Jul 7

Please Say Yes!

Want to Bible Study


Why did you begin doing Online Bible Study? For many of you it was because you were invited. Maybe by a friend. Possibly a family member. Or maybe your saw an invite through Proverbs 31 Ministries or Facebook. My point is, an invitation can change a life.

One thing I love about OBS here is that we aren’t preachy, religious, or think we better than anyone else. If you are a breathing living woman, you are welcome here. (Ok guys, I know there are a few of you who follow along too, but you know this group is primarily for us Jesus girls right?) Seriously, this study is for any woman. I don’t even care if you are Christian or not. I also don’t care if your past is riddled with scandal and secrets. Here, we are just a bunch of everyday, ordinary girls looking for hope in all the RIGHT places. We search together, we grow together, and we find truth together. I love our Bible studies here so much that I want to invite everyone I know to join us!

Would you consider inviting someone to join us? Share our OBS on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or whatever social media site you hang out in. Text or call someone and tell them about it. Send a note through the mail or better yet, show up and extend the invite in person! My FB friend Tanisha Grant did it. She just told me today that she couldn’t wait for our next study to begin and that she was bringing a few friends along! AWESOME :)

We are giving away more prizes today & you will be entered to when if you invite someone to join our study.

Here’s the deal:

Invite someone to join our online Bible study. Tell them they can sign up here: http://melissataylor.org/and-more/

  1. You get one entry for inviting (Let me know if the comment section who you invited.)
  2. You get two entries if they say “yes” (Let me know in the comment section who said yes.)
  3. You get five entries if you post it on your FB page and link to http://melissataylor.org/and-more/ (Write your FB post in the comment section.)
  4. You get five entries if you post it on Twitter and link to http://melissataylor.org/and-more/ (Write your tweet in the comment section.)
  5. You get ten entries if you post it on Instagram, Pinterest, or Vine (Let us know what you posted int he comment section.)
  6. And, yes, we will be keeping up with all of this!

***I posted the picture above on my personal Instagram & Twitter @MelissaRTaylor. You are welcome to use the picture too!

Want to know what you are playing for today? It is SUH-WEEEEEET! (That’s “sweet” really dragged out and in an excited voice.)

Winner #1 will receive:  The NIV Quest Bible and What Happens When Women Say Yes to God book and participant guide. (Y’all, I seriously don’t want to give this Quest Bible away…it was donated by one of our sweet FB small group leaders, and I would LOVE to keep it. It is AWESOME!

6 other winners will win What Happens When Women Say Yes to God books and participant guides.

Winner will be announced Tuesday, July 9th, and there will be another chance to win some cool prizes.

I can’t wait to read all about who you invited!

On Friday I asked: A few years ago, Lysa hit the NY Times bestseller list with this book about satisfying your desires with God, not food. What’s the name of the book? Tell us the title of this book and share if you have this same struggle or not.

We had MANY MANY correct answers. Randomly selected by the Random Number Generator, the winner is…..Nina Sanchez~ email beginning beautyforashes213, you are the winner!  Congrats! Email Angie, our awesome OBS Executive Assistant with your mailing address. Angie@Proverbs31.org

Blessings to all of you!




  1. Tonya McCoy says:

    Another friend joined….Christina Cravens…..whoot whoot!

  2. Denise Whitley says:

    I personally emailed 2 friends to participate — 1 said yes and the other is undecided. I posted the link on my Facebook page and 7 friends have said yes and are interested in joining me! I posted the same message on Pinterest and have a few interested takers there also. This is awesome! Can’t wait!

  3. Jasmine McAleavey says:

    Jasmine McAleavey
    Come join us…..Aunt Denise Kraft Patton and I will be doing it!

    Please Say Yes!
    Why did you begin doing Online Bible Study? For many of you it was because you were invited. Maybe by a friend. Possibly a family member. Or maybe your saw an invite through Proverbs 31 Mini…
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    I posted this previously and that’s how my aunt found out and signed up!

  4. Rachel Wheaton says:

    I invited Vickie Brusseau Richardson!

  5. Rachel Wheaton says:

    Rachel Anderson Wheaton (FB Post) Can’t wait for this OBS to start, feel free to join in the journey anyone is welcome!

  6. Halona Luna says:

    I am going to study with my three daughters who said Yes. I posted on Twitter which posts on Facebook too. I hope I win!!

  7. Heather Miller says:

    I posted on Pinterest ….sign up for Melissa Taylors online bible study What happens When Women Say Yes to God. Starts July 28, 2013. Click here to sign up. http://www.melissataylor.org

    I really hope to win this. I was just looking at the NIV Quest Bible the other day. Thought it would be a nice Bible to have and read. It would be a blessing to win.

  8. Heather Miller says:

    I just shared your link for What Happens When Women Say Yes to God on Facebook. Hopefully there will be a few ladies who will love to join the study.

  9. Lauri Abraham says:

    I invited:

    Kathy Gear
    Debbie Grace
    Debbie Catlett
    Debbie Hancock
    Erin Marais

    Let’s see what happens….

  10. I invited two friends and posted the message on Facebook along with the link. The friends are Debbie Gillahan and Judy Borders.

  11. Thank you for pushing us to ask someone to join! My cousin Kim saw my post on Facebook and was glad I posted because she will be joining us!
    I also had previously asked a friend who I run with Jenn to join and I believe she is signed up as well. Looking forward to the upcoming study!

  12. Sondra R says:

    I invited Suzy Dorton

  13. Peggy Clees says:

    This is what I posted on Facebook along with a picture of the book.


    Event: Proverbs 31 Ministries Online Bible Study

    Where: http://melissataylor.org/and-more
    (Sign up here)

    When: July 28, 2013

    Bible Study Teacher/Leader: P31’s Michelle Taylor

    What Happens When Women Say Yes to God Online Bible Study is based on Lysa TerKeurst’s book “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God”. Lysa is one of my favorite Christian authors. If you haven’t already read this book, it is awesome. Let me tell you a little about Lysa:

    Lysa TerKeurst is a New York Times bestselling author and speaker who helps everyday women live an adventure of faith through following Jesus Christ.

    As president of Proverbs 31 Ministries, Lysa has led thousands to make their walk with God an invigorating journey.

    For over 15 years, her message has enabled women to:

    •Make the Bible come alive whenever you read it.
    •Discover how to develop inner peace and security in any situation.
    •Replace doubt, regret, and envy with truth, confidence, and praise.
    •Stop unhealthy cycles of striving and learn to love who you are.
    •Sense God responding to your prayers.

    SAY YES TO GOD AND SIGN UP! You won’t be disappointed!
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  14. Stephanie Mitchell says:

    I have invited Lisa, the church administrative assistant.

  15. Jeannette says:

    Two ways to join in:
    1. Be on the live call where you will have the opportunity to join the conversation or just listen in; 2. Listen to the recorded call or MP3 on your own time.

    3 special guests: 1) Samantha Reed Evilsizer; 2) Lysa TerKeurst; 3) Mandisa!!!

    God bless! So excited about the upcoming OBS!!! :)

  16. Teresa L says:

    Posted this on Facebook today:

    New online bible study for women starts July 28th. The last one was fantastic. If you would like to join us for this study “What Happens When Women Say Yes To God” please click on the link.


  17. Sandy Lawson says:

    I invited a whole bunch, but so far I only know Jodie White is going to join us;) woo hoo:)
    God Bless you all:)

  18. Hi Melissa. I have a new lady that signed up from seeing my post about it in FB. Her name is Kelley Bell. Woohoo! I don’t know if she asked for a FB group but if so it would be cool to have her in whatever group I will be involved in.

    As for other promotions I have it on my new blog post here: http://tristinebarry.wordpress.com/2013/07/09/melissa-taylors-online-bible-studies-giving-glory/

    I have changed my FB cover changed to a pic promoting the study (thanks to you and Kristy Aiken). https://www.facebook.com/tristine.barry?ref=tn_tnmn

    I have 3 forwarded messages from you and Lysa. I have tweeted my blog post. I will continue to promote as you are asking. I cannot say enough about you guys.

  19. I just added this also.

    Would you like to embark on a fabulous journey to get to know awesome Christian women, study The Bible, and learn to say YES to God? Join us for a free online study (minus book purchase) of Lysa Terkeurst’s book, “What Happens When women Say Yes to God? Come check it out at http://melissataylor.org/and-more/These studies are life changing and fun! Hope to see you there !

  20. sarah robinson says:

    Looks like an amazing study, Myself and my precious sister in-law are doing this, Who is with us?
    This is my facebook post

  21. sarah robinson says:

    My sister in law invited eachother, Sarah Robinson and Karen Robinson

  22. Karen Eberts says:

    I invited my whole Bible study group! :) 2l were in attendance last night, when I brought it up, and there are 42 registered, and I will send them all an e-mail now. We watched Lysa last night on DVD as we are doing the study, “Becoming a Woman of Extraordinary Faith,” and Lysa had a great segment there! The timing is perfect, as our study at church ends July 29, and we don’t meet again till fall, so we can do Lysa’s study online inbetween our “in person” studies! :)

  23. Stephanie Simpson says:

    Hello I received this gift from a friend @ church and look forward to starting the Bible Study. I have even already posted to my Facebook and Pinterest.

    I look forward to this so much, I want to become closer to my God so much.

  24. Cheryl Cobble says:

    Hi Melissa!! I posted an invitation on my FB page, and invited 20 people by e-mail!! Can’t wait to see who will join me!!

  25. Debi Zischke says:

    I posted your link on my Facebook. Hoping to get several friends to join us in the study.

  26. I’m doing this free online bible study. I love Lysa Turkeurst. Go to MelissaTaylor.org to sign up and join me!


    I posted on facebook and twitter.

  27. Well, I signed up on the 6th of July, just waiting for my book, and I post this everyday on my facebook page… https://www.facebook.com/isabel.irizarry.39. I also am looking forward to this on line bible study, This is my first with you!!

  28. i also have the book about craving (well I have it on ebook format) and to be very honest, I must finish it…. Made to crave, I still struggle with this, especially if I am upset about something, I reach for the chocolate :(

  29. Made to Crave: Satisfying Your Deepest Desire with God, Not Food THAT IS the name of my ebook, forgot to post it there!! lol so excited, I leave out my name, and then the title lol

  30. Yes to God Series —

    What happen when women say yes to God

    2 ways to join: Be on the live call where you will have the opportunity to join the conversation or just listen in

    Listen to the recorded call or MP3 on your own time. (Which is the way I will do

    Special Guest: Samantha Reed Evilsizer,
    Special Guest Host: Lysa TerKeurst
    Special Guest: Grammy nominated, American Idol finalist, Christian recording artist, Mandisa!

  31. I have it on face book and I am so excited to get this thing started

  32. I have posted it on my fb page twice now encouraging my friends to join. I’ve invited:
    Dorothea Laudermilk
    Memory Shupp-Henderson
    Rebecca Lozano
    Jessica Stanford-Green
    Julie Marts

  33. Marie Thompson says:

    Karla Hall and Kelly Nelms signed up from my link!!!
    I am excited about this study!!

  34. I have posted the link to What Happens When Women Say Yes to God on my Facebook page. I am saying Yes to God today!!!!!

  35. Juliet Siwela says:

    I invited quite a number of my friends and workmates and am hoping they will join. It would be very nice as it would mean that we can discuss some of the aspects live

  36. Amelia Brown says:

    I invited Melissa Brown a few weeks ago and she said yes! She recently deployed overseas but she’s ready! I also shared the link yesterday and mentioned that I was so excited about the upcoming online bible study and I choose to say yes to God! amen!

  37. I emailed my Mom and Aunt and told them all info regarding bible study.