Jul 15

So What Will Happen…

When All of Us Women Say Yes to God?  All 17,000 of us. All of us from more than 106 different countries. What do you think will happen?

What Will Happen? Yes 2 God Future

Share your dreams of what saying yes to God will look like in the comment section. Just click the word “Comments” at the bottom of this post.

Each person who shares will be entered to win a Lysa TerKeurst Book Pack including the books, What Happens When Women Say Yes to God, What Happens When Women Walk in Faith, and Am I Messing Up My Kids?  

****Our winner from our Social Media Post is: Deb, email beginning walkerranch1.  Email Angie@Proverbs31.org with your mailing address and phone number. We will send your book in the mail and schedule a time so we can have a chat! I can’t wait to talk to you Deb!!!!

I’m counting down the days until our study begins! (Just 13 short days!)



  1. I am not really sure what it would lo say yes to God, but I too would like to grow into the women he wants me to be. I want to be able to let go of old hurts and forgive others and be a better wife and mom and daughter and friend. So many of us have voiced the same thing I am hoping that God is going to answer our prayers in a really special way through this study:)

  2. For me, saying “yes” to God means giving “it” all back to Him. Again. “It” means my husband’s health issues, my children, my parents, my writing, my job. And once that’s done, saying “yes” to whatever he has in store for me!

  3. Saying Yes to God means fully understanding where Jesus wants me to put my energies and time. I have a full-time job and my husband and I founded a nonprofit a few years ago that is beginning to take off. Oh…so much to do…but I really want to be where Jesus wants me to be at this stage of my life. Anything outside of that will just “rust and decay” and who wants that when you can be experiencing Jesus’ plan!

  4. Lori A. says:

    Saying YES to God- to be honest, I have no idea whatsoever where He will lead me. I know there are a few areas in my life that I am holding tight to. Choosing the secure path even though God may be prompting me to choose the unknown path and trust Him. Oh… Yikes!

  5. I am a ranch wife, I always have been very self sufficient. I thought this was a good quality of mine, being able to handle situations if they came up. I learned the hard way that it is much easier and sweeter, if you let God lead the way and be dependent on him. I just need a refresher course on giving it all up to the Lord!

  6. Nicole Fellows says:

    I see myself becoming more humble, loving and caring for others in a bigger way. I also see myself believing in bigger things for myself and maybe even a renewal of my old dreams and actually seeing the path God has for me!

  7. Kim cook says:

    Saying yes to God to me looks scary! It’s hard not to know what he will do…but it’s exciting too.

  8. When all 17,000 of us women (wow – what an insane number) say yes to God, lives will change! But more importantly – homes, marriages, families, relationships will be transformed by the living Creator. I’m so excited to say yes to God!


  9. Trisha B says:

    Saying yes to God means taking a leap of faith and going with my twin daughters on two mission trips this summer. The second of which, Costa Rica, we just returned from. I was able to spend an incredible amount of time with God and working with people that have very little, but have more joy than people who have much. People that sleep on dirt floors with nothing but sheets for walls. I was blessed to see the utter and complete joy on the face of children as we gave them a chance to play in the ocean. These children live in a orphanage that is basically a prison, that is only an hour away from the ocean yet they had never seen or been in it. I was also able to spend time with some incredible families that I found out have not always had the easy time I would have imagined they did. I saw what God can be in a marriage and what he do for a marriage and family. I was rededicated to God and his service through baptism in the middle of an ocean so powerful that it can only be from an awesome and powerful God. God is Good and I am blessed to be His daughter.

  10. Sue Nabb says:

    I am so excited about this Bible Study. God has laid on my heart that HE has something HE wants me to do but I am still struggling with what it could be. I pray daily-well almost daily-and still no answer. I am praying this will give me the insight to listen more closely.
    Thank you for all that you do and again, I am so looking forward to this study. Sue

  11. Saying yes to God means being ready to stand beside my husband no matter what God leads him to do.

  12. Saying Yes to God …. will help me to accept His peace & live in His peace,that comes from staying in His Presence and my children and grandchildren will see Him thru my life. My son in law will be saved and he and my daughter & their 2 children will find a home soon, as they have lost theirs … I know God has a plan and He will make a way when there seems to be no way .. Thank You Father God

  13. Saying yes to God means… I am leaping into my faith and trusting God to guide me where I need to go and what I need to do. It’s scary and exciting at the same time!
    thank you for the opportunity!
    God Bless you!
    Tess S.

  14. debbie dixon says:

    saying yes to God is just exciting. We came home from the mission field this past January spending only 2 and 1/2 years on the field. Many challenges brought us home and family needs. we are an older couple that felt the calling many years ago. We love being home and with family of coarse but often think there may be a time we will go back on the field. I am praying for my husband who met many of the challenges including being very sick. He desires to say yes to God as well if God calls and opens the door. We both love seeing how God works as we walk in faith. He does more than we could ever ask or think. Love the thought of learning more about saying yes to God.

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  16. I have never been a part of an online study and look forward to the fellowship that it will bring for 17,000 women, wow! This will be a bit different from the Bible Study I go to on Family night at our church. Hopefully, I can encourage others to sign up before Aug. 4th.
    Looking forward to what God has planned for all who say Yes to God and how lives will be touched and blessed.

  17. Studying God’s Word is a passion of mine. I crave it. But studying His Word with the His handmaidens is beyond awesome! I am so excited and eagerly looking forward to the next several weeks together…Saying “Yes to God”, to me means that I am listening to His voice, not all the garbage that surrounds us. There are so many ways to be distracted on this earth and NOW is NOT the time to be distracted! I feel that like Queen Esther, we “Yes Girls” are brought here for “such a time as this” and I want to be working, looking and listening for Him!

  18. Lynn Baum says:

    Saying yes to God is trusting Him to do what is best for me in every situation and thru every situation. It means that I no longer have to worry about the outcome because He has it all figured out for me. I walk in the path He has set in the best way I know how, moment by moment, day by day encouraged by His Word, and by other believers along the way, and prompted by the Spirit and encouraging others. Keeping my eye on the end result knowing Christ has won the victory for us all. Today I choose to say YES!

  19. Saying yes to God for me will mean more peace. I have been pulled in many directions worrying about many issues. Hitting the mid-life crisis. Crumbling marriage. Children hitting teen years turmoil. Loss of jobs. Heading back to college at my age. Wondering whether all of this is God’s will or my own pushing. I so very much want to be able to lay down my fears and plans and just hear from Him having enough faith to trust and obey.

  20. Debi Schuhow says:

    I don’t have any dreams in mind or what saying “yes” to God will look like and I really don’t care. All my best efforts lead to more consequences I have to deal with. Right now, I think that aying Yes to God is in the small things: read His word more, spend regular quiet time with Him, not yelling at my grandsons, treat my husband with respect, raise my grandsons with His Grace, pray for healing between my grandsons and their mother (my daughter), and so on.

  21. Melanie says:

    I truly feel that my life will change because of this study. I need to listen to God and make my decisions based on His answers. I feel that this study will help me do that. May God bless all of us through this journey.