. That’s awesome!

  5. This study has taught me so much. I am still a work in progress, but I am learning that God will walk with me even on those most difficult days, that I have to remember to seek Him first. I haven’t done the Blog hop, but I am going to work on setting one up so I can participate in the next study. I have learned so much from reading those blogs. Sometimes in the chaos of life, we feel so alone, so we can be assured we always have God by our side and through these studies we learn that there are so many others facing difficulties as well, and it teaches us to pray for them, to reach out and give back to others with the lessons we have learned. Thank you to all who have participated and commented, it is has Ben a blessing in my life!

    • Katrina Wylie says:

      Becky, so glad you’ve decided to start a blog for the next study! You’re right, these studies, and blogging as well, are both great at demonstrating to each other that we are not alone, God is with us, and so are other woman. All things the enemy doesn’t want us to realize. I will be praying for the beginnings of your new blog :)

  6. Melissa D says:

    Praising the Lord for His marvelous blessings! During this study, I’ve had a healthy baby boy and last night my firstborn accepted Jesus as his Savior!!! Feeling very blessed today :)

    • Katrina Wylie says:

      Congratulations Melissa on your baby boy and your older child accepting Christ as well. Awesome praises! PTL!

    • Sondra R says:

      WOW! GOD REIGNS!!! And HIS SON SHINES!!! A blessing for us to share. Thank you.

    • Christa H. (OBS leader) says:

      Two “birth days” during the study! Congratulations!

  7. I am really hoping that I get a chance during my day to sit down and read some of these wonderful blog posts. I really enjoy them, and thank you to everyone who puts it out there for us to be inspired and encouraged. May you be blessed!

  8. Teresa T says:

    I usually don’t read the blogs – just don’t have the time – but for whatever reason I stopped by and read the one by Jamie Whitaker. It really spoke to me since I have been feeling really weighed down. Thanks for sharing all these blogs.

  9. Nancy Dye says:

    This morning I felt very stressed because I asked my husband to help me with a couple things yesterday and they went ignored. What did I do rather than get frustrated? Talked to God about it while I got ready for work this morning. The enemy was hard at work to keep me miserable but God prevailed. Fighting the frustration is a test but knowing that God WANTS to handle my stress is something that OBS has taught me! I’m very grateful for connecting to the Proverbs 31 Ministries.

  10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Thursdays, because I get to get up and read all these blogs!!! I cannot wait till the next OBS for many reasons, but especially for blog hop day! I love reading how other women take the same topic and see it differently, and help me to learn about God and my own life through their experiences. Such a blessing!

  11. These blogs are wonderful! I love reading the great thoughts that women have on the book and the weekly topics! I am trying to “choose what is better” and be more like Mary.

  12. I love how God knew exactly what I needed and when I needed it. He knew I would struggle with some things so he paved the way for me to be apart of this OBS. When all of the crazy things happened to me I was able to ask for prayer from the wonderful ladies of this group. This study has been such a blessing on myself and my daughter. I believe I would have handled things differently had I not been doing this study. Thank you for all who are involved in the study you have all been AMAZING!

  13. Christa H. (OBS leader) says:

    Julie, not only is God’s timing perfect, but his placement of people in our lives is perfect too. When you need support and encouragement, He will put the people you need in your life. If you look around and no one is there, it’s because He wants you to turn only to Him. I’m glad He put us here to walk through this time with you! We’ve been blessed by your faithfulness to turn to him in crazy times and not let it throw you down the wrong path. Keep hanging in there!

  14. Sherri Jackson says:

    Priority shift is a main issue for me and I definitely need to work on putting God in the forefront and all the busyness behind me. This has been a great study and eye opening!!

  15. I’m going to miss reading the blogs in the Blog Hop for this next month. I’m hoping I’ll have a blog to participate for the next study.

  16. God’s timing of this Bible study has been so wonderful. He has not changed my circumstances but, had it not been for Proverbs 31 Ministry, this study and Tracie’s book, I surely would have felt that the ‘waters were overflowing me’. Heavenly Father, thank you for your guidance to this ministry.

  17. I read several blogs today & will read more later on. I loved #3 Pat’s Priority Shift picture of a “To Do” list showing the actual shift! Neat. And #4 Jenny had a great idea of a Bibledex (roladex with Bible scriptures & encouraging words). What a great idea! Very similar to the “Blessings Box” Tracie described. I live this… Great reminder that when you need to call someone for help… You’ve got Gids direct line in your Bibledex! Great gift ideas. Similar idea- a friend of mine was teaching the lesson “filling your cup” or filling your spirit. When you are drained you have to go to God and “fill up” with the living waters. She gave us each a cup with scriptures on slips of paper in the cup. You could do this & put them in a cute Tervis tumbler and give to a friend to “quench her thirst”. I’m going to do this for my small group! But I want to do all 3, LOL!

  18. Marla Sjaardema says:

    This book Stressed-Less Living has been eye opening and I don’t feel alone. I thought I was the only one going thru all the stress and down on myself. But I realize now, that God is there and always has been. I just need to stop and say God I need you for me. Please walk beside me and hold my hand, pick me up when I fall. Carry me when I am weary. I need to stop what I am doing by myself and let God in.
    It’s me
    It’s me Oh Lord
    I am standing in the need of prayer!
    Not my mother, father, sister, or brother
    But it’s me Oh Lord
    I am standing in the need of prayer!

    I need to stop and make time with God, life will be so much better with a friend like Jesus, when I stop!! And let God walk with me. I do know I will have time that I will try to do it by myself! But with Proverbs 31 Ministries devotions I have hope.
    My son-in-law wants to read Stressed-Less Living when I am done with it. My daughter shared that with me the other day. That is really God working. I didn’t know that he was watching me read the book or that he had picked it up and glance at it. Cool! God be praised!

  19. Love these blogs as so many of them speak to thoughts I have had as well!!

  20. I have gleaned so much from this book but the thing that stands out to me the most is the verse from Jeremiah 29:11 : For I know the thoughts I think towards you,says The Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil,to give you a future and a hope. This verse just seemed to kick this study off for me and set my heart in a new found hope!!! I so needed hope! And although I still have stuff that I am dealing with that is tough I hold to this verse as well as many others. My prayer life has improved and I have a whole new perspective that is obvious to my family. It is awesome. Thank you Proverbs 31 ministries and all of you leaders and women who have been a part of this and prayed for me and others. God is truly good ! Liz

  21. Tracy Law says:

    God is truly amazing! I am so thankful for His love, grace and mercy beyond belief. I have gained principles I have been able to use since day one of this study and even today ending this study as exciting as it started. We started this study with a car crashing into our home and ending this study today with that part of our home repaired by my husband. God has given him the strength each day to not only repair our home but the add to the front yard and turned our house into a beautiful home. His test results are not in yet about his multiple myeloma but we can see God is keeping it smoldering as Rick has had amazing strength, when before he could only work 3 hours of strength. I praise you God!

    Today I found out some people are adding a multi site of our church into the next town. This is wonderful news and at the same time sad news, as my co-leader in 3 ministries lives in that town and with her wonderful leadership skills she will be going to that church. My first thought is “God no! I just got to feeling great on this new medication and less stressful mind set and now I have to do it alone?” I could of gone into my eating binge then into quilt but not this time. God is with me! God will bring woman along side of me to partner to do His Work! I am excited and looking forward to what God has ahead for me and my dear friend.

    I’m excited to see what our next study brings into my life and into our wonderful Group 04 women’s life! Go God, You are mighty and I lift my whole heart to You and I am truly blessed. Thank you Proverbs 31 Ministries and I can’t wait to get my book and a new journal to see what God brings into my life. A true new season of life!

  22. How can I expect to be blessed and why do I expect to be blessed when I don’t make time to communicate with God? He is my everything and I find by sitting at His feet, I can go through my day knowing I am obeying Him. I am showing Him my love and trying to be who Jesus wishes me to be. I pray more often during the day and I trust Him more. I find it frustrating that I put my eternal future in His hands but find it very hard to trust Him with life’s everyday situations. AM I missing the point? I pray for spiritual enlightenment in this area of my life. On another note, my twelve year old granddaughter has a cyst on her ovary and it is huge. She has been on morphine for pain. Please keep her in your prayers. Her name is Alexis and her mom is Serenity. Thank you. I’ll keep you posted. Will we still have access to our people in the group after OBS ends?

  23. By the way, two lost items I asked prayer for have been found! They were lost a few days apart and found a week apart. Ladies, our God has a sense of humor. He is so awesome.

  24. So very glad I signed up for this study and got to participate with some amazing ladies! This book, this study and these amazing blog posts have truly blessed me and helped me continue my spiritual growth and closer relationship with God. I am really looking forward to seeing how much more I can learn and achieve in our next study together!! Thank you so much P31 OBS ladies!!!

  25. Lucretia s says:

    This study had been wonderful! I have learned so much and have already taken steps to decrease the stress in my life. Thank you do much for this wonderful opportunity!

  26. I have been away from my computer for the last 48 hours, so I missed this last Blog Hop – but am SO looking forward to going back and reading what others shared here. This study has been such a gift in the midst of life circumstances that would have been a license to be a Ball Of Stress in the past. I’m so grateful for this community of women attempting to know their Prince of Peace better and walk with Him closer.