Jun 29

SLL Week 12 ~ Praises & Prayer Requests

Isaiah 41:10

I admit, when I began this journey, I wasn’t really sure I needed to be studying how to have less stress in my life.  I didn’t feel stressed.  But over the last 12 weeks, thanks to the Tracie Miles, the Online Bible Studies leaders, and especially the Holy Spirit, I have recognized that I have been missing out on a peace that only God can give.  My spirit was stressed because I wasn’t living the “number one key to the stressed-less life”.  I wasn’t keeping my heart in step with Jesus, and, truly, that is the answer to everything isn’t it?

The good news is that Jesus is with us–even when we aren’t paying attention.  That means that at any given time we can stop and refocus on Him.  Sometimes I have to do that frequently throughout the day.  I am thankful that He has surrounded me with friends that remind me to do this.  Sometimes it is through their actions; sometimes it is because of a wise word; others it is just because they were close.  Many of those friends have become friends because of these Bible studies.

Ladies, just because this study is coming to an end, don’t let go of the things you have gained from it.  Keep those Bible verses fresh in your mind–you can find many of them on our Pinterest page.  Stay in God’s word–it really is our only lifeline; not only to peace, but to a life of meaning.  I think my biggest take away from this study is “if the devil can’t hinder our relationship with God by making us immoral, he’ll simply make us to busy”.  Don’t be too busy to spend time with Him.  Don’t be too busy to see the beauty He has surrounded you with.  Don’t be too busy to cultivate the relationships He has blessed you with.  And don’t be to busy to share Him with others.

This isn’t goodbye, just a “see you soon”.  We will all be back for our next study, What Happens When Women Say Yes to God, beginning July 28th, and we hope you will be too!

Until then,
Ginny Blankenship

Would you like someone to pray with you?  Share your prayer in the comments section and a member of the Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies with Melissa Taylor team will lift you up in prayer.  We love to rejoice with you, as well, so feel free to share praises with us too!



  1. Linda G says:

    Well, mom is out of the woods for now and miraculously will be returning to her home from the hospital on Monday. I do want to thank all of you for your prayers.
    I now find myself praying for both mom and my brother as I hope all turns out well for them. Adult services is going into the home to make sure mom is safe to return to her home and to help my brother (who has been caring for her the best he can) with his troubles as he is suffering himself with issues of leaving the home and caring for his personal hygiene and medical/mental health. I pray very hard that the two of them can stay together and help each other and that this phone call to the adult services does not cause either of them any grief. I place this in Your hands God and ask You to do as You see fit in this situation. Thank you God for giving me to courage to step up and help them both. My mom’s health is failing but You God helped her get through once again. Thank you. In Jesus Name, Amen

    • Linda, praise God for returning your mother to her home. God, please keep Linda in your perfect peace as you work out the rest of these arrangements. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

    • Barbara Prince says:

      Father, I ask that you keep Linda in your peace. Father may she continue to trust in your love for her as well as her brother and mother. Father, I ask that you bring wisdom to those assisting this family. I ask that you keep Linda’s mom safe in her home. In Jesus name, amen.

  2. Janet F says:

    A prayer request for my great niece, Destiny Hill, 19 yr. old (20th birthday COMING up on Sunday, June 30th) & she was in a car accident on her way to summer classes in college in Columbia, Mo, Friday, 6/28 & she is in I.C.U. & on a respirator! My niece, her mother, Tammy called crying & asked for prayer & for us to circulate a prayer chain request for prayer from our friends & family! My niece, Tammy (43 yrs. old) is the oldest daughter of my x husband’s brother, who died tragically in a train accident on July 3, 1986 (27 yrs. ago) & so Tammy was raised without a father since age 16 & unfortunately Destiny’s father & Tammy divorced, so, Destiny’s father isn’t ‘in the picture’… & Tammy’s basically raised Destiny alone as a single parent… so, to have a tragedy like this is just extra horrible… SO, PLEASE pray for our family & especially Destiny – a bright, intelligent engineering student that just finished a really tough sophomore yr. of university studies & was going to summer school to finish her minor in Spanish…

    • Janet,

      I just prayed for Destiny, I will keep your family in my prayers.

    • Dear God, please place your healing hands on Destiny at this time. Heal her body, place your love in the hearts and souls of her caregivers. May they all take the time in their day to pray for her and provide the best care possible. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

    • Janet, I am so sorry. Praying for Destiny, your niece, Tammy, and the family.
      Beth (OBS Leader)

    • Janet, my heart truly goes out to you. I, myself, had a very similar accident very close to her age and I am here today, praise God. I want to say a little prayer for you now. Dear Heavenly Father, oh you are SO incredibly GOOD and amazing. I come to You in the name of Jesus, our Savior, on behalf of Destiny and her whole family and all involved. Father, please engulf Destiny and her family with the Holy Spirit. I ask for comfort for this family during this very crucial time and for You to cover the hospital staff (all involved), work through them to save and heal Destiny. Father, we know You are the God of miracles and I pray for a miracle for this family. I pray for them to know YOU are with them during this very trying time. It is in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen. Stand strong Janet!

    • TABITHA JONES says:

      Dear God please put your healing touch upon Destiny. Please wrap this family in your sweet arms and carry them through this time. Hugs and prayers to you all.

    • Marie (Ree) says:

      I’m lifting up Destiny along with you this morning and asking for healing and her full recovery. I’m resting in His peace knowing that healing from trauma takes time…God’s timing. I’m praying for her Doctors and Nurses and all the care givers in ICU, that His healing power will flow through her with every touch. I’m praising with you this morning knowing that Destiny has so many prayer warriors on her side through this OBS and the outreach beyond. I’m thanking our Lord too for the adversity in all of our lives because it brings us closer to Him.
      In Christ

    • Janet, I lifted up Tammy and Destiny in prayer just now.

    • This update is from my sister-in-law I got today
      Greetings to one & All,
      Please pardon the informality of a group e-mail, but it’s the fastest way I can think of to get more prayers going for my oldest niece’s oldest daughter, a 19 yr. old great Niece, Destiny Hill, who was in a car accident yesterday about 11:35 a.m. in or near Columbia, MO & she was rear-ended & her car was totaled & she is in serious condition & was flown by helicopter to University of Missouri hospital & clinics. She is in the Surgical I.C.U. with a S.C.I. (Spinal cord injury) and with severe T.B.I. (Traumatic brain injury) & is in critical condition & is on life support (a ventilator). They have done an M.R.I. & apparently did surgery last night to fuse the cervical vertebrae C5-6-7 to stabilize the movement. They are going to do a C.T. scan of her brain & neck today, Sat., 6/29 & labs of blood & urine. They are apparently giving her a solution that is causing dehydration & they are watching for hyper tonic changes (brain changes)… I am not a medical person, so I may have not said these things correctly if any of you have medical training – so pardon any misunderstanding on my part…but you’re probably getting the jist of it.
      My niece, Tammy, her Mom is with her & my nephews, Adam & Ron (Tammy’s brothers & Destiny’s uncles have come from other parts of Missouri & Illinois to be with them & I understand that they) are there with them today.
      So, please pray about this situation & pray as the Holy Spirit leads & guides & directs…

      • Thank you so much OBS women for praying for my great niece and her family!! God bless you all!!

      • Janet,

        It is an honor and a privilege to pray for Destiny and her mom, Tammy.

        Lord, we lift up this young woman to your care. Father God, we ask that You would bring immediate healing if at all possible. We pray for them to have major peace in the midst of this storm.

        In Your name Jesus, I pray,

    • brittany jacobson says:

      Lord Jesus we come before you lifting up disteny Lord we pray that you would stabilize her vitals and that you would be her heart and lungs Lord. And I pray that you would heal her completely Lord amen we pray for her mother Tammy Lord we pray peace be still over her heart Lord amen

    • Barbara Prince says:

      Dear Heavenly Father, I ask that you intervene and bring healing to Destiny. Please comfort Tammy and draw her close to You. I ask that you give the doctors and nurses caring for Destiny wisdom and get skill. May she have favor with all of them. I ask these thing in the name of Jesus, who died for us. Amen

    • Bree (OBS Facebook Leader) says:

      Praying for Destiny.

    • Praying for your entire family and praying for Destiny!

  3. Please pray for a few unspoken requests.

    • brittany jacobson says:

      Lord Jesus you have already heard this person’s heart Lord I pray that you answer there request Lord and give them strength Lord and clarity amen

  4. Jeanie Kelley says:

    Please continued prayer for Warren as he is still looking for a job. Out of this is a praise. We have food stamps and health coverage for at least Daniel. Speaking of Daniel, he will be attending Truman University and will be leaving this next Saturday. Please pray that he has a good time and learn a lot with this adventure. To me it will be an adventure. He will grow up so fast with this month out on his own. Pray that he can find a church up at Kirksville and that he will want to go each Sunday. Pray that God will keep him close to him through this.
    Thanks for the praying.

    • Jeanie, I’m lifting Warren’s job search up in prayer. And praying God keeps Daniel’s eyes and heart open to His leading!

    • brittany jacobson says:

      Lord Jesus she seeks you so I pray that verse seek he first the kingdom of God and all other things shall be added to you. Lord add a job Lord we praise fir everything that you have done in there life continue to do more amen

  5. Praise for a wonderfully unique week. God blessed me in so many ways that only He can do! I got to spend the day with a very dear friend relaxing at a water park I needed this not only for the time We shared but for the peace & stillness. I Also want to praise him for bringing me to a place of surrender. As a control addict this is so hard for me but yesterday I finally prayed & surrendered. Still not perfect at it but making progress. Learning to let go & trust God because He Is Good. I would like to pray for my family, friends, for difficult decisions & changes that are coming up in my life. Transitioning into the unknown- however I am thankful that he’s already there. Prayer for a position At the district he wants for me. & for clear direction & discernment in all circumstances. Especially for His Peace. Prayers for all of you. Thank U.

    • brittany jacobson says:

      Lord Jesus we pray for direction and clarity and peace in her life Lord your Times are in your hands Lord we trust in you amen

    • Barbara Prince says:

      Dear Father, I come to You because you hear our prayers and answer. I come to you in prayer because of your great love for your children. Father, my sister in Christ needs your wisdom and direction. Your Word tells us that if we lack wisdom all we need do is ask and expect to receive. I pray that Diana is quick to hear your voice and that she responds to Your leading. Guide her as you have promised. In Jesus name, amen.

  6. I’m so blessed with God’s peace from this study and my prayer needs: To see God’s Truth while navagating this season of the enemy trying to worm through people being weeded out by God in our church. Also for God’s Wisdom as my co-leader and co-facilitator and I lead with Christ’s love and with Holy Spirit’s direction.

  7. Shaynne says:

    Please pray that at some point SOON God opens the door for a new job in the field I went back and got my degree in. Things at my current job are horrible and getting worse and as much I liked this Bible Study the stress levels have increased instead of decreased. Please also pray for my son to get a better job soon too.

    • I’m struggling with the same issue of my son finding a good job. I have placed it in Gods loving hands. I pray every day for something to come his way. But ultimately it is in Gods timing.

    • Shaynne, I’m lifting you and your son up.

  8. Your prayers mean so much :) While Jamy has been faithful to pray for me, I’ll add this request to whomever is receiving:

    That I will be faithful to not be too busy :) and that I will be able to carve out time to make social media/blogging work FOR and WITH me instead of feeling like it’s such a burden to add it to my schedule. The social media piece is a big challenge for me.

    A pastor once told me busy is an acronym for Being Under Satan’s Yolk. I believe it. Thanks for this post, this reminder, and this study. While I have not been very active on social media/the blog with this study, I HAVE been very active in my reading and study. This is the 2nd time I’ve read Tracie’s book and I’m sure I’ll need to read it a 3rd time 😉

    Much Love and Many Prayers + Thanks for P31 OBS!

  9. Please pray for myself and my family. I have 02 kids (2 & 1 yr old) they are so hyperactive and out of control and make me sometimes lost my patient. I am a full time working mom and do part time study at local Uni. I have a stressful working place and at the moment im trying to find a new job and hopefully I can find the better place with a good offer. please pray for me if its Gods will I can get a good one. Also please pray for my part time study, honestly told that I almost want to give up with my study now because I feel totally no mood and encouragement to do my reading and my assignment. All these things make me more stress and sometimes I do not know what is my priority in my life because of so many commitment. Please pray for me. thank you. God bless :)

    • You have a lot on your plate. Prayers for a less stressful/hostile work environment. My boys were 18 months apart and it is difficult! I pray that God will speak to you about prioritizing things in your life. If you have to drop classes, that may be the answer. I was working on my Bachelor’s degree 5 years ago when my mom was put on hospice. I dropped out of classes and had to pick up later. The time spent with my mom was worth it, of course. So, if you have to drop something, don’t feel bad. Pray for God to speak to you about your decisions, He will guide you.

    • brittany jacobson says:

      Lord Jesus I pray exodus 14:14 over her Lord she need only be still and the Lord will fight for her. Lord we pray for clarity and direction. We pray that you would send other moms to encourage and pray with her.Lord she lacks nothing you have given every thing she needs to be a mom you have positioned her to be a mommy. Lord I pray that you would provide her time to spend with you Lord . Lord remove all doubts and discouragement amen

    • I lift you up in my prayers today. I completely understand how it feels to have every situation feel completely insurmountable. I have and am still learning that if I call out to Jesus and surrender it to him he will lift this off of your shoulders and give you rest. Easy somedays, not others when our circumstances are staring us in the face. I ask Jesus to give you his perspective, guidance, and wisdom. Praying for peace for you. In love.

  10. We are in the ministry. We have been blessed over 14 years of service. The last couple of years have been very hard. My husband has thought about just walking away from it all. It has left many emotional scars. We have moved our family, knowing in our hearts that is what God wanted. Again, we are facing, some real hard things. Sometimes, it is just so hard to understand when attacks come from some one else in the ministry. You expect it from the world but not from Christians. On top of that, we have a son that has just been diagnosed with special needs and I have health problems. Please pray for blessing on our ministry, satan is attacking so that we won’t spread the gospel. I know that, but we are human. Please pray, please!!!!!!! We need to see Him. I will always say Yes to God! Thank you!

    • Oh, your willing heart is shining through. God, take this sister and lay your comfort and peace around her so that she feels completely protected and shielded. God, we know you hear her cries and are grateful that you love her and are FOR her! We lift her and her needs up to you now. In Jesus’ name we pray, AMEN!

    • brittany jacobson says:

      Lord Jesus we come before you Lord you have positioned them for ministry Lord I pray exodus 14:14 over them Lord they need only be still and the Lord will fight for them fight for them God. Lord Jesus we pray Romans Lord may the God of peace soon crush Satan under your feet amen. Lord we pray no weapon formed against you shall ever prosper. Yes a weapon has been formed against them but it shall not prosper because you have victory in it. Lord we pray healing would radiate through all her blood vessels and bring compile healing in her. Lord we pray for her child direct his steps be his mind be his heart begin and continue the healing process within him amen

      • Thank you ladies! I know sometimes when we are so stressed and broken and can’t find the words ourselves, just knowing that others are lifting you up before the throne of grace, God brings that calm in the storm. With teared filled eyes, I pray that God will bless you all beyond measure for caring enough to pray for a sister. Thank you again!

  11. I’ve been hoping that my husband would notice the “less stressed” me. If he has, he hasn’t said anything. He stresses about everything from traffic to weather to our son’s place in life. All things we can not control. Our older son went to college, got a great job, married and just bought a home. He makes it look easy and I know it isn’t. But his dad compares him to the younger brother who is not working at a job that he went to college for. Now mind you, this younger son is healthy, living on his own, working two jobs, paying bills, but dad still not happy. My prayer is that all my guys, husband and both sons find God in their lives. I know they all need Him. I believe my older son “gets it” but doesn’t put it into practice. All have been raised in the church. I know that my husband could find peace and less stress if he would understand he really has no control over so many things in his life. He needs to ‘let go and Let God’. The younger son needs some inspiration and guidance in this area and my wish is that he would meet someone who would share their prayer life with him. He has a sweet girlfriend, but I think she is going through that, phase of “God isn’t real, I need proof stage.” Please pray for us. My problems don’t seem as difficult as some of the things others are dealing with, but I believe the quality of many lives could be improved if they could find God again and put Him into their daily lives.

    • Sheila, the heavy heartedness that comes from watching our family struggle when we know the peace that comes from surrender – it’s so hard to bear sometimes. I’m so glad that you are shining God’s peace for them and pray that God continues to enable you to do that.

  12. please pray for my hubby. He is in the hospital for an infection in his leg. This is from his motorcycle accident from June 12th. He has fluid from his upper thigh all the way down to his foot and if it doesn’t drain soon they will have to operate on him to release it. He isn’t happy to be away from the family all weekend. Just pray for peace and healing. Also I was sitting in a the dentist office this week and this little 5 yr old touched my heart. When his mother’s boyfriend came to him, he started to back away and almost sat on my lap. I told the man it was quite alright. But talking to this little boy you can tell there is trouble in his life. God put him in my heart and I still think about him. I pray for a hedge of protection for this little boy and that God will use him. Thanks

  13. Carla Keller says:

    My husband had hip replacement surgery 9 months ago and after falling and dislocating it 3 times, we have been told he will have to have surgery again to put a different kind of replacement in there since this one doesn’t seem to be staying in. We go to a new doctor on July 17th and I guess we will find out when the surgery will be. Please pray for both of us as we go through this once again. I work full time and then trying to deal with this has been some days almost more than I can handle.

  14. TABITHA JONES says:

    I am praying for each request this morning. I feel my request are not near as important as others here but please pray the Lord sees fit to let my job situation to work out and that we would be able to afford getting a different car.

  15. Hello Sweet Sisters of Proverbs 31! I could go on and on with praise to God for what He has done for me, and in and through me, during this spectacular study. I am so thankful for Kristy, my Group 28 Leader and ALL of you for being here for me and encouraging me. Melissa, you are an angel in disguise and I thank you from my soul for this OBS. I am praying for all of you in the Ministry to continue to be blessed by God in such amazing ways. (Side note-I was browsing the title of the next study and noticed Amazon only has 1 left!) God is so good.

    As for prayer for me, please pray for me to say Yes to God, no matter what He wants. As Lysa says, when God says to do something, DO IT! I pray to stand strong in His strength, every day, as I continually “bear the burden” of the resultant deficits of his stroke. God is healing Him in mighty ways but as anyone, we still have speed bumps in life. Through this crises God has brought me so close to Him and done great things in our marriage. I pray for continued healing for both of us. I pray for continued guidance to remain in His will for me, and to always keep Him at the center of my little universe. God has been so good to us and has provided many miracles and blessings. Through this study I have gained way more than I can explain, but the best part is that my relationship with Christ has grown exponentially and the Holy Spirit is revealing to me that I can trust God to live a stressed-less life. Thank you wonderful ladies. I can’t wait to be back for the next study.

    Love in Christ,

  16. My praise is that 17 years ago today God blessed me with a beautiful baby girl. (from a medical standpoint I should have never been able to have children) She has been such a joy in my life. The down side to that is that I only have 1 year left with her then I will be an empty-nester :-( I’m not looking forward to that!

    I would still ask for prayer that I can find a job.

    Thank you for everything you ladies have done. It has been a pleasure getting to know all of you.


    • Mary B (OBS FB leader) says:

      She will always need you Julie, you will always be home. Even if she is away at school. It is hard at first, but God has a plan for her life and seeing them grow into young adults is very rewarding. I have 2 who live on their own now. We talk, I send money…. ha ha… and they are wonderful friends as well as children now. Hugs to you, enjoy this next year with her!

  17. I am very down right now, in the valley and just can’t seem to climb out. Please pray for me to have some light and peace where I’m at and to feel God’s love and peace and presence, as I am feeling very alone right now.

    • S.C. I am so very glad you bravely brought your request here. I will keep lifting you up and pray that you see glimmers of hope at every turn today!

      Oh God, we lift S.C. up to you right now. Wrap her up in your presence. Please, Lord, remind her that you will never leave her or forsake her. No, never! We know how the evil one will use our loneliness. Lord, thwart his schemes for S.C.! Bind up her heart with your tender care and send others into her life to walk along with her and encourage her. In Jesus’ Name we pray, AMEN!

      • Susan Moss says:

        SC….get in the Word. I was reminded of David as I read your post. He, too, was feeling alone and it’s evident in his writing in the Psalms. Get your Bible and read some of Psalms and identify with David. You know the Bible called him a man after God’s heart so seek God and call on Him with all your might. He will show up in His time and lift you from the miry clay. Remember that nothing grows on the mountain top so take this time in the valley to grow and gain strength to climb that mountain and shout it from the top!

    • Renee D. says:

      S.C.– I am lifting you up in prayer! For all that you need in this point in your life. I am reminded of the scripture Psalm 121:1-8– I lift up my eyes to the mountains— where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord,
      the Maker of heaven and earth. He will not let your foot slip— he who watches over you will not slumber; indeed, he who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep. The Lord watches over you— the Lord is your shade at your right hand; the sun will not harm you by day, nor the moon by night. The Lord will keep you from all harm— he will watch over your life;
      the Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.
      I pray that this touches your heart and that you feel God’s presence. When you feel in the lowest of valleys this is the perfect spot for God to reach down and lift you up! Keep your head up no matter your situation. –Renee :-)

    • Sondra R says:

      S.C. darling sister, recently discovered what peace praying GOD’s WORD can bring. Praying Psalm 31:4 over you completely and faithfully.

  18. God is pushing through the schemes of the evil one and showing me how powerful our prayers can be to lift up broken hearts and encourage one another.

    Oh, Lord! I am so thankful for each one of the ladies who bravely bring their requests here and lay them at the feet of Jesus. I am thankful for each woman who takes the time to pray for these requests. Thank you God, for inspiring the women of this ministry to create a safe place where requests can be brought. Thank you for providing women to come alongside one another and lift each other up to you, God.

    I pray that you keep in perfect peace all those who put their trust in you. I pray a special prayer of blessing over each of us as we settle into a time of rest before the next study. And, I pray that you will continue to make your face shine on us as we strive to live here on this fallen earth, for you, God.

    In Jesus’ Precious Name I Pray, AMEN!

    • Renee D. says:

      Missy– I am in agreement with you in this prayer! I second that amen!! Thank you for praying for those that have posted so far. For any prayer requests you may need as well, I lift you and your family up in prayer. Blessings to you! :-)

  19. Renee D. says:

    I pray for all the requests that I have read so far and those that will be posted after me. I pray for the Lord to hear while our hearts cry out to Him. I also ask for prayer to overcome the fear/anxiety that I struggle with daily. I know in my heart that the Lord is molding me during this struggle! I will not be overcome with fear or anxiety. I am declaring this in the name of Jesus, Amen! Love you all OBS Ladies :-)

  20. Becky A. says:

    I am working in a very hostile environment. I work with a “bully” and now I am the target. Texts paragraphs long and FB posts sabatoging my walk with God. Living Stressed-Less has helped me so much. I have scriptures in my phone so Gods Word is at hand at all times.God has spoken to me and I’m asking for prayer that I stay strong and am obedient and Soley focused on God.
    Thank you.

    • Becky,

      Wow. That is tough! I shall be praying for wisdom & discernment for you to know whether it is wise to stay in communication with this person, and for this hurting person to stop being so hurtful by the power of the Holy Spirit. 1 Corinthians 6:23 comes to mind…
      You say, “I am allowed to do anything”–but not everything is good for you. You say, “I am allowed to do anything”–but not everything is beneficial. (NLT)

      Hang in there!

  21. I would like prayer for my mom. She has not been feeling good over the past several months and is schedualed to have a heart cath on Monday. She also has had ongoing pain in her right foot for about a year now due to pulled ligaments that just wont seem to heal. thank you ladies for all of the love support and encouragement during our study. I am looking forward to the next study. blessings to everyone.

  22. Myrtle Cash says:

    I Thank & Praise God for Baby Jax who has fought & won the whole 1st year of his life Thank you Jesus for having this Precious Child in all our lives <<<3

  23. Myrtle Cash says:

    Please pray for me to be patient & let God do his work.Doc said could take up to 3 months for me to feel better than before . Definitely something to look forward to. This study has helped tremendously !!! Thanks again Love you all <<<3

  24. please pray for my mom, sister and I – my sister has deep emotional/spiritual problems and though a Christian, cannot reach out to God, or won’t. She is depressed, has back problems, and never feels good, and she is at home all the time with my mother, who has some dementia issues that get bad from time to time. My sister can’t cope with that, I work full time and I feel overwhelmed alot and can’t cope with the both of them with their problems on top of my job and my responsibilities here at home with them. I feel like God is just piling more and more responsibility on me – we do not have family in our area and our only real friends are a couple of friends of mine but not close enough to be able to expect them to jump in and help. My best friend would help but is in Kansas, 3 states away. We have no church family as we do not at this time have a home church so it feels like we are all alone in this. My dad passed away 4-1/2 years ago, and I had a brother in California that could have helped but he passed away a year and a half ago. Please pray that God will send us help – that could be a human to help, my sister to be healed spiritually, physically and emotionally so she’s able to help, and/or my mom to be healed of the dementia. It just feels like everything is working against us – when we do ask for help, it seems there is always a reason that’s not an option. Pray for peace for all of us as we journey thought what God would have us go through.
    Thank you

    • Susan I am Praying that God will bless you with his peace…. And show you what to do. Remember to let go and let Him be God. He hears your prayers and I am sure that He is working things out as fast as He can. Would your sister be open to going to the doctor for a check up and maybe some medicine to help her get back on track? I know how overwhelming things can be. My family has been through a similar situation. I will keep you in my prayers. Be sure to take time for yourself… Time with God…time doing some things you enjoy. Love and prayers

  25. My husband, Dave, was admitted to the hospital today with pneumonia in both lungs. He is also having kidney issues and the doctor is very concerned. So much so that she has called in a kidney specialist. Please pray that God will touch Dave and heal him. Pray for wisdom for the doctors, and peace of mind and spirit for Dave and me.


  26. Please pray for our great neice who will be 10 August 7th She will be having implants in her little ears so she can hear She is so precious. & will be able to hear her Momma & Daddy’s voices & worship music @ church, her video games & has never heard before since birth ! I have prayed endlessly for her hearing to be restored!!!(since birth) PRAISE JESUS from whom all blessings flow! :) Glory be to Him! Thanks I feel like dancing down the sidewalk & I am fixing too !!!!

    • Katrina says:

      Lord, I lift up Donna’s great niece to you and pray that you would be with her and her family through her implant procedure. May they be filled with a faith, peace, and strength that can only come from you. I pray also that you would guide and direct her doctors hands in a successful implant so that through it, your glory will be HEARD in those precious little ears for the first time. We thank you and praise you now for all the beautiful things she is going to be able to hear and enjoy for the first time and for the rest of her life, and it’s in Jesus name we pray, Amen.

  27. Katrina says:

    Please pray for my friends niece, Amber. She is 17 and just graduated HS. She was in a car accident and is paralyzed from the chest down. She has undergone 2 surgeries to place a steel plate in her neck where it was crushed. Her family has been told by doctors that it’s very unlikely she will ever walk again, but the family, as well as Amber, is holding onto hope. Thank you for your prayers.

  28. Ladies, I have enjoyed the small part of this study I was able to join in on…I did not discover it until I registered for What Happens When Women Say Yes To God….I am so looking forward to being a part of the whole study! I would love if you would join in praying with me for my son nineteen year old son Ben. He has been on a mission trip in Austrilia for the last four weeks and has about five more to go. He has been serving with the International Mission Board. We have been praying that The Lord would use him in the lives of the students and children he comes in contact and fellowship with….God has been faithful to us in our prayers…we just want to continue to cover him and his time there….also would you join with this momma’s heart as I pray for my son….asking The Lord to keep opening doors and showing him His plan for him in ministry… Thanks so much….please know that your ministry has been such a blessing to my heart as he has been gone! Great and Mighty is The Lord our God!!!

  29. Lee Roberts says:

    I just wanted to thank you for all your prayers for us. I am still separated from my husband and although things have not worked out for me the way I would like for them to things are progressing. I am trying to find a job but this time I am trying to find a job that God wants me to have. I put in an application this week to be an assistant camp director for a Christian camp in Tyler TX Where I live. It sounded little out of my league in one way but I know that all things are possible with God. I am praying that God’s will would be done my husband’s and my jobs in the future.

    • Susan Moss says:

      You hang in there and continue to seek God for the job He wants you to have. I am too looking for a job after being in my present one for 30 years. It’s beginning to seem an impossibility but I’m gonna share with you what I have come to accept……GOD has a plan and I don’t know what it is but He and He alone knew I was gonna be needing a job just like He knows you need a job. He is gonna provide for us in His time. So I’m agreeing with you for your miracle job to come. Seek His guidance and He will smile on you in ways you can’t even imagine! Blessings!

  30. Thanks much to all the ladies that have been so dedicated to bringing this OBS to us. May God bless you richly for spreading His Good News. I pray that everyone of the ladies that participated in this study feel blessed to have been a part of it as do I. What an awesome way to encourage each other through our struggles, and to learn such powerful truths from God’s word.

    Our sermon this morning was very poignant, we were reminded that no matter what our life’s struggles, economic circumstance, political decisions that we disagree with, this is not our home. God has so many more wonderful things waiting for us in Heaven.

    I look forward to meeting many of you next month at the She Speaks conference.

    God Bless You All!!


  31. Please pray for my daughter and DIL. They are both trying to start a family and mother nature is not cooperating. They have both been married almost five years and are so ready to have a family. I know the pain of infertility as I dealt with it myself 30 years ago. I know there is power in prayer. Thank you

  32. Beth S. says:

    When I started this study, I didn’t know that I would finish it. I had started Made to Crave, A Confident Heart, and probably a couple others, and even though I finished reading the book, I stopped with the study. I have to admit that I was sidetracked a few times, especially the last two weeks, but I sat down this afternoon and finished chapter 10 and 11 and am still working on Chapter 12 (only because my iPad Kindle was dying and needed to be re-charged).

    I agree with many others who felt the message in the book and the weekly lessons really speaking to them. I felt it was so timely also, especially last weekend, when everything seemed to break loose in a bundle of emotions: my mother-in-law suddenly hospitalized, my mother and sister visiting, my oldest daughter’s baby shower hosted by my youngest daughter at her home in the backyard under a tent with the threat of rain (it didn’t rain, thank God!). As I re-read Chapter 10 and then delved into Chapter 11, I realized just how close to home the message was.

    I still struggle with finding time to study and find my own quiet time with God. I don’t have a good habit, such as going to the sunroom in the morning with my glass of OJ , my Bible, and my devotional book, and spending an hour studying and praying. Too many other things get in the way—my husband, my job, just daily things that need to be done. I have been praying for focus, for developing that new habit that I sorely need each day. I will try again tomorrow and every day this week.

    Thank you to the leaders for this magnificent study. I have highlighted, noted, questioned and answered through my journal, and I feel like I have really found some relief to the stress in my life.

  33. Susan Moss says:

    I am so sorry that I missed this study. I desperately needed it. I am, however, looking forward to the upcoming study.

    I have great need for prayer. Just to learn how to keep my focus of God and to find peace in the midst of my chaotic life. I am so busy and have so many things that occupy my mind. Self-employment and the worries, the problems, the uncertainty and the cost of business, lost children and grandchildren, an aging mother…….so many things take over my thoughts from the time I rise to the time I lay down. Sometimes I think my mind is going to blow up and my heart starts to race and I feel so overwhelmed. At this very time, I have a major situation looming over me and my mind is constantly consumed with what to do, what could happen and all the what -if’s. Please pray for me to find peace in the midst of all this confusion, peace that God has my back and that He is in control of all the things I cannot control. Thank you for listening. P.S. I feel that I must mention, in case there may be others in my boat, that I am a pastor’s wife and I’m not exempt from the same problems that everyone else faces. I hear my husband tell me every week how God knows what I face, yet the devil is constantly berating me and trying to tear down my faith and trust.

  34. LaDonna Gardner says:

    One More Yes

  35. linda anderson says:

    my son is gay which bothers me a lot because according to the bible he will not go to heaven if he is gay. my husband does not seem like hes a Christian because he gambles at times and I never se him reading the word or praying. he only goes to church sunday morning ususally. please pray for these two.

  36. I would like to ask for prayers for my step father. He fell and broke his hip and just got out of surgery, today. The pain is almost more than he can bare. They moved him into ICU and just pray the medicine they are now trying will help bring up his blood pressure. Thank you!!!!!